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To breakthrough the learning barriers and maximize the potential of each student so they have the confidence and

skills to realize their greatest dreams.

20 Wertheim Court, Unit 12, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3A8 Phone: 1-866-984-7086 or 1-877-376-2473 Fax: 905-731-6178 Email: shawn@tutoringacademy.ca


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Principals Welcome

Ann Singh owner of the Academy Tutoring

on at Bramport Shopping Centre, Brampt sting in an Ann cited the following reasons for inve tre: Academy Tutoring Cen t! We live in a (1) The demand for education is grea ld. Therefore wor d politically confuse king. wor isnt public education y Parents are desperate...The Academ be! to is the place to have and (2) It is an affordable franchise a offered by an organization that has ent mitm sincere and passionate com to educating students! (3) I wanted a franchise that would reward me with not only money but with something greater as well!

Welcome from Balti Sauer the co-founder and CEO of the Academy for Mathematics & English. For the past 17 years the Academy has assisted students in the field of Mathematics, English and Science. Students have achieved the skills, the understanding and the confidence to prepare them academically for the challenges ahead. The Academy believes that Every Student has the Potential to Succeed! As a Franchisee, you will have the personal satisfaction of watching your efforts transform childrens lives. You will further benefit by positioning yourself in the # 1 rated franchise category in the world, child learning, as designated by The Wall Street Journal. Moreover, as a Math Tutoring Specialist, you will have niche positioning working to your advantage to separate you from the generalist tutoring competitors. BE PART OF A GREAT TEAM THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF CHILDREN! Regards, Balti Sauer CEO

Sam Shum owner of the Academy Tutoring

Centre rta at Lake Bonavista, Calgary, Albe been over eight It is hard to believe that it has already ily. Theres truth years since I joined the Academy fam having fun. to the clich Time flies when youre the Academy There are many things I like about en system and experience, but it boils down to a prov a great bunch of people. I have always received the support and freedom I need to operate my own business. Thats what I wanted when I was looking for a franchise, and thats exactly what I got. I just love it!

efits n e B y e K
Proven 11 yearold Academy Business Success (ABS) System which will position you to dominate Math tutoring in your area Proven, turnkey teaching systems which will deliver remarkable academic gains to your students Proven marketing and sales system which will attract students to your learning centres and convert them to paying prospects at an enviably high rate Systematic, time tested operating system which literally gives you a paint-by-numbers operating system to run your own well organized, thriving learning centre Three week training program and the provision of on-going support available as quickly and easily as placing a phone call

Beyond ics t Mathema

The students receive a FREE Skill Level Evaluation to determine their proficiency in English.

The English program, for students from SK to Grade 9, covers the fundamentals of grammar, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, reading comprehension and creative writing. An essay-writing course is available for senior students. Chemistry and Physics courses are also available for Grade 11 and 12 students. Enrichment programs are also offered at the Academy.

ool High Schs Credit

The Academy for Mathematics & English proudly supports the High School Credit courses online through our academic partnership with Canada E-School.

The Math Tutoring Specialists

The students receive a FREE ($150.00 value) Math Skill Level Evaluation to determine their age and grade equivalent in Mathematics. The results of the evaluation are then used to create a custom tailored, individualized program. This will allow our math tutoring system to target their skill gaps with laser precision, thereby ensuring rapid improvement.

Studen t Benefit s

The Academy for Mathematics & English provides the hands-on support with their teaching programs and suitably qualified tutors. This program can help students fast track or improve credits already obtained. The two programs, working together have provided well above average results for High School Students.

rs Lil Learne Program

The Lil Learners program is designed to give young students aged 3 to 6 a head start before entering school. The students work in small groups to learn the basics of reading, writing and mathematics, using manipulatives and educational games. The students will develop a love of books and story time; they will become confident enough to make choices; and develop social skills by interacting with other students of similar ages and abilities. The students are taught by qualified Early Childhood Education (ECE) teachers. Solid foundations are built that will last a lifetime. Confidence is developed and learning is fun and enjoyable.

Students from SK to University Entrance level benefit from the progressive mastery facilitated by the Building Block learning structure of our tutoring system. Students learn at a faster pace than ever before and retain information for longer because our program engages their audio, visual and tactile senses simultaneously. This methodology ensures that the students have 100% understanding of the lesson material.

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The Academy for Mathematics & English
Generates revenue by enrolling students in programs such as Mathematics, English, Physics and Chemistry depending on the students needs Sessions vary from $35 $50 The size of the learning centres range from 1000 1200 square feet Situated in strip malls that have easy access and plenty of parking The learning centre will have between 15 and 25 individual learning stations Classes are run Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays Morning sessions are offered for the Lil Learners program The franchise fee for an Academy for Mathematics & English is $35,000 Working capital is estimated at around $18,000 Franchisee must have $50,000 in unencumbered cash Franchisee must have a minimum of $150,000 in net-worth

k Homewor

Eight Steps to Joining Academy for Mathematics & English

Thank you for taking the first step towards realizing your dream of business ownership. The following steps will help guide you through the process of deciding if an Academy for Mathematics & English Franchise is right for you.

1. Submit Questionnaire: Let us know more about you. 2. Introduction to Academy for Mathematics & English: During this step, you will be introduced to the industry, our company, the business model, as well as the role you play as a business owner. 3. Disclosure Document Review: In this step, you will receive the Disclosure Document. You will have a minimum of two weeks to review the disclosure before proceeding to finalizing your franchise agreement. 4. Store Development: This step includes an in-depth discussion about Academy for Mathematics & Englishs site location/approval process, interior layout and store design, construction and training programs. 5. Franchisee Phone Calls / Visits: At this point you will be asked to contact our existing franchisees to do reference checks on us. By taking this step, you will speak with people who are running Academy for Mathematics & English centres today. You will know if you can see yourself in their shoes! 6. Academy for Mathematics & English Business Support: During this step, you will learn more about Academy for Mathematics & Englishs Industry-leading technology, marketing programs and on-going support. 7. Executive Interview: This important step will be your opportunity to speak with our President prior to scheduling your Discovery Day. 8. Discovery Day: This is your final step in our evaluation process before you are awarded a franchise. Your personal Discovery Day visit will give you an opportunity to ask any questions and discuss the steps we will be taking to get you into business!

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my first quarter My grades have gone up a lot! During . It was bad. 67% a at school I got a D in Algebra or my second ing Dur Then I signed up at the Academy. 88%. You an or quarter at school I received a B+ It was ts. poin do the math. Thats 22 percentage smart, hes t, grea GREAT! I love the tutors. Karl is le is Nico her. teac fun, and an excellent t grea and nice is also wonderful. She lem prob the and at helping you underst from all angles. Alex, Grade 9 Since I started attending the Academy, my marks in school and confidence in class have improved. I have been taught new techniques to help me understand topics that here I once struggled with. Mostly, I come sics Phy in lem prob a for help in Math, but when I have n willing to give or Chemistry the tutors are more tha my experiences with py me a hand. I have been very hap I value. time here at the Academy, it has been Grade 11 Student lish is a wonderful The Academy for Mathematics & Eng product which a and ors environment, and has tut that taught in a n tha e mor h explains and teaches muc me d fite school classroom. It has bene a great deal and I now feel confident about my work. It actually works. Grade 12 Student