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Moodle Games Module

There are two main steps to create games in Moodle. 1. 2. Create the Quiz, Glossary or Questions first. Link the game to the Quiz, Glossary or Questions.

The Games module gets input from quiz, glossary or questions and plays some games. The games are: Hangman Crossword Cryptex Millionaire Sudoku Snakes and Ladders The hidden picture Book with questions

1. 2. 3.

Firstly, Next, select where you want to place the games and click on Under the Games option click on the game you would like to create.


Click on

Select the Source of questions from the drown down menu (Glossary, Questions or Quiz) that you would like to generate the game with.


If you have more than one Quiz, Questions or Glossary, then you will need to select the one you want to use from the drop down menu.


You have the option to grade the game and add open and close dates. Students will then only be able to start their attempt(s) after the open time and they must complete their attempts before the close time.


You can change the settings of the Hidden Picture.


Do you want your students to complete another activity first, or to achieve a certain score? Then you can restrict access until this is done by clicking here.


and this is what it looks like on your Moodle page.


Below you will find more information about each game.

This game takes words from either a Glossary or quiz short answer questions and generates a hangman puzzle. Teacher can set the number of words that each game contains, if shows the first or last letter, or if show the question or the answer at the end.

This game takes words from either a Glossary or quiz short answer questions and generates a random crossword puzzle. Teacher can set the maximum number of columns/rows or words that contains. Student can press the button Check crossword to check if the answers are correct. Every crossword is dynamic so it is different to every student.

This game is like a crossword but the answers are hidden inside a random cryptex.

This game takes words from multiple choice quiz questions and creates a Who wants to be a Millionaire style game complete with the three lifelines.

How to Play Millionaire - The rules of the Millionaire game are simple: you must answer each question
correctly to proceed - if you answer one question wrong, the game is over. Look in the bottom-right corner of your screen to see if you answered the question correctly or not. To end or start a new game, click on the 'X' next to the lifelines (top of screen). You will be presented with a new page where you have two options: you can end the game and return to the course, or you can start a new game.

This game shows a sudoku puzzle to the students with not enough numbers to allow it to be solved. For each question the student correctly answers an additional number is slotted into the puzzle to make it easier to solve.

Snakes and Ladders

The students have to traverse a traditional Snakes and Ladders board by answering questions taken from either a Glossary or quiz short answer questions. As they get an answer right, the dice is rolled and a random number displayed. The game piece is moved ahead that many squares. If the game piece is in the bottom of a ladder and the answer is correct, it goes to the top. If the game piece is in head of snake and the answer is wrong, it goes to the tail.

The hidden picture

This game randomly grabs an image from a glossary and hides it behind panels. As each question is answered correctly a portion of the image is revealed. How fast can they guess the image? The picture can be taken from another glossary, in the case of glossaries with no pictures.

Book with questions

This allows you to control acces to the chapters in a book by putting questions at the end of each chapter. When the student answers correctly, they can go to the next chapter.