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We begin this issue with a fond farewell to Lennart Engstrm who is retiring from our Editorial Team. He instigated Copper Forum magazine 18 years ago and has played a key role in its development from the four-page rst issue targeted at Scandinavian architects to todays forty-page, pan-European 25,000 circulation magazine published in 13 languages. All of us in the Editorial Team valued his wisdom, passion for copper in architecture and gentle yet persuasive nature, whilst working with Lennart was always fun as well. Of course, there have been changes over the last 33 issues, with continuing improvements to both the design of the magazine and its content to reect architects current interests. Today, however, Copper Architecture Forums initial core values remain: to present inspirational contemporary architecture, alongside topical issues aecting design with copper and its alloys. We take this opportunity to introduce the new Editor in Chief, Robert Pinter, and new Editor, architect Chris Hodson. They have both been part of the Editorial Team for some time and have a wealth of experience in copper for architecture and construction. With an architect as editor, the magazine will closely mirror our architect readers interests and develop greater involvement with them particularly via our partnership website When editing Copper Architecture Forum, we look out for emerging trends and common threads between projects. In this issue, a number of themes become apparent. Firstly, the numerous possibilities of using copper faade elements to combine solar shading and light transmission are exemplied in several buildings. Solutions range from perforated copper screens and mesh, to grids of proled brass and sculptural curved ns. Some schemes also highlight copper used as a thoroughly modern material, characterising contemporary interventions to regenerate older buildings often historic and protected. Finally, copper takes on a civic role where major projects help to shape the wider urban environment. We hope you enjoy the diversity and excellence of architectural design demonstrated in this issue. The Editorial Team
The 1995 rst issue of Koppar Forum ran to just four pages.

Lennart Engstrm, Founder and Editor Emeritus of Copper Architecture Forum

Editor in Chief: Robert Pinter Register for Copper Architecture Forum View magazine back issues Contact the Editorial Team Upload your project to the website Enter the European Copper in Architecture Awards Copper Architecture Forum 34, May 2013 Copper Architecture Forum is part of the European Copper In Architecture Campaign. It is published twice a year and has a circulation of 25.000 copies. The magazine is distributed to architects and building professionals throughout Europe - and beyond in English, Czech, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Swedish languages. Editor: Chris Hodson RIBA Editorial team: Lennart Engstrm, Ari Lammikko, Chris Hodson, Graeme Bell, Hermann Kersting, Robert Pinter, Irina Dumitrescu, Herbert Mock E-mail: Address: CAF, European Copper Institute, Avenue de Tervueren 168 b-10, B-1150 Brussels, Belgium Publisher: Nigel Cotton, ECI Layout and technical production: Naula Grask Design, Sweden Printing: Strlins Graska AB 2013, Sweden Editorial panel: Birgit Schmitz, De Kazimierz Zakrzewski, Pl Marco Crespi, It Nicholas Hay, UK Nikolaos Vergopoulos, Gr Nuno Diaz, Es Olivier Tissot, Fr Paul Becquevort, Benelux Pia Voutilainen, Se, No, Fi, Dk Robert Pintr, Hu, Cz, SVK Vadim Ionov, Ru

Cover: Platform for Arts & Creativity, Guimares, Portugal (page 14). Photo: Joo Morgado

Copper Architecture Forum 2013