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Courage Courage Courage Courage Courage Courage Courage Courage Courage Courage Courage Courage Courage is is is is what what

what what makes us divides us drives us stops us

creates news demands more creates blame brings shame shows in school determines the cool divides the weak pours out like a leak

Courage puts us on a knee Courage makes us free Courage makes us plea Courage helps us flee Corey Fauchon

Personal Review E.E. Cummings once said that It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. This is practically what the author means by the first sentence of the poem. Courage mustered could make you a master. Without courage and bravery, even the most prominent determination and the finest effort wouldnt bring a person to the peak. Fauchon also writes that certain forms of courage prevent people from solidarity and unanimity. Despite the urge from various organizations for unity among every people disregard of races and backgrounds, the author reminds us of the dangers of conformity. It is common for a person with unorthodox yet unique thinking to lose it among the masses who tend to impede such out-of-the-norms thinking. The author also depicts the role of courage in making us strive for and stop from doing certain things. It is true that what doesnt kill you makes you stronger but apparently what kills you can also reach at the same results. By obtaining the courage to face obstacles and over-desires, one would have no problem in vying for what he wants and avoiding any unwanted urges. If one is observant or even has some common sense, it is not tough to realize that news of various sources surround heroes of versatile origins and contribution. They may

have chunks of differences between themselves but what categorizes them under heroes is their undiluted and undisputed courage and bravery. An example would be human rights activists of different areas. They sense that discriminated rules implemented and rights taken away are just biased affairs that shouldnt even exist in the 21st century, thus the line Courage demands more implying their active battle against such discriminations. However, Fauchon prompts that we shouldnt neglect the negative effects inappropriate courage might bring upon. It is true that courage brings us to the pinnacle of success but when one commits mistakes and is cornered like an injured lion, his inappropriate courage might entice him to create blame and bring shame. The phrase courage shows in school doesnt necessarily imply that courage can only be detected at school. It may intend to bring across the message that courage is most substantial or acknowledged when the person exhibiting it is in public grounds or when he is in among the masses. When duties are laid out and obstructions are met, this is when a person can truly tests his own courage. If you have no problem in mustering up courage and using it to the fullest and to others benefits, you will be determined as the coolest. Not because you are awesome, fashion or attitude-wise, but because people look up to you for the courage you have displayed. In a way, the last stanza of the poem can be explained together under the same facet. In overall, the whole stanza brings the meaning that courage often catches even ourselves by surprise by the amount that one could come up with. Evidently, these circumstances of mustering staggeringly immense courage may just be able to set us free free from oppression, free from confinement and free from disheartenment. The author describes courage as a mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty. Courage becomes the ultimate instrument which renders a person deterred by danger, discouraged by agony and dissuaded by fear. However, the wrong courage mustered could eventually turn into a double-edged sword, jeopardizing both the user and the victim. Therefore, it is important to note both the positive and negative sides of courage and constantly be way not to wander off into the latter.