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VITS WOMENS ENGINEERING COLLEGE BOMMAKAL,KARIMNAGAR Branch:EEE IV year Time:11:30am-1:00pm Answer all the questions.


1. Capacitor in single phase induction motor is used for a) Improving the power factor b) Improving the starting torque c)Starting the motor d) Reducing the harmonics 2. A Smaller air gap in a poly phase induction motor helps to a)Reduce the chances of crawling b)Increase the starting torque c)Reduce the chances of cogging d)Reduce the magnetizing current. 3.In hand tool applications which one of the following single phase motor is used? a) shaded pole motor b) capacitor start motor C) capacitor run motor d) AC series motor 4. If the iron core of a transformer is replaced by an air core, then the hysteresis losses in the T/F will A) increase B) decrease C)remain unchanged D) become zero 5. Superposition theorem is not applicable for A) voltage calculation B) Bilateral elements C) Power calculations D) Passive elements 6. Kirchhoff's laws fail in the case of A) linear networks B) non linear networks C)dual networks D) distributed parameter network 7. Inductor acts like for an ac signal in steady state A) open B) closed C) neither open nor closed D)none 8. A unit step voltage is applied across an inductor the current through the inductor will be A) zero for all time B) a step function C) a impulse function D) a ramp function 9. In a single phase power factor meter the controlling torque is A) provided by spring control B) provided by gravity control C)provided by stiffness of suspension D) not required 10. Two meters X and Y 40 mA and 50 mA respectively to give full deflection then A) sensitivity cannot be judged with given information B) both are equally sensitive C) X is more sensitive D) Y is more sensitive 11.An Astable Multivibrator

A) gives one output pulse for every 2 i/p pulses B) gives a timed output pulse for a trigger input C) gives a train of output pulses for a trigger input D) gives four output pulses for a single input pulse 12. A set of reading has a wide range and therefore it has A)Low precision B) high precision C ) low accuracy D ) high accuracy 13. In a short transmission line , voltage regulation is zero when power factor of the load at the receiving end side is equal to a)Tan- (X/R) b)Tan- (R/X) c)Tan- (X/Z) d)Tan- (R/Z) 14. If all the sequence voltages at the fault point in a power system are equal then the fault is A) 3 phase fault B) L-H fault C) L-L fault D) double line to ground fault 15. Steady state stability of power system is improved by A) reducing fault clearing time B) using double circuit line inserted of single circuit line C) single pole switching D) decreasing generator inertia 16. Bundled conductors in EHV transmission systems provide A) increased line reactance B) reduced line capacitance C) reduced voltage gradient D) increased corona loss 17. In a diode the cut in voltage & forward voltage drop are respectively A) 0.7V, 0.7V B)0.7V, 1V C)0.7V, 0.6V D) 1V, 0.7V 18. Choose the correct statement A) Both MOSFET & BJT are voltage controlled devices B) Both MOSFET & BJT are current CD C)MOSFET is a voltage CD where BJT is a current CD D)MOSFET is a current CD where as BJT is a volt CD 19. Turn on time of an SCR can be reduced by using a A) Trapezoidal pulse B) Rectangular pulse of low amplitude & wide width C) triangular pulse D) Rectangular pulse of high amplitude & narrow width 20.In a single phase full converter, the no.of SCRs conducting during overlap is A) 1 B)2 C) 3 D) 4

21.Triacs cannot be used in AC voltage regulator for a A) Resistive load B) Back emf Load C)Inductive Load D) Capacitive load 22. The steady state error due to a ramp input for a type-2 system is equal to A) 0 B) infinite C) non zero number D)constant one

23.Which of the following effects in the system is not caused by negative feedback? A) Reduction in gain B) Increase in bandwidth C) increase in distortion D) reduction in output impedance 24. Which one of the following is correct? Final value theorem is not applicable for the system when the input is A) Step B) ramp C) parabolic D)exponential

25) Define ohms law 26) Write the principle of generator and motor 27) ____________ is used to absorb moisture in a large transformer 28) Armature flux distribution in a dc machine is __________ wave. 29) The dual of a series R-L circuit is a __________ 30) Another name of tree ___________ 31) Which motor is used to drive electric clocks ? 32) Formula to find crest factor 33) Formula to find resolution 34) Low resistance has __________terminals 35) ________method is best suitable for the measurement of resistivity 36) witricity means___________ 37) In hydro power stations, what is an enlarged Body of water just above the intake and used as a regulating reservoir , called? 38) What is the expression for electric power developed by a hydro-electric plant in KW? 39) The size of conductor on modern EHV lines is obtained based on _____________ 40) The rating of fuse is expressed in terms of _____________ 41) Formula to find o/p voltage of an un controlled half wave rectifier is_______ 42) Power electronic device with poor turn of gain is _______________ 43) a thyristor ,di/dt protection is achieved by the use of _______________ 44) A resistor is connected across the gate and cathode of an SCR _________________ 45) Formula to find peak overshoot 46) What is the condition that should be satisfied to apply initial value theorem 47) If Gain Margin =0 dB and Phase Margin=0 system is ____________ 48) Define minimum phase system

49) Write an advantage of using Igbt over Mosfet and Bjt 50) Why single phase induction motor is not self starting