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Successful Product Launch:

Group 10: Asad Raza Naqvi Manizeh Dossa Bilal Shahid

Planning For Success


Market Analysis Consumer Preference Analysis Product Revaluation Product Testing (Beta version) Marketing Cons Of Unsuccessful Launch Conclusion


Why do we need to launch new products? The launch is a high risk, high reward activity Just passion wont do the job Focus, foresee the future You have one chance to get it right (no concept of re-launch)

Figure Out The Target Market

Nothing can be everything to everyone Talk to the people who have developed the product or service - what is their take on it? Our clients trust us, and pay, to deliver success Product for everyone is product for none !

Survey Your Target Market

Explore with client what they actually expect to achieve - begin to manage their expectations The Consumer Launch: needs clear touching points with the public; values consistent with the brand; look for association or endorsement to provide identity or face Fulfil the needs

Recruit Motivated Evaluators From Your Target Market

Appropriate quantity of target customers with the right characteristics Goal of customer feedback program? Define matrix of target requirements Number of target customers?


Success of incentives: type of feedback being elicited, type of product or service being evaluated, and the incentive being offered Best incentive plan? Feedback to customers equals feedback from customers

Systems and Best Practices for Managing Customer Feedback

Acquisition, analysis, and distribution Most companies lack infrastructure; overall participation rates continue to be less than 15% Advanced feedback management systems help achieve participation rates in 70-100% range Innovative feedback management

Feedback Acquisition, Analysis, and Distribution

Meaningful data in real-time Collection: actively soliciting feedback from customers Analysis: quantifying and qualifying feedback to inform product team Distribution: presenting structured, organized, actionable feedback

Re-evaluate Your Product Based On Survey Results

Save time and money Make any required changes Test your product on the target market; consider suggestions


Keep On Marketing





Where Product Launches Go Wrong?

There are no goals for the product launch The launch plan contains unrealistic timeframes and expectations Sales enablement training is based on product features No single person is responsible for driving product launch results

The launch plan is based on hunches, not market evidence The launch plan mimics your competitor The launch team isnt a team


Are You Ready To Launch?

Is your team clear about their launch roles and responsibilities? Are launch goals established and communicated to your team? Do you have a designated launch owner? Is the approach to product launch a team effort? Do you collaborate launch planning among functional areas?

Poor Product Launches

Product launches as art instead of science Remember - you only get an opportunity almost once in a year!