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Chapter 1 THE POINT OF ORIGIN October 1996 Autumn was a dazzling palette of changing colors in Northern California. Fall was Evie Taylors most favorite time of year. The distinction between the warm days and the crisp clean air after sundown always made it a magical time of year for her. Evie thoroughly cherished the fall holiday celebrations. The smell of apples, cinnamon, and pumpkin pies enchanted her senses. Evie used the name E. J. Taylor or her birth name Evelyn Jayne Taylor in strictly professional circles. However, anyone who knew her on an intimate level called her Evie. Her personal and professional life was both rewarding and enriching although she did have her own profound cross to bear. During the 1980s, Evie attended Nebraska Wesleyan University. She double majored in Religious Studies and Interpersonal Communications. Her area of special interest was the historical, sociological, and cultural study of philosophy, religion, literature, and art within the context of the Ancient, Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance periods. E. J. graduated Cum Laude. She was accepted into the prestigious Ph.D. program in Theology at Yale Divinity School in New Haven, Connecticut after she received her Bachelors degree from NWU. Inside the classroom at Yale, E. J. mainly focused on Philosophy of Religion. In this particular area, she examined the philosophical worldviews that are alternatives to traditional Christian perspectives, such as magic, alchemy, astrology, and witchcraft. She also learned how the visual, literary, and musical forms that have shaped the religious life

and its cultural expression, both within and outside the Christian church. The program she was in at Yale also placed an emphasis on the study of society and the study of the personality. The overall Ph.D. program in Theology was right up E. Js alley because of the wide range of courses it offered and because it highlighted the way the human personality is shaped. Evie wanted to be a professor of history and the humanities. She loved the idea that in a classroom she would teach students to appreciate and enjoy history, philosophy, religion, and the arts. While she was in the process of putting the final touches on her dissertation at Yale, titled Dante: An Aficionado of Astrology or a Dazzling Astrologer?, she received a part-time offer to teach classes on Mondays and Wednesdays at Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park, California. Shortly after the job offer, Evie packed up her belongings and her cat Milo and they moved to the West Coast. She bought a small 1960s three bedroom bungalow in the outskirts of town with some of the money she inherited from the death of her mother. E. J. currently taught three classes, The Legend of Doctor Faust, Dantes Divine Comedy, and Magic, Alchemy, and Astrology in the Medieval and Renaissance at the University. The Legend of Doctor Faust class was a two part graduate level course that Evie taught every fall and spring semester. **** October 28, 1996 E. J. Taylor opened the door to the classroom full of students. Some of her students were chattering while others were organizing notes, reading, and preparing for the Monday morning lecture. E. J. put her brief case on the lecture table next to the

podium and took out her outline for the Faust class. Good morning! I hope you all had a good weekend. Her students were attentive and most responded to her greeting with a variety of facial expressions that indicated it was undeniably a Monday morning. E. J. stood behind the podium with her lecture notes. Are you all ready to discuss Faustian legends? she asked. Heads nodded. Alright Lets begin, she responded. In all Faustian legends the desire to acquire knowledge is paramount. This desire is overwhelming and we see that Fausts desire for knowledge is coupled with his own desire for power, status, and control. Although the notorious elements are compelling, the overarching element of all Faustian stories is humanism. A positive way to define humanism is to have a deep and applied faith in the potential of human beings. The ability to reach full human potential comes by acquiring knowledge and this is integral to humanism. However, searching for knowledge becomes extremely perverted in the Faust legends. What is it about Fausts search that is perverted? she asked. E. J. looked up at her students. Several of her more enlightened students had their hands raised. Theyd obviously read the assignment or at least pretended too. Evie nodded and pointed her finger at Matthew. In the Faust legends the Faustian individual always misuses knowledge in order to receive earthly delights, sensual pleasures, and self-glorification, said Matthew.

Exactly Faustian figures always challenge God they reject traditional ethics and Christian morality due to insolent pride. In fact, some predecessors to the historical Faust want to be god-like. What else is perverted or notorious about the Faustian character especially the Faust in Christopher Marlows Faust? she asked. Meghan raised her hand. E. J. looked at her and motioned for her to answer. Stories about Faustian figures are always notorious. Many of the obvious elements of the Faust character were built out of myth or superstition. They are notorious because they involve good verses evil, occult knowledge, magical abilities, conjuring spirits, raising the dead, demonology, and pacts with devils,1 Meghan said. Thats right Meghan these are exactly the factors that have contributed to all the legends that surround Faustian characters. Legends about these Faustian characters circulated within the Christian community during the period known as the age of faith. During this time, the Catholic Church was a gigantic force in society and had a transfixing power over the lives of people, E. J. paused and reached for her bottle of water and took a sip. You need to remember that during this time, education was reserved for the clergy and for the aristocracy because the church did not want the lower class or secular society to be educated because knowledge is power. Few people challenged the role of the church except for the archetypal Faustian character because the moral lesson the Catholic Church spread was that knowledge can be damning. E. J. reached for her lecture notes and began reading out loud to the class. According to Palmer and More, the Faust tradition became the vehicle of certain fundamental religious and philosophical problems which have ever fascinated and

tormented mankind: the relationship between man and the powers of good and evil; mans revolt against human limitations; the thirst for knowledge beyond mere information; the puzzling disparity between the sublimity and the misery of human life,2 she said then stopped. So, as you can see the role of the Faustian character is usually an adversarial one which literally means anti-mind or in opposition to. In the majority of stories about a Faust-like character, we see one who is not only against Catholic dogma and the Catholic faith, but he is also against God, E. J. said strongly then she surveyed the expressions on her students faces. Jason, one of Evies best and brightest students, was well on his way to a career in the academic world. Jason, tell us something about Theophilus, E. J. said. Ok, Theophilus was well-known in the 8th century and he was a true-to-form Faustian figure because not only does he consort with and make a pact with the devil, he also renounces Christianity, and he wrote an obligation in his own blood where he denied both Christ and the Virgin Mary. Then he delivers his obligation over to the Devil,3 Jason answered. After Theophilus does this what does the Devil do? asked E. J. She pointed at John for him to answer. The devil causes Theophilus to not only have perverse thoughts, but he also instills jealousy, envy, and a desire for honor into his heart,4 John answered. Good does anyone have anything else to say about Theophilus? asked E. J. while looking at the students. She noticed that Rebecca raised her hand. Rebecca, do you have more to add?

Well later on, Theophilus repented he humbled his heart by fasting and praying.5 Yes Theophilus prayed for three days the records we have say he beat his face violently against the floor then he reflected on the pure light of the Virgin Mary. Why do you think he prayed to the Virgin instead of God? E. J. asked. Meghan jumped in and answered. Since Catholicism was the ideology, he hoped shed save and protect him.6 And apparently, the Virgin did appear to him and she told him he had sufficiently done his penitence by praying so he was redeemed and forgiven,7 she said. Very good guys it appears that you are keeping up with your reading assignments, E. J. paused and looked at the clock. Time had passed quickly. She turned and stepped behind the podium. Okay now I want to just to wrap things up for today and remind you that the historical Faust emerged during the Reformation of the Catholic Church due to the unrestrained enthusiasm of the German Humanists, to the Humanists attitude towards educational, religious, and philosophical questions.8 This was an age of expanding knowledge and like his predecessors, the historical Faust becomes an enduring legend partly because he embodies the totality of all prior legends of Faustian figures. Some described Faust as a notorious rogue, a sorcerer, a magician, and an evil doer who was in league with evil spirits. Faust has an unbridled passion for knowledge and power. He turns away from Christian morality. He renounced Christ and sold his soul to his Lord Lucifer. Faust confirms that his soul is Lucifers by signing a contract out of his own blood with Mephistopheles. Faust becomes the epitome of evil and one who seeks

knowledge for his own selfish desires. He goes way beyond studying the customary liberal arts that was available in the academic world and he defies all social norms of acceptable behavior. He believes this will help him gain personal supremacy in the cosmological scheme of the universe. Another reason the historical Faust becomes an enduring legend is because Christian believers were drawn to the Faust character because there was a moral lesson in the stories. In some ways, the Catholic Church promoted the Faust stories because they wanted believers to know the results of turning away from Christianity. In general, people can learn from and relate to the Faust-like character because he is a protagonist who suffers due to his own hubris and blind ignorance; the historical Faust personifies the essence of a perverted humanist, she said then paused. Okay guys see you Wednesday and dont forget theres a short quiz and your first five page paper on the Legend of Faust is due! she said. **** Both inside and outside the classroom, Evie dabbled in astrology and studied the occult sciences. Every Tuesday evening, Evie facilitated a Womens Empowerment workshop in her home. The women in her group were mostly academics and together they discussed all different facets of metaphysical sciences. The classes were fun and entertaining, as well as educational. The women discussed a variety of subjects including basic astrology, alchemy, magic, numerology, tarot symbolism, and meditation techniques. Since E. J. was only a part-time professor and not making a bundle of money, she also taught astrology classes on the side for a nominal fee. She had a small number of

students who were learning how to calculate and read astrological charts. She also had a handful of private astrological clients who paid for her astrological expertise and advice. Besides teaching at the university and hosting the womens meetings, E. J. took classes at the Doane School of Astrology in Davis, California. She graduated and received a Certificate of Proficiency in the Art of Astrology from the American Federation of Astrologers. This allowed her to be on their faculty and write academic astrological articles for their publication. When she wasnt teaching courses at the university, she occasionally lectured at various International Astrological Conventions. The Jyotish Arnob society and International Institute of Astrological Research presented her with an award for outstanding contributions to the field of astrology at one of the conventions. Evie Taylor had met a lot of interesting, educated, spiritual, and enlightened astrologers at astrology conventions but she also met her share of kooks and quacks. One of the conventions Evie attended was in Las Vegas. She almost didnt attend because number one, the convention was scheduled when Mercury was in retrograde and there was bound to be a lot of mixed messages. The main reason Evie considered not going was because she didnt think astrology should be associated with gambling games. She was aware of astrologers who lived in Las Vegas whod be at the convention and some of the Vegas astrologers were well known for scamming and making money off of clients by providing hot tips, lucky days, and winning numbers so folks could win at the lottery, Roulette, Black Jack, and the Slot Machines. The thought of senior citizens giving large portions of their social security or nest eggs to these astrologers with the hope theyd hit

the big one sickened Evie because she believed astrology was a divine science and loosing money is anything but divine. However, since Las Vegas was within driving distance and because she was on the faculty and scheduled to lecture, Evie decided to go to the Vegas Astro-get-together. While she was there, she decided to attend a lecture on Astrology and Health. Evie was sitting in her seat ready to hear the lecture when an overly rotund woman entered the lecture room by riding on a motorized cart. The cart had a small basket attached to the front and sitting in the basket there was a brown course-haired Miniature Schnauzer. There was a sign written in silver metallic sparkling glue attached to front of the basket. The sign read, Toto, Were not in Kansas anymore! The astrologer from Kansas wore a full-skirted shimmering blue lace gown with puffed sleeves and covered with metallic silver stars. She had pure white hair, a motherly appeal, a fabulous sense of humor, and she gave a brilliant lecture. She thoroughly amused Evie because she reminded her of a cross between Mrs. Claus and Glenda, the Good Witch, in Frank Baums Wonderful Wizard of Oz. However, Evie didnt think it was professional for an astrologer to appear like a Fairy Godmother.


It was at an astrology convention in Florida where Evie encountered her first vampire astrologer. Contemporary vampire astrologers reminded Evie of a combination of Bram Stokers Dracula9 and Elizabeth Bathory, the so-called Vampire Countess of Hungary. In 1610, authorities convicted Bathory of sorcery because they believed she targeted unsuspecting victims and used their blood to bathe in and in her potions.10 Even though modern vampire astrologers do not suck blood and are not serial killers, their humongous egos are warped somehow twisted and they feed on the life-blood of their clients because they drain their clients energy and take their money. Vampire astrologers control clients by using fear and manipulation tactics. Clients become dependent on their vampire because theyre afraid of life and theyre insecure. They dont make so much as a dental appointment without paying for an astrological consultation because they get caught up and become emotionally entrapped by the vampires vicious web of deceit. Bonnie Blaceret was a quintessential modern day vampire astrologer. Evie was aware of Ms. Blaceret before she met her because she had a notorious reputation as a dark astrologer. She read Tarot cards, palms, and practiced astrology but she typically gave dark readings and instilled a great deal of fear in her clients. Unlike Bonnie Blaceret, Evie believed in empowering her clients and students. If they called her for every little detail, appointment, or problem, then she failed them as an astrologer. When a friend introduced Ms. Blaceret to Evie, Evies eyes lingered on the spidery little woman for just an instant too long. She was wearing a worn mid-calf length black lace dress and an oversized large-brimmed velour black hat with a sheer black veil. She decorated the dome of her gypsy-styled bonnet with yellow and black striped fuzzy material. It


reminded Evie of a bumble bee. For the most part the veiled bonnet covered her mousey brittle hair and disguised a face etched with aged lines, wrinkles, and bitterness. However, even though she had done everything possible to hide her physical appearance, she still looked like a haggard old crone. Bonnie Blaceret extended her long bony hand palm side down as if she expected a kiss. Her fingernails were long, slightly discolored, and chipped and she had a gaudy emerald ring on the middle finger of her left hand. Evie cringed at the thought of kissing the shriveled scrawny hand but she did shake it cautiously. She thought, This woman is indeed a vampire and she looks like The Wicked Witch! Ms. Blaceret was completely silent. She narrowed her eyes and stared at Evie through the darkened veil then turned Evies hand over and started to examine her palm. Evie immediately pulled her hand away. Ms. Blaceret raised an eyebrow suspiciously and gave Evie a perverse smile then she turned and walked away. A chill went straight to Evies inner core and her hair stood up on the back of her neck. Besides meeting a crackpot or two at conventions, Evie occasionally received strange emails and phone calls from people who asked questions about astrology. One of the most disturbing calls she received was from a man who was interested in all aspects of murder. Not only did he want to know what planetary aspects indicated murder and what aspects the murderer had at the time of a murder, he wanted to know if astrology charts indicated a potential for violence, cruelty, suicide, or murder. **** October 31, 1996


It was cold and foggy on All Hallows Eve. After Evie passed out candy to a handful of children who lived in the neighborhood, she decided to snuggle up in her bed with a cup of English Decaf Tea and grade some of the papers from the students in her Faust class. Then her phone rang. She looked at the clock on her nightstand. It was nearly midnight. She thought it was a bit late for phone calls even if it was Halloween. Hello, she ventured politely with a curious tone. There was a brief pause. Is this Professor E. J. Taylor the astrologer? the man asked in a deep slow sinister voice. Yes, she responded with slight hesitation. The voice was completely foreign to her but she was used to receiving calls from strangers. Im aware that youre doing astrological research regarding missing children. Im interested in finding the killing planet a planet that promises violence and cruelty in charts, he said ominously. Evie leaned forward and sat straight up. She felt uneasy about the dark tone in the mans voice and his question stunned her. Her hand clenched the phone close to her ear and she could feel her heart begin to beat slightly faster. The killing planet? she inquired suspiciously. Let me explain, the man paused briefly to clear his throat. I am working with a client who is afflicted by Pluto and an Evil Star. It seems this combination indicates a potential for cruelty, violence, murder, or suicide, he said portentously. Cold chills ran all the way down to the base of Evies spine. Her mouth had suddenly become dry. She wanted to end the conversation as soon as possible so she


quickly composed herself. She took a quick sip of her tea and moistened her lips. There are plenty of astrology books that discuss crimes, murders, and murder victims. I suggest you look for those books because I personally havent found a specific killing planet or a particular planetary aspect in any of my research that explicitly suggests the chart indicators for cruelty, violence, or murder. And frankly, Ive never considered any star to be evil, she said firmly then paused momentarily. I do know that murderers are usually connected to their victims and we can observe this by studying both astrological charts, she said cautiously. Murder is most foul, as in the best11, the man paused then continued, that is murder is the best to investigate and like Pluto and Scorpio, I am fascinated by death and decay. I will take your suggestion under advisement. Thank you and goodnight Ms. Taylor, he said in a menacing tone then he hung up without giving Evie time to respond let alone ask his name. Evie sat still listening to the dial tone. She put the phone down then leaned back on her fluffy pillows and forced herself to take a deep breath. She pulled her knees and her warm down comforter close to her chest. She shook her head and thought, This kook just quoted Hamlet hes an astrologer who wants to know about a killing planetan Evil Star murder. **** Halloween Night, October 31, 1996 All came clear to Jack Blackburn after the conversation with Professor E. J. Taylor. Murder is most foul Meenaas chart indicates a potential for murder because


of the Evil Star I should make her murder appear like a suicide, he thought with satisfaction. He leaned back in the overstuffed chair and tranquility permeated him. His mind began to tour through a space and time when he was with his divine mother, whom he adoringly thought of as a queen. She told young Jack and his sister Elzora that they were descendants of one of the most famous reigning families of Romania. According to the family gossip, their ancestral tree could be traced back as far as February 8, 1431 to the county of Basarabi, Transylvania, Romania. By some means, according to his queen mother, their bloodline was connected to Count Vlad Tepes Dragoon and Vlad Dracul, known as the dragons son, the apparent illegitimate son of Mircea cel Batrin. They were great historical characters of the time. Jacks mother told him that Count Vlad Tepes Dragoon was his blood relative. She said the Count was given a gold medallion with a dragon on it. The Counts title was the Knight of the Order of the Dragon. Because of this Jack believed that he was from this famous and yet, ruthless reigning families. The Dragoons were known for being great warriors. They fought bloody battles against the Ottoman Empire and impaled their enemies to death.12 In 1462, after an uprising in the empire, and for political reasons, a fraction of the family members migrated to Germany and the Dragoon bloodline that he was from continued to flourish.


Lillian Blackburn, the queen mother, raised Jack to be very proud, yet extremely secretive of his lineage. He had no way of knowing if what his mother told him about his bloodline was completely true or not. It was insignificant to him, whether or not he truly was from the Count Vlad Tepes Dragoon and the Vlad Dracul lineage of Dragons. He knew one way or another there was dragon blood running through his veins because the queen mothers maiden name was in fact Dragoon. Lillian Dragoon Blackburn was the young boys Queen Dragoness. The fairy-tales and fantasies about dragons were treasured memories for Jack. As a child, he would get ecstatic when it came time to hear his mothers bedtime stories. She told him that the name Dragoon would keep predators away because they were from a race that had existed since the beginning of time and that his family had evolved from full-blooded dragons. They were one-half human and one-half dragon. She said he would be able to achieve the ability to shape-shift freely, project himself into the astral world, receive psychic vibrations, communicate with the dead, perform black magic, and become an outstanding Gatekeeper with enough occult training.


Lillian Dragoon Blackburn instructed both the young neophyte and his younger sister, Elzora from her small isolated home in Illinois. She taught them secret doctrines, how to access their natural abilities, and how to properly dispense the destructive forces of air, fire, water, and earth. She loved to say, Dragons are very dangerous and vicious if outsiders ignore our territorial boundaries. We are creatures who love to dominate, manipulate, and lure our unsuspecting into our lairs. We have the capacity to pillage and destroy anything in our territory. Male dragons enjoy forcing virgins into sacrificial positions. Both Jack and Elzora enjoyed a challenging fight and they often started a fight without provocation. Both children knew how to be sneaky and underhanded because they were skilled black magic users. Within their souls, there was a capacity for terrible evil. During specific times of the year, the mother held sances with both Jack and Elzora. During the sance, she communicated with demons that appeared as guiding spirits. After a sance, Jack always felt born again with super-natural power, strength, and resolve. His mother taught him that there were gateways to others dimensions called cycles. These cycles occur every forty days and are gates of inspiration. The most important cycle was the Spring Equinox because this is when the Suns entry into the sign of Aries ruled by Mars the Warrior awakens the primal dragon. The culmination, at this very special and potent time of year is used for planting seeds. Its also a time to meet the Keeper of the Gates. It took years for Lillian Dragoon Blackburn to properly instruct her children. Finally, the planets were in proper alignment. It was


time for Jack to be fully consecrated. A cosmic invocation took place and Jackson Eldwyn Blackburn was initiated. He was now a Gatekeeper in every sense of the word. Recalling his childhood easily seduced Jack Blackburn. However, it was time to shake off the salacious memories and get to work. All the same, his memory did cause him to receive a profound insight because he realized the reason why he was in this current plutonian cycle. He thought, It was because of Meenaa my Afghan beauty! I tried to be patient, to be her Goodness Gatekeeper, her Saint Peter, not just a Gatekeeper who materializes a Faustian future out of consciousness. I gave her the choice of an alluring Faustian Bargain! Jack stood up and for a few moments, he paced back and forth in his office. Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks. It was like an enlightening bolt of lightening shot through him. He thought, The resolution for the confusion is to react! Meenaa sees me, her Goodness Gatekeeper, as taking, rather than giving. She sees me as if I were not transcendent, but instead a user. These are soul issues that are not ephemeral and not temporal. I tried to not react to her reaction. Instead, I tried to provide a relationship in which she could grow and trust. However, she is a woman who manipulates and enjoys her power. She pretends to be blind to the needs that drive men. She attempts to control men and yet she is in denial because denial is a conscious facet of her personality. Jack sat straight up in the chair then stood up and walked towards the window in his office. He glared out the window and began to contemplate the power of the dark stars. He thought, I can now see the growth for the role I am to play in Meenaas life. My role for her will be the foil and focus of my future task. I will not allow her reaction


to pass without an explanation from her or without retaliation from me! She ran from the intimacy I offered even though she projected a desire for intimacy with me. She can not internalize me. She is the one who is controlling rather than giving. This is why so many men are attracted to her and that is why they seek to destroy her! Jacks body stiffened. There was a furious rage inside him. His right fist was clenched so tight his knuckles turned white. He had a tight feeling in his chest. Meenaa needs growth through the Gatekeeper, he growled. He took several deep breaths and thought, This therapy I will give her will require patience. She is nowhere near as far along as I had originally thought she would be. I must go back to the astrological basics. Jack went to his file cabinet and removed the manila folder with Meenaas name written across the top. He sat down at his desk and opened the folder. For a few minutes he stared and contemplated Meenaas astrology chart. Then he asked himself, What is the karmic basis? What is the antidote? After a few minutes, he said out loud, Eureka! It is the evil star! Pain, much pain is required for Meenaa before she comes to terms. Meenaa needs enlightenment from her Goodness Gatekeeper! Just as her natal Pluto equals her, my Pluto, the Grim Reaper, dominates! I must finish her astrology chart first! I must protect myself emotionally! She reviewed her psychic tapes and she saw me as the problem! She had the audacity to think that I would forever be there for her. That I would never leave. She is a femme fatale and yet she has sexual problems! The lying bitch! For several hours, Jack Blackburn made a number of astrological calculations. He compared Meenaas birth chart to the position of planets for several dates far in the


future. He was anxious while he scribbled the various different symbols on the yellow legal pad next to her chart. Finally, he leaned back in the office chair satisfied and he thought, There will be a Festival of Sacrifice for Meenaa! Her fortunes will be shipwrecked the end of March! Meenaa knowingly made a Faustian Bargain, a pact with the Devil! She made a choice to accept emotional intimacy with her Goodness Gatekeeper and then she reacted by giving me the shaft! The police will not be able to understand the intricate plan that I will devise to destroy my rightful victims because I will use my astrological expertise and my Tarot cards to receive divine enlightenment. Todays message received from the Tarot cards and the proper alignment of the planets will be the key. Jack Blackburn stood up and stretched. Then he went to the corner of the room and opened a vault-like safe. He admired the contents. In a devoted manner, he removed the Tarot cards from their black silk cloth then he got down onto the floor in a snake-like position on his belly. He shuffled and spread all seventy-eight cards upright in a fan-like position on the floor. He deliberately set aside the Blasted Tower, the Typhon or the Devil card, and the High Priestess. A combination of these three cards indicated a call for sudden and unexpected events. He thought, These cards will bring calamity, overthrow, accidents, evil, willfulness, mystery, controversy, and fatality. These cards will give me the necessary negative energy that I will need to give birth to my ideas. Typhon is not just any Devil, but a one-of-a-kind quintessential Devil! The Blasted Tower! Bombs! The tarot card says I should set a number of bombs in and around Falls City.


He rolled over onto his back and starred at the fluorescent light in his office. This is a call for the Tommyknockers!13 Oh Im such a perversely wicked wicked man! he said aloud while laughing. He admired the plot of the Tommyknockers because in it there was an emanation of a deadly and unearthly evil buried in the woods. When the evil was unleashed upon the small New England community, the innocent town became a literal death trap for the people. After a few minutes, he stood up and returned to his desk to sit down. He looked over his calculations and he thought, I must time everything properly. The stars will provide the proper timing. I will get away with committing a mass murder. This astrological plan will be so explosive that even the people in San Francisco will be shaken by the terrible tremble. The citizens living in Falls City deserve my animosity! They also mistreated the Goodness Gatekeeper. Jack Blackburns mind burned with fury and inside he had an unspeakable primal rage. He had had enough. He knew the rage was primitive and would be his downfall if he didnt get control over his feelings. He closed his eyes and put his head back against the headrest on the chair. He took several slow long deep breaths then placed both hands one on top of the other over his heart. He thought, I received the hidden message from beyond the physical world. The message enlightened me. They have all conspired against me. They didnt believe their Gatekeepers warning. I know what is happening beyond and behind the scenes. After all, I am the Citizen Investigator. Jack Blackburn stood up and walked to the window. His body was stiff and rigid. His mind was like a black hole. He thought, I spent seven years investigating the local


Afghan Mafia organization. The Afghans deserve my contempt. They are involved in real estate, mortgage fraud, and drug smuggling. The cannabis and poppy seed fields that grow wild in Afghanistan are the largest source of income for their mafia leaders who live in the luxurious mansions in hills around Falls City. Its the Afghans who are responsible for supporting the cultivation, laboratory processing, and the trafficking worldwide of heroin, cannabis, and hashish. Meenaas Afghan relatives move their drugs into the Bay Area by using sea vessels, black helicopters, and small white airplanes. They all depend on the drug smuggling to financially support their family owned businesses, their opulent lifestyles. The Afghan Mafia ring was difficult for me to penetrate because of their cohesiveness. Like many ethnic groups, they maintain their cohesiveness because they are religious and tribal. Jack continued to stare out at the dark. He clenched his fists tight. An angry flood of anger came over him. He thought, The Falls City police are also corrupt! They are involved with the Afghan Mafia. They allow the black helicopters to drop heroin and other drugs into my neighborhood during the new and full moons. The city officials and their building inspectors allowed the incompetent building contractor to use faulty construction methods on my home. The citys building inspector was convicted of bribery. He bungled my investigation! He turned to his desk and slammed his left fist on the yellow legal pad. No official city agency would investigate my claim about the corruption in their fine city. Nevertheless, I exposed them. I uncovered the evidence of corruption. They tried to squash my plan to broadcast this story, my documentary program titled Falls City Park


USA. My film shows that the city officials and law enforcement are corrupt. The city sanctions bribery. The city approves faulty construction projects. The city permits real estate fraud. The police allow the Afghan Mafia to traffic drugs into the Bay Area. The city officials turned a blind eye! The city will pay for the shoddy construction of my home. Jack Blackburn sat down. His head shook back and forth. He recalled the bits and pieces of what happened with Meenaa. There was a heavy restrictive knot instead of a warm heart in his chest. I should never have let my guard down. I let Meenaa sidetrack me. I should have followed through with my detailed astrological plan to destroy the real estate company and its Afghan realtor who sold me a home with a faulty foundation. He flipped open another manila folder and admired the astrological symbols. At one time, he had had tremendous hope for the folders contents. He felt a tremendous disappointment. He thought, My plan, the Safe Solution: A Cinco de Mayo Surprise was a superb plan. It would have coincided with the Feast of Walpurga and the zodiacal Wicca Sabbat of Old Beltane, a festival of fertility and delight when the Sun is near fifteen degrees of Taurus. I would have destroyed the real estate company on May 4, 1996 at 7:34 a.m. with a purifying fire if it had not been for Meenaa!


Jack leaned back in his chair. His eyes were hard and his face was unforgiving. He felt a cold hollowness inside. He wondered how hed become so mentally and emotionally sidetracked by the divorced Muslim woman named Meenaa. Then he had a recollection that hed met Meenaa through a mutual real estate friend during the course of his investigations. He learned she migrated from Afghanistan, lived in the Bay Area, and worked in the real estate business. Meenaa was extraordinarily delightful to look at! he said out loud with an ugly laugh. He thought Meenaa would be able to provide provocative insight into real estate fraud and the Afghan Mafia. In the beginning, all he wanted to do was use his ingenuity and cunning personality to use Meenaa to his own advantage. Meenaa, you became my intoxicating cup of wine14 until you turned on me. Now you are my wine-dark sea15, my mystery, my pain! he cried out in anger. The thought of her revealing herself to him obscured his vision to a grotesque degree. He sank down in the chair reminiscing. Oh how her voluptuous breasts her inviting thighs her sweet female fragrances, he thought. Then he sat straight up. Meenaa seduced and tormented me physically, spiritually, financially! he yelled. He leaned back in his chair and he thought about how desperately he had wanted to reach deeply inside of her pleasure portal while she ceaselessly caressed his golden wand. He wanted her to taste his ecstasy. He thought, I tried to make her submit to a sublime spiritual experience and have a cosmic orgasmic connection with me. If only she would have allowed me to thrust her with a rush of my psychic force. It would have culminated into a climatic release of heightened consciousness.


Jack leaned forward towards the desk and glared at Meenaas astrology chart. Meenaa, for a while you played along. You accepted your Goodness Gatekeeper your devils Faustian Bargain! You were a whore for my money! After all that I did for you you bitch you had the audacity to announce that youre reconciling with your husband the Afghan! he said in a thunderous boom while tapping his pen on her chart. He leaned back and thought about how Meenaa rejected his delicious perversion. He felt hatred and contempt inside. His hands began to shake. He looked down and hard at Meenaas horoscope. Now, I see that all that Meenaa has to offer is a vulgar black void of callousness. She is responsible for my plummet into this mood of darkness, he thought. Jackson Blackburn was plagued with a terrifying rage. He was on the verge of losing it. He slowed down his breathing. Ill get my revenge against Meenaa and her Afghan in-laws because theyre her cash-cow kings. Theyll all be bludgeoned into oblivion by the evil star Baten Kaitos at twenty-one degrees of Aries. Im not Meenaas Saint Peter anymore her Goodness Gatekeeper, he said with grave hostility. For awhile Jack just sat there and stared coldly at Meenaas astrology chart then he added a few additional notations along side the border. He felt a warm flush on his face. His heart pounded violently and he could feel hot blood gushing through his veins. He stood up and walked towards the window. He starred out at the pitch black sky. It was as if time stopped momentarily. Jack Blackburn had worked himself into a tense mental agitation.


He shook out his strained fists, rolled his neck counterclockwise, and considered his next move. He had a stubborn devilish look in his eye. His brain was a ruminating sinister vault. He tapped his right foot on the floor for a few moments and plotted his enlightened idea. Then, he began to snicker. A diabolical surprise is about to be delivered by the Gatekeeper, Pluto, the Grim Reaper. The city will pay for its corrupt and sinful behavior. Falls City will be a diminutive Roman Empire and fall! Meenaa will see the killing planet and the evil fixed star Baten Kaitos on March 28, 1998. What a spectacular occasion for Meenaa to be bludgeoned into oblivion by her Goodness Gatekeepers own evil stars! This will truly be a festival to remember! My final act is going to be terrorism in the name of justice, he said scornfully. Jack walked towards the stereo and loaded Wagners Eine Faust Overture in the CD player. The music was perfect for his dark Faustian mood. He turned the volume up louder than usual and then he sunk down with his eyes closed in the overstuffed chair in the corner of the room. He thought, Meenaa the sorceress shes the damned witch Sycorax the dark eyed hag will groan because of my immitigable rage. What torment I did find in thee. Now the wolf will howl and the bear will be ever angry because of the unwholesome poisonous witch. She will be finished by the devil himself.16 Jack Blackburn was overwhelmed with evil anticipation. The darkness inside had surfaced and it was anxious to get out but he knew he must exercise patience and self-discipline or otherwise he could get caught. He thought, The only power that is lasting is a power that is disciplined.


Chapter 2 FESTIVAL OF SACRIFICE All Saints Day, November 1, 1996 Jack Blackburn lived in a comfortable and pampered environment. He lived in a five hundred thousand dollar home in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife, Penelope. The home was where he studied astrology charts and began to clandestinely calculate his plan of attack on Meenaa, her relatives, and the Falls City police force. Jack intentionally married Penelope years earlier because he knew she would be a willing and submissive companion. The marriage served his materialistic purposes, but it lacked mental, emotional, or sexual fulfillment. He had an unbridled demand for sex, high standards for physical attractiveness, and a constant need for sexual gratification. He was self-indulgent and insisted on a bizarre morning ritual. Nearly every morning started with her first watching him masturbate then he required her to give him an enema.


Usually, the magical masturbation routine included a communal bath. Even though Blackburns wife complied, she only partially fulfilled his desires. Because she was in complete adoration of him, she compromised her own attitudes towards sex. She could not see that this was a lurid picture of a sexual monster. Jack had had an abundance of encounters with a variety of women during the marriage because they indulged his sexual impulses. Sex released a great deal of his physical and psychical energy, but for the women, the encounters always left them feeling as if their vital energy had been drained dry. Women often had to fight off his advances because he had an unquenchable thirst for sex. Blackburns wife pretended to be completely unaware of his extra curricular activities. Blackburn had an abnormal power over his wife. She was dedicated and mesmerized. She constantly sought his approval due to his penetrating character, hypnotic attributes, and diabolically clever personality. In the twenty-plus years of the marriage, he had managed to gain perfect control over her. He never had to worry about earning an income because she had a successful career and received a sizable salary. Several areas in the home such as the second story office, the basement workshop, and one side of the garage were completely off limits to anyone but him. No one dared to enter his sacred spaces. There was a number of surveillance cameras mounted on the roofline around the outer perimeter of the home to keep outsiders at bay. On the door outside of his office, which was more akin a secret mausoleum, there were three locks. Each lock on the door needed a different key, which he used when he wanted to enter and begin invoking the dark forces within. He had especially chosen the keys of three, as they


were symbolic to him as an adept of occult sciences. To him, the key of three symbolized the planet Venus and the Empress Daleth, the hidden door to the sanctuary, giving birth to ideas, gifts of profound knowledge, and justice. The large overstuffed leather chair in the left corner of the room sat next to a table that had low level reading lamp sitting on it. Blackburn used this corner of the room for dreaming, rumination, psychic visitations, reading, and listening to classical music. Besides Wagner, Chopins Scherzo in B Minor was one of many of his favorite pieces. He also enjoyed Gounods, Schumanns, and Webers compositions on Doctor Faust because they evoked love, humor, rage, darkness, and evil in his soul. There was also a worn generic gray office desk and chair in the middle of the room. There was a computer on the right side of the desk. Blackburn used the computer for his investigative purposes and it contained hellish files and extensive documentation about local citizens. In the other corner of the office, there was a massive safe that looked like a sarcophagus. The tomb-like safe contained all of his great works, cipher manuscripts, banishing rituals, Tarot cards, astrological charts, his elixirs of life, and his gateways of inspiration. There were additional secret documents, for his eyes only, that he had written and saved regarding corruption within the city. He placed his plans for retaliation against political leaders, city officials, police, and several residents of the community in the safe for top security. All of the documentation was necessary for the citizen investigator to keep. **** All Souls Day, November 2, 1996


E. J. Taylor arrived at the university early so she could type out some notes for the morning Faust class. She unlocked the door to her office, turned the light on, and sat down at the universitys computer. She wrote, The Old Man refers to the Christian belief in the Passion of Christ when he says, Break heart, drop blood, and mingle it with tears17 The Old Man tells Faustus that mercy comes from the Savior who suffered. Jesus was crucified for those who put their faith in him. Christs blood saves the sinner and washes away their sins.18 Faustus is emotionally distraught. He cries out that he is damned. Faustus believes in Gods mercy but he doesnt feel hes worthy of mercy. The Old Man says Faustus has a guardian angel watching over him. The angel has a vial full of precious grace that will save Faustus if he asks for mercy.19 Faustus knows the Christian doctrine of grace. He thinks about his sins and prays but concludes hes accursed. Fausts despair is greater than the sorrow he feels for his sinful nature. Hes lost power over his life! Loosing power meant a spiritual death for Faust. Evie Taylor leaned back in the chair with her eyes closed. She wondered if despair, misery, and pain were necessary for spiritual progress. She thought to herself, Do we need to detach ourselves from the things of this world if we want to be united with the Divine? We must have faith. Through faith, we understand the mystery of death. Unlike Faustus, if a believer applies faith they can avoid the tragic potential of despair.20


Evie opened her eyes and looked at her computer screen. She wanted to add some notes to her lecture on apocalyptic beliefs because these types of beliefs can contribute to a system of propaganda and evangelization.21 She wrote, Visionary or predictive literature primarily focuses on Gods plan to save and deliver the devout from evil. Average Christians during Fausts time were concerned with the approach of the Antichrist.22 Can we identify evil? Will someone appear who is the summation of all evil? Apocalypticism or end of the world genre has a pattern of crisis, judgment, and salvation. Are worse events looming on the horizon? Is there truly a struggle between good and evil? Will Gods judgment vindicate the just? Will good triumph over evil after the trials and the tribulations? Is this when God will deliver his final judgment? It was nearly time for class by the time Evie was finished with her lecture notes. She grabbed her brief case, turned off the light, and walked quickly across campus. She was tired but her mind was alert. However, the mysterious late night phone she received on Halloween night still had her a bit shaken. ****


Sunday April 27, 1997 Six months had passed since Jack Blackburns call to Professor Evie Taylor on Halloween night regarding the planetary aspects of murder, the killing planet, and the Evil Star Baiten Kaitos. Sunday April 27, 1997 was the starting point for inconceivable wickedness. Blackburn didnt require his usual magical masturbation routine because he was anxious for his compliant wife to leave for church and a day full of errands so he could get up to his office to begin visualizing and planning his final assault on residents of Fall City. A feeling of lust came over him at the thought of beginning his new project of revenge. All of his life, he enjoyed using his mind for manipulative control over peoples lives. For him, the timing of any event and properly choosing the starting point for any project was extremely important. As soon as Penelope vacated the premises, he went upstairs and unlocked the door to his dark room. He entered then promptly slammed the door, locked it from the inside, and quickly turned on the fluorescent ceiling light. He admired the room then slinked down into his worn leather chair. He mused momentarily then he stood up, went to his desk, and began a foray of astrological calculations for the coming shit storm.


Blackburn spent several hours making astrological calculations and writing detailed notes. He came to the conclusion that the lord of revenge should descend on his unsuspecting victims shortly after the Spring Equinox on March 21, 1998. He knew that the ancient Druids considered this time of spring to be quite magical because this is when the length of daylight and night are exactly twelve hours apart all over the world. He thought it would be a spectacular beginning time because he would become a Solar Hero by clearing out the citys toxic residue. There will be a crack in the underworld that will open up with force and unleash a tremendous power of evil. My unsuspecting victims will be plunged into the dark depths of the underworld after dawn on the Spring Equinox! he thought self-righteously. Jack Blackburn believed that the entire month of March was a scapegoat season because it was ruled by the warrior planet Mars. He knew from his studies of occult lore that ancient Pagans considered March to be the time of year when armies should prepare for bloody battles. This was also the time of year when St. Patrick chased the snakes out of Ireland and when people are forced to face the shadow part of their subconscious minds. He thought, My targets have to address the lord of karma!


He studied the astrological chart. Then, he began to chuckle. He wrote, A Venus Party will make everything come to perfection. The Law and the police as community servants will be thwarted especially with no planets above the horizon to help, the trail is cold! Pluto rules bombs, crooks, and criminals. I am the ruler of Pluto and will rise to the ascendant. The instigator is the ascendant. I am the Querent and the ruler of the sign Scorpio! It will be me verses them! One major worry will be as transiting Mercury is stationary direct and conjunct the transiting Sun of the spectacular event, while the North Node of the Moon conjuncts the pre-event. Pluto will square Jupiter and the South Node of the Moon. Jack Blackburn came up with a diabolical idea on that Sunday. Just after the sun sank below the horizon, his wife arrived home. She was unaware that her husband had conceived such a macabre plan. The next day he went to the dungeon-like basement workstation and began taking an inventory of his supplies. While he sorted through the boxes of supplies in the dungeon, he recalled that in 1996 he had developed a plan to bomb the local police department because he believed the police were his rightful victims. He had casually visited and videotaped the new police facility on open house day. However, he decided not to bomb the building because while he was driving home, he had a deadly revelation that police would catch him because the new facility was more like a bunker from the Third Reich rather then a police station. This time, Jack Blackburn had reached a critical mass. He was determined to find a more appropriate target if he could find the proper astrological timing. He thought to himself, One mans criminal activity is another mans righteous activity!


Over the next several months, he innocently bought ordinary supplies that would eventually become deadly bombs. He perversely planned the scheme and relentlessly visualized the scenario for his course of action. He gathered and sorted through all of the parts then he began designing devices, connecting various wires, and making prototypes. His bombs were crude and unsophisticated at first. However, by the middle of summer in 1997, he developed a new technique. He constructed a bomb from a homemade circuit board and common electrical components. His final bomb had a unique timing circuit system but there was an elegant simplicity about the bomb. Jack Blackburn had splendid dexterity. He made the bomb in such a way that the sparkplugs central electrode rod was elongated. He fitted it with small machine screws that would pass an electrical signal. The device also consisted of a Casio digital watch. The watch was attached to a small relay circuit and could be detonated by using a modified car sparkplug. The Casio watch was the anniversary model. The timer inside the watch enabled the bomb to be set so it would go off several months into the future. Jack lacked expertise in soldering techniques and because of this, he unknowingly soldered on the wrong side of the circuit boards. This made his bombs appear homemade especially to an experienced bomb maker. Nevertheless, he felt that he had graduated and he thought the new design had a very sexy approach. It thrilled him that his devices were on the edge of sophistication. He knew the devices would work because he had already tested several similar mock-up models. **** July 1997


Blackburn became aware through a realtor friend that some of Meenaas relatives planned to purchase a luxurious 1.5 million dollar home in Falls City the first part of July. The home was in the final stages of construction so her relatives wouldnt be able to occupy the home until later in the fall. Meenaas relatives were listed as Blackburns appropriate targets in his Rightful Victims file. There were also other people on Blackburns Rightful Victims list. In fact, Blackburn had kept detailed notes in the file regarding attacking his neighbor because the neighbors noisy bird and boat parked on the driveway irritated him. Blackburns file discussed options for attacking the bird, bombing the neighbors home, and casting suspicion on him by planting drugs or poisoning his associates. The Rightful Victims file also included a detailed philosophy on what to do to people who offend or cross him. On the first page he wrote, All those I perceive as offenders shall experience circumstances I impose that allow options to leave the battlefield. Those who choose to stay and fight are the hopeless criminal cases, my truly Rightful Victims. The pages to follow describe the science necessary to dominate other men, the tools of my trade. In using these tools, I must recognize that surprise and deception are my most potent tools. It is true that its best to keep your enemies closer than your friends the better to watch them. The greatest truths are the tools that offer the greatest leverage over my enemies especially when my tools are coupled with surprise and deception in a ruthless, relentless pursuit of the Rightful Victim. For the most part, Blackburns victims became his enemies because of relatively minor and isolated conflicts.


**** Monday August 11, 1997 Jack Blackburn was restless during the early morning hours. He couldnt sleep because he was thinking about his Rightful Victims so he got up and went to his secret quarters. He sat down in his large leather chair and began to go into a trance-like state. After a few minutes, he received a full psychic and enlightened vision of rafters. He opened his eyes and he thought, Conceal the bombs in the rafters or sub-floors and crawlspaces of their homes! I must presume eyes or video tape are recording me. Ill select disposable shoes and clothes, and add weight by stuffing double or triple layering with sweats on top. I must use a disposable headband over a wig, a disposable belt, and a beard layering. I should wear goggles over glasses to hide my eye color. I probably better use latex gloves underneath simple black-dyed cotton gloves. Are the windows on the house duel pane or plate glass? I better check if there are cameras anywhere. I must practice walking quietly and make sure to check if there is someone sleeping in a bedroom nearby and be sure to watch for late night, lights in any homes nearby. Speed is of the essence! At the scene, Ill leave candy wrappers, used napkins, and Negro hair, which are all from the Cupertino area. I better familiarize myself with the area by getting maps and knowing all the routes vs. dead-ends. Beware of police park patrol! Where is the closest police station? Where is the closest fire station? Identify all neighbors routines and their businesses. Beware of cabstands. Beware of near traffic funnels. Use the near traffic times. Where is the nearest county sheriff and CHP station? When does their shift end? Does anyone live nearby? Is there an ADT sign? I should stay in the trunk


once, all night, and watch to see if a guard checks in, if police actively patrol the park, and if there are any passers by. Ill need a handgun for confrontation! Where do I go if chased on foot? Where do I place a get-away car? Ill switch the license plate from a rental car or steal a plate from an identical year and model from another rental location. Ill use the same costume for both plates and checkmates. Because Meenaas family are Muslim, I must calculate and check for the Moons Sliver! I could consider a rainy or cloudy night. I must generate no static electricity! Time is everything 60 seconds max! I calculate that Labor Day weekend approximately at 3:15 AM is action! Jack Blackburn had fully conjured a hellishly wicked plan. He stood up and stretched then sat down at his desk and took out a yellow legal pad and pen. On the top of the page he wrote, Vision of Rafters. The partial solar eclipse on September 1, 1997, will be the set-up! I will set the timing such that in twilight 7:00 pm Pacific Standard Time during the Muslim Festival of Sacrifice on Sunday, March 29, 1998. **** September 1, 1997 In the middle of the night on the Partial Solar Eclipse of September 1, 1997, Jack Blackburn relentlessly inched his way like a horned viper into to the dark crawlspace of the new home Meenaas relatives planned to buy. He snaked the wire through the floor joists and he hid the two huge explosive devices underneath the sub-flooring between the flooring and the insulation. A strong netting material held the bombs in place and kept them hidden from construction inspectors. He put the first bomb directly under the dinning room and the second one under the family room. The charges on the bombs were


set on a seven-month timer. He worked confidently and relentlessly in silence. His hands were steady. He had absolutely no remorse or guilt. He was self-absorbed in his own thoughts. No rest for the wicked! he thought satirically. He completed his task and escaped without being detected. Everything went according to Blackburns well thought out plan and he was very pleased with himself. All he needed to do was to wait patiently for the Crescent Moon on the evening of March 29, 1998. He thought, The sighting of the sliver of the moon will be the signal. A simple yet infinitesimal current will ignite an explosive reaction. This will be the true Festival of Sacrifice! Glory be! An illumination will take place. My explosive creation will be just beneath the feet of my deserving targets my rightful victims. **** February 1998 Time passed slowly for the diabolical Blackburn. After seven months, springtime arrived. It was nearly a perfect climate for surveillance techniques the evening of February 25th because pacific storm systems layered northern California with thick blankets of fog. Blackburn pulled up to the curb across the street from the house where he had previously placed the two provocative fire-starting devices. He wanted to get one last glimpse of his Rightful Victims before the blast. He watched the activity at the house for about an hour when suddenly it dawned on him that it wasnt Meenaas relatives who occupied the house. It was an unfamiliar family. They werent his Muslim targets. In fact, they were an unknown and undeserving Asian family. He thought, This shit storm has


turned into a hell-of-a-mess but theres nothing I can do at this late hour except add a force of energy to the shit storm. Blackburn leaned his head back against the headrest in his car. He pounded the steering wheel and he yelled angrily, Shit, shit, shit! He closed his eyes, leaned forward, and put his head on the steering wheel. After a few moments, he raised his head then opened his eyes. He thought, I guess Im forced to add several other well-deserving targets to this bombing campaign. The cops and the Asians are just a simple little icing on the cake. I need throw them off course. I must stash all the astrological plans and related documents, bomb-making supplies, and books. I must get rid of the evidence in case I get caught. Damn Mercury retrograde! On the Solar Eclipse Feb 26, 1998 at around 9:30 in the morning, Jack Blackburn drove a U-Haul truck to a street near Stevens Creek under the freeway. He parked the truck and watched the street for just a few minutes then he noticed a grubby hungry angel a man pushing a shopping cart full of cans. Theres a hungry thirsty man. If I give him enough hell buy himself a pint of Old number 7 JD and never remember good ole Jack Blackburn, he thought. He jumped out the truck and walked up close. What would you do for me if I offered you a shave, some new clothes, and eighty bucks? he asked. Eighty bucks ah, well thats a lot a darn money. What do ya want me to do? the man asked. Look its nothing illegal. I just need to rent a storage locker. My old lady announced shes leaving me and I wanna hide some personal stuff from her until the


divorce is final. I need someone to rent the locker for me under their own name so she wont be able to find my shit, Blackburn explained. The ragged and dirty man eagerly replied, Ill do it for eighty bucks. A shake of hands sealed the deal. Then, both men climbed into the U-Haul and Blackburn drove towards Junction Avenue towards the Central U-Storage facility. Along the way, they stopped at a gas station so the homeless man could shave and change clothes. The homeless man filled out the paperwork and paid for six months for the locker then he went outside to where Blackburn was waiting. Blackburns eyes nearly drilled a hole right through the man while he counted out the eighty dollars in twenties. Blackburn said, Someday you may read about me in the paper. The homeless man took the money and quickly walked away without ever saying a word. Blackburn hastily unloaded and stashed the boxes full of incriminating evidence into Locker D110 then he set the lock code. **** March 29, 1998 There was a spectacular view of twinkling stars sitting against a dark blue background over Falls City, California during the early morning hours of March 29, 1998. The Police Chief and his wife were sleeping peacefully. Saturday had been a full day for the couple because they spent the majority of it with their grandchildren. Around 10:30 p.m., they had snuggled in to bed. Mid-night came and went. No one was aware that Jack Blackburn the citys merciless bomber was cautiously making his way through the neighborhood streets of Falls City. Jack Blackburn creped onto the front


porch of the home of the Falls City Chief of Police and placed the first of a series of homemade firebombs. Then, he quickly disappeared into the darkness. He was prepared to deliver his second set of booby trap bombs. Blackburn drove cautiously to his next destination an unoccupied new home just a few blocks away from the home where hed set the first set of bombs on September 1, 1997. The second location was Blackburns Venus Party. His plan was to kill a number of law enforcement personnel. After he finished setting the motion sensors on these bombs, he drove up to the top of Mission Hills to the citys water tower and he placed the last of the devices. The bomb at the home of the Chief of Police detonated at approximately 4:00 a.m. A deafening boom resonated throughout the house. Flames and gray smoke was pouring from the front doorway while the front of the home was in flames. Before the dust settled, a horrific scream emerged from inside the Chiefs home. Neighbors heard the blast and rushed to the scene to help. Fortunately, even though there was damage to the outside of the Chiefs home, no one was injured. Jack Blackburn didnt hear the sounds of sirens from the emergency vehicles that were rushing to the scene. By the time the first blast occurred, he was driving southbound on the route to Southern California for the weekend. While he drove he visualized his black magic and he created a strategic alibi.


The early morning bombing understandably shook the local residents. Nevertheless, the day was full of hope and it was a sensuously warm day. Many of the residents read the news about the mysterious bombing at the Chiefs home in the local newspapers while drinking cappuccino along sidewalk cafes. Some folks gossiped about it in between mowing their lawns, planting flowers in their gardens, and playing frisbee in the lush parks available to Falls City residents. Most people, including the police, felt the early morning bombing was a one-time event and they were completely unaware that more was to come. Local Muslims were on the verge of beginning a holiday celebration called the hajji. Their beliefs encouraged believers to begin fasting at the new moon, which was on the Friday evening before. After sundown, at the sighting of the crescent moon, they could end their fast. Because the hajji was such a special holiday for Muslims, they usually prepared an elaborate meal and invited family members and intimate friends to eat. By 6:25 P.M. the sun was just sinking below the horizon. The stars were shinning and there was a perfect view of the moons silver. The zul hajji, also known as the Festival of Sacrifice, was about to commence. At 8:06 p.m., the next series of bombs exploded with intensity and rage at the affluent mansion in the hills of Falls City. The entire home burst into flames, with temperatures exceeding 9,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The blast sent debris far into the sky some of which eventually landed on nearby neighbors lawns. The home was a cosmic firestorm engulfed in flames. The sound of the massive blast could be heard for blocks.


Neighbors rushed outside and many thought the home would burn to the ground before help would arrive. The Falls City police and firefighters were dispatched immediately. The fire at the home was still raging when Jack Blackburn stopped at a pay phone along side of the road. He hooked up his expensive voice-decoding device and dialed a private number at the Falls City Police Department. Go to hills in Falls City near the new homes. The two-story on the corner of Corte Del Sol by 8:45 p.m. or the police will go boom! Bye, later, Blackburn said clearly. However, in the frenzy of chilling activity that had just occurred up the street, the police didnt go to the second location because they thought the call was a prank. The massive ball of fire at the house looked like it had the power to outshine the sun. It was completely incinerating the residence. The firemen were totally stunned at what they saw. Panic and fear quickly set into their minds. They speculated whether or not there were survivors inside. From experience, they knew that survival depended on location at zero hour. They all hit the ground running to extinguish the monstrous flames. After the fire was out, they started digging through the rubble. Police and firemen were all amazed when the sixteen year old Guan-yin Jiang emerged from the smoke. She was scratched and bruised, but otherwise in tact. Guan-yin informed them that her mother, Chuang-mu, and her little brother, Lu-pan, had left to go pick up a pizza at Romas Pizzeria. Later that evening, the police carefully reconsidered what they originally thought was a prank call. On the following day, they went to the location armed with the Bomb Squad. Once again, the police found bombs under the sub-flooring of the home.


However, unlike the first set of bombs, these bombs were connected to motion sensor devices. The police were able to successfully dismantle the bombs. The police found the sixth bomb at the city water tower on March 30, 1998. The bombings occurred on March 29, 1998 and involved six bombs at four separate locations. The two bombs that exploded the 1.5 million-dollar residence were two of the largest domestic pipe bombs in U.S. history. These horrendous explosions rocked the innocent community and shattered peoples feelings of safety. The blasts came without warning and with brutality. No one had noticed any unusual activity in the upscale neighborhood. People had no clue that something this terrible was going to happen. The bombs were every bit as powerful and as sudden as a California earthquake. To the people of Falls City, it was as if all hell had broken loose. It was as if the Devil himself had arrived except this devil was in the form of raining hot ashes, shattered glass, and burning wood. The hopes and dreams of having a safe and peaceful environment had vanished. Falls City lost her innocence at the precise moment of detonation. Terrorism arrived with a vengeance and the terrorist lived right around the corner. However, before anyone could catch a breath, Jack Blackburn, the man responsible for the devastation in Falls City, was driving away from the horrific event. In his twisted mind, he had powerful visions of two Tarot cards the Typhon and the Blasted Tower. In his mind, he could clearly see the house trembling and collapsing. He thought to himself, Falls City has fallen just like the Roman Empire! Jack Blackburn was absolutely convinced that he had acted in the name of justice. He thought, The citizen investigator has become a crusading warrior Im the avenging Gatekeeper.


Chapter 3 MEETING THE GATEKEEPER April 1998 The bombings were a priority for Falls City and Law Enforcement. There had never been a crime of this magnitude in the citys forty-two year history. Through the course of the investigation, a police hot line was setup, hundreds of leads poured into the


station, and police questioned dozens of citizens as potential suspects. The investigation, the most expensive and comprehensive in the history of Falls City, included local law enforcement personnel, twenty-four full-time FBI agents, ten agents from the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, forensic experts, and several expert bomb investigators. Many of the experts had previous experience investigating high profile cases such as the Unabomber, the Oklahoma City bombing, and the Atlanta Olympics bombing. Fortunately, the investigators got a lucky break because on April 10, 1998 a local resident called the local police station and asked to speak to the detective in charge of the bombings. When the dispatcher asked why the caller wanted to speak to the detective, the caller said he knew who should be the cops prime suspect. The dispatcher immediately transferred the call to the desk of Detective Jason Ares who listened to what the caller had to say with a keen ear. This is Detective Ares. Who am I speaking to? asked the detective. Look, who I am isnt important. I know who you guys should be looking at for the bombings! Its Jack Blackburn but he calls himself the Gatekeeper! Hes a freak! Did you say Gatekeeper? the detective asked. Yes, Gatekeeper. Well, hum how do you know Jack Blackburn this Gatekeeper guy? Well, weve been acquaintances for several years because we were both doing research at the library on real estate fraud. Ok. What does Blackburn have to do with the bombings? the detective asked.


Look, I know this sounds weird but a while back we were both at the library and ran into each other. Blackburn wanted to go for a cup-a-jo. So we did. Somehow or another the conversation got around to him asking me where he could get pipe and circuit boards. Well just because Blackburn asked you for circuit boards doesnt mean hes a bomber, the detective replied. No! You arent getting it. This was all before the bombings. At one point, I even loaned him a drill press and gave him maps of the entire water district that had the location of the water towers which were bombed! Look, I cant do much with this information unless you tell me who you are. Whatever you tell me, will be confidential. We want this guy. Hes dangerous and could do this sort a thing again. If you know something, that could help us bring him in, you need to tell me. For a brief moment, there was a dead pause in the conversation. Then, with hesitation, the caller began to speak. He said, I served on the city water board council. And while I was on the board, Blackburn manipulated me into giving him the maps of the water district. How did he manipulate you to do that? the detective asked. Thats not important! What is important for you to know is Blackburn thinks hes some kind of citizen watchdog. He thinks the city officials are all corrupt and its his job to expose them. His attitude is if it takes violence to get his message across, then violence it will be. You know the eye for an eye mentality?


The former council member was reluctant to tell Detective Ares his name because in the past he committed arson and served time for the crime. Nevertheless, he was afraid if he did not cooperate with the police, Blackburn would try to frame him for bombing the city water tower. After all, he did have an intimate understanding of the water facilities and he took the city maps of the water supply system without authorization and gave them to Blackburn. Finally, he agreed to go down to police headquarters and give a full statement to the detective. From the interview, Detective Ares also found out that for seven years Jack Blackburn had become obsessed about flaws in the construction of his house and he spent his time and money investigating the contractors as well as the city's building inspection process. Detective Ares knew that Blackburn had some sort of animosity towards police officials because the first target to be bombed was the Chief of Police. For whatever reason, this man was enraged and was on a crusading rampage so the police began watching the fifty-three year old. Police were curious to see what this Blackburn a Gatekeeper looked like. When the police first put him under their surveillance, they were surprised to find that Jack Blackburn was a professorial looking man. He was balding and he had full lips and a pug nose. He was over six feet tall and slightly over weight with broad shoulders but he did have eyes that were dark and menacing. The police investigators also quietly started questioning several of the neighbors of Blackburn. Neighbors told the police that he tried to convince many of them to join him in starting a class-action lawsuit related to the construction of the entire housing


development. However, neighbors saw the suspect as a conspiracy theorist with a paranoid mind. Jack Blackburn also told them he was an expert in forensic evidence and on the FBIs witness protection plan. All of the neighbors were hesitant to get involved with Blackburn because he was constantly threatening a lawsuit for one thing or another. Many of the neighbors described him as an intense self-involved crackpot. The neighbors next door told the police investigator that often times, Blackburn would stay up until dawn to guard and watch his home because he told them that there was a plot to assassinate him and that his phone lines were bugged. Some neighbors told the police that Blackburn was sexually aggressive with women. The initial investigation was exhausting. Even so, the police investigators immediately discovered that Jack Blackburn worked for the Chicago Police Department between 1975 and 1979. Detective Ares called the Chicago Police Department to see if he could get some background information. Chicago Police Department. May I help you? said the dispatcher. Good morning, this is Detective Jason Ares from the Falls City Police Department in Falls City, California. I need to speck to someone in your personnel department. Thank you. Let me transfer your call. Personnel. This is Officer Peterson. How can I help you? said the voice on the end of the line.


Good morning. This is Detective Ares from Falls City, California. I need information on a suspect we are bringing in for questioning for a series of bombings here in California. We found out our suspect was an employee of yours back in 1975. Oh really an employee of ours. In 1975? Thats a long time ago! Whats the name? asked Peterson. Jack Eldwyn Blackburn is what Ive got, replied Ares. Ok. Hang on a minute and Ill see what weve got. Ares waited patiently for the information he needed. All right. What I have on record in Blackburns personnel file is that he was a highly intelligent chemist. He worked for us between 1975 and 1979 as a forensic microanalyst. Sounds like he has an extensive background in law enforcement! replied Ares. Well yes but we terminated him because he continually brought charges against his supervisors which were all dismissed because there was never any evidence to support any of the charges. So the guy was a trouble maker in the department? asked Ares. Thats an understatement! They guy was unmerciful! Peterson remarked. He was out to get anyone and everyone. The guy was a real pain in the neck. Let me see oh it looks like he was ordered to spend some time with our psych division. The psych evaluation shows he has some serious issues.


Oh really? Thats interesting. Yea, well when the department finally let him go, he continued to make all kinds of threats to the department. According to his file, this kind of stuff went on for a few years but nothing ever came of it. Can you fax me a copy of the file? Sure. No problem. Is there anything else? asked Ares. Well thats all I have here but if you want the names of some of his supervisors, I can do a little digging and get back to you. Thanks. I would really appreciate that and for what youve given me so far! Sounds good. Ill do some digging and get back to you. And by the way, good luck. Blackburn is one guy I would not want to have on the opposite side of the table! said Officer Peterson. With this foundational information in hand, Detective Ares believed that they should immediately focus their suspicions on Blackburn as their prime suspect. For the next month, they continued to investigate him and they began wire-tapping his phone lines. **** May 4, 1998


Even though it was shortly less then a month since the city council member had initially called Detective Areas with the information about Jack Blackburn, on the early morning of Monday, May 4, 1998, twenty Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms agents in fifteen unmarked cars along with bomb-sniffing dogs arrived at the Blackburn home. When they arrived, ATF agents saw a moving van. Movers informed the agents that the Blackburn and his wife were moving to San Diego later that day. One of the ATF agents assigned to investigate the Falls City bombings was a twenty-two year veteran and a firearms explosives enforcement officer named Aaron Loch. Over the course of his career, Loch had investigated more than eight hundred bombings such as the Atlanta Olympics bombing, the crash of TWA Flight 800, as well as many high-profile abortion clinic bombings. Aaron Loch had speculated about the motivation of the person responsible for such a crime. He knew that historically most bombers are male; they usually have a grudge to settle, they are seeking retribution, and most want publicity. Frankly, Loch was frightened about potential of this bomber because to be of this caliber he knew the bomber had set high standards, was meticulous, experienced, secretive, and mostly likely paranoid. Loch consulted some of his colleagues and like him, they believed that the bomber was most likely over thirty years old or even middle-aged, self-educated, Caucasian, had an interest in law enforcement or forensics, and eventually, he will want credit for his work. ATF Agent Aaron Loch knocked on the front door. Jack Blackburn opened the door and Loch immediately served him the search warrant to search the property.


Immediately, two police officers escorted the suspect to the squad car and began driving him to the local police station for questioning. Agent Loch and the other ATF agents stayed behind and began searching Blackburns property. Meanwhile, while the ATF agents searched Jack Blackburns house, Detective Jason Ares and FBI Agent Eric Landon met for the first time. Detective Jason Ares was in charge of the investigation on a local level and his liaison on the Federal side was Special Agent Eric Landon. They were both experienced in all aspects of law enforcement and had a history of working successfully on high profile crimes. Detective Ares looked up and saw Special Agent Landon walking towards his desk. He stood up from behind his desk and extended his hand to Agent Landon. While the two men shook hands, Ares said, Good to have you on the case working on the case. This one is a real zinger! Arent they all! replied Landon. Yep, but this guy Jack Blackburn calls himself the Gatekeeper! said Ares. Landon looked somewhat shocked and responded, Oh boy! The Gatekeeper! What do we have on the guy? Well, I called his past employer and youre going to love this! In the past, he worked for the Chicago Police Department. Youve got to be kidding! said Landon. Ares shook his head back and forth as he said, Nope, Im not kidding. He apparently was a crime-lab micro-analyst technician and he has expertise in forensics.


Landon didnt expect to hear that the suspect had such an extensive background in law enforcement. Ares continued, The Chicago P. D. told me that while this guy was working for the Department, he regularly testified in court on blood, soil, and fingerprint analysis. Well, then if he has this kind of background, he obviously knows how cases are solved. replied Landon. Yes, well my worry is that with his background, he also knows how perpetrators can escape prosecution and conviction! said Ares. You know all these damn bombers are egotistical and arrogant. I never worked on a bombing case where the bomber didnt have an inflated sense of their own intelligence and their ability. Ares replied, I know it. And just like this guy, they are educated in the science or engineering fields. When our guys went out to interview some of the neighbors they found out that his marriage appears to be real dysfunctional. Well, thats really typical of bombers. Its pretty standard that if they do have a romantic relationship, it will be dysfunctional, abusive, and often times sadistic. They always seem to use mind games to control and dominate their spouse! said Landon. So whats going on in the field? asked Landon. Aaron Loch is head of the ATF and hes our explosives and firearms specialist. He called me just before you got here. Loch said it looks like this guy turned his upstairs office into some sort of secret room. Theres all kinds of weird shit and tons of weapons in there.


What kind of weird shit? asked Landon. Loch said there were big charts tacked on the walls with symbols that look like planetary symbols. He has some real strange books on conjuring and casting spells. He also had Tarot cards laid out on his desk. Tarot cards? Charts? Spells? questioned Landon. Yea. Im not sure what to make of that, said Ares. He continued. Loch said they also found a stack of articles about the bombings. It looks like he had collected every article from every local news paper. Thats a good sign for us because most perpetrators will enjoy keeping abreast of the media reports after the bombing. They will even be bold enough to openly discuss and be critical about the police investigation, replied Landon. So did they find any weapons? asked Landon. Oh boy! They sure did! Loch said that Blackburn managed to acquire a sizable and hideous collection of weapons! Really! A hideous collection! What did they get? Loch said all of the guns were hidden in Blackburns office. So far, theyve found a nine-millimeter automatic with three magazines, a thirty-two-caliber revolver, a 357 magnum, one Smith and Wesson twenty-two pistol, said Detective Ares. Jesus! A Smith and Wesson. Thats a preferred weapon of choice for any hit man, said Landon.


Well get this. Loch said there was also a Baryshnikov AK 47 banana clip with a short stock, a twelve-gage police riot shot gun with pump action, one M79 rocket launcher, one bulletproof vest, and several homemade silencer attachments! Oh my god! said Landon. Ares continued, Loch said Blackburns office is a completely utilitarian setting and in a secluded part of the upstairs that overlooks the backyard. The way it looks, Blackburn must have wanted lots of privacy and protection because he put large sheets of plywood to cover the two windows in the room. Loch said Blackburn had attached the plywood to the windows with three hinges and a deadbolt lock. He neatly hung one-inch thick coiled and knotted rope on huge hooks. This is very efficient because the Gatekeeper could release the rope and be able to escape out of either window by quickly propelling down the backside of the house. All he had to do was unlock the deadbolt and then, swing the hinged plywood sheets open. What is this guy? Some sort of Rambo! said Landon. Both Landon and Ares chuckled even though they knew this was not a laughing matter. I dont know. This should be real interesting because the Loch said that along each of the walls were stainless steel bookshelves, which housed his collection of books, magazines, newspaper clippings, videotapes, camera, voice disguising machine, and some combat knives. said Ares. Holy Jesus!


Thats not all. The ATF agents found several containers full of a potent mix of ammonium nitrate, aluminum powder, potassium sulfate, and potassium chloride. He also has boxes stacked up in the corner of his office that are full of wire, automobile sparkplugs, 10-inch pipes, Casio watches, copper pipe, copper tape, double-sided tape, circuit boards, along with various electronic parts! said Ares. Ares continued, Blackburn also must have studied and read books about the chemistry of bomb making as well as how to assemble bombs because on a bookshelf the ATF agents also found Guide to Bomb Search Techniques, Manual of Explosives, Military Pyrotechnics and Chemical Warfare Agents, and Chemistry of Powder and Explosives. Crap! Even though much of the evidence sounds circumstantial, its obvious that building bombs is a real fascinating hobby for Blackburn! said Landon. Thats for sure! ATF agents are looking through the suspects computer, papers, and other books right now. So far, theyve found out that he kept detailed computer files with private information about people all over Mission San Jose who he has a beef with! When are they bringing him in for us to question? asked Landon. Theyre on the way now, replied Ares. Well it sounds like this might get fun! said Landon. For sure! Lets do it and get him! said Ares. At this point, both the detective and the FBI agent intuitively felt that Jack Blackburn had a connection to the bombings, knew who did the bombings, or was in fact -- the bomber.


Detective Jason Ares worked very hard as a young eighteen year old for every penny of tuition that he needed to get into the University of Southern California. Fortunately, he was a natural genius at reading people and this always helped him succeed. Ares graduated with honors and received a degree in Criminal Justice. He quickly accepted into the California Police Academy program. The Falls City Police Department was eager to hire such a fine young officer such as Ares and he did not disappoint his commanding officers; he patiently worked with diligence up through the ranks within the police department. Jason Ares had an intrinsic ethical approach to his life. His motto was to work conscientiously but steadily, to use prudence, be selfdisciplined, independent, and honest. For him, integrity was the key to his own salvation. Jason was a conservative private man who seldom socialized in or out of work; his strong religious beliefs were his source of strength and wisdom. He used running as a way to burn off stress. The benefit of daily running gave him a lean and sexy athletic build that complemented his naturally graying chocolate hair, deep brown compassionate eyes, dark olive complexion, and rugged good looks. He did not acknowledge his own sex appeal by the way he acted or by the way he dressed. His style of behavior and of clothing was always understated and reserved. He usually he wore a pressed clean shirt and tie, one of his three sport coats, dress slacks, and comfortable brown leather shoes. Jason was a team player. He was uneasy about getting involved in in-house gossip, or becoming emotionally entangled and getting involved personally with his fellow police officers. He rarely discussed anything but police work with his co-workers. Although, co-


workers saw him as a man of gallantry, they felt he was somewhat aloof and subsequently nicknamed him the Lone Wolf. Eric Landon received a full academic scholarship from the University of Kansas. Like Jason Ares, he too graduated with honors and earned a degree in Criminal Justice. He started the Masters program at the University and took courses that primarily focused on criminology, psychology, and terrorism but after three semesters, he decided to enter the FBI Training program. Special Agent Landon got off to a brilliant start at the FBI Academy because he had the intellect but he also had a natural charisma, good looks, and polish. Landon was always perfectly groomed and rather flamboyant; he was tall, lean, tan, had a sculpted jaw-line, sparkling ice blue eyes, and a trendy jet-black hairstyle. He looked gorgeous in his navy silk suit, crisp white shirt, burgundy tie, and polished shoes. Eric enjoyed playing hardball on the field and in life, but prided himself on playing within the rules. When the fifty-three year old, unshaven, and unwashed Gatekeeper arrived at the police station at 8:30 a.m., he did not look like any sort of Rambo at all. In fact, he was dressed in black baggy jogging pants with a matching sweatshirt. He had white tennis shoes on and he was sporting a black baseball cap with the words, Bombs R US sewn in red thread across the front of the cap. Both Agent Landon and Detective Ares were ready and prepared. Jack Blackburn glared at both Ares and Landon, and screamed, What the fuck is this shit? Why the fuck am I here?


The FBI agent said calmly, Hey, settle down. We just heard you really know your shit and we want you to tell us what you know. They promptly took the suspect into an interrogation room and offered him a chair to sit on. Then they each walked around to the other side of the table and took their seats. Each one had a note pad to write on. There was a tape recorder set up to go. We want to know what you know about the bombings on March 29th, thats all, the lead detective said as he turned on the recorder. Blackburn sat down and said smugly, You stupid fuckers! Think it through think it through! What did the goddamn TV say? I know all about it. It was on TV and in the newspapers that some asshole called in a warning for a bombing on Corte Del Wait the first bombing occurred at Corte Del Sol and then there was a crank call to you stupid bastards, telling you theres another bomb there were two properties, the crank caller tells you another bomb is at Vista Del Sol. But, you fucking idiots didnt get it. Now, add it up. Just think it through. Why the fuck would this guy call? What to get in trouble? What the fuck was he doing? My guess is that he wanted to bait somebody. Blackburn leaned back in his chair. He had an arrogant look on his face. The bomber calls and says, I blew up one house. You know Im for real. Its not a false bomb threat. Come over to house number two, you stupid fuck. I think the bomber may have been thinking about the house on Corte Del Sol not the house on Vista Del Sol, a goddamn rag-head factory, if thats possible. I dont believe that the Falls City Police Department said anything about just one bomb being found. I dont believe it because Im smart, he said then paused. When I worked for the Chicago Police Department, for


the first three months, I worked cases with the guys, they were training me to do their cases. I think the guy, the bomber made a mistake with the a.m. and p.m. with this Casio watch. Without expression, Ares mind lit up because there had been no mention to the public or to the media about a Casio watch. Agent Landon casually glanced at Ares while keeping his exterior cool and composed. I thought I read somewhere in the newspapers about a Casio watch being used, Blackburn said. Shrugging as if it werent a big deal, Ares said, I dont know hadnt really heard anything about that. Acting slightly interested, Landon asked, What kind of watch did you say? Casio! Dont you bastards drink coffee in the morning and read the dailies? Anyway, I do and I realized this guy, the bomber didnt do his alpha testing. At this point, the detective got up, poured himself and the suspect a cup of coffee, then sat back down at the interview table and replied with a questioning tone, Okay Okay? Jack Blackburn leaned forward into the interview table and looked intensely at the two men and continued, The interesting part oh, we didnt get to that the house up there on the hill The detective reached for the tape recorder to make sure there was enough tape left. At that point, Blackburn reached across the table and grabbed the recorder, and said, I want to get into this. Keep the tape on.


Okay, the tapes on. I was just checking it, said the detective while acting like he thought the guys story was all bullshit. In reality, the fact that he had mentioned the Casio watch was a huge home run. They both listened with poker faces on as if unaffected as Blackburn continued. He said, The police said the guy, the bomber, who ever it was, called no, the police didnt say it, the newspaper said, he called an unlisted number. Once again, there had been no reports at that point about the phone number being a private or unlisted number, even though that was in fact the case. The two officers listened and they let the Gatekeeper continue but they acted as if what he was telling them was insignificant. He said, What Im saying is how the hell do you call an unlisted phone number to the cop shop? This is misleading. Thats bullshit! He then leaned way back in his chair with satisfaction and continued, Its misleading for a number of reasons. The cops say now this is a good point, so listen. Then, Jack Blackburn leaned forward, his eyes were full of loathing, and with brilliance he said, The phone number the cops said they were able to find it through the phone company, blah, blah, blah where the hell did the fucking phone number come from! Thats horseshit. Now lets get real, guys. You know what an MMC is? Its called MMC, every phone. My house to your house. If I call you its on mine. You call me, its on mine. And it stays there until they clear it. Every single phone number in and out. Phones once I do two wires my house, became four. And they have off side band carriers that carry all the damn signals from the phone lines. So you know where a phone


call is made. But because youre smart I reverse engineer because I have instructed police officers. Dont tell them that you cant trace the goddamn call. Have the poor fuck over there and call again and nah, nah, nah, nah you nail his fucking ass; right? Come on The FBI agent stood up and removed his jacket. He hung it neatly on the back of his chair and then, sat back down. He was getting ready and eager for the hard truth. Detective Ares was sensing his partners feelings, as well as some hostility that was beginning to build in the room. He wanted to diffuse the energy somewhat and so he said to Blackburn, Okay, be logical. Things temporarily calmed down in the room.


Then Blackburn continued, Okay, you bet. So anyway, the guy calls in. The police say its an unlisted phone number so nobody else can dick around and only the bad guy would call. Think it through; right? And then they trap him, and you got him. Heres the guy, obviously, youve got we dont know who called. We dont know. It could be the guy or somebody with a conscious. The guy presumably the official police story is the guy calls and tries to set a police officer up for hurt. Theres a bomb there and it is a booby trap or something. They try to do this are you ready? This high-pressure water thingy to disarm the bomb and the thing blows up. Come on, give me a fucking break! Booby trap, guys if theres one bomb, theres more. If the guy is going to fuck with and hurt police officers, he aint going to put just one bomb there. Theres got to be more. So the police department in its great wisdom says, Only one bomb. Maybe this stupid fuck will go back to see that the other bombs and what ever; right? Is it smart? I would never advise police officers to do that if they ask me. But no one ask me. That really pissed me off. So I only know what I can reverse-engineer, but thats what is logical. The detective needed and wanted more information from this freak. However, he could see that a look of tedium was coming over Blackburns face. He cautiously asked, Well, why do you think the guy didnt call back then? I havent the faintest idea. It really bugged me because April 19th was coming. Do you stupid fuckers have a big chart? Remember what that was? Waco. Whats his ass, McVey went over there to Oklahoma City and blew up 168 people killed them or whatever. Maybe this guy was a preamble. Maybe this guy was planning a Venus Party.


The detective knew he had to keep Blackburn talking, so he poked his head out of the interrogation room and asked a police officer to dart out for a few sandwiches and cold drinks for the trio. The two investigators worked well together and could practically read each others minds. While they were waiting for the sandwiches to arrive, they each pretended to go out of the interrogation room to make phone calls. In reality, they needed to formulate the next series of questions. They needed to stall for time. They had to keep Blackburn thinking that they needed his expertise and information. Once the sandwiches and drinks arrived, the two cops went back into the interrogation room and took their seats. There were a few polite comments exchanged between the three men about the quality of the sandwiches. Then, they began to ask Blackburn more questions. Did you know the devices were going to go off? questioned the agent. No. Blackburn snapped. Did you have any idea that the shit was going to hit the fan in Falls City? Sarcastically, Blackburn replied, You asked a different question. The shit hitting the fan in Falls City is different. Rephrasing the question, the Agent Landon asked, Did you have an inkling that maybe something big was going to happen in Falls City? In a vociferous tone, Blackburn yelled, Absolutely! Absolutely! Wheres the big fucking chart I asked for? The detective was somewhat puzzled and then turned his head and began scanning the room for a chart. He said, I dont even know of we have a big chart.


In a matter of fact manner, Blackburn replied, Yes, I did. Ask me why He then stuffed more of the sandwich into his mouth and chewed slowly. Im just waiting for you to tell me as soon as you get that fucking food out of your mouth. Youre a typical Chicago cop. You just keep stuffing shit in your mouth and talking at the same time. I love it! the agent said as if he were amused. Did you ever eat with the guy doughnuts? asked Blackburn. Wanting to stay to the point and not lose the guy, the agent quickly replied, Yeah. So, what did you mean when you mentioned the guy was planning a party a Venus Party? Im an astrologer. With interest, yet feeling internally skeptical, the agent said, Oh, youre an astrologer. Talk to me. Eager to show off his brilliance, Blackburn replied, Okay. A Venus Party will make everything come to perfection. The Law and the police as community servants are thwarted, especially with no planets above the horizon to help, the trail is cold. Pluto rules bombs, crooks, and criminals. Jack Blackburn put his sandwich down and slowly wiped his mouth with a napkin and then he said, Twenty years ago, I did psychic Astrology for the public. I cant work with the public now. I am the exclusive property of my associates, so I only do esoteric or hidden astrology for myself. I absolutely prefer to work alone in my research, particularly since I cannot tolerate being touched while in trance. I delineate all the charts, place them in an array, and then do my work. My associates pay me very, very well to work


exclusively for them and their gambling interests. But, I need help in casting spells. I am code-named the Gatekeeper. Then Jack Blackburn sat back in his chair and took another huge bite of his sandwich. Both the detective and the FBI agent refrained from showing any shock whatsoever. Then, the agent, acting as if he were only slightly interested, asked, Oh well, then as a Gatekeeper, talk to me. What did you think? You thought something was going to happen in Falls City? With partially chewed food still in his mouth, the Gatekeeper said, Look, Im a Virgo. He looked at both cops intensely. What do you think that means? the Gatekeeper asked and then he quickly stuffed more of the sandwich into his mouth. The agent didnt understand what the Gatekeeper meant. Youre a what? A Virgo, V-I-R-G-O. Oh, Virgo, the agent replied with slight understanding. What does it mean? the Gatekeeper asked brazenly. Somewhat confused, the agent replied, Well, its a horoscope. I dont know what it means. Absolutely. But I didnt know what was up. Only that I was scared because I had done so much shit last fall against the people with the cocaine. I was scared that they were going to come back. I get worried about also being watched because my house is so much in the open. I talked to my neighbors. I got my neighbors involved in watching my house when I went down South. I very specifically asked my buddy to watch my house and specifically the 21st degree of Aries, the Gatekeeper said confidently.


Somewhat annoyed, the agent asked, I was just going to ask you, what did you think was going to happen in Falls City since you had this secret power? In a smart-ass tone, the Gatekeeper said, No, no secret power. Well, youre an astrologer and code-named the Gatekeeper, replied the agent. Yes, I am. I have been doing it now since I was... The agent was getting impatient so he interrupted and asked, Did you perceive these targets getting hit? The Gatekeeper began to explain. No. What I foresaw is 21st degree of Aries. Its an infamous if I were to say to you okay, were going to play a game youve heard of jokes where somebody will say, 1922. Ha ha ha. But, nobody knows what that means except the guys who are laughing because they have the inside joke. But, if I said to you, 26 degrees of Taurus and you were an astrologer, you would say Oh, yes! God Almighty! Thats Algol Kaput, the evil star! Theres a lot of them out there. But, Algol Kaput is one of the major, major ones that has to do with decapitation. Jane Mansfield was born under it. And, she got in a car wreck and had her head decapitated. Nicole Simpson also had her head decapitated. She was gilled ear to ear. The detective was determined so he jumped in and asked, What did you think was going to happen in Falls City? 21 Degrees of Aries, the Gatekeeper replied brusquely. Can you translate that for me? the detective asked. A bombing or a fire bombing or a shooting or something violent, the Gatekeeper said harshly.


So you foresaw that? the agent asked skeptically. No, I didnt foresee that. The stars incline. They do not compel. Its in the constellation Cetus, the whale. Cetus is also known as the monster. We, as Americans or whatever, call it Cetus, but the ancients used to call it the monster because of the presence of Baten Kaitos. Now, due to the precession of the equinox, the evil star is at the 21st Degree of Aries, the Gatekeeper replied seriously then he continued. Baten Kaitos is something I got familiar with a couple of years ago because of real estate friend, Meenaa Sadaf. I worked on her chart frequently and was in astrology for her. My wife doesnt like it when I do it because shes a Christian. But Im very good at all blockbuster shit and am able to recognize it. The 21st Degree of Aries has this evil star which is called the star of shipwrecked. Back when the stars were named and their histories were given, 16th and 17th century astrologers, didnt say the star of auto wrecks. They called it the star of the shipwrecked. But when you have a ship wreck, you either drowned, your life ended, or you got on a new start. So the bottom line is what you are telling me is you foresaw some bombings or shootings coming up? Landon asked with a slight tone of irritability in his voice. Okay. I could see... Agent Landon was getting impatient with the Gatekeeper. Im not interested in all the other stuff. Im really not.


I looked at my chart. My chart astrologically says, Saturn opposes. And the answer to that is in our position you cant do a fucking thing about it. There was all this energy at 21 Degrees of Aries. I have Aries where a Full Moon is, I have all this Martian stuff, the Gatekeeper said. Was there a Full Moon on the night of the bombings? Detective Ares asked. The Gatekeeper was tired of these neophytes and their stupid-ass questions. He leaned back in his chair and had a look of disinterest on his face. He closed his eyes and thought of Shakespeares Troilus and Cressida. Are they expecting me to give them honey? Their unworthiness fairly shows in their masks. They obviously do not observe the heavens, the seasons, or the course, form and proportion of the planets and the glorious Sol. My powerful eye corrects all aspects of planetary evil like the commandment of a king. Oh Sol, what plagues and portents in evil mixture we have to create disorder! What mutiny! What raging of the sea, shaking of the earth, and commotion there is in the winds! Fright, changes, and horrors. Divert them! They must not rend and deracinate the unity of my calm state!23 Finally, he opened his eyes and said, I dont have the faintest whether it was a new moon or full moon. A couple of days before the bombings, I think it was a new moon. Agent Landon wanted more information. He wasnt satisfied. He knew he had to try and extract more from the Gatekeeper. When did you come back from your Southern California trip? he asked.


The Gatekeeper was disgusted at their ignorance. Please God. I didnt come back from Southern California. I cam back from Phoenix. I went to visit my sister Elzora. And that was on a Sunday, I believe. Landon asked, Did youdid you go down, drive down? I drove down I went to Phoenix and came back. I would have been there that weekend, the Gatekeeper replied casually. Detective Ares knew from a conversation with one of Jack Blackburns acquaintances that he had told his friend that he was going only to southern California but he never mentioned visiting his sister in Phoenix. He and Agent Landon looked intently at each other. But what I mean is when you left here, you went to Southern California. Did you come back and then go to down to Phoenix? the agent asked. I wouldnt come back, the Gatekeeper stated arrogantly. Oh, okay. I didnt know what your plan of travel was, the agent said. Okay, the Gatekeeper snapped coldly. Okay..., the agent snapped back. My plan of travel was to get down there and to go and do whatever and then come back. Now, Im an astrologer. An opposition dictates. How do you do it? Its called compensation. Starting to really loose his composure, the agent replied, No. No. Im not interested in that. Im not interested in the stars or planets!


Jack Blackburn leaned way in over the table and slammed his fist on the table. You are interested because you say you want to hear my motivation. I didnt want to be in town at that time for one simple reason! Whenever you have an astrological phenomenon, there are ways to ameliorate its effect on you, he said forcefully. If you got a square, you change things. You change a lower square different from the way you change an upper square. And an opposition is the worst possible time because its the other side of the chart and you cant do a goddamn thing about it! You sit there and you become a big fucking target for everything that might come your way! the Gatekeeper yelled. The detective and the agent tried to be patient, but this was definitely not the normal kind of suspect. The Gatekeeper continued. I talked to my sister Elzora. I talked to my wife. I talked to everybody. I said Im not sticking around because... astrologically it shows this the 21st Degree of Aries opposes with Saturn, Mercury, and Mars. Mercury is under besiegement and it says there are going to be things that are said. Things are going to be done. Its in the 21st Degree where all this bomb shit is and I just fucking ratted out all of the narcotics people. Ares and Landon perked up when they heard the Gatekeeper mention of the word bomb. And they may not like it, my leaving this house, my living in this area in one piece because you know how many families over three hundred families saw my house. Think about it. Did they get in there? There were times, I had to leave the house with the wife, take her out somewhere and come back. Were they in there? Do you know how


relieved I was when an inspector on the Thursday before went into my house and when he came back out and he said, Everythings fine. Okay I was happy. If he hadnt come out, I would have called... Detective Ares jumped into the conversation. Im sorry but when was the inspector there? The Thursday before the bombing. It was Thursday morning at approximately 11:00 oclock. I watched the helicopter coming. There were several of these guys. Each had something that they wanted to look over. The major guy, I had his card, but whatever. But that wasnt ... the inspector who went under my house. I then turned around and theres our termite inspector standing there. He also went under the house, so I felt quite confident that maybe some shit had been planted under there, but not likely. Youd have to have a lot of balls to plant something under my house, the Gatekeeper said. The detective knew that the two powerful bombs had been placed under the victims house. What did you say, maybe I missed it because I was out of the room when you said you had all that foresight on the astrology before? Yes, the Gatekeeper answered shortly. The detective wanted to keep Blackburn on a roll. He quickly asked, The second it went off? Yes. Detective Ares could sense he should try the good-guy routine. And youre already concerned about yourself? he asked with believable concern.


My safety? the Gatekeeper asked. Or something I was concerned about my wifes safety and about people fucking with me before I was able to leave, he said defiantly. Agent Landon needed clarification. But, your wife stayed here; right? he asked. Yeah, thats why I was kind of concerned because you expressed how much you love your wife, the detective said. Oh, yes, the Gatekeeper said. The detective knew he needed to be diplomatic. He grasped for the right thing to ask. But then you kind of I dont want to say left without taking your wife, he said carefully. Once again, the Gatekeeper slammed his fist onto the table. No, no, no... that doesnt seem logical! Let me explain it to you as astrology shows! When you got something on the other side of the chart, the way you diffuse it form impacting you is you go there. Its the conjunction. Its here the planets meet there, right in your fucking face. An opposition is on the other side of the chart, you cant get to it. So you ask yourself the question, Where should I go? And for me that was Southern California. It just fit in. It showed my loosing money. Thats fine. Im willing to put a thousand here and a thousand there. If you dont fulfill the aspect, the energy doesnt dissipate. Thats giving a $1000 to the politician. I had to lose. I gave my sister Elzora a check for $2000. I dont look at it as a loss. Its called a down payment. Im dissipating the energy. Both of you are obviously not astrologers. I am. I went down there. What did I do? I tried to poke


around down in Tustin because theres a helicopter base. I asked myself where would you go if you wanted to go and confront that? SALLY was the system.24 MORRIS is Marshal military or whatever. Theres nothing here. Theres nothing sitting over in Moffett Field but the helicopters were still sitting down in Tustin. And you can imagine that eventually when things go wrong on the chart, youll end up there anyway. So I went down there anyway. Detective Ares could tell that the Gatekeeper was getting somewhat rattled because his story was beginning to unravel some. I thought you were poking around down there Saturday night, the 28th? he asked. Yes. But, the point is you go and you dissipate the energy. You have to discharge the energy. And you discharge the energy by doing all the little various things, the Gatekeeper replied quickly. How come because it makes more sense to me youd think youd go on the 29th maybe when all the shit was suppose to be happening, No, the Gatekeeper snapped. Detective Ares leaned back in his chair. He combed through his hair with his left hand. So, I can almost see but if it was me, I would lay low on the 29th or something. You know what I mean? he asked.


The Gatekeeper rolled his eyes and shook his head. Absolutely not if you lay low then it comes to you and gets to you. In order to lay, you lay high, he said. This is T time, he paused and put his left hand on top of his right one. Then he said, This is 0 degrees. And out here, say plus 4 degrees in terms of time not just minutes but time. And this is minus four. The energy builds here. Here, its dissipating. Its already done. This particular date is the 21st Degree of Aries. And we have the weight now. There is a new moon, a new moon like Friday, Saturday Friday, Saturday and then you have Mercury going forward and getting into the 21st Degree which would probably be Sunday or Monday... something like that. Okay? It is in here that the danger is greatest. The energy must be dissipated because over here it is already dissipating on the way down. And there might be another and then a planet comes by and goes bing and then goes like a bloop. Like this and then you catch it here. Its here, and thats what the significance of that particular weekend. So the way you do is you say, Okay. Im going to take certain losses. A thousand to the politician. Two thousand for the sister. Go down there, look you are going to spend some money. Big deal. If you spend a small amount of money, you satisfy and discharge the energy. I really... I took my body armor with me when I went down there. You might as well realize that I was packing one. I took that with me down there specifically to wear that particular evening. Got it? Make sense? The FBI agent had never confronted a suspect like this. He was chomping at the bit to get the straight scoop without all of the astrology crap. When did you first learn about the bombings? he asked.


Monday, in the parking lot after talking to a buddy he helped me remember all of this. I went out because I wanted to go to the bank, he disrupted my travel there, and I was afraid I wouldnt be there by 3:00 oclock. But thats it. Thats the first time. I didnt believe it. So look, are you guys finished? I need to get the hell out of here. My wife is at home packing and she needs me to be there to supervise the movers. So unless theres anything else, I am out of here, Blackburn said. The detective knew they had to let Jack Blackburn go because they didnt have enough evidence to do more. At least, not yet. However, they needed to keep the lines of communication open with him. No, that will do it for now, but I may need to call you again after you move to San Diego. Write your address and phone number down here, the detective said while sliding a pad and pen across the table in Blackburns direction.


Jack Blackburn quickly jotted down the information, stood up, then flung the interrogation room door open. He walked a few feet out of the interrogation room like a cocked rooster. Then, he turned around and glared at Detective Ares and Agent Landon. My advice to both of you before you fuck your heads off on this, is to go and get yourself an astrologer and ask the simple question, What do you know about the evil star Baten Kaitos? I love it! I am animated. I am alive! he said loudly. All of Jack Blackburns astrological jargon frustrated both Ares and Landon but they both intuitively knew he was their new prime suspect the Gatekeeper was the bomber. However, they didnt know why he was the bomber. The Gatekeeper returned home after the interview. Later in the day, he and his wife, Penelope drove to Southern California to an upscale suburb of San Diego called Rancho Penaquitos. Their new home was located at 119666 Darkwood Road. **** June 1998 The U.S. Attorneys office convened a federal grand jury and called witnesses in an attempt to move the case forward shortly after the Gatekeeper moved to Southern California. The federal grand jury was complete by mid-summer but failed to get an indictment so the U.S. Attorney turned the case back over to the office of the District Attorney. The U.S. Attorneys office told local law enforcement that they doubted if the case could ever be proved. Even so, the Gatekeepers behavior became increasingly self-destructive. He regularly baited authorities and this caused law enforcement to keep him under


surveillance. For the rest of the summer there were no significant breakthroughs in terms of evidence or arrests. Even though the Gatekeeper continued to live under the constant suspicion of being the citys bomber, he had been able to keep the police at bay. For the next few months, even though the Gatekeeper lived under a dark shadow of suspicion he maintained an aura of intellectual superiority. He began to play dangerous cat and mouse games with the FBI and the police. Nevertheless, he internally worried about the potential of law enforcement somehow finding his secret storage locker hed left behind in San Jose just prior to the bombings because it contained a mountain of incriminating evidence. He recalled all of the thousands of pages of astrological documents that were in the storage locker waiting to be uncovered. Jack Blackburn knew that his own words would convict him if the police found the astrology documents because they would show a detailed plan and recipe to commit mass murder. Yet, he had some security in his mind that even if the police were to find the documents, they would not be able to understand them, nor would they seek the guidance of an astrologer to help decipher them. For the most part, law enforcement officers rarely reach out to the astrological community to help solve crimes because they are either far too narrow minded or they are skeptical of the type of people who are specialists in the occult sciences. However, unlocking the Gatekeepers astrological documents was the key.


Chapter 4 UNDER THE DEVILS SWAY October 1998 The Gatekeeper remained the prime suspect for months despite the fact that the police had no hard evidence against him. There were no eyewitnesses, no piece of physical evidence linking the suspect to the bombings, no confession, and to some degree, he had an alibi the weekend of the bombings. Between May 4, 1998 and the end of summer there was an impasse between him and the police. All law enforcement personnel working on the case felt that their lives were in danger and were aware how deeply bitter and vindictive he had become over the course of his life towards them. He fell under increasing scrutiny. Local investigators, the FBI, as well as the ATF focused on him as the only suspect for the bombings. There was an exhaustive investigative effort on a local level and on October 5, 1998, new circumstantial evidence was developed, and this tended to prove that the Gatekeeper was the bomber. Even though all of the investigators and law enforcement questioned whether the evidence would hold up in court, police officials felt that they did have enough circumstantial evidence to make an arrest.


Finally, an arrest warrant was issued in Falls City. Immediately the team of police drove to the upscale Rancho Penasquitos neighborhood where the suspect lived with his wife on 119666 Darkwood Road. The Gatekeeper was arrested without incident nearly six months after the bombings, which targeted city law enforcement and a Mission Hills neighborhood. He was charged with eleven felony counts, including attempted murder, explosion of destructive devices, and arson. While the police were at the home to arrest him, investigators seized a loaded semiautomatic handgun, a computer, several stacks of documents, a rifle, and a bulletproof vest. During the process of the arrest, Penelope, the Gatekeepers wife ranted and raved at the officers in charge. My husband is innocent of this crime. I have no idea why you suspect my husband. You have overstepped your boundaries and have harassed us for a year and a half now. I have total confidence that he has not done this. Our move to San Diego, after the bombings, was just a coincidence. We moved because I got a job here. He is a citizen investigator! He has never been arrested for anything. For whatever reason, my husband seems to thrive on being the focus of your investigation. I am tired of the FBI searching our home. I am sick of your idiotic police interrogations. We have given blood and hair samples to your investigators and they have never found cause to arrest us. This has been a year of hell! This is like a bad dream! she screeched in a highpitched voice. The Gatekeeper only made one statement during the arrest. If I am transferred to Alameda County, there is a there is a significant possibility I will be murdered there. Then, the police took the Gatekeeper into custody and he was booked into the San Diego


County jail. Later, the police moved him to the Alameda County Jail and he was held there, without bail. At the time of the arrest, the police still had no real substantial motive for the bombings. However, they continued to work in conjunction with the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms as well as with the FBI on the investigation to find a motive. **** All Saints Day, November 1, 1998 Two years had passed since Jack Blackburn made his first late night call to Evie Taylor on Halloween night. On Sunday November 1, 1998, the Falls City police had a very lucky break. They picked up a drunken homeless drifter and while he was in lockup, he identified the suspect from a picture in a local newspaper. The drifter informed the police that before the bombings the suspect had paid him eighty dollars to rent a storage locker using his identity. Police now knew that instead of using a false identity before the bombings to rent a hidden storage locker, the Gatekeeper had used a drunk. Monday morning Detective Jason Ares went to the storage facility and found records of the rental agreement. By midmorning, he had obtained a search warrant for the particular locker. The evidence the investigators found in the storage locker was more damaging then the detective could have ever hoped for because in the locker they recovered bomb making materials and chemicals, books for making bombs, and dozens of boxes filled with typed and hand written notes. There were hundreds of pages with hand drawn graphics of astrology charts along with enigmatic symbols and strange terminology.


Before the discovery of storage locker, police barely had enough evidence to arrest the Gatekeeper, much less charge him with the bombings. The discovery of the astrological diaries and revelations also led them to new questions. What did all of the astrology have to do with the case? The astrology documents had occult terminology, symbolism, and a feeling of darkness about them so Detective Ares decided to take them seriously. He recalled the interrogation they had with the Gatekeeper on May 4, 1998 and he vividly remembered how self-satisfied the Gatekeeper was when he said, My advice to both of you before you fuck your heads off on this, is to go and get yourself an Astrologer and ask the simple question, What do you know about the evil star Baten Kaitos? Even though Detective Ares could not make head or tails out of the astrological symbols, he could see that there were dates on some of the documents that matched the times of the bombings. For that reason, he took a leap of faith and decided to investigate the astrological angle. Jason Ares didnt get much sleep over the next few days because of his mounting stress and the urgent need to figure out what the Gatekeepers notes meant. He found an organization that listed the names and educational backgrounds of professional astrologers in the United States on the Internet. He quickly located an astrologer named Evelyn Jayne Taylor who lived near Falls City. Detective Ares was impressed because E. J. Taylor was not only a professional astrologer she was also a university professor. **** November 10, 1998


Around 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 10, 1998, Detective Ares convinced Patrick O Shay, the Assistant District Attorney who had agreed to take the case, that it was imperative that they consult with the professional astrologer. Evie Taylor studied all astrological charts for eclipses, especially if one occurred around the same time as earthquakes. There had been a powerful solar annular eclipse on August 21, 1998. The eclipse chart showed a grand square in the fixed signs Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus. The peak influence of the eclipse was through Indonesia and Malaysia but it was near the Philippines, Cambodia, China, and directly over Australia. There were several earthquakes within weeks of the eclipse. One fairly large quake occurred in the Kashgar area of China on August 2 and two moderate quakes occurred in California. One quake occurred twenty miles east of San Bernardino near Mt. San Gorgonio on August 16 and the other one occurred near Wrightwood on the San Andreas fault on August 20. Evie had found that Pluto often indicates danger, disaster, or underworld-kind of activities, and Pluto had passed over both countries during the eclipse period. Mars, the planet of fire, sexuality, and extreme energy was in a square aspect with Saturn. The planet Saturn represents the planet of resistance, structure, depression, and hardship at the peak of the eclipse over this area. When Mars and Saturn work together, the feeling is often one of bashing ones head against a wall. There is an extreme clash of force against resistance. On a personal level, this powerful eclipse was affecting Evies own astrological birth chart in addition to her progressed astrology chart. Despite the fact, she had been


applying mental alchemy techniques regularly and working at keeping positive and upbeat. One of the ways she felt she could avoid certain unpleasant planetary conditions, was to put herself right in the light of the eclipse. At 5:07 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, E. J. Taylor received her first phone call on her secondary phone line that was normally reserved for astrological friends, students, and clients from District Attorney, Patrick O Shay. Evie was sitting at her desk grading a stack of book reports on Christopher Marlows Faust that her students had turned in the day before. Then her phone rang. She answered, Astrological Consulting. In a no nonsense tone, an unfamiliar male voice asked, Can I speak to Evelyn J. Taylor please? This is E. J. Taylor. The mans tone softened some. He said, Hello, my name is Pat O Shay. Im the Assistant District Attorney for Alameda County. With surprise and uncertainty, Evie responded, Yes? Are you an Astrologer? he asked. Immediately, Evie had feelings of trepidation because in many circles, especially law enforcement, astrology is not looked at favorably. Before answering, she took a deep breath and exhaled slowly to ground herself. Well, yes among other things I teach at Sonoma State University. What can I do for you Mr. O Shay? she asked. Patrick O Shay was all business. We're working on an attempted murder case here. I'm wondering if you could tell me, what Mercury retrograde means? he asked.


She was puzzled about why a district attorney would call her. She had to get composed and quickly. She asked, Mercury Retrograde? In a matter of fact way, he answered, Yes. His no nonsense style took Evie off guard. In a matter of fact way she replied, Well, it would typically mean communication problems, lost mail, things go backwards, evidence may get lost, crimes go unsolved...those kinds of things. With somewhat of a tone of relief and astonishment in his voice, he responded, Really? E. J. was solid. She had observed the effects of Mercury when it appeared to be in retrograde in her own and other peoples charts. She reconfirmed her position and said, Yes, thats typical when Mercury is retrograde. There seems to be a lot more confusion during that period. Could you tell me if an eclipse is a significant time for astrologers? he asked. Without skipping a heartbeat, E. J. said, Oh yes, an eclipse is very strong and often negative energy depending on the planetary positions. Its widely known that the effects can last as long as an entire year. In fact around the eclipse in August there were three earthquakes two were here in California and the other was in China. Thats very interesting. Could Detective Ares and I come meet with you tomorrow to discuss this and other questions we have? he asked. Oh, Im sorry, but I teach classes most of the day at the University on Mondays and Wednesdays.


At this point, Evie wondered whether she should tell him too much about herself or about her personal and professional paths, but she was honest, up-front, and as direct as she could possibly be without revealing too much. She thought, I should keep it all business. How about the detective and I come to your home this Thursday morning? Would that be a more convenient time for us to come? he asked. Evie could also sense the determination in his voice, so she agreed to meet. Thursday is good, but I wonder if you could tell what this has to do with Astrology? Can you explain a little more, so I can prepare something? We found some hand written documents that have a lot of... what we think are astrology symbols and terminology. We would like to know what the documents mean. Would the suspects horoscope and a couple of pages of his writing be good? I can fax the pages to you. Do you have a fax? Yes, that would be helpful. And could you tell me what day and time the crime occurred? she asked. On March 29, 1998 between 7:00 and 9:00 o'clock, He said. And what kind of crime was it? An attempted murder by bombing, He said. Evie was beginning to get very nervous at this point. She just couldnt imagine the two words bombing and astrology being in the same sentence. Nevertheless, she was captivated.


Perplexed she asked. So I understand you correctly, do you want me to give you an astrology reading on the suspects chart? Yes, and look over some documents we have and explain them, if you can, he quickly responded. With some reservation, she said, Okay, then I will prepare something for you. But I will need the suspects birth information. With satisfaction, he said, That sounds good. The suspect was born about 4:00 a.m. in Chicago on September 12, 1946. E. J. gave him her fax number. Then she asked, Do you need my address and directions to get to my home? No, well find you. Is 10:00 oclock in the morning okay with you? he said. Sure, that sounds fine, she responded. She was thinking to herself, How will they find my home if I dont give them my address or directions? Then it registered in her mind, Of course they can find me! They are the police! Okay, I appreciate your time. Detective Ares and I will be at your home at 10:00 oclock on Thursday, he said courteously. All right, see you then. She said, trying to sound confident and cheerful. E. J. Taylor hadnt had any consulting experience with police or law enforcement agencies. The closest she had come, was her research on missing children. Over the years, she had collected well over one thousand birth charts of missing children. She thought that researching and writing about missing children would be a perfect way to use her astrological knowledge, experience, and passion. At one point, she worked


extensively with the father of missing college student, Kristin Smart. Later, she wrote an article about Kristins disappearance. The article was published in the American Federation of Astrologers Today's Astrologer magazine. With Pluto in her third house, she was a natural at in-depth research, but it had gotten somewhat depressing knowing that her research on missing children would, most likely, not bring any of the case studies home. Evie felt that she needed to take some time away from her analysis of missing childrens charts to do another type of project that would incorporate similar research and analytical work. She knew that this was rare for the police to seek outside help and make contact with someone in the field of Astrology.


Patrick O Shay hadnt told her anything more than there was a bombing and the charge was attempted murder. Evie wondered, What did the man bomb an office building, his workplace, a government building? Who did he try to kill? Did he try to kill his employer? Was it a terrorist act? Did he belong to a group? Did he act alone? There were so many unanswered questions. She wondered if she would hear the complete story during the meeting. After all, cops are good at keeping their cards close to their vests. It was inconceivable for her to think that an astrologer would use astrology to commit a crime. She sat completely still watching the fax machine spit out the hand written documents that Mr. O Shay had mentioned during the phone conversation. Written across the top of the second document coming out of the fax machine had the words, Justice Be Done! There were also numerous astrological symbols, glyphs, calculations, and hand written comments on the page. The style of dark bold handwriting combined with the words and symbolism caused Evie to believe the person who wrote the document was deeply angry. This stunned Evie. The third page had the date April 27, 1998 written on the top of the page. It was obvious to E. J. that the title of this document was Retro-Mercury Birthday. On the top right hand corner of the page, inside a small hand drawn box, the words Starting Point were written. The last few pages that came through the fax were typed pages. They appeared to be some type of report that compared the suspects own personality traits to the infamous O. J. Simpson. This document was titled, O. J. Simpson Twelfth House Insights.


The fax machine stopped. E. J. assembled and stapled the pages together. Then she sat down at her computer and plugged the suspects birth information into her astrology program. She studied his chart for a few minutes. Next, she set up the chart for the position of the planets on the night of the bombing. She looked over the extra faxed pages and began jotting down some preliminary notes. There were astrology symbols on the pages along with some dates and remarks written in English. It was apparent to E. J. that the author knows at least some astrology. However, at this point, she did not know how much. She printed out the suspects birth chart so she could do some prep work for the Thursday morning meeting in between her other responsibilities. She wished she had more time, but free time was not a luxury. However, E. J. Taylor was good at handling emergencies. She had always been capable at raising her energy level to peak performance and going into over-drive mode when it was necessary. Thursday would arrive quickly because not only did she have to look over the Gatekeeper diaries before the meeting she also had to get a lecture prepared and finish grading the papers for the Wednesday morning Faust class. **** Wednesday November 11, 1998 It was nearly 8:45 a.m. when E. J. Taylor parked her car in the university parking lot. She didnt have time to stop off at her office before heading to the morning Faust class. She over slept and she was running on a caffeine overdrive because the night


before she was up late analyzing the Gatekeeper documents and grading papers for the class. Most of the students were already in their seats by the time she arrived to class. Morning everyone. Weve got a lot of ground to cover today, she said in an unusual all business-like tone while putting her lecture notes on the podium. Many of the students were familiar to her because they took part one of the Faust Legends class that she taught two years earlier. Evie took a deep breath and looked up. She was distracted and somehow needed to pull herself together so she could focus. Were going to start by discussing the religious language that Christopher Marlowe used to depict Gods nature because one can infer a lot about what people believe about Gods nature by understanding their use of theological language and symbols.25 Meghan, I would like you to start by telling us how God is revealed in Christopher Marlowes play, Evie said. Meghan opened Christopher Marlowes Faustus and looked up. In both Marlowe and Goethes plays, God is omnipresent, but God is implicit rather than explicit. In Marlowes Faustus God is an indirect actor and doesnt reveal himself at all. However, God does make a uniquely significant appearance in the Prologue to Heaven in Goethes Faust, Meghan said. Thats right. And as far as Christian doctrine goes how is God expressed? Evie asked.


The two dramatists dont always clearly cohere with Christian orthodoxy. However, they do refer to a number of Christian doctrines. Doctor Faust never denies Christian doctrine itself. In Marlowes Faustus, sin, judgment, and damnation are prominent whereas Goethe highlights creation, love, and salvation in his Faust, Meghan said.


Evie nodded her head. Thats exactly right It does make one wonder why one Faust is sentenced to eternal damnation and the other one is saved. To understand why theres a difference in how one Faust is treated verses the other we need to first understand that the nature of God evolves from Marlowes Faustus and Goethes Faust because Gods nature is evolutionary in Christian theology. God starts out as a patriarchal orthodox Christian God in Faustus and transforms into a compassionate and loving God who operates through the Eternal-Feminine by the end of Goethes Faust.26 Before moving forward, it is important to know that both plays are strongly biased against dogmatic theology. Marlowes play tends towards Protestantism and even though it ends in a Catholic allegory there is as anti-clerical tone.27 Marlowe defiantly discarded orthodox beliefs whereas Goethe teachings maintained a reverence of orthodoxy even though Goethe is not regarded as a foe of Christianity.28 Another crucial point is that in the beginning of Faustus there are a number of Christian signs and symbols that help to establish Medieval and Renaissance Christianity. Faustus was living in a medieval society but he was truly a renaissance man. We can also be sure of the period Faustus was living because in the beginning of the play we learn that he excelled in heavenly matters of theology29 and he also lived as well as died during a time when Aristotles works were emphasized. In the thirteenth century, scholastic theologians emphasized Aristotelian logic and reason combined with faith in scriptural tradition whereby they attempted to prove the existence of God and explain Gods nature. Aristotelian logic was adopted by Gothic theologians, Evie paused then continued, Matthew what does this mean? she asked.


Matthew looked up thoughtfully. God is ultimately the cause of all because God is at the top of the Christian hierarchy,30 he said. Good Matthew Now, due to the complexity of the subject, over the next few weeks we will take a systematic approach. First, we will focus on sin, evil, judgment, and damnation, which were prominent ideas in medieval Catholicism and in Marlowes Faustus. Then we will begin to explore creation, love, and salvation in Goethes Faust. Our goal this semester is to find Gods evolving nature and how each dramatist, both directly and indirectly, expresses a different Christian ideology, Evie paused and surveyed her students faces. First of all, when does Marlowe start his play and why is it significant? she asked. Evie noticed that Meghan raised her hand again. Meghan, she said. Meghan adjusted herself in her seat. Marlowes Faustus starts on Easter morning and this is significant because traditionally Christians are reminded that on Easter Jesus Christ was tempted by the Devil. Jesus descended into the Devils domain following his crucifixion on Good Friday. Christians believe that the resurrection of Jesus is the only way humans can be saved from their own sinful natures. This relates to the doctrine of original sin was developed by St. Augustine in the forth century. In a nutshell, all humans are stained at birth. Augustine believed that we are born with original sin because it is part of human nature. This is an important idea because according to medieval standards Faustus is a sinner because God created him that way, Meghan said.


Very good now, Saint Augustines idea regarding original sin is not just simply about being disobedient to God Its more than mere disobedience. Saint Augustine believed that theres a fundamental flaw in human nature and this flaw clouds our moral vision and perverts the will another words we humans are directed towards what is evil.31 God creates humans with original sin. God extends his grace to those whom he destines to be saved and this is connected to the theory of predestination. Now, if the concept of original sin is combined with predestination then we must we also come to the conclusion that its God whos responsible for creating Faustuss predilection to sin and are only a select few destined to be saved by God? Evie paused then continued, Marlowes Faustus says, If we say we have no sin, / We deceive ourselves, and theres no truth in us. Why then belike we must sin, / And so consequently die. Ay, we must die an everlasting death.32 Sarah, what do you think about the concept of sin? she asked. Well, for me sin is a difficult concept to understand because if God has foreknowledge and predestines humans to be stained with sin at birth and yet he also punishes us for sinning, then one may wonder how God could possibly be rational because this sounds irrational, judgmental, and harsh, Sarah said. Okay, what is one sin that was particularly damning in Fausts time? Evie asked. Practicing witchcraft, Joan said. Then she continued, Practicing witchcraft or dabbling in the occult is an important part of the history of social-religious protest against the Church.33


Thats right witchcraft was alive and well during Faustus time and the medieval Church thought witchcraft was an appalling and a ghastly sin. This may be why Faustus becomes the poster-boy of controversy and also why he is condemned to hell at the end of the play. When we read the opening scene of Marlowes Doctor Faustus, it becomes obvious that Faust is disenchanted with logic, medicine, and law because he perceives that knowledge is limited and restrictive. Faustus says, Now, Faustus, must thou needs be damned, / And canst thou not be saved. What boots it then to think of God or heaven? Away with such vain fancies and despair! Despair in God and trust in Beelzebub.34 Jason, what do you think Faust meant? Evie asked. Jason looked up. First of all Faust says to despair in God and trust Beelzebub trust the Devil. Faustus knows that reaching for knowledge beyond what the church tolerated was going to bring the wrath of God upon him but he decided to jump in with both feet and go all the way he chose to go away from God and the Church and make a deal with the Devil. Faustus probably already knew he was a dead man walking but he made a deal with the Devil anyway, Jason said.


Yes, Jason by Faustuss time the punitive branch of the Catholic Church that dealt with all forms of heresy the Office of Church Inquisition had been fully operational for quite some time.35 Well before the thirteenth century, the Church had become defensive and had started punishing heretics. The fear of witchcraft swept across Europe and anyone suspected of practicing witchcraft was put to death. The Church itself started a mass of killings of suspected heretics. Quite frankly, there was a hell of a lot of burning going!36 The Church had the opinion that if a person like Faustus dabbles in the occult it was because they were corrupted by their own original sin but also because the will could not resist sin, they could be tempted by evil. The medieval mindset was that the demonic or the Devil was hidden in everyday activity. Demons were everywhere they were ready to follow a person home where they would summon you to sin.37 However, Gods gaze was on humanity and God would come to judge the transgressions of the world. The idea of a judgmental God combined with notions of a Devil remained in Christianity throughout the sixteenth century even though the religious rebellion ushered in by Luther and Calvin brought some new Protestant doctrines. Unfortunately, many of the main ideas regarding sin, evil, and judgment for committing sins did not get revolutionized. Martin Luther believed that God was not outside the world, although he had allowed it to fall Under the Devils Sway or der Teufels reich the Devils Kingdom.38 Marlowes Faust is often associated with Protestant doctrines on free will and predestination because Faustus has free will and therefore has free choice to abandon good. When he makes the pact with Mephistopheles, it is his own independent movement away from God and towards evil. Why do you think predestination and free


will are central themes in Act 2.3 of Marlowes Faust? Evie asked. Joan raised her hand and Evie nodded at her to go ahead. Isnt that where Faustus asks Christ to save his soul? she asked. Yes, Joan, its here where the Good Angel cries out, Faustus, repent yet, God will pity thee.39 Faustus replies, Be I a devil, yet God may pity me, Ay, God will pity me if I repent. The Evil Angel tries to dissuade Faustus from repenting and says to the others that he will never repent for his sins. Faustus explains that he cant repent because his heart has become hardened, Evie said. It seems like the reference to Faustus heart being hardened is like the Pharaohs heart being hardened in the Old Testament but I dont think a hardened heart is an excuse or should give a person a reprieve from being punished for their sinful nature I mean dont think God should forgive someone if they keep on acting in an evil way, Joan said. Well in medieval Christianity, people like Faustus are lost souls they are so guilty of their own shame and they feel they have no choice but to hold onto the shame this is what causes them to reject the forgiveness that is offered by God. In the Calvinist doctrine, its God who hardens the hearts of those whom he rejects, Evie explained. I believe we must accept Gods will.40 Even though God created humans with free will, some people are predestined to be evil and there is no mercy for an evil nature,41 Joan replied. Matthew jumped in. But, if Faust had no real choice or decision to make, it was because of fate that he was unable to repent and this fate was forced him now he has to


face the wrath of Gods vengeance. It seems like Faustus is caught between a rock and a hard place hes destroyed by the arbitrary power of a Calvinist God,42 he said. Joan looked at Matthew then back at Professor Taylor. WellGod only offers grace to those he chooses. When God doesnt offer grace its because of a persons own ungodliness and any punishment received from God is deserved punishment. Faust knows hes a sinner and ungodly. He knows in advance that Gods going to judge and condemn him to Hell but he comes to the conclusion that repenting is not an option anyway, she said. Sarah raised her hand and Evie nodded at her. I cant help but think that Gods nature is a harsh, judgmental, and condemning one because not only did he create Faustus to be sinful, he also predetermined that in the end he will condemn Faustus to spend an eternity in hell. If we take this idea a step further, one might come to the conclusion that it is God who is responsible for creating evil and all of the sin in the world, she said. Joan jumped in and began to speak. So I take it that you think God should be held accountable for every sinful act a person commits including whether or not a person practices witchcraft, dabbles into the occult, or makes a pact with the Devil, she said.


Evie enjoyed the lively discussion. However, when she looked at the clock she realized it was almost time to wrap up the lecture. She moved away from behind the podium. Well later on Faustus wonders if it is too late for him to repent.43 We read the part where the Good Angel and the Evil Angel banter back and forth over the possibility of Faustus repenting. The Good Angel says it is never too late for him to repent, but the Evil Angel threatens to tear him into pieces. At this moment Faustus cries out, Ah, Christ, my Savior, Seek to save distressed Faustus soul!44 Suddenly Lucifer himself appears and says, Christ cannot save thy soul, for he is just.45 Finally, Faustus promises Lucifer that he will never think of heaven, never name God, or pray to him and he will burn all of the scriptures, kill Gods ministers, and have his own spirit bring down the church.46 Faustus agreement gratifies Lucifer. Okay, guys I appreciate all of your enlightened input. Keep reading! Next Monday well discuss Act 5.1 and the path of righteousness. In this Act, well meet the Old Man who appears as a spiritual guide to Faustus. Hell try to encourage Faustus to repent. The Old Man wants to take Faustus down the sweet path to celestial rest!47 Have a great weekend, Evie said. Then she packed up her lecture notes and left the classroom. E. J. Taylor had two more classes to teach plus office hours before she was finished for the day. All she really wanted to do was be at home looking at the Gatekeepers astrological chart and reading his diaries but she wanted to jot down some notes for Mondays Faust lecture before she went home. If she did, she would be able to focus entirely on the Gatekeeper after she got home.


After Evie finished teaching Magic, Alchemy, and Astrology in the Medieval and Renaissance and Dantes Divine Comedy, she walked quickly to her office so she could prepare some notes for Mondays Faust Legends class. Evie sat down at her desk and turned the computer on. She leaned back in the chair and stared at the blank screen. She thought about the Old Mans role in Faust. The Old Man appears as Faustuss spiritual guide. He wants to guide Faustus along the sweet path to celestial rest this is the path of righteousness. The sweet path to celestial rest is what Faustus must follow to attain eternal life in heaven!48 Evie closed her eyes. Her heart was heavy with concern. She thought, Where is my spiritual guide? Will one appear? If so, will they show me the way and enlighten my mind? I need strength and enlightenment to unlock the Gatekeepers Code. Evie simply couldnt focus on preparing the lecture notes. It had been a long day and she was mentally exhausted. All she wanted was to find her own sweet path to celestial rest but she knew she had a long night of work ahead of her on unlocking the keys to the Gatekeeper diaries. She opened her eyes, turned off the computer, packed her brief case, and left the office. While she was walking across campus to her car, it dawned on her that like Faust, the Gatekeeper must have made some sort of his own twisted deal with the Devil. Other then a Meow purr from Milo her cat, Evie arrived home to a dark solitary house.


Chapter 5 MEET A STARGAZER Thursday November 12, 1998 The night before the District Attorney and the detective arrived at Evies house, she worked late preparing for the meeting. Evie woke up at 3:30 a.m. without the sound of an alarm. She put her fuzzy black slippers and Sonoma State sweatshirt on over her


nightgown and shuffled to the kitchen. She brewed a pot of her favorite dark French Roast coffee and she put Hildegard Von Bingens 11,000 Virgins: Chants for the Feast of Saint Ursula on the stereo. The heavenly voices were beautiful, pure, clear, and spiritually moving. She finished plotting the graphics and charts for the meeting then she prepared a hot lavender oil bubble bath for her morning meditation. After the bath and prayer work, she put on make-up and dressed semiprofessionally. That morning she wore dark blue denim jeans, a long sleeved red Oxford shirt, and black stiletto boots. She left the top three buttons unbuttoned on the blouse so it revealed some of her cleavage. She always wore silver jewelry because it fit with the lunar aspects in her birth chart. Vibration was the key with astrology. Stones and metals all have a vibratory aspect for an alchemist. Evie used jewelry of the right type along with certain colors to resonate a proper vibration. The only hint of a new-age-style was her crystal amethyst necklace that nuzzled the crease between her shapely double D sized breasts. She waited for Patrick O Shay and Jason Ares in her formal living room. The women from her group called this room the Venus Room because the dcor was a matching sumptuous tan sofa and chair with an ottoman, a number of Greek Goddess prints, and dozens of angel statues. The angel statues were gifts that she had received over the years from family and friends. Evie tried to relax and prepare herself spiritually as well as mentally for the extraordinary encounter. At precisely 10:00 a.m., the doorbell rang. At this time, the position of the sun was at 19 degrees of Scorpio. The Scorpio sun was in a planetary aspect called a square


to the Mercury in the previous powerful eclipse. Evie was born when the sun was at 18 degrees of Aquarius. The current position of the sun in Scorpio was at a ninety-degree angle to her birth sun. Despite the planetary aspects, she was ready. She opened the door and extended her hand to the two strikingly handsome men. She was pleased at what she saw. Good morning Gentlemen, she said properly. Patrick O Shay was a six foot four tall lanky red headed Irishman. His hair was thick and slightly wavy but he wore it in a neatly cut style. His complexion was smooth and freckled. He had sparkling cool blue eyes, a chiseled jaw line, magnificent full lips, straight white teeth, and dimples when he smiled. He had a youthful appearance and an energetic aura for a man approaching age fifty. Evie liked Patricks physical appearance but she was far more prone to being sexually attracted to men who looked like the dark skinned athletic built detective. The detectives dark eyes had depth. Evie was drawn in by them. The two men were relieved that the astrologer they saw in front of them was not wearing a conical hat and a robe with silver stars. In fact, they were definitely pleased at Evies appearance. After all, she was very attractive, graceful, and voluptuous. She stood nearly five foot seven. She was a dark haired beauty with soft olive color skin and she had uniquely colored greenish blue hazel eyes that changed depending on her mood and her stress level. Patrick O Shay smiled at her and extended his smooth hand. Hello, are you Ms. Taylor? he asked.


Evie looked directly at Patrick O Shays eyes and then she said, Yes, but please call me E. J. Im Patrick O Shay, you can call me Pat. This is Detective Ares. Evie turned and looked at Jason Ares. Immediately, she felt an inward sizzle and chemistry. The detective extended his strong rugged hand to her. His hand was warm. Almost hot. Evies delicate hand felt comforted by his warmth. While still holding her hand, the detective said, You can call me Jason. Evie didnt want to let go of the detectives hand but she gently pulled away and composed herself. She said, Gentlemen, I hate to do it to you, but I think it would be a good idea if you showed me some identification or something before I let you in.


Patrick said Oh, sure. No problem. Jason nodded in compliance. They each fumbled a bit in their own boyish way while they got their wallets out of their back pockets. Jason showed Evie his police badge and an identification card. Patrick O Shay got the one and only business card he had out of his wallet, and then he showed her his drivers license. He was internally embarrassed because he didnt have an extra business card to give her. Evie quickly glanced at their credentials. With some apology in her voice, she said, Thanks gentlemen. One can never be too cautious these days. Pat responded, Dont worry about it. Youre right. Evie was naturally a good hostess and adept at making people feel comfortable in her home. She turned and stepped aside the front door. She gracefully made a wave-like gesture with her hand and then she said, Come in. Can I get you a cup of coffee or hot tea? E. J. directed the men to the large formal dining table in her living room. No thanks, were fine. Maybe later, Jason responded as he glanced around the front room and took a complete inventory of its contents. The detective removed his jacket and placed it over the back of a dinning room chair. Evie could see that he was wearing a handgun. The gun was strapped to his torso with a leather holster. This was unsettling to have a gun in her home. Nevertheless, she tried desperately to ignore her feelings and behave in a nonchalant, yet professional way. Please have a seat, she said. The two men both took their seats. Jason took one end of the table and Patrick O Shay took the opposite end. Evies only choice was to sit


between the two men. The attorney was on her right side and the detective was on the left. When she sat down, she sat in a kind of sideways position facing Patrick O Shay. She crossed her right leg over her left one. Her right leg rocked back and forth. She had a habit of always being in motion. It was a nervous habit. Motion helped Evie release energy. She asked, Well, okay then. So, how can I help you? Pat jumped right in and he asked, First, are you a Professional Astrologer? Yes I am. I am also a professor at Sonoma State. Patrick O Shay was surprised to hear that E. J. was a professor even though she had mentioned it on the phone during their first conversation. He said, Oh, really! Youre a professor. What do you teach? I teach a few classes for the Religious Studies and Humanities Department. Mostly, I stick to the Medieval and Renaissance eras. Pat was baffled that an astrologer would also be a professor. But, youre also an astrologer? he asked. Evie wasnt surprised by his befuddlement. Over the years, she had become accustomed to people being surprised at the rich history of astrology with academia. She laughed slightly and then said, Well, I like to say I keep pretty good company. After all, a lot of brilliant people were either astrologers or consulted astrologers during the Medieval and Renaissance periods. Both men had serious looks on their face but they did manage to grin at Evies comment.


Then, Patrick asked, Do you get a diploma or go to school or something for the astrology? I thought that may be something youd need to know, so I have made copies of my Astrology Certificate of Proficiency and Faculty Membership both from the American Federation of Astrologers for you. On the table, Evie had a manila folder with her certificates and some articles she had written. She opened it and handed the first certificate to the prosecutor. I also included a Certificate of Merit that I received from the International Institute of Astrological Research and Indian Culture from Calcutta, India. While examining the certificate, Patrick O Shay said, Oh, thats super! Could you tell us a little more about your professional experience as a professor as well as in the field of astrology? Do you mean articles that Ive written or lectures Ive given on astrology or as a professor? she asked. Well, I dont need you to give me a resume or anything at least not at this point. But just tell me some of what youve done, Pat replied. Lets see... To start with, I have a Bachelors degree from Nebraska Wesleyan and a Ph.D. from Yale. I wrote my dissertation about the astrology in Dantes Divine Comedy. As I said before, Im teaching a few classes in the Humanities and Religious Studies Department at Sonoma State. What do you teach? the detective asked.


I teach The Legend of Doctor Faust, Dantes Divine Comedy, and Magic, Alchemy, and Astrology in the Medieval and Renaissance Magic, Alchemy, and Witchcraft on Monday and Wednesdays. The two men were surprised when they heard the titles of the classes. Neither one realized that these types of courses were taught at the university level. E. J. continued to explain her experience both in and out of the classroom. She said, A number of my articles have been published in academic journals. As far as astrology goes, I have been a part of the faculty for the AFA and have written articles and lectured at several of their conventions. I also teach private astrology lessons to students and facilitate a womens group here every Tuesday evening. Jason jumped in and asked, Whats the AFA? The AFA is the American Federation of Astrologers. The goal of the organization is to educate people about astrology and to research in the field. As a faculty member, I have an obligation abide by the American Federation Code of Ethics. Whats their Code of Ethics? he quickly fired back. Evie paused for a brief moment. She first looked upwards and then her emerald eyes locked into Jasons penetrating brown ones. Then she proceeded to answer Jasons question. I agree to assist in any way that I can the elimination of the charlatan who may be masquerading under any form of title that can be construed to mean a connection with astrology designed to mislead the public.


The detective and the attorney looked at each other from across the table amazed. Then Patrick O Shay turned and fixed his eyes on at Evie. He asked, Could you tell us about your personal philosophy... I mean is astrology, to you, a type of religion? Evie was silent and thoughtful for a brief moment so she could collect her thoughts. Then, she said, Thats a difficult question to answer. My personal code is that I believe in a Divine Creator. I try to live a spiritual life here and now, upon this earth, and to do that I believe that I must devote some time and energy to the assistance of others without the thought of compensation. I think it is important to try and make an effort to alleviate misery and suffering without receiving compensation or worldly wealth. Taken aback, Patrick O Shay said, Thats quite a code to live by. Evie wanted to lighten the heavy mood. Yes, its a constant struggle being a college professor! Unfortunately, I do not always live a life of moral or emotional purity. I pray daily that the teaching profession will someday pay us teachers like we are professionals, she responded. Both men chuckled. They could relate to long hours and little compensation. The detective fidgeted slightly in his chair. He was eager to get to the case at hand. Well, the reason we need you to help us, is we have these documents that seem to be astrological and we arent sure what to make of them, he said. Lets have a look, She said.


Evie quickly scanned over the huge stack documents. Then Jason began to tell her their theory about the crime and there perpetrator. Evie turned her attention to Jason and listened in disbelief. Six bombs were planted at five locations in the city's affluent Mission San Jose neighborhood. Five out of the six went off or were detonated at the end of March 1998. We arrested the suspect, who was a former Falls City resident, at his San Diego home Oct. 5, 1998 after six months of police investigation, Jason said. We felt we had enough circumstantial evidence to charge him with planting bombs, which were at the homes of the Chief of Police and a City Councilman, the citys former police chief. This guy also has had a longtime grudge against a local family and claims that they were involved in real estate fraud and drug trafficking. We believe he also bombed the home that this family had previously signed a contract to buy, but then they backed out of the deal later, after the bombs were already under the house, Pat explained. At that point, Jason jumped in, We believe the bombs were placed under the house most likely during the construction phase.


I believe he intended to kill this wealthy family at a Corte del Sol custom home, where two of the bombs exploded. Another bomb was detonated on Vista del Sol the next day. This bomb was on a motion sensor device. I think the next bomb was a booby trap meant to kill police officers who responded to an anonymous bomb threat call that came into the station at about 8:15 p.m. However, because the first bomb had just exploded at about 8:05 P.M., the police thought the call was a prank or someone calling with the wrong address. The first bomb was just up the street from the address the caller used in his call to the police station, Pat added. After the family, who the suspect had a grudge against, backed out of the real estate deal, another family purchased the new home and subsequently moved in around the first of November. The bomb under the familys home was the most powerful of all of the bombs and it blasted through their million-dollar home, Pat said. Evie was worried and frightened by the story. So was anyone killed or injured? she asked.


Jason leaned forward and looked directly at Evie. He said, No, but a young girl who lived in the home where the first bomb exploded, was upstairs sleeping. She got some minor cuts and bruises. The mother and her young son left the house to go pick up a pizza they had ordered. When they got to the pizza parlor, the mom realized the wrong pizza was made and her son wanted a different pizza, so they waited for the pizza guys to make a second pizza. The house exploded while they were on their way home from the pizza shop. Now, if theyd taken the first pizza instead of waiting for a second one, they wouldve been in the home at the time of the bombing and most likely they wouldve died. The explosion ripped a twenty-foot hole in both the family room and the formal dinning living room area. Evie was dumbfounded. Shocked. Talk about saving grace, she commented while shaking her head side to side. She took a deep breath and exhaled. So tell me about the suspect. Whats his background and personality like? she asked. The suspect is talkative and seems intelligent. He was a former crime-lab microanalyst technician and has expertise in forensics. We found documents where he planned to destroy his supervisor in the Chicago Police Department more than 20 years ago. He didnt want competition for defense jobs in the Chicago area. In the documents we found, he also he planned to destroy every person in Chicagos police lab, where he worked in the 1970s. The suspect wrote that he planned to quit the Chicago department just before his supervisor had a major case and then, destroy him in court, Pat added. Hes also a conspiracy theorist and has some wild speculations about the local police department and has repeatedly claimed that certain city officials and the local


police are corrupt. The suspect rented a storage locker using another mans identity. He met him in Castro Valley in spring 1998 while the man was collecting cans and looking for a few dollars. The homeless man told us that the suspect offered him $80 to use his name and drivers license to rent the storage unit. When we searched the storage unit and we confiscated explosive acid, books about making bombs, and hundreds of pages of documents that show the depth of his obsessions with those he believes have wronged him. From some of the documents, its apparent that he had a sexual obsession with the sister-in-law of this wealthy family. The documents and tape recordings show he stalked her, loaned her money, and had many fantasies about the two of them being lovers. We also found loads of newspaper clippings about the Oklahoma City bombing and handwritten notes on how to stage a crime scene by planting hairs. These documents have astrology symbols and notes along with what appears to be astrological charts about when would be the best time to set off explosives according to the planetary alignments, Jason explained. The suspect tried to get a county supervisor to look into his theory about real estate fraud. He believed his $500,000 Mission San Jose home had construction defects. Just five days before the bombing, he lost a court fight where he blamed police, the city, and the builder for the homes problems. By the way, we have additional documentation that we brought along with us, to show you. These documents seem to be astrology plans that show he also planned to blow up the real estate company he had a gripe with about his home, Jason said.


E. J. took the large stack of documents Jason was referring to and examined them briefly. She could see there were astrology symbols mixed with English and they were similar to the documents they previously faxed to her. Are you saying that he planned to also blow up the real estate company that sold him his home? she asked. Yes, we found these documents and others, along with a safe, and the explosive materials to do the job in the storage locker, he answered. E. J. shuffled through the stack and continued to listen to the detective continue with the story. She was in astounded to some degree because she could see from the stack of documents that there were many calculations along with interpretations of the astrology. She was beginning to get alarmed. However, she kept a brave exterior. Do you want me to review these documents, the real estate plans too? Did you bring me an extra copy? she asked. No we didnt bring you a copy, but I can mail you one, Jason replied. Well, I have a copy machine in my office. Do you want to copy the pages? she asked. Sure, he said. All three got up from the dinning room table and walked down the hall to her small makeshift office. E. J. turned on the copier and started in copying the stack of pages. She could tell they were both looking around the office and giving it the eyeball. At one point, she noticed that the detective disappeared from the room. She could sense that he slipped down the hallway to give the rest of the house a quick once over.


Meanwhile, Pat kept her busy with small talk. At one point, he commented that he knew that Evie was from the Mid-west. It was obvious that they had previously done a background check on her or they must be very observant. E. J. kept busy copying the pages and continued to be polite and up-front with the questions. Mostly they were engaging in small talk. After a few minutes, she realized that Jason was back in the room. Then he said that he needed to use the bathroom. At that time, she directed him to go down the hall to the main restroom. He disappeared again for a brief time. She was aware that she was opening the door and giving him time to snoop around unencumbered by her eyes. She had absolutely nothing to hide. After Jason returned to the office, Pat took his turn to use the restroom and Jason watched Evie copy the last of the papers. In her heart, she knew that Pat would also take his turn for a peek around her house. After nearly twenty minutes, she was finished making copies. Then, they all returned to the dinning room and sat down. The two men continued to fill her in on their theory of the crime. The suspect enjoyed playing a cat-and-mouse game with us. Until we arrested him, he has been outspoken and enjoyed goading us. He bragged that we would never catch the bomber, Jason said. Pat continued, We believe that the documents show the depth of his obsession not only with the woman and her in-laws, but also with law enforcement. We believe he meant to kill a number of people including police officers with a booby-trap bomb with


one of six bombs he planted. Aaron Loch, our ATF expert, said there was picric acid on one of the bombs. This is an explosive chemical thats used to amplify explosions. In addition, there was a motion-sensitive booby-trap-switch on the bomb. This would have caused it to explode if the bomb was hit with a shot from a disrupter. We believe that the suspect planned attacks on his targets. He did extensive research on explosives and detonators. Based on what our ATF guy said, if someone had been in the family or living room area of the house, they quite conceivably would have died. He told us that pipe bombs half the size of these bombs have caused considerable damage and death. Pat paused and leaned back in his seat then looked at Jason. Jason looked at Pat then at Evie. One document shows he not only did the research, but also did testing. We found a four-page document detailing how to buy thirteen different chemicals used in explosives without being traced back to the buyer. Nine of those chemicals were found in the locker. There was a document describing copper pipe and how it reacts with certain chemicals. A copper pipe was used in the bomb that exploded at the Vista Del Sol home that was under construction. We found another document about the use of spark plugs and there were remains of spark plugs at the crime scenes. On one page of the documents there was a drawing of a bomb that used a cap, copper tape, and double-sided tape that was similar to the bomb planted at Vista del Sol, Jason added. A copper pipe was used? E. J. asked. Yes. It is unusual to use copper since its a soft metal. Why is that important in astrology? Jason asked.


Well copper is the metal associated with the planet Venus. In these charts, Venus is in the forth house of endings or the end of life. Also, Venus rules the 7th house on this second chart because the zodiac sign of Taurus is on the cusp, she answered while pointing at the chart. They both looked confused. Stunned. Jason shook his head from side to side then jumped in. We also found a hand written document titled How-to-kill Book List. Under the heading he listed a number of books such as How to Kill, Vols. 1-3, How to Kill Vols. 4 and 5, Complete Guide to Lockpicking, Get Even: The Complete Book of Dirty Tricks, Police Guide to Bomb Search Techniques, Manual of Explosives, Military Pyrotechnics and Chemical Warfare Agents, Chemistry of Powder and Explosives, he said. Pat had a grave look on his face. Police also found a catalog with certain books circled about firearms, military, police tactics, and other controversial subjects. In my opinion, this is not just academic research. All of the documents show hes concerned with killing. I think they show his mindset. Hes a dangerous criminal. He has an evil heart and he intended to kill. I dont think youll see a more dangerous individual. He goes way beyond the normal criminal mind. Youll never see anything like this. Ever! It was really lucky that no one was seriously injured. He had plenty of time to anonymously inform law enforcement that the bombs were under the house, since the wrong people, not the wealthy family his intended victims, bought the home after all. He never called in to inform the police. His acts are much more evil. He had seven months to change his mind and make sure no one would be in the home the night of the bombings, yet he does nothing to try and save their lives.


Evie felt a cold chill run down her spine. This was one of the most horrific things shed ever heard or experienced. So, what do you think? Are these Astrology notes? Can you tell if they are related to the bombings? Do you think that these documents show he used astrology to plan the bombings? Jason anxiously questioned. Evie looked at the documents. Her hand was slightly shaking. She took a deep breath. I can say that these are definitely astrology symbols and calculations. These are very detailed astrology notes. However, I cant say, without doing an in-depth analysis whether or not they relate to the bombings, are an analysis of the bombings, or if they are his plan to bomb using astrology. But the charts match the same day and it appears to be Electional Astrology. Pat had a worried look on his face. He leaned forward and looked directly at Evies green eyes as if he was pleading for an answer from her. Do you know what they mean? he asked. Evie looked straight into Pats eyes. Something like this she paused briefly, took a deep breath, and then slowly exhaled and leaned back against the chair. I would have to sit down and really analyze them. I cant tell you without checking all of the details. I just cant say off the top of my head. I really need to run some more calculations spend some time reviewing the notes and check in some of my text books to give you a definitive answer. Even though Pat had hoped for an immediate answer, he internally knew it was better if E.J. was thorough. He leaned back and slowly replied, I understand theres a


lot here. Do you think it we left you a copy of these documents, you would have time or be able to help us? Evie straightened herself up in her seat and looked at Pat. Of course, I would be happy to help you figure this all out. At least, as much as I can, she answered. Pat looked somewhat satisfied. Oh, wed really appreciate it. Now, we will pay you for youre consulting time, he said. Evie shook her head side to side. Oh, no. I wont charge you for this. The two men both looked at each other with looks of complete shock. Evie decided before the meeting that if they were to offer her money, she should refuse. She felt that it would be better for her to be cautious and not accept money because she lived in a town where there was a city ordinance against the practice of astrology. All across the country there are towns that dont allow astrologers to practice their art and they are lumped in with crystal ball readers and magicians. She also thought that there might be a credibility factor if she was paid for her opinion. Pats eyes brightened. Really? Are you sure? Because, if you are not paid, you will be a much more credible witness, he said. She thought to herself, Witness... what does he mean witness? Nevertheless, she let it go at that. Yes, I am very sure. Id be happy to help you in any way that I can. You know, since I wasnt completely sure what type of astrology consultation or information you were looking for, I thought I would give you some of what Ive come up with. Did you get the pages that I faxed to you? asked Pat. She nodded. Yes, I sure did.


Pat opened his brief case and took out a stapled document. He said, We wanted to know what the Suspect means when he wrote the O. J. Simpson-based Twelfth House Insights document. Jason jumped in, Yeah, It looks like the suspect compared some of his own personality traits and his astrological chart to O. J. Simpson. Can you explain it to us? Pat asked. Patrick O Shay handed the document over to Evie. Sure, lets read what he says. Evie quickly scanned the pages. Ok. Ill try to explain some of the astrology for you. The document was partly in English and partly in astrological symbols. Evie began reading aloud what the suspect wrote. Both the detective and the attorney listened intently while Evie began to explain the document. O. J. has the sun, Mercury and Venus in Cancer. This makes a possessive, subjective, near-sighted person. Cancers are traditionalists, sensitive, and vulnerable. They have intense feelings that need bolstering by acquiring money and status. They seek other peoples approval. His rising sign is at twenty-four degrees of Leo with Saturn and Pluto near the rising sign. Like Simpson, the suspect also has Leo rising with Pluto and Saturn near the ascendant, she said confidently. What does a Leo rising mean? asked Jason. Typically, a Leo ascendant brings personality, charm, and charisma. Both men continued to listen closely to what she said. She could tell that they were interested but they were having a difficult time comprehending. Ok, she said. The suspect says that O. J has five planets in emotional water signs, verses his four


intellectual air planets. A close square between Uranus and moon or sun is a temper. I compared the suspects chart to Simpsons chart and they both have square aspects between natal Uranus and natal moon. Additionally, the suspect has a close square aspect between natal Uranus and natal sun. The square aspect is a like a set of inner tensions. Squares are dynamic energy. The two planets together can cause inner problems on the conscious level and the subconscious level. The moon is our emotional nature and Uranus represents an erratic, unconventional, rebellious energy if not properly channeled into constructive outlets. Uranus is referred to as a rebel without a cause. The combination of Uranus square the moon can cause a person to be unpredictable, as well as have a bad temper. The suspect states that he has a lot of concentrated energy from the natal sun to natal Uranus. These planetary aspects could cause a person to have an unpredictable nature. E. J., what do you mean by that? Jason asked. For a moment, Evie looked directly at Jasons dark brown eyes without blinking. People who have this combination tend to be impulsive and they are determined to individuals. They want to do things their own way. They will dig in their heels if anyone tries to stop them. On the other hand, they have the ability to be unique and original leaders, she said. Pat interrupted. He was getting impatient. At this point, he couldnt see how this was going to help him get a conviction. He pointed at the next paragraph on the document. I find this next statement revealing. Here, the suspect says, The twelfth house Saturn-Pluto conjunction has the old devils upheaval with demons beneath the


surface, someone with the need to control. Saturn-Pluto square Venus suggests obsession coupled with violence. Ruthlessness or the milder purposely driven, perseverance, and determination. The ability to focus and direct energy towards a Venus goal which is the result. When I am backed into a corner by fate or by my own self-undoing, I exhibit a calculated coldness, destructiveness, rigidity. I have a ruthless desire for control at all costs and this includes vengeance and violence, he said then put the document on the table. E. J. nodded her head. Yes, it is very interesting because both the suspect and Simpson have a Saturn-Pluto conjunction in the twelfth house. Pluto symbolizes force, violence, obsessions, death, destruction, fanaticism, the underworld, black magic. Saturn symbolizes crystallization, obstruction, selfishness, materialism, pessimism, severity, and cynicism. She paused and looked at Jason first then Pat. The interpretation of a person with an aspect of Saturn and Pluto like this is quite capable of self-mastery and selfdiscipline. Life is serious for them. The planetary combination can also bring great power, endurance, and stamina, which allows one to work extremely hard in order to accomplish personal desires. There may be the temptation to use wrong means to accomplish their goals. However, on occasion, the person may suffer from despondency and depression. They both continued to listen as E. J. continued to explain the similarities of the charts. She said, Some of the things the 12th house rules are imprisonment, witches, secret enemies, assassins, self-undoing, grief, funerals, exile, seclusion, detention, subversion, and murder. You guys need to know that when the suspect refers to the


Venus square Saturn-Pluto combination, he is referring to his own chart because Simpson doesnt have this planetary aspect. Well, what does he mean then? asked Pat. The Venus square Pluto-Saturn planetary aspect can bring compelling emotional and sexual attractions that one has little choice or control over. The person may crave intensity and have lustful desires. Astrologers have noted that a person with this combination can be emotionally or sexually greedy, insatiable, obsessive, or compulsive. They tend to be very jealous of other people and they can be very possessive. For the most part, they will try to control and manipulate their sexual partners. Power struggles are likely in intimate relationships. The love life is passionate, but often explosive and agonizing, she said. Jason looked at Evie steadily. He asked, What does he mean when he says the twelfth house shows where man is unavoidably confronted by his successes and failures? Planets herein tell the nature and consistency of the ghosts one has to deal with. Evie leaned forward in the chair. The planets Mars, Uranus, and Pluto are all connected to violence. Then she pointed to the middle paragraph on the document. Both men followed along. The suspect says here, violence especially surgically correct violence, as per an exact Uranus trine Mars. Uranus and Pluto are planets of change, destruction, violent upsets, and transformations. The words surgically correct are startling! Pat said with intensity. I thought so myself. It seems that this paragraph is in reference to his natal chart. He has an almost exact trine between his natal Uranus and natal Mars. Once again, this


planetary aspect does not occur in Simpsons chart. The trine aspect between Mars and Uranus is a chart often brings a dynamic, decisive, quick, impulsive, inventive, and probably a mechanically adept individual. This could also be indicative of being surgically correct, as the suspect states. Mars is a planet known for its destructive force, war, brutality, combativeness, conflict, rage, fire, lustfulness, and impulsiveness, Evie responded. Pat turned to the next page and pointed. He read the next sentence aloud. Jupiters transit to natal Pluto indicates a period of duels of willpower murder! So what do you think he means in this sentence? he asked. I personally found this sentence revealing because during the fall of 1997, around the September 1, 1997 eclipse and prior to the bombings, transiting Jupiter was in an opposition to the suspects natal Pluto and ascendant. This may have been when he decided to murder, said Evie. At this point, Evie could see a glaze of confusion come over both of the two mens faces. Even so, they continued to listen intently. She knew she was going over their heads with the astrological interpretations, but she needed them to realize that this is a complicated subject matter. One just doesnt learn astrology over night. I wanted to tell you guys that it might be a coincidence, but I recently read the book, Zodiac by Robert Greysmith. According to Greysmith, the Zodiac Killer used the Part of Fortune symbol at the end of each of his notes that he sent to the news media and to law enforcement agencies. I remember that case but I was just a kid, said Pat.


Well, I found it disturbing that on the suspects horoscope page he wrote The Killing Planet at the exact degree and sign of his own natal Part of Fortune. I find it more than a coincidence that the Zodiac Killer signed his letters with the Part of Fortune symbol. Like your suspect, the Zodiac Killer also used the new and full moons, eclipses, and Saturn in Aries as the best time to kill. Both men looked astounded. You dont think the suspect is the Zodiac Killer, do you? Pat asked. No, I think that he may have read the book, she answered.


Chapter 6 A FORCE OF SPIRITUAL EVIL Noon November 12, 1998 The morning passed quickly with District Attorney O Shay and Detective Ares. Around noon, they were open to Evies invitation for a bowel of homemade Pasta e Fagoli Soup that she had made earlier in the day. The three sat at Evies kitchen table and shared small talk. After lunch, she poured them a cup of freshly brewed French Roast coffee. Then she steered them back into her living room so they could resume the astrological discussion. They started by focusing on the suspects horoscope document. This particular document was a typed document that had a well ordered list of the planetary positions at the time of the suspects birth. On the document, there were two different times of birth listed. One time was 4:00 a.m. and the other time was 3:41:45 a.m. with the word rectified next to that time. When Evie did the calculations for the presentation, she used the 4:00 a.m. time because the attorney had only mentioned a 4:00 a.m. birth time.


At the time, she internally questioned the time of birth because even four minutes can make a vast difference in casting a chart. All of the traditional astrological points were listed alongside some of the Arabic Parts. The Arabic Parts the suspect listed are considered the darkest in astrology. There were also many non-traditional points listed as well as two Tarot cards. It appeared as if the suspect had chosen one Tarot card for each year. Pat pointed at the horoscope page. By the way, did we tell you earlier that the suspect used several different names and one of them was the Gatekeeper? he asked. Evies mouth dropped open. She was stunned. The Gatekeeper this is really dark! Pat shook his head in agreement and then he asked, We were wondering since this is a bombing crime, what is the Blasted Tower? On the document, the suspect had written, The Blasted Tower: Sudden calamity, pride of intellect, ostentation, cataclysms, earthquakes, storms, overthrow, and accidents. Its a Tarot card. I usually just call it the Tower, but many occultists, such as Aleister Crowley the man known as the Great Beast refer to it as The Blasted Tower. It was obvious to Evie by the look on Jasons face that he was worried. He had a pained look on his face and he fidgeted in his seat. But what does it mean? he asked in a distressed tone. At the point, Evie stood up and went to her bookcase. She retrieved several different decks of Tarot cards. She began sorting through the decks. She pulled out each


different artistic rendition of the Tower cards she had so she could show them. She explained that there are seventy-eight Tarot cards in each deck. Normally a person would shuffle the deck and then randomly draw out the cards according to the type of card spread the person happened to be using. In this case, it appears that the suspect specifically selected only two Tarot cards. Typically, a person would have more than one card per year. It is disturbing that the Gatekeeper only chose one card per year, she said. Both Pat and Jasons eyes were wide open and they raised their eyebrows. Evie looked straight at the men. She thought she better explain the symbolism of each of the two cards. The Tower depicts the eye of a god as he shoots out lightning bolts. One of them sets a tower on fire. Two people and a crown tumble down into the deep. This means forced change, breakdown, ruin, fight, catastrophe, destruction, breaking up of constricting convictions, arrogance, intolerance, disappointment, chance for a new start, liberation, enthusiasm. Any sudden outbreak of unfiltered aggression will blow the neat pattern of civilized behavior sky high. Assemblies of civilized men will fall when the skin of the earth is ripped open. You can see that the empty skulls are left in the dust. Nature is watching in amazement from a distance. It symbolizes that man can experience a pattern-breakdown in his private world. When this happens the survival instincts are brought out. There may be a sudden change of a persons personality, some personal experience of sudden change on the outside. It can also mean that there are hidden undermining forces at work. Something is desperately kept under a lid. Do you think this Tarot card the Tower indicates that he may have been thinking about a bomb? Pat asked in an anxious voice.


Yes, I do. This is more than a coincidence. It is very interesting that the Gatekeeper calls the card, the Blasted Tower, just as Mr. Crowley called it. Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law is one of the famous statements that Crowley used, she said in a serious business-like tone then paused to sip her coffee. Pat looked down at the document. He also wrote, Typhon or Satan: The Devil, Evil, willfulness, mystery, controversy, fatality, passion, malice, riot and lawlessness. What does that mean? he asked. Evie laid aside several different Devil cards from her decks on the table. Then, she stood up and went to her bookshelf and she grabbed several textbooks. She walked back to the table and opened the books to the pages where there were various different interpretations of the Typhon and the Devil cards. While the two men looked at the cards, she continued to explain their meaning. Usually, I call it the Devil card. Again, some occultists, including Crowley sometimes refer to the Devil card as the Typhon. The Typhon is a deadly giant monster. Evie held up one of the cards. In this particular card the thighs are made of serpents, the arms reach up to the heavens, its wings blot out the sun, venom drips from his evil eyes, burning boulders come out of its mouth, and its head touches the stars. Apparently, Typhon was so frightful even the gods of Olympus refused to fight. Instead of fighting the giant serpent on Mount Olympus, they fled to Egypt when he attacked their mountain home. Under the monster, the earth spews up more fire and boulders. Occult lore suggests that terrible battles are raged with Typhons power and hardly a living creature is left on Earth. He is the god of the hurricane, she said.


Both men had fearful looks in their eyes. Then, Evie turned to a passage from The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall and then she passed the book to Pat. Pat read the passage out loud. Typhon is the vanquished dragon of ignorance and perversion. To the Egyptian initiates Typhon is the devourer of souls. He is signified by the lower world, which swallows up the spiritual nature of the individual who, being imperfect, is forced to descend from the higher spheres and be reborn into the physical universe. To be swallowed by Typhon therefore signifies the process of rebirth, from which man can only release himself by vanquishing his mortal Adversary.49 After Pat finished reading the passage, Evie opened a book by Robert Graves called The Greek Myths. The two men sat silent while Evie paraphrased the description of Typhon. She said, Typhon is the largest monster ever born. He has a mass of coiled snakes instead of legs or hands. His arms are so outstretched they have the ability to reach a hundred leagues in either direction. The Typhon has vast wings that can darken the sun. Fire flashes from his eyes. Flaming rocks can be hurtled from his mouth.50 Evie set Graves book aside and she reached for another. The men were silent while she opened her copy of The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall. Evie began to read a quote about Typhon to them. Typhon frightened the gods on Olympus so they all fled to Egypt. Only when Zeus was taunted for his cowardice, did he return to do battle with the mighty Typhon. Wow! remarked Jason.


Pat took a deep breath and exhaled. Then he asked, You have several different Tarot decks here and Im wondering where did the Tarot come from and are these the only decks there are? Evie shook her head from side to side. No, there are many different artistic renditions of the Tarot Cards. There are numerous theories about the history of where and how the Tarot was developed. Many scholars and experts contend that its roots reach as far back as ancient Egypt during a time when their arts and sciences were flourishing. Different styles of cards were passed down through the ages and eventually, they were brought into Europe by the Gypsies. Some say that the Tarots origins are from an ancient Hebrew lore known as the Kabala. The cards point out that there is a correspondence between the Hebrew alphabet and the Major Arcana. Others believe that they were brought to the West from India. It is possible that they were remnants of the lost city of Atlantis. Apparently, Italian aristocrats used Tarot cards although they called it tarocchi. There is some evidence that suggests that Italian artists in the medieval period invented the cards. The cards that have been preserved were originally very expensive to produce because they were individually hand painted and gold leafed. For the most part, they were only available to the noble and wealthy. How are the Tarot cards and astrology related to each other? Jason asked. Well, the concepts and symbols on the Tarot cards are esoteric in nature and they do relate to astrology, as well as to numerology. The Typhon or Devil card is symbolic of the sign Capricorn and the planet Saturn. This represents our capacity to create order, form, and discipline in our life. The Tower card is symbolic of the planet Mars. Now


astrologically, Mars symbolizes war, combativeness, energy, and the ability to initiate and assert ourselves. Mars rules two signs, Aries and is co-ruler of Scorpio. I think its important for you to understand, that the Devil or Typhon card means many things including obsession, passion, materialism, and bondage. Evie then showed them another style of the card. She slide the card to the center of the table so both Jason and Pat could see it clearly. Look at this card. The character in the card is an awful looking beast with horns. He is half man and half animal of sorts. You can see him sitting perched on a block and chained to a man and woman below him. The devil is the inner force within each of us. The Tarot card of Typhon personifies our fears, addictions and other harmful impulses. The Devil is a master of deception and illusion. The people at his feet have the power to set themselves free from the bondage if they wish to, but they find themselves powerless because they are in some way, tied to him. This demon oppresses his prisoners with the power of evil. She paused then said, I have a software program for the tarot. Let me show you what a Tarot spread is and what the program has to say about the card. Evie stood up and went to her computer. Both Pat and Jason stood up and followed her. Evie sat down and clicked on the Tarot program icon. The two men looked at the computer screen while Evie gave them a quick demonstration about how to do a spread. She explained that under normal circumstances a spread would consist of more than one card. Remember the Gatekeepers horoscope page? she asked. Both nodded. The Gatekeeper only listed one card per year on his horoscope page. To me, this is a revealing clue, she said while attorney and detective read about the Devil card on the


computer screen. Some of the cards meanings are black magic, occult powers, dependence, slavery, passion, egoism, perversion, wrong proportions, overcoming of own fears, and perception of the inner demon. Evie took a sip of her coffee. God and devil are mere symbols of duality. The moment one decides to return from the shores of the time from formlessness to corporal existence, one chooses duality, good and bad, light and dark, god and devil. There is only an illusion of separateness. Instead of separation, there is a firm merciless grip and this grip ignites the subconscious desire for the other side. Often times, people who are of a darker nature seek union or gratification through sex or through the use of drugs. However, this too is an illusion. This also represents the imaginary of slavery and the fact that bonds to evil can be broken if the will is there. A person finds himself or herself confronted with unstoppable and uncontrollable events that are inescapable. Long repressed desires and instincts suddenly surface. One exhibits brutal behavior and lack of sensitivity. All this is part of the big material-world theater and of the choice to experience separateness, which is just a choice to experience, with no value and judgment attached to it.51 At that point, both men looked worried. Jason said, Youve heard of the saying, a picture paints a thousand words. Evie looked directly at Jason. She was pleased he seemed to understand the occult philosophy. Exactly, the symbolism within each card can tell a story about whats going on within the querents subconscious mind, she replied. Evie, whats a querent? Pat asked.


Evie turned and looked at Pat. A querent is the person who is asking the question, she answered. Pat was completely engaged. Ive heard of many of these planets here on this horoscope page, but what does Lilith mean? he asked. The point of Lilith that the Gatekeeper refers to on his horoscope page has dark and evil connotations in some circles of astrology. Evie leaned back in her chair. For a moment, she looked up and was silent then she looked back at Pat. Historically, Lilith is the demonic goddess. She was the first woman created by god at the same time that god created Adam. Unlike Eve, who was created from Adams rib as a sign of submission, Lilith refused to submit to Adams will. She left the Garden of Eden and was subsequently cursed by god. Evie paused again then continued. According to popular opinion, Lilith was originally a goddess or at the very least an aspect of a great goddess. She was demonized for being an independent female. The story of Lilith appeared in the medieval period in a controversial work titled, Alphabet of Ben Sirah. The notion of Lilith has been found in different manuscripts even before medieval times and they describe her as demonic. The true origins are obscure. However, her Sumerian and Babylonian predecessors were also considered to be demonic in nature. Descriptions of her say she had the ability to seduce men in their sleep and force them into sex. She needed the semen to give birth to more demons. Jason seemed to get what Evie what saying. You know, I was brought up in a traditional religious home. Is Lilith the one who is called the Night Demon or Night Rider thats in Isaiah 37?


Evie nodded her head at Jason. You could be right. I know that in the Hebrew scriptures there is a reference to Lilith but I think its in Isaiah 34:14. This verse describes the devastation of Edom. Scripture maintains that Lilith shall be at rest in the desert, among the wild animals, screech owls, and satyrs. Ive heard her called the Queen of the Demons. She is pictured having long hair and wings. She is a primal dark animal with an unfettered sexual dominance and power over men. She is passionate and wild, yet has a heroic nature. Some people say she has a wicked spirit because she persecutes and plagues men with illness, disease, and sexual suffering. Pat shook his head in disgust. This sounds like sexual obsession. Pat said. Evie looked at Pat firmly. In many ways, youre correct. Some depictions of Lilith suggest shes surrounded by a round enclosure. Shes literally trapped. Then a number of male cats come in and rape her over and over again. After the second attack, shes covered in blood and shes left caged in her hearts destroyed. Anyone who approaches her is met by a terrible, hateful, warning snarl. Shes dangerous, ferocious, destructive, and defensive. As far as astrology goes, Lilith is many things including a goddess, even a role model. Originally, she was thought of as a purely a demonic creature. However, in my opinion, the meaning of Lilith should also include feelings of internal rage. The rage implies rejection and the fury speaks of the inability to let go gracefully and lightly. Do all astrologers use Lilith? Pat asked. Well, I dont normally use Lilith because I find the point somewhat dark. Evie said then continued. Mythological allegories state that Lilith spoke the unspeakable


name of god and because of that, she was cursed with having to kill, each day, hundreds of her own children, which were all begotten by Satan. She became the demon responsible for child death. She is the vamp, the seductress drawing men into perdition. She is the presence of absence. The astrological point of Lilith is not a planet, but an empty space. She is the abstraction, which is also non-existent. She is to be found where cheating, foul play, or criminal procedures are. Jason perked up. Criminal procedures? he asked. Yes. In mythical literature, there are three Liliths, Evie quickly replied. They reflect the new, full, and dark lunar phase of the triple goddess. There is an asteroid named Lilith, the Dark Moon Lilith, and the Black Moon Lilith, which is defined as an empty focal point in the moons orbit around the earth. In mythic astrology, the positions of these bodies in a birth chart point to the psychological process that unfolds in a persons life. Lilith brings images of humiliation, diminishment, love affairs, love triangles, sexual complexity, rejection, sexual suspiciousness, and rivalry for affection. She is the seductress and the child killer which abounds throughout mythology. As we told you earlier, part of the basis for this case is because of sexual obsession and sexual rejection, Pat said. Evie remembered that Pat had mentioned something about an affair or sexual relationship. She nodded in the affirmative. Yes. You did mention that. Well, to me, Lilith represents vindictive behaviors based on repressed anger over an insult, personal criticism, rejection, or over not being the selected one. There are power issues involved along with a lack of integrity or loyalty to ones partner. This causes a growing inner


anger and resentment. The Talmud tells us that Lilith is the Queen of Evil and the Mother of Demons. She preceded Eve and she was a destructive and degrading force.52 Jason smiled slightly and chuckled some. Well, Lilith is no Eve. Ive always thought of Eve as the mother of all human beings even though she wasnt always moral either, he said. Evie wasnt sure what Pat meant by his comment about Eve so she didnt respond. She continued, There was a famed astrologer in the late 19th century named Sepharial. He was the one who named the dark moon Lilith. He recognized her in charts as being similar to Samsons Deliah. If you recall that story, Deliah was also a temptress and mans betrayer but only because of Samsons willing weakness, Evie said. We have audio tapes of the suspects that describe these kinds of things. Im listening to them now. The tapes are also full of his psychotic feelings, Jason said. Really? Evie remarked in a shocked tone. Well, all I know is that Lilith is known for her insane jealousy of Adams new companion, Eve. This insanity is what caused her to return in revenge and ensnare their children. In Hebrew, Lilith means night. In Isaiah 34:14 shes referred to as the night hag and the screech owl. In the Septuagint, the ancient Greek translation of the Jewish scriptures, she is known as the vampire and the night monster. She has special and evil powers over childbirth, especially at night. She destroys infants and their mothers within seven days after childbirth. Lilith is always sinister and malevolent in her intent. Shes also known for bringing chaos to affairs. She symbolizes temptation, seduction, betrayal, and dishonor. If the point is strong in a persons chart, theres a susceptibility to strange influences, delusions, fatal fascinations,


infatuation, and compulsions. Under extreme affliction, she is demoralizing, debasing, abnormal, illicit, and ungodly. Pat shook his head. His eyebrows were pinched together and his mouth was closed. Then he said in a slow low tone, This is pretty dark. Well, its just symbolism. Let me say that all the planets have a positive and a negative side. I try to help people develop the positive side to their personality and to become more creative and effective as individuals. Im not fond of the point Lilith because I havent been able to reach a positive side to the symbolism. I just dont find using it helpful, Evie said then stopped. What do you think about the suspects astrological abilities? Pat asked. For a few seconds Evie sat silent contemplating Pats question. She leaned forward and folded her hands together on the table then began to speak. At this point, its my feeling that the Gatekeeper has expressed the astrological symbolism in accurate language. It is very revealing, astrologically, that he would compare himself to O. J. Simpson, as well as make remarks about the propensity for obsession, violence, ruthlessness, control, vengeance, and murder. He knows himself well... astrologically. Its also apparent to me, because of his references to the Tarot on the horoscope page, that he was definitely a student, and possible a master of the occult, she answered. I also prepared a short astrology reading for you guys. I wasnt sure what you needed, so I thought you may need to know about the suspects personality and the planetary energy operating during this period. Unfortunately, the charts I used were for a 4:00 a.m. birth,


so I want to redo the calculations with this new time later. For now, I will give you a brief overview with what I have so far. Pat said, That sounds interesting. You know Im a Pisces! Then Jason smiled and chuckled. Im a Capricorn! he said. Evie was amused. She smiled and laughed out loud while shaking her head. Oh my gosh... Im right in the middle of you guys! Im Aquarius! The men laughed with her. The laughter broke up the serious tone and vibration of the room. Evie rose slowly from her chair and started her presentation. The first thing she wanted to discuss was the meaning of Pluto conjunct a Leo ascendant. Pluto on a Leo ascendant is typical of someone with a huge ego. There is a propensity for obsessions, research, investigation ability, and at times, addictive behavior. The Leo energy wants the entire show, and wants to be on display. The sun in Virgo conjunct mercury usually means the person who is better at talking about his own ideas, rather then listening to others. Virgo is typical of someone who is a perfectionist. Evie pointed to the suspects horoscope chart. Venus is square Saturn. This indicates there may have been a lack of love from the mother, difficult relations with superiors, boss, and or authority figures. There could be a feeling of restriction in the persons career choices. Pluto Square Venus may indicate and abusive father or lack of support. This is intense energy. Uranus is square the natal sun and Mercury. This brings a rebel against groups and organizations, an unpredictable, eccentric, radical philosophy. Uranus is trine Mars in the 11th house of friends so this aspect may bring support from unusual friends who may be also working in a rebellious or war-like way within the group. Natal moon is in


the eighth house and opposite Neptune in the second house. This often brings grandiose ideas about money, death, murder, deception, and possibly anger with or against women. Evie flipped over the page to the next chart. Then she began to discuss the suspects progressed chart as a single wheel as well as in a bi-wheel fashion starting on April 27, 1997. His progressed sun was in the sign of Scorpio. The sun in a chart is equivalent to ones ego. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, which symbolizes death, transformation, gang activity, or a mob type mentality. Scorpio and Pluto equal secrets. Pluto is symbolic of Plutonium and bombs. The cusp of the third house was in the sign of Scorpio and the third house symbolizes electrical things and communications. The progressed sun in Scorpio was conjunct his progressed Jupiter in Scorpio and this typifies philosophy but with a god-like behavior. Jason sipped his black coffee while Evie continued. The suspects progressed moon was in Aquarius and opposite his natal Saturn in the 12th house. This indicates a time of depression, anger, and frustrated emotions. The moon in Aquarius can bring about sudden and erratic emotions. The 12th house symbolizes the subconscious mind, behind the scene activity, hidden things, secret things, or secret enemies. Saturn equals restriction, structure, coldness, and prisons of the mind. At this time, the Gatekeeper may have been possibly seeking emotional freedom from coworkers, partners, open enemies, and marriage partners. The progressed moon in the sign of Aquarius was sesquisquare natal Uranus. This could be indicative of highly unpredictable, sudden, eccentric, and radical emotions. Uranus equals technical or electrical things, she said.


Bombs are made from uranium, said Pat. Evie stopped talking. Her eyes were wide open and her jaw dropped some. I didnt know that, she said. She quickly composed herself. Well at this time, Uranus was in the suspects 11th house and this symbolizes his friends and groups he belongs to and his progressed moon was in a square aspect to the progressed sun and his progressed Jupiter. By the way gentlemen, I was wondering if he had friends that could have helped in this crime? she asked. Well, we havent ruled that out. Its possible that the suspect has some more evidence stored somewhere else. A friend may be helping him in that way. He does have a very strange sister named Elzora who claims to have some sort of weird psychic powers. Jason said.


Evie shook her head from side to side then she pointed to the next set of complicated charts. She wanted to discuss the suspects chart for the transits and progressions for April 27, 1997 because she previously noticed the date on the top of the page. Beside the date, the suspect had written the words, Starting Point. By June 1997, his progressed moon was opposite progressed Saturn. During this time, he may have had feelings of withdrawal, restriction, even suicidal thoughts. Secrets are emphasized during this time and hateful feelings towards secret enemies, especially as progressed moon approaches Pluto, she explained. The progressed moon in Aquarius is square his progressed sun. This typically indicates a time when a person experiences conflicts between their emotions and their ego Look here, she said while pointing to the chart, His progressed sun was in Scorpio and this can be a very unforgiving time. The sun rules his first house with Leo on the cusp. The moon rules the 12th house, the subconscious mind, secrets, and secret enemies. In addition, he had the progressed sun square his progressed Saturn. This planetary aspect can represent a time of emotional withdrawal. However with the other aspects in the chart it can point to an unforgiving time in ones life. The two men listened intently. Jason straighten up in his chair and Evie continued. By the time of the bombing, March 29th 1998, his progressed moon moved into an opposite to his natal ascendant. Usually, astrologers say that this combination can cause a person to experience unpredictable or unstable emotions. The person can become eccentric while they also seek emotional freedom. Evie paused and looked directly at Jason. What about the mans boss, his career, his job, his friends? she asked.


As far as we can tell, his wife has supported him for many years. He quit his job working as a forensic analyst for the Chicago Police Department back in the 1970s. He hasnt worked since, as far as we can tell, Jason said. Evie was dumbfounded. Really? A forensic analyst. Yes, the guy is no idiot. As we said earlier, we found documents where he wrote about planting evidence, Jason said. Unbelievable! This is absolutely the craziest thing Ive ever heard, Evie remarked. She turned back and faced the chart then continued with the astrology reading. The astrology engaged and seemed to fascinate both men. His progressed Venus was beginning to separate from his progressed Mars. Now this combination could equal building. However, since the planetary aspect is separating, we can assume that his project was complete. In addition, his progressed moon in Aquarius is opposite his natal Saturn in the 12th house. This could indicate a time of depression, anger, frustrated emotions. The moon in Aquarius can bring about sudden and erratic emotions. The 12th house symbolizes the subconscious mind, behind the scenes activity, hidden things, secret things, and secret enemies. Saturn equals restriction, structure, coldness, and prisons of the mind. At this time, the Gatekeeper may have been seeking emotional freedom from open enemies. On top of all of that, his progressed moon was in a sesquisquare to his natal Uranus. Astrologers say this causes highly unpredictable and radical emotions. Uranus equals technical things or electrical things. And as you pointed out Pat, uranium equals bombs. What was going on astrologically on the night of the bombings? asked Jason.


Well do you want it in a brief nutshell? Evie asked. Yeah, just give us a general rundown of the night, Pat said. Ok during this time, he was prone to having disagreements with superiors. He had a narrow focus in his thinking and most likely, strained communications. The tension was building inside and his emotions may have been overly unstable. He probably felt like going to extremes and rebelling. Another words, he was blowing things out of proportion and feeling confrontational, on edge, impulsive, self-centered. He wanted to shake things up and force dramatic changes in his life and in other peoples lives. However, he was also in a secretive mood. During this time, he had the ability to tap into his creative force and use his intellectual energy. Engineering solutions to problem are highlighted. Maybe he had an urge to get things done rapidly. For sure, he wanted to shake things up, force changes. He was goal oriented and focused on building, beginning, or undertaking a creative project, obtaining information, using his analytical abilities. However, he most likely was thinking obsessively, feeling an overwhelming intensity, and thinking destructively. This is extremely enlightening! remarked Pat. Jason nodded.


Evie continued. Mercury retrograde usually equals confusion. Now, if he was a student of astrology, he may have been hoping that Mercury retrograde would cause confusion for the police. He may have been betting on the police loosing the evidence and hoping that the crime would go unsolved. The new moon is a good time to initiate all projects. Theres lots of energy in the waxing phase of the moon. Gentlemen, do you think that he wanted publicity? she asked. Pat immediately responded. Oh yes. Hes been making noise and filing law suits in town for many years. He even had the nerve to come in to the police station prior to the crimes and warn us about the people who we believe were his intended targets. As we said earlier, he thought they were into drug trafficking and narcotics, some kind of Mafia or terrorist organization, money laundering, as well as fraud. He even worked on a local politicians political campaign so he could have an inroad into local politics. Jason added, We believe he set off several other bombs on the same night. One at the chief of polices home, one at the ex-chief of polices home, another at a city council members home, and also at the city water tank. But, this case, we believe really revolves around this one particular woman he was sexually obsessed with named Meenaa. Youll probably understand it more after you have a chance to look through all the documents. Evie was worried. She thought to herself, Evil intentions are definitely a possibility with this chart. Her mind was spinning. There was so much information bombs, sex, obsession, romantic fantasies, the occult, astrology. She knew the key


would be to sort through the documents and then begin putting the story together in her own mind. You know, I am really fascinated and amazed at the accuracy of and how enlightened and detailed the astrological interpretation was, Jason added. Evie smiled. Shed heard a remark like that before. Me too, said Pat. It sure seems like youve certainly got him figured out. He paused then continued, Let me ask you, would an astrologer be able to predict a bombing or a fire bombing in Falls City, CA on March 29, 1998, before it happened? Evie took a deep breath and exhaled. Astrologers make all kinds of predictions, but I think it would be impossible for an astrologer to know precisely where a bombing may or may not occur. The type of astrology that would be used to indicate natural or man-made disasters, severe weather patterns, earthquakes, volcanoes, cultural trends, world affairs, events for nations, countries, states, and cities is called Mundane Astrology, she said in a no nonsense tone. Mundane? What does that mean? Pat asked.


The word mundane is from Latin, mundus means world. Its also... sometimes, its called Political Astrology. Its the astrology of nations and political events. In Mundane Astrology, charts are drawn for nations, for events such as wars, for national leaders, for political parties. These horoscopes or charts are read in a similar manner as a natal or persons chart. Mundane is the oldest form of astrology. In ancient Mesopotamia, astrologers or ancient Magi were government officials who studied the heavens for their kings. The word magi is the plural Latinized form of the Greek words magoi and megistos. The root of the word magi gives us the word magician and if magi is translated from Latin into the English vernacular, the word means men or magistrates who are the greatest and magnificent lords. Some cultures performed religious ceremonies led by Magi. Robert Macoy, the author of A Dictionary of Freemasonry, gives details about dramatic rite of passage rituals led by Magi priests who wore golden globes suspended from their necks and delivered oratories to their community just prior to assisting a new postulant into the penal fires of purgatory. At the end of the theatrical performance, the community celebrated for the newly initiated member. The Magi were priest-like astrologers in charge of bringing restoration and balance while they served as hierophants to the community. The rite culminated with a transfiguration or final transformation of the person and in the process, they matured, gained wisdom and became enlightened.53 The Magi were both astrologers and spiritual leaders who enlightened the masses with the hope of bringing fortunate influences to their community. Herodotus, suggests that the historical Magi may have been from the sacred caste of the Medes, their religion was fundamentally Zoroastrianism, they interpreted


dreams and because they were skilled at astrology, they are credited for finding Christ. Their fame grew all over the Roman-Greco world and many people believed they could give prophetic advice that would reveal significant political events that would affect humanity. The picture paints the Magi as highly revered Zoroastrian priests and healers. By calculating and interpreting the planetary positions with precision they became known as masters at prognostication. The Magi rose to great positions as consultants and advisors to rulers, heads of governments and to politicians because of their astrological skill and divination techniques. Historians of the period, such as Josephus and Strabo, said during the birth of Jesus, that the Magi dwelled in the Parthian Empire and they were not only astrologers, but they were known as Kingmakers. At this time, the Magi or astrologers predicted plagues, wars, fate of the nation, and future economic conditions for the country and its King.54 So an astrologer would be able to tell something about what would happen to the country? Jason asked. Well, to a certain degree... we would be able to see trends. The chart of the locality should be included in the study of Mundane Astrology. You need basic data and the horoscopes for the city or country you are studying. Professional astrologers get the birth or the incorporation time for the city, town, or country they are studying. They would need this birth time to be able to predict what potential events are likely to occur. Pat leaned casually back in his chair without taking his eyes off of Evie. What if they didnt use the birth chart of the city? Pat asked.


Evies green eyes sparkled. She grinned and looked closely back at him. Oh, thats essential! For example, when doing mundane work, if a war starts, a chart is cast for the moment the hostilities began, when the troops of one side opened fire, invaded, or started bombing the people of the other side. A chart of this type is read exactly like a horary chart. 55 Predictions are made from this type of chart for the potential outcome of the war. The astrologer would use this chart in relationship to the birth of the nations chart. The astrologer would also look at the national rulers chart, the president, king, or the countrys political leaders. We never ignore the national chart or the political leaders chart, provided we have them when we do mundane work. This is really an involved science. Pat commented. Yes, it is. If, astrologers are looking for upcoming trends or events for the United States, we always look at the United States birth chart. We then compare the U.S. chart to the event to form our analysis or to predict potential disasters or trends. When professional astrologers are looking at the trends or potential events for their specific locality, they always use the city or towns incorporation date as the birth chart, she said. Jason leaned forward and took a moment to consider her answer. So if I understand you correctly, an astrologer would not know where a bomb was going to explode without also incorporating the cities birth chart? Jason asked. Evie nodded her head. Correct, she firmly answered. We brought along a copy of an interview of the suspect that was taken by the police. Could you read it and answer some questions? asked Pat.


Evie sat down in her chair. Sure. I can try. Evie took several minutes to glance through the document. After she was finished reading she looked up at Jason. Jason flipped to page thirty of the document. Okay, on page 30 the Gatekeeper says, Because of the 21st degree of Aries, a bombing or a fire bombing or a shooting or something violent would occur in Falls City, CA on Mar 29 1998. Would he know this in advance? he asked. Evie thought a few seconds before she answered. I dont think so, especially if he didnt use the birth chart or the incorporation date for the city. I can look and see, if anywhere in his notes he uses that information. However, without using this critical piece of information, it would be impossible for an astrologer to know what may occur in a specific place or at a specific time on earth. The entire world was under the effects of the 21st degree of Aries along with the other planetary positions on March 29, 1998. One must use the birth chart of the place to be accurate or to predict an event. If an astrologer doesnt use the birth chart of the town, city, or nation, they wouldnt know if the event was going to occur in Russia, France, Canada, Sacramento, or Falls City, she explained. Jason looked satisfied. He continued. On page 32 he says, I looked at my own chart. My chart astrologically says Saturn opposes. And the answer to that is in my position you cant do a fucking thing about it. There was at 21 Degrees of Aries. I have Aries where a full moon is, I have all this Martian stuff? He admits to looking at his own chart, but not once does he say he looked at the citys birth chart.


Well, guys... the way most astrologers work is without looking at a chart for city or country, there would be no way to know where the effects of the 21st degree of Aries may likely occur, she replied. As I said earlier, in these documents, the suspect refers to himself as the Gatekeeper. Do you know or have you ever heard of the term Gatekeeper? Pat asked. Evie looked at Jason then at Pat. She knew they werent putting her on. I know its a common term used in the role playing games. In those types of games, the Gatekeeper symbolizes evil or the dark side. Its a dark force and it may be related to magic and the occult, Druids and Wicca. Ive heard Gatekeepers are called the Guardians of the Quarters in casting circles, rituals, and invocations. The Gatekeeper is referred to in the invocations, ceremonies, and offerings made to the Gods. Sometimes, Gatekeepers are called the Keeper of Keys. A Gatekeeper watches over a person or thing and keeps it from harm. Basically, the term is from occult lore. The meaning of a Gatekeeper also includes sexuality, mentality, intellectual thought patterns, out of body experiences, and traveling to the astral plane. The Gatekeeper waits for the person to arrive at the door or gate. The responsibility of a Gatekeeper is to test the person before he or she can pass through the door. They examine the lessons we learn on the physical plane, how we develop mentally and spiritually. If we pass the lessons we are given the keys and we are able to get past the Gatekeeper door and enter the world beyond or the after life, she said in a firm assured voice. Pat shook his head from side to side in disbelief. He looked down. This really sounds really evil and frightening! he said in a somber tone.


Evie clasp her cold hands together. She took a deep breath and tried to smile. Well, if a person wants to use the occult in a negative way, there is the power to do so, she said struggling to sound calm. Jason felt a chill at the back of his neck. He leaned back and placed his palms lightly on his thighs. So, if we leave you these documents, do you think you can help us? Can you tell if these documents are a plan to bomb? he asked in a deepened serious tone of voice. Absolutely, Evie answered. But you guys are going to need to give me a few weeks to analyze and review them. I will give you a call when I get a clearer picture of all of this. Hopefully, Ill have something for you before Thanksgiving. After that we can get together and go over everything. Both Pat and Jason seemed relieved. Pat said, Oh, thank you... wed really appreciate it. Youve really been informative and we could use your expertise. Jason looked at his watch. I cant believe it... its already 2:45. I need to get back to the station plus weve taken up enough of your time for today. All three pushed their chairs back and stood up slowly. Evie led the men to her front door. She extended her hand to Pat and he shook it. Thanks so much Evie. Well be in touch. he said. He tilted his head down, turned, and slowly walked down the sidewalk towards Jasons Chevy truck. Jason looked directly at Evie. He looked like the saddest man shed ever met. He gently cupped Evies hand with both of his. There was resignation in his dark eyes. Theres a fine line between good and evil. This could be a dangerous game. You need to


get into the habit of locking your doors. Ill call you in a couple days, he said speaking quietly while his eyes penetrated her bluish-green ones. Evie nodded. She was well aware of the fine line between good and evil, light and darkness. She was frightened. She shivered and watched Jason walk to his truck. Both men turned and glanced back to her. They waved then got into the truck. Evie stood paralyzed. She watched attorney Patrick O Shay and detective Jason Ares pull away from the curb and drive away. She stepped into the house, closed the front door, and locked it. She was cold almost dead cold. **** November 12 through 15, 1998 Evie intuitively knew this was just the beginning of their relationship. This moment was just a single point of reference. However, she could sense a gall force storm brewing. She felt like she needed to prepare for some sort of an earth-shattering battle. She went to her file cabinet and smoothly slid the drawer open then pulled out the Gatekeeper file. She shook her head from side to side and touched her fingertips to her forehead. Her first goal was to put all of the hand written and typed documents in chronological order. It was a daunting task. Fortunately, the Gatekeeper had stapled the pages in regards to the bombing together. She wanted to see clearly into his mind and learn what brought this case about. After all of the documents were in order, she would be able to analyze and interpret the astrological symbolism. Evie had to start at the beginning to see the pattern and the plans that the Gatekeeper had laid out in astrological symbolism and interpretation. It was repulsive,


compelling, overwhelming. She was doing Forensic Astrology. From the diary that the Gatekeeper wrote, she could tell that he had a total preoccupation with himself. This is a mark of the sociopath. He planned and committed such unspeakable acts and yet somehow rationalized and turned it all around and pretended to be the victim. Even a sociopath knows right from wrong. In public, sociopaths can be true thespians. They put on an affable, confident face for others to see. Evie believed the Gatekeeper had calculated the best time, astrologically for the elimination of his victims by using astrology in an effort to thwart justice. The Gatekeepers diary showed he clearly planned the bombings with a decision to kill. The Gatekeeper wanted to receive justice. He had waged a merciless assault against several unarmed and unsuspecting victims. There wasnt a shred of remorse in his writings. The Gatekeepers words were powerful and cumulative. His diary was an astrological confession to commit premeditated murder. Evie shuddered at the thought. She tried to present a brave front, but at times, to minimize of the seriousness of the case and as a way of coping, she would occasionally go into denial. She did what she always did with her painful motions. She pushed them down into her soul. She denied her feelings, so that she could have the fortitude to go to battle when it was necessary. She knew she had to stay unaffected and somewhat detached emotionally. If she didnt, she would feel outrage for a person who would use astrology to plan such a diabolical crime and this would not be a professional approach.


She couldnt let her guard down. If she did, she would feel a sense of foreboding and apprehension. She prayed and meditated. She used mental alchemy to keep her vibration high. She worked hard at alchemizing her thoughts. She needed to prepare herself physically, spiritually, and mentally to be able to go to battle against the Gatekeeper. The Hermetic teachings that she had received would be the path to her survival. She wore special gems to keep her vibrations and thoughts on a spiritual plane. All talismanic gems and stones have their own vibratory rate. She often wore an amethyst because the stone can bring an understanding of death and rebirth. The stone also brings spiritual awareness, balance, psychic abilities, inner peace, healing and positive transformation. In her pocket, she carried a blue topaz because the gem inspires psychic knowing and insight. She believed the gem could help align her spirit, bring focus, and help her to avoid sudden death. On her left ear, she wore a very small diamond stud earring because she thought it would give her the courage to look within without illusion. Before Evies mother passed away from cancer, she had given her her fathers red garnet tie pin after he passed away. She wore it because the gem represented faithful devotion to others, to self, and to ones aim. She believed the stone could awaken the inner fire of creativity and it would give her protection against sudden and unexpected accidents. She used a blue sapphire stone for helping her achieve her own divine destiny or mission in life. The stone instills hope, faith, and joy during ones journey. When Evie meditated, she used a white crystal. A crystal helps facilitate wisdom, brings clarity of


thought, increases memory, causes transformation, and brings a pureness of heart. All crystals amplify prayers, wishes, and help bring positive visualizations. She focused on harmonious thoughts of power and vitality. During her meditations, she tried to recall events in her past where she used initiative, courage, and confidence. She listened to harmonious music to sooth and calm any discordant vibrations, her anxiety, and all self-destructive thoughts. Evie also incorporated essential oils and elixirs into her daily routine. She used myrrh for revitalizing her body and enhancing her spirit. She knew that it was good for chest infections, a tonic for her stomach, and it would stimulate her white blood cells. For a sedative and an anti-depressant, she he drank chamomile tea. If she was feeling stress, she used lavender oils in a hot steam bath because the oil tended to balance her central nervous system, soothed her spirit, released all of her tension, and non-productive hyperactivity. Evie had her own personal fears that she needed to overcome. However, she was full of faith and resigned to face the unknown. The task that Evie faced was daunting and critical in nature. How she handled herself and the obstacles would alter history. All magicians understand when they assert themselves in the universe they must be courageous and use audacity. Their goal is not to slay the dragon but only to call out the ills of society so that civilization is restored. Each morning and night, Evie prayed, Oh thou Eternal Spirit in whom I live, move breathe and have my being! I come before you to partake of the healing forces of the Legions of Light. This soul is struggling to fulfill a part in the Divine Plan. Even as


the Sun vitalizes all physical life, so do the healing rays of Divine Goodness vitalize and regenerate the Soul when illness of body and misfortune of life threaten to invade one's immortal soul. Thus, the soul grows in happiness, usefulness, and spirituality and strives to take its rightful place in the Divine Plan. May I remain in silence, as I ask that all those gathered here on Earth and to those on the astral that partake of Your Divine Goodness and Power, for protection and guidance. May the Legions of Light direct their healing energies so that I may live in perfect health and fortune in all areas of life. O Thou eternal Spirit, I thank you for the healing aid and the opportunity to live a more constructive life. So shall it be

Chapter 7 SHADOWS AND DARKNESS Monday November 16, 1998


The weekend after the meeting with the detective and the prosecutor went by fast. Besides working on deciphering the Gatekeepers code and putting the documents in order, Evie prepared for a busy week teaching at the university. She arrived at the classroom semi-prepared to lecture on Faust. It was good she had taught the course before. Good morning, Evie said. Some of the students nodded and replied to her greeting and others simply looked up at her. So I hope you are ready to discuss Faust because you will see as we move along that Gods nature in Marlowes Faustus is truly different from the Faust in Goethes work. God in Marlowes Faustus damns Faustus but in Goethes Faust, love due to the creative power of the Eternal Feminine saves the Faust character. Goethe said, Faust may be regarded as a synthesis of world and spirit, which gives us the most blessed assurance of the eternal harmony of all Being.56 Faust is considered Goethes masterpiece, embodies all of the elements typical of the era because one can also see there is a combination of both human emotions along with human logic in the drama. Evie stopped and looked at the students. She could see that Christopher was looking at her as if he had something to add. Christopher, we havent heard from you recently. What human emotions do you see that Faust exhibits? Evie asked. Most of the time Faust is portrayed as an intense and reckless character he is resentful, depressed, self-deprecating, and hateful. Faust has a cynical attitude towards politics, society, theology, and orthodox Christianity, he said. Very good, Evie said then she paused and walked towards the window. She looked out and was silent for a moment. Evie thought about how changes were visible in


nature. The trees reflected a change due to their various bright colors. For her this life was a miracle. Without turning around, she said, The nature of God is reflected in the play through the evolution and the Eternal Feminine.57 Evie turned and looked at the students. Goethes Faust seems to suggest the liberal and optimistic sentiment of European enlightenment,58 she said then paused and took a sip from her water bottle. William how do you think Goethes Faust depicts German Romanticism, Classicism, paganism, and humanism? Evie asked William. William looked up. Well in Goethes Faust we see a more mature Faust character. Even though Faust is a sinner, there is reconciliation for the tragic figure in the end,59 he said. Thats right In Faust and Faustus: A Study of Goethes Relation to Marlowe Otto Heller says that the essential content of Goethes Faust is remorse, repentance, new birth, giving and withholding grace, and the internal drama of a man whose soul is divided.60 Goethe demonstrates that he is concerned with the heroic elements in the individual personality because he concentrates on human potential, Evie said. Ok turn to the Prologue in Heaven because this is where we first encounter the archangels Raphael, Gabriel, and Michael who are speaking. Evie waited for the students to turn to the passage. Tony nice to see you, Evie said with a slight grin while turning her head downward while looking at him with her eyes over the rim of her reading glasses. Tony looked sheepishly at her. Her mouth turned into the shape of a patient smile. Ok Tony read the passage where the archangel Raphael speaks.


Tonys face slightly blushed. He could be an excellent student if he would only attend his classes on a regular basis. He cleared his throat then began reading. Raphael says, His aspect lends the angels power, / While none may gage his secret way; / Sublime past understanding tower / Those works as on the primal day,61 he said.


Evie briefly looked at the clock then her notes while Tony read the passage. After he was finished, she looked up and said, The fact that Raphael is the first angel to speak is highly significant because the name Raphael means God has healed. In the Apocryphal Book of Tobit, Raphael guides Tobits son on a magnificent journey and by the end, the angel cures Tobits fathers blindness. The symbolism is that Raphael open peoples eyes to the causes of social evils and to the sources of prosperity.62 One can deduce right from the opening lines of the drama that the plan will be to open Fausts eyes so he can see clearly. Goethe gives us another clue to Fausts future because he calls the angels an envoy and this means angeloi or messengers in the Greek language. This envoy of angels begins to describe a cosmic system created by God that is in perfect balance and this reinforces the idea that the end goal is to save Fausts soul.63 God ordains the angels to have certain powers of their own and this will be important all the way to the end of Goethes Faust. Evie stopped and looked at the clock. It was a bit early to stop class but she was distracted. Guys thats all for today. Next time well turn our attention to an unusual wager made between God and Mephistopheles because this is where well learn what the golden key is that will lead to Fausts salvation. See you Wednesday. The class seemed relieved and eager to get out of class early. Evie walked directly to her office without stopping for her usual Chai Tea Latte at the Java City on campus. She had barely unlocked the door when her office phone rang. She picked up the receiver and said, Professor E. J. Taylor Hi Professor its Jason. Evie giggled some. Oh hi Jason what can I do for you?


Umm well I was wondering if you could come down to the evidence lab on Friday and help me sort through some of the Gatekeepers other documents. I mean theres a lot of documents but some of them could really help us understand him and they might be valuable and help us get to a conviction, he said. Okay Friday works what time? she asked. Jason breathed a sigh of relief. For a moment, there was silence. If you could meet me at the Home Depot parking lot off highway 101 around 7:00 a.m., you can leave your car there and ride in my truck with me. That way you dont have to deal with Bay Area traffic, he said. Alright, she said. When youre here Ill drive you to the Gatekeepers neighborhood so you can see where he lived and Ill give her a tour of the location of the crimes I think this might give you a more complete picture in your mind, he said. That sounds good I guess Ill see you Friday then, she said. Thanks Evie. I really do appreciate you. **** Friday, November 20, 1998 E. J. drove half way to the Bay Area and pulled into the Home Depot parking lot. Jason was already there when she arrived. He got out of his truck and opened the passenger side door for Evie. She got out of her car and smiled at Jason. Right on time! he said.


She grabbed her handbag along with a smaller bag she had packed with a pair of Sonoma State sweats and tennis shoes so she could change into comfortable clothes for the ride home. Jason took the bag of clothes from her and put it behind the seat of his truck. Then he turned and looked at her sparkling eyes and he flirtatiously said, You plan on staying over? Evie blushed and smiled. No I just brought a change of clothes for the ride home. He smiled, nodded, and watched her get into his Chevy truck then he walked to his side, got in, and started the engine. Buckle up, he said. Except for the sound of news on the radio, there was a brief moment of calm silence between the two while Jason pulled his truck onto the overloaded freeway. After he merged into the stream of congested traffic, he said, You know Evie when I read the diaries I get this sensation of evil that seems to resonate off of the diaries. It kind of reminds me of the heat that rises from an asphalt road on a hot summer day. Its kind of like theres waves of a hot glare you know those distorted waves you can see when you drive across the dessert. Evie nodded. She knew exactly what he meant about feeling an evil presence because she could feel it too. At the evidence lab, Jason and Evie found a cache of astrology documents and articles that the Gatekeeper had written and saved. One particularly incriminating document titled The Safe Solution: A Cinco de Mayo Surprise was in the large stack of papers. This was his plan to bomb a commercial real estate company in the Bay Area. It


was an astrological electional plan and it was extremely complicated. However, for some reason, the Gatekeeper did not carry through with his plan. Both, Jason and Evie had their own theories about why the real estate company escaped sudden disaster. The Gatekeepers Cinco de Mayo Surprise was similar to the deadly bomb that Timothy McVey used to bomb the building in Oklahoma City because like McVey the Gatekeeper also planed to fill a safe with ammonium nitrate fertilizer. It appeared from the diary, that once the real estate company was defused, the Gatekeeper planned to start his own company and make a ton of cash. Besides finding the Safe Solution plan, they also found a revealing document titled W.T.C. Bombing Event Chart Analysis. At first, both Jason and Evie were puzzled by the title of the document. However, after discussing it, they realized that the document was an astrological analysis of the first attack on the World Trade Center that occurred on February 26, 1993. In the document the Gatekeeper wrote, A thief is a peregrine planet in an angle and the moon is at 4 degrees 34 minutes of Taurus. The moon is exalted in Taurus in the 11th house. This strong position is exalted and protects the public. He is a clandestine bomber, but Mercury in the 10th house suggests government will catch him. Mercury equals the bomber, the significator. The south node in the 12th represents the bomber. Mercury under the suns beam creates a weakened effect. And mercury is conjunct the fixed star Markab and Mars, and this aspect further weakens mercury. Let the question concern the 10th house, the system, the Feds, the State, 11th house associates, and the 9th house as lawyers and judges. Jupiter rules Law enforcement, institutions, the Department


of Corrections. Does a Void of Course Moon predict an Investigative Failure? I must look at the event chart and be certain that the ruler of the 12th house is very strong and posited somewhere away from the 10th house the Feds. I must watch for all Mercury stationary and retrograde days because they will confound and confuse the matter. I must be absolutely certain that mercurys position is very strong. I must watch for peregrines as the chart significators. I need to watch for the ruler of 10th and the Feds to be retrograde. This will thwart the Federal Governments investigation. Pluto rules bombs, plots, death, terror. Pluto is retrograde and trine Mercury. This protects the bomber. Jason and Evie then opened a box and found a ten page document titled Code Named the Gatekeeper. The document puzzled them. However, they were determined to find out if the document revealed more. Tucked and folded inside they found a death certificate of the defendants mother. They examined it closely. Suddenly, they became startled and unnerved because they found out that the Gatekeepers mothers maiden name was Dragon. On the first page of the Code Named the Gatekeeper document, the Gatekeeper wrote, A Force of Spiritual Evil will be surrounding me on Sunday, March 9, 1997. After yesterdays solar eclipse at 18 degrees and 31 minutes of Pisces, the moon has moved out of the shadow of the eclipse. The moon is now strongly waxing to an opposition to vicious mars in Virgo. This eclipse is prophesied to lead to the eventual downfall of our targeted individual. Twenty years ago I did psychic astrology for the public. I cant work with the public now because I am the exclusive property of my associates. I only do esoteric or hidden astrology for myself. I absolutely prefer to work


alone in my research, particularly since I cant tolerate being touched while in trance. I delineate all charts, place them in an array, and then do my work. With strangers, I hide my voice with some rather expensive electronics, which change voice timber and tone without sounding mechanical. My identity can never be disclosed except with my permission after I read the situation. The consequences could be catastrophic to me otherwise. I work with over two hundred different entities while in trance. These entities are my own army of other world workers. The quality of my work shows because I give very accurate names, dates and most importantly, I can heal families who are under pressure from law enforcement. My associates pay me very, very well to work exclusively for them and their gambling interests. Occasionally, I need help in casting spells. I am code-named the Gatekeeper. My mode of operation is to use women to destroy my targets. The one-armed angel constantly guards me. No one can get around all of my minions. My angel shields me. When I get in a jam, my angel shows me the way out through my dreams. The Gatekeeper is unbeatable. Jason was feeling sick with worry. Evie, what do you think this all means? Well, she began, Occult doctrine teaches that every astral plane has its guardian or a type of Gatekeeper who challenges the neophyte who is approaching the opening to the other dimension. Somehow, one must learn to get past the Gatekeeper in order to gain entry into the astral world. The Gatekeeper can be both positive and negative simultaneously. The guardian to the entry acts like a guide. They help the person fulfill their own karmic journey or destiny. I really dont understand all of this, Jason said.


Evie could tell that the Gatekeeper used the term gatekeeper as a force to be reckoned with. This was a powerful and a controlling force and one they should all fear. Look, she began, esoterically, a Gatekeeper is a part of a persons own subconscious mind. It is the sum total of everything they have brought with them into this world. It includes the lessons they have learned, the growth theyve experienced, as well as their own tribulations. This soul development is what makes it possible for a person to enter into the Light at the end of their earthly existence. Jason was absorbed as Evie continued to explain the term Gatekeeper. She said, The early Gnostics and Christians developed many of these afterlife ideas. They based some of their ideas on extensive accounts of afterlife passwords. Gatekeepers, as a subjective experience, involves an inner world journey. Passwords and Gatekeepers are both part of the beliefs weve inherited from classical world. They were part of the laws of physics in the ancient world. In those days, people circulated lists of passwords because they believed that the proper password was the only way to get into the afterlife. The key was finding a password that a Gatekeeper would accept. In those days, people believed there were opposing forces in the universe and it was the interplay of these forces that were responsible for both creation and for keeping the world in motion. The light, or love is one force and the dark, or fear is the other force. These two forces are oppositional powers that are both at work in the world. The ancient esoteric student believed that the sun, moon, and each planet had its own Gatekeeper. However, in order to continue to develop ones soul on the karmic journey the person needed the proper password. The Gatekeeper holds the key to the persons journey.


But how did it get so dark because what youre saying kind of reminds me of Saint Peter? he asked. Evie turned and looked at Jason. Gatekeepers actualize themselves through humanity itself and because of this they can wage a war of chaos within the minds and souls of the unsuspecting. A Gatekeeper is always watchful over the door to the eternal but also on guard at the door into the abyss of darkness. Saturn is the ultimate Gatekeeper and is very menacing. When a person is dealing with this type of Gatekeeper, one must always use caution and self-discipline. If one doesnt, they can loose all they have learned because this type of Gatekeeper has the power to chain a soul and cast it into the desert. This is when a person sinks into total depression, isolation, and despair. These feelings can cause a person to have suicidal thoughts. This is when a person faces the Grim Reaper death, she said then she briefly paused and continued to explain to Jason about Gatekeepers. In general, the term Gatekeeper or Guardian is related to magic, the occult, Druids and Wicca. Gatekeepers are called the Guardians of the Quarters and they are called upon during rituals and invocations. There is a reference to a Gatekeeper is in an Irish ritual called the Invocation of Manannon. During certain times of the year, people gave various different offerings to the god of the occasion. Sometimes, the offering was simply to build the energy. What do you mean by building energy? Jason asked. Mostly the invocations were used for the production of food such as during the planting or harvesting seasons. They used the rituals to build up the energy so the crops would grow and in return they would receive a bountiful crop.


She continued. There were also those who believed in a Keeper of Keys. The people prayed to the Keeper and they ask for it to watch over and keep them safe from harm. The Code of the Gatekeeper, reminded Evie of a prayer she had read a very long time ago. In her mind, she recalled how in the prayer, the people called upon Manannon to cleanse their hearts and give peace and life. The prayer also asked for Manannon, the Keeper of Keys, and the spirits of the old times to declare their land, the sea, the sky, and the four directions to be kept sacred so that no one with evil intentions could trespass. In the massive stack of documents, Jason and Evie found that the Gatekeeper also used a number of aliases. One alias that he used was Annuit Coeptis. What the hell does Annuit Coeptis mean? Jason asked. Do you have a dollar bill? she asked. Jason looked at her as if shed lost her mind however he reached for his wallet and took out a dollar bill. Turn it over and look at it closely, she said. He did. See the words Annuit Coeptis? she asked. Jason nodded. The words are part of the Great Seal of the United States of America. Our Congress accepted this design in June 1782. Annuit Coeptis is above the split unfinished pyramid which symbolizes strength, permanence, future growth, goal of perfection, the light, and duration. On the top half of the pyramid there is a divine and omniscient all-seeing eye and this eye symbolizes deity, creator, foresight, eternal vigilance, and wisdom.


Jasons eyes brightened. He tucked the bill back into his wallet and stuck it in his back pocket then he said, I kind of remember the Eye of God being symbolic in The Great Gatsby. Exactly, responded Evie. The Eye is a Freemason and Rosicrucian symbol. Its also found in Egyptian Masonry. To many students of the occult, this phrase is connected to the idea that it is often a necessity for one to brake through with all force. It is understood as a forcible overthrow of darkness and barbarism. In other words, sometimes if one cant bring down the government by peaceable means, then they use force. 64 Jesus! exclaimed Jason. The alias our guy used sure seems to fit his plan. It is very symbolic. Annuit Coeptis can also be traced to the Roman poet Virgil.65 Its associated with the story of Aeneas, who was the son of Venus, and his travels from Troy to Italy. If you translate Annuit Coeptis from Latin into English, it literally means, All powerful Jupiter, may you favor my darling undertakings. She continued, After Congress accepted the symbol, Thomas Smith Webb said, And although our thoughts, words, and actions may be hidden from the eyes of man. Yet, that All-seeing Eye, whom the sun, moon, and stars obey, and under whose watchful care even comets perform their stupendous revolutions, pervades the inmost recesses of the human heart. And will reward us according to our merits.66 The Pyramid and the Sphinx are part of the many mysteries of ancient Egypt and some believe when the two are united there is a perfect formulae of the magic found in nature.67


Jason flipped the page over and he saw another alias. The Gatekeeper wrote, I was born again into the Arian Nationality on April 7, 1997 at 11 hrs 02 min Universal Time. My new name shall be Joel Cohen. New beginnings for one full year. It looks like he also called himself Joel Cohen. I wonder where the heck he came up with this name? he asked. From what I know, the name Cohen or Cohenim is part of Jewish ancestry. The name can be translated into maintain the fires. The Parshat Tzav or Leviticus 6:6 says A fire continually shall be kept burning upon the alter, it should not go out. It is a mitzvah for the Cohen to maintain the fire.68 God demands that we bring fire on our own and of our own, so that we may be closer to the Creator of Heavens. It is not that God needs the fire, but man needs the experience of the fire. Before the Almighty, we bow down and light the fire on the tabernacle as a way to purify our physical body, mental body, and spiritual body. We are to actively take part in the consecration and we do this by fire. The Cohenim have certain obligations and functions. Because of this, they must maintain a level of ritual purity that restricts their freedom in many ways. Evie asked, Do you think that the Gatekeeper was thinking of terrorism, terrorist organizations, skin-heads, and people who use violence as a means to justify their desires when he wrote, Entry into the Arian Nationality? I think its pretty obvious, said Jason. You know, I was reading Mind Hunter by John Douglas a while back. Hes an FBI Profiler. In his book, he mentions there a suspect named Jacob Cohen. Now, in the book Douglas says that Cohen was a fugitive accused of killing a police officer in Chicago in the winter of 1972. Jacob Cohen also


shot an FBI Agent named Richard Carr. Now this is getting pretty interesting because its possible that the Gatekeeper may have been familiar with this particular case since it involved the Chicago Police Department. What do you mean Jason? Evie asked. Well, around the time of the shooting, the Gatekeeper was employed by Chicago PD as a forensic analyst. Oh god, this is really an intertwined web, she replied. Yeah it sure is. Look here, Jason read from the document out loud as he pointed to the page, My name is Joel Cohen. I am a research astrologer who, upon appropriate occasion, will do private readings for persons willing to trade information for development of a new branch of astrology. Specifically, I research extended-family astrology and the astrological relationships among extended family members. Jason skipped past some astrological calculations and continued to read the Gatekeepers words to Evie. Uranus, the planet of group enlightenment went stationary direct and the Aquarian Initiative was conceived. The year 1998 is the Great Preparation Year when Neptune retro-cycles back and forth over the 29th degree of Capricorn. After November 28th, Neptune permanently joins Uranus. This will introduce a group concept collectively called The Age of Aquarius. My focus shall be on the tremendous amount of money that will be made after the super-boom in the local real estate. The date on this document is the same year as the bombings, he said. Jason handed Evie the document and she read it silently to herself. The Gatekeeper wrote, At 8:30 P.M. on Monday, March 31, 1997 evil will follow me all the


way to April 30, 1997. March and April 1997 are very, very intense ... the rest of the year is much easier.... Unusual Vibration Feel the Presence of Evil during April 1997. April is torrid. Mid-April violence to me because Evil will be following me around. On or about April 2, 1997, my sister Elzora said in her sleep she heard the alarm go off on my house. There was a particular sound, she ask our mother to help, she saw our mother, and she said to stop sounding false alarms. Elzora interpreted this psychic message to be that someone may possibly have a copy of our entry code. The code must be changed. I must be prepared to move fast at very critical moment or else I will have to confront physical violence. The Forces of Spiritual Evil are fueling the Falls City based Moslem fanatics. They are opposing me. I must expect neurotic behavior from people where my proposals meet reversals and bizarre challenges. This is Meenaa! She has fired up her family. They are sticking together. She is hiding her Judas role! Meenaa never thought she had to pay back her debt to me. It will be impossible to negotiate because someone will have a deaf ear and someone will betray me. I must clean up all my papers and get the stuff out of my house. I must get clearly organized. Expect a search warrant. People will be at my house looking for stuff. Elzora said that she saw people come to my house to get my stuff related to... I must clean up all! April 21st through April 29th is a phase for very unusual projects. A very shocking event will occur between April 20th and 22nd. There is a potential for a death. I must stay out of it they brought it on themselves because they are villains. I will feel regret. Although, the event has a long-term benefit for me. Elzora says this may be the get to the back of the bus period when someone else takes the heat in my place. April 29th is a profound day because there will be an unusual awareness of the


universe on this day. It could be a very progressive day because a release of the negative is likely. This equals freedom. Obstacles will be removed. On April 30th, I will be relieved of a burden; my work will be done. It is up to courts and media to do their work. Evil inclinations are considerably heightened during this time. I may be blocked by the Falls City Organizations which are operating on the other side. I feel betrayal coming on July 4th through July 11th. I must be really careful of betrayal. Someone arrogant is planning to undo me. By the end of the week it will be settled to my benefit. While Evie was reading to herself, Jason opened another large box full of documents. He found articles written by other people and astrologers. He noticed that on nearly every one the articles, the Gatekeeper wrote his own comments along the margins. He also underlined some of the specific phrases and sentences on the articles. Murder was the focus of all of the articles. On one article, Jason noticed that the Gatekeeper had underlined the sentence, A murderers chart will usually show the potential for committing such an act. Such people may have aspects that show possible cruelty, impulsiveness, and other traits, all connected to the chart areas and factors that have to do with violent acts against others.


On the top right corner of the article, Jason noticed that the Gatekeeper made a number of notations. Hey Evie, what are these symbols? he asked. Evie stopped reading and looked the document Jason had in his hand. She studied it for a few minutes and then she said, This is a drawing of his natal planets and their positions. He drew the natal planets Pluto and Saturn in a square aspect to natal Mars. Here, he listed the words aggression, vindictive, physical violence, and war underneath his diagram. Jason mouth was closed, tightly. He looked at Evie, rolled his eyes, and shook his head back and forth. He set the document aside and pulled another set of stapled pages out of the dusty box. In this group of papers, Jason and Evie noticed that the Gatekeeper calculated Meenaas chart and the charts of her family members. On Meenaas chart, Shipwrecked Fortunes during March 1998, was written across the top by a thick black marker. There were also other notations and comments on her chart. On the chart he wrote, Her chart indicates a potential for murder make it appear like a suicide. On the backside of Meenaas horoscope the Gatekeeper wrote, My aspects have a potential for violence and cruelty because of my frustration and aggression brought on by her deception. This is a hard aspect. I have extremely violent midpoints. The midpoint between Mars and Saturn will provide the clue to my problems. The midpoint between my Mars and Uranus is where my erratic and aggressive behavior lies. My Pluto and Mars midpoint causes me to want to run roughshod over people. Murderers are usually


strongly connected to their victims. I must look at my own Part of Death, Part of Assassination, and Part of Suicide. Evie recalled that on the Gatekeepers horoscope page and in the Muslim Bombing Document, the Gatekeeper had included the Part of Death and the Part of Fortune. On his horoscope page, he also noted the Part of Violence, Danger, and Decapitation the killing planet. Evie was disturbed because the Gatekeepers primary focus seemed to be about murderers and his victims in relationship to his natal chart. One long typed document Evie examined was titled, Celtic Scorpionic Festival. On the first page of the document the Gatekeeper wrote, On October 31 the Celtic Scorpionic Festival of Samhain arrives as a final winding down of the old year into decay, then death followed by a rebirth. Supernatural beings, both good and evil, culminate to haunt the country-sides and forests in an effort to return to their earthly homes. During Samhain, you are just as likely to meet an angel as a demon along a lonely path, for all spirit forces are then at the peak of power. Like myself, Scorpio is fascinated by death and decay. The sign provides haunted areas that are in the throes of disintegration. Scorpio is a compelling force. It gives me psychic shivers and sensual pleasures. Scorpio is a charismatic and charming sign because it feasts on the lifeblood of the weak or innocent. It is an indescribable force charged by Pluto, the planet of sex and death. Scorpio is fixed water, the swamp, or sinkhole. Pluto rules Scorpios demons. Evie turned to the next page and continued to read what the Gatekeeper had previously typed. He wrote, With this Samhain, at 15 degrees of Scorpio, I will set in motion events that will manifest on many levels. During this significant time of choice,


not everyone will say yes or open the door. However, my opportunity is knocking. Sometimes blessings will come in strange disguises and that we may be unaware that we are entertaining the Devil himself. The moons nodes will bring about contacts and situations without asking for our readiness. Fortunately, Jupiter offers protection and I was born with Jupiter conjunction Venus, which together at the cusp of the fourth house, will provide my protection. However, the Scorpionic energy the best and the worst is the grief that I continue to experience. Evie put the document aside. She didnt know if the district attorney would be able to use it as evidence or not. Although, she did think it was an important clue that revealed the Gatekeepers state of mind. Jason, you might want to read this it could be important. Jason took the document and read it silently. What the heck does this mean? he asked. Well, the Gatekeepers talking about Halloween or rather All Hallows Eve. Its an interesting time of year. Today, its a popular holiday that coincides with All Saints Day and All Souls Day. Its the only holiday that is celebrated outdoors and at night. In the medieval world the term hallow meant to make saintly or to make holy and the medievals always started the following day at sunset the night before a holiday. They celebrated All Hallows Eve because they had a kind of pre-occupation with the dead. Some believed that on Halloween there would be spiritual anarchy if they didnt celebrate dead ancestors. So people carved pumpkins or turnips to keep the dead from merging into the physical world, she said.


I had no idea thats what Jack O Lanterns were for! Jason remarked. Well according to Irish mythology, it started out as an Irish Harvest Festival. The pagans or country dwellers who lived outside the city believed this was a period of transformation because it was in between summer and winter. Samhain simply means summers end. The festival is in between the fall solstice and the winter equinox. It was primarily a pastoral and agricultural festival. People gathered together to celebrate the changing of the seasons and they prepared the crops and livestock for the winter season to approach. They thought the season was a threshold moment because summer has ended and darkness is descending. During the festival, people thought there was an intermingling of the spiritual world with the living. Summer and the light returns to the underworld. Nature goes to sleep and this allows the undead beings to surface through Irish burial mounds, she said. Like the mounds at New Grange? he asked. Yes and other smaller burial mounds all over Ireland. Anyway, during Samhain the Irish Harvest Festival, the folks lit huge bonfires that were both spectacular and disturbing. Even Julius Caesar wrote about the bonfires in Ireland during his conquest. But the bonfires were to guard off evil spirits. They also constructed a huge cage-like Wicker Man out of wood slats. The people forced criminals to climb up inside the cagedshaped man and then they burned them alive. Anyway Caesar commented that this was a type of human sacrifice and he thought it was rather barbaric, she explained. God, it sounds like pretty rough justice! he said. Well, those days were tough times! Anyway, the holiday really is about the dead.


The prayers and offering given at celebration helps those who have died get out of Purgatory and into Heaven. Its kind of like giving a Purgatory Intervention but it had to include the Principal of Reciprocity, she explained. Evie I will never think of Halloween in the same way! he said smiling. I think Pat might want to look at the Gatekeepers concept of Halloween Pats a pretty good Catholic! he said. Evie laughed and set it in the keeper stack. The next document she noticed had Pluto written across the top of the page in bold letters. Underneath Pluto, the Gatekeeper wrote, Any planet found in conjunction with Pluto is completing an entire evolutionary cycle, with a totally new evolutionary cycle to begin. The planet can be two things: The vehicle through which the person experiences confusion, dissociation, alienation, and discontent in order to learn about the nature of personal delusions, dreams, and illusions. Pluto may also be the vehicle through which the person can experience the universal, the timeless, and the source. I have natal Pluto conjunct Saturn and natal Pluto conjunct the Ascendant, so I am a natal Pluto conjunct natal Saturn personality because of the Ascendant involvement. The fact that the conjunction occurs in the 12th house of self-undoing, says the experiences are negative for the first Saturn cycle. I must learn to cope with law enforcement-related issues. People, such as myself, with Pluto on the ascendant and Pluto conjunct Saturn promotes the need to actualize and realize their own authority. They establish the authority within society any way they can. Saturn makes this concrete. The goal is to learn lessons relative to external Saturn power by asserting Pluto over authority. Pluto presents a fear of being consumed by authority Saturn


hence I will asserts my own self-authority and contain the Saturn aspect. I have the potential for leadership. Pluto rules my sociological role; Saturn is the place for the role. The evolutionary intentions are described by Plutos polarity point at 12 degrees of Aquarius in the 6th house nearly conjunct the 7th house cusp. I must look at the Aquarius house for Aquarian ideals. There are lessons to be learned in this life, and with Pluto Aquarius Uranus - North Node with the conjunction of Uranus to the North Node, we know that Aquarian ideals through groups and associations dominate. I must watch transiting Saturn, transiting Uranus, and transiting Pluto aspects. Because of the natal Saturn conjunct natal Pluto, look to transiting Saturn to find the circumstances for evolution of this aspect. With Pluto rising, there are many Scorpionic secrets that often cloud my personality. If I misdirect my Plutonian powers, I can be cruel and vindictive. Since there is an affliction from Saturn, I can also be downright ruthless in my attempts to get my way in all personal matters and relationships. Evie was chilled. Her heart was pounding and she was beginning to develop a headache. Nevertheless, she forced herself to turn the page over and continue reading what the Gatekeeper had written. He wrote, I will be faced with hidden aspects of death, rebirth, and abuse of power if I am not cautious when I am dealing with the underworld activities. I do possess great reservoir of hidden inner strength and personal regeneration. I have a magnetic appeal and fascination for all things that are hidden beneath the surface, which overflows into my sexual appetites and desires. At times, I am best at playing the role of the forceful dominator, which can also be a hidden danger that I must watch for. My natal planet in Scorpio represents the parts of me that deal urgently with


the lessons of transformation, regeneration, death, and change. Scorpio is the sign of inner change. This Halloween I will use mirrors and cauldrons of water to regenerate my soul and to gain a glimpse of the future. Like, the ancient Pagans, I believe Halloween is a time when our year dies and the veil between one dimension and another is thinnest. This is an auspicious time to make spirit contact, so as to appease the ruthless underworld god Sammael by sacrificing something cherished. This is much like Pluto squaring Venus would demand, as in my natal chart! If I do not do this willingly, this Scorpio-like god will send his demons and ill-willed spirits and make my life a living hell. Sammaels gift to us has been to teach us about value systems, to help us evaluate whether what we clutch, own, and desire and what is appropriate to our souls growth and yearning for wholeness. My natal Halloween chart demands that something be done something must be done that will produce results on the physical plane! The square is our karma inclusive of the universal law. A square involving Scorpio deals with the very fiber of our emotional center. With my natal Venus at the Halloween-nadir position, the Halloween experience will occur through a woman. It must be Meenaa! The Venus position on the nadir promises there will be home based problems, adverse circumstances, and criminals I am the Grim Reaper like the god Pluto who rules the underworld. Evie finished reading the Pluto document. She set it aside. She leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes. Her headache was beginning to turn into a migraine. At the time, Jason was in the back of the evidence lab sorting through another box. Evie sat still. She tried to calm herself by taking in slow long breaths. However, the atmosphere in the evidence lab wasnt conducive to meditation. The air had a repugnant odor created from


dusty rubber tires, marijuana plants, old documents, and various other confiscated items by Falls City police. Jason returned to where Evie was sitting with another large box full of documents. The box was so big, he could hardly see in front of him. He carefully bent down, set the box on the floor, straightened up, and then wiped the dust off of his hands on his thighs. He looked at Evie sitting with her eyes closed. Are you okay? You look pale, he said. Evie opened her eyes and looked at him. Im okay but I am starting to get a headache. Stay sitting. Im going to get you a cold 7-Up with a cup of ice and some Motrin, he said. Jason left the room briefly then returned with the drink and medicine in hand. Here, take these. Evie reached for the pills he had cupped in his left hand and she put them in her mouth. He handed her the drink and she swallowed. Thank you, she said. Jason was standing behind Evie. He placed his hands on her shoulders and began slowly rubbing the knots out of her neck. His hands were warm and powerful. Evie sat completely still. It felt natural for her to acquiesce to Jasons touch. He said, You havent had anything to eat. Youre stressed out and I know youre tired. After a few minutes, the massage started to relax Evie. She turned and looked up at Jason. Jason, you are a gifted healer. Thank you. He gently took his hands off of her. Feeling better? he asked. Evie blushed some. Yes, I am, she replied.


Well, this is the last box. How bout we breeze through it together then Ill take you to get something to eat? I know this good Italian deli near Mission Hills. After we eat, we can drive up to the area where the Gatekeeper did the bombings if you want. Evie smiled. That sounds fantastic, she said. Jason sat down next to her and they began sorting through the stack of papers. Evie adjusted herself in her chair and started reviewing a typed document titled Ninth House Signing. She noticed that in the third paragraph, the Gatekeeper wrote, Uranus in my chart indicates a yen for public exposure. Uranus trine Mars gives me an inventor or engineering aspect. Uranus is conjunct my North Node of the moon and this represents the future and defines karmic events that I have chosen to assume in this life. I do have a double personality along with an independent streak. My intellectual adaptability and curiosity is coupled with a thirst for knowledge. This nodal point brings a pioneering and inventive quality my personality I am an inventor and builder of all Martian things especially electrical things that go boom! I have Neptune opposing a full Aries moon. Neptune rules deception and here rules self-deception. Therefore, I must use lies and evasiveness to extricate myself from all ordinary and inordinate situations so that people I encounter will have trouble distinguishing what is real from the imagined or illusory. I will use deception as a way of escape. I have Saturn trine my full Aries moon. Saturn will lend circumstantial help. People will not suspect me. Scorpio rules revenge and that is vengeance that is given or taken. The planet Pluto is the Grim Reaper and it is the first planet to rise to perfection in my chart. The days of hell are coming the end of March. No jail time. If there is a public trial, law enforcement will lose. I will become the


Poster Boy of American Patriot Movement, because the Police Department, FBI, and ATF will get their ass kicked. They are giving me a Big Soap Box to stand on. If I pay special attention to all Scorpio placements, I can get away with murder! The ninth house is where all of my luck lies. Brilliant! I am the Lord of Thieves and the Grim Reaper! Evie reeled back in her chair with her eyes wide open. She was feeling panic and distress. She wanted to scream, to run for help, but she remained frozen, like a trapped animal. Jason could see that Evie had a long face and worried look on her face. What did you find? he asked in a concerned tone. Evies lower lip quivered. Jason, you need to read this last document, she said with her voice breaking. Jason leaned over towards her and silently read the Ninth House Signing document. Evie watched him. She could see that Jason was becoming distressed. His eyes darkened and the color of his skin started to grey some. Sweat was starting to form on his forehead and his hands started to tremble. He put the document on the table. He leaned way back in his chair, put both hands behind his head, closed his eyes, and sat silent immobile. Jason thought quietly to himself, This is an individual who is both highly intellectual and knowledgeable but also a person who has a permanent character disorder. The Gatekeeper enjoys impressing people with his brilliance and intellect. He will challenge anyone who is an authority figure. He portrays all the signs of being a psychopath and he has an innate ability to be a superlative liar and chameleon. Jason


also believed the Gatekeeper was a self-aggrandizing maniac who fed on chaos and confusion. His own frustrations fanatical obsessions led him to seek out victims.


Evie also sat quiet, thinking. Like Jason, her mind was wildly racing. She thought back to all of the diaries she read. In them, the Gatekeeper admitted having a predisposition for violence. He thirsted for and engaged in voyeuristic behavior. He watched and did surveillance on his intended victims, like a lion on the prowl. He felt his behavior was justifiable and warranted. He used astrology diabolically and analytically so he could be in control of the external world yet he couldnt control himself. From the diaries, Evie knew that the Gatekeeper enjoyed manipulating people. He used charisma and charm to control people for his own gain. However, he also had manic-depressive qualities, terrible mood swings, and severe emotional disorders. These qualities were obvious to her because he frequently wrote about demons and the evil forces that surround him. He had a vivid imagination and he believed that he had the ability to travel to other spheres of reality and he would be able to escape from the outside world through his psychic visions. Evie thought to herself, The Gatekeepers antisocial and deviant behavior must be due to a manifestation of something going on within his own mind. There must be something more than his astrological signature that has caused these internal character weaknesses. Was this a life-long pattern or a structure of his personality? Was it his environment, negative thought patterns, upbringing? One thing Evie was sure of was the Gatekeeper did not commit this crime because of some unusual, inexplicable, or unstable behavioral pattern. This was not a sudden lapse in judgment or a temporary phenomenon. His defiant act against the people was well-planned and premeditated and he had no guilt and no remorse.


Jason opened his eyes and leaned forward. He turned to Evie and starred at her bluish-green eyes then he reached for her hand. He grasped her hand tightly with both of his. His head tilted downward, his jaw was clinched, and eyes narrowed. He had a determined look etched onto his face. His eyes darkened and with a menacing plea, he fiercely said, The Gatekeeper says he can get away with murder! The Gatekeeper has to be stopped If he isnt its more than likely hell find more people to target to target because he has a perverted desire to commit mass murder! She nodded at Jason then looked down. Im terrified, she said as a solitary tear trickled down her flushed cheek. Jason reached for a tissue, dabbed her tear dry, and reached around her with both arms. I know. I am too, he said softly. They tenderly embraced for a few moments then Jason said, Come on lets get out of here its nearly 3:00 oclock. Lets go get something to eat. They walked out to the Chevy truck and both got in. Jason started the engine then turned and said, The Italian Bistro well go to is Luccas. They make all kinds of deli sandwiches That sounds fantastic, Evie said. **** They both stood looking at the menu at the delicatessen. There were too many choices. What do you suggest? Evie asked.


Humm do you want to get us the table outside and Ill surprise you with one of my favorites? he said while smiling. Evie smiled and had a bashful look on her face then she turned her head slightly but had her eyes still fixed on his. Ok I am always up for trying something new once! she said then walked outside and sat down at the umbrella covered table. For a minute, Evie watched Jason place their order at the counter then she turned her gaze away from him and looked over her shoulder towards the sunset. She was tired. Jason came out of Luccas holding a tray with sandwiches and two Cappuccino Lattes. I hope you like it. Evie watched him sit down next to her then she removed the wrapping from her sandwich and took a healthy bite. Delicious! What is it? I got you a Prosciutto Toscano of Tuscany it has peppered ham, garlic, rosemary and juniper with sweet mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes. I got the Prosciutto with Havarti Cheese on a sourdough roll do you want to taste mine? he asked. Oh no mine is perfect. Thank you, she said smiling. Jason smiled back at her and started eating his sandwich. After we eat, I want to drive you up to the hills so you can see the crime scene where the bombings took place if you have time that is, he said. That sounds good Id like to see the area, she responded. The drive through the neighborhood was enlightening. Although the opulent mansions impressed Evie, she was running out of steam. Not even the cappuccino she had just had gave her much of a boost. She was exhausted.


By the time Jason merged onto the freeway, it was nearly 5 oclock. Rush hour. Traffic was barely moving. Evie partly rolled down the window so she could feel the breeze on her face. She closed her eyes and leaned her head against the seat. Jason reached for her hand. She turned and looked at him out of the corner of her eye and smiled. She held his hand close to her inner thigh. Evie definitely knew what she liked. She liked to be touched but only when she liked to be touched. She liked to be touched by him. By the time they arrived at the Home Depot parking lot, it was approaching 6 oclock. Jason pulled in, parked, and turned the motor off. He turned to Evie and said, Evie I hate that youre headed right into Friday night traffic. Would you like to follow me to my house its just a few blocks away you can wait for traffic to die down? That sounds like a good idea I really dont have the energy to battle the freeway right now, she said. Evie got out of Jasons truck and into her car. She followed Jasons truck to his house and while she was driving, she thought to herself, What am I doing? God hes pulling me in like a magnet his aura his charisma is compelling. Jason pulled into his driveway and jumped out of his truck. He had Evies bag of clothing in his hand. He waited for her to park her car. You forgot this in my truck, he said as he slung the bags strap over his shoulder. Evie smiled and followed him to the front door. Jasons home was small, conservatively decorated in semi-masculine dcor but it was orderly and warm. There was a dark overstuffed leather sofa facing an old fashioned fireplace with bookshelves on either side. Would you like to try a glass of


cabernet sauvignon I bought from a winery in Washington State last time I was there? he asked. That sounds perfect, she said. While Jason walked to the kitchen, Evie scanned Jasons music and book collection on the book cases. She immediately was drawn to his books on early Christian theology such as Hidegard: Prophet of the Cosmic Christ, Saint Catherine of Siena: Her Life and Times, Passionate Spirituality: Hildegard of Bingen and Hadewijch of Brabant, Erotic Morality: The Role of Touch in Moral Agency, Christian Mystics: Their Lives and Legacies throughout the Ages, The Essential Writings of Christian Mysticism, City of God, and The Divine Comedy. Make yourself at home, he said from the kitchen. Evie was impressed by Jasons book collection, smiled to herself, and sat down on his sofa. When Jason returned to the living room, he had two long stem wine glasses and the bottle of wine in his hands. He sat down beside her then clicked on the remote control button to the stereo. Evie immediately recognized the tune. It was Billie Holidays What a Little Moonlight Can Do. The upbeat tunes and swift moving rhythm lightened both of their heavy moods. They smiled at each other and Jason poured the wine. They didnt discuss the Gatekeepers diaries at all. Instead, they each told stories about their childhoods, their family backgrounds, and lost loves. Jason poured Evie a second glass of wine, then offered to let her take a warm bubble bath in his old fashioned claw-foot tub. She agreed. They both stood up and Jason led her to the bathroom. The bath was immaculate and decorated in simple black and white. Evie liked the intricate pattern of the one inch octagon black and white tiles on the


floor. Jason turned the water facet on and poured in a cap full of Dr. Bronners Magic Soap made with organic rose and olive oil into the water. He turned to Evie and handed her a large Egyptian white cotton towel then he left the room. Evie closed the door, partially. She undressed and slipped into the warm bubbly rose scented water. Evie was completely emerged in bubbles when Jason came to the bathroom door. Are you decent? he asked. It depends on what you mean by decent, she flirtatiously responded. He peered in. His eyes looked at her covered in the bubbles. He had a newly poured glass of the cabernet in one hand and a lit vanilla scented candle in the other one. He handed her the glass and put the candle on the edge of the sink. He turned around, walked towards the door, and flicked the light switch off. He looked back over his shoulder at her. Relax, he said softly. He left the door partially open. I always follow a detectives orders, she said. She could hear Billies voice bellowing from the next room. She sunk down under the bubbles and allowed the aroma of elixirs from the rose oil to permeate her body and soul. She could hear sounds coming from the kitchen. She was unaware that Jason was a culinary aficionado. She could smell basil, garlic, and oregano. Evie got out of the tub and dried off. She looked in the cabinet and found a container of all natural delicately-scented Shea butter cream. She moisturized her feet, elbows, and hands with the super-rich formula. She put her cream colored lace Wonder bra and matching panties back on. Then she snuggled into her sweat shirt and pants. She took her empty wine glass and went to the doorway to the kitchen. Jason was chopping


fresh tomatoes. She could see water boiling. It was ready for pasta. Jasons glass of wine was half full. At first, he didnt notice her. Then he looked up. He smiled. Feel better? he asked. Amazingly better, she said as she stepped closer to him. He poured more wine in her glass and held out his glass to her. They toasted. Jason put his wine glass down on the counter and pulled her in closer with both arms. He kissed her deeply. Evies lips moved to his neck. It tasted like a sweet salt. The combination of sandalwood and musk scents in his cologne made him smell deliciously manly. He lightly pressed his head against the side of her neck. He tightly grasped her left hand with his right hand and she snugly held his left hand with her right one. Then suddenly, Evie pulled away from Jasons embrace. She thought of Faustian Bargains and the deals we make with the Devil. Evie turned and solemnly faced him. On some deep inner level, Jason knew what she was thinking. He reached for both of her hands. He looked down. His face had a pained look. He frowned and pulled his eyebrows slightly inward towards the bridge of his nose. Then he looked deeply into her eyes and said, I dont want to take my eyes off of you. Im already falling in love with you Jason had barely got the words out when Evie interrupted. But if anyone finds out about this, it could cause a real shit-storm. We cant do this not now, she said. Youre right this could compromise both of us this could jeopardize the case we could completely derail the trial with this, he said.


I know I guess we all make deals, whether we admit it or not with devils, she said and then let go of his warm gentle hands. He put his hands on her shoulders and looked into her teary eyes. Sometimes we fall so we can learn to get up. After this is over, we will have free will again. I promise, he said. She put her hand on his cheek and shook her head. Not now. We cant do this, she said then she walked to the front door. Jason put his arms around her. They briefly embraced then he let her go. Call me when you get home, he said while looking at her. I will, she said. Evie slung her clothing bag over her shoulder then turned away from Jason and walked alone to her car. Jason watched her walk away from him. Her head was tipped down towards the walkway. She walked about halfway down the sidewalk then stopped. Evie turned around and looked back at Jason. He looked so sad. Concerned. Evie gave him a kind of half-wave but he didnt smile, he simply starred. Finally, he nodded at her and held his hand up with his palm facing her. He held his hand still for a moment and he tried to smile. Evie partially smiled back. For just a few seconds, she stood completely still looking at Jason. Then she turned around and walked the rest of the way to her car then got in and started the engine. Evie sat still for a second with both hands on the steering wheel, then she put the car in reverse and backed away from Jason. Jason stood by his front door and watched Evie back her car out of his driveway and drive away from him. After the tail lights on Evies car vanished, he went inside in


the house and locked her door behind him. He felt empty and full at the same time. He didnt want to be away from her. We need to be on guard. We need to be careful. Careful of every move we make. If were not we could likely turn into the very thing we are fighting. Fucking Gatekeeper! he thought. Once again, he felt like the Lone Wolf.

Chapter 8 A BREWING STORM Friday 11:00 p.m., November 20, 1998 Evie pulled into her driveway around 11:00 p.m. Except for a small lamp on the entryway table, her home was dark. Her cat Milo greeted her with a familiar brush against her leg. It was only an hours drive home but she already missed Jasons touch. Evie set her handbag and the clothing bag on the dining table then she dialed the number for Jasons home phone. Hi I made it, she said. Good I was worried about you, Jason said. Im fine there wasnt much traffic, she said. I miss you already, he said quietly. I know. Me too. Sleep well, she said. Evie put the receiver down, walked to the front window, and looked out. A thick layer of fog was descending on the quiet street. She couldnt see any life at all however she didnt feel exactly alone. Evie was lost in thoughts about the evening


with Jason when her phone rang. The caller I.D. displayed the word Private. She smiled and perked up. What is he doing calling me so quickly? she thought. Evie darted past Milo and grabbed the phone like a school girl. Hey you, she said. There was no response from the other end of the phone except the sound of breathing. Jason is that you? she asked. A chilling silence was the only response to her question. Jason? she asked again. Again, there was no reply. Evie clicked the off button and redialed Jasons home phone. Jason rolled over in his bed and picked up the phone. He cleared his throat and answered, Hello Did you just call? Evie asked. Jason sat straight up in his bed. No whats going on? he asked. Its nothing I just got a call and thought it was you since we just hung up. It was probably just a wrong number, she said. Was a number displayed? he asked. It was a blocked number she replied. Then, Evie heard the call waiting beep. Hold on, someone is calling, she said. Jason stood up and waited for Evie to come back on the phone. It seemed to take forever even though it was just seconds. Jason..., she said nervously.


Who was it? he asked in a worried tone. No one they didnt say anything, she said. Evie do you want me to call the local police station and have them drive by your place? he asked. Oh no dont be silly. Its nothing. Im just a little rattled after going through the Gatekeeper documents today, she said. Was everything in order when you got home? Did you notice anyone or anything on the street or around your house? he asked. No detective, she said with a slight giggle. Everything was quiet and in perfect order, Evie said. Then she walked to the front window and turned the wood blinds closed. Jason sat down on the edge of his bed. Okay do you want me to sing you a little lullaby? he said playfully. Evie smiled and laughed. I think you better stick to investigative work, she said. Jason enjoyed Evies quick wit. He leaned back on his pillows and put his feet on the bed. Ok I get it you dont think I can sing? he said teasingly. The thought of Jason singing amused Evie. I heard you singing along with Billie Holiday earlier this evening, she said while smiling. Jason laughed then cleared his throat. Like this Ooh, ooh, ooh What a little moonlight can do. Ooh, ooh, ooh What a little moonlight can do to you. Youre in love. Your hearts fluttering all day long. You only stutter cause your poor tongue just will not utter the words I love you! he sung out loud and slightly out of tune.


Ooh, ooh, ooh that was pretty good for a cop! Evie said while laughing. Jason smiled. Ok so I should keep my day job. Get some sleep little moonbeam! he said. I will you too, she said then she hung up the phone. Evie picked up Milo and stroked his long black and white fur. Then, she undressed and snuggled under her warm feather comforter. It had been an exhausting day yet an emotionally exhilarating evening. She leaned back on her pillows and closed her eyes. Jason oh my god Jason, she reminisced about his warm body next to hers. Then she realized that she couldnt think of Jason, not this way. It wasnt the time and it wasnt professional. She had to keep focused on the Gatekeeper and not let her personal desires for Jason get in the way. **** Monday, 8:34 a.m., November 23, 1998 Monday morning was typically when inmates in the Falls City lock-up received visitors from attorneys, family members, and were able to make personal phone calls. Around 8:30 a.m., the court appointed lawyer, Gordon Harper, went to the Falls City jail to visit the Gatekeeper. During the half-hour meeting, the two discussed what evidence the police had gathered so far and who was working on the trial with the prosecution side. The Gatekeeper was stunned when Gordon Harper told him Professor Evelyn Jayne Taylor from Sonoma State University was working as a consultant for the police to decipher the diaries because he remembered the anonymous phone call he had made to


the professor prior to planning Meenaas murder. After his attorney left, the Gatekeeper asked to use the payphone. The Gatekeepers sister Elzora was sitting at her kitchen table shuffling and fondling her deck of Tarot cards when her phone rang. Elzora, he said. Oh dear brother how are you my love? she asked. Im bitter bitter cold they dont provide even so much as a warm blanket in this god forsaken place. Its like a damn gothic cathedral and believe me, the cook is no culinary expert the food is absolutely horrendous, he said indignantly. My dearest brother what can I do to make you feel better? Elzora asked. The cops brought in an astrologer to decipher my diaries. You must make a powerful psychic impression on the astrologer. Do a Tarot card spread. Focus your energy and find a way to shape-shift the situation, he said viciously. Elzora immediately knew what her brother wanted her to do. He wanted her to scare the living daylights out of the astrologer in any way or manner she could think of. If she was able to terrify the astrologer, she might drop out of working on the case. Name? she asked. The Gatekeeper turned his head and looked over his shoulder to see if anyone was listening then coldly he said, Professor E. J. Taylor, Sonoma State University. Elzora reshuffled the deck of cards. The Eight of Swords will provide bondage through fear. Shell find herself unable to act because shell feel like shes locked inside in a labyrinth of paralysis. Shell be guarded by the three Furies, Elzora said spitefully.


Make sure the psychic impression creates quarrelsome and turbulent activity in the realm of her subconscious mind, the Gatekeeper said in a low ominous tone. Elzora took a long deep breath and touched her third finger on her right hand to her forehead. Alright Ill also draw the Nine of Swords... this will create chaos, great fear, and anxiety. Yes, yes, yes the card of nightmares and frightful visions, said the Gatekeeper gravely. Elzora pulled out the Nine of Swords and sat it along side the Eight of Swords. Doom and torment, said Elzora in a vile voice. Add the Devil Typhon, said the Gatekeeper. Oh yes, Typhon this will add a splendid element shell be drawn in and will create the very future she fears most! said Elzora. Then she pulled out the Devil card and placed it next to the other two cards on the table. I must go now dear sister I love and miss your warmth and sweet caresses, the Gatekeeper said sadly. Elzora sat at the table quietly contemplating Professor E. J. Taylor and the force of the three Tarot cards. **** Monday, 9:37 a.m., November 23, 1998 Jason Ares arrived at the Falls City Police Station around 9:30 a.m. Monday morning. He walked directly to his office. He sat down at his desk and saw that the message light on his phone was blinking. He dialed the phone number to listen to the


recording. Detective Ares this is Jay down in lockup the Gatekeeper made a phone call to his sister a while ago. I didnt hear the entire conversation but I did him mention someone named E. J. Taylor at Sonoma State during the call. I thought it might be important. Jason immediately dialed the number for FBI Agent Eric Landon. Eric Landon answered the phone after two rings. Agent Landon, he said in an all business-like tone. Hey Eric this is Jason Ares, Jason said casually. Eric Landon leaned back in his office chair. Hi bud whats up? Landon asked. I have a personal favor to ask, said Jason. Whats that? Landon replied. Well you know we brought in Evie Taylor to decipher the Gatekeeper documents, he said. Eric Landon chuckled under his breath. Oh sure your voluptuously delicious astrologer professor, he said in somewhat of a cynical tone. Jason clinched the phone tight and he leaned forward. Come on its not like that. Shes a brilliant woman, she has credentials, and shes helping with the case. I worked with her all day Friday at the evidence lab and we uncovered a ton of useful evidence At this point, her help is going to be critical if we want to get a conviction, Jason said in a determined manner. Okay, Okay sorry about that. I just have my doubts about all of this astrology crap, Landon leaned forward. So what do you need? Landon asked.


I want you to authorize a phone tap on her phones, Jason said in a serious tone. Eric Landon briefly paused. The detectives request confused him. Whats this all about? I thought you trusted her, Landon said in a questioning tone. I do we should and can trust her, but shes received some strange phone calls Friday night plus today the guard at the jail informed me that he overheard a phone call the Gatekeeper just made to his sister and in the call he mentioned E. J.s name. I just want to make sure were doing all that we can to protect her. Shes important to me shes important to the case, Jason said persuasively. Okay bud I understand, Landon said. Jason took a deep breath, exhaled, and leaned back in his chair. Thats fantastic but when can you get it pushed through the departments red tape? Jason asked. No worries think of it as done, Landon said. Thanks Eric I appreciate it. Jason I gotta ask you are you getting personally involved with this woman? Does she know were going to monitor her phones? Landon asked suspiciously in a low voice. Jason leaned forward. For a moment he thought, Its none of your fucking business whether or not Im getting personally involved with Evie Jason Ares knew he couldnt let on that he was falling hard for Evie. If anyone found out, it would completely derail the trial. He had to lie to protect Evie, himself, and the case. Jason faked a laugh then he said, No and no Im not getting personally involved and no, she


doesnt know and she cant find out that were going to monitor her calls. If she knew, it would upset her. Shes never been around criminals or cops this is all foreign territory to her. I dont want her to worry but I do want to make sure shes protected we just dont know what the Gatekeeper is capable of or if he has someone on the outside working with him. Gotcha shes been protected in that Ivory Tower until now Ill get a tech out to her place sometime today, said Landon. Jason leaned back and took another long deep breath then exhaled. Good she teaches classes all day today at the university so that works, Jason said. Okay bud Ill keep you posted if anything weird comes up, said Landon. Thanks Eric. No problem Ill be checking in with you next week unless something pops up before hand. Alright see you then, Jason said with relief. For a few moments, Jason wondered if hed done the right thing by calling Eric Landon and asking him to bug Evies phones. If she knew, shed worry but if she didnt know and found out later, shed think he didnt trust her. Shed feel violated and shed definitely be fuming mad at him. He already knew enough about Evie to know that truth and trust were two of the most important things to her. By not telling her, he was lying to her and lying was absolutely something Evie would not tolerate. He felt as if he was between a rock and a hard place but he didnt think he had a choice so he made a deal with the Devil and decided to keep the phone taps a secret. He also knew this meant


there could be no flirting and no more singing Billie Holiday lyrics on the phone. His conversations with Evie would need to be all business from now on unless it was in person. After the phone call, FBI Agent Eric Landon leaned back and smiled. He thought, This is perfect we need to watch this astrologer. After all, can we trust her? What the hell is she up too? Why is she working for free? Whats her story? Then, Landon sat straight up and placed the call to his tech guy so he could bug Evies phone lines. **** Monday, 11:43 a.m., November 23, 1998 The FBI technician casually knocked on Evies front door. There was no response. He used a lock-pick and clandestinely entered Evies house through the front door. He didnt waste anytime surveying the location. He could see that the front door opened to the living room and there was a hallway that led to the right to the bedrooms. He could see that by going straight forward, it would lead to the kitchen and small dining area. He saw the first telephone sitting on an antique roll-top desk in the living room. Then, he walked directly ahead and he saw a second phone on the outer wall, over the kitchen counter. He turned and walked down the hall to Evies bedroom. He quickly realized that she had two separate phone lines with one line connected to the phone in her bedroom. All of Evies phones were cordless. Line one, was connected to the phone in the bedroom. It was a white cordless unit. He checked to see if it had a dial tone. It did. The tech turned and moved quickly back down the hall to the living room. The base units for


both phone lines were in her living room. One of the units had a black wire tied to the computer and the other had a white wire tied to both the living room and bedroom phone lines. There was a wall outlet in the baseboard under the large wood desk. The technician stood still silently analyzing the best approach to take. He thought, My best bet is to put a two line box between the phone base and the wall outlet as well as a selection switch so that an encryption box can be inserted into the path between the phone and the wall selectively. That way, we can select to encrypt or not if we want. He got down on the floor and began working. He sealed the box so no one could tamper with it and concealed it behind Evies heavy roll-top desk. After he was finished connecting all of the proper wires, he left Evies house without anyone noticing. Monday, 8:53 p.m., November 23, 1998 It was dark and getting cold outside by the time Evie walked out of the building her office was in on the university campus. Since the last time she was outside, the temperature had dropped significantly. She stood on the top step, set her heavy bag down, and zipped up her coat. She reached down for her bag, got out her floppy-billed grey felt hat, and pulled it snuggly down over her ears. She tucked her hands into her coat and for a few seconds she looked over the campus. She could see the library from where she stood. She wouldve liked a hot tea but she knew by this time of night the Java City near the library would already be closed. There was very little activity except for a few meandering students who had night class. Many students had most likely already gone home for an early Thanksgiving weekend.


Evie started down the steps towards the sidewalk. While she wondered what she would do for Thanksgiving. She thought, Alone again. No invitations I guess Milo and I will cook a small turkey and a sweet potato. Mom I really miss you especially at the holidays that god damn cancer ate you up from the inside out Stop it Evie! This doesnt help. Just walk. Just get to your car and get home. Evie tried to shake off her grief. However, up until shed been given the task of deciphering the Gatekeeper documents, letting go of her grief had been the most difficult assignment shed ever been given. Evie picked up her pace. She walked quickly into a frigidly brisk north wind. She bowed her head slightly so her hat would block the blast of cold moist air. All of a sudden, a figure of a woman wearing a long dark coat with an attached hood stepped out from behind a tree and stepped directly in front of her. Evie nearly slammed right into her but she stopped herself just in time. Pardon me I didnt see you, Evie said politely. You need to pay closer attention to things in your environment Professor Taylor because you could easily get hurt or hurt others with your actions, the woman said in a low piercing tone.


Evie stood frozen in place. Im sorry my hat, Evie said but didnt have time to finish speaking because the woman interrupted her. Youre sorry you have no idea what a terrible outcome being reckless leads too ones future is doomed if they neglect to see the signs in front of them, the woman said in a stinging tone. Then she briskly brushed passed Evie. Evie stood still completely frozen and dumfounded for a few seconds while she watched the vampire-like female disappear into the darkness of the low lit campus. She didnt recognize the woman, she certainly didnt mean to nearly have a head on collision with her, and she had no idea how the woman knew who she was. God that was creepy, she thought. Evie moved swiftly across campus to her car because the sidewalk incident had unquestionably rattled and cut through her like a sharp razor. As soon as Evie entered her home, she immediately sensed something. However, she couldnt put her finger on what she sensed but she didnt feel right about the vibration in the house. Something was off. Evie looked around but she didnt notice anything out of place. She called for Milo. Milo mamas home kitty. The cat didnt respond. She thought, This is weird the only time the cat hides is if someone he doesnt know comes to visit. She unzipped her coat and slung it over the chair at the dining table then put her bag down. Once again she called out, Milo here kitty kitty. Nothing. She tried again. Panic was beginning to set in. Milo kitty, kitty! she yelled loudly. Finally, he darted down the hall towards her. Evie scooped him up and stroked his soft furry body then went to the window and looked out. Something moved in the front bushes outside Evies house. The only thing she could make out was a dark shadowy


figure. A cold chill stung down her entire spine. She thought, Someone is watching me no its just the wind blowing the bushes. Even so, she quickly twisted the blind closed anyway then went to check for messages on the phone. Hi Evie its Jason. Call my home number when you get this. Thanks. Evie took her coat off, sat down, and planned to call Jason but before she could pick up the receiver, her phone rang. Evie looked at the caller I. D. and it said private. She quickly picked up the phone. Hello, Evie said. Silence. Hello who is this? she asked. There was no response so Evie hung up quickly. She was unnerved. She quickly dialed Jasons phone number. After two rings, Jason answered. Hello. Hi its Evie. How are you? he asked. Gosh I dont know. Im a little shaken up. Jasons mind immediately went into overdrive. He wondered if shed discovered the bug on her phone. Why? Whats going on? he asked. Evie proceeded to tell him some of the minor details about the dark female figure on campus, about Milo hiding, that she had a strange feeling that someone was watching her, and that someone called again without saying a single word. Jason listened and although he seemed attentive, he simply told her not to worry. He felt better knowing all of her calls were being taped yet he personally had to be cautious of how and what he said to her.


Evie, Jason paused then continued, are you doing anything for Thanksgiving? he asked carefully. He didnt want to be alone on Thanksgiving. He wanted to be with her on Thanksgiving but he stopped himself short of asking to join her for dinner. He realized that since the guys were listening to her phone calls, hed better keep it all business. Evie perked up and smiled. No plans I figured I stay home, cook a small turkey, and grade papers. Why do you ask? Jason paused then cleared his throat. No reason I was just wondering, he said then he paused again. Evie I have to work on the case over the weekend. But I really hope you have a good weekend and take some time for yourself. Things are going to get very tense as we get closer to the start of the trial and we need to make sure were ready, he said in a cool business-like tone. Evie was taken off guard by Jasons aloof tone. He seemed off. Detached. Then she thought, Is he acting this way because I left so suddenly on Friday night? Surely, he understood surely this wasnt just another egotistic macho male thingAfter all, they did agree that they couldnt be together except professionally until the trial was over. Okay you too, she said trying to not sound disappointed. Jason was certainly acting out of character but Evie tried to not read too much into it. She knew he was under a lot of stress. Call me if you need me otherwise Ill talk to you next week, he said. Okay good night, Evie said then she leaned back on the sofa.


Good night, Evie, Jason said then he quickly hung up the phone. He thought, Shit Im a real bastard but it has to be this way for now. How weird he didnt want to chat or flirt or much of anything, she thought. Evie stood up, walked down the hall to her bedroom, and turned the light switch on the lamp on her bed stand. She slipped out of her clothes, grabbed a pair of warm pajamas, and put them on then crawled into bed. She leaned back against her overstuffed pillows and shut the light off. For a few minutes, she sat quietly contemplating in the complete darkness. She couldnt stop thinking of the conversation she had just had with Jason. He was so distant to her. She squeezed her eyes closed and tried to relax. She was just at the brink of sleep when all of a sudden she felt something grasp her throat with a fierceness she had never known before. She opened her eyes and in the darkness of the room, she could see what appeared to be an apparition of a wolf. She felt pinned down by the animal. She grabbed at her throat and she struggled and gasped. Evie couldnt get enough air. She choked and coughed. She sat straight up. Finally, air. Quickly, she turned on the lamp beside her bed. Her heart was still pounding with a fast uneasy cadence when her phone rang. Evie didnt answer it. After what seemed more than twenty rings, the ringing finally stopped. Evie was sweating. Her heart was racing. She stood up, walked into the dark bathroom, and splashed water on her face. She grabbed for the hand towel and wiped her face off. She could see her exhausted face in the mirror because the light from the bedroom illuminated the bathroom. For a few seconds she stood still wondering how much more she could take when all of a sudden she could see a six-foot four two hundred


thirty pound dark entity with no facial features except glowing greenish yellow eyes that glowed like a devils in the mirror behind her. The evil guardian appeared to sneer at her. Evie quickly turned around but as quickly as she did, the apparition disappeared. Adrenalin flooded Evies limbs. She felt frozen. She wanted to scream or run for help but if she did ask for help, who would she ask and what would she tell them? Theyd think she was off her rocker if she told them an apparition or supernatural being just appeared as a reflection in her in her bathroom mirror. Evie stood looking around her bedroom. She was shivering. She felt almost dead cold. She grabbed the oversized white goose down comforter off of her bed and walked to the living room. She tossed the blanket on the sofa and systematically turned every single light on in the room then she went to the kitchen to make a hot cup of chamomile tea. Evie intuitively knew this was going to be one of many long sleepless nights. **** By Mid-December, Patrick O Shay, the Prosecuting Attorney, notified Evie that he planned to take the evidence in front of the Grand Jury shortly after News Years. Pat wanted her to testify. Patrick felt this decision would do away with the need for a preliminary trial. He explained to Evie, that the Grand Jurors are picked and that they serve for an entire year. Jurors first review and hear all the evidence then they decide whether there is enough evidence to proceed onto a regular trial. All of Evies life she felt something profound would happen to her. Evie could never have thrown herself into this battle against such a formidable foe unless she believed mentally, physically, and spiritually that the defendant was guilty. There was


absolutely no doubt in her mind that he was guilty. She had that familiar knowing in her heart that confirmed her belief. Evie had never stepped foot into a courtroom. She was grateful they were going through the grand jury process instead of the preliminary trial because she would get to practice and feel the sensation of the trial without a cross-examination by the defense attorney and without the Gatekeeper staring at her. The testimony would be somewhat of a dress rehearsal for the full-blown trial if they got an indictment. She felt that if the grand jury rendered an indictment, this would help her to brace herself against the tempest and the brewing storm. Her testimony would come near the end of the grand jury session. She prayed that the jurors would have the evidence they would need to indict the Gatekeeper. Pat had told her by phone that if they got an indictment, they could relax for while. **** January 7, 1999 The grand jury had already been in session for nearly one week. At this point, Evie knew they needed to get an indictment. It was her responsibility to report and interpret, with acute accuracy and precision, all of the astrological documents. Personally, she also felt that it was her responsibility, as an astrologer to preserve the integrity of this sacred science. The district attorney and Evie prepared for several days on the phone before she gave her testimony. They discussed the astrological language and terminology, which parts of the diary she would testify about and how and what he would ask her during her


testimony. Both she and Pat wanted to make sure everything was completely straightforward. It was also very important that Evie keep the astrology simple and basic so the grand jurors would be able to completely understand. The night before her testimony, she only got three hours of sleep because she tossed and turned with the anticipation of the questions. She kept over and over them in her head. Each time, she was at the brink of falling asleep, another thought or feeling of fear would come over her. She would get hot, break into a sweat, and then get ice cold. This hot cold cycle repeated itself again and again. She laid in bed, wondering whether she knew the material. Did I pack of the documents were going to use? Did I pack the books I need? Did I put a map of how to get to the courthouse in my car? she thought obsessively. When she got to the grand jury witness room, the walls were lined with FBI and ATF agents, the lieutenant, several detectives, and Jason. This was the first time shed seen Jason since she backed her car off of his driveway. His dark penetrating eyes meet hers with warmth. There were purple circles under his eyes. His face was etched with fatigue. He had been struggling with the enormous workload of pulling all of the evidence together and the responsibility of understanding the hidden and dark meanings of the Gatekeepers diary. Jason could sense that Evies nerves were under pressure to the point of breaking and the afflictions were taking the toll on her spirit. He put his hand on her arm to give her some consolation and encouragement. She had the feeling that nothing would ever be the same even after the trial was over. They had a brief conversation before he left to go


give his testimony about the Gatekeepers Evil Star Baten Kaitos. Pat thought this would be the perfect introduction of the astrology to the jurors. The plan was that after Jason was finished testifying, Pat would bring Evie in to close. While Jason was testifying, Evie sat reviewing the documents and her notes. There was a noticeable and abnormal quiet in the room. It was like the pall of dead air before a raging storm is nearing a raging brew. She could not allow herself to collapse under the pressure from the Gatekeeper because she knew, if she did, she would live in darkness and in self-hatred for the rest of her life. When Jason came out of the court room, he looked at Evie and he said, Youll razzle-dazzle them with that purple outfit! Then he touched her hand with a reassuring caress. Evie thought that the color purple would give her divine protection. She knew she needed protection. Then, Pat came out of the Grand Jury room and signaled for Evie to come. He said, Lets do it! He gently put his hand on her back and they went through the door. For a moment, she thought terror would get the best of her. Flashing lights and swirling circles of light were passing before her eyes. Evie was literally seeing stars. She couldnt focus on any of the jurors. She lost her sense of time, space, location. She put her hand on her heart and touched a small astrological charm that her dad had given her for good luck long before he died. She took a deep breath and then she said quietly to herself, I am nervous goddess. I need your guidance. All of a sudden, a sense of calm and strength enveloped her. She started moving under another a power unknown to her. She felt this was some sort of pre-ordained


mission that she had been training and preparing for sense she was a young girl. She knew she was meant to do this even thought every word she spoke would be analyzed, scrutinized, and dissected by the jury. Nevertheless, she felt a sense of power. After the testimony, the grand jury went into deliberations. The jury members quickly reached a verdict to indict the Gatekeeper. Evie knew that she would need to refine and continue to analyze the documents for the trial. Over the course of the few weeks, Pat, Jason, and Evie met numerous times to discuss the case. They worked well together. They also had regular conference calls. She truly appreciated both men because they treated her with dignity and respect at all times. Evie taught both Pat and Jason astrology along with the dark philosophy the Gatekeeper used. She enjoyed her discussions with Pat. He expressed himself as a strong and gentle conciliator. He was born when the sun was in the sign of Pisces but he also had several planets in Aries in his chart. Both Pats rising sign and moon were in the sign of Leo when he was born. He was not timid, meek, or self-effacing. With the Leo rising and moon in Leo, he was a natural leader with a very strong sense of dignity, self-respect, and personal honor. It would be against his nature to treat another person in a humiliating or dishonorable way. Evie admired people like Pat. He was a strong individual, tremendously loyal, and sincere. She could tell that he would be willing to go to extraordinary lengths to make other people happy and feel safe. He had a great heart and a lot of courage. He allowed Evie to feel comfortable to go to him for strength, encouragement, and acceptance. She rarely saw him hurting, discouraged, or vulnerable. He had a warm disposition and a gift


for putting her in a good mood with his charming personality. She also liked his youthful manner. He was always alert and displayed a quick mind. He had the qualities Evie wanted in a friend because he was conscientious and solid, yet sensitive and compassionate. At heart, Pat primarily reflected the higher energy of a Pisces sun. This enhanced his gentle, tolerant, forgiving, impressionable, intuitive, and receptive side. Evie liked the fact that he seemed to be attracted to the mystical, emotional, and imaginative side of life. She told him he was psychic but just didnt know it. Sometimes when they were working together, he would get impressions and they would turn out to accurate. It was apparent to Evie that he could literally feel other peoples pain as if it were his own. Evie respected that Pat lived his life by devoting himself to the service to others who were victims of crimes. She thought that he could have been a healer because he had a natural, unquenchable thirst for knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of life. He seemed in harmony with the universe. She believed he was an effective individual with a compassionate warriors attitude. Because of his passionate convictions, he was willing to fight when he was faced with a challenge. Evie believed that Pats fight would always be with a strong spiritual base because he was truly connected to a higher source of wisdom. His personal mission was to be a potent force for change, growth, and healing in this world. At one point, she called him Braveheart and she absolutely meant it. Although, at times, she worried about him because he constantly felt an internal gnawing pressure bubbling inside.


Jason was a Capricorn with several planets in the sign of Aquarius. Evie knew he was strong, persistent, determined, and stable. He was a much quieter man than Pat. She knew he was also loyal, very hard-working, conservative, organized, meticulous, trustworthy, and honorable. Occasionally and unexpectedly, he would express an eccentric and unconventional side. Jason was the one who pursued the astrology part of the case. He was the one who encouraged Pat to believe in Evie. He also had strong Scorpio energy in his chart. He was extremely strong-willed but had a passionate dedication and determination about his character. Evie witnessed him be capable of total concentration, show tremendous selfdiscipline and self-denial but use strong survival instincts and intuition. He used his instincts like a superb detective should and followed through with devotion. Jason called nearly her everyday. If she paged him, he would call her back within minutes from his office or his cell phone. Sometimes, when Evie called him he would say it was strange because he was thinking about her. She shared everything with him about the case. In turn, he shared a lot of the inside information with her. He also helped to keep her emotionally grounded and feeling safe. He would let her cry and share her fears with him. Jason completely understood Evies emotional state. They often shared intimate thoughts, dreams, feelings, and worries. Together Evie and Jason would get into analytical and probing conversations. They both had strong Scorpio energy in their charts. Frequently, their discussions revolved around the sexual obsessions of the defendant. Evie wasnt embarrassed by the topic. She was comfortable speaking frankly with Jason. They dug down into the plutonic


nature of the Gatekeeper. They worked hard to uncover the hidden meanings of the defendants dark references. Jason helped Evie to not be fearful in the face of adversity. Evie knew that Jason was a man of righteousness, patience, and valiancy. He was open-minded and knowledgeable of criminal forensics. But the most important thing to her was the fact that he was intuitively in tune with her. Jason was fundamentally, a religious man who had respect for traditional religion, ethical behavior, and purity of the soul. He wasnt a fan or a believer in astrology, but he did believe in and trust Evie. Jason saw the value and importance that astrology was to the case. During many of their conversations, they discussed moral conduct, ethics, theology, and religion. Jason began to realize that Evies beliefs were not all that different from his. Sometimes, Jason asked Evie to look at his chart to see if he was going to have a bad day. She always got a kick out of his humor. They did laugh. Sometimes, they joked and laughed just to break up the tension. They knew a sense of humor was essential. Jason truly respected and trusted Evie as a partner. However, when they spoke, they never mentioned the one forbidden night they almost slipped. Their conversations were always about the case and about taking care of business. For months, Evie suffered with insomnia. When she did sleep, she dreamed that night demons were attacking her. She believed the Gatekeeper sent the attacks. Jason told her that he also had visits from night demons and that they were terrifying him. Both Evie and Jason knew they could not let their guard down until they got a conviction because the night demons were there in the silence of darkness lurking.


Chapter 9 THE PENULTIMATE AFFAIR January 11, 1999 After the grand jury rendered an indictment, the Gatekeeper tried to maintain selfcontrol. However, the pressure was building up inside of him and his self-control was beginning to erode to a dangerous degree. He was becoming a boiling cauldron of rage.


He began to obsess, day and night about what he had written on paper and who may come forward to rat him out. **** Operation Clean Sweep was the first plan the Gatekeeper remembered. The first time the Gatekeeper met Meenaa, was in the early spring of 1995. Meeting Meenaa would be the event that would foreshadow the outcome of the next few years. All I wanted was to destroy the real estate company that sold me a home with a faulty foundation I got sidetracked by Meenaa! He thought he could mastermind a relationship with her and have control over Meenaa. He thought, I will engineer a relationship with this special woman named Meenaa. Our relationship will be a predictable, stable, long-term relationship. I want to have all of Meenaa as well as her image. I will give her power, status, privilege, authority, and money. I will promote Meenaas image to stardom and use her image to clean up after my target is destroyed. Meenaa was a woman with unique qualities and extraordinary talents. She was a trained, experienced realtor. She had the personality, sensuality, and professionalism the Gatekeeper needed. Meenaa was capable of overt manipulation of men and she had the ability to consciously control and knowingly express that. I truly thought Meenaa would be extraordinarily beneficial to me. I assumed she would have been able to facilitate what I wanted and stroke me at the same time. I thought Meenaas image was perfect. Meenaa was my Ms. Clean Ideal Profile, he thought to himself.


Meenaa was no old crow. She had a fresh face that balanced flexibility with maturity. Even though her ethnicity was Middle Eastern she had very little accent. Her finances were a mess so she was hungry to succeed. She was a hard worker and accepted risks with high stakes. Her complexion was light olivine and she wore minimal face make-up. For the Gatekeeper this was all the better for media presentation. Her body type was slender. She had an appealing visual image because of her eyes. Her personality was charismatic. She was eager, a charmer, and had a smooth, sweet voice that communicated vulnerability. Meenaa could light up the screen with her disarming presence. Yet she had self-centeredness about her she focused her attention on achievement and she executed her plans well. When I met her, she had not been permanently corrupted...yet, that is. The presence of that woman! he thought. The Gatekeeper also believed that Meenaa was his ideal candidate because she possessed a mentoring capacity. Meenaa my Ms. Clean was emotionally receptive and demonstrative. Even though she kept me at the correct distance, a definite two-way rapport was established. A person who is mentored can never be more then a transient success unless the learning is at the gut level learning must be experienced, rather then observed. Receptivity and response together allowed the shared visionary experience. Mentoring is seductive, but must not end up a seduction. Meenaa seduced me! he thought. The Gatekeeper recalled developing a Social Contract that he called the Good Mirror Golden Rules. My goal was intimacy. Fear destroys trust; intimacy reinforces trust. We are all afraid to tell our truths because we do not want to be emotionally


abandoned. Hence, we manipulate, embellish, shade the truth, and not disclose acts, which destroy trust, he thought. For a while, the Gatekeeper watched Mina in action but he kept himself at a distance at least on an emotional level. When did Meenaa first call on me? I remember now, it was April 12, 1995. **** Why am I here? she asked him in a soft sensual voice. Meenaa you came to me under your Evil Star Saturn and Capricorn activations were all involved. The solar eclipse in Scorpio, brought you losses and problems. You hit bottom, now with a big ouch! So get going and lets see some movement! January is coming! In January 1996, the moons node will soon conjunct my natal Mars. You came here under your star, I will take you only so far, but I cant let go of you at this moment. Today is the first day of the rest of our relationship in this lifetime, he said. Will there be future lifetimes when we meet? she asked. Yes. In these future lifetimes, we will each pay for the deficiencies we engineer in this lifetime. We can make new karma if you agree to my Social Contract, he said. **** The social contract defined what the Gatekeeper wanted from the relationship and what he wished to give to her. I offered a special relationship a social contract to my female friend, Meenaa, he thought angrily. I promised to be a good mirror to Meenaa. I promised to be a true friend, with forgiveness and absolution available upon request in all matters not just proscribed by our agreement. I promised to not betray any trust, and if


such ever should happen for any reason, I promised to ask for forgiveness and absolution. I promised one free pass for any transgression so long as we talked it out. I promised one professional courtesy a free information investigation if the purpose was to thwart others who would or could deceive her business transactions. The Gatekeeper remembered when he proposed the Social Contract and his creation of a new media image called Ms. Clean to Meenaa. She said, I promise to answer any three questions of an intimate nature, at any level, so that any uncertainties can be dispelled regarding this relationship. I also promise that, from time to time, we can take a time out from our respective lives and go on a long walk and talk with you so we can review and renew this Social Contract. Ms. Clean had a false god. Perhaps, I should have subtitled this search, Ms. Pure-heart. Perhaps, I should have asked the masters. If, I had asked my master Typhon, I would have had better control over her image. Instead, I created a reactive monster! I gave Meenaa power and status, privilege and authority and the money! he thought. Now, I sit in jail will I pay the price for trying to rein in the monster? Will circumstances, the Evil Star, and Saturn crystallize time as events? The Evil Star produced an affliction upon Meenaa. She was the reactive monster. Meenaa fed on me for money! Her Mars and Part of Fortune is square Saturn and this is an affliction from and to men. In this lifetime, Meenaa had to learn her lesson through pain. Meenaa used her Mars to acquire money. The Evil Star blinded her to her actions. She preferentially


reacted and projected the Evil Stars energy through her Mars sexuality. Meenaa needed further work, he thought. **** What do you mean that I came to you under an Evil Star? she asked. Meenaa, you have a double affliction to your natal Mars and the Evil Star is square to your natal Saturn. Your Part of Fortune is conjunct Mars and the Evil Star. If I help you to be Ms. Clean, I will have fulfilled your karma. Saturn rules karma. Saturn produces karma through the crystallization of events. You must knowingly accept the Mrs. Claim role. You must understand that if you knowingly accept the promotion I offer you, you will have to repay the Evil Star its due, he said. Meenaa sat quiet contemplating what the Gatekeeper told her. If I accept help from you, then do I not need to fear bad karma from the situation? she asked. You will have absolutely no guilt. I will help your soul choose the path for your souls growth, he answered. Silently he thought, I will use her to clean up after I destroy my business competition. I will promote her to stardom just as her chart shows, but this stupendous rise will lead to her downfall. She will be bludgeoned into oblivion by the Evil Stars downside. She must experience her downfall just as she was driven from Afghanistan. I must approach Meenaa with a Faustian bargain a pact with the Devil. **** The next event the Gatekeeper remembered occurred on Tuesday, May 2, 1995. This was the day the Gatekeeper met Meenaa to discuss business at a small coffee shop


on the East side of town. The conversation was supposed to be about business, but instead it was personal. I need to tell you that an Afghan male has started paying for my attention, Meenaa said. The Gatekeeper already knew a new male stud was in Meenaas life. Really where did you meet him? he coyly replied. Yes really. I met him through my sister-in-law. He showed up at the office first and then, he came to my home. He asked me to dinner and I went. During dinner he proposed an offer of marriage to me, she said. The Gatekeeper felt that Minas sister-in-law had effective control over the family. He was envious and hated her for that. As long as Meenaa was tied to the in-laws, he would not be in complete control of her. The Gatekeeper looked straight into those eyes of Meenaas. Hes the one who runs an Afghan prostitution ring and he lives with one of the prostitutes, he said casually. Meenaa suddenly stood up. She was obviously angry. Shocked. I need to get back to work. I have things to do, she said. You didnt finish your coffee, he said smiling. I dont want it I need to go, she said.


The Gatekeeper took a sip of his black coffee and smiled while Meenaa hurried to her car. He thought the sister-in-law wanted to expand her business and to polarize the community. He believed she was a hard moneylender, a legal loan shark with a real shady reputation. He heard a rumor that she burned up her own car just to collect the insurance money. The thing that pissed him off the most was he believed the sister-in-law shamelessly engaged in mortgage fraud and developed owner occupied down payments sourcing schemes. **** The Gatekeeper recalled that on June 26, 1995, he secretly discovered information about a dinner party held at a dinning hall the Afghan Festival Committee Meeting Hall by Meenaas relatives, his targets. This was an Unholy Alliance! he thought. The Gatekeeper thought Meenaa could connect him with people who were involved in organized crime because her family bought a business that used to be Mafia owned and run by a strip-club cartel owner named Sam Conti. Meenaas cousins bought the dining hall and currently ran it. He thought Operation Clean Sweep would be an appropriate title. After he found out about the dinner party, he called and left a message on Meenaas phone. Why didnt you get back to me? Do you have a coup dtat to report to me or do you want to become independent from me? Did you just need me to open the door for you so you could start planning an end run around my attempts to retain control for expansion through this Afghan Festival of yours? Are you trying to make the peace


with your family form some kind of Unholy Alliance? Call me! he said in a sinister voice. Meenaa did not tell him about the dinner party, but he found out anyway. Meenaa was exposed! She refused to return any of my calls. Was I perceived as a personal threat to The Unholy Alliance? Or just to her? Are the Kabul business people laundering drug money through their operations? This is a very speculative question since Meenaa hangs out there. This business is a locus of Afghan community activities and provides a client pool, he thought. **** The Gatekeeper remembered the series of letters he titled the Walk and Talk Series. He wondered and worried if the letters would be discussed in court. Dear Meenaa, This morning, I'm writing on July 4, 1995 to withdraw my offer of the trust me, Walk and Talk, outing as planned for late this week. The purpose was to talk out the personal side of our business relation, an attempt by me to engineer a relationship where we could both feel safe on both the professional and personal levels. On the operating level, I prefer you playing the role of as Ms. Clean, businesswoman, personal friend, and confidante. I know it would be impossible to act with complete confidence in you without a personal knowledge of you. I would be gifting the major parcels of time and financial benefit to you because I admire you, and I would ultimately benefit from your successes. The possible misinterpretation of intent could be legion. Yes, I do have feelings towards you. Nothing could work without


saying the flirtation and seductiveness is not a seduction. To see through each other's eyes is seductive and must be talked out before any work could proceed on the intended level of close cooperation, or else in several months from now there could be a lot of mixed signals and hurt feelings. After much consideration, explained below, I have come to the conclusion that you would continue to react to me as a woman rather than as an Afghan woman. I would forever be writing letters to engender trust, feeling my way through your defenses to get close enough to you so that I could turn away to outside business without worrying whether you would turn on me. Your lies and deceptions would force me to periodically re-analyze then re-engineering the business and personal relationship aspects. I suppose I should put myself in your shoes and see through your eyes, the eyes of a woman forced to do business with males as part of her business. I have asked for your trust, knowing that we have a history of trust. This week was to be an excursion north away from the city and into an area so we could have no distractions or time deadlines and have the time to get acquainted on a more personal level. With Walk and Talk, there was a lot to be discussed, the setting of boundaries and limits, reassurance is of openness and yes, I do flirt! - Talking about where all these elements that make any relationship work could and should not lead. I want your trust. I wanted that last three-page letter I gave you to be our social contract. It was a written reassurance that in spite of the familiarities that come, with working together, we could/would maintain a discrete distance so that the relationship


could continue to be productive. I like putting things in writing, for protection from ambiguity and for accountability. I must add knowledge the reality of your being an Afghan and a woman operating in the American culture, there will never be any possible liking relationships for me relative to women, with whom I would choose to execute certain business moves. Such maneuvers would only be possible with a close relationship, someone with whom I had an engineered a knowable, predictable, stable long-term relationship. Yet the only really long-term trust relationships I have ever had, have been with one totally trusted Hindu, one male, the wife of a long-term friend, and my relatives. You personally are flirtatious. I enjoy your attentions. I enjoyed watching you earlier this year when a man came into your office. You generously hugged him to put him it ease and then you told me it was only so I could get access to him. I was a bit shocked by your behavior and your lies. I refuse to engage in such boundary violations, but apparently it works to your advantage. Overt manipulation of men is one of your very feminine gifts. If you could consciously control and knowingly express that, it would be of extraordinary personal benefit to me during 1995 and 1997. I expect to be under such duress that your attention would be desirable to keep me distracted. Regardless, such a gift of attention would act like a good mirror, a point of reference, from which in responding, I could see myself more clearly and therefore act more effectively in prosecuting my lawsuit. Whether it is your openness in describing your life, your freely flowing conversation that expresses your feelings, or some of the physical things you do to


communicate with touch: such as hugging men and how you brush your hand across my arm. I presume you openly do these things with all other men you like, you feel comfortable expressing yourself. However, you said it has brought you grief from male clients who did not understand the definition of the word Coquette. Look it up in a dictionary. I suspect your former Afghan husband and his family, vocally disapproved of such overt behavior, but such behavior isnt one of the many interpersonal tools women use for relational selling, it is necessary for closing deals. And this behavior is what makes you so useful to me, even if I have to get around someone who could be obstinate. This is what is a very sensitive subject to most women. To get me what I want and stroke me at the same time. I have wondered how you would react to my clinical discussion of this sensitive subject. I have also wondered how you rationalize such behavior as professional until I set down this weekend to look at what you consciously do relative to your Afghan socialization. Then I realized what missing developmental elements from American culture were absent from your experiences and whose absence may complicate Our Social Contract. You also say you never dated before getting married - never dated a man! You said that your pre-marital resume did not include the socialization experiences that are part of American culture. Do you remember when you recently came to my home and I ask you to sit closer on the sofa? You were perched on the cushion edge. I wanted to look into your eyes, to see how you handle closeness, to find out whether you would listen carefully and trust me to not make a pass at you.


You also say you have been shocked at how some of your male clients think you are available for sex or sex as a trade-off for business relations. And you wanted assurances from me that I was not going to blindside you on this subject. That is why I wrote the Social Contract. That subject was to be one of the discussions we would have had this week, flirtations vs. boundary violations. You apparently want the benefits of flirtation; you want flirtation as a business tool, but covertly and without the complications of someone getting overt - acting out the rest of the action. I know in your heart that you feel this emoting is sincere and you rationalize as how you give yourself to people. What you are missing is the fact that you are within a business relationship and that such behavior, even with other business associates, is just plain inappropriate unless overtly expressed as personal and nonbusiness. That is why for so many years, I have just shaken your hand regardless of my personal feelings. Yes, I am a flirt, too and just as guilty of manipulations of you and other people. However, I recognize boundary violations as inappropriate. This discussion is per Our Social Contract and is an attempt to come to terms with both of our behaviors. The alternative to talking out the manipulations is eventual crossed signals and a catastrophe for business.


Our Social Contract is more than just an agreement to agree on boundaries. It is to open the door to talking about behaviors and establishing our rapport where the manipulations and conditional behavior can be replaced with communication and the permission to speak openly. No more covert stuff, no conditional trust, no more seductive behavior aimed at the subconscious, and no ducking the manipulative intent. I want to give and get permission to overtly flirt - a contradiction of intents. I want to talk about these things openly. The ultimate manipulation is not to be manipulative. We have to talk about handling intimacy as a consequence. This is all getting so complicated. I wish you as a divorcee, had been through some of the cultural experiences of the American Dating Game, so you could see at a gut level what I am talking about. Originally I had hoped just the opposite, that your not being Americanized, your being Afghan would allow me to communicate with you as a woman without your responding as a female. I hoped you would be curious about whats going on between people, but I suspect that female wariness is just culturally independent. The fall out, of this not going on a Walk and Talk, is this: I am separating our relationship into two parts, business and personal. You and I can have a good business relationship as always, but any personal stuff will have to go through another woman such as our mutual friend. If either of us have a complaint, observation, or personal issue to explore, we can request all three of us to get together. The execution of the Ms. Clean campaign will occur through her to you. I believe that she will volunteer to provide the emotional support and contact with you needed to


make the venture successful. You will end up, through her as a conduit from me, with an incredible amount of inside information on the citys economy and my dismantling of the same. I must get information to you ahead of any public discussion so that you can position in yourself as the recipient of the fallout. As for personal mutual deceptions, I believe the above arrangement will terminate any need to watch each other. I can be direct; you can stop worrying how I will respond. I was really angry by being unable to access you over a number of days. You left me hanging professionally. My repeated messages to your office and home were unanswered. I do not believe your explanation was adequate. That left a lot of question marks that I had hoped to discuss on our Walk and Talk. I was really worried about why you had not gotten back to me. Were you mad at me? Possibly murdered by your former husband? I decided to stop at your home and ring your doorbell. Do you remember the permissions we have to do this as an expression of trust?


I did not ring your doorbell. I could look up into a window and see an Afghan male seated at a table talking to you, so I decided to it would be better not to interfere with your family or personal matters. You were alive and well. The next day you called me. As part of your explanation, you told me about your all female relatives. Three times, you asserted no males. Why would I care about the presence of males except as a test of whether you would choose to deceive me? From your statement, that no males were visitors that day, I conclude that for some reason you did not want me to think you had gentlemen friends. My goal is not to have you tell the truth about your behavior, even though an unconditional relationship requires the same. My goal is to know what the truth is and to predict your behavior. Whether you deceive or not is irrelevant, so long as I can tell whats going on. Then you are a knowable quantity. We all have our lies we tell to protect others from knowledge of our behaviors. The unreturned phone calls and males are yours. I am now looking for a professional hand holder, a friend with whom I can communicate and be close and a good mirror. No wife can fill this job. I have asked my sister Elzora to be a part-time telephone hand holder. She will be here visiting next week, offering her support to my efforts. If things get really tough, I can import some of my long-term women friends for a week or two, but I do need a local woman who understands me. I look forward to our continuing business opportunities as a group venture. But we do have to get past all of this garbage first, or everything ends up on hold.


He recalled the second letter her wrote to Meenaa on July 5, 1995. Dear Meenaa, The letter I wrote to you yesterday still applies. I did not have the confidence that you would see what the trip north was about. I still do not have confidence about the same, and hence wrote that letter and now this letter. What is the trip north all about? If you had said, Yes, lets go north and Walk and Talk, then you would have scored 1000 points on my trust and confidence scale. I offered you an unconditional relationship with me. To go north would require you to reciprocate and offer me the same. The trip north is about your giving up that portion of how you attempt to manipulate men to your advantage as a woman. Also, to discuss how you overtly use your manipulation skills so we can get past what I call privately wiggle ass games. If I were to explain this female relational concept to any man, they would immediately grasp the concept. Can you? So many women try to use sex as a weapon to control. I play the game hard, only to teach the lesson that sex as a weapon of manipulation and control must be let go and transcended as an operating procedure. Sex, femininity, flirtation, and touch, as such a manipulation forever requires you to maintain a distance. The business posture becomes supine and the woman becomes a whore. You have had problems with males who try to follow through on the preferred bait and your husband has rebelled.


You have failed with me because I require that women, give up the required emotional distance. Sex is a relational tool and is required if we are to succeed. I offer intimacy, an emotional intimacy rather than intimacy as a sexual tool or as a substitute. This intimacy results from the trust and confidence of an unconditional relationship. I still ask that you continue to use this sex as a relational tool, but only to help me in my task of manipulating others. Men are so easy to kitty or pussy whip. Some females use sex, their femininity, flirtation and the unspoken offer of physical or emotional intimacy as a manipulation or invitation to a man in order to get him to the door. If they had the confidence to not be so manipulative, to get beyond personal attraction as a business tool, to ask or demand that the relationship that they offer be upgradeable to unconditional, with themselves not on the agenda, then they could end up being a super star. Or fall flat on their face. I think you gain some kind of feedback and are unwilling to give up the power you get from manipulation. This freedom to manipulate is a major payoff for you. I really don't know what skills you would use that could replace this formidable manipulation tool. Once you and I get beyond the manipulation stage and embrace the concept of an unconditional relationship, then we can have the friendship and business relationship that leads on to greatness. Giving up power and excepting equality and friendship is difficult, but intimacy and the personal growth that proceeds from this emotional trust are so much better in the long haul. This is what the trip north was about.


There are only three possible responses from you about my offer to Walk and Talk. Say yes and you get a gold star. All this stuff gets talked out and you win, win, and win some more. Ms. Confidence will never see any more tests, ever. I know what the score is. I have been around the block a few times and will respond with appropriate rather then inappropriate behavior. If you say, No you still get a gold star. You took a position and were willing to trust me, to risk your self as I gave you permission to. The worst possible choice is do, say nothing and let time run on. Perhaps you will make some lame excuse. Then I repeat the lesson and decline involvement in promoting you, or put you on some kind of probation or mellowing period. Above all, I need feedback! That is the key to communication. We can not have a fiduciary relationship, a trust, without this process. A fiduciary places the interests of others before her own. A fiduciary exercises the highest level of trust possible. If you need manipulation at a distance in order to succeed, then you can never get close enough to be a fiduciary. If you cant talk it out, whether on my terms or yours, then you are not ready. It all comes down to how aware you can become about the relationship that is being offered. It is about establishing and maintaining directness as I am doing now with these series of letters. This is an on-the-record letter of explanation and is being sent this morning. It will be delivered to your home and your office. This is all without knowing what your decision is on how to handle me on our Walk and Talk.


I hope you choose correctly. I truly do like you and will shield you from any personal side of me that you indicate would make you feel uncomfortable. But you cant have me around unconditionally while you are conditional. Trust is everything, particularly if I am to trust you with really large sums of my money and power in the years ahead. We still need that trip north or what ever is equivalent, but I shall not be available again until this fall. Think about what is required. Read my enclosed letter with an open eye on this Walk and Talk, work it out concept. You are learning that anybody who spent five years working the sex crimes beat is quite aware of how to manipulate those who manipulate with charm or what ever it is called. I apologize if you feel used. You are not the first charming woman to go through these hoops. The last one thought she could finesse her way past a felony. I have hope for you because I do not see you as corrupt, just human. You need to learn to trust this very unusual friend of yours. Sincerely, with love and friendship, The Gatekeeper P.s. You know me, so just know I had to include your clipped horoscope for your perusal. I chuckle every time I read it. **** The Gatekeeper remembered that he met with Meenaa on July 10th at 10:05 a.m. for breakfast.


The astrological, soul basis for you being here, at this time and with me, as you pass through, on your way is your fate. I believe you now understand how I feel about you, with a willingness to be your Gatekeeper. A gatekeeper is not to be a caregiver, but a caregiver and adviser, the Gatekeeper explained. But, care-giving is about emotional and material support. That requires the capacity to listen, to be a good mirror, not exploit the instead promote individual growth and integrity. That requires meeting basic material needs, including financial support, she replied. Are you looking to me as your refuge from the slings and arrows of misfortune? he asked. Shelter followed by promotion and support is the essence of care-giving. Do you want me to feed you a feed forward loop to make your progress possible? he asked. What do you mean feed forward loop? she asked. A feed forward control loop must be paired with a feedback control loop. Gate-keeping is about controlled progress. Hence, thats why I have the title adviser. Therefore, I as your Gatekeeper must act as your caregiver and adviser. I have the task of providing control loops for you so you can progress into the next phase of your life, he said. The Gatekeeper believed that Meenaa was from a past life relationship. He wanted her to benefit in this life and to remember him in the next lifetime where they would meet.


Will we not have anything more than a personal, non-physical relationship in this life? she asked. I believe we have a fated complementary relationship developing from which much personal and professional contact will evolve. In this life the way that I can love you, is to promote your interests and to help you along into the second external circumstance the lunar node Saturn cycle. Your responsibility is not to betray my trust. Let things grow, from which all else will evolve, he said. Can we make a fresh start? she asked. Yes, our relationship will be revitalized, he said. Meenaa looked away. He thought to himself, Did we have this fresh start? Or is the relationship stillborn? Then he looked directly at her and said, You are still wanted, but only for practical reasons. The Gatekeeper immediately shoveled in his eggs and hash browns. He was impervious to Meenaa. Meenaa wiped her tears and leaned in closer to him. Anger began to develop in her eyes. I got down on my knees I begged my husband to change. But, he kicked me with his knee into a wall. That was the turning point when I decided I would not put up with my situation. I stopped having sex with him even though he demanded it. I planned my escape and rented a furnished house in the hills secretly, she said. The Gatekeeper hardly looked at her. He shook his head back and forth. Meenaa, the Evil Fixed Star was activated, he said without emotion. My husband hit me in the head. So after he left the house for the day, I collected my clothing and belongings and left for my hide- out. But I stupidly told my father where


I was and my husband found out. All of my family have turned against me. They each took a turn to visit and castigate me for my behavior. They blamed me. My father has refused to visit me again, she said sadly. This was an especially bad blow for you Meenaa and at a time when you needed support, he said. I was forced to go to marriage counseling so I could patch things up with my husband. After we were finished at the counselors, I invited him to come to my house. Practically as soon as we got in the door the bastard raped me! The next day I went to my gynecologist so I wouldnt get pregnant. Now, I have no desire for a man, no need for the comfort of a man, because of the disillusionment I have experienced at the hands of my husband. I want to be free from submission! she said strongly. I bet anything that your rape was natal Mars square Saturn especially with the Evil Star conjunct your natal Mars, he said in a matter-of-fact tone. The Afghan bastard grabbed me by my throat with both hands and he had me in a stranglehold so strong that it fixed my head upright against the wall. Then he hit me with his forehead on my forehead above my right eye. The blow caused a golf-ball-sized bruise, she said. Meenaa leaned over and pointed to her forehead. Look, I still have a scar from it, she said. I dont see anything in I mean on that pretty head for you to worry about Meenaa, he said in-between chewing buttered toast dipped in egg yoke.


The Gatekeeper loved it that Meenaa depended on him. He thought, Meenaa was free with her own home. Nobody thought she could hold onto it. She says her parents do not know, no one knows, that I have been the only one who has helped her financially. Meenaa this was a critical juncture in your life and I was the only one there for you. You are still just learning to trust me. I know its tentative, but it is growing and developing The Gatekeeper felt that he was doing these things for her. He dreamed of her coming to him in another lifetime. You can repay your Goodness Gatekeeper with love. There is this karma that needs to be fulfilled. However, you are carrying anger towards men inside of yourself. You need to learn to trust your Gatekeeper. I understand you are hurting inside, but so am I. We can heal together and eventually grow. After you are healed you will become a beacon for other suppressed women a role model for the younger Afghan female generation, he said. Later that day, the Gatekeeper wrote in his diary about the breakfast meeting. The Meenaa Interview Meenaa had a very pleasant time at breakfast... from me. She opened up. Meenaa says she at onetime liked her husband, but never loved him. She was experiencing a repressed atmosphere, feeling controlled and losing it. Meenaa had planned her escape mechanism. She asked her husbands sister to speak to him and plead with him to change his dominating ways. ****


The reality was that the affair with Meenaa was about the Gatekeepers own needs because he was a narcissist. Meenaa was a victim. The Gatekeepers own acts boxed him in on all four sides in the small jail cell.


Chapter 10 A SELF-IMPOSED PURGATORY January 13, 1999 Patrick O Shay, the district attorney, notified E. J. that she would be required to testify at a pre-trial hearing under an 1101 Motion Credibility and Character of Witness: Evidence of Character to Prove Conduct on January 25, 1999. **** January 25, 1999 At the hearing, Gordon Harper, the defense attorney objected to the testimony under People vs. Kelly and People vs. Johnson. He felt it was a Kelly-Frye issue and argued whether, first of all, what was Evie being qualified as? An Astrologer? Then, was she qualified to testify in that type of expertise? Then, lastly, is that the kind of area that is subject to expert testimony under Kelly? The Defense felt it was a two-pronged test. Could she be qualified as an expert? And, even if she was, was it the kind of scientific area that is subject to expert testimony? During the hearing, Mr. Samuel Archer, Superior Court Judge asked, Mr. Harper, is there an issue of authorship of the writings?


Defense Attorney Harper stepped forward and faced Judge Archer. No, your Honor, were not challenging the source of the material upon which this individual, this witness, relied. The District Attorney felt it was an evidentiary issue so he asked that the Court allow the testimony as admissible. He wanted the Judge to instruct as to the extent of its admissibility after the testimony. Mr. Harper argued, As an Astrologer, we believe she cannot opine that it was prepared before that date. She can simply interpret the exact meaning of the astrological language. Logic may dictate it was written before, but it would not be subject of an expert opinion, and thats the distinction that Im making. Its an important one because, as the Court now knows, this is the only document, the only piece of evidence, that the People have that demonstrates directly in their opinion that my client did these bombings. The defense attorney continued to argue. He said, The documents have been characterized repeatedly as a confession. In order for it to be a confession, it has to be a plan, planned ahead of time. If its retrospective, then its not a confession. So we are allowing this woman to opine as an astrologer that its a confession, and 352 alone would dictate that she shouldnt be able to do that. Fortunately, for the prosecution, Judge Archer agreed to hear the testimony so Patrick O Shay and E. J. began going through the Astrological evidence. Late in the afternoon on January 25th, the testimony for the prosecution was completed. However, the defense team had a right to cross-examine her the next day. ****


January 26, 1999 Judge Archer gave his ruling after the cross-examination was complete. He said, Ms. Taylor has special knowledge, skill, and experience in the field of astrology. This skill has been demonstrated by her ability to interpret and translate the astrological symbols and principles that are generally accepted in the study of astrology. This is not a Kelly-Frye analysis case. The Kelly-Frye issues pertain to the introduction of evidence pertaining to new, novel, or scientific principles or techniques. In this case, the witness is more akin to an interpreter of a foreign language and the jury will need assistance in understanding the symbols and the principles upon which astrology is based. The words and symbols are not quite as simple as the defense analogy pertained, which was a quote in French. The astrology symbols give meaning to the document. I think the testimony of this witness is important for the jury to understand the entire meaning of the document. In some cases, the symbols refer to what occurred in the past, in some cases it indicates a present tense, and in some areas it indicates a future tense. In the Courts view, its valid and the District Attorney can elicit an opinion as to what these sentences mean. Do they mean past tense, present tense, or future tense? Hence, in the Courts view, the testimony is admissible pursuant to Evidence Code Section 801, and it is not made admissible by the Kelly-Frye rule. The district attorney can illicit an opinion as to the past, present and future, and it is admissible.


This ruling was an important win for the prosecutions case because E. J. would be allowed to testify as an expert in the field of astrology. She would render the ultimate opinion that the document was prepared before the bombings. Although extremely stressful, in many ways, E. J. was thankful to have a pre-trial hearing because it would be a dress rehearsal for the jury trial, which was imminent. It also gave her an opportunity to get an intuitive feel for Judge Archer who was a seasoned judge with twenty-plus years in the criminal sector. Samuel Archer was a six-foot tall and well-built muscular gentleman who appeared to be in his mid-sixties. He had a full head of silvery white hair, a sculpted jaw-line, prominent cheek bones, and dark eyes that revealed intensity. On the other hand, Gordon Harper was well-padded with sloping shoulders. He was about five feet six inches tall with an over-sized rounded head and curly balding hair that he wore in a comb-over style. His complexion was freckled and ruddy. His eyes were small and hazel-colored. He had an in-curved nose that tipped up at the end. His temperament seemed antagonistic, testy, and sarcastic. However, he was an experienced and successful trial lawyer and had defended some of the Bay Areas worst criminals in his twenty-year history. **** 11:00 p.m. January 26, 1999 The first night after E. J. Taylors testimony at the pre-trial hearing the Gatekeeper was fatigued. He recalled that on July 18, 1995 he gave Meenaa a copy of her


luridly sexual psychic tapes he made for her. Before July, she started to bond to me both emotionally and financially. She did take several loans from me, he thought. He remembered on the tape that he said, I psychically photographed you to my sister Elzora who is also naturally psychic. If anything happens to me, Elzora come to you, as a source, so she can begin investigating. It occurred to the Gatekeeper that Meenaa started to detach from him immediately after she received the tapes because she phoned the Gatekeeper and she said, I don't know how I tolerated you for so long! The Gatekeeper thought about the conversation. He also remembered a trip Meenaa planned to take with a male friend. He could still feel jealousy bubbling inside just at the thought of her trip. She wanted what was coming! The bitch wouldnt go with me but she went to Palm Springs for her adventure with her newest male stud. He remembered that during the phone conversation when Meenaa told him she didnt know why she tolerated for so long, he paused before answering. He took a long deep breath then exhaled. Meenaa, something is coming your way and you must be set free to explore this. I must detach myself from you and never trust you again, he said angrily. Then he slammed the phone down. He remembered that after the phone call he went to his dark study and unlocked the door, slammed it shut, then furiously locked it. Once he was in the office, he lit a small black candle in order to give illumination to the current cycle of events that had transpired with Meenaa. He went to his file cabinet and took out his astrological chart. I have natal Neptune opposite natal moon, which equals Neptunian danger. Transiting


Saturn is opposite natal Neptune. Meenaa has natal Neptune conjunct my natal Venus. This equals deception. It also indicates that Meenaa is a femme fatale. Disappointment in love is acute if you fall for someone who is not at all worthwhile this is the illusion, he thought acidly. He gazed at his Tarot deck and thought about doing a spread. Instead, he thought, Everything went south after Meenaa reviewed her psychic tapes. She was adamant that she had nothing to offer a friend. She was angry that she had agreed to transfer personal and clinical information. **** He fell onto the jailhouse cot because he was emotionally exhausted. A cold chill went straight through to his bones. While looking at the blank ceiling, he remembered writing a document on July 25th 1995 at 6:00 p.m. He titled this document Great Insights. Today is the Great Insights that came from defining our special relationship. We are beginning a great understanding. This is not a case of cultural taboos about hand holding and touching as I first thought. And it is not a case of not liking me, for which there is much proof. The openness is genuine. We do have a very special communication unlike anything in the last twenty years for me and unlike anything Meenaa has known. The issue is not about trusting me. Meenaa trusts me. The problem is her aversion to being close, to being touched from anybody. She feels very uncomfortable about closeness. The intense reaction is by her admission abnormal. She


doesnt fear being close; she just feels deadened, unwilling and unable to respond. She is emotionally paralyzed. Shes never learned to accept physical intimacy, physical love. The Gatekeeper felt Meenaas aversion to physical intimacy was the result of the years of abuse at her husbands hand. He looked at the blank ceiling of his cell and thought, Meenaas husband neglected her emotionally and forced her to have sex with him as a convenience. She never loved her husband although she told me that at one time, she did love her cousin. However, her feelings were unacceptable. The Gatekeeper felt that Meenaa had sacrificed her own needs and her own identity. He recalled that at one time she said, I dont know what it is to desire a man. I have no need for a man. Im tired of being propositioned by men who tell me how beautiful I am. They tell me how much they want me but its only for sex. Im tired of having friendship being betrayed by men. He shrieked out-loud, Males pursued her since she was a child. She was an incurable flirt! She used flirting to gain reassurance and self worth. She needed to attract men, but keep them at a distance. If men did respond to her, she reacted with suspicion. She saw it as a demand for intimacy. This frightened her. Enlightenment struck the Gatekeeper like a bolt of lightening. He sat up straight. It wasnt me. It was her. She couldnt respond! he yelled out. He calmed down and he smiled to himself. Meenaa will eventually need to enter therapy. Only when she is sufficiently financially secure, will she be able to turn inward and devote her focused attention to overcoming her aversion. With financial security, she could overcome her fear of failure. However, she will return to her dependence within her


culture. I experienced same thing at age twenty-one. Im the one who offered her an open relationship. I taught her how to talk openly. Meenaa wanted to have a relationship but she didnt realize what we had was intimacy, he thought disdainfully. He stood up, stretched his stiff body, and then paced back and forth in the small area between the cot and the toilet in the cell. Instead, she reacted to me with her Evil Star... I offered her an opportunity! he shouted scornfully. The Gatekeeper flopped back down on the make-shift bed. He shook his head back and forth and starred at the blank wall. He thought, I resent her. Meenaa caused my misery. I should have ended my involvement with her. She violated and victimized me she put me in a cycle of Plutonic soul searching. The Scorpions energy put me in a period of testing and confrontation. It was a time of culmination and climax in close personal relations. Meenaa was deceitful. She took me for a ride. I should have terminated Meenaa! Now, Im behind bars and I must avoid the tendency to cave in. The Gatekeeper sat up and reached for the yellow legal pad his lawyer had left him then he began to write down his thoughts. Lunar Nodal Giving and Receiving The north node is what a person experiences this life, while south node brings people from past lives into the present. The north node is the bread and butter, salt and pepper arrangement where each should augment the other while still retaining the individual flavor. This presents a superlative configuration that brings achievement and happiness to both parties. If, the south node connects to Mercury, there is one way communication, from teacher to students, lecturer to audience, whereby the natal person


draws in lessons. When the north node connects to Venus, a synergistic bond is formed and brings a non-possessive loving relationship that is needed by both parties. This guarantees a beneficial emotional and material relationship. However, if the south node aspects Venus, then the natal person needs admiration and attention. The Gatekeeper stopped writing. He tapped his pen on the legal pad. He thought, Meenaa and I could have conquered the world together because in our charts the north node and Mars are connected. However, all she wanted from me was a transfusion of energy. We could have had success in the name of the mutual game the cornucopia incarnate. We could have had huge success in a short duration of time. It would have been a productive collaboration that benefited us both like a factory that grinds out quality and quantity of experience. I was her Karmic Gatekeeper, her enabler. I was the one who got Meenaa beyond the learning curve. I should not have prolonged the tutoring relationship. I could have been a transcending and liberating force for Meenaa. I wanted to teach her individuality. I was exceptionally supportive, even idealistic. I believed in the immediate heart to heart rapport and had the feeling that together we could have done anything. Because Meenaa enchanted and ensnared me, Im in a regrettable and unforgettable position. Now, I must hang on for dear life. I must focus on the strength, power, and forces of the Pluto to weaken the position Im in. **** The Gatekeeper rolled over on his side and closed his eyes. He needed sleep but his mind was racing. He recalled writing a note to Meenaa around the first part of August 1995.


He wrote, Meenaa, my active role as your Gatekeeper has been April 21st through July 27th 1995; now I assume a passive role. There will be two more Gatekeeper transits. One on Sept. 27 1995 and the other on January 13 1996. None of them will be lovers even with a fifth house role; they will be all older men who help. I wish we could work something out, but no more Gatekeeper from me. July is over. So go enjoy yourself my friend. The contract still holds from July 19. He remembered that after he finished writing the note, he started working furiously on his and on Meenaas astrological charts. At the time, he wondered if Meenaa would ever learn how to meet his needs. If she did, he could prepare her for selfunderstanding. It would have been an educational, emotional, and touching intimacy. However, she needed to analyze the relationship but was unable to do so. He recalled coming to the conclusion that he must work wholly and consciously for her interests and must deny his own ego. He recalled that he jotted down his thoughts after he was finished analyzing the charts. He wrote, My natal Mars in Libra and natal moon in Aries. No secret or selfish advantage, beware of personal delusions. Beware of the Venus women who appeal to your favorite ideals, and then take you for a ride. Mars and Neptune equal deceitful actions. I must be careful of people who appeal through favorite ideals or delusions and then take me for a ride. I must investigate a female. My psychic impressions should be taken seriously and I will be able, through imagery, to see tomorrow. Jupiter stationary retrograde in Sagittarius tells me everything! Selfless activities are only for charities. Viral infections are possible during this time. My energy level is low. Meenaa must


come to terms. She must exchange nurturing with me or else the affliction will once again shatter all of her hopes. Meenaa has once again bought a male who gave a lot. However, the Evil Star which lifts her up so high, once again shatters her and leaves her even more afraid to trust men even the Gatekeeper leaves! This is the ultimate hurt that will totally destroy her. She did not use the Gatekeeper appropriately she did not learn to give her complement portal to him. She will be violenced big time! Meenaa did not learn from the Gatekeeper how to deal with this boundary problem she has. Meenaa will have a tremendous power-up from her birth chart. There will be an Evil Star influence a double reinforcement. The Evil Star is activated through Aries! He turned over and sat up. The jail was quiet. All of the other inmates were sleeping. He thought to himself, Meenaa was a Nurturer Black Hole. I should have been more aware! She has Jupiter conjunct natal moon. I should never have gone near the Nurturer Black Hole!


Even though at the time, the Gatekeeper knew better then to go near Meenaas Black Hole, he did because he believed they had unfinished business in this lifetime. He sat quiet and thought about their relationship. He re-examined the relationship he had with Meenaa. After sever minutes of silent contemplation, he ascertained that his relationship with her was karmic in nature. Meenaa was special. If I had chosen someone other than Meenaa, they wouldnt have had the same behavioral patterns that I saw in her. I wouldnt have been able to obtain the special favorable treatment that I proposed to get and give to Meenaa. Nor would another candidate have responded to me the way she did, he thought. He asked himself, Who was this person Meenaa? How did she treat me? Was it a strictly business relationship? I recognized that trust-ability and control-ability issues were a problem with her. She wasnt even fifty percent on both issues. The Gatekeeper remembered that he wanted Meenaa to identify what kind of relationship they had because at the time he was worried about her continued deceptive behavior in her interpersonal relationships. Meenaas behavioral patterns upset me and thats why my trust in her was limited. Unfortunately, I didnt watch and analyze her behavior close enough and she blindsided me! Trust and my ability to control her was the major issue in our relationship, he thought. **** He sat completely still on the jailhouse cot with his back against the cold wall and he closed his eyes. He could see clearly in his minds eye. It was as if he was transported back in time. He could see himself sitting at his desk in his office in his home. He vividly


remembered that at the time he asked the Tarot cards what kind of relationship he had with Meenaa. The question is what kind of relationship does Meenaa have to me? The Gatekeeper shuffled his deck of tarot cards. The only card he drew was The Wheel of Fortune. From the cards, he concluded that Meenaa must acknowledge the type of relationship she claims they have. She has two choices. Choice one is that in this lifetime, she is simply engaged in a friendship relationship an acquaintance relationship clause in our contact. Choice two includes a friendship relationship plus a karmic relationship. At the time, he thought, Meenaa must acknowledge a belief in the Hindu doctrine of reincarnation from which flows an acceptance of karmic duty as one of lifes tasks. If she wishes, I will embrace her but she must understand the doctrine of reincarnation and then respond to me with behavioral changes that convert her fifty percent to at least ninety percent. For her to modify her behavior, she has to first acknowledge what kind of relationship we have. If she embraces my doctrine of reincarnation then she will naturally adhere to the tenants of her karmic duty to me and will I accept her. However, she must adjust her deceptive behavior. For a few minutes, he silently contemplated. Then he asked himself, What is Meenaas point of behavioral reference? He sat completely still staring at the Tarot cards and then the answer came to him. Meenaa has a continuing reputation as being a user of people. What point of behavioral reference would allow such abuse of a relationship? I must acknowledge my own ultimate breaking point to be her Transcendental Ruler. This lifetime is just one of many lifetimes where we will engage


each other individually and together. All relationships have a beginning, middle however short or long of duration, and an end. The end comes when the persons or souls must let go and move on. If Meenaa wishes to continue with her user behavior, then I will accept her for what she is which is a transient non-transcendental relationship. With such a person, the only reality that counts is the current theme. Right now, our relationship looks to be temporary at best. I will need to continually reevaluate her worth and consider my own material circumstances. On the other hand, if Meenaa wants to have more than a transient non-transcendental relationship then her Transcendental Gatekeeper will embraced her. However, she must be placed on probation. While shes on probation, I will give her immediate feedback when she does things that are unacceptable. I could be putting my business at risk if I make Meenaa my priority but I do want to have a complete transcendental relationship with her. This is going to be a very long haul! However, the chance to have a transcendental karmic relationship with Meenaa is more important to me than anything else that will transpire over the course of my lifetime. Saturn crystallizes time as an event. However all events have a consequence and Meenaa needs to know the meaning of this. The Gatekeeper desperately wanted a definition of his relationship with Meenaa and he wanted to somehow crystallize their relationship. He was desperate for her to choose what kind of relationship she wanted with him. He decided that he should call her and ask her what her point of reference was as far as their relationship went. Did she want to be his Multi-lifetime Karmic Associate or simply a Transient Associate to her Transcendental Director?


The Gatekeeper picked up the phone and dialed Meenaas number. After two rings, she answered the phone. Good morning Meenaa..., he said politely Im at work. Dont call me at work. Im far too busy to talk to you, she said abrasively. Meenaas tone made him feel emotionally violated. Your Gatekeeper has fulfilled! he said angrily then slammed down the phone. After the phone call, he got into his car and drove directly to Meenaas office. He wanted to give her a letter he had written the night before. Meenaa looked up. Her mouth dropped open when she saw the Gatekeeper standing in the door to her office. Then she got up in a huff and walked towards him. I told you I was busy today. What do you think you are doing just coming to my office? she asked in a pissed off tone. The Gatekeeper outwardly maintained his composure. However, his eyes were stern and slightly menacing. He put his hand on her upper arm. Come outside. I need to say a few things to you.


Meenaa knew she had no choice other then to talk to him. Either she complied or he would give it to her big time in front of her coworkers so she went outside with him. They sat down on a sidewalk bench and the hostile energy calmed somewhat. Meenaa, this issue is not about intimacy, even though you think it is. The reason I will no longer be your Gatekeeper is because a future relationship with you is nearly impossible. You are obsessed. You dont want to be my friend. You are controlling. I want to be your friend but you have not been able to control your sexual desires. I think we should put some space between us, she said firmly. The Gatekeeper was silent. He knew keeping his sexual desires under control would be a difficult assignment because his normally acquiescent wife had threatened to leave him. This news had a serious emotional impact on him. Now, he was vulnerable. He longed for Meenaa to touch him. Stroke him. If, he were with Meenaa, in any situation, whether it was business or pleasure, he would need to shield his lustful feelings towards her. He did not want to risk her rejection because of his neediness. If his wife had not planned to abandon him, then he would not be tempted to overreach towards Meenaa. With his current situation, he felt that he couldnt afford to expose his feelings or experience Meenaas rejection. The emotional distance from her was killing him. He felt that he was meeting Meenaas need for distance but his need for closeness was unrequited. He normally had a difficult time masking his feelings especially when he was needy. He didnt want Meenaa to know how needy he was and he had already


anticipated the rejection because of his excessive neediness. To protect himself emotionally, he finally came to the ultimate conclusion. I think its best if I terminate our relationship, he said callously. You want closure now? she asked in disbelief. Yes I do. I have a clean conscious, he replied coolly. Meenaa stood up and started to walk towards her office. Then she turned back and looked at the Gatekeeper. Youll be back, she said tersely. The Gatekeeper didnt say a word. Meenaa smiled. She knew hed be back. I know men... I know you, she said curtly. Then she turned and walked away from him. Her ass wagged in her short skirt. Youll be back! she said teasingly. At that time, the Gatekeeper intended to never go back to her. It would take a lot of effort for him to emotionally disengage himself from Meenaa. While he was driving out of her office parking lot, he thought to himself, Now I shall work to see if Meenaa can be set-up after August 21, 1995. I believe I have evidence that she has commented fraud. However, I need to get her to pay her debt to me first! She has the propensity to deceive me in our friendship. I must set her up for the test. The Gatekeeper needed Meenaa because he thought she knew about the Afghan Mafia and he hoped she could be his early warning alerter. Besides, she knew his personal stuff and he wanted her to pay him back. More important was the fact that Meenaa knew enough about his plans that if the police caught him, she could testify against him. He considered the situation. He thought, Should I protect her? Forgive her? Meenaa can testify...


The Gatekeeper remembered that a few days later Meenaa called him. She sounded desperate. I need your help. I need to get my finances straightened out. My aunt demands that I repay the loan she made me. I need money and social contacts from you. I received a notice from my car lender and they are demanding payment in full! How much is that? he asked. Nine thousand dollars, she said. Without a car youre going to be finished in the business world, he said in a matter of fact tone. You could rent a car until you receive some income Oh please, how am I to rent a car with my credit cards maxed out? I need help I got notice my medical insurance company cancelled my policy and my mortgage company is going to start the foreclosure process because I am three months behind in house payments. Gosh its a good time to sell your house because it coincides with the very best time in the housing markets annual season. It would bring the best possible price. There will be a steep correction in all the financial markets over the next couple months. You just have to work at it and think creatively, he said frostily. You dont understand! I have been working at it I had three deals fall apart last month. I was expecting seventy-five thousands from those deals. Another one fell apart when I was out of town, she said hysterically.


Oh, thats right you were with your new male friend in Palm Springs. What does that have to do with it? I work all the time even when Im out of town, she said adamantly. All I can say is right now the fixed Evil Star, Baten Kaitos has the power. It has jinxed you it is the only fixed star out of eighty-three fixed stars that produces an immigration and isolation. The star rules commissions, sex, men, and genitals. Right now, this fixed star was has a malefic aspect from Saturn. It is dragging your entire material world into a deep plummet. If you dont think positively, you will hit bottom sometime in November. You will be thwarted by more career problems, car problems, and failing relationships if you dont change, he said in a grave voice. What should I do? I could loan you my address files and books but we would need to do some kind of provisional contract. What kind of contract? You need to acknowledge that I already gave you thirty-seven hundred dollars and you need to agree to my personal and business terms. First, what are your business terms? she asked. If I allow you to use my books, you will have access to at least sixteen hundred businesses, and nearly sixty thousand names of executives in the surrounding Bay Area. If I give you the books, you need to become my core business partner and I want a percentage of the business.


Well I need money for the interim because I still have a cash flow problem now! Maybe you can get some cash from your husband. My husband is very stingy. He worships money. If I go back to him and ask him for money hell suffocate me! What should I do, close my eyes while he fucks me? That would be better then loosing your business reputation or your house, he said in an unemotional tone. I did that with him while I was married to him and now if he even touches my hand my skin crawls. You are the only man in my life that Ive had an open and trusting relationship with. As my Gatekeeper, youre the only person who has stuck by me. Nearly every week, I receive a call from my aunt who I owe the thirty thousand too. Shes expecting I pay her a balloon payment in December, Meenaa screeched. Meenaa, I encourage you to prospect with determination. I cant help you with money, you do have options such as all these gentlemen you told me were continuing to ask you for marriage, he replied coolly. I could never get married with so much debt on my head. Besides, I have no interest in men or have feelings towards men, she said abruptly. The Gatekeeper scowled. He was silent. He thought, Meenaa is hustling me with the hustle hammer. Her not wanting sex is all bullshit! Im not treating her like shes a wife. Then, in a cruel voice he said, Meenaa, regardless of how I feel about you personally, my only desire was to promote you professionally because it couldve


benefited me financially. Believe me, I dont want sex for free. However, I have given you several loans and they were not for free! Youre treating me like my ex-husband did a goddamn wife. I did that before. All you want is a wife to fuck! You think you can buy a fuck? Forget it, she said sharply. Meenaa believe me, I do not want you to act like my wife. Youve really insulted me. As far as Im concerned you can have the fucking core of my business for free but I expect you to give me the check for thirty-seven hundred dollars back. There is no need for me to give you a loan now. However, I will loan you my books until October twenty-eighth but after that, I want no further contact with you! Meenaa was really sour. She screamed, I need to pay my bills! The Gatekeeper didnt express any emotion. Meenaa there will be no provisional contract for using the books. You can do what you want with the information. There will be no terms. Ill let you use them for free. He paused momentarily then in an angry sarcastic tone, he said, Look, I want to end this relationship now! You can go to your husband for money! Meenaas eyes filled with tears. You can keep your fucking books! You value money not my friendship! I dont want your books, I wanted you to be my friend. You are abandoning me! she said in a raised angry tone. Meenaa, Im really too busy to deal with your problems today. Call me tomorrow, he said in a cutting tone. Then he immediately hung up the phone and smiled to himself. He thought, Tomorrow well see if she backs off again.


The next day Meenaa called the Gatekeeper. She was frantic. Her financial circumstances had put her into a corner. She knew the Gatekeeper would require her to sign a new social contract with him. Im really getting organized, she said emphatically. I have four conditions for our new social contract. This is a forewarning. There will be no bullshit! No more deception! No more confusion! No running away! Feelings return when you re-experience intimacy. Come to the house tomorrow and expect to greet me with a big hug, he said in a disturbing tone. Ill be there in the morning. With a very big hug? he asked in a mocking voice. Yes with a hug. The Gatekeeper was excited. He was eager for Meenaa to go down on him. The thought of her moist sweet female fragrances consumed him for the rest of the day. Later that night he was lying on his side away from edge of his bed in a light sleep when he began to have a powerful visitor vision. The vision was no vignette. He tried to turn over onto his back but a strong force seemed to be holding him in place. He didnt resist the force because he felt that this was a message from a visitor to announce a presence. He knew he needed to pay special attention. In the first part of the vision, he could see Meenaa moving from room to room, still socializing with her extended family and other Afghans who were capable of helping her, but were withholding their support, in part because of something mutual and unspoken, but she chose the binding. The interpretation of the vision was that he felt that


Meenaa was still involved with the extended family and with her relatives on a regular basis. In the second part of the vision, he could see Meenaa walking away only to turn into a dead-end hallway. She was boxed in on all three sides with no doors out. The voice drifted away and Meenaa was alone, cut off, in distress, confused, isolated, and lost. In the vision, she turned to talk to him, but he could not communicate directly back to her. However, he continued to listen with compassion. Meenaa expressed her feelings of emotional isolation. He could see the number twenty-eight clearly in his mind. The dates September 28 and October 28 were written clearly on the wall in front of him. The first twenty-eight showed confusion but the second twenty-eight showed clarity the events to pass thereafter were fixed like a known path that must be walked by her. There was no third twenty-eight symbol. He felt this meant emptiness for her. She would try to cut her losses. He felt that she had hit the true bottom from which she would try to rise above for the next decade. The interpretation meant he must wait until after September 28, if at all, to help Meenaa. By Oct. 28, the picture would be much clearer. In the meantime, there would be emptiness for Meenaa. She would be in distress. For the first time in the vision, he could speak to Meenaa and she listened. He cried out to her emotionally and it seemed like she reached out to him, to bond. However, all he got was business talk from her. They repeatedly talked past each other on different levels. She was detached and he was emotional. She couldnt see that she was in an


emotional box like a mime boxed in by an invisible wall. She was a person who couldnt touch or be touched. This isolation was causing her grave distress. For the Gatekeeper, the interpretation was that Meenaa was still an Afghan with Afghan connections that bound her to her culture. The business with him did not mesh with any of her normal feelings. She was stuck with people that she couldnt turn to but who greatly influenced her into the isolation that was relative to him. Even though the only way out was with the Gatekeeper, Meenaa felt it had no emotional substance. She couldnt or wouldnt attach emotionally to him for a way out. The final interpretation of the vision was to do nothing until the evenings of the twenty-eights. No matter what he did for her, Meenaa would not reach out. He shouldnt help her financially the money was for a losing cause. He must detach and cut his financial losses promote but dont support. At 4:37 a.m., he was clearly awake. He thought, These visions appear to be strictly block driven. The essence of the visitor vision was the observation that like himself, Meenaa was stuck in a self-imposed purgatory, a place or state of temporary suffering or misery. She chose to embrace the Afghan culture that imposed emotional and financial burdens yet provided little substance for him in return. Meenaa chose to challenge that culture by divorcing her husband and she had to pay the price as their black sheep. He thought, Where were Meenaas rich cousins? Where were her rich in-laws and former husband? They are the ones she tried to please by adhering to their cultural standards. Let them pay the price! The purgatory of expectations are Meenaas emotional


box and they are obviously self-imposed. She, and only she, can release herself from the box. Meenaa needed a Gatekeeper after her divorce. Allah only provides if the person listens. Did Meenaa listen? Meenaa had after all, seemingly secured her financial position which would have allowed her to laugh at her Afghan detractors. However, she decided to distance herself from her Gatekeeper, who then chose to abandon her. Meenaa did not modify her behavior. She did not cut her ties with her Afghans. She did not have to change in anticipation of another fourteen-year circumstance half cycle that would bring emotional and material wealth, the Gatekeeper thought bitterly. He remembered that he had previously told her that the first week of August would produce a bounty of material gain which was truly a feed-foreword control aspect on his part to keep her baited and hooked. However, Meenaa chose to ignore the Gatekeepers warning that material gain must be balanced by her giving sexual stimulation and receiving nurturance from him. This was the essence of an astrological Jupiter transit over Meenaas natal moon in the second house of money. This transit brought her the purchase of her house after her divorce in February 1995. God does not mock. This is his world I am conscious of how the world operates. Hence, I warned Meenaa that she needed to balance material gain with nurturing, he arrogantly thought. The Gatekeeper believed that Meenaa needed to change in order to get out of her cultural box. Change can have supplementary or complementary consequences. Any


change that involved him must be a complementary action on her part. Otherwise, Saturn would crystallize the time as an event and the event that would generate a consequence. Meenaa chose to embrace the material wealth and ignore her Gatekeepers warning. He thought, She was afflicted within by an Evil Star named Baten Kaitos and this predisposed her to her behavior. The Evil Star afflicts Mars and rules her genitals and her sexual energy. The Evil Star promised a promotion to an extra high place of glory followed by a consequent demotion to an equally low place of disgrace the immigration star of isolation, depression, accidents, sexual problems, and a ship wreck of her Part of Fortune. In light of the above esoteric perspective, the Gatekeeper interpreted what cultural changes were needed for Meenaa. He thought, Her father repeatedly and mercilessly criticized her for divorcing her husband and exposing herself to my financial security. Meenaas father expected her to subsidize him and pay for an occasional big-ticket item such as an airline ticket. He should have gone to his own age group of relatives for financial support instead of looking to Meenaa for help. After all, he had other relatives who had a lot more money then Meenaa. Screw the Afghan culture criticism that resulted! The Afghan culture did not pay Meenaas mortgage payment! I did. Meenaa should have disclosed that she was in financial trouble and needed a time out from the Afghan cultural expectations that took so much from her yet provided little emotional or material support, he said out loud with hostility.


He thought, She should have spoke up for herself and denied the Afghan cultural police expectations that bled her emotionally and financially. She should have told her family to terminate their demands to keep up with the Afghan cultural expectations. She should have told those who expected money from her to go elsewhere. If Meenaa had acknowledged her financial woes, she would have gone to these Afghan cultural police and asked them for their help! What good were the rich cousins if they would not help! Why did Meenaa rely upon a non-Afghans mercies, her Gatekeeper, to keep her afloat and yet, at the same time use Afghan cultural expectations to distance herself from the same Gatekeeper who needed her to stroke his sexually deprived wand big time? If I ignore the message I will be in great personal peril because I know that god is watching. The message needs to be heeded. I must wait until the shadow of the solar eclipse passes on October 23, 1995 at 8:32 p.m. before I should help Meenaa if I dont see changes in her. By October, our future will be clearly visible but forced by circumstance. If I dont wait, I will be in the shadow of eclipse and forever tied to her, he said out loud to himself. The following morning, the Gatekeeper anticipated receiving Meenaa with open arms. Unfortunately, the meeting did not go the way he planned. When Meenaa walked through the door, a cold chill immediately permeated the home so the Gatekeeper didnt offer her a seat. The Gatekeeper put both hands in the pockets of his jacket. He glared at her. I must take my early morning psychic visitors advice. If your Afghan blood relatives dont


love you enough to give you money, why should I? Are you going to change your behavior and form an intimate bond to me? he asked with reprisal in his voice. For a moment, Meenaa stood in silence staring. She was stunned. This is getting too personal. I cant mix business and pleasure! she said. The Gatekeeper knew that both Meenaas house and car payments were overdue. Her Afghan relatives were not going to finance her lifestyle. Without his help, her fortunes would be shipwrecked. He had a cold-hearted stare in his eyes. My dear Meenaa, I think I am still seeing a presentation so I think I will wait until after Oct 28th to help you, unless you can show me you have changed however it is possible that you will find some new unsuspecting Gatekeeper who will give you money! he said vengefully. You are a manipulative, soul-less machine! she said callously. Meenaas anger stimulated the Gatekeeper in an odd perverse way. He knew she needed the money but she shouldnt have given him the hustle. Did she think he would simply just cave in and give her everything she wanted without giving him so much as a teardrop of kindness? Im sorry, but this is how it must end. I wont financially support you with a loan but you can have the prospecting resources so you can generate some business income. Its really too bad but your finances are not my problem. Even though I have feelings towards you and want to help this is way too much. Go fuck your husband! Good luck, he said smugly. Meenaa was furious. Her eyes were narrow and the corner of her lip was curled in a downward frown. She clenched her fists then turned and stormed out of the house. The


Gatekeeper watched her ass shake as she trotted to her car. He slammed the door and went into his dark room to read cards, review his psychic impressions, and interpret what had occurred with her. Finally, he came to a conclusion. On a Post-it sticky note he wrote, Mercury is retro-cycling over my natal Neptune. No honesty. No clarity. I must avoid financial and long-term commitments. Rashness! Meenaa is a financial risk! The time to end Meenaa is now! End the Meenaa saga! She is my self-imposed purgatory! The Gatekeeper sat back in his chair. He thought, The reactive manipulative twoheaded monster will take a very painful fall soon! The Gatekeeper sat quietly contemplating his next move. He thought, Somehow I must reign in the monster or she may try to blackmail me. She is emotional and in financial straights. She may get extremely desperate and expose my plans. I must create some sort of camouflage for myself. I need to get the reactive monster off my back. Her ex-husband needs to rescue his pussy. Im not the cause of her problems. Her uncontrollable spending and a deteriorating business market are her problems. She needs a cash infusion. The Gatekeeper decided his best bet was to call a business contact that also knew both Meenaa and her husband intimately. The two men exchanged a few polite words. Then they scheduled a breakfast meeting at the Venus Caf for the following morning. The Gatekeeper arrived at the Venus early. He enjoyed the caf because it has cloistered booths that line the walls and red lamps that light up the cozy little place. A thick delicious aroma of smoky bacon and sweet syrup permeated the air. The waitresses are delightful. He liked to watch the cute girls hustle around serving up coffee, taking


orders, and clearing plates. The Gatekeeper ordered his usual Eggs Florentine with a side of the Venus Heavenly Biscuits and black coffee. When the Gatekeepers contact arrived, he didnt have time to order so much as a cup of coffee because the Gatekeeper immediately asked him to convey a message to Meenaas husband. The Gatekeeper leaned in. He glared at the friend. I want you to talk to Meenaas husband and convince him to consider reconciliation with her. Tell him he should let her come live with him without the benefits of re-marriage. Tell him he should work on her, work with her, or do whatever Afghans do to get their wives back including back in bed. Meenaas husband must be certain to approach her on either the twenty-seventh or the twenty-eighth of September. I have already prepped Meenaa to expect help with her material circumstances on these two days because these are her best days astrologically. You need to specifically state this is not a message from Meenaa but its a message from the Gatekeeper, he said in a banefully callous tone. The contact sat back in the booth. His mouth dropped wide open. He was stunned. Okay is there anything else? he asked in a trembling voice. Yes, the Gatekeeper reached inside his shirt pocket and took out a folded unsigned typewritten note that delineated how bad Meenaas finances were. I want you to give Meenaas husband this note so he will know that her car lender wants nine grand, her medical insurance has been cancelled, and she is behind in her house payments. Meenaa needs a cash infusion of ten grand for back debts and four grand per month so she will close her eyes and fuck him if necessary, he said coldly with a smirk on his face. His eyes glowed like a devils.


The Gatekeepers friend fumbled with the note then put it inside his classic style black leather Day Planner. His hands shook. An icy chill flooded his limbs. It sounds like Meenaas in dire straights, he said sadly. The Gatekeeper didnt trust the mans compassion for Meenaa but this was the one open avenue that led directly to her husband. The Gatekeeper leaned in and starred into the contacts eyes. He had a menacing look on his face. His eyes narrowed and his nostrils flared. Tell her husband that she is absolutely desperate. She needs money so badly that she is actually vulnerable to his ministrations, he said in a dark low tone. The contact stood up. His faced reddened and small beads of sweat were starting to form on his forehead. He wanted to scream and run away. He clenched the black leather appointment book tightly with his sweaty right hand. I will be certain the message is delivered today, he said with fear in his voice. Then he promptly left the caf. The Gatekeeper sat still in the cloistered booth. He maintained a hardened exterior but inside he feared that Meenaa would blackmail him. After all, she knew he was investigating the local Afghan Mafia for drug smuggling and trafficking. She knew he broke in to her sister-in-laws office and took a number of documents. She knew he thought the locals were corrupt and taking bribes. At one point, he told her about his theory that there was the corruption and fraud in town. He even showed her his documentary film, Falls City Park USA. If Meenaa ever told the police about Operation Clean Sweep, it would lay out his visionary plans to destroy Century 21 and Western Relocation Management Company. She knew that after he destroyed the real estate


company he wanted to start his own company with her acting as his own Medusas head. However, Meenaa was unaware that his plan included bombing the companies. She thought the Gatekeepers plan meant that they would work together and somehow lock down and clean up the local real estate market. Meenaa was tempted by the enormous sum of money they could make. Meenaa agreed to the Faustian Bargain with her Gatekeeper because she is a greedy whore. Now, she must be bludgeoned into oblivion by my evil stars! he thought vengefully.

Chapter 11 SHIPWRECKED FORTUNES 1:37 a.m. January 27, 1999 It was after midnight and the Gatekeeper was still awake in his cold stark cell at the county jail. He remembered that a few days after the meeting at the Venus Caf, he found out from his contact that Meenaa was once again involved romantically with her ex-husband and that she was considering her options. He recalled being livid when he heard the news. Later that same day, he wrote an entry in his journal. Saturn has moved


away from the South Node, so the Gatekeeper is out! When Pluto goes stationary direct I will be hurt, hurt, hurt! He vividly remembered that he called his sister Elzora for a psychic consultation. During the call, Elzora said, Meenaa intends to look the husband over, but she wants to be wary of him until she knows the financial potential of him benefiting her. I had a vision and in it, I saw a man who has repeatedly approached her at work. I warned you about this man a few months ago. He is not the pimp you thought he was with but he is a Ladies Man. He is the type who has a huge ego. He thinks he can have any woman. For now, he wants Meenaa and he will promise her anything she wants but only if the chicken comes home to roost. At the time, the Gatekeeper thought that Meenaa had two real problems. First, she had not learned her lesson because she was a simple minded money lady and she did not believe in love the way that real women do. Elzora continued to talk. Meenaa only believes in a love that delivers money, money, money because she likes her presents! Mere trinkets can purchase Meenaa which may be valuable to her but they are but simple charms to men. I agree, said the Gatekeeper, the reason she has so many financial problems, when everyone else all around her are doing well, is she needs to be brought to her knees by a particular circumstance so she could learn her lesson. Meenaa chose to trade love for an access to money, she manipulates people to gain money shes a whore. She sells her soul for money. This will be her certain downfall, Elzora replied spontaneously.


Meenaa will learn her lesson from her husband because there is another woman. Theres a witch at his side who will stand her ground and not budge. Meenaa will try to maneuver herself and try to get past the witch but she will not succeed. What do your cards say I should do? asked the Gatekeeper. The first card is the Three of Swords. Meenaas Afghan husband will pierce and rip her heart out! A love triangle will devastate Meenaa but it will be good for you. It appears to me, that she will likely go for it if she thinks she can control him. The second card is the Five of Cups right now all Meenaa can see are the three cups of spilled wine. She doesnt recognize that you have two filled cups for her to drink from. Shes focusing only on what shes lost. The third card is the Five of Pentacles. I predict that Meenaa will experience more bad luck. She will loose more money and business unless she realizes that the spiritual is more important than the material. The final card is the Four of Cups. Meenaa will go back to her husband because he will indeed tell her anything and everything to get her back in his Afghan bed but he will ultimately drop her for the other witch because the grass is always greener on the other side, Elzora said in a slow controlled voice. I should go help Meenaa so shes not so desperate. I should give her some hope but loan her no money, said the Gatekeeper. If you weaken and give her money, for you will suffer at home. I see ice coming off your wife! The relationship you have to Meenaa will ruin your marriage. Keep Meenaa on the hook for business purposes but you must place an emotional buffer between you and her. What ever you do for her, you must be in the background. You can


help her rather then abandon her but do not get into a love triangle with her. Help her but do not open your heart to her. Especially avoid the rebound! Go pretend to help her. Get your money back then back away quickly! Put plenty of distance between the two of you. This ex-husband that Meenaa is so attracted to is fated to ruin her. He will rip her heart out and destroy her so you must watch out! After her heart is ripped out, she will come crawling back to you for your help. At that point, do not help her! Elzora said forcefully. I understand and will follow your advice but before you go, I am giving you a very important assignment. Its critical that you get me gun replacement barrels and a silencer, he said. Do you need them to be purchased out of state and discreetly shipped? she asked. The Gatekeeper was familiar with the concept of throwing out tools that make marks to avoid detection after hed committed a crime. He also knew that if he replaced a gun barrel, it would remove the markings left by the bullet thats been shot by the gun. Yes you need to take special care of the all of the paperwork pertaining to their purchase so it cant be traced back to us. You must avoid detection of any kind. If were ever caught it would show forethought and premeditation, he said sternly. Brother I am quite capable of handling this simple assignment. After all, at this time you do need guns for your own protection, Elzora said. Call me when your assignment is complete, he said. That night the Gatekeeper was dead asleep when he had a vision of Meenaa looking like La Llorona, the crying lady.69 Meenaa was trying to contact him in the


vision. He could see clearly that there was a connection between her and her ex-husband. The Gatekeeper reached out to her and offered her a plan of action that would get her financially secure so she would focus on developing her sexuality. He could see her from the outside through a dirty window. He studied his subject intensely. Meenaa tried looking out through dirt on the window but couldnt see so she unlocked the latch and opened it. Meenaa looked at her Gatekeeper coldly. I will use you just to learn, she said. Then she closed the window and walked towards her marriage bed. The Gatekeeper woke up completely. The visions message was clear. I must get rid of her in six months or she will break my heart, he thought. He sat up and reached for his phone. The contacts answering machine picked up. Meenaa owes me $37,000! Promise me before Allah that you will not say anything to her but keep your eyes open and on her! I am out! said the Gatekeeper. After he hung up the phone, he grabbed his journal and began jotting down his thoughts. Yesterdays conversation with my sister was directed at removing Meenaa from my scene. When I was informed, that she and her Martian husband were in the process of reconciliation it brought intense psychic and emotional problems. I suffered. The next day, Meenaa called the Gatekeeper. Are you sending notes to my husband about my debts? she asked angrily. Yes. I sent him a note through our mutual friend. In the note I told him about your debt structure and what I was doing to help you clean-up and out! he frankly replied. The conversation ended abruptly because Meenaa slammed the phone down.


The Gatekeeper sat back in his chair and tapped his finger on the desk. He thought, Does Meenaa have a male stud in her future? She must figure out for herself that her husbands having relations with the witch. I think Meenaa will have him even though he admits he has the other witch. She said she cant share herself with any man yet she will get involved with him even if she does have to share him with the witch. All this wariness is just preliminary bullshit! Meenaa will go down easily for him all he has to do is wait her out! This is a warning from the other side! Do not know Meenaa after six months. She is my heart breaker! I grew her for ten months and she brushes me off! She did not learn her lesson to stop using men yet she goes down on him and not on me! Elzora warned me from the other side! Do you really need Meenaa? No! I cant afford to find out about price paying! So, give one exit interview then seal her off contractually. The Gatekeeper was furious. He decided he had to call Meenaa back so he could give her a glimmer of her future. Meenaa, I have been looking at your horoscope and because I once had feelings for you, there are some things you need to know about your coming cycle. First of all, after this, you are out of my life... so dont call me anymore. I heard about your selection of men and I believe your judgment is screwed up. Just wait until April 30th you will be burned and likely stabbed! It will be like hell on earth for you. This peaks for you on May 4th! I heard you are going back to the bastard and planning to remarry during that week! Well, get this a real shit storm is due as your fucking wedding present! You best seek out protection for yourself from April 17th through May 20. You need to take refuge from the Martians outbursts. You have protection from the Evil Star until November but then all hell will arrive with an eclipse and then you will


either divorce again or it will be a renewal of hell. I guess you have to go back to your husband the Martian for more punishment? The ultimate sexual violence is the Martian. Saturn rules you, Meenaa and due to your circumstance, you must wait for Mars to cross the eclipse. Expect sexual violence. This all started with you going back to your family as my Muslim Marko Bird of Karma. I will expose them all! All of May is dangerous for you Meenaa. Stay home! Mars will cross the eclipse degree and in the build up to exact conjunction it will burn those who are trapped by Saturn and Mars. When Mars goes into Taurus, it will dump its energy on you and you will need protection. Saturn will dump on you specifically through men. Right now, you are attracting problems to you and your problems are all related to men and money. I have written down all of my notes and I will mail them to you as soon as possible along with all of my old notes. Be aware that we must meet sometime in the near future to figure how to handle your husband and your debt to me. He may be a threat. The sequence of events is not over yet! According to your chart, what appears to be a setup of you by him is due on your next birthday. On your birthday the Evil Star Caput Agol predicts a disastrous fight or danger to you. This is the star of burns, cuts to the head and throat, but most likely indicates a setup for losses through proposals from men. Remember, Saturn will present circumstances but it is tied to the Evil Star. This is a trap! You will be pressured. I have given you specific warnings about this every time we have met. He is not telling you everything. Hes hiding something and when you find out what it is you will grieve. Either you or your husband, or both, will have an unrealistic attitude about the developing relationship. Eventually the romantic cloud will lift and the truth of the


relationship will become clear. Both of you are pretending that the other person is ideal when they are not. As a result, he will do something behind your back! Lies and deceptions are headed your way. The best example is thievery through deceptive communications. This is not over until you face the terrors. Take care of yourself, he said cruelly. The Gatekeeper slammed down the phone before Meenaa could say a word. Then he dialed the number for her husband. The husband answered after two rings. Hello, he said politely. Repeat after me cash and health implosion! The amount Meenaa and ultimately you, owes me is thirty-three thousand four hundred ninety five dollars. Meenaa knows there is a deadline! he said with hostility. Meenaas husband recognized the Gatekeepers voice. He was in complete shock. Ill talk it over with Meenaa I cant commit now, he said. Listen! One degree of Aries is a gun hot to the head. Saturn means that circumstances will constrict ones health. A loss of your wife will occur on or after December 16, 1997 when Saturn is at 13 degrees of Aries. You will live to regret ever going back to her. Shes a double black hissing cat in marriage and partnerships. The actual beginning of your stress will start when the chicken comes home to roost. Meenaa is your karmic payback! Learn to cope with Saturn because youll be shipwrecked! The negative peak power is going to be between March 27th 1998 and April 1998. Watch yourself because it is a time of danger! the Gatekeeper said forcefully. Then, he slammed down the phone.


Next, the Gatekeeper studied Meenaas horoscope. He wrote his thoughts down so he would have them for future reference. March 15th 1998 Jupiter enters Meenaas 5th house. Beware of a man! Peak danger from March 1, 1998 through late April 1998 as transiting Mars crosses her Part of Marriage and while Pluto is stationary retrograde at her natal moon. Her husbands Mars and Part of Fortune will be activated but Saturn will conjunct his progressed moon March, 1998. He should expect Shipwrecked Fortunes! Meenaa was my fated flirtation that led to my own personal expansion and learning. She needed to encounter her Gatekeeper in order to learn her lesson. I had an evolutionary impulse to teach her how to receive love and giving from others. However, Meenaa wasnt able to accept or recognize what came her way because she is emotionally distorted. Her path of opportunity was through my second house of money. The double-crossing black cat was a whore for my money. I fell into the Black Hole. Its pull was so strong that I nurtured and provided it with a path of opportunity because of my generous Jupiter. Now I will repay it with its own afflicted karma. I promised to be a very-juicy-sex partner for the hissing black pussy. Now, all I promise Meenaa is devastation and pathology through her partner. I will emphasize Pluto during this upcoming cycle of retribution. Pluto rules bombs. This will be like a cold blast from the devil in Dantes Inferno! The evolutionary intent for Meenaa was that she learned the lessons of equality and balance in relationships. However, since Meenaa didnt learn, the Gatekeeper Pluto the Grim Reaper will built-up a karmic problem for her. I must act decisively. All will be set-up and securely held in place. She is going to be caught in the devils net.


**** 3:49 a.m. January 27, 1999 The Gatekeeper threw the countys thin wool blanket off of him and he sat straight up shivering. He was worried that E. J. Taylor, the astrologer for the prosecution, would expose all of his notes and his personal diaries regarding the Meenaa saga in court.

Chapter 12 A SAFE SOLUTION March 1, 1999 On March 1, 1999, the jury trial began in front of six men and six women at the Falls City Hall of Justice, in the Superior Court of the State of California in and for the County of Alameda. Mr. Patrick O Shay began his opening arguments by outlining the complicated case and telling the jury that this is the story of a serial bomber, drugs,


paranoid vengeance, sex, and astrology. He showed the jury photos of homemade bombs wrapped in duct tape, paint thinner cans taped to copper pipes, and a freelance video of an exploded million-dollar Falls City home. The prosecutor explained that the defendant was a highly intelligent chemist with an extensive background in law enforcement, had worked for the Chicago Police Department from 1975 to 1979 as a forensic analyst. He informed the twelve men and women that the defendant had testified in court hundreds of time on blood, soil, and fingerprint analysis. Patrick O Shay hammered home the key points to the jury and informed them that the defendant knew how cases were solved, how perpetrators escaped prosecution and conviction, and he explained that the Gatekeeper studied and practiced astrology. Patrick O Shay explained in detail, the defendants grudges against his victims began as early as 1991 over a problem with the foundation of his house. This grudge eventually escalated into a wild theory about the police participating in an international drug trafficking ring. The Falls City police chief and a city councilman, along with a local wealthy familys home, were the defendants targets. The bomb that exploded underneath the 1.5 million-dollar residence was the largest domestic pipe bomb in U.S. history and it was set on an eight-month timer. Fortunately, the residents were out of the house or they certainly would have been killed. The jury was also told that the defendant launched a personal crusade to root out what he claimed was real estate fraud and drug corruption. The prosecutor explained that during the course of their investigation the police found a storage locker and that Detective Jason Ares obtained a search warrant for the locker. A search of the unit


resulted in numerous bomb-making materials, books on how to build bombs, plans to bomb a commercial building occupied by professionals, plans to kill by exploding bombs, and hundreds of writings in the defendants own hand writing relating to astrology. Mr. O Shay also described, to the jury, the depth of the defendants sexual obsessions with a local Afghan woman and his resentment towards her after she spurned his romantic overtures. In addition, the prosecutor told the jury that the defendant told the Falls City police in a twelve hour interview on May 4, 1998, that the stars told him to leave town that weekend because a bombing, fire bombing, shooting, or something violent would occur. Patrick O Shay told the jury that an astrologer would testify about astrology documents, written by the defendant in both English and astrological symbols. He said these documents were a written confession to premeditated murder. Patrick O Shay took a deep breath. He took a few seconds to look at each and every juror with passionate intensity then he concluded his opening statement. He said, The depth of evil and viciousness of the defendant, as witnessed by the astrologer, in his writings, had a profound and frightening effect on her emotions. She was not alone in her feelings. The two primary investigators also felt the same fear because they had to investigate a man who possessed such evil hatred and dark plans for committing a mass murder. **** Sunday May 2, 1999


By the time May 2, 1999 rolled around, the trial had been going on for nearly two full months. The testimony was intricate and involved. The prosecutor showed the jury almost nine hundred pieces of evidence and the jury heard nearly one hundred witnesses, including FBI, ATF, local police, and citizens testified against the Gatekeeper in the Falls City Hall of Justice. Now, it was time for Evie Taylor to explain the astrological angle of the case to the jury. On Sunday morning, Evie pulled herself together, packed an overnight bag, and drove to Falls City. When she arrived, she checked into the Radisson Hotel. While in she was in the hotel room, she tried to stay in a prayerful and peaceful state of mind. She listened to music and used essential oils. Around 7:00 p.m., she ordered dinner from room service then she took a long warm bath. Pat called her several times to check in and to discuss the final details of their pending presentation. Finally, Evie snuggled into the unfamiliar bed and she watched some television. That night, she had a very peaceful nights sleep, which was strange, because it was the first good nights rest she had had in a very long time. May 3, 1999 Finally, at 9:00 a.m., just a few days after the full moon, April 30, 1999, E. J. Taylor stood in front of Judge Samuel Archer and placed her hand on the Bible. After she was sworn in, she began her testimony in front of the jury in Falls City, California at the Falls City Hall of Justice. The courtroom was newly remodeled. It provided a pristine warm environment. The architectural style was a circular one and it was without windows with polished oak


paneling, lush blue carpet, and comfortable chairs. After entering the courtroom and taking her seat, Evie immediately noticed several stunning abundant and bountiful spring floral arrangements. Jason purchased one of the exquisite bouquets and he strategically placed it on a table between Evie and the Gatekeeper so it would block all eye contact between the two. Court began. Patrick O Shay stood sharply at attention and Judge Samuel Archer asked, Are you ready to proceed? Yes, your Honor, replied the prosecutor. Judge Archer turned and looked directly at Evie. He politely said, Good morning, Ms. Taylor. Evie smiled and nodded to the judge. Then, she looked to her right side and smiled considerately at each juror. The Court Clerk said, Would you state you name and spell you first and last name? Evelyne, E-v-e-l-y-n-e, Jayne, J-a-y-n-e, Taylor, T-a-y-l-o-r. The Clerk said, Thank you. Evie replied, Thank you. Judge Archer nodded and then he instructed the prosecutor. He said, Go ahead Mr. O Shay. Patrick O Shay walked elegantly around the desk like a lion taking command of his jungle. In a formal tone, he asked, Is it Ms. Taylor? At first, Evie was nervous because the jurors were present and she was somewhat taken off guard by the expected decorum. This was not like a classroom full of college


students. However, it didnt take Evie long to get into the rhythm and etiquette of the expected style. After all, she previously testified at both the Grand Jury proceedings and at the pre-trial hearing. She answered, It is. Patrick O Shay asked, Are you an astrologer? Yes, I am. Without pause, he asked, And could you tell us about your qualifications and experience as an astrologer? Well, while I was in college, it was very popular for us girls to study some kind of astrology to find out who we wanted to date. Although, I have studied astrology for many years, that was the beginning. Thank you. What college did you attend and what did you major in? Evie was nervous. Her mouth was dry. She took a deep breath then a small sip of water. She answered, I attended Nebraska Wesleyan University and majored in both Religious Studies and Interpersonal Communications with an emphasis on theology, philosophy, and sociology. After, I received my Bachelors degree I was accepted into the Ph.D. program and majored in Theology at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. At the same time, I have always studied and dabbled in astrology. Pat knew Evie well enough to know that she was nervous. Gently, he said, Take your time. Did you have any formal training in astrology? Yes. While I was at Yale, I focused on the Philosophy of Religion and the philosophical worldviews that are alternatives to traditional Christian perspectives. In my coursework, I studied the history of magic, alchemy, astrology, and witchcraft. My


dissertation involved astrology and it is titled Dante: An Aficionado of Astrology or a Dazzling Astrologer? After I moved to California, I started formal astrological training and graduated from the Doane School of Astrology in Davis, California. I took a standardized astrological test and I passed. I then received a Certificate of Proficiency in the Art of Astrology from the American Federation of Astrologers. This allowed me to be a part of their faculty and lecture at astrological conventions. Pat nodded and looked satisfied. All right. The test you took and passed, was that a proficiency test? Yes. That certifies you with the American Federation of Astrologers? Its a certificate of proficiency, yes. And you mentioned you actually lectured at the conventions as a faculty member? Yes I did. I am a faculty member. And you have had articles and papers published on astrology? Yes. Youve also written a book? Yes, well a short work, a beginners workbook on astrology was published by the AFA.


Pat turned to Judge Archer and with a strong tone of authority in his voice, he said, I would submit that Ms. Taylor is an expert in the field of astrology. There were no objections. Pat was anxious to get down to business. He asked, Now myself and Detective Ares contacted you in November of 1998? Yes. Incidentally, youre not working theres no fee that youre charging for this? No. Pat wanted to make sure the jury members were completely clear that Evie was serving as a witness free of charge. He asked, And didnt we offer to pay you on two separate occasions and you turned us down both times? Yes. Pat smiled slightly, nodded, and then continued. And did we give you documents to look at he asked then he briefly paused. He reached for a document and handed it to Evie. He continued. First of all, did we give you the defendants natal chart, which is Exhibit number 205? Yes, thats the one. Pat held up another document and he showed it to Evie. And did we have you take a look at this document, a copy of this document 43A, titled A Safe Solution? Yes. Okay, and if I could once again pass out 43A to the jurors, theres 19 copies, which marked 43B, and also did you take a look at whats been marked as Exhibit 125, 32 pages?


Yes, I did. And we told you that this document related to a bomb, a safe bomb? Yes. First of all, lets take this chart here, and that is Exhibit 294. Ms. Taylor, thats a copy of the copy that we provided you? Yes. This is a replication of the defendants horoscope page that I set up on the computer. Patrick O Shay had a flair of confidence and excitement about his demeanor. Now, skipping ahead a little bit. Isnt it true in astrology that a persons particular birth date is important? Yes, it is. And well get into that later in the normal course that were going to. But for right now, these symbols, for example, where it says Name, moon, and theres a symbol of the moon there is that an astrological symbol for the moon thats to the left of the moon? Yes, it is. And for each of these succeeding planets that are down below, are these astrological symbols that correspond to the planet? Yes, they are. And with the one next to Pluto, there is also another symbol that is used on occasion, but they both mean the same thing, Pluto. With complete sureness, he asked, And is this translating these symbols, it is something you had training in as an astrologer?


Yes, I did. Youve spoken to many qualified Astrologers? Yes. Approximately how many have you met with and spoken about astrology with? Well, at the conventions, Ive talked to hundreds. Each of these persons, if they saw these symbols without the cheat sheet, would they know what the symbol meant? he asked. Absolutely. Would even a beginning astrologer, in your experience, pick that up fairly quickly? The first step in learning astrology is to memorize the symbols of the planets, the symbols of the signs of the Zodiac, and then planetary aspects, which are similar to geometric angles. There are some beginning principals that any beginning astrologer would know, right? he asked. Yes. Pat wanted to impress upon the jury that astrology is a very complex study and he wanted to provide some introductory instruction about astrology. He asked, But astrology becomes more complicated the further and further you delve into it? Yes, it does. And when I ask you questions, I will ask you about those areas which are common knowledge and those areas which may be more developed. Im going to ask you


about some of the principals of astrology. Once again, Exhibit 205, is that the defendants natal chart? Yes, it is. And what is a natal chart? Natal is that another word for Birth? Yes or nativity. And why is a persons birth chart so important in astrology? he asked. The birth chart represents the positions the planets were in the moment they took their first breath. We look at the time, the day, and the place. By place, I am referring to longitude and latitude. The time is very important because helps us to correctly and mathematically set up the twelve house cusps on the chart. There are twelve different sections that are divided somewhat like a pie. Theyre called houses in astrology. If I could interrupt you for a second. Everything youre testifying to now would be common knowledge among any astrologer? Yes. If you ever depart from that, could you let the Court and counsel know that? Another words, if this is an area that is beyond the common knowledge of any beginning astrologer? Evie nodded her head then said, I will. All right. Go ahead. Each of the segments, as I said, are the twelve houses, or departments of life is another common term. There are each house represents a multitude of symbolic meanings. Each house has a house cusp.


Did you set up the defendants chart based on your receiving Exhibit 205? he asked. Yes, I did. I used the day, month, time, and the longitude and latitude that he had listed under the words rectified birth time. I set the time in my computer for 3:41:45 a.m. Central Daylight Savings time, just as he has on his notes. I used the same longitude and latitude. When I did the calculations, you may notice if you compare the chart to the defendants notes, that there are a couple of minutes that the computer calculated slightly different, but only by about a minute. Judge Archer interrupted and looked directly at Evie. He asked, Minutes of latitude and longitude? Evie turned to him and looked directly into his eyes. Then, she answered, Yes, minutes of longitude and latitude. Judge Archer looked satisfied. Oh, okay, he said while nodding. Pat stood firm. His feet were almost as far apart as his shoulders. His arms were loosely crossed. So whats important for someones birth chart would be the place they were born, the date they were born, and the time they were born? Exactly, responded Evie. Pat uncrossed his arms and moved one step closer to Evie. Now, why is the place they were born important? Evie wanted to try to stay away from a complex mathematical explanation. She answered, Because we use longitude and latitude to set up the outer cusps of that chart.


All right. And these things that youre telling the Court about setting up the chart, is that one of the basic elements that one has to learn in astrology in order to be engaged in astrology? Yes, they do. Is this one of the first things a person learns when theyre trained, is how to set up a birth chart for a person? Yes. Pat changed gears. With mental agility, he asked, Now, Im going to move into just translating. Ill give the witness the original of 293, which I represent to the Court there will be testimony that this was recovered from the storage locker. And what Id like to do is give the Court, the original and Ms. Taylor a copy. Lets take the very first page here of the document where it states May 8th of 1995 on Tuesday, noonish and it says Rules up far at the top. It states the trine from and then theres a symbol makes it happen, but detrimental. First of all, the trine, is that an astrological term? Yes, it is. Its one of the planetary aspects. Is this something thats commonly known by any beginning astrologer? Yes. And theres a symbol there after from and theres an astrological symbol. What does that symbolize in astrology? Uranus retrograde, said Evie. Is that something that any beginning astrologer would understand and be able to translate?


Yes, they would. So if any astrologer came to court and looked at this, they would come to the same conclusion that you would in terms of what that symbol means? Yes. And does it have an astrological significance? Yes. Pat continued, Then below that, it says, the opposition from then an astrological symbol promises finality and devastation. What does that astrological symbol mean? It means retrograde Pluto. Then below that it says, the square from then an astrological symbol is the timer that inhibits investigation. That symbol is transiting moon, Evie responded. Theres a sentence next to that that says, so the and then theres an astrological symbol represents an electronically timed bang. What is the symbol that represents? That symbol is the planet Uranus. Pat continued to read the sentences out loud in a self-confident style. He said, Then at the very bottom, it says, Finally an astrological symbol and it appears to be a calculation, then it states, blocks them, helps me. Could you translate for the Court the astrological symbols and degrees? Yes. Would you like me to read the full sentence? she asked. Please.


Evie was confident while she translated the sentence. She said, Finally, the transiting moon in Virgo is in opposition to transiting Saturn in Pisces, blocks them, but helps me. Transiting Saturn in Pisces trine natal Venus in Scorpio. Now, those symbols that youve described, numerical symbols and astrological symbols, would they commonly be able to be translated by a beginning astrologer? Yes. Do they have some astrological meaning and significance? Yes, they do, she answered in a matter-of-fact tone. As a team, Pat and Evie made good dancing partners. They intuitively could read each other. Evie knew what to expect from him and he knew what to expect from her. They had spent an unbelievable amount of time learning each others tempo and style. Pat flipped the page of the document and continued. He said, Now, on the 4th page, it states, I must find if any planets are peregrine, since this Big P identifies the perpetrator. Is peregrine an astrological term? Yes, it is. What does peregrine mean? I would like to refer to an astrological textbook interpretation for the Court. Pat looked at her and nodded that it was okay. She opened her notebook and turned to the jury. Then, she said, This is from Exhibit 298 of my notebooks, in the section that is labeled Horary/Electional/Glossary/Notes Time-Graphic. It says, Peregrine A planet is then said to be peregrine, when he is in the degrees of any sign wherein he has no essential dignity: As Saturn in the tenth degree of Aries, that sign being not his house,


exaltation, or of his triplicity, or he having in that degree either term of faces, he is then said to be peregrine. Now, the reason I wanted to read this is because it is all technical astrological terminology, quite difficult at times for a lot of people to understand. Peregrine is an astrological definition meaning alien or foreign. Pat began again. Im going to direct your attention to the statement, In other words, I have the bomb successfully. That obviously needs no astrological interpretation of those words in and of themselves. No. That the bomb has no astrological symbol next to it? No, it does not, in this particular sentence. Pat continued. Now above that, theres an astrological symbol, and in bold capitals theres a word Alpheratz and then some astrological symbols, and then after that it states, Violent death(s). Can you translate the astrological symbols? Evie sat upright in her chair. Then, she answered, Yes. The transiting South Node at Alpheratz at 14 degrees, 16 minutes of Aries and then next to that is Venus, Jupiter and then a line next to Mars, Violent Death(s), and s in parenthesis. Below that it says See my natal Mars, natal Jupiter, and natal Venus. Pat held the document loosely in his right hand. I would like the court and counsel to take note that underneath it states, Rule, which in the earlier document, he has Rules (so far!) dated May 8, 1995. Once again, the defendant is referencing rules. Pat paused, and then he continued. Im going to read it. It states, In planning any event check long term the coming of eclipses. Check the Saros Cycle and see what degrees


are going to be hit repeatedly by eclipses over the next groups of years. It goes on to state, Plan, plan, plan based upon the meanings and degrees that Investigative and Electional Astrology suggests would offer the best success. Avoid the meanings and degrees that would upset your plans. This means learning the nuances of each planet and aspect, planetary nodes, especially progressions (and eclipse degree transits) and even evil stars. Pat stopped reading then he turned to Evie. And the question I have Ms. Taylor, is, where it states, Plan, plan, plan based upon the meanings and degrees that offer Investigative and Electional Astrology suggests would offer the best success, is the term Electional Astrology a term that any beginning astrologer would know? Yes, they would. And could you describe for the Court what first of all, Im going to ask you, is what is involved in electional astrology? Electional Astrology is a branch of horary astrology. Horary is about asking questions. Electional astrology is a long word for the word electing or to choose, the proper chart that fits the plans in question, Evie said with certainty. Can you give a practical example of electional astrology? And has he accurately in some ways defined electional astrology in this sentence? he asked. Yes, the defendant has defined, in some ways what election astrology is in the sentence where he says, Plan, plan, plan, and he says for what will offer the best success? Could you give us an example of how you would plan for something using astrology, electional astrology, for the best success?


Yes. For example, if you wanted to buy a business, or you wanted to take a trip, you would use Electional Astrology and you would see by setting up charts, which would be the best time for you to do either of those things. Another example would be, when should I get married, she answered. Okay. Lets say you want to determine when is the best time to go to Hawaii. Would that be something that would be involved in electional astrology? Yes, it would. Without sounding as if it was out of the ordinary, Pat simply asked, In fact, you bought your car using electional astrology? Yes, I used electional astrology. Patrick O Shay wanted the jury to think conceptually so he asked, Now when you did that, did you calculate your own chart, your time and place of birth, date of birth, and the planetary positions to determine when, particularly to you, it would be the best time to buy that car? Yes. In doing electional you would incorporate your own natal chart and progressed chart into the electional chart to make sure that the planets were giving favorable energy for whatever your endeavor was going to be. Okay. So in other words, in electional astrology, youre actually choosing the best time to go ahead with a project, when would be the best time to go ahead with a project or event? Yes.


Pat looked directly at Evie. And is that something that any beginning astrologer would understand, what Ive stated about, whats involved in electional astrology? Evie looked directly at Pat. Then, she genuinely responded, A beginning astrologer may or may not understand the concepts at this point. And before we go further, have there been persons, famous persons, who have actually used astrology and been influenced by it? Actually, Nancy Regan planned nearly everything for her husband by electional astrology when he was president. J. P Morgan, a famous billionaire used astrology for investments and apparently once said, Billionaires use astrology not millionaires, she said in a confident tone. Any other historical figures? Yes. Kings, queens, and noblemen. All kinds of people have used electional astrology. He nodded once for emphasis, and then he said, Okay. And has it been used in history as a means for planning battles, including when to start the battle, who should command, and where the battle should be fought? Yes this type of astrology was used as far back as and even before the medieval period. In fact the Malleus Maleficarum, otherwise known as The Witch Hammer, states that during the early 1200s through the 1600s in many European communities all classes were affected and concerned with the practice of witchcraft and astrology which was inextricably mixed with politics.70 Between the years 1232 and 1441 there were many scandals that involved people of nobility who were suspected of


consulting with professional necromancers, sorcerers, magicians, and astrologers for a variety of purposes.71 The authors of the Malleus Maleficarum also discuss the use of astrology, whether one should or should not consult the stars to foretell the future in addition to whether or not the celestial planets influence people on earth.72 Okay. Now, is there a term for astrology known as horary astrology? Yes. And well differentiate that from electional in a moment. But first of all, could you describe whats involved in horary astrology? Evie turned to the jury and she said, In horary astrology, the querent is the person asking the question. An appropriate to use in horary astrology would be something like should I get married? Should I start a business? Should I take a trip? Where are my lost keys? That sort of thing. Most of the jurors looked at her with comprehension. Pat continued, Okay. And how does horary answer that question? In other words, as a question, how does horary answer the question? You set up the chart the moment that you think up the question, and then you read you actually cast the chart, then you read the chart, the planetary positions, the house cusps from doing that, youre going to get your answer. Purposely, Pat asked, Is the difference between electional and horary astrology? In horary youre looking to what the outcome of a particular event would be, whereas electional, what youre doing is taking matters into your own hands, setting up a chart to determine when things would turn out best for you? Yes, that would be a fair statement to say, replied Evie.


Okay. Now, in this electional astrology, lets say youre taking a trip to Hawaii, are you also influenced by extraneous factors, like when youre going to available to go? Absolutely. And in calculating a particular time, there are many different times you can go or would pick? Is it a process of trial and error? Absolutely. For emphasis, Pat asked, And in that, youre looking at correct me if Im wrong youre looking at the planetary positions according to your birth chart to determine when its most favorable for you to go? Yes. You look at the electional chart and then you look at it in conjunction with your own birth chart and progressed chart to see if youre receiving the kind of energy from the transiting planets that you would like. Pat stated, Now, lets say youre making a decision whether or not you should get married. Right. That would be horary astrology? Asking the question should I get married? would be horary. Asking the question when should I get married? would be electional. All right. So youre looking at your planetary positions. When would be theres some planetary positions that are more favorable in terms of harmony and love and things such as that? Yes.


But youre also dictated by common sense; you may find that a time. Like 2:35 in the morning is inappropriate to have a wedding? Right. With ingenuity, Pat tied the astrological terminology and methodology back to the defendants document. He said, Now, going back here to where it states he states, Plan, plan, plan based upon the meanings and degrees that Investigative and Electional Astrology suggests would offer the best success, thats, once again, a definition for electional astrology? Yes, it could be. Now, directing the Court and counsel to the bottom of the page it says, There are some people who can get away with murder. This occurs when other people just dont suspect them, and it goes on. Now, this is strictly in English and it could be literal or non-literal? Yes, I suppose so. Pat began again. He said, All right. Just so the Courts aware, were going to come back to this document once we get into the Muslim bombing document, but there are some parallels were intending to show, that hes actually following He set out in the Rules (so far!) and also this document called A Safe Solution, some rules and also some methodology that hes employing in the Muslim bombing 43A document. Where it states Rules, it says Cardinal signs are good for events, fixed signs are for permanence, but mutable signs go with the flow. Yes.


Now, does that have first question, does that have astrological significance? This is a correct statement astrologically, responded Evie. Would an astrologer understand that and see that as being a correct statement? Yes, I believe they would, she said. Now we are going to jump ahead to 43A, the Muslim bombing document. While were still on the subject of electional astrology, in electional astrology, youre involving your own particular birth chart? Yes. And in the Muslim bombing document, how many specific references are there to his own birth chart? Pat carefully asked. Without quiver of doubt, Evie responded, I counted them and found about fiftynine references to his own natal or progressed chart in this document. And is the fact that those his birth chart is reflected there fifty-nine times, well develop it later, but is that consistent with the use of electional astrology? Yes, it is. Okay. Now, would it be inconsistent for an astrologer to examine their own natal chart in analyzing an event that they were not going to be involved in? An astrologer would only use their own natal chart if the event had something to do with them, she categorically answered. So, in other words, lets say that I came to you. You do work with you do electional astrology with persons? Yes and for myself.


And typically, lay people lay in the sense they dont know astrology would come to an astrologer and ask for advice on when to do a particular event? Right. So if I wanted to plan a trip to Hawaii. I would come to you. Would you involve your chart, or would you involve my chart? Only your chart and your progressed chart. Why is that? Why is my chart why is my birth chart important astrologically? Well, youre the person taking the trip, so youre the person we want to make sure has the most favorable planetary aspects to take that trip, not me. Moving closer to Evie and looking at her square in the eyes, Pat asked, Now, would it be inconsistent for an astrologer to examine their own chart in analyzing an event that already occurred if they were not involved in that event? Evie locked her eyes with Pats. She didnt blink. With conviction, she said, If they were not involved in the event, they would not look at their own chart. So weve talked about, so far, electional astrology. What were looking at is as to whens the best time to plan an event? Right. Astrology can also be used to look backwards and analyze an event that already happened?


Thats true. With composure, Pat asked, An example you gave to me would be the plane crash of John F. Kennedy, Junior? Evie turned her attention to the jury and she said, Right. When John F. Kennedys plane crashed on July 16, 1999 in the Atlantic Ocean, the minute that the news media were announcing the story of what happened, astrologers, per what the news media said was the time of the crash, set up charts for the time that the plane left and the time that the plane crashed. They also then would look at his birth chart and his progressed chart as well as his wife, Caroline, and her sister. They looked to see if there were any planetary forces or influences that may be shown in the chart for that particular event. What theyre doing is, theyre looking back to see whether his planetary aspects were upon him at that time such that they were bad that he shouldnt have taken that trip? asked Pat. Correct. If they were bad, it would confirm that astrology does have an influence on persons? Yes. It would add some credibility. Now based upon the defendants writings and calculations, is it your opinion that he did these writings and calculations prior to March 1998? asked Pat boldly. Yes, I believe they were written before, Evie candidly answered.


And one of the basis of your opinion is the fact that hes using his own natal chart? asked Pat. Evie replied, Correct. And the fact that the number one factor is astrologers are somewhat like attorneys or reporters. We get as much factual information as possible, about events that have occurred. Like a reporter, we report the event based on the information. We get the facts from television reports or newspaper articles. We get as many facts as possible such as the precise about the time of the event, whether its a natural disaster, an accident, a death, or a happy occasion. Then we set up the charts based upon precision. When an astrologer does a write-up, based on those facts, they are precise. Somewhat like a report in a newspaper article. In this case, it didnt seem to me that it was written per exactly what had occurred, and I questioned that. Pat nodded at Evie after she finished her answer. Then he turned to Judge Archer and said, Your Honor, Id ask the Court and counsel and the witness to go through a document previously marked as an exhibit which states at the top A Safe Solution, before I have the witness get into the Moslem Bombing document. This document, A Safe Solution, is what we believe are the defendants plans to bomb a commercial real estate company here in the Bay Area. I would like to show that the language in this document is consistent which a plan for a future bombing, just as we believe the Moslem bombing document will show. Judge Samuel Archer replied, All right, go ahead. Patrick O Shay wanted to show the jury that the defendant used his own chart to plan the event in advance. Pat said, Let me first ask you, did the defendant include the


planetary aspects of his own natal chart in comparison and in conjunction to the Bombing Chart Analysis; A Safe Solution that he wrote? Yes, he listed the current planetary positions in conjunct with his natal chart. Pat handed Evie the document, then he asked, Could you please read and translate the first two paragraphs for the jury? Evie turned to the jury and began reading the complicated astrological plans, which also had partial diagrams of astrological charts, exactly as the defendant had written them. She said, Pluto Stationary Retrograde on March 5, 1996 at 3 degrees 6.9 minutes of Sagittarius, Pluto is stationary direct on August 10, 1996 at 0 degrees 20 minutes of Sagittarius and is trine my natal moon on October 5, 1996. There is a Pluto return on November 28, 1996 at 3 degrees 6.8 minutes of Sagittarius. Mercury is in on April 19, 1996 at 19 degrees and 40 minutes of Taurus and transiting Saturn is exactly conjunct my natal moon plus transiting Uranus is waxing at 2/3 degrees my natal Venus. Mercury goes stationary retrograde on May 3, 1996 at 28 degrees of Taurus and on May 27, 1996 at 19 degrees and 40.3 minutes of Taurus. Mercury is stationary direct on June 13, 1996 at 28 degrees of Taurus. Mercury is out and then Mercury is in on August 16, 1996. Evie flipped over the page of the defendants document and continued to read his diabolical plans to bomb the real estate company. She said, Avoid transiting Saturn conjunct my natal moon on April 17, 1996, November 8, 1996, and December 29, 1996. Transiting Uranus is square my natal Venus on May 8, 1996, October 9, 1996, and January 24, 1997. Mercury is still the key! On April 11, 1996 transiting Mercury is


conjunct my natal Neptune. Awful timing! Transiting Pluto is trine my natal moon at o degrees and 56 minutes of Sagittarius and Markab, the fixed star. So, from just these two paragraphs, it is your opinion that the defendant was clearly looking at the positions of the transiting planets on the day of February 27, 1995 in relationship to the positions of his own natal planets in the paragraph? Pat asked. Without hesitation, Evie answered, Yes, he was clearly looking at the positions of the transiting planets on the day of February 27, 1995 in relationship to the positions of his own natal planets in this list, per his notes, and in the hand drawn diagram or partial chart below the notes. Did you check the defendants chart and calculations to be sure they were accurate? Yes. This chart was set up to check the defendants calculations for A Safe Solution Chart, dated February 27, 1995. The defendant refers to the transiting planets in relationship to his own natal planets, the birth position. The graphic and lines represent which aspects from the transiting planets to the natal that the defendant mentions. I referred to the list on prior page taken from his notes. Pat looked satisfied. He continued, There are references to Tarot cards next to the defendants partial chart. Could you please read the following paragraphs to the jury and the interpretation of the astrological symbols along with the defendants words about these Tarot cards?


Yes, Evie said with composure. She turned to the jury and began reading and interpreting the defendants document to them. In the chart, Mars is conjunct the natal ascendant. The defendant says the Tarot card that symbolizes this placement stands for victory. The ego is the killer of the common good. The ancient samurai understands that victory lies within the subjugation of another. The new man will find triumph in attaining a momentous goal, uniting his energies to one constructive end. This planetary aspect is goal-oriented action, intense intent towards others. Mars is just past a conjunction to natal Pluto. Evie paused briefly. Pat jumped in and asked, What else does the defendant say about the Tarot card? Evie took a sip of her water then she started reading from the defendants Safe Solution document. She said, The tarot card represents to strike and massacre. The fighter is out of complete body-balance. It is as if he is fighting his own shadow, and because of that, the Yin and Yang fall apart. Nevertheless, Mars and Pluto will give the person the first strike capability, which will lead to the ultimate destruction of his enemies. The final action transcends all good by the sheer intensity and depth of feeling. As a person who has studied the occult, in fact a person who has a Ph.D. from Yale University and specialized in studying these things, how would you explain this to the jury? Pat asked. This aspect is incomparable action, which brings the realization that the ultimate balance is in ones own imbalance. The defendant says, Transiting Sun is conjunct transiting Saturn, and this symbolizes authority, restricted freedom, outside limitations.


In the Tarot deck, there are two men on a pedestal, which doubles as a coffin. This is a suppressed figure which is kept underground and in total darkness. The four coins symbolize material success and they shine in the light of sunset. In its fullness, the interpretation can mean one is trying to maintain brilliance at the expense of others. Transiting Uranus is square his natal Mars. In the Tarot spread, this typically means an unexpected and uncontrolled flash, sudden action, a bomb blasting off, and destruction. This is self-determination ruled by ones own intentions and by the use of their own energy source. From the defendants notes he says, Natal Pluto is conjunct his natal ascendant. In the Tarot spread, this symbolizes the Shaman who says, I am in control. The defendants says below his notation of Pluto to his ascendant, I am a machine-like figure with great knowledge and willpower. I use my power to manipulate my environment. I shoot hot red fire beams from my third eye. I have venomous power! Pat jumped in and asked, Did you form a particular opinion from reading these paragraphs written by the defendant? Yes. It was my opinion that he has studied from the books of wisdom and received secret magical techniques from the ancient ones. The defendant says, Fire, water, air, and earth on each angle are attached to my exaggerated heart, like medals. They will prepare the way for my tremendous battle. This is how I approach life. I believe he is obsessive. He is fearful about letting go of control, yet he is susceptible to feelings of helplessness and fearful thoughts penetrate his subconscious mind when he finds himself in uncontrollable situations.


Pat took the leadership role and he said, Thank you. Now, in the following list, the defendant asked these questions and we believe that he made plans for bombing the commercial real estate company with ammonium nitrate delivered in a large safe. Now this list, in English and needs no translation. He wrote, What is the Gross Weight allowed in the E (elevator) before overload shutdown? Is there a camera in the elevator? Do I need a disguise? Get explosive onto push cart(s) for fast dolly loading... Is there a building security office? A broom or cleaning services closet? Get complete layout of building, of neighborhood, of protection services. How do I get into building after hours? Past hallway locks? Are elevator services off after hours? Is parking lot attendant there after hours? Security services rounds? Are lights on at night? Does use of elevator after hours, signal to security service? Where can I store the explosive in lower garage? The package explosive Ammonium Nitrate. I must find a company in transition. Go to D.B.A.s (Doing Business As) and/or Civil Court Files. Preferably a still-in-place identified/identifiable storefront or office address with logos in place. Call in to a defined-enter-point, small time freight service that accepts delivery by sending a truck; stall such a place, telling them that you will deliver by 5:00 p.m. for relocation through Western Relocation, if you cant get there in time So you will deliver to them Then arrive late after closing with the 300lb loaded box A certified check such as a money order in an envelope attached. I need phony papers/stationary with the listed phone number plus address in phonebookcomputer generated, everything including business cardsetc. Business identity laminated ID Card. Ms. Taylor, could you please continue


reading the next few paragraphs that follow along with the astrological interpretation? Pat asked. Yes. The defendant wrote, Begin project. This write-up done from noon to 5 p.m. on October 26, 1995. Further down, the defendant wrote, The Grim Reaper Chart is May 4, 1996 at 7:34:35 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time. The first house equals the Querent or the matter asked about. Each one of the twelve houses has a planetary ruler. Determine the first major aspect between the rulers of the two above essential houses to determine outcome of the matter. The Moon in the Via Combusta is a stricture against judgment at 15 degrees Libra to 15 degrees Scorpio. This has malefic stars of the nature of Mars (fire) plus Saturn (hindrance). A significator so placed is ineffective to act in the querents behalf. Moon in Via Combusta acts like moon conjunct Uranus. Watch out for Spica at 23 degrees and 47 minutes Libra plus 1 degree or Arcturus at 24 degrees at the nadir. If moon is 3 degrees waxing of an aspect just into the next sign, the Via Combusta moon will sometimes perform. After Evie stopped reading from the defendants notes, she stopped and looked up at Pat. Ms. Taylor, could you please tell the jurors what a moon in via combusta means? asked Pat. The moons meaning in the via combusta is an unsettled state of affairs that resists judgment, and involves a perverse self-satisfaction in the confusion. However, if the horary question is an attempt to put a chaotic condition to advantage, or make some use of baffling realignment in the general situation, then chart is radical and can be read, she answered.


Thank you. Now, could you please tell us what Arcturus symbolizes in astrology? Evie was desperately trying to be diplomatic and professional. She answered, The history of Arcturus according to E W Bullinger, a biblical interpreter of the constellations, Arcturus is a bright star that the ancient Egyptians called Bootes. This symbolizes one who rules, subdues, and governs. It has a reputation for achieving justice through power and it is believed to cause the natives to become belligerent and quarrelsome. If involved in legal action, such a native could lose everything. Could you please continue with the next few paragraphs? he asked. Then Pat turned and looked at the jury while he waited for Evie to respond. Evie was still holding the defendants document in her hand. She turned to the jury and said, Yes. Here, the defendant wrote, Danger, danger, danger! Any stricture which describes the situation, connotes a radical chart. Strictures are of the nature of Saturn and warn against the question. I must watch out for transiting moon opposite retrograde stationary Mercury, which screws up communications. Then as this wanes, the moon is void of course until the entry into Sagittarius, even though the void is 1 degree and 14 minutes which could connect the opposition of Mercury to the Sagittarius lunar motion. Please explain to the court what in astrology does a void of course moon indicate. For just a moment, Evie hesitated and then she answered, In the majority of cases, the void of course moon would accomplish nothing and would go nowhere. On


occasion, I have chosen a void of course moon for an election when I did not want the prevailing aspects to gain the upper hand. For example, if a real confrontation is brewing, then a void of course moon could neutralize the whole situation, sometimes in quite a surprising way, and the confrontation would not happen. It does not mean nothing happened, however, just not what everyone thought was going to happen. Thank you. Now, in the next paragraph the defendant says, In one particular attempted coup, the void of course moon rallied the defending forces to pull a surprise surrender, sort of, by dissolving the corporate entity and walking away from it completely. It totally let the air out of the opposing forces tires. They had nothing to conquer, nothing to gain, and therefore, in a sense, nothing happened. But, indeed, something did happen. Does this sound accurate as far as a void of course moon in astrology? asked Pat. Yes it does. Void of course moons do, on occasion, serve their purpose and good astrologers do use them when they can serve such a purpose.


Thank you, please continue reading the next few paragraphs for the court. Evie took a moment to find her place in the document. Then she began reading out loud to the jury. The defendant wrote, Mercury here represents cameras because of the moon. Is there an ATM or camera nearby to location, or in the elevator itself? The moon in the late degrees of Scorpio is the Grim Reaper, so when it moves to conjunct retrograde Pluto, the action is smooth. Transiting moon is opposite a stationary retrograde Mercury. A trine at three degrees the transiting moon conjunct a retrograde Pluto, bridges Scorpio to Sagittarius. At this point, the jury was intrigued with the testimony. The consistent pace of the dance between Evie and Pat helped. Pat asked, Could you please explain the meaning of the Grim Reaper, as well as the Tarot card of Death that is listed on this page to the court and then continue reading the next few paragraphs written by the defendant? Evie readjusted herself in the chair and took another sip of her luke-warm water. Then she said, Yes, the Grim Reaper is known as Death. There are many Tarot interpretations for the Death card. These are but a few. On the card, the skeleton stands holding a scythe and there is a black bird. We can see behind the bird, a rising sun. This means the end, transition, transformation. Some sort of boundary was reached. It is time to give up the existing way of living. As time elapses, there is separation, release, settlement, stagnation, followed by sorrow. Evie paused and then she continued. In the next paragraph, the defendant wrote, Death is the greatest of all illusions. Meditation, awareness, and vision temporarily open the limited three-dimensional world we choose to act in, for the time of corporal existence. The white light of ultimate understanding is


positioned between the open eyes that see this material world. To reach there, various layers of increasing formlessness will have to be met and understood, until finally, the center of the cyclone is reached. This can happen here and now, in deep meditation, and if the body is ultimately left while one is firmly rooted in a state of wakeful awareness. Pluto in Scorpio is the ultimate understanding and transformation. What dies, what is eternal? I am more than the sum of my body and mind. I must be open for possibilities of existence without a physical body. On a well-kept horse, Death rides slowly across a field holding a flag of a rose. A king, a child and a girl all fall before him. A sun is shining between two towers in the background. Is it rising or is it setting? After Evie was finished reading, she looked up at Pat. He asked, Is the defendants portrayal of this Tarot card accurate? Yes, but my opinion is that the Death card represents a shedding of the old self and does not have to necessarily mean a physical death. This shedding may include the ending of friendships or associations, the falling through of plans or the end of old habits. All things are in a flux and must change so that new life can spring from old forms. It is time to overcome old habits and to let go of so-called securities. Make a clean break with the past. Illusions are about the meaning of loss, the ending of a cycle in life, or a personal separation. It often represents a person that does not recognize the positive aspects of a painful experience and refuses to learn from them. Pat nodded then said, Please continue for the court reading page three of the defendants notes.


Evie looked down at the document and found her place. She began translating the defendants words for the jurors. The defendant wrote, The transiting moon is at 29 degrees 6 minutes and 15 seconds of Scorpio. The full moon was 13 degrees and 19 minutes of Scorpio between the fixed stars of Scorpio. Alphecca is opposite Venus, Mercury, and Mars. Beware of Venus and Mercury. Let the full moon aspects pass. After she stopped interpreting, Pat said, Please tell the court what is Alphecca and the Scales as well as their symbolism with the Tarot cards. Also, what is the Grim Reaper Chart that the defendant wrote about?


At this point Evie thought it would be best to give an overview of textbook descriptions of the star. She replied, Robinson says, Alphecca conjunct the moon is symbolic of public honor and dignity, but one often suffers through law, partners and neighbors. There can be trouble through underhanded dealings and enemies but eventually a person can triumph over them. There may be bad for love affairs. If conjunct the sun or moon and well placed in a map, this star promises honors and preferment. According to tradition, it is said to be associated with the Lord of the House of Death.73


The Scales are associated with the Hebrew letter Heth and the 8th Tarot Trump card equals Justice.74 The South Scale is a star with an evil nature. Its technically called Zuben Elgenubi and can be found in the southern claw of the scorpion. Symbolically, it is called the Insufficient Price. According to Ptolemy, the star has the nature of Saturn and Mars. It causes malevolence, obstruction, an unforgiving character, violence, disease, lying, crime, disgrace, and danger of poison.75 It frequently shows in many unfortunate situations, from domestic strife and miscarriages of justice to psychopathic killings that started out in the guise of love. If it is harshly aspected, especially to Mars, Saturn or the moon, justice may well take a back seat to vengeance. The star with Mercury symbolizes being crafty, revengeful, treacherous, quick mind, bad health, bad for gain, disgrace, and poverty at the end of life. The star with Venus symbolizes such things as bad for marriage, sudden and secret death, may be poisoned owing to jealousy of one of own sex. The star with Mars represents bitter quarrels, entailing bloodshed or death. The star with Saturn symbolizes such things as being dishonorable, one often escapes justice but finally suffers, they may be jealous, quick-tempered, and have a miserable death. It will bring serious losses and injuries.76 Pat continued to speak in a tactful manner. He said, Thank you. Please continue reading the next paragraph of the defendants writing for the court. Evie looked down at the document. Her eyes were getting tired. She began reading out loud, The fixed star Bungula at 29 degrees and 33 minutes Scorpio covers occult interests, self-promotion, and self-interest. The fixed star Yed Prior covers success


in astrology, 9th house matters, and self-promotion or self interest at 2 degrees and 14 minutes of Sagittarius. The star is trine Saturn and quincunx Mars. Please tell the court the astrological symbolism of the stars Bungula and Yed Prior. Again, Evie felt it would be best to answer Pats question by referring to wellrespected astrological sources. She turned and looked directly at the jury and made eye contact with a majority. She said, Bungula can cause problems when it comes to relating to women. Rigor adds a fatalistic attitude.77 Its believed that Yed Prior gives a passionate, wasteful, and easily seduced nature. The general influence of the star is that it causes immorality, shamelessness, and revolution.78 Could you please read the next paragraph that the defendant wrote for the court? asked Pat. Yes. The full moon is very public action that becomes a 9th house-SagittariusJupiter matter because of Yed Prior. The moon in a critical degree of any sign, especially Scorpio, Capricorn, or Gemini means the querents judgment is bad. The last degrees are ruled by malefic Mars and Saturn. A significator or perpetrator at 29 degrees is at the end of his rope and impatient. Fixed aspects plus signs equal things entrenched and hard to alter. Scorpio is fixed, but Sagittarius is mutable. What does the critical degree mean astrologically? The moon is in a critical degree will typically bring matters to a critical point or a trauma. This shows that there is a crisis concerning the person or thing represented by the significator, answered Evie.


Thank you. Please read page four of the defendants notes to the court. She began. The defendant says on page four, Another interpretation is transiting moon conjunct a retrograde Pluto, but first a stationary retrograde Mercury intervenes from an opposition to oppose the conjunction. The package is sent back to its originator which implies using Century 21, Western Relocation Management letterheads. Therefore, two receivers are to be used and confusion reigns. Stationary retrograde Mercury in Taurus says the transiting Venus package can go astray, with Venus as the ruler of the 2nd house where Cancer is on the cusp. This shows transiting moon action. Transiting Venus in Gemini is generating an affliction from the stationary retrograde Mercury. I must observe the last aspect of the moon to see what the moon was learning about... retrograde Pluto. Observe the next aspect of the moon to see where it was going. Be aware of the ruler of the sign on the fourth house, which reveals the outcome of any issue at stake. Watch out! Nothing is lost with the moon in a fixed sign. The moon opposite a stationary retrograde Mercury just prior, shows confusion. However, if it is conjunct a retrograde Pluto just after, it shows complications. The fast transiting moon can unite Mercury opposite retrograde Pluto, where Mercurys separation is about to begin. This Mercury rules Gemini where the transiting Venus significator is located. The transiting moon reunites the Mercury opposite retrograde Pluto. This promises a bitch of a case to unravel! The matter will be accomplished! The act will be accomplished! Mercury is conjunct the evil star Algol Caput in the 12th house. After reading, Evies mouth was dry, so she stopped to take another sip of the tepid water.


Pat patiently watched for her to set the cup down. Then, he asked, Please tell the court what the evil star Algol Caput means symbolically. The ancient Arabic people called the star Algol, the demon star, evil spirit, or devil. The Hebrews knew Algol as Rosh ha Sitan, Satans Head, or the Devils head. Agol also as known as Lilith. She was Adams legendary first wife who was the nocturnal vampire from the lower world. The Chinese gave it the gruesome title Tseih She because of the piled-up corpses. Astrologers say that it was the most unfortunate, violent, and dangerous star in the heavens. The general influence of the star is that it causes misfortune, violence, decapitation, hanging, electrocution, and mob violence. It often gives a strong-minded but violent nature because of the death it causes. It is the most evil star in the heavens.79 Thank you. Please read the last few paragraphs that the defendant wrote to the jury. Evie turned to the very last page of the Safe Solution document. She read, Retrograde Mercury in Taurus opposite the Moon in Scorpio is conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius. Mercury here is so weak as to be vulnerable they will know who you are! I must use circumstances of the Mercury position to literally hide from them! Watch out for the State Authorities! The retrograde Mercury of the prior day, says you can sneak the package in during the late afternoon. Mercury opposite a retrograde Pluto is sent for a package climax! After she was finished reading, she looked up to Pat and she waited.


Intuitively, Pat knew that Evie was tired and needed a break. He looked at the clock. Then he said, Thank you. Your Honor, in view of the hour, I would request we take lunch recess now. Judge Samuel Archer said, Fine. Well recess now, and ladies and gentlemen, please return at 1:00 p.m. and direct examination of the witness will continue at that time. The judge turned to Evie and said in a compassionate tone, Ms. Taylor you are excused, please return at 1:00 p.m. Evie smiled at the judge and shook her head in agreement. She stood up and gracefully walked out of the courtroom. Jason followed quickly her out into the corridor and grabbed her hand. His eyes were full of concern and pain. Are you okay? he sympathetically asked. Im good tired, but good. Ok. Hey, Pat and I want to take you out to lunch. Lets wait on the outside balcony for him. The two walked outside. They stood looking out over the balcony in complete silence. Jasons hand was on Evies shoulder the entire time.


Chapter 13 THE CINCO DE MAYO SURPRISE After Lunch May 3, 1999 During the lunch, Patrick O Shay, Jason, and Evie discussed her testimony. Pat was mostly interested in Evies intuitive feelings about the jury. Evie thought the jury members were compassionate, intelligent, focused, and captivated by the testimony. Both men agreed with her analysis of the vibrations in the courtroom. After lunch, the three walked back to the courthouse. Both Pat and Jason went into the courtroom while Evie waited inside the witness room. From the bench, Judge Samuel Archer courteously said, Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. We are back on the record and all jurors are present. Both counsel and the defendant are present. Ms. Taylor, would you please resume the stand. Go ahead Mr. O Shay. At precisely 1:00 p.m., Evie took her seat and the testimony resumed. Pat stood up and walked towards the bench, then respectfully replied, Thank you, Your Honor.


Pat looked directly at Evie and asked, Now, Ms. Taylor, could you please read the first few paragraphs of the document titled A Cinco de Mayo Surprise written by the defendant?


Evie nodded at Pat and began reading from the defendants notes. She said, Yes. It says On November 1, 1995 at 1:37 P.S.T. I received an idea for back up planning. The approach of the transiting moon to retrograde Mercury signifies the event or the climax. The waxing to retrograde Pluto waning to a Mercury opposition means the event will occur. The event will occur at stationary retrograde Jupiter due to Sagittarius because transiting moon translates the retrograde Mercury in Taurus to the retrograde Pluto in Sagittarius. The retro motion of Pluto brings Pluto to Mercury. In addition, retrograde Pluto is moving faster than retrograde Mercury, so it applies to Mercury and therefore, uses the Scorpio energy. This is where the transiting moon in Scorpio is. The translation of light occurs from transiting moon in Scorpio, but the moon rules Cancer. This suggests that it is a Cancer-ruled business. I should send the package Venus. Cancer is a domestic sign and rules Real Estate, send the package at 23 degrees of Cancer. Transiting Mercury rules the means. The retrograde Mercury will hide the package for a late Friday pick up by local delivery. Be certain that Judy, the secretary, is not in that day, but use her letterhead. The transiting moon is a third party that voluntarily gives helps to deliver the package which is a Cinco de Mayo Surprise. Let that package be responsive to a frequency initiator. A very narrow band pass such as per a SAW filter80 or crystal frequency at 32KHz divided down.81 If we leave a wireless broadcast with frequency, say with RS Walkie-Talkie whose output is filtered then compared to let these frequencies through, then we are ok. Let a timer set them on so that at stationary retrograde Jupiter, the reception can occur.


Now, Ms. Taylor, could you please explain to the jurors what retrograde means? Retrograde planets imply a return to the old. A person may feel pulled this way and that with stationary retrograde. The stationary retrograde can indicate the withholding or suppression of information. Thank you. Now, please continue interpreting the defendants notes for us. Ok, on the next line the defendant says, The person is in a very weak position in business, health, and legal issues. The person with the stationary retrograde becomes a victim of circumstance because so much power is weakened. Jupiter stationary retrograde indicates suppression of prosecution. With the moon approaching a retrograde opposed Mercury, the deal just may not occur. Frustration! Pay Attention! Transiting Venus goes stationary retrograde in sixteen days. Venus in the first house supports a favorable answer, if other factors in the chart concur. Venus rules safes. When Venus goes stationary retrograde, any benefic benefit dies. The Querent82 is Venus in Gemini. The Quesited equals Mars in Taurus as per the enemy. Evie stopped reading and looked up at Pat. He said, Thank you. Please tell the court what the quesited means in astrology. The quesited is the person, thing, or event that is the subject of the question.83 Pat enjoyed the well-rehearsed verbal tennis match. Thank you. Next, the defendant wrote, the first major aspect between the sign rulers of the two essential houses determined by the question will show the outcome of the question. Venus rules safes. Mars rules explosives... so Mars entry into Taurus is Venus ruled and for 8th House


purposes. Capricorn and Saturn rules corporations. The eighth house purposes are death and restructuring of a corporation. The eighth house rules the money of lawsuit defendants. Look for your answer in 41 days on June 18, 1996. Now, Ms. Taylor please tell the court what the eighth house in astrology symbolizes? The eighth house symbolizes death. Its known as the house of peril and the death of someone inquired about. However, in a horary chart it doesnt mean the death of the querent himself.84 Thank you. Please continue reading page seventeen of the defendants notes. Evie looked down and turned to the page. Here the defendant says, Mars in the twelfth house is a secret enemy and malefic. Mars in Taurus is Venus ruled and is in a fixed sign. However, Saturn in Aries will strengthen Mars. The enemy Mars in Taurus is strong, occluded, very hidden, dangerous, and powerful. Jupiter in the eighth house of death promises thwarted justice. Planets in nodal degree suggest a catastrophe or fatality in the matter. Jupiter at the same degree of the moons nodes promises a fateful event. Pluto on the cusp of the first house signifies complications and profound changes over which the Querent has little control. However, Pluto on the cusp of the seventh house signifies complications and profound changes over which the Querents consultants and lawyers have little control. Attention! This is what my Psychic Impression gave me on April 4, 1996. This was prepared at 12:30 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time on October 24, 1995. Justice to be done! Evie stopped reading and looked at Patrick O Shay. Ms. Taylor, please tell the court what psychic impression means.


Evie turned to the jury. A psychic impression is also known as clairvoyance or clairsentience it is a French word that means a clear sensation or feeling. One can perceive information by a feeling with the whole body without any outer stimuli related to this feeling or information. Its an inner knowing that the psychic information is true or should be followed. The information comes from the subconscious mind. Sometimes a person gets a feeling in the stomach or throughout the entire body. Clairvoyance means clear vision about something that is significant and with a specific purpose.85 Pat indicated understanding. Thank you. In the next paragraph, the defendant writes, I must find out if the moon equals the perpetrator. I must know if it means any aspect will get you caught. Shall I choose a chart for the event where Jupiter is stationary retrograde? Look to Caput Agol, Bungula, Alcyone, Alnilam, Yed Prior, and Seginus. Now, Ms. Taylor, please tell the court what the fixed stars that the defendant refers to and their significance mean in astrology. Evies thoughts pointed back to the numerous hours of her research. She turned to the jury and made eye contact with them. Bungula is also called Toliman. It is the Alpha star of the constellation Centaurus and the third largest star in the sky. With this star, there is an inclination to vengeance.86 If the star aspects the moon, it is said to be involved in disputes. Caput Agol is referred to as the Ghoul, the Head of Gorgon Medusa, demons, evil spirits, or the devil. Ancient Arabic people called Algol the demon star. In Greek mythology, Algol is called the Gorgons head. In the Iliad, Homer says that the Gorgon is a terrible and vicious female monster. According to Homer, the Gorgon is dreadful and awful a portent of Zeus that beareth the aegis. The Demon, the Demon Star, the


Blinking Demon, and the Spectres Head are the most common names for Algol. The Hebrews knew Algol as Satans Head. Some astrologers say that Algol is the most unfortunate, violent, and dangerous star in the heavens. It has a violent nature that causes murder, sudden death, beheading, and mischief. Some Kabalistic students say it is associated with the Hebrew letter lamed, the twelfth tarot trump card, or the Hanged Man.87 Alcyone is the central star of the Pleiades. According to Ptolemy, the star has the nature of the moon and Mars. It is believed to cause disgrace and bring a violent death. The influence is clearly evil. It also symbolizes bereavement, mourning, sorrows, and tragedies. If the star aspects Mercury, there will be many disappointments, loss of possessions, and loss from legal affairs. If the star is in aspect with Venus, it symbolizes strong passions, disgrace through women, and loss of fortune.88 Alnilam is a brilliant white star that occupies the central position in Orions belt. The star signifies a lurking enemy that is a hunter of men rather than of beasts. It is said to give a strong and dignified nature, self-confidence, and arrogance.89 Yed Prior is the western star in the left hand of the Serpent Bearer. It is said to bring unseen dangers, enmity, strife and slander.90 Seginus means a reaper or harvester. It is called the Guard or Protector. It is said to give strong desires, a tendency to excess, and liking for occultism.91 Evie paused and took a sip of her water.


Thank you Ms. Taylor, said Pat. Now, if you could please turn to the next page. Here, the defendant writes, May 4, 1996 is a big day for me I must wait for transiting Mars to go to Taurus. The timing will have transiting moon conjunct transiting Pluto planning day! Big Question: Will the finger of the Law point at me, the perpetrator? Or will the moon in Scorpio protect me from the twenty-ninth degree? Now, my question for you is what is the twenty-ninth degree and its symbolism in astrology? Evie was relieved that in between her long portions of testimony, Pat usually provided an extensive introduction because this gave her time to collect her thoughts and relax some. She said, The twenty-ninth degree shows some affliction connected with the matter. The person or matter asked about is at the end of his rope. Desperate. The person is about to make a definite change. If the significator leaves a zodiacal sign and enters the next, there could be a turn for the worse. Any planet moving to a conjunction with a house cusp is about to enter a new department of life because it is leaving the old one. When the planet enters the new house, it will gradually become fully involved with the affairs of that house. Please, turn to the next page and tell the court what the defendant means when he wrote Sagittarius rules Justice. Pluto retrograde on seventh house cusp brings complications to the querents consultants. All events will take a long time to unravel. Does the transiting moon in Scorpio, but soon going into Sagittarius, mean escape for Perpetrator? I must verify. Mercury hiding in the twelfth house is very difficult to catch.


In a cool, calm, and collected manner, Evie answered, The ascendant is also the querent, or the person asking the question. The defendant is saying that he is represented by retrograde Mercury in the twelfth house and Mercury is the ruler of the ascendant. He believes that it will be difficult for the police to catch him because Mercury is in the twelfth house and in occlusion. Now, its important to understand that the word occluded or occultation literally means hidden.92 The occlusion causes a shadow and spoils clarity. Occlusion like occultation means something is prevented from being seen. It means being covered by another body so it cannot be seen such as the moon. Occultations occur repeatedly for months if the planet is in the same declination as the moon during a conjunction. The twelfth house in astrology symbolizes hidden things, behind the scenes activity literally hiding. Once again, Pat took control. Pat said, Thank you. In the next paragraph, the defendant writes, Venus is the perpetrator who is a public figure! This is a vulnerability! Jupiter in the eighth house of death and warns to watch out for transiting Saturn conjunct my natal moon trine Pluto and conjunct the part of enemies. Aries is ruled by Mars. Be aware that the retro-cycle begins on April 19, 1996. This date is the Oklahoma City Bombing Anniversary! The Solar Eclipse just two days before April 17, 1996 has transiting Saturn conjunction my natal moon. The eleventh house rules juries and the tenth house rules police, government, and authorities. The ninth house rules the Law and Judges. The eighth house of death is Pluto ruled and the seventh house rules open enemies and criminals at large. The single odd-ball planet that appears peregrine is Venus


and this equals the perpetrator. Here is where you are vulnerable. Please, Ms. Taylor, tell the court what peregrine means? A peregrine planet symbolizes someone who is unsettled, careless, or impotent in the matter inquired about. He is off balance in the matter. According to the famous astrologer William Lilly, a peregrine planet is malicious beyond expression. Okay. Now the next sentence has, Mutable signs rule the chart angles: the situation can shape-shift. What is this term shape-shift? With certainty, Evie said, The term shape-shifting is to psychically transform ones self into an animal, bird, fish, or an inanimate object for a temporary period and to be able to perform a task as that animal or object. Black magicians and white magicians perform the act. The psychic projects mind energy to the mental plane in the etheric world where patterns are formed and they can change the pattern by using intense thoughts to change. Magicians can psychically alter their body with the help of the etheric world intelligences.93 Another term for shape-shifting is dimension-shifting. Native American Indians believed they could change dimensions and go through a crack in the atmosphere. The secret is in the art of attention and awareness.94 In Celtic literature, Druids were known as magicians or wizards who had supernatural powers. Shape shifting was one of the powers ascribed to Druids.95 There are numerous accounts of Druids assuming many different forms, as well as having the ability to shape-shift into different people and assume their personality. Apparently, they also had the ability to change the identity of other people into different animals.


Thank you. Now before the defendant mentions the planet Saturn conjunct his own natal moon, as well as other planetary configurations in comparison to his chart. What does that symbolize astrologically? The jury was keenly absorbed. Evie answered, Saturn conjunct moon can be a lonely time when one feels particularly self-critical. They may experience rejection from others. The person is likely to have contributed to this rejection. This is often times a period of emotional pain and profound depression because of obstacles from the outside world. Saturn in opposition to Neptune can cause a crisis of self-confidence. Plans begin to deteriorate and this can sabotage a persons self-esteem. The opposition between transiting Mars and the defendants natal Venus shows a tug of war between opposing forces. This aspect often may cause feelings of irritation, aggressive impulses, and the person may act out with brute force. This is a time when one feels destructive. There may be impulsive behaviors. They may feel antagonistic. Thank you. Could you please turn to page thirty of the defendants document? he asked. Here, the defendant says, Venus is hiding in the cadent twelfth house. Mercury is not available and will become combust from its position under the beams. The twelfth house rules disappointment plus coming to grief. The eighth house rules major injury plus death. Do you do something before, on, or after a stationary retrograde. Do you do something during Via Combusta moon? After reading the defendants statement, Pat paused briefly, then he asked, What do you interpret from these statements?


Evies voice had a confident tone. She said, When the moon in the Via Combusta, it is not safe to judge the chart. Events can take an unforeseen or unanticipated turn. Pat continued, Next the defendant wrote, What about moon phases? Eclipses? Before or after an eclipse? What about retrograde planets? Please tell the court the symbolism of retrograde.


Immediately, Evie answered, Retrograde planets can indicate that something out of place; the querent will change their mind and not follow through with the matter. It indicates that the conditions of the situation are injurious, destructive, and in inferior condition. A retrograde significator shows a person who will not disclose his true nature. There is more than meets the eye in regards to whatever it is that the planet stands for. Thank you. Next, the defendant wrote, At 7:34 a.m., Saturday May 4, 1996, Jupiter is exact. Is the building open? At 3:34 p.m., Friday, Mercury is exact. This is my window of timing. I should deliver the package late Friday so it it there by Saturday and someone at the building will take the package in for storage. Beware! Possible Refranation! Now, please tell the jury what is a refranation? he asked. Quickly, Evie answered, Refranation means one planet applies to another, but the applying planet goes retrograde before completing the aspect. Therefore, the aspect is not complete and a successful outcome is denied. Pat started talking in a faster pace. He asked, What do you think the defendant means when he says, Does an intercepted planet in Taurus or Scorpio restrict the freedom of planets to act? Evie was feeling the energy of the room starting to increase, so she answered briefly, An intercepted planet indicates obstruction, resistance, hindrance, and opposition. The planet is obstructed and at a dead-end.


Pat was aware of the afternoons late hour so his tempo began to speed up. On page thirty-two the defendant wrote, Peregrine planets equals the criminal, the twelfth house equals sorrow and self-undoing. Pluto rules bombs, the bomber, the crook. Uranus equals inventions. Mercury equals communications. Mars equals fire and action. The solar eclipse is at or near the Oklahoma Bombing, so expect another bombing. Patrick O Shay barely stopped to take a breath when he asked, What about when a significator changes to retrograde, will circumstances change their minds for them? What does this mean in astrology? Evie sensed that she needed to give a short but also a thorough answer. She said, A retrograde malefic frequently describes an unfortunate situation. If the retrograde planet is the significator, it symbolizes a person who has been discarded or refused acceptance in the public. Because of the retrograde planet, the querent should not take part in the matter that is under consideration. Mercury retrograde in the chart means that there will be a change in the plan or matter will be postponed. There will be a change of mind in some important part of the plan or question at hand. Patrick o Shay stood firm and looked directly at the jury. In a serious tone, he said, Please read the next paragraph for the court.


Evie turned to the jury and began reading the paragraph in an unhurried and controlled manner. The 29th degree shows some form of misfortune to the event or question.... desperation, end of rope-experiences. Retrograde planets never bring desired results when retrograde or going retrograde. Transiting Venus is first to rise, gives encouragement, then later goes stationary retrograde. Venus last aspect was to Jupiter, so no encouragement. Transiting Venus directly on the ascendant offers hope of solution. Is this solution of the crime? In other words, I have the ability to bomb successfully, she said. For a moment, there was complete silence in the room. Patrick O Shay looked directly at Evie, smiled, and said, Thank you. He then turned to Judge Samuel Archer and said, Your Honor, Id ask that we take a recess now. Judge Archer took a deep breath, looked over to the jury, and he said, Yes, ladies and gentlemen, well recess until tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. Then, the Judge looked down at Evie. Firmly, he said, Ms. Taylor you are to come back tomorrow morning. Until then, you are excused. Evie acknowledged Judge Archers instructions. Then she stood up, walked past the jury through the double doors, and out into the corridor. Judge Archer said, Jurors, have a nice evening and do not discuss the testimony or any part of the case with anyone. See you all at 9:00 a.m. After the testimony, Evie walked out of the courthouse and directly to her car without talking to anyone. She drove back to the hotel. Fortunately, the hotel clerk checked her into the same room that she had the evening before. This helped her feel at


home and at peace within herself. She turned the television on but kept the sound on mute. She stared at the television. The television show Jeopardy was just starting. The first category that popped up was titled Da Bomb. This startled her. The next category that popped up was Religious Works. Evie paid attention. She turned the volume up. Part of the first answer was a slithering snake. She thought, Okay God, I got your message!

Chapter 14 THE STAR WITNESS May 4, 1999 The hotel operator woke Evie up at 5:30 a.m. She immediately called room service for coffee and breakfast. She leisurely bathed. Then, she dressed in a long flowing lavender silk skirt, a cream colored silk blouse, opaque hosiery, with silver jewelry and stiletto heels. She checked out of the hotel at precisely 8:00 a.m. and drove to the


courthouse. Pat was waiting for her in his office. They exchanged polite conversation while they walked steadily to the courtroom. Jason and Aaron Loch, the ATF agent and explosives expert, were waiting for them when they got to the courtroom. Evie had never met Aaron Loch even though he was an integral player in the investigation of the Falls City bombings. Jason previously told her that Aaron had an extensive background in bombings. She also knew from Jason that Aaron lived in the Phoenix area. When Evie first saw Aaron, she thought he appeared to be in his early thirties. He was medium height and had well-built square shoulders and a small waist. His hair was blond and cut in a stylish crew-cut. The features that mostly stunned Evie were Aarons fabulous aqua blue eyes, his marvelous smile, and his healthy tan. No buddy was kidding anybody. Aaron Loch was well seasoned and prepared. He provided technical assistance for federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. He had taken the United States Ordinances Explosives course funded by the U.S. Department of Defense. He had also attended the United States Explosive School in Maryland, the Great Britain and Northern Island Disposal School in the United Kingdom, and the Advanced Disablement for Special Explosive Devices. His training and experience were extensive and included design, safety, hazards, functioning effect, disposal techniques, and all types of military explosives. His training included a special emphasis on domestic devices, nuclear weapons, and chemical weapons. At different times in his career, Aaron had been both an instructor and student, during seminars at the International Association of Bomb Techniques and Investigations,


for the FBI, and for the United States State Department, Antiterrorism Assistance Programs. At times, he had been called to go overseas to protect the United States Embassies through the bomb squad unit and the United States Army had recognized his contribution by giving him numerous meritorious service medals. His experience included an excess of five hundred cases regarding incendiary devices. He worked on the bombing of TWA Flight 800 in New York, the Atlanta bombings during the 1996 Olympics, and numerous abortion clinic bombings. Patrick O Shay went into the courtroom to get organized and Jason, Evie, and Aaron went into the adjacent witness room. At 9:00 a.m., Pat gestured for the three to come into the courtroom. Evie took her seat on the witness stand. Jason and Aaron sat down directly behind the prosecution table. Judge Samuel Archer greeted the court then reminded Evie that she was still under oath. Pat was eager to get started. He sprang to his feet then walked around the table towards Evie and the twelve jurors. He smiled and gave a courteous look to the jurors. Then, he looked directly at Evies eyes and paused, briefly. Pat held two copies of one the Gatekeepers diaries in his left hand. He handed Evie one copy. Then he said, This document, the Muslim bombing document, which well call jurors, you have it marked as 43B, it says Retro-Mercury Birthday on the front page. Ms. Taylor, you testified earlier that you found 59 references in this document in reference to the defendants own natal chart? Evie took a deep breath. Yes, I did or his progressed chart.


Pat nodded. All right. Do the writings in that document and his astrological calculations suggest they were written before or after the bombings? And when I say that, obviously, theres some parts that are written even in English, which the jurors can understand themselves, obviously. But, theres other parts that are written in astrological symbolism. Do the writings, both in English and his astrological calculations, suggest they were written before or after the bombs? Evie paid close attention to what Pat was asking. She quickly answered, Before. Pat angled his body towards her. All right whats the basis of your opinion of that? Evie looked straight at Pats eyes. Well, if I could take the jurors through some specific examples in the document I can give my interpretations of what I thought, what I based my opinions on, and why I believe that he wrote it before the bombings. Pat had a determined look etched on his face. He said, First of all, so you understand, did we tell you to assume for this bombing that it was our theory, based on evidence, that the defendant had gone and found out that people were going to buy a house. Went in before the house was completed, say sometime between July and October, went into the house, put the bombs underneath the house to go off on March 29th of 1998? Yes, you did, said Evie. All right. And Ill ask the basis for your opinion, but are his writings consistent with that theory? Definitely, said Evie.


And go ahead if you could. Give some of the examples, the basis for your opinions? At that moment, Evie turned her seat and her attention to the jury. She said, Okay, well, if we could turn if you could turn to page one. At the top of the page, there is the date April 27, 1997 along with the words Starting Point. The defendant has a list of the transiting planets in relationship to his natal and progressed planets. Transits are the daily movements of the planets subsequent to birth, over or in aspect to factors in the natal or progressed chart, or in aspect to other transiting factors. They influence a persons moods and decisions. The daily movements of planets are recorded in an Ephemeris. Evie took a slow clam breath then continued. She said, The dates that follow the words Starting Point are August 4, 1997 and next to this, the defendant listed transiting Venus conjunct natal Mercury, transiting Mars conjunct natal Mars, and natal Jupiter trine retrograde Jupiter. These transits indicate a drive to assert oneself, survival, problem solving, high energy, engineering, confidence, competitive, crusade, moral, and ethical issues. Next, the defendant wrote, transiting Mars waning in opposition to stationary retrograde Saturn. This tends to create frustration and anger. The person meets resistance, they may feel uncomfortable restraint, and yet, they make a determined effort to control their environment. When two planets are in one and the same degree and minute of any sign, we say they are in conjunction. The planetary aspect can create intensity, stress, and confusion. An opposition is when two planets are one hundred eighty degrees apart. There is also diagram of transiting Mercury at 9 degrees of Virgo and the defendant wrote, this cycle starts with the dates July 24th and August 4th. He


calls this Deposition Day. Next to the date August 17, 1997, he has a notation of stationary retrograde Mercury at 16 degrees and 12 minutes of Virgo. There is also an entry of his natal Mercury at 16 degrees and 40 minutes of Virgo. The diagram shows transiting Mercury going retrograde on August 17, 1997. The diagram the defendant drew shows transiting Mercury continuing to go retrograde until Sept 19, 1997. There is a notation on the diagram for transiting Mercury turning direct at 2 degrees and 24 minutes of Virgo on Sept 10, 1997. The next dates in sequence are Sept 19th and Oct 11, 1997. He notes that Retrograde Mercury occurs during a square of retrograde Pluto conjunct his own progressed Mercury and progressed Venus at the same time retrograde Uranus is square his natal Venus on Sept. 13, 1997. He makes another notation of transiting Mars in Scorpio square retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius at 13 degrees on Sept. 5, 1997. Evie paused and looked up straight at Pat.


Pat straightened the lapels on his jacket and took a step towards Evie. He said, Thank you Ms. Taylor. Now in astrological language, could you please explain to the jury what these planetary aspects indicate? Evies body was relaxed. She knew the material she was testifying too. She began. A square in astrology is an aspect that represents harsh energy. It can create conflict, intensity, or stress but positively a square promotes self-growth. Mercury retrograde in the chart usually means that there will be a change in the plan, the matter may be postponed, or there will be a change of mind in some important part of the question the querent or person asking the question needs to take into consideration. Pluto is the furthest known planet from the Sun. Pluto is the lord of the underworld and the planet symbolizes the forces that cause deep transformation in our lives. Plutos energy is intense and signifies the areas where a person consciously or subconsciously seeks to exercise power or control. A difficult aspect is a square to or from Pluto. This represents a difficult time in life because it is a time that requires people to release negative ideas and habits, negative relationships, and self-sabotaging actions. Pluto represents our ability transform ourselves. A person with a well aspected Pluto has the ability to always change and grow with the seasons. They would encourage others to let go of the old and embrace the new. On the other hand, a negatively aspected Pluto may bring these changes on but the person would be unable to accept the rebirth in their lives. Change would make them feel less powerful and possibly fearful. The metal that is associated with Pluto is plutonium, which is used in atomic bombs.


Pat face was relaxed. His gaze was on Evie. He smiled at her, slightly. Then he slowly nodded and said, Now, let me kind of sum up and please correct me if Im wrong. Is it accurate to say that the natal chart is like a picture of where all the planets were at the moment you were born and the progressed horoscope is a natal chart calculated for as many days after birth as there are years in the life of the querent? Thats true, responded Evie. Pat calmly moved closer to Evie and the jury. He paused. His feet were firmly on the ground and placed apart about the same width as his shoulders. Ok. Please continue and interpret the next paragraph for the jurors. Evie looked attentively at Pat. Her blink was steady. She clutched the defendants document in her right hand. She slightly readjusted herself in the seat and planted both feet comfortably on the floor underneath the witness stand. Then she turned the chair slightly to the right so she could face both Pat and the jury. She said, The defendant wrote, New moon at 11 degrees and 02 minutes of Leo on August 3, 1997 at 10:00 am Pacific Daylight Time through August 4, 1997 1:14. Will see the moons sliver 33 hours. This moon goes to full at 25 degrees and 32 minutes of Aquarius in the 7th house. The attorneys secretary called me early in the morning to confirm the 10:00 a.m. appointment on Monday July 28, 1997. I had already confirmed by voice mail earlier in the week all I needed was the deposition address and Court reporters. We had Mars retrograde, now get Mercury Retrograde! August 11th and 12th are lie low and learn days! This begins my Martian activations: This is a third house event and equals papers and writing. Jupiter equals justice! Evie stopped speaking and looked up.


Pat looked pleased that Evie was able to communicate with ease to the jury. He leaned slightly forward. Please tell the jury what the 3rd house and Jupiter symbolizes astrologically. Evie knew how important it was for her to coherently guide the jury through the document. Her head was erect. In astrology, the third house symbolizes communication. Jupiter represents a person's search for meaning, truth, ethical values, philosophy, and religion. The planet Jupiter rules the sign Sagittarius and is the co-ruler of the sign Pisces. A well aspected Jupiter in a chart can bring many good fortunes to the person. This planet is known for its abundance. Negatively aspected it can bring about expansion to extreme measures and excess. The results can be going to the extreme and an exaggerated know it all attitude, she answered. Pat sharply focused his attention on the document he was holding. He momentarily paused. Now when we see all that, all these numbers, theyre not just gibberish; they are calculations? he asked in a curious tone. They are, Evie quickly responded. At that point, Patrick O Shay turned to the prosecution table and picked up a stack of copies of the defendants diary. He asked Judge Archer permission to be able to give each juror a copy. Judge Archer agreed. Evie was still holding her own copy of the document in her left hand. So the jury could see what she was referring to Evie used her right index finder and pointed to the defendants calculations and partial diagrams while she began speaking. These are the positions of the planets, the signs that theyre in, the minutes and the degrees. Now,


notice at the top of page two. Its dated August 4th, 1997. If you look down at the bottom of the page, next to what looks like kind of a squiggly line, and you will see some symbols that mean nothing to you, but they do to me. Theres a sentence written there along with an astrological symbol. Im going to replace the symbol with the word. Ill replace the symbol in English, the full name of the planet. Evie looked at the twelve men and women to see if they understood. All of the jurors were looking solely at Evie. Some slowly nodded. Then, they all began to sharply focus on the copies they each had of the defendants document. She began in a slow relaxed voice. Okay, he says, We had Mars retrograde. Now get Mercury retrograde. Now notice that this sentence has an exclamation behind it. And I thought, oh well, lets look. I looked at his little doodad, his little squiggly line, which is really thats the travel of Mercury. That seems like an order or a direction to me. I looked in an ephemeris and Mars was retrograde April of 1997. Now, Mercury did not begin its retrograde cycle until August the 17th. Therefore, this led me to believe that he was waiting for Mercury to get retrograde. He said, We had Mars retrograde. Now lets get Mercury retrograde. Pat sparkling eyes were wide open. He jumped in and asked, To take advantage of Mercury retrograde? Exactly, Evie responded. A little later you will explain what Mercury retrograde means in astrology? he asked. Evie raised her eyebrows and said, We can do it now.


Pat understood that Evies intuition was telling her to take care of this business now, so he asked, Why dont you? What is the term retrograde mean in astrology? With a steady pace, Evie said, The term retrograde is somewhat misleading as no planet is actually retrograde. It is an appearance due to the position of the planet in orbit and its relation to the earth. A backward motion, in which the planets appear to have, is due to the relation of the planets to the earth in their various positions in the Zodiac. The planets influence is not changed when retrograde, but the individuals response to the particular influence of the planet is different; the channel for expression of its especial qualities or characteristics is not quite as good when retrograde as when they are in direct motion. On the defendants document, retrograde is denoted by the symbol Rx. Mars is retrograde for eighty days and is stationary two or three days before and after. Mercury is retrograde twenty-four days and is stationary approximately one day before and after.96 Mercury retrograde is and defendant states it further in the document. Ill say it now and Ill point it out again. Down further on the page, the defendant says, Mercury retrograde is a recipe for misunderstanding. Well, hes correct. When Mercury goes retrograde, sometimes letters get lost in the mail. Computers have problems. There may be various communication problems. Evidence gets lost by policemen. Maybe, theyre confused, so they wont be able to solve the case during this period. In my opinion, Mercury retrograde was an important time for the defendant because he rather, I think he thought this would be a confusing time and he was hoping that the evidence would get lost, and the case wouldnt be solved.


Pat took a wide bold stance. Then, he asked, On page three, did you find anything that supported the belief that this document was written before the bombings and that he was calculating when to put the bombs into the house? The jury members were looking attentively at Evie for her response. It seemed as if they were hanging on every word of her testimony. Evie took a small sip of her water. She knew that this part of her testimony was critical. She turned to the jurors and in a calm, slow voice she said, Well, once again, if you notice at the top of the page, the date is August 11th and 12th 1997. Its kind of hard to read, but because a little bit of it was cut off on my copy, I dont know if its on yours, but right next to the date, it says Lie low and learn days. Once again, Evie pointed with her finger to the part of the document she was referring to so the jurors could follow along. She said, And then down at the bottom, right above this long line that goes across the bottom of the page he says, I should lie low and do surveillance. But notice in the next sentence, he says, but take no wild risks/speculations! That sounds like hes giving himself a very, very commanding order. It sounds as if he was planning to do something in advance. It seems to me that he had very strong feelings about that. Now if you notice, right underneath that, he wrote, September 10th, 1997. Then, in all capital letters, he wrote, Watch out! so, Evie paused momentarily and looked up. Pat stepped closer to her and he said, We can move over to the next page because there is another reference that he needs to lie low and do surveillance on August 11th and 12th. Does he make another reference to August 11th and 12th?


Evie turned the page and pointed to the place Pat had just referred too. She wanted to emphasize to the jury that this was important. She began to speak in a slow, steady, low tone. She said, Yes, she paused. Then she continued, It was curious because if you kind of go down, youll see kind of a thing that looks like a lot of pencil lines that make a big letter C. Next to the letter if you can read it its very small, but here he says, Visions of rafters, Sunday. There is a hand-drawn arrow next to the words, Monday at 4:00 a.m. August 10th and 11th, 1997. This is where I think that he was writing about a vision that he had about putting the bombs under the house. Pat tilted his body slightly forward and with emphasis he asked, And then could you take this statement in conjunction rather should we, take it in conjunction with the very next page where he says at the top of the page, The Solar Eclipse, September 2nd, 1997? Evie leaned forward and turned her chin towards the jury. She said, Yes, actually on page four there is a reference to the solar eclipse right above where the defendant wrote the vision of rafters. Here, it says the solar eclipse on September 2nd, 1997 is the set-up. You can see that the word set-up is in quotes. The next page is the chart he set up for the solar eclipse. You can see all of his math calculations next to the chart. You can see all the astrological symbols. He titled the solar eclipse chart The Motivation. Now is that an astrological term? Is set-up and motivation? Pat asked. Evie shook her head from side to side while she said, No, no. Thats not an astrological term. But these calculations are mathematical that hes making?


Yes. And are they calculations thats hes making for September 2nd? Well actually, he used universal time for September 2nd, 1997. Universal time is the time in Greenwich, England, which is eight hours ahead of us time wise. So, to find the time in Falls City, California, we must subtract eight hours. Now if we subtract eight hours, were back to the evening on September 1st. Now is he using his own chart for this also? Evie nodded with certainty. I didnt notice any on the top half of the page, but when you get down where you can kind of see a along the edge, where it looks like symbols of planets. The top one is the sun, then the moon, Mercury, and so on and so forth. Beside each one of those, he has references to both his natal chart and progressed charts. I dont necessarily have to tell you, unless you want me to, what planets he was using. But there are references to his own chart at this bottom half of the page. He also what I thought was interesting about the solar eclipse page is on the very first page Im sorry to have to have you flip back. However, on the first page he wrote, The peak of success is on September 5th, 1997. This led me to believe that the solar eclipse on September 1st in Falls City through September 5th was apparently important to him. In astrology does is the solar eclipse of any significance? Pat asked.


Very. Its a lot of astrologers consider it a very fateful event. Lasting well, they sometimes the effects of a solar eclipse are believed to last for an entire year. Solar and lunar eclipses97 are important keys to political and social events. They are also significant in natal and progressed horoscopes. An eclipse happens when the sun, Earth and moon align so that, in a solar eclipse, the body of the moon obscures the body of the sun and in a lunar eclipse, the body of the Earth obstructs the moon. In each case, the suns light is obstructed and this causes the eclipse. Eclipses are extremely important in all horary work and some believe they have a connotation of violence. The onset of wars, riots, and assassinations are more probable to occur when heavy planets such as Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, or Mars form squares or conjunctions to the degree of an eclipse. Pat flipped to the next page of the defendants document. And then the next page the defendant moves from September all the way to March 27th of 1998? Yes, he does. The next page is dealing with March 27th of 1998, right? Let me ask you that. For a brief moment, Evie was somewhat confused. Her eyebrows were slightly pushed together. She tilted her head down and slightly to the left. What was that? she asked.


Patrick O Shay took a short step towards her and began to restate the question. Evie focused all of her attention on him. He said, The defendant moves from September 2nd he has charts for September 2nd, and he says September 2nd is the set-up. He says that September 5th is the peak of success, but the date on the next page is March 27th. The next two pages that follow, deal with March 27th, March 28th, and March 29th. Evie gazed steadily at Patrick while he restated the question. Her head was erect. She pressed her lips tightly together. After Patrick was finished speaking, she realized where he was going with his question. Yes, she said. Pats adrenaline was pumping. He enjoyed a challenge. And before I jump ahead, is it consistent, what youve read, with him having had the vision of the rafters and the idea to put the bombs in the house in August. Then actually put the bombs in the house, in September. Do you believe he calculated when to put the bombs down and what time to have them go off? he asked. Evies eyes were wide and starring at Pat. It certainly seems so to me, she confidently replied. And could you describe what you see on the next page regarding the March 27th, 28th, 29th period? he asked. Okay, on page six, the sentence also that seemed like he was giving or rather planning or giving himself a direction, is Let moon get past all conjunctions and keep the moon out of 7th house! In addition, on this same page, right next to that statement, there is a reference to his own natal Mars. This sounded to me like it was for a future time, she said.


And once again that little is there is his natal chart on this page? Evie pointed on the page so the jury could see. Then she began to explain her thoughts in plain words. Yes, the little theres a little circle with an arrow that points out. And he you see a little symbol kind of right above and to the left of that sentence we just read. That is his natal Mars. So he was in fact, involving his own chart in this chart. So if you could explain to the jury what what do you mean by saying why would he want to keep the moon out of the 7th house? What effect does it have? he asked. Evie turned to the next page. She said, Well, on the next page he calculates the actual chart. At this particular point, back on page six, he hadnt set up the chart. However, the on page seven he has the time 6:25 p.m. Sunday, March 29th, 1998. At the bottom of the page, he wrote, Set timing such that in twilight, Sunday 29March98. Theres a line next to 7 p.m. Patrick O Shay raised his eyebrows slightly and he pushed his head forward and leaned in towards Evie. Then, he asked, Is that an astrological sign, or is that just do you know what that is? Evie leaned back in her seat and took a slow full breath. Then, she said, I researched what the line he drew could possibly mean. Throughout the rest of his document, when he was using the word at, he used the symbol for the word. Now, as far as this line by the way, this was the only place that I saw this mark. If you notice his notation or the line looks similar to the letter n. I had never seen the symbol before so at


first, I looked in secretarial shorthand books. I couldnt find any reference to that. However, by coincidence I found the same symbol on a chemistry table and it is remarkable that the symbol stands for nitrogen the atomic number 7 is also chemistry number. I personally came to the conclusion that the defendants notation could in fact stand for nitrogen. Later, I looked in a math encyclopedia and the symbol stands for similar to, around, or near. Pat interrupted and he asked, It could also be? Evie intuitively answered, After. So, do you think the defendants writing meant set the timing on the bombs near, after, or around 7 p.m.? Yes, I believe so. I couldnt find anything else that this symbol could possibly mean. But I am fairly confident that it does not mean exactly at it seems more like an estimation to me. Pat nodded in agreement and turned to the next page. Now on the next page, on page eight the defendant wrote, Too soon relative to Mecca! Cant see the moon sliver. These pages are stapled in the order theyre in, but do you is it consistent with page eight, having been calculated first, and then him moving over to the next page, page seven? I think what happened was that he really was calculating page eight first, and he and this was for the Saturday night before. After he did the calculations, he realized that because the new moon was only going to be visible on Friday. On Saturday night, the


crescent would not be visible. This led me to believe that they were the pages were out of order when I got them. Now, did you alert us to the fact that this was a Muslim Holiday? Pat asked. Evie instinctively knew when Pat wanted her to answer at length. She said, Yes. The holiday is the Hajji or the Festival of Sacrifice. During this time, pilgrims travel to Mecca through the Valley of Mina. The subject of moon-sighting is of interest to all Muslims. Believers follow strict rules such as fasting. Nearly two million men and women journey to Mecca for the annual Hajj each year. On the first day of the Hajj, pilgrims travel towards the Valley of Mina, a small barren village east of the city. The pilgrims generally spend their time meditating and praying just as the Prophet did on his pilgrimage. During the second day, of Zul-Hijjah, the sojourners leave Mina for the plain of Arafat for the wuquf the standing. This is the central rite of the Hajj. This gathering reminds them of the Day of Judgment. Some of them gather at the Mount of Mercy. This is where the Prophet delivered his memorable Farewell Sermon. During the Farewell Sermon, the Prophet asked God to pardon the sins of pilgrims who stood at Arafat. Just after sunset, they proceed to Muzdalifah, an open plain about halfway between Arafat and Mina. The people pray and then collect chickpea-sized pebbles that they will use, on the following days, to throw at the Pillars of Satan. Before daybreak on the third day, pilgrims go back to Mina. They begin to cast the pebbles at white Pillars of Satan. This custom is associated with Prophet Ibrahim. While they throw seven pebbles at each of these Pillars of Satan, they are reminded that Satan tried to convince Ibrahim to disobey Gods instructions which was to sacrifice his son. After they are finished casting the


pebbles, the majority of believers sacrifice a goat or a sheep. On this day, all Muslims around the world, join other believers by performing analogous sacrifices. This is a worldwide celebration called the Festival of Sacrifice. Evie paused momentarily, then turned and made eye contact with each of the twelve jurors. Now, it is important for you to know that the new moon on March 27, 1998, marked the beginning of Zul Hajji. Muslims begin to fast at the sight of the new moon. The signal for when believers can begin eating or break their fast, is when the silver of the moon or the crescent of the moon is visible. The moons silver was visible on the evening of March 29, 1998 at 6:25 p.m. Pacific Time, she said forthrightly.


Pat was on auto-pilot. So, the crescent moons are signs to mark fixed periods of time for the people and for pilgrimage? Once again, Evie was prepared to speak in great detail. Before speaking, she purposely looked at each of the twelve jurors. She said, Yes. The moon and sun follow the decree of Allah. The motion of the luminaries is used for calculating the months and the calendar. Humans have been observing and studying the regularity of motions of the sun and moon for hundreds of centuries and have done this by using mathematics, science, astrology, and astronomy. Muslims believe Allah has given them these fields of knowledge. Today, we are able to calculate the motion of sun and moon with great precision. However, Muslims have collected the data for moon-sighting for the last two centuries. Islamic months begin at sunset on the day of visual sighting of the lunar crescent. Visual sighting is necessary to determine the start of a month. Although it is possible to calculate the position of the moon in the sky with high precision, it is often difficult to predict whether a crescent will be visible from a particular location. Visibility depends on a large number of factors including weather conditions. Since ancient times, many civilizations and astronomers have tried to predict the likelihood of visualizing the new moon. While Evie was testifying, Pat loosely held the defendants document in his hand. After Evie was finished speaking, Pat said, Now, Im going to jump ahead to page ten. Then, Im going to skip from page ten on to page twenty-three. Are these pages involving an entirely different chart? Evie considered the question briefly before answering. Yes, they are, she said.


And so up till then, what we call the Muslim Bombing Document, are all the charts before page ten those are one set of charts, but from page ten on are they for a different set of charts? Yes, said Evie firmly. And did you alert me to that? Evie could feel her heart thumping. Yes, I did, she answered. And you said you think maybe this has to do with something else? Yes, I alerted you after I realized it. I told you that I thought the defendant had planned two separate events. Pat took a couple steps backward from the witness stand. The turned his body slightly to the left so he could look in the direction of the jury and also to be able to make eye contact with Evie. So, if the jurors can get an idea where were heading he said then paused momentarily. Is it this second group of pages the pages from ten to twenty-three are these the pages where the defendant makes several references about the police? Evie was sitting slightly sideways in her chair so she could also face both Pat and the jury. She said, Right. Throughout the remainder of the document, the defendant makes numerous references to the police. Pats forehead was wrinkled. His eyebrows were pulled down towards the bridge of his nose and his nostrils flared, slightly. And, are there references to death and fatalities several times? he asked in a grave tone.


Evies stomach knotted up. She looked down momentarily. Then, she looked up towards the jury. Many times, she said solemnly. And, the defendant mentions the fixed star Baten Kaitos also? he prodded. Yes. Is it consistent with the defendant having planned one bomb? Pat moved closed to Evie and stood silent for a moment then, he asked, Are there references to complications and things that have gotten out of control? Evie felt a familiar knocking in her chest. Yes, he mentions that in several places. Pat had sparks in his eyes. Is it consistent with him having, after he put the bomb down under the house, planned a second bombing which would be, in effect, a booby trap for the police where they would have the booby trap go off at approximately 9 oclock p.m.? he asked. Evie pointed to the charts on the page that Pat was referring too. Yes. That would be these charts, she said with conviction. Pat leaned back, pleased. He took a deep calm breath. And when we go through that, Ill ask you the basis for your opinion? Okay. Now first of all, on the top of page ten, it says 9:02 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Correct? he asked seeking Evies agreement. Right.


Now what was he doing with the numbers and symbols that follow down the page? Evie readjusted herself in her chair. She leaned back, some and then looked back and forth between page ten and the jurors. Again, hes doing his time calculations first. You can see the numbers one through twelve. All of the degrees and numbers next to those numbers are for the signs on the house cusps of the chart. Below there, are the calculations for the planets, their positions, degrees, and minutes. At times, the defendant makes a reference to whether they have special significance. If you turn the page over, you can see that he calculated how far the moon has traveled in that short time. The moon is the fastest traveler of all. Those calculations on the right are all calculations for the moon. On page eleven the next page the defendant has a chart there. Is that chart for 9:02 p.m. March 29th? Yes, this is the same chart as the chart on the page before. I can tell that because the calculations match the same ones that he had on the previous page. So I know that this is the exact chart. Do the defendants astrological discussion and his calculations from then on do they all have to do with the 9:02 chart? Yes they do, she answered. Does it, once again, involve his own chart was he looking at what effect would be on him? Yes.


The jury followed along attentively while Pat and Evie went back and forth connecting the questions to the answers. It was as if they were watching a well-rehearsed ping-pong-ball match. Now, on page twelve, could you describe what he maybe means by me and them? Well, in horary or electional astrology, the person thats on the first house is the ruler of the chart. The defendant is basically saying that hes the ruler of the chart. Hes the one who is asking the question. He wrote me next to the first house I wont necessarily get into all the astrology with you but then he wrote them. Now he wrote this next to the 7th house. In doing this type of astrology, the 7th house is always the enemy of the chart. In this case, I find it logical to take this to mean me verses them. The person asking the question is always called the querent in horary astrology.98 I believe that the defendant was referring to himself by using me in the hand-drawn diagram. The first house symbolizes the querent and the planet that rules the first house represents the description and conditions of the person asking the question. So, it seemed like a battle was beginning, she said. Does that theme continue on the next page? Yes, and actually, on page twelve. I have a diagram. Did you want me to show you later? No, thats fine. Show it now. Prior to coming to testify, Evie had re-created a large diagram based on the defendants document. Pat motioned to Detective Ares to bring it forward. Jason walked


forward with the diagram in one hand and an easel in the other. He discretely winked at Evie as he approached her. She looked back, fondly. Jason carefully placed the diagram on an easel between the jury and the witness box. Then he returned to his seat behind the prosecution table. Evie rose from her chair, smoothly stepped down, stood in front of the large diagram, and looked directly at Patrick O Shay to give her a sign to proceed. Go ahead Ms. Taylor. Evie stood silent for a moment. She was comfortable because she felt as if she was instructing a classroom full of students. She turned directly towards the jurors and looked at them. Okay I simply recreated the diagram that he drew underneath the words me verses them. And, where he wrote astrology symbols, I replaced it with English so that you would be able to read it. On the right side of the diagram, the defendant put its kind of cut off, but you can see it he wrote Me, the ruler is Pluto and Pluto is in opposition to my open enemies. The reference to them and the 7th House is what the question is in regards to. Now, astrologically, the 7th house does symbolize open enemies, murders, opponents, war, adversaries, and rivals.99 In this case, Pluto represents the defendant because Scorpio is on the cusp of the 1st house. Mars is also a co-ruler of Scorpio, so it is safe to say that Mars also represents the defendant. Pat stepped towards the easel. I have to ask, what is the defendants or querents real interest in the matter? At length, Evie answered, The defendants interest in the matter lies in the house holding the significator or the moon which is his co-ruler. The moon may reflect what he


was thinking about at the time of the question. Astrologers check to see what house the moon occupies and what house she rules. The moon in traditional astrology symbolizes women, any woman inquired about, as well as public opinion. In the diagram below, the defendant places the moon in the 7th house. For him, this symbolizes his open enemies. He placed the moon in opposition to the ruler of the chart. Now remember, he called himself the ruler and Pluto. Evie paused for a moment. She looked at the jurors to see if they seemed to understand. Look here, she said while she pointed at the diagram, He wrote Ruler Pluto Me and in classical astrology, this is the enemy of the chart.100 The defendant is plainly saying that he is the ruler and he is Pluto. The planet Pluto, also known as the Lord of the Underworld, symbolizes death and activities that are carried out under the cover of darkness. It also symbolizes rule by threat or terror, crime, espionage, plots, anarchists, atomic energy, and bombs in general.101 The defendant clearly calls himself Pluto on this diagram. Pluto is the only planet in the sign of Sagittarius and this reveals that he was alone at the time. Since the planet was retrograde, it tells us that this is a person who will not reveal his nature entirely. He has much that he keeps to himself. There is more than meets the eye as regards whatever it is that the planet stands for. If the moons final aspect is an opposition to Pluto, it will cause enmity, jealousy, and separation. In the diagram, the defendant has the moon in a final opposition to Pluto. Here, you can see that the moon is in Taurus, an earth sign. Now, you should be aware that this earth sign symbolizes something that is at or below ground level close to the floor. If you recall, the bombs were placed under the house, at ground level.


Evie paused. She surveyed the jury members faces to see if what she said was ringing a bell for them. It was. Ok Taurus rules ground floor storerooms and dark basements. This sign suggests that the bombs should be placed somewhere near the southeast wall of the house. In this case, we know from the explosion that one of the bombs was placed under the floor in the floor joists on the southeast side of the home. Furthermore, the moon symbolizes the home. The defendant calls this The Event Chart and in the Event Chart, Pluto is in Scorpio which again, symbolizes bombs this suggests the northeast wall of the home. We know from evidence that the location of the second bomb was placed near the northeast wall of the house. Evie mouth was dry. She stopped and reached for her cup and she took a small sip of water. Even though she was starting to tire, she was resolute. She was appalled that the defendant had used astrology in such a diabolical manner but she controlled herself. She took a slow deep breath so she could concentrate and resume explaining the diagram to the jurors. During the testimony, several of the jurors had disgusted looks on their faces. One of the female jurors shook her head back and forth and had her mouth wide open. An older man, on the jury, took out a handkerchief, wiped slight tears from his eyes, and then he slowly cleaned the lenses on his glasses. Evie began to speak to the twelve in a calm manner. The defendant was talking about his enemies when he wrote the moon is opposite the ruler Pluto. And he puts here, she said while pointing, the eclipse of February, was obviously important to him because he wrote that on the bottom of the page. What I did for the benefit of the jurors,


is that I went to several different astrology text books so that I could give you an unbiased astrological interpretation about the symbolism of these chart positions as well as the meaning of the planets. And Pluto, which the defendant calls me, the ruler, Pluto is the destroyer, the beast it is indicative of rage and violence. Pat stepped in closer and interrupted Evies testimony. Let me ask you, was this making a disturbing effect on you when you were reading it? he asked in a soft compassionate tone while looking directly at him muted bluish green eyes. He could tell when she was tired because the brightness in her eyes was slightly faded. A brief silence followed Pats question. Evie dropped her head and nodded. Very much I lost a lot of hours of sleep. Go ahead and explain. Evie composed herself. Ok. World renowned professional astrologers wrote the textbook references that I used. They all say that the moon in the 7th house is the enemy of the chart, public enemies, lawsuits, legal matters, adversaries, murderers, and perpetrators. Pat was standing in close proximity to Evie and the easel with the diagram. He had a firm grip on the defendants document with his left hand. He flipped the page of the defendants document back to the page before. On the page before he has me being Pluto and then them being the 7th house? he asked. Right the 7th house is the enemy of the chart. They were his enemies. And there are references to police on the pages that follow? he asked.


Yes, and the thing I thought was interesting that he waited until the moon got into Taurus because the moon in Taurus symbolizes basements, underground cellars, houses close to the ground, any kind of object that youd put underneath something, not to mention valuables. So under a house, and you know, valuables. He had it all right there. And then if that exhibit could be marked that shes been referring to as peoples next in order and that would be 236? You can resume your seat, Pat said. While Evie was still getting into position in her seat, Pat asked, On page thirteen it says earth equals the basement include deception under, electronic, sudden, and luxuries. What are the symbols hes got next to those words? Evie sat down and said, Hes referring to Neptune, Uranus, and Venus. And then he has there he says Pluto rules complications. Pluto in the 1st house is loss of control by me over changes, complications, Pat said. Yes. Pluto in the first house signifies complications and profound changes over which the querent has little control. And on the page before when he said me the ruler, hes saying he is Pluto? Yes, he lost control over the situation. And then does he have where it says it says terrorism in the name of law. What does he say before that? It says Pluto something? It was as if Pat and Evie could read each others minds. They could almost complete one anothers sentences. Yes. It is the beginning of the sentence where he talks


about the solar eclipse. He says, Pluto is at 7 degrees and 57 minutes of Sagittarius. The Event suggests terrorism in the name of the law. The 4th house is the end of the matter. The defendant underlined this. I think he was he was telling you exactly that he believed that this was justified terrorism, she said. At the bottom does he talk about it again? asked Pat. Yes. Pluto in the first house? Yes, again Pluto is in the first house. The defendant said me ruler, Pluto before that, signifies complications and profound changes over which the querent has little control, and again, hes the querent. The querent is also the person asking the question? he asked. Exactly or the person who sets up the chart up. Now going back, you did review the Safe Bomb Documents astrology documents? Yes. At one point did he say the querent if the moon is in the something, the querent is in danger of being arrested? Yes, he did. And in the Safe Solutions Bomb Document, is there more ambivalence by him about whether the planets may not be aligned so he might get caught? It might be a bad time for him?


Yes. In those documents there were more fearful statements that he might have been arrested, she said quickly. Okay. Now hes got here planets, planets on page 13 at the bottom. Then he wrote, Planets in nodal degree suggest a fatality or a catastrophe in the matter? Right. Is that inconsistent? Is there any reason why he would be writing that if he was writing this after the bombings? I dont believe so because there was no fatality even though, yes, there was a tragedy, but there was no fatality. We saw from the previous chart where he wrote TV coverage on the page. Evie paused and turned back to page eleven. Pat also turned to page eleven. The jurors naturally did the same. Ok, lets see he has right in the middle of the chart TV Coverage. Obviously, the defendant watches television. So, he would have heard from the news media and television coverage that there werent any fatalities, so why would he have put fatality? I didnt I thats what led me to believe he wrote this document in advance of the bombings. The fact that hes talking about the solar eclipse again on February 26th, does that suggest he started planning the second bombings shortly after that or around then? It is very probable, she replied. On page 15 at the bottom, hes got, the police as community servants are denoted by the 6th but as the law are the 10th house. Does it say the rule? It says the ruler and Saturn in the 10th.


Pats eyebrows curled inward. His eyes starred straight into Evies. It was a good thing they had become so familiar or she would have felt pierced. However, she knew this was Patrick O Shays courtroom drama. And this suggests that the law is thwarted? he asked. Yes. Pat spoke with a steady cadence and air of self-assurance. He held the document in his hand. Then he began reading both the astrological language and symbols in full English as if he were a professional astrologer. Evie wanted to smile at her student but she didnt. He said, The defendant wrote, the 7th house rules criminals at large and fugitives from justice. The police as community servants are denoted by the 6th house, but as the Law are the 10th house. The ruler Saturn of 10th is in the 6th house. This suggests the Law is thwarted. Is it correct that the 7th House rules criminals at large and fugitives from Justice? Yes, Evie said while nodding. So once again when hes talking about the open enemies being in the 7th house, well hes talking about the 6th house is police, right? asked Pat. Right, the 6th house are the police. The defendant discusses that the police are in the 6th house. Thats whats denoted by the police. The planet that rules the police is in that 6th house and is with the malefic planet Saturn and Mercury. The defendant says, Mercury is in the sign of Gemini and rules the 8th house, which is the house of death. Pat pretended to sound puzzled. Evie knew better. Does the 8th house in astrology only rule death? asked Pat.


No. The 8th house not only rules death, but it also rules sex, inheritance, bank escrows, insurance papers it rules a number of other things besides death, so, Pat cut Evie short. If you wanted death to occur, would you try to get the event to occur during a time when the 8th house is stimulated? he asked enthusiastically. Yes. Assuming that this event was considered but never gone through with, is this consistent with planning the event so that a catastrophe or fatality would occur? Yes. Patrick O Shay could see the hour on the clock in the front of the courtroom. He could also see by the weary look on Evies face that it was time for a break. However, he wanted to end the morning session with a bang. He quickly flipped to page thirty of the document. If I could direct your attention to page thirty, to the bottom line that the defendant wrote. Here it says, the 8th house rules major injury and death, so death is indicated. Once again, the 8th house rules many other things besides death? Yes, it does. And just below that sentence, it says, Pluto rules bombs, plots, death, and terror. Me ruler Pluto. Is it true that Pluto rules bombs? Yes Pluto rules bombs, said Evie.


Patrick O Shay nodded at Evie. He was pleased. He was smiling discreetly. His is eyes were bright and surrounded by soft crows-feet. He turned towards Judge Samuel Archer and said, Your Honor, since it is nearly noon, I would like to request that we take our lunch break now. The Judge nodded and turned towards the jurors. He said, In view of the hour, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we will take a lunch recess. Please return at 1:00 p.m. Then he looked down at Evie and gently said, Ms. Taylor you are to be back at 1:00 p.m. She nodded back to the Judge in affirmation. Evie was relieved. She gathered her papers, stood up, walked past the jurors, and out of the courtroom.

Chapter 15 THE EVIL STAR BATEN KAITOS Lunch Recess May 4, 1999 Evie left the courtroom and stood in the corridor. A few minutes later Jason, Aaron, and Pat joined her. Evie needed to gather her thoughts. She told the three men that


she needed time to be alone. The detective, the ATF agent, and the prosecutor understood her feelings. They stood together and watched her walk away. Evie went to the courthouse cafeteria. The menu was limited but she did order a small baby green leaf salad with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing, a whole grain turkey sandwich, and an ice tea to go. She took the sack lunch outside and sat a table under an oak tree. She didnt have much of an appetite but she knew she needed physical nourishment so she managed to eat part of the lunch. After, Evie was finished eating, she returned to Judge Samuel Archers courtroom and went into the adjacent witness room. It had a sofa, coffee table, and three comfortable chairs. There were thirty precious minutes were left before she would be called back to the witness stand. Thankfully, she had the space all to herself so she laid herself down on the sofa. She needed to rest her weary body and mind. She closed her eyes and took deep soothing breaths. Like a mantra, she thought, I shall rise to the occasion, rise to the occasion! I am ready and prepared to do this thing. She visualized herself surrounded by a white protective light. Slowly, she could feel her anxiety and nervous energy decrease. The muscle tension in her middle back relaxed some and she started to feel somewhat rejuvenated. Evies mental alchemy techniques elevated her spiritual vibration to a higher degree. Jason opened the door to the witness room and Evie sat up. He had an expression of concern and sadness on his face. Did you eat? he asked while he sat down next to her. Evie looked at him and merely nodded. He reached for her hand and he held it gently. They didnt talk. The peaceful silence was interrupted when Patrick O Shay


poked his head through the door. Its time. Lets do this! he said bounding with energy and self-confidence. Evie stood up, followed Pat into the courtroom, and sat down in the witness seat. Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. We are back on the record and all jurors are present. Both counsel and the defendant are present. Ms. Taylor, would you please resume the stand. Go ahead Mr. O Shay, Judge Samuel Archer said. Patrick O Shay stood up, nodded at Judge Archer and said, Thank you, Your Honor. Patrick straightened and buttoned the three buttons on his Classic Italian Cerruti grey pinstripe suit jacket, picked up the Gatekeepers document, and approached Evie. Ms. Taylor I would like to jump ahead to page thirty-one. Is the chart as it is set up is hes talking about death, and hes talking about death in other pages. Are there indications that this chart is favorable if he wanted death to happen? Yes. Why is that? he asked. Well, if I could show the chart that I did that was based on the defendants calculations. Pat nodded in the affirmative. Evie stood up and pointed at the large chart that she had re-created for court. Well just show this chart because the defendant clearly says that any planet or angle at a nodal degree equals trouble, fatality, tragedy. The significators are ruled by the 1st and the 7th house. I concluded that the defendant is admitting that he is symbolized by the planet Pluto and is one of the significators. Furthermore, he calls this chart the Event Chart then he mentions that the planets are generating difficult circumstances, Evie said.


Pat knew the answer, however he asked, Now how did you do that chart? How did you calculate that? I used a computer. How did you calculate it from his chart? What I did is I took the time that he had, the 9:02, which was from page ten, I believe let me make sure. Evie paused and quickly flipped back to page ten of the document to make sure she was correct. Then, she looked up and said, Yes, it was from page ten. Okay from page ten, I matched my calculations up with the defendants mathematical calculations. All of the degrees of the planets and the house cusps were the same, except for on the 7th house cusp, he has 11 degrees and 17 minutes of Taurus. And, when I did my calculations, I came up with 18 minutes, so there is only one minute difference, which is pretty insignificant. I looked at all the other planets, and set it up and matched his notes. Patrick O Shay gracefully moved closer to the chart and pointed. But is the chart, for example, you have at the top there, Saturn, conjunct to evil star Baten Kaitos? he asked. Yes. Pat, stepped back and slightly turned to the jury, but was still making eye contact with Evie. Then, he stated, I had you read his testimony not testimony, but his statement about Baten Kaitos and 21 degrees of Aries to Jason Ares and Agent Landon Right.


Back on May 4 of 1998 hes talking about it then. Is this, in effect, for this date and time, March 29th? Pat asked. Yes, it was. At 9 oclock? Yes. And, also at 8 oclock? Yes. And this in astrology, what what did you find, without even looking at his statement of it, what did you find the effects of Baten Kaitos is for astrology? Pat asked. Evie straightened herself in her seat and leaned forward. Well, I had to do some research on that. I found several references to Baten Kaitos. Evie paused for a moment and reached down for her notes, and then she said, In a nutshell, the references say that Baten Kaitos at 21 degrees of Aries means assassinations by bombs, explosions, and fire. And the defendant expressed that to some degree in his interview with the police? Yes, he did. He said he knew about that before the bombing? Right. Pat turned around, walked to the prosecution table and reach for twelve copies of the police deposition they took when the defendant was brought in for questioning. He walked forward and passed a copy to each of the jurors. Pat looked at the jury members.


I would direct your attention to the police interview, on page twenty-two because here the defendant says, What I foresaw is 21st degree of Aries. Its an infamous if I were to say to you okay, were going to play a game youve heard of jokes where somebody says 1922. But nobody knows what that means except the guys who are laughing because they have the inside joke. But, if I said to you, 26 degrees of Taurus, and you were an astrologer, you would say, oh, yes! God Almighty! Thats Algol Kaput, the evil star! Theres a lot of them out there. But this is one of the major, major, major ones that has to do with decapitation. Jane Mansfield was born under it. And she got in a car wreck and had her head decapitated. Nicole Simpson also had her head decapitated, gilled ear to ear. Twenty-one degrees of Aries, a bombing or a fire bombing or a shooting or something violent is going to occur. And my advice to both of you before you fuck your heads off on this, is to go and get yourself an astrologer and ask the simple question: What do you know about the evil star Baten Kaitos? Its in the constellation Cetus, the whale also known as the monster. And then, his actual charts reflect that? Pat asked. Yes, he set them up to reflect that. Patrick O Shay asked the questions in a way that showed the jury that he had some expertise with regards to the subject of astrology. So as an astrologer, if you wanted to pick this if you wanted to take a trip to Hawaii and wanted the most favorable conditions, you would look at your charts. Now, the defendants looking assuming hes looking ahead, when would be the most favorable time for me to have the effect of death? Does Baten Kaitos, the star at twenty-one degrees of Aries symbolize assassinations and killings?


Yes, and the defendant calls the star evil, Evie said. And this is something that bothered you? It did. Were you surprised when you read it? Yes, because I dont use the term evil or focus on darkness when I use astrology. For what period of time did the Evil Star Baten Kaitos have an influence? Was it in affect for that specific weekend from the 27th through the 29th? Yes the star had an influence the entire weekend. There were other planets also near and around twenty-one degrees of Aries. But didnt you look at documents where it showed specifically for that weekend? Yes, the whole weekend. Now this is not just you saying that, but actual research documents you found showed that Baten Kaitos was in effect for that weekend? Pat asked. Thats right. So then, if the defendant intended to kill, the Evil Star Baten Kaitos would maximize the effect? Thats right. Now, have you reviewed the defendants documents in terms of Meenaas chart?


Yes, I have. Pat moved up close then put the large re-created chart that Evie had previously done for court on Meenaa. If we could move to Meenaas chart. Did he refer to the Evil Star Baten Kaitos in her chart? Yes, he did. And could you explain for that particular weekend how it would affect her more than others, that star, Baten Kaitos? Evie stood up and moved near the chart. She pointed and said, Her natal Mars is around twenty-one degrees of Aries. So, that weekend, Baten Kaitos, as well as other planets, were in the stellium of Aries. These planets along with Baten Kaitos would have been conjunct Meenaas natal Mars. Now, next to her chart, the defendant wrote, shipwrecked fortunes.


Pat gestured for Evie to resume her seat. After she was sitting comfortably, he said, Now once again, directing your attention to the police interview. The defendant says, We as Americans or whatever, we call the star Baten Kaitos. However, the ancients used to call it the monster. Because of the precession of the equinox, the evil star is at the 21st degree of Aries. The 21st degree of Aries has this evil star, which is called the star of shipwrecked fortunes. Back when the stars were named and their histories given, people during the 16th and 17th centuries they didnt say the star of auto wrecks. They called it the star of shipwrecked fortunes and when you had a ship wreck, you either drown, your life ended, or you got on a new start. The Evil Star Baten Kaitos is something I got familiar with a couple of years ago because of Meenaa Sadaf. I worked on her chart frequently. I did astrology for her. My wife doesnt like it when I do it because shes a Christian. But Im very good at all block buster shit. So from this interview and the chart the defendant has for Meenaa, he was looking at the position of Baten Kaitos in comparison to her natal chart? Pat asked. Yes, he was. On the chart for Meenaa, is there a reference to shipwrecked fortunes and Baten Kaitos? Evie turned her chair to the chart and pointed to the top of the chart. She said, Yes. At the top of the chart the defendant wrote, Live study shipwrecked. Now if the jurors would please look below those words because they are followed by the words, shipwrecked fortunes transiting Saturn plus progressed moon will be conjunct twentyone degrees of Aries on March 1, 1998, Evie said.


So his feeling was that her chart makes her vulnerable to the Evil Star Baten Kaitos? Yes, I think so. Patrick O Shay paused for a moment. Now, could you explain to the jury, how it would be that Meenaa may be more vulnerable to the Evil Star Baten Kaitos astrologically, rather than somebody else another words, whether the defendant, could have done her chart to find out if she would be more vulnerable rather than someone else, that weekend, to the influence of Evil Star Baten Kaitos? Evie shifted her weight in her chair and turned her attention away from Pat and towards Meenaas chart. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. Meenaa has natal Mars, according to the defendants calculations, at twenty-one degrees of Aries. And, on the weekend of March 29, 1998, there were transiting planets planets in the sky were also at twenty-one degrees Aries. The defendant also calculated Meenaas Part of Fortune and it is also at the same location. Now, the Part of Fortune is an Arabic Part and it means money, luck, and all kinds of other fortunate things. However, with the Evil Star Baten Kaitos and the other planets at twenty-one degrees of Aries any fortunate aspect would be negated. Next to the defendants calculations of Meenaas chart, the defendant wrote, Meenaas fortunes will be shipwrecked and below that he wrote, Mid-February 1998 through April 1998, is a time of danger for Meenaa. She will feel the negative peak power on March 30th, 1998! Evie said. Does that have anything to do with Baten Kaitos?


Yes. It would have been affecting her natal chart along with the other planets during that period. What about for her sister-in-law and the rest of the Muslim family? Were they more vulnerable to the Evil Star Baten Kaitos that weekend? According to the defendants calculations, the sister-in-law has Mercury, which symbolizes communications and thinking, at twenty-one degrees of Aries. So, yes, she too would be more vulnerable that weekend. Why is it? How many people would be more vulnerable to the Evil Star Baten Kaitos and twenty-one degrees of Aries on that weekend? he asked. Evie sharply focused her attention. I ran calculations from a data base of charts that I have. First, I ran the study with a set of four hundred charts and then I used a set of eight hundred charts. Out of my data base, only about three percent of the charts had anything at twenty-one degrees of Aries which is the location of the Evil Star Baten Kaitos, Evie said with certainty. Patrick O Shay angled his body towards the jury, his eyes widened and his forehead wrinkled. So if you wanted to pick Meenaa and her family out, as targets for that week, youre going to have not only the effect of the Evil Star Baten Kaitos, but their particular vulnerability based on their individual charts that relate to the twenty-one degrees of Aries? he asked. Yes.


Once again, when you are, for example planning a wedding, youre not predicting that something is going to happen. Are you taking advantage, as an astrologer of the planetary aspects, what time is most favorable to you? Pat asked. Yes. You do this kind of like the way people use a weather report? Yes. If you wanted to have the best, most harmonious aspects, you pick certain things, depending how the planets are lined up? Correct. The weekend of March 29th, 1998 would not be a good time to have the bombing happen for Meenaa and her sister-in-law? No, it wouldnt Is that because their charts indicate that they would be more vulnerable because of the Evil Star Baten Kaitos and other planets at twenty-one degrees of Aries? Yes, both Meenaa and her sister-in-law would be more vulnerable on that weekend. Pat stepped back, turned to the prosecution table, and reached for the Muslim bombing document. Then, he walked forward towards the jury and looked directly at Evie. There was a brief awkward moment of silence. Now, directing your attention to page sixteen it says, The situation is equivalent to sitting on a fence. It calls for making many changes and ending of conditions. Death is indicated!


Evie turned the document to page sixteen and paid close attention to Pat. She nodded and replied, Right. Is there another reason you believe that there was, perhaps, an intent to kill? Evies heart palpitated and the muscles across the middle of her back tightened. It was I had the feeling that he wrote it in advance because of the way that he used the English language in that sentence, she said. Does he frequently use the future tense? Evie nodded. Throughout most of the document, I found mostly future tense. Any planet or angle at nodal degree equals trouble, fatality, tragedy. Can you help us with that? Pat asked. Well a nodal angle Evie had started to answer but Pat jumped in. Especially if malefic? What is malefic? he asked. Evie composed herself. Malefic is a word that was used in medieval astrology and it is really another word for evil. Evie turned to face the jurors and she said, Pluto, again, the defendant calls himself, Pluto, was square the moons nodes. In astrology, this is a harsh aspect, a very critical angle, and it signifies death. Planets or angles that are in the same degree as the moons Nodes point to a catastrophe, casualty, fatality or tragedy. The event is more far-reaching when a malefic planet is involved. The malefic planet will exert a fateful influence upon the situation. In other words, the fateful turn of events may be traumatic or calamitous. The defendant says, When an event chart is drawn for formal conflicts, the instigator me ruler Pluto the Grim Reaper, is the ascendant, she said.


Patrick O Shay and all twelve jurors listened closely to Evie. When she finished speaking, Pat asked, So then, is the defendant saying that he is the instigator, the ascendant, Pluto the Grim Reaper is the instigator? Obviously, he is the person initiating the plan, or initiating the event? Yes, I believe so, she answered firmly. Pat turned to the jury and asked them to draw their attention to a crude graphic the defendant had drawn. The defendant drew a hand-drawn chart and next to it, he wrote, Me, the ruler Pluto is opposite my open enemies. So he is the ruler? Yes, he is the ruler of the chart. Pat looked somewhat distracted. He turned the page over and then back again. He looked at Evie. Then, he started to ask, Didnt the defendant say something about Pluto no Pat stopped. He refocused his attention, turned the page over again, and found his place. On line three, the defendant wrote, No planets are strong, all being below the horizon. Pluto will rise to the ascendant Evie sat up, straight. Yes Pat adapted easily. Can you determine what time Pluto would rise to the ascendant? he asked clearly. Yes, Pluto rose to the ascendant after the bombings at 11:13 p.m. March 29, 1998. Patrick O Shays rhythm was steady, again. His body seemed to flow with his assertions. Is it fair to say, then, he says, Event chart, drawn for formal conflicts, the


instigator is the ascendant, the defendant has defined himself, for these purposes, as being the ascendant and he is the instigator in these charts? Yes, he is the instigator, Evie said. So, the only logical conclusion is that the instigator in the interpretation of the astrology in this document is the defendant? Pat asked in a slightly higher tone. Evie moved her head up and down. Yes, that is what I concluded. Patrick O Shay stood upright and erect. He looked around and gazed into each one of the jurors eyes for a brief time. Then, he said, I would like you to direct your attention to page eight. He waited for all of the jurors and Evie to find their place. Ok on page eighteen the defendant says, Mercury stationary retrograde is a recipe for misunderstanding and confusion. Nothing works out as planned. When Mercury is retrograde, things go backwards. Mercury stationary retrograde, whats that stand for? he asked. Mercury stationary retrograde is when it is just at the brink of going retrograde. In this case, Mercury was just at the brink of going retrograde or it appears to be about to go backwards, Evie answered. And so if the defendant did want to have Mercury retrograde he talks about the law being thwarted so is it consistent with him hoping that there will be confusion after the bombing happens? Pat asked. Evie nodded and tilted her head a little to the right. Yes, that would be a perfect time if the defendant wanted the police to lose all the evidence or get totally confused. I think that doing the second bombing might have been part of the whole scheme to


confuse everybody. He wanted to throw them off the track and the police would think the bombings were done by some terrorist organization. That is my opinion, Evie paused for a moment and then she turned and faced the jurors. She said, At the bottom of the page, he says The ruler of the 8th house is retrograde Mercury in Gemini. Therefore, death is indicated. Pat and Evie had worked together for nearly a year. He knew what Evies philosophy was with regards to astrology and death. Even so, he asked, Normally when you do astrology, do you predict death in astrology? Have you ever seen this before? Evies sullen greenish eyes drooped. Then, she looked directly at Pat and shook her head back and forth. I dont know what other astrologers do, but one of the cardinal rules that all of my teachers that I have had is we never, never, never, predict death. Never! she said with an air of repulsion in her voice. Patrick O Shay stepped closer to Evie. Is this something thats disturbed you? he asked in a low tone. Evie lowered her head and nodded. This disturbed me very much, Evie said painfully in an unnerved and distraught tone. Then, she took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. Once again he would not be asking the question if the bombings had already happened? Evies eyes narrowed. Right, if he had already read the newspapers and he was writing this up say a day or two later on April 1st or 2nd, he would have known that no deaths occurred.


Patrick O Shay squared his torso. His eyes were wide and alert. The jurors will be interested in this, whether this was written before or after. The fact that is he really asking the outcome? In other words, was the defendant trying to calculate the best time for the event to happen? Pat asked boldly. Evie nodded and looked to her right towards the jury. Yes, it seems so to me she said powerfully. Now, the second paragraph, he says Gemini is on the cusp of 8th house of the dead and this indicates a superb affliction. How would you interpret that? Evie turned, looked at the chart, and pointed at the chart. Then, she said, Well Gemini was on the cusp of the 8th house on charts he had for the police booby trap bombs. Mercury is the planet that rules the sign, Gemini. And Mercury was with Saturn, Mars, and the Evil Star Baten Kaitos at twenty-one degrees of Aries. In the next sentence the defendant wrote, Jupiter, affliction to justice. Is affliction another word for detriment or bad thing? Yes. Pat stepped closer to the chart. And once again, is that 9:02 p.m. of March 29, 1998? Yes. Theres a statement The new moon will move into Taurus and this will perfect the event. Does that indicate whether it was written before or after the bombings? he asked.


Well on Friday the 27th of March there was a new moon. Both the sun and the moon were in Aries. The moon travels approximately thirteen degrees a day. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and Taurus is the second sign, Evie paused and she surveyed the jurors faces to see if they understood. It seemed to her that they did. So the new moon was in Aries on Friday. Now, when the defendant says, The moon will move into Taurus and will perfect the event, well the new moon entered the sign of Taurus at 7:08 a.m. on Sunday, March 29, 1998. This statement was another reason I think the defendant wrote this document before the bombings, she said assertively.


Pat had a close-mouth grin on his face and he was nodding his head slowly while Evie spoke. Okay. And moving to the typewritten portion, on page twenty-one, is there anything of significance you can help us with? Evie flipped to the page and found her place. Well, after I read through this entire document several times, I realized that this typed section is written as if it were a report because the defendant repeats what was previously written by hand. In the first paragraph, he says, The angles are all fixed signs, stubborn, entrenched so the event will happen. The end of the matter will be unexpected. This definitely shows that hes predicting that something is going to happen in the future or that he has planned for something to happen in the future. Now, again, if the defendant wrote this document after the bombings, the event would not be unexpected because the bombings were covered by the news media and written about in all of the Bay Area newspapers, she said with certainty. After Evie was finished, Pat asked, And are these typewritten pages consistent with his charts previous to that time? Yes, they fit the charts he did for March 29, 1998 at 9:02 p.m. And on page twenty-two, he does write specifically, the Evil Star Baten Kaitos? Yes, in the third paragraph he says, The new moon begins its cycle from a stellium with Mars, stationary retrograde Mercury, Saturn, and the Evil Star Baten Kaitos. In all charts, Mercury reveals what the question is associated with and in all criminal cases, there are certain planetary rulerships that are invariable. Saturn rules the


police. Mercury rules all of the evidence, including alibis and fingerprints. Jupiter rules the judge,102 she said. So, he would be taking advantage of both the Mercury retrograde so theres confusion and the Evil Star Baten Kaitos so theres death? Pat asked. Evie didnt have a doubt in her mind. Yes. He also used Saturn and Mars because they are typical of violence. And when you saw that the defendant wrote, Apparently a Venus Party will make everything come to perfection. Whats the significance of Venus? Once again, Evie pointed to the chart and looked towards the jury. Venus is in the 4th house and the 4th house is symbolizes homes. However, in this document the defendant says that Venus is the end of the matter. Now, it is important to understand that Venus symbolizes a luxurious home. On the night that the bombs went off, Venus was ruler of the 7th house. The defendant says that there will be a Venus Party for his enemies. He says, A Venus Party will make everything come to perfection. Again, that sounded like something was going to happen in the future. Did you express that to me that, the Venus Party may be that that the police will come for him and we discussed what do you when you have a party? he asked. Yes, we discussed having a Venus Party. The first thing I thought of, even though this is such a dark document Evie paused. Then, she turned and looked directly at several of the jurors and she said, I honestly kind of started laughing when I read that. I asked myself who has a party and doesnt invite guests? If youre going to have a big party, you invite all your friends to come. In this case, the defendant planned a


death party! Evie said. Evie could tell from the jurors facial expressions that they fully understood her logic and her answer. Pat continued, Next the defendant says, The moon forms a square to Neptune in Aquarius, then forms and separates from a quincunx to Pluto, and finally an opposition. In terms of time, when would this be? Evie was confident in her astrological analysis. The moon was in quincunx to Pluto at 9:02 p.m. on March 29, 1998. The next aspect the defendant mentions is the moon opposite Pluto. This would have been at 8:54 p.m. on March 31, 1998. By then, the moon was at 7 degrees of Gemini and Pluto was at 7 degrees of Sagittarius. And the very bottom sentence, of the typewritten page, he says the police as community servants. How does this relate? Pat asked.


Evie immediately understood the question. Yes, he talks about the police as community servants. He says, The Law, is thwarted, especially with no planets above the horizon to help, the trail is cold. There will be no resolution of the crime. So, he was hoping by making just waiting another hour to 9:02 after the planets were below the horizon that they would be the police would not be able to solve this crime. Again, the defendant wrote, In the Event Horary Chart, past aspects show what has taken place and future aspects show the future as it is to evolve. The moon will be the last planet to descend all planets are below the horizon. The angles are all in fixed signs they are stubborn, entrenched. So the event will happen. A fixed sign on the ascendant shows something that has already taken root. It is established. The matter is already under way at the time of asking. Fixed signs on all four angles shows a sure development. There is no stopping the matter! she said. After Evie was finished with her answer, Pat asked, Did we ask you to review the statement the defendant gave to the police when they were questioning him about a booby trap bomb on May 4, 1998? Yes. Im going to read the sentence on line sixteen of the police deposition, Detective Ares starts out by asking, Well, why do you think the guy didnt call back then? And the defendant replied, I havent the faintest idea. It really bugged me because April 19th was coming. Do you stupid fuckers have a big chart? Remember what that was? Waco. Whats his ass, McVey went over there to Oklahoma City and blew up 168 people


killed them or whatever. Maybe this guy was a preamble. Maybe this guy was planning a Venus Party. Obviously, this was the sentence that we referred you to? Yes. We had you review this sentence after you had drawn our attention to the Venus Party? Yes. In context of this, Im going to ask you about this party, whether it is consistent with a Venus Party that he described in the astrology document, and also assume that April 19th was the day of Waco where women and children were killed by the federal government. And also two years later, April 19th of 1995, was the date of the bombing at Oklahoma City, at the federal building, where 168 people were killed. And, also assume that the defendant had in storage explosive material, ammonium nitrate fuel oil, which he was looking to purchase before and had plans for the Oklahoma City bombing. Assuming those things, is this consistent with him explaining that hes having a Venus Party that he described in the document? Yes. And the basis of your opinion is for a Venus Party, people are being invited. If you have a party, you invite people? Yes, you do. You were aware that after the first bombing, the Muslim bombing, which occurred at 8:06 p.m. that a phone call was made to the police department at approximately 8:15 p.m. on March 29, 1998. And the phone call directed the police to go


to another luxurious house under construction and about a block away from the first house? The caller directed to get the bombs out of the house then said, later the police department will go boom. Bye. Yes. The phone call was inviting the police to the house? he asked. Yes, I believe so. The jury listened carefully to Patrick O Shay. So the police are invited to a Venus Party, as opposed to some other party. Venus, being in the 4th house, represents the end of the physical body and the end of the house? Correct. Which would occur if they succumb to the booby trap bomb? Correct. And were his comments to Jason Ares consistent with what youve already described? They seem to be consistent to me. How would you qualify the defendant as an astrologer based on the information that you have? How would you describe him? he asked. The jury sat transfixed waiting for her answer. Well I think that he was into the occult. I think that he might have been into the dark side of the occult, known as the Black Arts. This is the very evil side of astrology. You see, astrology could be it has both a positive and a negative side. However, throughout all of the defendants documents, whenever he mentions or gives an interpretation, it was always the most evil


side of astrology. To use it in this manner, to me, is absolutely diabolical, evil. I think the defendant is very intelligent. I think he planned and planned and planned. I just he says he is Pluto death the Grim Reaper. I think he was ruled by evil. This question is going to relate to page thirteen of the Muslim bombing document. And perhaps I could preface that by asking why do you think they relate back to that they do not relate back to the Muslim family in wanting to bomb them or kill them? he asked. Well, from page ten on, Muslims are never mentioned. In the previous document, he mentions them by name. However, from page ten on, he only refers to the police as his enemies. She said. Pat turned to page thirteen of the Muslim Bombing Document, he looked at Evie, and then he asked, Could the fatalities refer to the original thought that the Muslim family would be in the house celebrating the evening of Zul Haijj? The house was sold to others unknown to him? The jury was looking back and forth between Pat and Evie. Oh, I think he took advantage of the whole evening. I think, originally, he maybe just planned to do the Muslim bombing, but then when he realized that they hadnt bought the house, he decided since he had other enemies, he might as well take advantage of the astrological aspects not only out of revenge but also to throw the police off course. He said, The Law will be thwarted! But he used separate charts?


Yes, he used separate charts. However, the only thing that is significantly different is the moon and the house cusps. All of the other planets stayed in virtually the same degree because they dont move that fast. So the only thing that really changed was the moon and in the Muslim bombing, Evie paused to point to the first chart, then she continued, He wanted his certain criteria, and I wrote the criteria on the other chart. If we want to put that up, I could answer the question maybe a little better. Pat quickly reached for the two slightly different charts and placed them in front of the jury so they could see clearly. He said, If I could mark the chart that says 9:02 bombing, as 236. Evie turned to the charts and while looking back and forth between the charts and the jury, she said, See, first off, the thing that he does in the Muslim Bombing Chart is he keeps the moon, which typically in astrology symbolizes women, in the 8th house of death. Then he waits until later in the evening for the next bombing because his criteria, according to his notes, is to let the moon get past all conjunctions and on the next page he says, Keep the moon out of the 7th house. His third criteria is the Sun is below the descendant. Now, his criteria was all met at 6:25 p.m. and at this time, the moons sliver is visible. The moons silver is the signal that Muslims can begin eating. They begin their family celebration at this time. He says, Set the timing such that in twilight. So, this chart set the stage in motion. Next, Evie pointed at the 9:02 p.m. chart so she could show the jury the differences in the house cusps and planetary positions. She looked at the jury and she said, You can see that the only real difference between the first chart and this 9:02 p.m.


chart are the outer house cusps and the position of the moon. This is the chart he used when he planned the Venus Party. The moon is in the 6th house and this symbolizes the police and community servants. So, by this time, 9:02 p.m., he was focused on the police. Pat looked satisfied. Let me ask. How much time would you believe it would take him to prepare the charts that are here, all of the pages? Evie was taken back by the question. She looked up and thought for a brief moment. Then, she said, Boy, I dont know, and I just wonder how many pages he threw away with all of his math calculations, you know. It takes me if I dont use a computer, it takes me, believe it or not, almost two and a half hours to set up a chart by hand because theres a lot of math involved. But I do believe, that he began charting for this bombing back in April of 1997 and he looked at the astrological aspects all the way through August of 1997. I believe that during fall of 1997, he realized the wrong people bought the house. That is when I believe he began charting to bomb the police.


Now, finally in the very last paragraph he wrote, Mars equals violent deaths, see my natal Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Alpheratz. I have the bomb successfully! What does Alpheratz mean astrologically? Once again, Evie felt the best thing she could do was to answer by paraphrasing from an astrological textbook, so that the jury could see that she was being objective in giving her answer. Alpheratz is a fixed star and its Andromedas alpha star. Its connected to stories about horses and heads, slayings and rescues. It has a connotation of flight, freedom, and speed, as well as a love of expression.103 Pat paused for a moment. Then, he turned and looked square at the jury. So along with the fixed star Alpheratz, which has to do with speed, freedom, flight, or escape, and a love of expression, he has written the words, I have the bomb successfully? he asked as if he were in a stage show performance. With power and frankness, Evie said, Yes, he does. Pat turned towards Evie and gazed straight in her deep blue green eyes for several seconds without blinking. Then, he slightly bowed his head at her. Thank you. I have nothing further, he said graciously. Judge Samuel Archer nodded and looked towards the jurors. In view of the hour, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we will take a recess until tomorrow morning. Please return at 9:00 a.m. Ms. Taylor you are to be back for cross examination by the defense attorney tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. Evie nodded in agreement. Then she stood up. She felt like she was floating. She gracefully walked past the twelve spellbound jurors and out through the double doors into


the corridor. She didnt wait for Pat or for Jason. Instead, she walked quickly out of the courthouse to the parking lot to her car. She jumped in and immediately drove to the hotel. She was mentally exhausted and she needed time to recharge her spirit.

Chapter 16 THE BLASTED TOWER Wednesday May 5, 1999 Evie arrived at the courthouse early. By 8:30 a.m. she was sitting in the witness room, waiting. This day was a critical one because Gordon Harper, the defense attorney, would begin cross examining her. Her back was in excruciating pain due to the stress, tension, and all of the sitting. She wanted to think positively so she could forget about her back pain. She thought to herself, Who chooses to be a fool? She recalled the tarot card, the Fool and remembered that Proverbs 12:15 says, The way of a fool is right in his own eyes. But a wise man is he who listens to counsel. She thought, The way of the fool represents lessons learned through life experiences. The fool must learn lessons the hard way but the hard way is the deeper way. But these experiences are what develop us spiritually. We just cant learn by looking out through a glass window. We must go right to the heart-of-the-matter or more often, into the eye of the storm. I chose to be in the eye of this shit storm! So many times, I have been the fool! I am the fool! I willingly removed my foolish costume and exposed my nudity all of my private parts.


Evie sat silent. She closed her eyes, leaned down to her knees, and covered her face with both hands. After a few moments, she looked up, took a long deep breath as if it would be her last, and then released the air in her lungs slowly. She thought, During the cross examination, I must listen to my inner counsel. Oh, my counsel, will you be there to help me control and have power over my emotions? I know written words and spoken words can be very dangerous. I will keep the secrets of your mysteries. Oh, my loving creator, I trust that you will show me when and how to utilize language to accomplish this task. **** Judge Samuel Archer greeted everyone present at precisely 9:00 a.m. and Evie adjusted herself in the witness seat. Mr. Harper, the defendants attorney, was sitting back in his chair. He had a smug look on his face and he was lightly tapping his pen on his yellow legal pad. We are back on the record and all jurors are present. Both counsel and the defendant are present. Go ahead Mr. Harper, the Judge said. Gordon Harper stood up and walked around the defense table towards Evie. Ms. Taylor you were contacted by the District Attorneys Office in connection with this case when? he asked in a patronizing tone. They called me, I believe is was November 9th, and we met on November 11th of 1999, she said calmly. Since that time, you have had the opportunity to review numerous documents in connection with the investigation of this case; is that correct? he queried. I have.


Gordon Harper nodded awkwardly. He asked, You have been called upon to render opinions with regard to certain information that you have reviewed that you believe is in reference to the Muslim bombing; is that correct? Yes, thats correct. Mr. Harper shifted his weight from foot to foot. Have you reviewed any other documents which you believe refer to the planning of any other bombings other than the Muslim Bombing Document? Yes. The second bombing, which we are referring to as the Police Booby Trap Bomb Gordon Harper pulled his eyebrows together and wrinkled his forehead. He interrupted Evie and said, Okay Evie continued to answer. and Ive reviewed what we are calling the Safe Solution documents which indicate that the defendant planned to bomb a real estate business. So you have is it true that you have confined your reviewed documents to documents that you believe refer to the planning of three bombings, the Muslim Bombing, the Police Booby Trap Bombing, and the Safe Solution Bombing? he asked with artificial ignorance. Actually, I reviewed another document that was written by the defendant. Across the top of the page, were the words WTC Bombing Chart Analysis. The document indicated investigations, bombs, and plots. Later, Mr. O Shay alerted me, that I should look at when the World Trade Center was bombed in the early 1990s. I did that and


came to the conclusion that the document was an analysis of the bombing in New York City, at the World Trade Center in 1993. There were also references in other documents I reviewed where the defendant referred to the Oklahoma City bombing by Timothy McVey. So is it fair to say, then, that you reviewed some documents that ultimately you concluded was an analysis of the World Trade Center bombing? Yes, she said. Mr. Harper had a skeptical look on his face. And these documents appeared to be prepared by the same person who prepared the Muslim Bombing Document, the Booby Trap Bombing documents, and the Safe Bomb documents; is that correct? he asked. Yes, although, the notes were not complete. I looked at the specific dates. Then I looked at historical facts and I found that this was the date that the bombing occurred. Did they appear to be plans to bomb something? he asked in a raised voice. They appeared to be an analysis of a bombing, thats what it appeared to me to be. It was written in more of a current theme. What do you mean current? Like it was a current event, or something that had already happened, not something that was going to happen in the future. It was more like an analysis of something that had already happened. Did you at any time believe these plans, the World Trade Center plans, were plans to do a bombing in the future? he asked suspiciously.


The document sounded to me like it was written about something that had already occurred. So it was a write-up of an event that had already occurred? It seemed to be to me, Evie said. Gordon Harper frowned. Did you have some doubts as to whether that was a prospective plan or a retrospective plan? I felt that it was something that had already taken place, she said with firmness in her voice. Did you review any other documents that appeared to relate to any other events other than the Oklahoma City Bombing, the WTC Event, the Safe Bombing, the Muslim Bombing, and the Booby Trap Bombing? Evie took a subtle deep breath. I have reviewed lots of other documents. I cant recall if any other documents relate to bombings at this point. Im not sure. Harpers eyes bored into her. Do you believe you can predict the future? Evie returned his hard look. No, she answered. Do people come to you and ask you to assist them in planning trips, for instance? he asked in a mocking tone. Yes. And do you give them advice as to whether it would be a good time to take a trip? Absolutely.


Gordon Harper chuckled sarcastically. And that, in your opinion, is not predicting the future? Evie was determined to not let his ignorance of astrology or his tone of sarcasm get to her. I tell people what trends and possibilities may occur. I give them a range of possibilities. The chart represents a multitude of things. When I give an astrological consultation, I encourage my clients to use free will. I tell them what the chart represents. I give them all of the possibilities, and it is their choice to make, unlike your client who specifically stated what things meant, how, and when. I open the door to creative thinking. He scoffed at her. When you designate what possibilities exist, you believe those possibilities to be true? Evie maintained her composure. I believe that the solar system is a map for one to follow, and its up to the individual to choose what road to take to get to their destination. Mr. Harper turned away from Evie, looked at the jury, rolled his eyes, and at the same time, he asked, So you believe that people should guide their lives by reading the stars? I believe that astrology is only a tool to bring a positive and a beneficial, more creative way to living, a more wholesome lifestyle. I try to point out to my clients their best personality potentials, their creative abilities. I point out what would be their best success for vocations, all kinds of things. I try to lean towards the positive upbeat-type of astrology.


Gordon Harper turned back and looked square at Evie. And this is based on the position of the star and planets? he asked in a condescending tone. Yes, a lot of it is based upon when the person was born, but also how they developed, the socio-economic situation that they grew up in, the education that they received, and what type of parents they were born with. Before I ever discuss a persons personality, we sit down and the person fills out a long questionnaire. I am not here to play guessing games with my clients, Im only suggest possibilities to them. Well tell me, what is Astrology? he asked tersely. Astrology is simply to study the stars. Mr. Harper was showing signs of agitation. For what purpose? he asked in a raised voice. It has been one of the oldest things studied since ancient Mesopotamia. Men have always sought to seek where they fit within the universe and how the universe was created. So its been something that men and women have studied since the beginning of time, she said with ease. Why do it? Why study the stars? he asked in a quick, impatient manner. Her blue green eyes flashed. She said, Its more of a study of the nature of the universe and what God created, how we fit in with the universe. What can you accomplish by using astrology? he asked in a derogatory way. With astrology, I have been able to tap in and understand what my own birth chart shows me. The horoscope shows ones creative potential, what strengths and weaknesses a person has and how to develop that. It also shows what vocational choices a


person should make, what their personal characteristics are, the areas that need work and the areas that need to be emphasized. My main objective with astrology is to understand myself better, as well as to help others to understand themselves. How does astrology help you determine what your characteristics are? he asked sarcastically. Evie ignored his sarcasm. Well through years and years of research, astrologers have taken account of for example, people that are born under the sign of Aries, what their typical characteristics are like. Now that is just the sign the sun was in the moment they were born. But there are characteristics a person will have with the planetary aspects and positions. Astrologers have done statistical research they have done case studies on hundreds and hundreds of charts. They look at a wide range - anything from illnesses, professions, athletic abilities. While Evie was speaking, Gordon Harper paced back and forth in front of her and he looked at his watch several times. She continued. Michael Gauquelin, was a psychologist who did a statistical analysis on famous athletes and he found through his research that Mars would be prominent in a birth chart of an athlete. We do allot of research as astrologers. My work, before this case, was researching missing childrens birth charts. I have collected over a thousand charts of missing children. I was in the process of doing a statistical research project to see if I could fine what particular planetary positions and aspects were in effect the day and time that the child went missing in conjunction with their own birth chart. In missing children, murdered and raped children, or a run away child, I found there are certain planetary


configurations or conditions. I have been keeping track of that sort of information. Astrology is primarily a lot of research. That is how we study it. What is Aries? What is it? he asked pompously. Aries is the sign of the ram. But is it a star or some relationship between stars? I dont know. What is it? he asked abrasively. Evie tried to keep her answer to a minimum. She felt like this was a basic astrological test. She said, There are twelve signs of the zodiac. Aries is one of them. It is the first sign of the zodiac. What is the zodiac? Evie knew that the defense attorney was trying to humiliate her and make astrology sound ridiculous. The zodiac stands for the circle of animals. The circle of animals has been symbolic of the twelve signs of the zodiac since the beginning. Its an imaginary belt, the ecliptic that goes around the Earth or the solar system. Gordon Harper had an artificial grin on his face. So this imaginary circle of animals has some impact on a persons personality? he asked mockingly. Even though Evie felt like screaming, she maintained her composure. She turned away from Mr. Harpers beady eyes and looked straight at the jurors. I do not believe the stars cause a certain behavior. The birth chart is a map that represents what happens more on a psychological level. Let me see, if I can explain this in a simple way. A map of the United States is, for example, a picture of the United States. There are many roads on the map. You might see rivers and mountains. It is symbolic of the United States. It is


similar to a birth chart or horoscope. I look at the chart, and what I see is a map of the persons individual personality, what they were born with, the gifts that they were brought into this earthly existence with, what lessons God gave them to learn when they were born into this world. This is an imaginary map, right? he asked in an annoyed tone.


Evie was looking at Mr. Harper. She hesitated for just a moment and then, she said, Well, no Once again, Evie turned and looked at the jury. She said, The calculations are the exact positions of the planets or theyre orbit, theyre ecliptic, based on our perspective from Earth. The typical way, astrologers set up a chart is by a method called geocentric, which is Earth-centered astrology. However, recently there has been a lot of research on heliocentric astrology or Sun-centered astrology. Before Copernicus, people thought the Earth was the center of the solar system. He found out this was not true and later, Galileo confirmed Copernicuss research. Today, astrologers use both methods to make their calculations they use either geocentric or heliocentric. Gordon Harper scowled and paced in front of Evie. What does ecliptic mean? I dont understand that, he asked. This is where all of the planets orbit our solar system. It is the three hundred sixty degrees a circle where each planet travels around the solar system. Planets are in constant motion and they are in different positions at different times of each day. Astrologers divide the circle into twelve segments and each segment has thirty degrees. Each of those thirty degrees is equal to one zodiacal sign. That is how we measure where the planets are. What planets do you consider? he asked. We consider all of the planets within our solar system, as well as the sun, which is really a star, and the moon, which is a luminary. And what is of concern to you in your work is the location of those planets at particular points in time?


Yes. And the relationship they have with each other? Right. We look at the planetary aspects. And when you are talking about aspects, what does that mean? Evie was about to answer the question when the defense attorney looked down at his watch and rudely turned away from her. She knew this was a defense tactic to try and frustrate her. She was not going to allow the attorneys body language to throw her off course. She also wasnt about to answer his question until he turned around and faced her. She sat quiet and she inhaled and exhaled several times until Gordon Harper turned back around. Then, Evie turned to the jury and she said, Aspects are the angular distance between the planets, similar to geometry. We use the Earth as the center. We look to see where the planets are in relationship to where we are on earth. A term in astrology, as well as in geometry is vertex. Now, as in geometry, we use the Earth as a kind of vertex. This is the point at which an angle is derived from. As an astrologer, I consider the Earth to be the vertex. I look out into the sky and measure the distance between the various planets. It is like doing geometry because we draw these angles, or aspects. For example, a perfect square is a ninety degree angle and an opposition is a one hundred eighty degree angle. We use various angles along with longitude and latitude to measure the positions of the planets. We look at the positions of all the planets the planets particular place on the zodiac from our perspective on Earth. Evie finished answer and then, she turned her attention back to Mr. Harper.


Okay. And these mathematical calculations of the positions of the various heavenly bodies have some impact on a persons characteristics? he asked. Evie looked directly at the attorney. They represent what happens on an internal or psychological level of the individual. They are symbolic, they dont cause per se, they represent in a symbolic way. Each planet, each sign, each house, has a multitude of different symbolic interpretations, and we read the chart in that manner, she said. Gordon Harper started chuckling and shaking his head side to side in disbelief. So the old pick-up line, Whats your sign? thats what were talking about, a zodiac sign? he asked. Evie had a good sense of humor. She smiled at the jurors and shook her head up and down while she said, Well, in some ways, yes! She noticed that several jurors were smiling back at her, fondly. Mr. Harper had a pretentious look on his face. Well, I was born September 16th, 1945. What sign is that? he asked. You are a Virgo, she answered. Gordon Harper made a dramatic gesture with his arm. Well what does it mean? Am I a jerk or a nice guy or what? he asked hotheadedly. Evie didnt react to his outburst. Sir, that information does mean quite a lot. However, the kind of astrology I do, takes into consideration all of the planets in your birth chart, not just the position of the sun. I would need to know the time and place of your birth to give you a proper astrological chart, she said in a calm manner.


The attorney was waving his left arm and pacing back and forth in front of Evie. Well, since I am a Virgo, does that have any impact on my personality? Does that make me a jerk or a nice person? he asked in a booming voice. All of a sudden Patrick O Shay boldly sprang out of his chair. His eyes looked like they had fire in them. Objection. Argumentative! he said in a loud and assertive voice. Judge Samuel Archer used his gavel to bring an end to the courtroom drama. Sustained, he said firmly. Then the energy of the courtroom waned. The defense attorney gained some composure. You have an internet site that says you teach a Course in Miracles. What kind of miracles do you teach? he asked with cunning look in his eye. A Course in Miracles is a book that is Christian-based with an Eastern type of philosophy. I do not teach people how to do miracles, Evie said peacefully. What kind of Eastern philosophy? It is a philosophy that is similar to Buddhism, she said. Well, you say you taught miracles; is that right? he asked in a snotty tone. Evie was serene. I was a facilitator and taught the Course in Miracles, she said matter-of-factly. Gordon Harper was angry. He didnt stop for one second to reflect on Evies answer instead he stopped his left foot. Did you teach people how to conduct miracles? he bellowed like a bull.


Absolutely not! she said emphatically. It was a prayer group a metaphysical group, Evie paused, looked up, and took a slow deep breath. Her left hand was open with the palm facing up. Like a drummer, she unconsciously moved her hand up and down in a steady beat and she said, We read scripture, we prayed, we learned to meditate. All of us believe in higher power. As a group, we discussed problems we were having, we listened to meditation tapes, we read and studied the Course in Miracles. You taught Celestine Prophecy? he asked. Evie had nothing to hide. Yes. That was a book written by James Redfield, I believe. Im not sure of the authors name off the top of my head. Anyway The Celestine Prophecy in the prayer group, we studied it. Well if you taught it, what was it about? Doesnt the word prophecy mean to prophesize or predict the future? he asked in a sneaky tone.


At this point, Evie knew that he was trying to portray her as a fortune-teller. She turned her body towards the jury and smiled. The book had nothing to do with predicting the future. The book was about one mans journey to South America and his search for God. The women and I read one chapter sometime on our own during the week. When we were together we discussed it. We were kind of like Oprahs Book Club, she said humorously. The jury was amused. If the defense attorney had done his homework, he would have known that the Celestine Prophecy was on the top best sellers list at one time. He could have found the book in any major bookstore under the self-help section. Gordon Harper looked bewildered. So the Celestine Prophecy has nothing to do with predicting the future by looking at the celestial bodies and the stars? he asked. No. That book didnt have anything to do with astrology, sir. The book was more of a theology book, she said confidently. Did you charge for these classes? I did not charge for the womans metaphysical class, she said. Any of the classes you teach, do you charge? I have charged private students and clients. Okay tell me about the sign of Aries. Do you think a person who is born under Aries will act in a certain way? Technically, they would have a pioneering personality, of course depending on all of the other planets in their birth chart. But an Aries, for example would typically be active and energetic. Its a fire sign, so they may take action quickly. You may see an


athlete being an Aries type person. But if there are planets that were in adverse aspect to that sign, they may not express that as such. You have to look at the whole chart. I believe in a holistic approach to reading a chart, not just looking at the sun, but looking at the entire chart. Gordon Harper scratched his chin then crossed both arms across his chest. Okay. Lets say when somethings in the sign of Aries that would mean that the person would be a pioneering person? Evie straightened herself in the seat. She took a sip of water then she looked directly at him. Yes. They could be active, energetic. They could be headstrong. They could be aggressive and combative if there is discord in the chart, but they may also express themselves in a more positive and assertive style, rather than combative. With everything in astrology, there is a positive and there is a negative. How the person learns to express himself or herself, is up to that individual. Also, it depends on how the child was disciplined. You could have a child that was born an Aries, who by the chart, shows may typically express themselves in a discordant or negative manner. But if their parents were good disciplinarians, kept them in school and made sure they were focused and on track, if they were born in a culture that emphasized church, ethics, morals, and selfdiscipline, the child may not express themselves in a negative manner. And people come to you for advice to assist them in making decisions on their life? he asked cagily. Yes. Typically what I would do is point out all of the different options that are available to them. Then they would choose how they want to direct their life. I dont like


the idea of playing God with my clients. I simply like to point out what options there are according to research in the field of astrology. People choose for themselves how they want to direct their lives. For example, if in their birth chart, I saw a lot of creativity, I might suggest to them or encourage them to develop that side of they personality if they hadnt already done so. I may encourage them to try writing poetry, take a dance class, try painting, take a music class, anything of that nature that may make them feel more positive about themselves. Gordon Harper wanted to discredit astrology. Is it true that people with Jupiter on the ascendant will determine how a person looks? It can. It has been documented through research that a person with Jupiter on the ascendant oftentimes may have a weight problem, she said honestly. Gordon Harper threw his head back and looked amused. So if youre born with Jupiter on the ascendant youre going to get fat? he asked. You could if you didnt have other planetary aspects to indicate otherwise. But if the person expresses it another way, they could be a very generous person with Jupiter on the ascendant. The defense attorney took three steps closer to Evie and he leaned in towards her. His eyes glared. Have you ever given dietary advice based on astrology? he asked. Medical Astrology is the branch of astrology that gets into that area. However, I feel that giving a medical diagnosis or advice, at least with my particular training, should be left to the medical professionals. A prognosis or diagnosis is not something that I feel comfortable giving to my clients. Although, at certain times I have based on


astrology suggested to clients that they should go to their own medical doctor or nutritionist for a check-up or for treatment. There are qualified astrologers, who are also medical professionals who give that kind of information to their clients. What is mental alchemy? Youve mentioned the phrase mental alchemy. I dont know what that means, he asked in a sarcastic tone. The origin of Alchemy goes as far back as centuries before and after the birth of Christ to ancient China, Egypt, and Greece.104 In addition, some of first alchemical treatises of the Western world come from a number of early Arabic sources. Alchemy is the precursor to modern chemistry. In the medieval and renaissance periods, alchemists were fascinated with the creative processes hidden within the universe and they were intrigued with the large body of Arabic literature that spoke of making the philosophers stone and of transmuting base metals into gold or silver.105 For different reasons the goal of all alchemists was to find a way to combine, distill, and diffuse the chemical substances found in base metals such as lead, iron, and mercury in order to make gold.106 Alchemist Thomas Norton wrote the Ordinal of Alchemy in the year 1477 and from his writing, one can see that alchemy is an arduous path, to be kept secret, and only for the initiated, the devout, and the chosen. Although, there were alchemists whose sole purpose was creating gold and silver, these were considered to be mundane or vulgar alchemists107. However, spiritual alchemists were similar to Christian monastics because for both the primary aim was to find the divine path to God. Like Christian monastics, spiritual alchemists were often clerical brothers, Christian theologians, and in many ways they lived and practiced their own form of monasticism; the objective is to show that the


only real difference between a spiritual alchemist and a Christian monastic is that the alchemist had a scientific edge to his theology. When alchemy entered Europe in the twelfth century, European alchemists continued the practical and scientific methods that had been established by earlier alchemists; European alchemy was a profound philosophy that was associated with religious mysteries and alchemists tradition of using veiled and guarded language continued when they wrote about the Art.108 Similar to Christian monastics, spiritual alchemists wanted to raise and purify their own souls as well as the soul of humanity. This arcane form of alchemy was truly a process of soul development and alchemists thought they would be successful if they were vigilant, prayed, and if they submitted to the will of God.109 Christian monasticism also stressed similar ideas along with meditative and ascetic practices because like the alchemist personal purification was their goal. It was the mindset of both the alchemist and the monastic that if they were completely devoted to God and through His grace, they could achieve spiritual purification. In other words, satisfaction and salvation does not come by intellectualism, human will, or reason alone, it must also be through grace.110 Unlike the monastic, alchemists used scientific methods such as astrology, material substances, and metals in their experiments for the sole purpose of expressing theological, philosophical, and mystical beliefs and aspirations.111 All alchemists kept their knowledge secret and to do so, they typically used language with hidden metaphors along with complex symbols because the Art was both materially valuable and spiritually powerful and it could be dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands.112 Like the Christian monastic, the alchemist needed to be humble, practice humility, be patient, persevere, have a devotion to learning,


and trust entirely in God113 because their goal was for their soul to merge with or amalgamate with God, the divine creator. There is a spiritual nature behind alchemy. The Great Work of alchemy was intimately bound up with the whole religious and philosophical background, and for many who practiced it the transmutation of metals was symbolical of the transmutation of imperfect man into a state of perfection.114 During the process of transmutation, the alchemist tried to convert metal from an impure substance into one that is incredibly valuable. However, the alchemical operation in the laboratory is more than just trying to convert an impure substance into a pure one; this is an allegory for a man who is seeking to perfect his soul. The process of transmutation was an esoteric and a purifying journey that expanded the alchemists mind, soul, and consciousness to both his inner self and his outer environment. Alchemists correlated this concept of transmuting base metals into gold the perfect state with purifying their souls but for this to be accomplished, they believed they must live a pure life, receive divine guidance, and if they performed the alchemical experiments at precisely the right astrological time. Although there were various methods employed in the laboratory, the alchemist was concerned with starting the procedure at the proper time and under the right celestial influences. To do this, they needed at the very least, to know the basics of astrology. Alchemist Thomas Norton also believed that the use of astrology was a critical factor for starting an alchemical operation.115 In the Ordinal of Alchemy, Norton suggests that an alchemist should choose a horoscope when the ascendant was in a fortune aspect a trine. In addition, the moon should be making fortunate aspects to certain houses and there should be a planet in its own virtue because this is both proper and special.116


Alchemists of the Medieval and Renaissance periods relied on astrology for the proper timing for their experimental operations, although one should not assume that this was an invention of the time because even as far back as Hellenistic alchemy, astrology was a key factor. In the third century, the Greek alchemist and Gnostic mystic Zosimos of Panopolis suggested that for the proper chemical reactions to occur there must be proper astrological timing.117 By applying mental alchemy along with astrology, we try to purify our own thoughts with the use of the birth chart. Both Christian monastics and alchemists, wanted to find a way to live that would bring harmony to their world and provide a pathway to the supreme architect and divine creator their God. Astrology has always been an important feature of alchemy because each planet symbolically governs a variety of things in the universe, has its own qualities, vibration, and is connected with a base metal.118 For example, the sun is masculine and represents the soul, which has a conscious and subconscious purpose, and gold is its metal. The moon governs motions, intuition, feelings, and femininity and it rules the metal silver. Mercury symbolizes the spoken word and all forms of communications and rules mercury or quicksilver. In a horoscope, Venus maps all of the social thought elements such as love, creative expression, and material success and the base metal it rules is copper. The planet that denotes searching for meaning in life, ethical values, philosophy, and religion is Jupiter and its base metal is tin. Saturn symbolizes order, form, and discipline and lead is associated with the planet.119 Mars governs all things that relate to survival, combat, war, conflict, and destruction and the base metal it rules is iron. The energy of Mars, which if not controlled properly, can express itself in a very argumentative, aggressive, warlike,


combative quality. However, by the proper training and by the use of mental alchemy, a person can learn to actually convert that to a positive use of their personality. They can tone down their negative qualities by using meditation techniques. One technique you could use if you wanted to apply mental alchemy for a discordant Mars would be to focus and meditate on domestic thoughts, love, family, home, and hearth. This technique can help to tone down the difficult and argumentative qualities of Mars in a birth chart. It is a matter of using mental antidotes to make your personality more harmonious. Using mental alchemy is an important tool because it can prepare one emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally for the day. With enough training, one can gain control over their emotional responses in any given situation that comes their way. A person can learn to rise above the difficult situations in life. The true intent of alchemy was to raise the persons inner vibration, refine their souls, live in a harmonious manner with nature, and merge their desires with God because Alchemists were driven by a passionate love for God. Grace helped the alchemists persevere and cultivate their interior lives and each step they took, provided them with an opportunity for enlightened insight that resulted in spiritual transformation. The goal is to learn to live according to a higher power and according to nature in a harmonious way. Alchemists used complicated scientific methods, such as astrology and a rudimentary form of chemistry, in a systematic way while they were on the journey to the Heavenly Creator. The entire time she spoke, Gordon Harper paced back and forth in front of her. The attorney was obviously frustrated and in a hostile mood. He silently wished hed never asked the last question to Evie. When Evie was finished speaking, she looked


away from the jury and looked directly at the defense attorney. His face was flushed. He took a deep breath and exhaled, then rudely turned his back on Evie and walked quickly to the defense table. He stood there for a few minutes and hastily shuffled through a stack of papers. Finally, he grabbed a copy of Evies astrological workbook from the middle of the pile. Then he turned around and walked towards Evie. Now in your workbook, Easing Into Horoscope Reading, you did astrological charts on famous people, right? Evie wondered where in the world he was going with his questions because so far, they had nothing to do with the trial. She took a deep breath. Yes, she said calmly. Mr. Harper opened the workbook and for a few seconds, he flipped through the pages, then he stopped. Muhammad Ali, for instance; is that correct? Evie was puzzled. She hesitated. Yes, she answered. Briefly, what can you tell us about Muhammad Ali from his birth chart? Evie was confused. Are you asking me in regards to his personality? Yes, does the chart tell you anything about Muhammad Ali? Oh, yes, certainly, she said. Gordon Harper opened Evies workbook to the page that had Muhammad Alis chart on it. Then he handed it to her. Okay. Lets talk about what it tells you, he said smugly. Evie briefly glanced to Patrick O Shay. He gave her a reassuring nod. Evie quickly looked at the chart. Then she turned towards the jury and held the book open so they could see the chart. Muhammad Ali is a great athlete, Mars is close to his midheaven, which is at 10 degrees of Taurus, and Mars is at 3 degrees of Taurus, indicating


that as a profession he may do something and possibly become famous for his athletic abilities. The sun is in the sign of Capricorn. This indicates that he is practical and down to earth very conscientious. The moon, Mercury, and Venus are in the sign of Aquarius. This tells me that he is freedom loving and is a humanitarian. He is likely to donate some of money to charities. At times, he is a rebel and he may seek out the unusual. There are so many things I could tell you about his chart. He has Leo rising and this indicates the he is a proud man. His chart indicates a very strong, bold-like stature which he does have. Of course, this is a person we all know from his history, she said. Gordon Harpers lower eyelids were tense and straight. His face reddened. Without regard to newspaper information that you might get, just with regard to that chart, not , he said in a temperamental and blustering tone. Patrick O Shay practically jumped out of his seat. His face was flushed. Objection! he said forcefully. Gordon Harper raised his arm and squared his body so it was facing Judge Samuel Archer. No, I dont think so, she qualified it in the end, he said. Judge Archer turned and looked directly down at Evie. Were you your comments just moments ago about Mr. Ali, were they based on information thats outside the charts? I mean from media publications? he asked diplomatically. Evie looked directly at Judge Archer. Certainly yes if somebody gave me a chart with no title or name, your Honor, I wouldnt know if its a dog, the start of a business, the birth of a child, a plane crash, or anything. I its difficult to translate to people who are not astrologers or students of astrology. It would be like I mean, I could


give you a hundred and one explanations of a chart if I didnt who or what it represents. I need to know who and what this chart symbolizes to give a proper interpretation, she said with sincerity. Judge Archer seemed to understand Evies explanation. He nodded to the defense and he said, All right. Go ahead. Gordon Harper looked satisfied with the ruling. If Muhammad Ali were to come to you and ask you if he should go to North Africa this summer and you had his chart, would you utilize that chart in advising Muhammad Ali as to whether or not he should go to North Africa this summer? he asked. Yes. I would use his birth chart, his progressed chart, and the chart for the day that he wanted to take his trip. I would use all three charts in one and from that I would explain to him what the planetary configurations and aspects mean in those charts, she answered. Mr. Harpers eyes darkened. Explain to me how that is not predicting the future, he said cleverly. What I do is similar to giving a weather report. I can tell if its going to be stormy or sunny, and I might advise them, if they want to go on the trip, what the conditions of the trip may be., I would never advise a person to not take a trip or make a business appointments or appear in court or any situation under any planetary condition. On the other hand, I might tell them that if they do go, that they need to take certain actions or precautions based on astrological principals. Now, mind you most people that would come to me, already have a belief in astrology to some extent and they also believe


in working with the divine principals of God and nature so that things will be more harmonious, Evie said. Youre giving me a weather report. Is this a metaphor? he said impetuously. Yes, I was giving you a metaphor. Its similar to that, in that if I advise a client, I tell them the positions of the planets in comparison to their own chart. I give them all of the planetary aspects, and it is up to them to choose how they want to direct their life. And the reason why is because we are believers that we are working in nature, and we look for the harmonious conditions with what God has symbolized for us to see in those charts. For example in the spring, we know from experience and living in nature that it is the time to start planting our crops. We know that fall is the time for harvesting those crops. But we also know that for the most part, winter would not be a good time to plant a garden because the conditions of nature would not allow a garden to develop and grow. We believe that a higher power or rather I believe Im not going to speak for every astrologer. I believe that everything that some higher power created order that the universe was created intelligently and by design. Everything and its documented in the Bible that the stars and the moon, that there are certain seasons to do certain things. For myself and for many astrologers, the positions of the planets are somewhat like messages from our heavenly creator. From astrology, we know whether or not its a time for us to do certain things because we are trying to live in a harmonious way with nature. If it is not a harmonious time with nature itself, then we should step back and re-evaluate our choices. For myself, astrology is a spiritual science.


This spiritual science that you have just described for us is the art that you have utilized in examining these documents for the District Attorney, correct? Yes, she said. Gordon Harper lifted his hand way up in the air. He was frustrated. He turned his body away from Evie and looked down at his watch. After a momentary pause, he said, Your Honor, in view of the hour I would like to take our lunch recess at this time. Judge Samuel Archer nodded his head in agreement.

Chapter 17 THE TEN OF SWORDS After lunch May 5, 1999


After the lunch break, Judge Samuel Archer formally greeted the Court. Immediately after, the defense attorney jumped up and rapidly began asking Evie questions. Do Tarot cards have anything at all to do with astrology? he asked briskly. Evie ignored his behavior. Yes. Each Tarot card is symbolic of either a planet and or a sign of the zodiac. Did you rely upon the Tarot cards in this case in order to come to some sort of the opinions which you have reached in this case? he asked. Evie had a sudden flash of intuition. Yes. On the defendants horoscope page, he had two Tarot cards listed next to the years 1997 and 1998. One was called the Typhon, which is synonymous with the Devil card. The other card was the Blasted Tower. Now, I knew from my training that the Blasted Tower is typically called, the Tower. Gordon Harper waved one of the defendants documents in his hand. He was furious. He took several fast steps towards her. I would like you to tell me what the meaning of the Tarot cards are that are listed on the defendants horoscope page. The first card is the Blasted Tower and the second one is Typhon. Evie could feel her body quiver and shake. She regained self-control. I looked at several books on astrology and the Tarot. I found references that the Blasted Tower symbolizes a tower or a castle being struck with lightning bolts. The flaming bolts hit the top of the castle with such force that the top of the castle starts to crumble. The castle burns in a fiery rage. Two people fall headfirst out of one of the upper windows to their deaths or down into an abyss of total darkness and despair. A crown of nobility is also sinking into the bottomless pit. The crown symbolizes money, wealth, material items.


Mars symbolizes the Blasted Tower. The power of Mars, ammunition, and a wicked brute force completely destroys the castle and kills everyone inside.120 Typhon is another name for the Devil card.121 However, Typhon is not just a run of the mill kind of devil or in any way like the Devil in Christianity. Typhon is a devil par excellence because he is also a Black Magician. Typhon is truly an evil genius this wicked diabolical creature stands triumphant on top of the ruins of the fallen temple. Typhon holds a torch of destruction in his left hand. He is exuberant that his torch of destruction has completely destroyed all traces of a temple. This monster has extremely selfish ambitions and he uses severe cruelty. Typhon is simply not of this world. He is from a realm of darkness that is completely unfathomable to nearly any one of us in this room.122 There was a dead pale of silence in the courtroom. A deep scarlet flush came over Gordon Harpers cheeks. His knuckles were white because his fists were clenched, tight. His distress caused him to gasp for words. He spun around and put the document down on the defense table. He fumbled and he scrambled to find his copy of the Muslim Bombing Document. So, Ms. Taylor is it your opinion that the defendant wrote the Muslim bombing document before or after the bombings? he asked. Yes. What you said is consistent with that fact, correct?


Yes. And when you use the word consistent, what you mean is that you cannot exclude the possibility that is was written before, correct? Evie was puzzled by the attorneys question. Excluded that it was written before? she asked. Gordon Harper started talking in a faster pace. Right. You cant exclude that, can you? Thats what you meant by consistent? Evie kept her rhythm steady and regular. I cant see where it could have been written after the bombs. And the reason you say that is that there are continual references to things that will occur in the future, correct? Correct, as well as the planetary positions the position that the planets were in at the time combined with the way the defendant used the English language. They appear to be written; some of it appears to be written in the future tense; is that correct? Is that what you meant before, astrologically and in English? Yes. Now, the information that is contained in these documents was available after the bombings, correct? As far as I know, yes. Gordon Harper tried to lay a trap for Evie. So theres nothing in the document that makes it absolutely mandatory that the document was written before the bomb; is that correct? he asked with hostility.


Mandatory? she asked. Yes, mandatory, he asked in an exasperated tone. Evie looked at him hard. No, but am I suppose to ignore the theory that the police have about the bombings? Am I to ignore that there was a bomb? she asked. Lets assume that the assumptions that were given to you by the District Attorney dont exist, okay? You dont you dont have any knowledge about the bomb at all; all right? he asked in a grousing tone. The language and the astrology combined to me, indicate that this is an example of astrology which is used to plan something for the future, she responded tenaciously. Okay. Lets assume for the moment that the defendant did not do the bombing, okay? And assume for the moment that he knew he was a suspect in the bombing, correct? Understand that? he asked as if talking to a child. Right, she said slowly. Gordon started pacing back and forth. He was getting impatient. Assumption assume also that he wanted to create a document which would demonstrate how he, as a suspect, could have done these bombings, would he have created that document? he asked in a raised voice. Evie started shaking her head side to side. She looked up at Judge Samuel Archer and she said, I dont understand that at all. I just dont. Judge Archer was looking down directly at Evie. Before the Judge could speak or respond, Mr. Harper burst out-loud and he said, Well, is it possible is it possible for


him? You dont have to look at the judge! Judge Archer instantly jumped in. Wait a minute, wait a minute. I didnt think she was finished with her answer, so I indicated to her, he said in a powerful voice. He looked down at Evie. Were you finished with your answer? he asked. Evie didnt break eye contact with Judge Archer. I just dont understand what hes asking. I dont understand if we are talking make believe, Im not sure, she said straightforwardly. Mr. Harper began again. Is it possible if the defendant wanted to create a document which would explain how he, as a suspect, could have planned these bombs, could he have done it, written it after the bombs were done? he asked in a condescending tone. I suppose, she said conceding slightly. Strange as it seems? Absolutely strange as it may seem! she said with satire in her voice. Gordon Harper moved uneasily from side to side. Okay So there is absolutely nothing to preclude the defendant from retro-engineering astrologically his involvement in the bombings? he asked. Evie refused to submit. I dont understand why someone would retroactively explain and pretend that they did the bombings, and spend hours and hours of calculations, and then not even put it down on paper exactly as it happened. But I suppose, you know, anything on this Earth, I guess it could be possible, but I just dont understand why anybody would do that.


You dont understand the motivation behind doing something such as that; is that what youre saying? he asked critically. Yes. Okay. Exclusive of whatever weird motivation behind doing something such as that; its possible to do it, correct? I suppose it would be possible, she said. In fact, astrologers oftentimes, in astrological terms, explain criminal events, correct? he asked stubbornly. Yes. Gordon Harper pointed his finger and shook his left hand at Evie. In fact you investigated the death of Princess Diana. You attempted to analyze the positions of the planets in an astrological fashion maybe in order to explain some of the phenomena that occurred; is that correct? Correct. So what you did, you put yourself in the position of the event, at the time, it was occurring in order to explain the astrological phenomena that were occurring at the time of the death, correct? he asked methodically. Absolutely. But you were putting yourself youre changing yourself in time into the present time at the time of the death, correct? Right.


Gordon Harper was ardently committed to win this fight. Therefore, he didnt consider how Evie would respond to his next question. And so what an astrologer may do, when an astrologer examines an event, that astrologer actually moves himself in time, in a time other than after the event, in order to examine what is occurring at the time of the event, correct? he asked rashly. Mr. Harpers question provided Evie an opportunity to answer the question without an interruption. Right. We read news reports about the event. We try to be precise as much as humanly possible. We try to find the exact time and place where the event took place. We try to get as many facts as many details as we can we try to be as precise as possible. In the Muslim Bombing Document the one were talking about here that was one of the things that puzzled me most. It led me to believe that the document had been written prior to the bombings because the events were not reported accurately in the document. Well, you dont know what event occurred in this bombing at all, do you? he asked in a hostile tone. I know what the police and the District Attorney have told me. Okay. Where were you March 29th, 1998? I was probably at home. It was a Sunday night. Im usually at home on Sunday night. Gordon Harper paused to collect his thoughts. Lets assume something further. Let us assume that youre going to analyze the events of a crime that happened in the past, and let us assume that you know who the victims were. Let us assume further that


you know the birthday, and because of that, you are able to create an astrological chart for those victims. Let us assume further that you know who a suspect is in the case, and you know that persons birth date, and you are able to create an astrological chart. Could you recreate an astrological examination of that persons participation in the crime? Yes. Okay. So it is possible to do that? Yes. And you actually have done that with respect to a young lady who was kidnapped, correct? he asked callously. Yes Kristen Smart. Okay. Now, you have analyzed a lot of astrological documentation in this case, correct? Yes, I have. And it appears would it be a fair statement it appears that the person who wrote all of this astrological data was the same person, appeared to be the same person? Yes. And that person has some expertise in the area? he asked quickly. Evie thought quietly for a few seconds. Yes, she said. And maybe would be considered an expert? Again, Evie hesitated for a moment. I would consider the person that wrote these documents to be at the very least, an intermediate astrologer, she said. And maybe an expert, if there is such a thing? he blurted out in a raised voice.


Evies heart was throbbing in her chest. She turned and looked at the jury. Several of the jurors had signs of empathy in their eyes. Im not sure if I would consider a person who focuses on darkness an expert astrologer. Theres more to being an astrologer than being able to set up a chart and perform mathematical calculations. An astrologer is supposed to be someone who is loving and compassionate, someone who encourages people, someone who tells the client what they can do, not what they cant do; someone who helps them to make decisions for vocational choices, and to help them develop creative abilities. So no I do not think the person who wrote these documents is an expert astrologer! she said firmly. Her dark bluish green eyes looks like they could shoot sparks at the attorney. Mr. Gordon Harper rolled his eyes and waived his right arm. Well, the reason I guess, if I could summarize your opinion, the person that did the documents was not an expert because of the philosophy that appears to exist in the documents, that it is a dark philosophy? he asked sarcastically. Tears welled up in Evies eyes. She looked down and nodded her head. It is a very, very dark philosophy, she said. That is the reason that you believe this person may lack some astrological expertise? he asked forcefully. Evie reached for a tissue and dabbed her eyes. She took a slow breath to calm herself. I think an astrologer should not only be a proficient mathematician - they should also be working on developing their own spirituality, she answered carefully. It appeared as if a dark cloud hovered over Gordon Harper. But from a technical


standpoint, this person knew what he was talking about, right? he asked in a booming voice. Yes. Okay. And there was a lot of math involved in the calculations? Yes. Gordon Harpers eyes narrowed and he starred at Evie. And the math appeared to be correct? he asked intensely. Yes, for the most part. And whatever, expertise in math was evidenced in these documents; is that correct? Yes, she said. Okay. Now you analyzed some other documents with regard to the defendant; is that correct? Ive analyzed hundreds and hundreds of pages for the District Attorney, she said. And did you conclude at some time that the defendant was born again? he asked recklessly. Evie felt as if a bolt of lightening struck her with enlightenment. She must use mental alchemy, the vibration of the Blasted Tower, the Ten of Swords, and the Gatekeepers own words to blast him to his own vestibule of hell. She realized that she had to use the Ten of Swords. The only way to disarm a dark entity like the Gatekeeper was with the swords all ten of them. She would need to go slow, be decisive, and use


deliberate blows. The defendant wrote a document that said he was born again on April 7, 1997. It states in the document that he was born into the Aryan Nationality. I have never heard of anyone saying they were born again then took on a new astrological birth chart, she answered boldly with her eyes flashing. And is there a possibility that the defendant was born again into a Christian life? I dont think that any rational person would associate that with Christianity. On the document where he states he was born again into the Aryan Nationality to me, the Aryan Nationality is equivalent with terrorists white supremacists Skinheads, that sort of thing, she said powerfully. So she said. Evie couldnt finish responding to Gordon Harpers question because he interrupted her. He said, Could it have Suddenly Patrick O Shay passionately leaped up. He was ready to fight. Objection! He didnt let her finish her answer. Judge Archer indicated that Evie should complete her statement. The testimony whipped through the courtroom. I would not consider a person who says they are born again into the Aryan Nationality, to be on the same level at all or in any way associated with Christianity! she said power and authority. Gordon Harper stepped quickly towards Evie with furious anger. You interpret that aside from Christianity? he asked in a loud angry voice. Evie was determined and unshakable despite Gordon Harpers hostility. I do, she said unyieldingly.


Gordon Harper glared at her. He paced back and forth, silently. Okay. Now, you indicated that the defendant speaks of the Evil Star Baten Kaitos oftentimes. What do you think that means? he asked. The jury sat frozen. I saw that his definition of the star was the shipwrecked. He was correct. The defendant said to the police, in the depositions that the star symbolizes a sea monster. I did the research and found that Baten Kaitos is a sea monster from the constellation Cetus. Baten Kaitos is just one star in that constellation. It is symbolic of bombs, assassinations, fires, violence it symbolizes a lot of things but the important point is that and it fits with the bombing analysis. What are the other things besides bombs? he asked. I would have to look in one of my books, if I could look? she asked. Gordon Harper nodded and he said, Sure. Evie looked up at Judge Archer and she said, I think the books are in chambers. They were taken into evidence. Detective Jason Ares jumped up and he walked quickly into the Judges chambers so he could get Evies binders. He walked back into the courtroom with the thick binders full of her research and he handed them to her. Then he turned and walked back to his seat behind the prosecution table. Evie turned to the section she had labeled Baten Kaitos then she looked up at Gordon Harper and she asked, Okay. Do you want me to read everything thats on this page?


Mr. Harper didnt give her question one minutes thought. Well, if it refreshes your recollection, yes, he said scornfully. Evie turned her seat and faced the jury. She held the large three-ring binder with all of her research on Baten Kaitos in both hands. The Evil Star Baten Kaitos is one of the central stars in the constellation Cetus. The mythology behind the star is the personification of everything bad, such as hatred, envy, egotism. Cetus is always pictured as something ugly. It is an evil lumbering monster that lives deep in the dark waters of the ocean. In myths, Cetus has been pictured as a gigantic sea serpent, a great whale, a dragon, and a large beast called Leviathan. Cetus represents fate. This mythical fish is the Sea Monster of Discord and it is dangerous on account of his hypercritical and deceptive behavior. It brings alternating losses and gains. It is important to remember that the defendant wrote about the Evil Star Baten Kaitos being at twenty-one degrees of Aries and in conjunction with Saturn, Mercury, and Mars on March 29, 1998 the night of the bombings. Obviously, Baten Kaitos was important to the defendant. Now, according to my research, the repressed energy of Baten Kaitos causes unexpected catastrophes, massacres, assassinations, attacks, fires, nuclear testing, explosions violent explosions, and bombings. Gordon Harper was infuriated and shocked. He tried to gain control over the explosive situation. Baten Kaitos is in the defendants astrological writings and references a negative symbol; is that correct? he asked. Evie sat upright. Yes, he is the one who called the star the Evil Star Baten Kaitos. I dont particularly call any star or any planet evil, she said bluntly.


Now, is it possible, from an astrological stand point, that the writer of this document considered himself to be a target as well? Evie locked her eyes onto Gordon Harpers eyes. What bothered me was on one document, the defendant wrote, Meenaa would be bludgeoned into oblivion by the Evil Star Baten Kaitos. He also said, Meenaa will knowingly make a Faustian Bargain, a pact with the Devil. And that bothered me, because prior to that document, the defendant calls himself her Gatekeeper. So Mr. Harper, I dont think that he was thinking about himself. On another document, the defendant wrote, Meenaas Prognosis Meenaa will see the Evil Star Baten Kaitos the weekend of March 29, 1998.A number of these documents have been so disturbing to me, and they have affected me in a variety of negative ways. Mr. Harper appeared to completely loose control. He pointed and shook his finger vehemently. So you are emotionally involved in this case? he asked. Tears started to well-up in Evies eyes. Evie couldnt see all of the jurors, but many of them also had tears in their own eyes. She took a sip of water. I am absolutely burned out at this point, I am emotionally exhausted. I am very tired. Mr. Harper mumbled something inaudible to himself. Arent we all, he said. Gordon Harper paused for a moment, looked down at the floor, then he took a few steps towards Evie. The emotional involvement that you feel with regard to this case, is because of the description that youve given the jury and more; is that correct?


Evie was extremely afraid. She researched and interpreted every one of the Gatekeepers documents that the police had confiscated. She also knew that the jury would never know about most them. There was a dark cloud of negativity in the air. Evie knew that the Gatekeeper was using very low-level black magic in the courtroom. Theres a lot more, she said somberly. The negative comments that were made by the writer about Meenaa, do you know when they were made? he asked. I dont know when some of the writings were made. Some of them had dates and some of them didnt. However, I could see from the documents that there was a great a great level of obsession towards Meenaa. His sexual obsession towards her became very dark and showed allot of animosity after she informed the defendant that she was going back to her husband, she said. Evie looked directly at the jury during her testimony. She was on autopilot. On one particular document, the Gatekeeper said that Meenaa was a whore for money. He called her a double black hissing cat and a lying bitch. This document was written on the eclipse of October of 1996. This is the date was also on the Muslim Bombing Document. The dates matched. So, it was very disturbing. Those comments with respect to Meenaa was at or about the time of the lawsuit; is that correct? The document said, I decided to sue Meenaa on the eclipse of October of 1996. That same eclipse was also mentioned in the Muslim Bombing Document, Evie said. In your binders, you have a page marked from a textbook, and you say it is the crucifixion of Christ, and you have an eclipse sign. Does that also mean reborn? he


asked. Christ was crucified and when Christians celebrate Easter, the Sun is always in the sign of Aries. The thing that struck me about the first bombing chart the Muslim Bombing Chart is that all of the angles were in a cardinal cross. In astrology, a cardinal cross is the cross of crucifixion. I think is very disturbing because it goes along with the fact that the Muslim holiday is called the Festival of Sacrifice. The pilgrims go to the city of Mina and they throw pebbles at the Pillar of Satan on their way to Mecca. So, I believe the Gatekeeper thought this was a sacrificial act. Christ was sacrificed on the cross and Meenaa and her family would be sacrificed by a bomb. When the defendant said he was born again into Aries, Aryan he meant reborn as a Christian; didnt he? It has to do with Jesus Christ! Did it not? he screamed. No! I dont think this had anything to do with Jesus Christ or being a Christian. Being born again into the Aryan Nationality has nothing at all to do with Christianity! she said. Jasons dark brown eyes penetrated Evie while she spoke. His body shook. He was leaning slightly over in his seat. His elbows were on his knees and his fists were clinched together tightly. He rocked back and forth and was thinking, Evie, go, go, go, go! Aaron Lochs jaw dropped and both his mouth and his eyes were wide open. He was transfixed. Patrick O Shay did not flinch an inch! He thought to himself, I better not move or it might break her rhythm. Evie hardly stopped to take a breath. Here eyes turned to a brilliant green color. Being born again as an Aryan in my opinion this is to become a Skinhead, a white


supremacist, a terrorist. The defendant said it! He said in his own words in the Muslim Bombing Document, that this is Terrorism in the Name of Justice! Defense Attorney Gordon Harper was stunned. I have no more questions of this witness! he said quickly. Judge Samuel Archer took a deep breath then looked down at Evie. Thank you Ms. Taylor. Youre excused, he said compassionately. E. J. Taylors testimony concluded at 2:47 p.m. on May 9, 2001. Evie used all of Ten of the Swords, strategically. She alchemized the Ten of Swords into the Sword of Truth and she brought the truth forward during the cross-examination. Question by question, one sword at a time, she the heart-of-the-matter out into the open. The evidence that she was able to reveal caused an explosion in the courtroom. Like the lightening bolts on the Blasted Tower, the entire courtroom was suddenly thunderstruck by her testimony with shattering results for the defense team. Evie stood upright then stepped down off of the witness stand. She looked at the twelve jurors. All of the jurors looked intently at her. They looked stunned. Some of the women jurors had tears in their eyes. A couple of the men had their mouths wide open. She nodded respectfully at the twelve jurors and walked past them, out of the courtroom, and into the adjacent witness room. Detective Jason Ares stood up and followed her. Jason was overwhelmed with emotion. He grabbed Evie, put his arms around her, and for the first time since she was in his home, he slowly kissed her on the lips and then she quickly pulled away. Jason tried to hold Evies hand after the kiss but she pulled it away too. He looked down then he looked at her. He took a deep breath then he said,


Evie, you are an extraordinary woman. I knew you could do it. Before Evie could respond to Jasons comment Patrick O Shay and Aaron Loch burst through the door. You literally blasted and knocked their teeth out! It was surreal! Pat said excitedly. Aaron Loch said, I cant believe it! I was supposed to follow your testimony but after that performance, I think I can go back to Phoenix. Howd you do it girl? It certainly didnt feel like my own power. I think it was divine intervention from the Brotherhood of Light, she said quietly.


Chapter 18 THE CULMINATION 3:49 p.m. May 5, 1999 Evie said goodbye to Pat, Jason, and Aaron Loch then she walked alone to the parking lot. She tossed her overnight bag in the back of her car and climbed into the drivers seat. For a few minutes, she sat silent with both hands on the steering wheel so she could gather her thoughts and prepare for the journey home. Divine protection guided Evie during her testimony. She prayed for protection, an enlightened mind, and control over her emotions so she could speak the truth with calmness, bravery, and courage. Her wise counsel answered her prayers. Now, she needed that same protection to be able to drive down the freeway and back home. She started her car and slowly pulled out of the lot. While she drove she thought about the Gatekeeper. She wondered what would or could cause a human being to loose their way and become so damned diabolical. In every instance, the Gatekeeper chose to use the darkest interpretations of astrology, the Tarot, Kabbalah, shamanism, Celtic, Golden Dawn, and Rosicrucian philosophies. The Gatekeeper was eclectic in his magical studies. He truly thought he had reached the master level of magic and alchemy even though he had never earnestly concentrated or seriously developed an expertise in one area. He singled out only the dark side of the various alchemical and magical philosophies so he would be successful at his criminal


activities. Evie felt this was the reason he was only able to reach the beginning or become an adept low-level black magician. It was nearly dark by the time Evie arrived at her house. Milo brushed against her leg and greeted her with his familiar purr and meow. She picked him up and nuzzled his fur with her nose. The cat comforted her some but not enough. Evie was absolutely exhausted, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She expended so much energy during her testimony that she felt as if her candles flame was about to burn out. That night both Jason and Pat called her several times to check up on her. The trial had taken a toll on Evie. For several days, she had trouble resting. She thought she would relax after she was finished testifying, but she couldnt because her mind obsessed on what she said during the testimony. She cried off and on. She felt like she was about to break down mentally and emotionally. She was deeply afraid. When she was able to drift momentarily into an uneasy sleep, she dreamed about the trial. She had lost her appetite for food and for companionship. She wondered how much more of it she could take. She was so tired and on the verge of a complete mental and emotional collapse. At one point, during a break in her testimony, she received word that a dear friend had passed away from a massive heart attack. Even this devastating news could not distract her. She had to put her own emotions on the back burner. She had to stay focused until her testimony was over. Now that is was, she needed time to grieve. She needed time to heal herself. **** May 6, 1999


Evie stayed in bed all the next day. She was in real physical pain. The only person Evie wanted to talk to was her spiritual advisor. Evie had met her spiritual advisor while she was attending Yale University. He was ordained as a Gnostic Priest and he followed an apostolic esoteric tradition that was akin to the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox Churches. Unfortunately, her spiritual advisor lived nearly two thousand miles away but she was grateful he called to check on her wellbeing. After they talked for awhile about the trial, he suggested that they should offer a special healing ritual for everyone involved in the trial. Evie, for the ritual to be successful, we need to include everyone, he said firmly. Are you saying we need to pray for Gordon Harper, the defense attorney and even the Gatekeeper? she asked in a worried voice. She squirmed a little and readjusted the pillows that were propped behind her on the bed. Yes. Now, Evie listen. Close your eyes and take calming breaths, he said in a deep soothing voice. Evie quieted herself. She got comfortable, closed her eyes, and began to slowly breathed in and out. May these whose names we hold in our minds come to the realization that thou art the Real Self, revealing the Truth and setting them free from all negativity. May they, as of this hour, resign themselves utterly to the unfailing support of thee as their One Reality. Instructed by thy Inner Voice, may they turn away from the limitations of the outer senses, that they may be transformed into the New Image, through the unfailing strength of thy Perfect Law. May they realize the everlasting and overshadowing


protection of thee, O Lord my God, thou who art the Almighty One. In the Name of God and the Christ Within, we invoke ye, Archangels of the Universe! Spread your Wings of Healing oer us, as we invoke your Holy Light, and intone your sacred Names... Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, Uriel! Hail angels of the Healing Art! Come to our aid. Pour forth your Healing Life into those seeking wholeness. Let every cell be charged anew with vital force. To every nerve give peace. Let tortured sense be soothed. May the rising tide of Life set every limb aglow, as by your Healing Power both body and soul are restored. Leave with each an Angel Watcher, to comfort and protect, till health returns, to ward away all ill and hasten the returning strength. May Mighty Michael help them to accept the Sword of Truth; May the Healing Power of Holy Raphael heal their old emotional wounds. May they find the strength to fulfill their lifes mission with the help of Holy Gabriel; and be guided by Holy Uriel to the full appreciation of the love and beauty of Creation. Hail, Angels of the Healing Art! Come to our aid and share with us the labors of this earth that God may be set free in us and in all people. I think like a God, I speak like a God, I act like a God: For I am thy offspring, O thou who art the Living God. This my body is an expression and manifestation of thy Divine Idea. Every nerve, every muscle, every cell, is now vibrant with Light, Life, and Energy; in perfect rhythm, in perfect harmony, and in perfect co-ordination with thee, O Lord, my God, thou who art the Whole. I am in thee, and thou art in me; thou Almighty One, Inmost, and most High, he said powerfully. Evie was thankful for the guidance and the ritual. That night, she slept well. When she woke up, she actually felt like getting up and moving. She slowly maneuvered herself


to the kitchen and made a fresh pot of Trader Joes French Roast. She enjoyed the strong, rich flavor mixed with soy milk. She lit a vanilla candle and turned her stereo on to the light classical station because her spiritual advisor advised that while she was waiting for the trial to culminate and for her own protection that she should keep music, incense, and candles burning. She used white sage to clear her home from all negative vibrations. **** May 6, 1999 Aaron Lochs testimony was well underway. Since he was the explosives expert, Pat thought he should be the last witness called on behalf of the prosecution. Evie remembered Pat saying, I want to end on a bang, so to speak! Aaron Loch told the jury that several days after the Falls City bombings, on April 3rd, 1998, he arrived from Atlanta, Georgia to the local scene so he could examine the post-blast. His job was to determine what might have occurred as well as construct accurate mock-up models based on the physical evidence. Aaron meticulously described the types of components the Gatekeeper used to construct the bombs. He explained how the Gatekeeper used combustible liquid contained in a Coleman fuel can, parts from the Casio watch for the timing device, copper pipes, the circuit board, and how the electrical current was configured with an attached standard automobile spark plug. He explained how the netting held the huge devices in place under the floor joists of the home. All of the jury members were captivated as Aaron explained that by using the Casio watch the timing could be set for any particular time period in the future. The


bomb was set for months in advance and was only the second of its type that Aaron had ever heard of. He told the jury that there had been an attack several years prior against Margaret Thatcher, the British Prime Minister, at a hotel she was visiting. The perpetrators had gone in, tore a wall down, planted the device inside the wall, and then months later the device functioned. However similar, in this particular case, the signal from the alarm, on the Casio watch, acted as a signal with low voltage, then gave a boost and dumped power into the spark plug. The low voltage signal caused the spark plug to heat up and finally to activate the electronic circuit board components that were connected to the bombs. Aaron turned and looked at the jury and said, Smokeless powder that anyone could purchase at any local hardware store was contained in the large four inch diameter pipes. As each particle of the powder began to burn, heat was created, gasses continued to build up, and this caused pressure until it reached the point of explosion. The bombs were made with expensive plumbing pipe. The defendant attached a combustible Coleman fuel can just to enhance the damage! These domestic pipe bombs were the largest I have ever seen in my career. They became huge fireballs and the temperature exceeded nine thousand degrees Fahrenheit! Based on the physical damage to the structure, his observations at the crime scene, and his experience, Aaron told the jury that the hot razor sharp metal fragments that came off of these destructive devices would have torn through bodies like propelling bullets at a high velocity. If anyone had been in the dining or family room area of the


home, the thermal effect of the extremely intense fireball would have without doubt, caused death! he said forcefully. **** May 17, 1999 Finally, on May 17th, Mr. Patrick O Shay rested the prosecutions case and the jury applauded. After forty-six full days of testimony and a mountain of evidence, Mr. Gordon Harper, began presenting the jury with his defense. Anticipation grew in the courtroom. Everyone involved waited to see if the Gatekeeper would take the stand and espouse his wildly unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about fraud, corruption, and drug trafficking in Falls City. The Gatekeeper previously boasted in numerous letters to local news papers. He said, I will hammer the prosecution in real time soon! May 18, 1999 The first witness the defense called was a bomb expert who previously testified on behalf of Timothy McVey in the Oklahoma City bombings. His testimony was rather dry and did not help to convince the jury that the Gatekeeper was innocent. After the bomb expert finished speaking Gordon Harper had the Gatekeepers wife and his sister testify. Both women blew kisses to the defendant after their testimonies. After a mere eight hours to present their side of the case, the defense rested. The defense case did not include one word of the sensational testimony, as promised, by the Gatekeeper. **** May 24, 1999


Closing arguments began on May 24, 1999 at the Falls City Hall of Justice. This was the 13th week of the trial. For the most part, the prosecution had only circumstantial evidence to present to the court. However, Evies astrological testimony was crucial to the case because she was able to show that the defendant planned and followed through with his plan to commit the bombings. The Gatekeepers own astrological notations provided the direct link between him, his plan, and the bombings. During the closing arguments, Mr. Patrick O Shay, urged the jury to remember that the astrological documents were calculated precisely for the Muslim holiday of Zul Haij, the Festival of Sacrifice. He reiterated that at the sighting of the moons sliver on March 29, 1998, the family would have been home having a special meal and a large family celebration. Patrick O Shay said, The Gatekeepers astrological writings are clearly a confession to premeditated murder. You've never seen a crime that is more premeditated and calculated. Chances are as great of a meteor hitting the Earth that he did not do this crime. He made a decision to do a mass murder and his intent was not to be caught. I don't think you'll see a more dangerous individual. He goes way beyond the normal criminal mind because he was trained in both forensics and the occult. He is evil to the core. He is ruthless and relentless in the pursuit of who he determines are his rightful victims. The defendant has an evil heart and he intended to kill a number of people. Just by the grace of God, we didn't have a mass murder! Patrick O Shay stood firm on both legs. He squared his shoulders and looked straight at each of the twelve jury members. Ladies and Gentlemen I want to remind you about the conversation between the Gatekeeper and the police shortly after the bombings


when he bragged to the police and he said, I can do what Timothy McVeigh did and I can get away with it, but I'll be able to brag about it later. The Gatekeeper is a criminal mastermind like other nationally known bombers such as Timothy McVeigh, who bombed the federal building in Oklahoma City. McVeighs bomb killed 168 people! The Gatekeeper is every bit as dangerous as the Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski only the Gatekeeper is smarter than either of the two other bombers. The evidence is just overwhelming that the defendant was the bomber and he intended to kill. The terror stops here! You will never see anything like this. Ever! he said in a booming voice. May 25, 1999 The jury started deliberations the last week of May. Evie Taylor felt that the experience she had gone through would finally culminate once all of the testimony was over. However, waiting for the Aaron Loch to finish with his testimony, the defense to put their side on, the closing arguments, as well as the jury to start deliberations was difficult emotionally for her. Evie tried to get her emotions balanced and under control by practicing meditation techniques. Even so, she was having a difficult time practicing patience. She had insomnia at night. At night, she had night sweats and she had wrestling matches with her blankets. During the day, she battled against severe headache and back pain. On the second day of jury deliberations Pat called Evie three times. Around 4:30 p.m., Evies phone rang. She knew it was Pat because she recognized the number on the caller I.D. Hi Pat whats going on? Is there a verdict this soon? she asked.


Not yet but we just got word that the jury wants to review your testimony first thing in the morning he said. Oh, Christ! I cant imagine what for. What do you think the jury is thinking? I dont know Well just have to wait and see what happens. Evie please try to rest tonight. Ill call you as soon as I know anything. Okay. Have a good night yourself, she said and then hung up the phone. She sat silent. Obsessed. Worried. May 27, 1999 The next morning the jury reviewed E. J. Taylors testimony and shortly before noon on May 27, 1999, they announced they had a verdict. However, since the trial was so highly publicized Judge Samuel Archer decided not to announce the verdict until the following morning. He felt that both sides needed time to assemble people who were involved in the trial. Mainly, he wanted to give the city officials time to get to the courthouse and he knew there would be a barrage of news reporters who would report the verdict. It was torture waiting to hear the verdict. May 28, 1999 At 9:00 a.m. the courtroom was packed full of people and everyone was present in their seats. Judge Samuel Archer entered and instructed the jury foreperson to read the verdict. Guilty! said the jury foreperson loudly. A feeling of triumph and relief swept over the courtroom.


The Gatekeeper showed no emotion even though he was convicted of eleven felony counts that included two counts of attempted murder. The prosecution had proved that the Gatekeeper had used Electional Astrology as a means to commit the crimes. Patrick O Shay was interviewed by the news media after the verdict. He said, The jurors felt the astrology documents and Ms. E. J. Taylors testimony were the critical evidence that helped them to convict. A local newspaper also interviewed several of the jurors. One juror said, The Gatekeepers handwritten notes on how to stage a crime, when the best time was to set off explosives, according to the planets alignment using astrological charts, and bombmaking books were the key. The Gatekeepers writings convicted him. We could all see it was a plan for the future. Another juror said, We realized this man was a very dangerous person. He spent all of his time using astrology and other tactics to intimidate and scare people. The astrological charts as well as the defendants notes to himself about when a Muslim holiday would end so as to harm the most people at a family gathering seemed as indicative of guilt as a direct confession. Patrick O Shay said, This has been an emotionally draining experience for myself, as well as the ATF, FBI, detectives, and the astrologer who pieced together the evidence for the last 2 1/2 years. I knew that if I didn't keep going forward and pursuing this, the defendant could very well have killed on a mass basis and it would be on our conscience. There will never be a case again like this. I have never known of a criminal who planned out his crime so deviously and in such a meticulous manner.


Jason and Pat both called Evie immediately after the verdict was read. Pat said, Eviewe will be friends for life after this experience. We were limited by the cities budget for this case and they could never have afforded to pay you what you have been worth to this case. You could have been out there earning money and being paid for your specialty, but you chose to work for us for free. You are amazing! Jason said, Evie finding you was Divine Intervention and a miracle! **** From June through August, everyone waited and prayed for a stiff sentence. Evie needed distractions to keep her mind off of the sentencing so she kept herself busy by painting the exterior of her house during the cool summer mornings. In the afternoon, she stayed in the air-conditioned house reading and working on her fall syllabi for the three classes she would soon be teaching at the university. She had had limited contact with both Patrick O Shay and Jason Ares over the summer. However, she was aware of the date of sentencing and knew that all of the people involved, including herself, continued to worry that the Gatekeepers motion for a new trial would be successful. By the end of August, Evie Taylor was back in her normal fall routine at the university. September 6, 1999 Finally, on September 6, 1999, the Gatekeeper was denied his motion for a new trial. During the sentencing, the Gatekeeper stood up. He had venom in his eyes and both of his fists were clenched tightly together at his sides. No guilt! No remorse! he screamed with rage in his voice. Judge Samuel Archer sentenced the Gatekeeper to thirtyseven years in the California State Prison. The Judge told the fifty-eight year old


Gatekeeper he would not be eligible for parole until hed served at least thirty-two and one-half years. After the formal sentencing was over, both Pat and Jason called Evie and left messages on her phone. Evie didnt return either of their calls because in many ways, the trial was a journey into darkness and into the depths of evil. For Evie, it was somewhat like being caught in the throat of Satan. She wanted to forget and move on with her life. Besides, she was busy with the beginning of the fall semester and she couldnt afford to be reminded of the trial or of Jason. Somehow, she was still wounded by the entire experience. Except for a personal note from Jason letting Evie know that he had received a promotion in the department, hed never sent her a personal note other than an occasional joke so Evie didnt respond other then to send him a one time congratulatory note. **** December 15, 1999 By December 15, 1999, Christmas was quickly approaching and Evies class on the infamous Doctor Faust was drawing to a close. Life was seemingly getting back to normal for her. The fall semester had been a challenge. Although, the class had some of the brightest students she had ever had. It was shortly after 7:00 p.m. and it was cold and foggy outside. Evie was sitting at her desk in her office at the university preparing the notes for her final lecture for the Faust class. She had one small desk lamp on and the sound of Christmas carols were


softly playing in the background. Her last lecture of the semester would be on God, Mephistopheles, Faust, and the human condition. She wrote, God asks why Mephistopheles is pessimistic about the human condition and if there nothing at all worthwhile or redeemable in humanity. Mephistopheles replies that he has feelings for the miserable condition of mankind which makes him almost want to torment them less.123 God goes on to explain that Faust does serve him, but that he is simply in a confused state. God likens Faust to a gardener who knows when a tree is in bloom and when it is time to harvest the fruit.124 The God in Faust is omnipresent, omniscient, all-inclusive, beyond sense-apprehension, infinite, selfsufficient, formless and yet, can take on form. He is depicted as a transcendental creator without dimension who is the essence of all things and who eternally unleashes a dynamic and creative energy into the cosmos from the spiritual realm. Mephistopheles asks Gods permission to gently lead Faust on the path.125 Evie paused momentarily and thought quietly to herself, How it is possible that Mephistopheles can stand before God and ask permission to test Faust? After a few minutes, she began to write again. God permits Mephistopheles to not only test Fausts virtue but also tempt him with both material and non-material things of the world because God knows that Faust will not yield to Mephistopheles. Faust will continue to strive. Striving is the golden key to Fausts salvation. God lets Fausts virtue be tested by Mephistopheles because this will spur him into activity. God guides humanity through divine wisdom and instruction. God says, Man all grows lax and mellow, / And so I like to pair him with a fellow To play the deuce, to stir, and to entice.126 God has confidence


that Faust will not stop trying. Gods nature is that he is not only an initiator and author, he is also omniscient and is the Almighty Architect. Faust and humans constantly strive and this progressive movement forward and self-creative action is part of the evolutionary and creative process. God is the prime mover and is responsible for all movement. And, movement is symbolic of Fausts striving. Therefore, all movement, which includes a mans continued striving, is perfect and virtuous. Any human being who strives is trying to come into perfection through knowledge. Evie put her pen down, leaned back in her chair, and closed her eyes. She was just starting to clear her head when she heard footsteps in the hallway. It sounded like they were coming towards her office. She opened her eyes and looked towards the door. Whoever was walking was definitely approaching her doorway. The footsteps stopped momentarily then started again towards her open doorway. She could see a human figure in shadow-form on the polished floor. Evies heart began to thump. Her palms began to sweat some. Then, she saw that it was Jason. His face was worn. Serious. Sad. He tightly clutched a thick manila folder in his left hand. He stood completely still in the doorway. He starred at her for a moment too long then he awkwardly said, Hello Evie, its nice to see you again. What are you doing here? Evie promptly asked without taking her eyes off of him. Jason was silent for a moment. He took his eyes off of her and looked down at the floor then he slowly walked towards her desk. He gently placed the manila folder on her desk. The label on the folder read Police Evidence: Multiple Homicides Unknown


Cause of Death (Occult Symbolism) Sacramento. Finally, he looked straight into Evies deep greenish blue eyes and in a low calm serious voice, he said, I need you



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