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Davis 1

Annotated Bibliography

How Will Technology Shape Generation Ys Role in the Workforce?

Anastasia Davis

Professor Malcolm Campbell

English 1102

13 March 2013

Davis 2 Deal, Jennifer, David Altman, and Steven Rogelberg. Millennials At Work: What We Know And What We Need To Do (If Anything). Journal of Business &Psychology 25.2 (2010): 191-199 Business Source Complete. Web. 11. Mar. 2013. This Journal evaluates the different qualities that the millennials posses and compare them to past generations. According to these authors, our basic knowledge that millennials acquire in school plus the technological advantage that they were raised with puts that generation at very advanced in comparison to past generations. It also gives interesting statistics such as the millennial generation has a higher obesity rate than previous generations and are also less physically fit. They are also not shaped by cultural setbacks, and thrive with multitasking skills. The authors that contributed to this journal backed up their statements with statistics and references. I enjoyed reading this source because it had interesting facts that most other sources didnt; real life facts that are useful to the average person. I think that this source will be useful to me because it possesses points and topics that other sources didnt. I will use it for references in my final paper. Hershatter, Andrea, and Molly Epstein. Millennials and The World of Work: An Organization and Management Perspective. Journal of Business & Psychology 25.2 (2010):211-223. Business Source Complete. Web. 11 Mar. 2013 This journal is all about the millennial generation. It begins with a statement that says the first millennial entered the workforce in the summer of 2004 and will continue until the early 2020s. Being described as both the next Greatest Generation, the millennials are equipped with tools and technology that will help the world greatly, and also as the Generation Whine, the young people that are incapable of handling anything that is not already almost completed. The bulk of this article is about how the millennial generation is wired differently and although they lack some qualities like face to face interaction

Davis 3 and verbal cues, they excel in multitasking and filtering information, things that are learned from an early age and are difficult to teach. The article goes on to say that with technology, millennials are advanced, but without it, they are lacking. There needs to be a common ground in the middle. The author presented many different types of statistics and also it is evident that many hours of research were put into this work. I think that this will help me tremendously. It includes both sides of the argument and it is well researched. Maryam M. Kaifi, et al. A Multi-Generational Workforce: Managing And Understanding Millennials. International Journal of Business &Management 7.24 (2012):88-93 Business Source Complete. Web. 11 Mar. 2013. This article is about understanding the three most recent generations in todays workforce (Baby Boomers, Generation X. and Generation Y, also known as the millennials.) The authors try to understand what each generation and sex has to offer for companies. The beginning just defines what each generation is and it gives a brief explanation of what the different generations have as specific consistencies. It focuses mostly on Generation Y, and conducts a study that involves 74 men and 74 women and rates them on job satisfaction, organizational skills and likelihood to quit a job. Although the study is valid, I think that it is unfair to base a whole generation on a study on only 148 participants, all of whom have a college degree or higher. It would be more statistically correct to use all different types of people from the generation, not just a certain control group. Even though I dont agree with the testing given during this study, I believe that the research and report that are included with it will be very important to my research. I think that the descriptions used to describe the different generations will help me narrow down my search results.

Davis 4 Schulte, Margaret F. The Millennials: Challenges, Opportunities, and Promise. Frontiers of Health Services Management 2012:1 + Business Source Complete. Web. 11Mar. 2013. This editorial explains the millennials in detail. It provides both the positive and negative things that are associated with being a millennial. It explains that people in the millennial generation tend to need a sense of fulfillment that propels them in the right direction. They also are compared to the Generation X and says that both generations are team oriented and are comfortable and thrive in multicultural, diverse environments. Although I like the information that this author has given, I think that it is very opinionated, and is not backed up with visible or accessible support. I do not think that it will help me in my final paper, so I will not use it.