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Post Applied Name Fathers Name Date of Birth Permanent Address

Email Educational Qualification Nationality Marital Status Passport No Languages Known Specified Course

Night Pusher/Tool Pusher VIJAY KUMAR Late Shri Gurucharan Das 01-07-1957 100/2, Khurbura Mohalla Dehradun (Uttarakhand) Ph. (0135) 2520119 (P.P) Mob:. 09897178553 vijaykumar_200786@gmail.com Matric Indian Married F0998433 ECNR Cleared Hindi, English and Punjabi 1.Well Control, Institute of Drilling Technology (ONGC) Dehradun in the year April 11-04-97 2. Petroleum India International Mumbai Dated:- 26 Aug, 2005 Valid 25 Aug, 2007.
FROM 15March,2011 22 Aug, 2010 08-07-2008 04-03-2008 23-01-2006 22-09-2005 TO To Till Date 10 March,2011 10-07-2010 06-02-2008 01-03-2008 21-01-2006 RIG TYPE ZJ30 Drilling Rig IR 750 IDEOC Durgapur, Drilling Rig ZJ 70 Drilling Rig ZJ 70 Drilling Rig Soilmee G 35 Drilling Rig Rig No. 54, Onshore Dubai, E-3000 Drilling Rig Land rig, wilson-200 tonne, Jaisalmer work over rig Land rig, wilson-200 tonne, Jaisalmer Work over Rig Bombay Offshore Rig Deep Sea Matdrill Drilling Rig

DESIGNATION NTP Tour Pusher Tour Pusher Driller Asst. Driller Asst. Driller

COMPANY Deep Industries Essar Shiv Vani Universal ETA Star Holding Ltd. Mitchell Drilling Int. Nabors Drilling International Ltd. Shiv Vani Universal Ltd. Jaisalmer Shiv Vani Universal Ltd. Jaisalmer Jagson International Ltd. Bombay




Asst. Driller



Asst. Driller



Asst. Driller Driller/Asst. Driller

Hi Tech Drilling Service India Ltd. John Energy ltd.

11-02-2002 December, 98

02-03-2003 10-02-2002

Bombay offshore Land rig, Gujrat 148 tonne IDEOC Work Over Rig Land Rig Mugal 65 (Gujrat) Work Over Rig IR-750 Work Over Rig P 82 (100 tonnes) Work Over Rig Land Rig, IDEOC Drilling Rig Land Rig Wilson 75 Drilling Rig Jack-up Rig (NORBeII) Bombay offshore, India Drilling Rig


Asian Oil Field

August, 97

December, 98

Driller Asst. Driller Derrickman Floorman Roustabout

Flotech consultant (p) Flotech Consultant (p) Triveni Pool Triveni Pool Jagson International

August, 96 July, 94 March 1991 July, 89 July, 1987

July, 97 August, 96 June, 1994 Feb, 91 July, 1989

Rig building (Drilling rig and work over rig). Rig movement (work over and Drilling rig). Arrangement done for the starting of the rig (spuding process). Well knowledge of well control operation (B.O.P.) Have good knowledge of mechanical and hydraulic packers. Knowledge of milling and fishing tools. I have a certificate of successful completion of rig 54, Pre spud training InductionWork Permit- Smart-RMS ISA-lock Out/Tag-tap root Investigation/Stucks pipes. Certificate of letter of appreciation for bringing a well kick under control by triveni oil field services ltd.

Note: I have a good knowledge of work over rig and drilling rig. I have a experience of work over rig of 6 years.