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Claflin University School of Education - - - EDUC 421 Reflective Lesson Plan Model Name: Tiara Miles PART I: PLANNING Life Without Title of Lesson
This is an original lesson.

Date: 04-09-13

Source Subject Area (s) Grade Level Explain how the destruction caused by the civil war Curriculum Standard(s) affected the economy and daily lives of South Carolinians, including scarcity of food, clothing and all essentials and the continuing racial tensions.
The teacher will begin the lesson by reading in the book, Far Away Home. After reading the book will discuss it and relate it to the life of South Carolinians after the Civil War. Then I will go into my mini lecture.

Social studies 4th

Description and Background Information

Teacher: laptop, smart board, book: Far Away Home Students: paper, pencil, crayons, markers

What will students be able to do at the conclusion of this lesson? Write measurable objective(s).

Lesson Objectives

Students will be able to describe and explain the daily lives of South Carolinians after the Civil War. How will I vary these objectives for students who do not understand the material? How will I vary these objectives for students who have already mastered the concept? How will I vary these objectives for students who are presently learning English? For students who are having difficulty understanding the material, I will work with them in small groups and a give them handouts on the topic for them to read with a parent at home so they can gain more understanding at home. I For students who have already mastered the concept, I will allow them to assist me with working with students who are having difficulty.

Varying Objectives for Individuals Needs


How will I find out what students already know about this topic? The class discussion following the reading of, Far Away Home will serve as my preassessment. This will show me what each student knows about life post-Civil War. What will I do to make a connection between students and this lesson? The book, Far Away Home will serve as my hook. This will get students interested in the subject and I will then connect it to the daily lives of South Carolinians after the Civil War. What will I say to explain the importance of learning this lesson? This lesson is important because the south played major roles both before and after the civil war. South Carolina was a very active state in the Civil War, so as South Carolinians and also Americans is imperative that students know the history of their country and state. What will I do to show students what is expected? I will share an example of the written assignment created by myself. This will give to the students a model of how their paragraph should be written and what should be included. What will we do together as they learn how to succeed at the new task? Together, the teacher and students complete the guided study notes. While I am lecturing from the smart board. I will also walk around and work with students while they create their paragraph to be include in our classroom story, Life Without. What will I ask to know if students understand so far? List questions. What will I do throughout the lesson to determine if students understand the information? List activities/techniques or describe the strategies that you plan to use. Questions: 1. How was daily for South Carolinians after the Civil War? 2. What were South Carolinians forced to live without after the Civil War? 3. What racial tensions still existed after the Civil War? Students will be given a rubric for creating their paragraph each point listed above will be included in the rubric. What will students do to internalize the knowledge? Students will create a personal account paragraph describing the life of South Carolinians after the Civil War as if they were living in that era. What will students do to demonstrate what they learned during the lesson? If an assessment is used, attach a copy. If using an authentic assessment, attach a copy of the scoring rubric.



Statement of Purpose

Teacher Modeling or Demonstration

Guided Practice

Checking for Understanding

Independent Practice


Students will be given a weekly assessment on each standard. How will I conclude the lesson and relate it to future experiences? Each student will be called on to share their paragraph with the class.

What can students do at home or in the classroom to apply the knowledge or skills? What will you do to connect the lesson with the home, community and community agencies? Students will be asked to interview grand parent or any other relative who lived during this era to gain a deeper understanding of the era. Information gained from the interview can be included in the paragraph How is technology meaningful to this lesson? How do you plan to use implement student used technology during the lesson? The teacher will use a power point for direct instruction. (Smart Board) What activities do you plan to implement to connect your lesson across the curriculum to all 6 content areas? English: Students will create a complete paragraph that is in accordance to the rubric. Art Students can create a picture of the person their representing on their personal account paragraph.

Extension Activities

Technology Connections Across the Curriculum


What worked for you during the lesson? What did not work? What changes would you make when you teach this lesson again to make it more effective?