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Contact Hours/ Week Total Lecture Hours Total Tutorial Hours Sub. Code MODULE - I Entrepreneur: Introduction, concept of Entrepreneur, characteristics of an entrepreneur, qualities of an entrepreneur, Distinction between an entrepreneur and a manager, functions of an entrepreneur, types of entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship: Concept of entrepreneurship, nature and characteristics of entrepreneurship, scope of entrepreneurship, factors affecting entrepreneurial growth: economic factors, non-economic factors and government factors. 08Hrs. MODULE - II Rural entrepreneurship: meaning and need ,problems of rural entrepreneurship, rural industrialization in retrospect, development of rural entrepreneurship Entrepreneurial motivation: introduction to motivation, meaning of motivation, motivational process, motivation theories, Mcdellands acquired need theory, motivating factors, entrepreneurship development programme, objectives of entrepreneurship development programme 08 Hrs. MODULE - III Project identification and selection: Introduction, Meaning and Definition of project, Project identification, project selection project formulation: meaning of Project report, significance of project, contents of project report, formulation and preparation of a project report, steps or guidelines in the preparation of a project report, common errors in project formulation. 07-Hrs. MODULE - IV Project appraisal: concept of project appraisal, methods of project appraisal. Financing of project: need for financial planning, sources of finance, capital structure, term loans, sources of short term finance, capitalization venture capital and export finance . Lease and hire purchase: types of lease agreements, concept of hire purchase, procedure for hire purchase. Taxation benefits to small-scale industry: depreciation, rehabilitation allowance, investment allowance, tax concessions. 08 Hrs. MODULE - V Small scale industries: definition characteristics, need, objectives, scope role of SSI in economic development, advantages of SSI steps to start SSI Government policy towards SSI different policies of SSI, support for SSI during 5 years plan, liberalization privatization globalization on SSI. Effect of WTO-GATT supporting agencies of Govt. Financial Assistance by the various Financial Institutions to industries: Introduction, IFCI, ICICI, LIC, UTI, IDBI, :3 : 39 : 00 : HS Credits: CIE Marks: SEE Marks: 03 50 50

SIDBI, NSIC, Basic procedure that industries should follow while borrowing loans from the various financial institution. 08 Hrs. SUGGESTED TEXT: 1. Entrepreneurship Development - S S Khanka - S Chand & Co 2. Entrepreneurship Development- S.Anil Kumar, S.C.Poornima, Mini.K.Abraham, K. Jayashree, New Age International Pvt Ltd Publishers REFERENCES: 1.Entrepreneurship Development - Small Business Enterprises Poornima M Charantimath - Pearson Education 2006. 2. Dynamics of Entrepreneurial Development & Management - Vasant Desai-Himalaya Publishing House Teaching Faculties: 1.Dr Rajeshwar S.Kadadevaramath, Prof, Dept of I.E.M 2. Sri Lohith C.P, Senior Lecturer, Dept of Mechanical Engg