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I want to make Christian efficacy the center of my career as a teacher.

In my mind, the efficacy displayed by a Christian should go much farther than that of a non-Christian. Efficacy was defined to us in class as compassion for all students coupled with the desire that they all succeed and the belief that they all will succeed. Christian efficacy should combine the desire and belief shown towards success with desire and belief towards the spiritual life of all students. As is defined in efficacy, there is no room for discrimination. Each and every student is not only a fertile young mind ripe for sowing the seeds of knowledge, but for the seeds of salvation as well. This belief and desire leads me to another: I want to teach in the Seventh-Day Adventist school system. I was raised in the Adventist system from second grade through college, and it left a profound impact on my own life. The greatest impact, by far, came during my impressionable high school years. It was at an Adventist boarding academy that I discovered my own faith and began to share it with others. The high school years are incredibly crucial, leading my desire towards teaching students in those tumultuous years. As far as subject matter goes, I have remained in those subjects that I have always excelled in and enjoyed the most. Mathematics has always been my strongest point and, as I have gone through Calculus II this school year, I have continued to be amazing by the intricately complex orderliness of mathematics. Chemistry is the most mathematical of the sciences; it makes sense that I enjoy it more than other sciences and subjects. I have an excellent computational brain, and these subjects are those that fit my strengths and enjoyment. As I progressed through my college career, I discovered that my love for math is nearly equaled by my love for words. The farther I delved into the English curriculum, the more I found myself connecting with and enjoying the subject. I love that English combines the

formulaic (i.e. grammar) with the creative. I added English as a minor and can now say that it would be my second choice to teach, after mathematics. I also enjoy sports tremendously, and would love to be involved in a sports program somehow. I know our academies usually have intramural programs and sports teams. Perhaps I could help organize or even serve as an assistant coach. One area I have experience in and would enjoy to help direct is gymnastics. The subjects I am teaching and the way that I am will play large roles in deciding exactly how I run my classrooms. I want the orderliness of math and chemistry to transfer to orderly classrooms. While I do not want to take this to the extreme of stifling students input into class and enjoyment of the class, I do want my classrooms to be strict. For example, things like tardiness and talking would not be allowed to go unaddressed. I desire for my students to see the importance of responsibility and respect and incorporate this into their lives outside the classroom as well as in it. In addition to and over all of these specifics, I want every facet of my life, outside of teaching as much as within it, to reflect what God wills me to do. If something I have planned or wished for in the future does not come in line with Gods will, than it must no longer come in line with mine. The answer to most questions one could ask me about my future career as a teacher would simply be, I do not know yet, but God does. His plan is my plan, His philosophy my philosophy, and only though constant communion with Him will I be able know what it is as well as be able to follow it.