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/********************************************** This file should describe every file contained in this directory.

WINDIAG\WINDOWS7-x64 directory for the Dell Lewisville project. 10/04/2010 1028.MST - PROSetDX Installer language resource file 1031.MST - PROSetDX Installer language resource file 1033.MST - PROSetDX Installer language resource file 1034.MST - PROSetDX Installer language resource file 1036.MST - PROSetDX Installer language resource file 1040.MST - PROSetDX Installer language resource file 1041.MST - PROSetDX Installer language resource file 1042.MST - PROSetDX Installer language resource file 1046.MST - PROSetDX Installer language resource file 2052.MST - PROSetDX Installer language resource file CDM.CAB - PROSetDX installer CAB file Custom.ini - Customization information file ANS.CAB - Advanced Network Services CAB file DMIX.cab - PROSetDX installer CAB file DXSetup.exe - PROSetDX installation launcher application DXSetup.ini - Installation information file LR_DMIX.cab - PROSetDX installer CAB file (Language resource) OemVer.reg - PROSetDX installer OEM Customization registry entry file. PROSetDX.msi - PROSetDX Installation MSI file. BDSetup.exe - Base Driver installation file. Setup.cab - PROSetDX setup DLL CAB file Setup.ini - PROSetDX setup information file Help.cab - English PROSet help CAB file SNMP.cab - PROSetDX installer SNMP CAB file VC90_CRT_x64.msi - Visual C++ Runtime Library DRIVERS\NICCO2.DLL - Driver Co-installer DRIVERS\NICCO36.DLL - Driver Co-installer DRIVERS\IansW32e.SYS - Advanced Network Services driver DRIVERS\IansMsg.dll - Message DLL for the ANS drivers DRIVERS\IANSW60e.CAT - CAT file for the ANS driver DRIVERS\ANSMW32e.INF - Setup Information File DRIVERS\ANSMW60e.INF - Setup Information File DRIVERS\ANSP3W32e.INF - Setup Information File DRIVERS\ANSPW60e.INF - Setup Information File DRIVERS\NCS2SETP.DLL - DMIX Setup DLL DRIVERS\iSCSIDUMP.SYS - iSCSI Crash Dump Driver DRIVERS\IANSW60e.SYS - Advanced Network Services driver DRIVERS\IANSW32e.SYS - Advanced Network Services driver DRIVERS\PRONTOBJ.SYS - Advanced Network Services driver ==================================================================== COMMAND LINE SWITCHES for PROSet for Windows Device Manager (DMIX) For Silent Installation DxSetup.exe /qn /liew <path to install log file> or msiexec /i PROSetDX.msi /qn /liew <path to install.log> [TRANSFORMS=LangId.MST] Command Line Flags:

/i : Install; (for msiexec) /x : uninstall; (for msiexec) /q[r|n] : silent install. ( "r", reduced GUI, show progress bar informat ion only; "n", fully silent.) /liew: /l --- log file flag. Following are log switches. "i" log only status messages; "w" log only non-fatal warnings; "e" log all error messages. "a" log the start of all actions. ANS= Definition: "0", deselect / hide ANS. "1", select ANS. "2", default value ** NOTE this switch is moot for the Dell Trout Lake 1 project becau se the ANS option is not included with PROSet for Windows Device Manage r. BD= Definition: Option to disable base drivers install if drivers are already installed. "0", deselect installation of base drivers "1", default value TRANSFORMS=LangId.MST Definition: Option to select the language used by the installer an d Proset for Windows* Device Manager. LangId.MST is the transforms file for the desired langua ge. The list of possible language IDs is below. Chinese Simplified: Chinese Traditional English French German Italian Japanese Korean Spanish Portuguese (Brazil) NOTE: DxSetup.exe is the preferred method for launching the Proset for Windo ws* Device Manager setup. This install launcher automatically sets the pr oper language ID and ensures that the Current Working Directory is correct prior to launching the Msi Installer setup. If DxSetup.exe is not used to launch the installation steps should be taken to ensure that the current working directory is the directory containi ng the ProsetDx.MSI installer file and the various .CAB files used in the ins 2052.MST 1028.MST 1033.MST 1036.MST 1031.MST 1040.MST 1041.MST 1042.MST 1034.MST 1046.MST

tallation. If the current working directory is not properly set, the installation may fail. Additionally, if the TRANSFORMS=LangID.MST switch is not used during i nstallation on non-English operating systems, PROSet for Windows* Device Manager w ill be installed in English.