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К собранию каждый кандидат должен выбрать лагерь, в который он хотел бы поехать. Поскольку
распределение лагерей будет производится в соответствии с порядковым номером, рекомендуется
иметь запасные варианты.
На собрание необходимо принести:
- копию загран.паспорта (страницы с фотографией)
- регистрационный взнос 100 евро (в евро)
Обращаем внимание, что стоимость 4-х недельных лагерей IJGD7242 и IJGD7302 - 210 евро
(регистрационный взнос - 150 евро).
Информация о времени и месте проведения собрания появится на нашем сайте к 17 марта.
При неявке на собрание, место отдаётся другим кандидатам. При невозможности личного
присутствия кандидата, вместо него может прийти на регистрацию его представитель.

Собрание состоится в 24 марта (суббота) в 13 часов в помещении школы N 525 по адресу ул. Бахрушина, 16
(напротив кинотеатра "Пять Звёзд").
Проезд до станции метро Павелецкая-кольцевая. Далее пройти пешком или проехать 1 остановку на трамвае N
3, N 13 или "A" до остановки "Вишняковский переулок".

Сбор у здания школы в 12.45

Вход в школу будет производится строго по списку. Опоздавшие в здание школы допущены не будут.

Jugend Gemeinschafts
Dienste (IJGD)

Summer Workcamps



Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste (IJGD)

In generell
With our 2007 workcamp program ijgd welcomes you to send volunteers to our international workcamps. We offer a
wide choice of projects in which volunteers can engage themselves in meaningful work, as well as play an active
role in the decision making of day-to-day group life.
Background and Goals
IJGD is a non-profit, non-denominational organization which has been active in international youth work since 1948.
Each year ijgd ganizes about 110 international youth workcamps. In cooperation with partner workcamp
organizations, ijgd also sends volunteers to workcamps in Europe, Africa and North and South America.
Ijgd aims to encourage young people to become aware of existing social and environmental conditions, enabling
them to be active and responsible participants in a democratic society. The experiential learning in a workcamp
leads to an examination of one's own cultural norms and values and consequently helps to break down barriers
between people because of their cultural, social and racial differences. This development of international
understanding is regarded as a contribution to the furtherance of world peace.
IJGD General Camp Conditions
• Generally each workcamp lasts about 3 weeks
• Participants are generally between 16 to 26 years
• Generally volunteers work about 5 hours/day, except Saturday and Sunday (25 to 30 hours a week)
• Most groups consist of about 15 volunteers
• Participants are expected to contribute to the daily life of the group in many ways (cooking, shopping,
organizing free-time activities; the running of the whole event)
• Accommodations are generally simple (youth hostels, schools, forest huts or sometimes tents)
• Groups are usually responsible for cooking their own meals
• Projects may include renovation, environmental work, play schemes with children, work with elderly, etc.
Minors (under 18 years) need a permission of guardians which they n e e d to bring to the camp!
Group Leaders
Group Leaders of IJGD workcamps are usually similar in age to other participants. Workcamps usually have two
leaders, trained through IJGD seminars, who work together as a leader team. Camps are run using the principle of
self-organization. This means that the leaders should not dominate, rather be participants themselves who are also
responsible for contact with the project's supporter, taking care of administrative details and ensuring self-
organization of the group.
After the Workcamps In autumn, after the workcamp season is over, ijgd organizes evaluation meetings with
former participants, with group leaders and staff on a national and international level.
German Länder:
BLN Berlin
BR Brandenburg
BW Baden-Wurttemberg
BY Bayern (Bavaria)
NW Nordrhein-Westfalen (North
Rhine Westphalia)
NS Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)
RP Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhenania-Palatinate)
S Sachsen (Saxony)
ST Sachsen-Anhalt (Saxony-Anhalt)
SH Schleswig-Holstein
SL Saarland
TH Thüringen (Thuringia)
HB Bremen
HE Hessen
HH Hamburg
MV Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
(Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania)


Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste
Kasernenstr. 48
D 53111 Bonn
Tel: 49 228 22 80 00 central number intern.workcamp.exchange@ijgd.de
Tel: 49 228 22 80 012 Erika Moritz erika.moritz@ijgd.de inbound
Tel: 49 228 22 80 011 Andreas Kunz seasonhelp@ijgd.de outbound
Tel: 49 228 22 80 013 Sebastian Berheim c.o@ijgd.de outbound
Fax: 49 228 22 80 010
We, the IJGD staff, hope that you enjoy reading our directory!
Chronological TIME SCHEDULE ijgd 2007

Camp No. Name Reg. Date Work Vol. Page

IJGD 7317 Weiden BY 07/07 – 28/07 ENVI 15 8
IJGD 7103 Berlin-Reinickendorf BLN 14/07 – 05/08 ARCH 20 9
IJGD 7310 Frittlingen BW 14/07 – 04/08 ENVI 16 9
IJGD 7364 Gillenfeld RP 14/07 – 04/08 ENVI/CONS 15 9
IJGD 7308 Stuttgart FORST BW 14/07 – 04/08 ENVI 13 10
IJGD 7240 Wismar MV 14/07 – 04/08 KIDS 15 10
IJGD 7367 Bielefeld NW 21/07 – 11/08 ENVI/KIDS 15 11
IJGD 7242 Kiel SH 21/07 – 18/08 KIDS 15 11
IJGD 7363 Oppenheim RP 21/07 – 11/08 CONS/ENVI/KIDS 12 12
IJGD 7360 Wilgartswiesen RP 21/07 – 11/08 ENVI/CONS 12 13
IJGD 7236 Cluvenhagen NS 28/07 – 18/08 MENT/RENO 15 13
IJGD 7302 Freising BY 28/07 – 25/08 ENVI 12 13
IJGD 7356 Hambuch RP 28/07 – 18.08 RENO 15 14
IJGD 7307 Hemhofen BY 28/07 – 18/08 RENO 15 14
IJGD 7362 Homburg SL 28/07 – 18/08 CONS 15 15
IJGD 7413 Naumburg SH 28/07 – 18/08 ART/RENO 18 15
IJGD 7313 Nürtingen BW 28/07 – 18/08 CONS 12 15
IJGD 7113 Rangsdorf BR 28/07 – 19/08 ENVI 15 15
IJGD 7303 Rottach-Egern BY 28/07 – 18/08 ENVI 15 16
IJGD 7102 Berlin-Heiligensee BLN 04/08 – 26/08 ARCH 20 16
IJGD 7410 Dieskau ST 04/08 – 25/08 ENVI/ARCH 8 17
IJGD 7350 Gütersloh NS 04/08 – 18/08 ART/RENO 14 17
IJGD 7119 Heiligengrabe BR 04/08 – 26/08 ENVI/RENO 12 18
IJGD 7231 Hemdingen SH 04/08 – 25/08 ENVI 12 18
IJGD 7401 Mihla TH 04/08 – 25/08 ENVI 18 18
IJGD 7365 Wetzlar HE 04/08 – 25/08 ENVI 14 19
IJGD 7314 Würzburg BY 04/08 – 25/08 ENVI 15 19
IJGD 7304 Wunsiedel BY 06/08 – 27/08 ENVI 16 20
IJGD 7361 Dülmen NW 11/08 – 01/09 KIDS 12 20
IJGD 7203 Drispenstedt NS 11/08 – 01/09 CONS 12 21
IJGD 7123 Lößnitz-Affalter S 11/08 – 31/08 ENVI 10 21
IJGD 7316 Stadtwald Ingelheim RP 11/08 – 01.09 ENVI/CONS 16 21
IJGD 7305 Vaterstetten BY 11/08 – 01/09 ENVI 12 22

IJGD 7317 Weiden (BY) 07/07-28/07 ENVI 15 Vol P: The river Pfreimd
runs through the Oberpfälzer Forest Naturepark, which lies some 35 km from the city of Weiden. The upper section
of the river has already been restored and remodelled to ecological guidelines by the local water department, but
maintenance and follow-up work is required to make sure that the river and its banks remain healthy. We would
welcome your support with nature conservation work along the river Pfreimd. W: Clearing works and cleaning of the
river itself, pruning woods, creating a biotope and erecting an observation platform, etc. A: You’ll stay at a so-called
“student house”, the Praktikantenhaus, in the grounds of the state-owned Pfrentsch estate, where you’ll prepare
your own meals (paid for by IJGD) and share the housework. L: You could spend your free time cycling, rambling or
fishing, and you could make us of the facilities at the Bäckeröd leisure centre (some 4 km from Pfrentsch). Within
easy reach are the Flossenbürg Concentration Camp memorial site, a glass-blowing works in Neustadt an der
Waldnaab, the Deep Drilling Site in Windischeschenbach and of course the possibility to visit the neighbouring
Czech Republic. Bavaria; Weiden – 35 km, Regensburg and Nuremberg – approx 100 km each. T: Train station:
Weiden in der Oberpfalz; Airport: Nuremberg

IJGD 7103 Berlin-Reinickendorf I BLN 14/07 – 05/08 ARCH 20V

At Humboldstraße, the municipal cemetery in the north of Berlin, W: you will help with the restoration of the graves
of war victims. This will include the removal of old grave borders and the cleaning of gravestones. Moreover, you will
put in frames for new grave borders and sow grass. The war victims are German and non-German soldiers and
civilians and the cemetery has been set up especially for them. A: in the youth centre PallasT in Berlin-Schöneberg,
C: done by the group. T: Train station: Berlin-main station; Airport: Berlin

IJGD 7310 Frittlingen BW 14/07 – 04/08 ENVI 16V

Frittlingen, a small municipality with 2.200 inhabitants, lies in the foothills of the Swabian Alps in an area of great
beauty. W: The group will work together with the water directorate to preserve the streams and forest. You will be
able to help with such things as water purification, pruning shrubs and trees, and protecting young trees.
In your spare time you can make trips to Stuttgart, Rottweil and the Bodensee (Lake Constance) or walk in the
Swabian Alps. You will also have many great opportunities to meet the youth of the area. A: In the Frittlinger fire
station, cooking done by the group L: Baden-Wuerttemberg; 100 km south of Stuttgart, 50 km north of the
Bodensee, 15 km from Rottweil T: Train station: Rottweil; Airport: Stuttgart

IJGD 7364 Gillenfeld (RP) 14/07- 04/08 ENVI/CONS 15 Vol

P: Gillenfeld is a small town set deep within the magnificent countryside of the Vulkaneifel (“volcanic Eifel” ),
surrounded by numerous volcanic lakes, known as Maare. The Daun Forestry Commission and the local council
have organised a variety of interesting tasks for you. W: The Holzmaargruppe is a group of three volcanic lakes
within a nature conservation area and the intended location for a “fairy tale nature trail”. Your help is required with
restoring the Sammetbach stream, creating and maintaining biotopes and constructing a shelter. We’d also like you
to do clearing and maintenance work in the forests around Gillenfeld and the local woodland experience trail, and
help with renovating a playground. A: You’ll stay in a sports hall where you’ll prepare your own food (paid for by
IJGD) and share the housework. L: The cities of Trier, Koblenz and Cologne are within easy reach, and the
Vulkaneifel has beautiful cycling and rambling trails. The wonderful Pulvermaar with its open air bathing facility is
close-by. Rhineland-Palatinate; Daun – 15 km, Koblenz – 80 km, Trier – 60 km. T: Train station: Wittlich; Airport:
Frankfurt, Hahn.

IJGD Nr. 7308 Stuttgart FORST (BW) 14/07-4/08 ENVI 13Vol

P: Stuttgart is the capital of the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg and for many years has marketed itself as
“Stuttgart – city amongst forests and grapevines”. One of the most beautiful local forests is the “Rotwildpark”, the
deer park in the western part of the city and some 4 square km in size. The Rotwildpark with its profusion of ancient
oaks and beech trees of strange and impressive shapes has been a nature reserve since 1939. W: Unfortunately,
non-indigenous plants started to become a problem some years ago and this work camp’s main task is to help halt
their spread, especially that of the Indian balsam (impatiens glandulifera). As this is only possible with the help of
many willing hands, both the Stuttgart Council’s Countryside Conservation Department and the local forestry
are very much looking forward to your contribution. Besides that work you may be involved in constructing a
barbecue site and maintaining other recreational areas including other maintenance of bio topical settings. The work

will be diverse, anyway. A: You will be living in an idylically situated forestry hut, in the middle of the deer park, the
cooking and house work will be done by the group. L: Stuttgart offers a lot of opportunities for leisure activities. The
deer park is 10 km from the center of Stuttgart. T: Train station: Stuttgart; Airport: Stuttgart.

IJGD 7240 Wismar (MV) 14/07 – 04/08 KIDS 15V P: Wismar, a beautiful old
Hanseatic town on the Baltic Sea, is running a children’s play scheme this summer. W: As part of this, we would like
you to prepare and run a holiday play scheme with an international flavour in the town gardens. Your first week is
preparation time and the next two weeks will be spent putting your prepared plans into action with the children of
Wismar. You’ll love this work camp if you enjoy contact with children and creative and sports activities and thrive on
meeting lots of new people. You’ll have bicycles to get to and from work and to use in your free time. Wismar lies on
the Baltic and is surrounded by beautiful countryside. The Hanseatic Cities of Lübeck and Rostock with their
multitude of recreational and cultural facilities are within easy reach, as is Poel island. A: In the “Schwalbennest“
Youth & Leisure Centre in Wismar (www.schwalbennest-wismar.de), near the beach, which is owned by the
Wendorf district Workers‘ Welfare Association, cooking done by the group. L: Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania; 30
km north of Schwerin and about half-way between Lübeck and Rostock T: Train station: Wismar; Airport: Hamburg
Please note: Minimum age for this work camp is 18 years.

IJGD 7367 Bielefeld (NW) 21/07 – 11/08 ENVI/KIDS 15V W: Bielefeld would like your
help with the thorough renovation and reorganisation of a playground so that the children living on the estate will be
happy to use it. Your tasks will include repairing old play equipment including the sandpit, resurface areas of
extensive use and some paths, and fit new equipment to enable the children to play more safely. Some of this work
is physically demanding, but we would also like you to be creative: you’ll have the opportunity to use paint and your
imagination on this and other playgrounds. The camp will finish with a big re-opening party organised by you, which
will include parents and children from the surrounding area. Bielefeld is a university town with many cultural and
leisure facilities. Nearby Teutoburg Forest is great for hiking, and Hannover, Münster and Dortmund are within easy
reach by public transport. A: In the “Niedermühlenkamp“ Youth Centre, C: done by the group. L: North-Rhine
Westphalia; 50 km east of Münster, Hannover – 80 km T: Train station: Bielefeld; Airport: Hannover

IJGD 7242 Kiel (SH) 21/07 – 18/08 KIDS 15V

The grounds of the Falckenstein Youth Holiday Camp, which served as accommodation for young participants of the
1972 Olympics, are right on the shores of the Kiel Fjord (“Kieler Förde“). Every year, this vast area by the water’s
edge is used as a play centre for some 1500 children. W: We would like you to help us with providing day care for
the children. Each week has its own theme, for example “Living like Native Americans” or “Magic Worlds”. You’ll be
involved in all kinds of activities – playing, making things, fancy dress and many more. If you love working with kids,
are keen to gain working experience in this field and enjoy the seaside, you’ll have fantastic four weeks. The first
week gives you time to get to know each other, take a look around Kiel and become familiar with the holiday camp.
During the other three weeks, you’ll spend every day playing with the children. Each afternoon, the kids return to Kiel
and the beach is yours – time for volleyball, table tennis, barbecues… A: In one of the houses in the grounds,
cooking partly done by the group. L: Schleswig-Holstein; Kiel, the capital of the Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein,
is some 12 km away from your accommodation. Hamburg – 100 km, Flensburg – 80 km T: Train station: Kiel;
Airport: Hamburg
Please note: Minimum age 18 years, good knowledge of German or English required.

IJGD 7363 Oppenheim (RP) 21/07 – 11/08 CONS/ENVI/KIDS 12 Vol P: You’ll find the historic
wine-growing town of Oppenheim with its Landscron castle ruins in the Upper-Rhine lowlands, surrounded by
famous vineyards. The Nierstein-Oppenheim Local Authorities Association and Oppenheim Council are working
together to create a new central leisure centre for use by families as well as local associations. This is where your
help is required. W: You’ll construct a barbecue facility – this will involve physically demanding work. First, you need
to prepare the site, then lay footpaths and use brick and concrete to build the barbecue. You’ll construct a timber-
clad barbecue hut, and you’ll also make the wooden tables and chairs to furnish this hut. The surrounding area
needs some attention, too, and you’ll help prepare flowerbeds and lawns. We’ve also planned some holiday
activities together with local youngsters who are very much looking forward to meeting you! A: You’ll stay in the new
Edmondshalle where you’ll prepare your own meals (paid for by IJGD) and share the housework. Oppenheim old
town has an extensive network of underground cellars, the Kellerlabyrinth, and offers diverse cultural and leisure
facilities. L: An open-air swimming bath is nearby, the cities of Mainz, Worms, Koblenz and Frankfurt are within
easy reach, and the more immediate surroundings are also worth exploring. Rhineland-Palatinate; Mainz – 20 km,
Worms – 25 km, Frankfurt – 60 km. T: Train station: Oppenheim; Airport: Frankfurt.

IJGD 7360 Wilgartswiesen (RP) 21/07-11/08 ENVI/CONS 12 Vol

The south-western edge of the Palatinate hugs the “green border” of the Alsace region of France. It is an interesting
and romantic landscape, dominated by bizarre sandstone formations which are the subject of countless mythical
tales, and legendary ruined castles. It forms part of the “Biosphärenreservat Naturpark Pfälzerwald”, an
environmental conservation area and nature park which forms Germany’s largest continuous forested area. W: The
Hinterweidenthal Forestry Office has prepared a variety of interesting tasks for you within the nature park, which
includes the creation of an Educational Nature Path and the maintenance of “forest school” areas. You’ll also work in
the water meadows by a stream in the forests near Hinterweidenthal, where you’ll have to use hand tools to protect
the ecologically fragile environment. We’d also like you to help build a “wilderness trail” across the rocky terrain in
what will become a wilderness section within the habitat conservation area. This is physically demanding work. A:
You’ll stay in the schoolhouse in Wilgartswiesen, where you’ll prepare your own meals (paid for by IJGD) and share
the housework. L: The region has great excursion potential – Pirmasens, Saarbrücken, Kaiserslautern, Heidelberg
and France are all within easy reach. There are great climbing and hiking facilities, as well as bathing in one of the
nearby lakes. Rhineland-Palatinate; Pirmasens – 15 km, Kaiserslautern – 40 km, Saarbrücken – 75 km T: Train
station: Wilgartswiesen; Airport: Saarbrücken

IJGD 7236 Cluvenhagen (NS) 28/07 – 18/08 MENT/ RENO 15 VOL

P: The Waldheim Foundation provides a professionally run sheltered living community for 300 mentally disabled
people of all ages (www.stiftung-waldheim.de). In addition, the Foundation also offers a wide range of facilities
tailored to the varied needs of the inhabitants: a day centre, the Waldheim workshops and a state-approved special
needs school. We would like your help with improving the facility’s beautiful gardens. W: You’ll be involved with the
maintenance of existing as well as the creation of new garden areas, with clearing shrubs and small trees, building
rest areas and setting up play equipment. Your creative talents will be required for related artistic activities such as
painting, sculpting etc. Your work will bring you into close contact with the inhabitants and close cooperation is
encouraged, especially with artistic endeavours. Also planned are fetes and barbeques, which will give you the
opportunity to be involved in the community’s leisure activities. It is essential that you are enthusiastic about meeting
and working with disabled people. A: Your accommodation is a school building in the Waldheim Foundation
grounds, where you’ll prepare your own meals (paid for by IJGD) and share the housework. L: Lower Saxony;
Cluvenhagen is located between Bremen (30 km) and Hanover (100 km). T: Train station: Langwedel, Airport:

IJGD 7302 Freising BY 28/07 – 25/08 ENVI 12 Vol P: Like in previous years
we offer you this nice camp together with the local community of Freising. W: In small municipalities around Freising,
you will mow meadows and make hay, repair fences around fruit orchards and secure trees. In addition you will take
care of neglected grassland, set up environmental information boards and, thereby, learn a lot about the ecology of
the region. In the last week you will work at the Freisinger Domberg. Freising lies in the Isar valley, not far from
Munich and the Alps. Since it is situated near Hallertau, the world’s largest hop growing area, there are load of nice
beer gardens around. A: In first the two and in the fourth weeks, in a self-catering house, 5 km outside Freising, in
the week of 22-26 August in an alpine association hut. C: done by the group itself, L: Bavaria; Munich and Landshut
are about 35km away T: Train station: Freising; Airport: Munich

IJGD 7356 Hambuch (RP) 28/07 – 18/08 RENO 15 VOL

P: The landscape of the Vordereifel region is characterised by craggy rocks, winding streams and wide green
valleys. In the middle of this beautiful countryside lies Hambuch, one of the region’s oldest villages. Your task will be
to work with the Dorfakademie, the “village academy’, to renovate an old farmhouse and its grounds. The
Dorfakademie intends to turn this farmhouse into a local centre for cultural activities. W: You’ll work in the house
itself, helping with renovation and repairs aimed at creating an area for performances and events. Another essential
part of your work concerns the grounds surrounding the farmhouse. Your tasks will include the construction of an
historic well and the creation of new footpaths near the farmhouse. If there is time, you might start planting a new
farmer’s garden. This workcamp will include frequent involvement with the local community, there will be homestay

opportunities (staying with local families) as well as taking part in local meetings and festivities. A: Your
accommodation is at a sports hall where you’ll prepare your own meals (paid for by IJGD) and share the housework.
In your free time, you might explore the beautiful Eifel towns of Cochem-on-Moselle and Mayen as well as the cities
of Koblenz, Cologne and Bonn. The region is excellent for cycle touring and walking. L: Rhineland-Palatinate;
Koblenz – 40 km, Cochem – 20 km, Bonn – 75 km. T: Train station: Cochem, Airport: Frankfurt/Main

IJGD 7307 Hemhofen (BY) 28/07 - 18/08 RENO 15 VOL P: Hemhofen is a town in
the heart of Franconia, close to the cities of Erlangen and Nuremberg. The town and its castle are beautifully located
within one of the largest areas of interconnected ponds and lakes in Central Europe. A new youth centre is currently
being built on a large plot next door to the historic train station. Local young people are heavily involved in this
project and would like your help with transforming the grounds. W: The plan is to create a small park, with leisure
facilities ranging from terraced areas, pavilions and a well to an amphitheatre built from natural stone. All work will be
carried out in cooperation with local young people, under supervision of qualified craftsmen. A: Your accommodation
will be in the youth centre, where you’ll prepare your own meals (paid for by IJGD) and share the housework. Local
and county youth offices will support your leisure activities, with a multitude of possibilities presenting themselves in
the cities of Erlangen, Nuremberg with its Dokumentationszentrum (a permanent exhibition on the Nazi era),
Bamberg old town (a world heritage site), and the imperial town of Forchheim. An open-air swimming pool and a
bathing lake are within easy reach. The buses run at night until the small hours, which gives you a lot of scope for
planning your leisure time. L: Bavaria; Erlangen – 15 km, Nuremberg and Bamberg – 40 km each. T: Train station:
Erlangen, Airport: Nuremberg, Frankfurt

IJGD 7362 Homburg (SL) 28/07 – 18/08 CONS 15 Vol

P: The university town of Homburg lies in the Saarland near the border with France. Last year, a new meeting centre
– the “Meeting House” (Haus der Begegnung) – opened its doors to young and old, offering a multitude of meeting
rooms for many different activities, including an area for young people with billiard and football tables and a hip-hop
workshop. W: Your help is needed in the grounds surrounding the meeting centre. We would like you to build a new
barbecue facility, starting with the preparation of the area and laying footpaths. You’ll then construct the barbecue
and a hut with benches and tables. If there is time, we’d like you to help with the renovation of the football area. In
this workcamp, you’ll have close contact with local young people. A: You’ll stay in a former children’s day nursery,
where you’ll prepare your own meals (paid for by IJGD) and share the housework. L: Homburg and its surrounding
area have lots to offer, including an open-air swimming pool and a Roman settlement, and the cities of Saarbrücken
and Trier as well as neighbouring France and Luxemburg are within easy reach. Saarland; 100 km south of Trier, 35
km north-east of Saarbrücken, 50 km from Kaiserslautern. T: Train station: Homburg; Airport: Saarbrücken,

IJGD 7413 Naumburg (SH) 28/07 – 18/08 ART/RENO 18 VOL

P: The grounds of the former slaughterhouse in Naumburg, now a listed building, are being transformed into a
Cultural Centre for historic crafts and building materials. Your hands-on support with this project is very welcome. W:
For two weeks, you’ll help with renovations and other work in the grounds as well as the recreation of the historic
kitchen garden. For the new eco-gardens, you might design and build units for a mosaic layout and furniture, using
historical materials and wood from the local forests. In addition, your workload will of course include the preparation
of plant beds, laying paths and general ground clearing operations. You might also help with the restoration of
historic building materials, which will then be reused during further renovation work. In the third week, we would like
you to take part in a number of creative workshops with local young people. You might discover a fascination for the
rhythm and power of samba drumming, and also create costumes, props and stage sets for your leaving party.
There will be time to visit the beautiful countryside of Germany’s northernmost wine-growing region, and to explore
the attractive town of Naumburg and its history. A: Your accommodation will be in a hall in the grounds of the former
slaughterhouse. You’ll prepare your own food (paid for by IJGD) and share the housework. L: Saxony-Anhalt;
Naumburg is 45 km south-west of Leipzig and 40 km south of Halle T: Train station: Naumburg; Airport: Leipzig /

IJGD 7313 Nürtingen (BW) 28/07 - 18/08 CONS 12 Vol

P: Nürtingen lies in the Neckar valley, some 30 km from Stuttgart and close to the Swabian Mountains. Your help is
needed to renovate a playground belonging to one of Nürtingen’s kindergartens. W: This will include some
physically demanding work, including digging and earth-moving. Your second project will involve renovating an

arcade by the river Neckar, with professional support and guidance. A: You’ll stay at a school in Nürtingen, where
you’ll prepare your own meals (paid for by IJGD) and share the housework. L: In your free time, you could enjoy the
local open-air swimming pool, explore the local mountains (climbing, hiking, canoeing), and visit the friendly
university town of Tübingen and nearby Stuttgart with its fantastic culture and leisure facilities. Baden-Württemberg;
Stuttgart – 30 km. T: Train station: Nürtingen; Airport: Stuttgart, Frankfurt.

IJGD 7113 Rangsdorf (BR) 2 8/07-19/08 ENVI 15 Vol

P: The outskirts of Rangsdorf, a small town south of Berlin, give way to a typical Brandenburg landscape of fields,
meadows, small lakes and forests. A programme is under way to make this region more accessible by creating a
network of hiking trails. This camp is run in partnership with the Berlin Brandenburg International Airport which is
involved in a number of nature conservation projects in this area. W: We would like you to help with extending and
remodelling part of the existing trails, under supervision of the local landscape conservation association. Work will
include restoration and new construction of sections of the trail, rubbish removal, maintenance works in adjacent
woodlands as well as the creation of signposts and other more decorative elements. Most of this work will have to be
done manually; local partners such as the forestry office, the nature conservation society and the council will help
with the more technically demanding aspects of your work. Towards the end of the camp, you’ll have the possibility
to arrange a public presentation of your experiences in this workcamp. A: You’ll stay in a children’s centre which
offers ample bedrooms, a kitchen (you’ll prepare your own meals, paid for by IJGD, and share the housework), a
dining room, toilets and shower facilites. Outside there are gardens with barbecue and volleyball courts. L: Bicycles
are provided for the daily commute to work (some 3 km), and for use during your free time. You can go swimming in
a near-by lake (some 3 km) or pedal to the station (some 4 km) to catch a train to Berlin. Federal State of
Brandenburg, 15 km south of Berlin T: Train station: Rangsdorf; Airport: Berlin
IJGD 7303 Rottach-Egern (Tegernsee) (BY) 28/07-18/08 ENVI 15 Vol
P: Rottach-Egern lies on Lake Tegern in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps. The local council would like to give you
the opportunity to work within this wonderful alpine landscape and explore the natural beauty of this region. W: You’ll
join council employees in a variety of tasks such as conservation and maintenance of Alpine pastures and biotopes
as well as combating neophytes (non-indigenous plants) and restoring existing hiking trails. A: You’ll stay at the local
school’s sports hall which will become your sleeping and living quarters. You’ll prepare your own meals (paid for by
IJGD) in the school kitchen and share the housework. L: Rottach-Egern offers a variety of leisure facilities, amongst
them an open-air swimming pool and a bathing lake. At weekends, you could visit Munich, Salzburg, Innsbruck or
the beautiful Chiemsee (“Lake Chiem”). Bavaria; 56 km south of Munich. T: Train station: Tegernsee; Airport:

IJGD 7102 Berlin–Heiligensee BLN 04/08 – 26/08 ARCH 20 Vol

P: At the municipal graveyard „Heiligensee“ in the north-west of Berlin you will help with the maintenance of war time
graves. W: This includes the removal of old grave borders and cleaning of gravestones. You will put in new grave
borders and sow lawn around them. The war victims buried here are German and non-German soldiers and civilians
for whom the “Kriegsgräberfriedhof” (war time graveyard) has been erected. A: in a Lovers of Nature castle in the
north of Berlin,cooking done by the group T: Train station: Berlin-main station; airport: Berlin

IJGD 7410 Dieskau ST 04/08 – 25/08 ENVI/ARC 8V

The park of Dieskau Palace has been part of the “Gartenträume” (garden dreams) project of the Federal State of
Saxony-Anhalt (www.gartentraeume-sachsen-anhalt.de) since the year 2000. Forty historical parks are protected
from decay and restored following the principles of the preservation of historical monuments in order to make the
heritage of garden culture accessible to the public. W: In order to make this possible you will work on gardening and
landscaping projects. This includes rebuilding of historic paths, cleaning work and the destruction of old stables.
Moreover, you gain an insight into the history of horticulture and botany and get to know the “Gartenträume”
network. You will document the project in various forms, including photos and reports. If the weather is bad you may
support the municipality with construction and restoration work in the palace and elsewhere in Dieskau. For music
lovers there is a concert every Sunday. We would be happy if you would play along in the concerts or organise your
own performance. Various leisure possibilities are found in the nearby city of Halle. A: in the local parish house,
cooking done by the group. L: Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt, 7 km south-east of Halle/Saale, T: Train station:
Dieskau; Airport: Leipzig

IJGD 7350 Gütersloh (NS) 04/08 – 18/08 ART/ RENO 14 VOL
P: Die Weberei e.V. is the name of the Centre for the Arts, Culture & Communications in Gütersloh. It is located
within the Dalkepark in a beautiful former weaving mill, now a listed building, which also houses a huge beer garden.
The Weberei provides a venue for concerts and theatre performances, discos, crèche facilities, support groups for
senior citizens and the disabled, and dance and drum workshops. The affiliated Young People’s School of the Arts
encourages and supports artistic talent. Everything the Weberei does is aimed at making culture and leisure pursuits
accessible to all. For example, there is a free live performance every Thursday night. W: We would like your help
with the renovation of the performance area. The large and the small auditorium both need repainting and
renovating, and a new stage needs to be built. We will need many helping hands! The Weberei team is looking
forward to challenging you to a game of beach volleyball, and during your stay you are of course invited to join in
with all the events free of charge. In addition to the cultural centre, Die Weberei e.V. also looks after the “Wapelbad”,
a local leisure area with many facilities, which you are welcome to use. You might also like to visit Münster, Bielefeld
and Hanover. Gütersloh itself is a “young” city. A: Your accommodation is in the rooms of the cultural centre, where
you’ll prepare your own food (paid for by IJGD) and share the housework. L: North Rhine-Westphalia; Bielefeld – 15
km, Münster – 60 km. T: Train station: Gütersloh. Airport: Hanover / Düsseldorf

IJGD 7119 Heiligengrabe (BR) 04/08 – 26/08 ENVI/RENO 12V P: The “Heiligengrabe“ convent
was founded in 1287 and is the only remaining almost perfectly preserved Cistercian convent in the Federal State of
Brandenburg. A long-term renovation programme began in 1998, funded by the Federal State, the German
Association for the Protection of Historical Monuments and private donations. The convent is still home to a spiritual
community of protestant nuns, but also offers training courses and a number of tourist facilities. W: As part of a
scheme involving volunteers working in the protection of monuments initiative, renovation work is under way in the
grounds of the convent to restore the former distillery and an administrator’s house so that they can be used as a
training centre for voluntary organisations. Both buildings are surrounded by historical remains. One of the tasks will
be to excavate historical remains as well as constructing a pergola, benches and a barbecue site. A: In houses,
you’ll sleep on mattresses, cooking done by the group. L: Brandenburg; some 100 km north-west of Berlin, between
Wittstock and Pritzwalk T: Train station: Heiligengrabe; Airport: Berlin

IJGD 7231 Hemdingen SH 04/08 - 25/08 ENVI 12 V

North of Hamburg lie the scenic “Himmelmoor” fens. Through your work, you will contribute to the preservation of
this landscape. W: You will remove non-native trees (esp. birches, which dehydrate the moor) and clear invasive
plants from the native trees. This will restore the landscape to its natural state and support animal and plant species
which only occur in moorland habitats. The work is strenuous, but you will have a lot of fresh air! Hemdingen has
about 1500 residents and is in a beautiful rural location.
A: in a school and a municipal centre C: done by the group L: Hemdingen is situated in the Federal State of
Schleswig-Holstein, 30 km north of Hamburg T: Train station: Quickborn; Airport: Hamburg

IJGD 7401 Mihla (TH) 04/08 - 25/08 ENVI 18Vol

P: At the moment a new National Park “Hainich” with a “Dschungel-Life-Camp” is coming into existence. Like last
year, an ijgd group worked in the grounds of the new youth hostel – Thuringia’s 27th “Jugendherberge” – which is
being built on the Harsberg above Lauterbach. W: We would like to invite your help and your ideas again for this
summer and many potential tasks are waiting for you. These include building a park, creating a habitat and laying
pathways for a planned camp site, as well as planting trees and shrubs to give the area a “green face”. If you are
interested in taking part in the creation of a new youth hostel, Mihla is where you should be this summer. A: youth
guest house, Full board. L: Thuringia; Mihla lies some 15 km north of Eisenstadt, famous for its “Wartburg” castle T:
Train station: Eisenach or Mühlhausen; Airport: Leipzig

IJGD 7365 Wetzlar (HE) 4/08–25/08 ENVI 14 Vol

P: The small town of Wetzlar lies in the beautiful valley of the rivers Lahn and Dill between the highlands of the
Taunus and the Westerwald. W: Your tasks will link in with projects coordinated and run by local council
departments, amongst them the Department for Nature Conservation and the Environment, and the Department for
Youth and Education. Together with local young people, you’ll create a new walking trail and work on several other
projects to do with green spaces in a new housing development. There are also a number of other maintenance and
conservation tasks, such as mowing forest meadows, clearing overgrown forest trails etc. The programme includes

an excursion to the country nature conservation centre and its experiential nature trail. A: You’ll stay in the
grounds of the local canoe club. You’ll prepare your own meals (paid for by IJGD) and share the housework. L: In
your free time, you could visit Gießen, Frankfurt or Marburg, and the river Lahn offers excellent canoeing facilities.
Hesse; 10 km west of Gießen and 60 km north of Frankfurt. T: Train station: Wetzlar; Airport: Frankfurt / Hahn /

IJGD 7314 Würzburg (BY) 04/08–25/08 ENVI 15 Vol

P: The new Gramschatzer Wald Forest Experience Centre lies in the middle of the forest, about 15 km from the
university city of Würzburg. The grand opening of this facility, which is the only one of its kind in the region, is
planned for September. There is much work to be done in the grounds surrounding the facility and that’s where we
would welcome your help. W: Your tasks include turning a “fire extinguishing lake” into a wetland habitat, building a
wooden patio in the entrance area, constructing a children’s playground and helping with the creation of a forest
experience trail. You’ll be working alongside the Forest Experience Centre team – English is spoken, Français aussi,
es geht aber auch deutsch! A: You’ll stay in rooms in the primary school at Rimpar. You’ll prepare your own meals
(paid for by IJGD) in the school kitchen and share the housework. After a hard day’s work, you can make good use
of the shower facilities at the adjacent sports hall. L: Rimpar is on the bus route from the Forest Experience Centre
to Würzburg, which offers a broad spectrum of cultural activities for you to enjoy, including each summer a “beach”
on the river Main with view of Marienberg Castle. Würzburg is a university city, so naturally the nightlife is vibrant
and varied, with discos, clubs, pubs etc. And if you feel like arranging your own barbecue nights around the campfire
at the Forest Experience Centre, you are more than welcome! Bavaria; Würzburg – 15 km, Nuremberg and Franfurt
– 120 km each. T: Train station: Würzburg; Airport: Frankfurt.

IJGD 7304 Wunsiedel (BY) 06/08-27/08 ENVI 16 Vol P: Wunsiedel is a district

town in the Fichtelgebirge Nature Park, where your task will be to work in Bavaria’s oldest communal park in
cooperation with the forestry commission, the local forester and a landscape architect. The Katharinenberg
Communal Park has been extensively remodelled over the past few years and has many attractions, amongst them
a deer enclosure and a bird-of-prey centre as well as a nature & culture study centre. W: You’ll be involved with
maintenance work such as pruning young trees and shrubs and renovating old footpaths and other recreational
facilities. You might also create sign posts and information boards, and it is possible that we might ask you to help
restore old wells, and paint and repair bridges, stairs and benches. Working closely with members of the nature and
bird conservation societies, the society for the preservation of historic monuments and the forestry commission will
give you lots of opportunity to learn about these specialist subjects. As you are so close to the bird-of-prey centre,
you’ll be able to assist during the flying displays – great fun and an unforgettable experience! A: You’ll stay in local
halls of residence, where you’ll prepare your own meals (paid for by IJGD) and share the housework. L: Within easy
reach are the cities of Bayreuth, Bamberg and Nuremberg, Wunsiedel’s own impressive rock labyrinth and the
neighbouring Czech Republic. Bavaria; 50 km north-east of Bayreuth. T: Train station: Wunsiedel; Airport:
Nuremberg, Frankfurt

IJGD 7361 Dülmen (NW) 11/08 - 01/ 09 KIDS 12 VOL

P: Dülmen lies in the heart of the Münsterland just north of the Ruhr region. It is a lively town with friendly people
and many leisure facilities and cultural attractions, surrounded by beautiful parks, pasture land and forests. W: Your
task will be to create a children’s playground in a small park, in cooperation with a number of local government
departments and members of the “Neue Spinnerei” youth centre. Work will include preparing the grounds and
helping with the installation of play equipment. You will also have the opportunity to design and create some exciting
play equipment and “play sculptures” from tree trunks, to give the site some artistic flair. A: You’ll stay at a
guesthouse for young people, where you’ll prepare your own meals (paid for by IJGS) and share the housework. L:
The immediate surroundings of Dülmen are widely regarded as a paradise for cycling and walking, with great scope
for exploring the beautiful countryside. Münster, the Ruhr region and the Netherlands are all within easy reach.
North Rhine-Westphalia; 30 km west of Münster, on the northern edge of the Ruhr region. T: Train station: Dülmen;
Hanover / Düsseldorf.

IJGD 7203 Hildesheim-Drispenstedt (NS) 11/08 - 01/09 CONS 12 Vol

P: In recent years, the residents, children and young people of the Drispenstedt district of Hildesheim have actively
supported the “Soziale Stadt – Drispenstedt im Aufwind” program by taking part in building and renovation projects,

which has led to many social and inter-cultural cross-connections within the district. The plan for this summer is to
run an integrated cultural project where people with and without disabilities work together to “create theatre and put
on a (dance) show”. And as if that were not enough, there’s more building work to be done… W: In front of the
Children’s & Youth Centre, preparation work needs to be done for the construction of a “willow tepee” with the
children. And within the district’s large green space, you’ll help design and construct a new, smaller area with
benches and other small-scale construction projects; the exact requirements will become clear during the planning
process with the local residents. The project is run in cooperation with the Local Authority, the Children’s & Youth
Centre, and the workshop “Hildesheim-Lebenshilfe e.V.”, an organisation working with disabled people. Enjoying
culture, theatre, dance and practical craftsmanship is as important as your socially caring skills for fully integrated
work and cooperation with the disabled. This project ends with a festival and a public performance of whatever show
you rehearsed, and maybe a little opening ceremony for the new building/s. A: You’ll stay at the Children’s & Youth
Centre where you’ll prepare your own meals (paid for by IJGD) and share the housework. You’ll have access to all
the Centre’s leisure facilities, including the computer suite. L: Hildesheim is a charming compact city with a broad
spectrum of cultural activities for you to enjoy. Lower Saxony; Hildesheim is 30 km south of Hanover. T: Train station:
Hildesheim; Airport: Hanover.

IJGD 7123 Lößnitz-Affalter (S) 11/08–31/08 ENVI 10 Vol

P: In early 2004, the German Nature Conservation Society and the town of Lößnitz took over the youth hostel
located in Lößnitz-Affalter. The youth hostel is surrounded by a landscape of soft hills (around 450 m high),
characterised by slate mining and agriculture. The immediate surroundings include forests and old flooded slate
quarries, now used for swimming. Your support is required for the following tasks: W: Maintenance works within the
farmers’ gardens (gardening, painting fences), clearing and renovation work at the Slate Mines Study Trail in the
grounds of the youth hostel, building protective railings and a dry stone wall, forestry maintenance (including
collection of firewood), clearing and cleaning work within the youth hostel itself, preparing timber for use as railings,
seating etc., building a tree house, and the creative use of natural materials such as felt, ceramics, wood. In other
words, you’ll be out in the countryside, with a wide variety of working and learning potential, far from city-life. A:
You’ll be staying at the youth hostel, where you’ll prepare your own meals (paid for by IJGD) and share the
housework. L: You can walk to the nearest village in about half an hour. Many of the local towns have historic old
centres which are well worth a visit (many also have old mining works open to the public), and the cities of Dresden,
Leipzig and Weimar are all within easy reach for day trips. Saxony. T: Train station: Aue; Airport: Dresden, Leipzig.

IJGD 7316 Stadtwald Ingelheim (RP) 11/08-01/09 ENVI/CONS 16 Vol

P: This workcamp in the Hunsrück forests is all about nature, culture and the completion of the Emmerichshütte
Leisure Centre for Young People. W: You’ll work alongside colleagues from the local forestry office and your tasks
will include the maintenance of arid grasslands and wetlands, the construction of leisure facilities, pruning and other
forest maintenance work, and marking out hiking trails. You’ll also help finish the remaining jobs at the leisure centre:
working in the grounds, building a barbecue hut, helping with interior furnishings. The “culture” part of the workcamp
is to do with preparing the big forest fete, which we would like enriched with your imaginative contributions (music,
art, theatre etc.). We’ll do our best to support whatever you decide to do – the main aim is to provide as colourful
and exciting a programme for the local kids as possible. The forest fete will offer lots of traditional crafts stands and
regional foods and takes place on August 26th. A: Your accommodation is brand new and modern in an idyllic
setting, but located in the middle of the forest and fairly remote. Some meals are provided for you, some you’ll
prepare yourselves (paid for by IJGD) and you’ll share the housework. L: You’ll have the opportunity to learn about
the forest, and to visit a local apiary. You’ll have use of a minibus, and in your free time might like to visit Koblenz,
Mainz, Frankfurt and the Rhine valley. Rhineland-Palatinate; Koblenz – 45 km, Mainz – 60 km, Frankfurt – 85 km. T:
Train station: Bingen; Airport: Frankfurt, Hahn.

IJGD 7305 Vaterstetten (BY) 11/08 – 01/09 ENVI 12 V

P: Vaterstetten Municipality has worked with ijgd groups for many years. W: This year, you will help members of the
Environmental Department with a variety of landscape conservation tasks, including wetland habitat maintenance,
grass cutting, irrigation work and the conservation of hedgerows. You’ll have bicycles to get you to and from work,
and you are welcome to use them during your free time. Munich is close-by and with excellent public transport links,
you will have ample opportunity to explore Bavaria’s first city and its surroundings. A: A comfortably furnished and
well equipped youth centre, shower facilities are provided in a nearby sports stadium, cooking done by the group L:
Bavaria; 20 km east of Munich. T: Train station: Munich Central Station; Airport: Munich