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Power train

As engine with a swept volume of 338cc, Rated power of 8kW and a maximum torque of 19Nm are given to us. As per the rules of competition the engine cannot be modified in any way. This restriction causes the design emphasis to be placed on the choice on transmission. Although for the transmission we have several options, the main focus is laid on to maximize the following: Transmission efficiency Reliability and Functioning In present market we have wide range of choices on transmission such as CVTs ,IVTs and other transmissions which best suits for the given lombardini 340cc engine with trade names Mahindra alpha 3-wheeler,Piaggio ape 3-wheeler ,Mahindra gio etc., CVT and IVT : These can change steplessly through a infinite number of effective gear ratios between maximum and minimum values . The flexibility of a these allows the driving shaft to maintain a constant angular velocity over a range of output velocities. Besides its advantages the use of them has not become widespread due to multiple problems inherent in traditional designs .These problems include shifting control difficulties ,poor efficiency ,scalability challenges ,questionable reliability and durability, high cost, etc. Their torque handling capability is limited by the strength of the belt or chain, and the ability to withstand friction wear between torque source and transmission medium for friction-driven CVTs. Therefore CVTs have typically been limited to low powered cars and other light duty applications.

Piaggio ape 3-wheeler: One of the transmission which best suits for the given Lombardini 340cc engine .In BAJA-2010 we have used it and found inefficient. The problems faced with the transmission of piaggio ape include problems in clutch lever , gear shifting .Besides these it did not meet the required torque due to its poor gear ratios when compared with other types. Mahindra gio : The latest release in Mahindra , which is much more efficient when compared with other types and meets the required high torque . But it is left out due to its complexity in coupling with the engine,and the power losses engendered with it and poor gear ratios. After technical and conscientious research on this system and considering the above mentioned drawbacks of CVT ,IVT ,Piaggio ape ,Mahindra gio ,we intend to use a transmission of MAHINDRA ALPHA 3-WHEELER , which we have found it more efficient for the given engine and working under normal conditions gives the following advantages with it: The buggy will be rear engined which will enable us to give power to rear wheels and also the C.G. of the vehicle will be shifted to the rear half which will add up to the over steer condition which will positively help in maneuvering the vehicle on the sharp turns with more ease. Enhancement in the torque and speed as it is coupled directly with the crank of the engine by eliminating the power losses due to chain drive Reduce the cost of the vehicle as we avoided the use of additional gears, sprockets and chains used standard parts, thus increased the reliability of the transmission system.