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Volume 149, Number 8 Thursday, April 25, 2013 Mount Ayr, Iowa 50854 USPS No.

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Hospital board discusses budget appeal, gets update on Medicaid expansion

Ringgold County Hospital board members met for their regular meeting with several topics for discussion. Notice of Protest of 2014 Budget A recent notice of protest of the 2014 RCH budget was received. The required hearing was scheduled to be held April 23 at 9 a.m. in the assembly room at the courthouse. Administrator Gordon Winkler outlined the process for board members. The hearing will be composed of three individuals who are fact nders for the state, and this board will hear objections and oversee the process. Fifteen minutes will be allowed for the petitioner rst and then representatives from Ringgold County Hospital to present. The petitioner will then have a 10-minute rebuttal opportunity, and each entity will be allowed a ve-minute summary. The state tax board will be provided all information for consideration, and a decision will be made. Winkler encouraged the nance committee to attend the hearing. Medicaid expansion debate The ongoing debate in the Iowa legislature regarding the Medicaid expansion portion of the Affordable Health Care Act and potential impact on Ringgold county and the hospital was revisited. Additional information was supplied to the board including a printout comparing the Medicaid expansion proposal and current options available from state and federal programs. This printout was provided by the Iowa Hospital Association who also strongly supports the expansion. Administrator Winkler reiterated Ringgold County Hospitals

Record News
own position in support of opting into the Medicaid expansion and indicated Governor Terry Branstad remains opposed to state participation. Nursing Report Director of Nursing Kathi Schuster reported on two items of interest. In response to indicated concerns, staff is working to improve the timeframe for patients presenting for emergency room care. It was noted that all chest pains are monitored with an EKG within the rst 10 minutes of an ER visit and all visits are intended to be handled in a timely manner. On RCHs Mercy Quality Scorecard, Schuster remarked that a catheter-associated infection reported in November was the rst since 2009. Schuster also announced July 25 as the date for the Hospital Golf Tournament. This years tournament theme is Hit Me With Your Best Shot, a baseball-inspired theme that will be carried out in several ways throughout the tournament. Lunch and dinner will be provided, with the Cattlemens Association serving an evening meal of prime rib. Finance Report Finance director Teresa Roberts indicated an increase in volume in March, but the hospital remains 12 percent under budget. There were no capital expenditures to report and operations show a positive cash ow. Roberts mentioned a tool that estimates cost reports being used by the nance department to provide a speedier response time for Medicare determinations. This tool is benecial for planning Medicare reimbursements and is efcient in assuring proper payments are received. Renancing search In a discussion facilitated by both Winkler and Roberts, information on the hospitals search to nd renancing options was shared. Raymond James is the company presently working with the hospital on nding renancing possibilities, and a new option may be available with a USDA direct loan. Current rates for this type of loan are at three percent, which would be signicant and might help offset the prepayment penalties which will not be negated. Several items would need to be addressed and agreed to by the USDA, a requirement which may or may not be achievable. Winkler and Roberts will continue to explore all routes for renancing and will report to the board as the opportunities develop. Miscellaneous business Miscellaneous notes of interest were shared with the board. The upcoming Community Health Fair is set for Wednesday, May 1 from 4-6 p.m. Area residents are encouraged to participate in this free screening. ____________________________
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Mount Ayr


Water, water everywhere

Heavy rains hit Ringgold county last Wednesday, causing damage to a number of county roads and causing water in a number of household basements. (Above) the spillway at Loch Ayr overows from the rain while (right) water covers the road on 260th Street in an area also known as the Saltzman bottom.

Arion Award winners announced

Two winners for the 2013 Arion Award were announced at Mondays Merrill Perry Band Concert. Jennifer Blair and April Shields were presented the award by John Thorpe, president of the Mount Ayr Lions, sponsor of the award. The award honors the top senior band member each year. Pictured are (L-R) parents James and Suzanne Blair, winner Jennifer Blair, winner April Shields, parents Kim and Dave Shields, Thorpe and 5-12 band director Greg Storhoff.

Supervisors discuss roads, appoint Veterans Affairs Commissioners

The Ringgold county board of supervisors met in regular session Monday, April 22. Road damage County engineer Zach Gunsolley updated the board about damage caused by the recent heavy rains across the county. He said a number of bridges, culverts and roads had been damaged and will require repair before other scheduled repair and maintenance projects can proceed. (A related story can be found elseware on the front page of this weeks RecordNews.) In a related item, Alva Parker appeared before the board to announce he would not grant easement on adjacent property for work to begin on a bridge near his home in the northern part of the county. According to the supervisors, Parker told them the bridge was OK the way it was. He asked the supervisors to restrict the bridge to one-way access and to paint the bannisters. The bridge is an estimated 60 years old and was on the countys list of bridges needing repair and maintenance. The project would be a joint effort between Union and Ringgold counties. Veterans Affairs Commission The supervisors named four new members to the Veterans Affairs Commission: Jack Cook, Lyle Minnick, Kathy Kilgore and Larry Ford. They will join current member Shirley Wallace. The supervisors were pleased to have six people interested in positions on the commission, and they said they had wanted to include all six applicants to create a sevenperson board. However, the state mandates a maximum of ve commission members. The supervisors said they would contact the other

Storms take toll on county roads

The storms that rolled through Ringgold county this month have proven to be crippling to the county secondary road system. Zach Gunsolley, Ringgold county engineer, has been assessing the damage from the rain event. We had a laundry list of items that needed addressed throughout the county before this rain hit, said Gunsolley. This oodwater has added new problems and amplied old ones. It has proven to be a sucker punch to the secondary roads departments budget. Gunsolley said there are many locations where gravel was washed away by oodwater overtopping the road. Many bridges and culverts have lost soil around them from ash ooding. Five locations were closed during the ooding, including a bridge that has been closed due to ood damage. Another bridge was closed this past Monday after ood damage was discovered during inspection. Gunsolley said earth and riprap are needed to repair areas around the bridges and culverts before they are damaged further. The secondary roads department has been assessing bridge and culvert damage on a case-by-case basis. Assessing the total ood damage across our entire road system will take time, said Gunsolley. As the week wears on, county road crews continue to discover new problems from the ooding. Gunsolley asks that people be careful when traveling on county roads as not all roads, especially dirt roads, have been inspected after the recent ooding. After each rain, please use caution as erosion will continue to worsen at problem areas until we have a chance to make necessary repairs, Gunsolley added. Gunsolley asks the public to contact the Engineers Ofce at 464-3232 to report a county road problem, and to exercise patience as the secondary roads department works to make repairs to the secondary roads system.

two applicants, Charlie Case and Jim Hullinger, if future openings occurred on the commission. Letter of support The board also approved a letter of support for the Public Health Agencys grant application aimed at purchasing new equipment to make Medicaid billing more efcient. Other business In other business the supervisors; approved the insurance rates for FY 2014. The rates reect a 7.5 percent increase over current rates. reviewed and approved the Return-to-Work policy for the secondary roads department. The policy reects changes in workmans compensation requirements coming in July.

Poore second at Kansas Relays

Braydee Poore nished in second place in the boys high jump competition at the 2013 Kansas Relays in Lawrence, KS. Poore jumped 6-6 to claim the runner-up spot in the 86th running of the Kansas Relays, one of the nations oldest and most prestigious track and eld events. According to Mount Ayr boys track coach Brad Elliott, Poore was among the favorites in a fourstate showdown of top prep high jumpers. Due to the cool/windy conditions, Braydee came in at a routine height of 5-10 for him to get the blood owing, he said. He sailed over the bar awlessly on his way to three attempts at 6-08. After clearing 6-06, it looked as if Poore was the favorite with a more than adequate clearance. He was the only jumper without any misses at all of the heights leading up to 6-08. Kai Rowden of Olathe North (leading jumper in Kansas) was the only jumper to clear 6-08 on his way to the 2013 Kansas Relays High Jump title. Three jumpers cleared 6-6, but Poore nished in second place as he was the only jumper with no misses to that point. Twenty-eight jumpers from high schools in Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Colorado and Iowa accepted invitations to compete in the event. This was a great performance by Braydee, added Elliott. Not only did he have a solid shot at winning the event, he gained valuable large meet experience as he prepares for this weeks Drake Relays.

Snapshots of Ringgold County

Tree bench offers rest to weary hikers
As part of our commemoration of the Record-News 150th year of publishing, each week we will feature a photo of life in Ringgold County. Snapshots of Ringgold County photos will vary as the seasons and events dictate. Here, a bench made from a tree trunk serves as a resting spot in a shelter on the walking trail north of Mount Arr.

State board hears Ringgold budget appeals

Representatives from the Iowa State Board of Appeals held a series of public hearings in response to formal protests regarding the recent certication of the scal year 2014 county budget. (Specic details were not available at press time.) The hearings took place in the assembly room at the Ringgold county courthouse on Tuesday, April 23. A series of four hearings were held, beginning at 9 a.m. with the Ringgold County Hospital budget. A hearing on the E-911 service board budget was set for 10:45 a.m. In the afternoon, the hearing for the Agricultural Extension Board budget began at 1:15 p.m. followed by the county assessor budget hearing at 3 p.m. The hearings stem from a series of protests submitted to the state board of appeals by 10 county residents concerning certication of the FY 2014 county budget. The hearings served only as a fact-nding mission after which the information will be presented to the state appeals board for its nal judgment in the matter.

First Federal merges

Effective June 30, First Federal Savings Bank and Page County State Bank will merge to form PCSB Bank. PCSB will continue to serve the communities of Clarinda, Creston, Corning, Lenox and Mount Ayr. According to a press release, the Whitmore family has owned Page County State Bank for over 50 years and First Federal Savings Bank for over 25. This merger will allow us to leverage our resources providing our fellow community members, farmers and business owners with

This is the eighth of the photos in our commemorative series.

innovative technology, the latest products and services, and the best bank employees in the area, stated Cynthia Alvarez, vice president and director of marketing in the press release. We would like to stress that this is not your typical merger. We have owned both institutions for decades and felt this would be the best time to join forces in order to strengthen our footprint and continue to be the premier family-owned community bank of choice in Southwest Iowa.

Braydee Poore of Mount Ayr nished second in the prestigious boys high jump competition at the Kansas Relays in Lawrence, KS.


Mount Ayr Record-News

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spending a day with young writers LOOKING BACK in the Early Files THOUGHTS
Each April for the past 20 years or so, I have had the opportunity to take part in the Young Writers Workshop at Graceland University. Last week the workshop came around again, and this time I was able to spend the whole day with the third, fourth and fth graders from area elementary schools who spend a day celebrating writing. Each year a famous childrens author spends time with the students, they have the opportunity to read one of their compositions to a group of their peers, and they attend other workshop choices about many aspects of writing which are offered. In the early days of the program, I did a session on writing for newspapers. When another news person began taking part, I changed my session to How To Choose A Topic. As a writer who has had to come up with a topic for a column for 34 or more years, I gured I had a pretty good track record in coming up with something to write about. Making a 45-minute presentation to a group of nine- to 12-year-olds that one has never met can be a bit daunting. Im happy to say, however, that in all these years I have never had even one student who was hard to deal with. And often there has not been a teacher of any kind sitting in on the session. Either I completely put the kids to sleep with my presentation or I have stumbled across some ideas that they enjoy listening to. One of the fun things to do is have each of the students introduce themselves and what kind of writing they like to do. There are a few who arent quite convinced that they are writers . . . but then you get writers who are very specic about what they want to write -- like fantasy mysteries. My presentation changes a bit from year to year, even though the general outline has been pretty similar. This year, for example, I could illustrate the point about jotting down ideas to use later from what I learned about Margaret Montgomerys idea for her Anne of Green Gables series that I learned this summer when visiting Prince Edward Island. She had a scrap of paper on which she had jotted the idea of an elderly brother and sister who try to adopt a boy but get a girl instead. Finding that a few years later, she began to write Anne of Green Gables and the rest is history. The only problem was that most of the children had no idea who Anne was. I suggested that it might be a book they would enjoy. One of the exercises that usually turns out to be fun is to have the students make a list of adjectives and a list of nouns. I have them share one from each list with me and write them on the board. We then randomly match the adjectives and nouns to come up with ideas to write about. The Oozing Scooter, the Enormous Flashlight, the Blabbering Seahorse . . . on and on we would come up with topics that could get imaginations owing. Of course the technology has changed over the years as well. While this exercise is all paper and pencil, I also shared this year a website where all you have to do is push a series of buttons for a random type of writing, adjective, noun and descriptive phrase to roll up and give a young writer a start for their story. I emphasize that to be a good writer one has to

& other things


be a good observer of the world and the people around them. Then becoming a good communicator to share the observations in an interesting way is key as well. Another of my favorite exercises is to tell the students that I am an alien from Mars who has come to earth and am being introduced to chocolate pudding. They are asked to describe the look, taste, smell, texture and the way eating chocolate pudding makes one feel without using the word chocolate or pudding. There are some very creative young writers when it comes to these descriptions. Lester L. Laminack was the author who shared with the students this year. He is the author of Three Hens and a Peacock, a Childrens Choice book award winner for kindergarten through second grade readers. He has written a whole series of childrens books, many of which arise from his experiences. How he turns these experiences into book ideas was shared with the hundreds of students taking part in the day. This book grew out of his experiences with some co-workers who were a bit jealous of some of his success -- that took him on the road to promote his books instead of handling some of the school responsibilities they felt he should be doing. That background makes the book more than just a book for children. Many of the teachers felt that Laminack made one of the most interesting presentations of any of the authors, at least in recent years, and sharing his books and book ideas was really fun for me as well. One of the fun parts of my sharing with the students is reading a couple of my columns. I tell them how the idea came for the column, and then how the column was built from that starting point. Laminick told about a book he wrote about dealing with grandparents with Alzheimers and that led into the column I read to the students about holding my dads hand when going across a parking lot when the roles of parent and child were reversed by dementia. The students always seem to understand the sentiment involved -- something that one might not expect from students this age. I never know if I make a positive impression on the students because I never really have any further contact with most of them. I hope that the day spent with them is as worthwhile for them as I feel it is for me. However the students end up using their writing skills, being able to communicate well with others is surely something that will stand them in good stead in the future.

Fifty Years Ago (From the Mount Ayr RecordNews, Thursday, April 18, 1963.) Twenty young men and women, who constitute the upper 20 percent of the 1963 senior class of the Mount Ayr Community high school, were honored at the annual scholarship banquet, sponsored by the local branch of the American Association of University Women on April 6. Those honored were Richard Stephens, Carolyn Rychnovsky, Paul Lay, Sandra Hunt, Shirley Saville, Janet Bourne, Melanie Lane, David Barker, Sheryl Geringer, Jane Kinne, Linda Corll, Donna Walters, Jeanne Marler, Jerry Waugh, Cynthia Kelly, Teena Lynch, Carol Chicken, Bonnie Garner, Pamela Gauer and Bonnie Paist. Mayor and Mrs. J. L. Schardein went Thursday to Granger to attend the coronation of their niece, Mrs. Ira (Jim) Foster, as Mrs. Iowa of 1963. Mrs. Foster is the daughter-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Foster of Kellerton. Rich Defenbaugh set a new record in the high hurdles and Eugene Ricker tied the mark in the 220-yard dash at the Tiger Relays held Saturday in Griswold. Defenbaugh won the high hurdles in 15.5 and broke the old meet standard of 15.8. He also won the low hurdles in 21.2 to break his school record of 21.4 set last year. Ricker won the 220 in 23.4 to tie the meet record. He was second in the 100-yard dash in 10.5 and broad jumped 20 feet, 1 1/2 inch to place fth. Defenbaugh jumped 19 feet, nine inches and just failed to place. The 70-acre farm of the late Harry Searles, located at the east edge of Blockton, was sold Saturday at public auction to Merton H. Ihrig for $8,680 or $124 per acre. Personal property was also sold. The sale was conducted by Mrs. John Shafer, executrix; Emmet R. Warin, attorney; Dennis Owens and Raymond Hutchinson, auctioneers, and Glenn Warden, clerk. The voters of Mount Ayr will go to the polls tomorrow (Friday) to approve or disapprove Ordinance No. 136, passed by the town council, granting to the Iowa Southern

Utilities Company a non-exclusive franchise. Births reported at Ringgold County Hospital this week were a daughter, born April 12, to Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rex Boswell of Davis City; a daughter, born April 14, to Mr. and Mrs. Lyndon Leigh Evans of Mount Ayr, and a son, born April 15, to Mr. and Mrs. Clifford D. Teale of Diagonal. Obituaries in this issue were Russell Santford Hughes, Katherine Arminna Parkins Dowell and Minnie Alzine Harsh Mull. Twenty-ve Years Ago (From the Mount Ayr RecordNews, Thursday, April 28, 1988.) Jerry Noble was named the Mount Ayr Community high school Arion award winner. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Rollin Noble of Mount Ayr. Grand Valley, Lamoni and Mount Ayr Community school districts will share up to three vocational education programs in the coming school year in a program being run in cooperation with Southwestern Community College in Creston. A computer assisted drafting program will be hosted by the Mount Ayr Community school district, a child care training program will be hosted by Lamoni and students from the three districts may also have the option of a multi-occupations program which would provide on the job work experience as well as some classroom study in job seeking. Kristy Moe of Mount Ayr tied for rst in a math contest for sixth graders from across the state held in Fort Dodge Saturday. The state contest pitted the top three individuals and the top three teams from each Area Education Agency in the state in a contest where some 180 students took part. Moe had advanced to the state meet by placing second in the competition in Creston. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Mel Moe of Mount Ayr. In the state contest, the team from Atlantic, coached by Bruce Henderson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Milt Henderson of Mount Ayr, and which included Hendersons son, Todd, placed rst in the state as a team. Vanette Hunt, a junior at Iowa

Will momentum of immigration reform endanger farmers?

As immigration reform swirls through the halls of the U.S. Congress, folks in farm country have begun to worry about its effects on their operations. Specically, Minnesota U.S. Sen. Al Franken (D) has expressed concerned about EVerify and milk producers. According to Agriculture Online Business Editor, Daniel Looker, Franken told reporters, April 18, that he plans to try to get farms and small businesses treated differently in an immigration bill in the Senate that would, Looker said, eventually require all businesses to use the Federal E-Verify system to determine the legal status of employees. Franken, who is a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, told the reporters that the existing E-Verify system is not accurate and will, he stated, put a burden on small businesses that dont have large human resource departments. The senator appeared before reporters with Minnesota dairy farmer Pat Lunemann, president of the Minnesota Milk Producers AsLooker reported that Franken suggested that E-Verify generates a high number of false positives as it screens immigrants and others. The last independent audit of E-Verify said it rejected legal American workers once every 140 times, Franken said. If your car had that kind of error rate, it would break down at least four times a year. That kind of error rate wont work for businesses and it denitely wont work for small businesses. While Franken said he supports immigration reform, he wants to be ____________________________
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Letter to the Editor

Shields thanks reghters
Dear Editor, With this being National Volunteers Week and being a farmer who recently needed the services of volunteers, it seemed an appropriate time to recognize the re departments in our county. On what appeared to be a calm day, my son and I began burning some brush piles on the farm east of Tingley. Even though we were watching the brush, the wind began to pick up and sparks ignited dry grass around the pile which sent the re spreading in the eld. A call to the local re department brought volunteer remen from Tingley, Ellston and Mount Ayr to contain this re. We normally think of reghters in connection with building or house res but these volunteers are an asset to farmers who have machinery, hay or grass res. My thanks to all those remen who put out the re in my eld and kudos to the volunteer remen throughout Ringgold county who give of their time to provide this invaluable service. Raymond Shields, President Ringgold County Farm Bureau

State University, is one of two recipients of a $500 scholarship sponsored by Iowas Independent Rural Agents and the Independent Insurance Agents of Iowa. Hunt is the daughter of Lois Hunt of Diagonal. David McFarland of Ellston is one of 50 semi-nalists in the Iowa Lottery Cowboy Contest. The contest, sponsored by the Iowa Lottery, is searching for a cowboy looking like the wanted posters placed around the state. As a seminalist McFarland won $100 and he now goes on to Council Bluffs Saturday, April 30, to compete with 10 other people from this part of the state. Ronnie Landphair set a new Rebel Raider Relays record in the high jump and tied the school record set by David McNeill in 1969 with a leap when the junior high boys and girls hosted the meets here Tuesday, April 19. Landphair jumped ve feet, 3 1/2 inches to become coholder of the school record. The Ringgold County Ministerial Association this week presented a check for $100 to the ALLAY Council for its work with child abuse prevention and good parenting skills promotion. The $100 will go toward the $600 in funds that the council is seeking to raise locally this year to aid in its work with volunteers who help new parents with support as they begin parenting. Rev. Doug Harding, for the past two years pastor at the United Methodist churches at Kellerton, Beaconseld and Grand River, succeeding the late Rev. Walter Zarr, has agreed to take a new church appointment. On June 15 he will be on assignment at Blairstown-Norway charges as their pastor. These communities are some 15 miles west of Cedar Rapids. At Kellerton Harding is on the city council and is president of the Ringgold county Ministerial Association. Obituaries in this weeks issue were Ruth Rogers Lorimor and Vilas C. Banner. Ten Years Ago (From the Mount Ayr RecordNews, Thursday, April 17, 2003.) After several years of work, the Mount Ayr city hall has been completely remodeled and was on display for the public for an open house Monday afternoon. Windows were replaced on the outside and a garage building given a new front door on the outside as it was turned into the city council chambers. On the inside, the garage portion of the building was turned into a storage area for city records as well as the council chambers room. The of-

ce half of the building was also completely remodeled. It includes a separate ofce for the mayor, a glassed-in ofce for the city clerk, restrooms, a break room and a large area for city employees to work. Mount Ayr Community high schools Raider jazz band took part in the Iowa Jazz Championships Tuesday, April 8. The Raiders ended up placing 13th in the 15-team eld for Class 2A. Mark Trullinger received an outstanding soloist award for his guitar solo. Receiving his Iowa FFA degree at the state FFA leadership conference in Ames this past week was one Mount Ayr Community FFA chapter member -- senior Lyndon Hawkins. A boost to help the Ramsey Farms at Lesanville project has been announced this week. The 1940s working farm and community is being constructed in a area along Highway 2 four miles west of Mount Ayr. Negotiations are underway to receive a County Attractions and Tourism program grant of $176,852 to be matched by the Ramsey Farm Foundation to help with the project. Landi McFarland of Ellston is one of two Iowa Angus Princesses for 2003, after being introduced at the annual banquet of the Iowa Angus Association recently. McFarland will join princess Bridget Driscoll of Williamsburg and 2002 Miss Iowa Angus Lisa Stream of Chariton in helping at Angus shows, sales and other events. A Mount Ayr Community FFA chapter team received a gold award at the state FFA leadership conference in Ames last week. The farm management team placed eighth in the state out of 72 teams competing. Members of the team included Adam Triggs, Lyndon Hawkins, Brad Wilson and Lincoln Parrish. Mount Ayr Communitys academic bowl team took second in the Wayne Academic Bowl tournament held in Corydon Wednesday, April 9. Members of the team were Troy Henry, Shelly Adams, Clara Terrell, Heidi Winkler, Debra Wilson, Luke Angus and Tanner Rinehart. Two former Ringgold county residents -- Jody (Shields) Lipcamon and Traci (Larson) Knoll -- are spearheading the Generations of Womens Health program offered at the Hy-Vee Conference Center in Des Moines. The birth reported this week was a daughter, born April 9, to David and Megan Buchanan of Creston. The obituary in this weeks issue was Dwain Leland Daughton.


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sociation. They indicated, Looker reported, that there is a problem right now with how the E-Verify system would work in identifying immigrants employed as milkers on dairy farms. Lunemann said he is concerned about small milk producers being at risk of lawsuits from former employees if they are incorrectly identied as undocumented workers by E-Verify. He told reporters hed like to see farms and small businesses exempted from the mandatory requirement that E-Verify be used to screen employees.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

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age. (MA) 2 p.m., 911 call, request for an ambulance. (MA) 2:44 p.m., call about papers that needed to be served. (CO) 3:04 p.m., caller with information about inmate. (MA) 4:47 p.m., caller with more information about inmate. (MA) 5:26 p.m., caller needing ofcer for a domestic situation. (CO) 6:50 p.m., caller with information about inmate. (MA) 11:15 p.m., caller needing ofcer for a domestic situation. (MA) Saturday, April 13 3:04 p.m., 911 call, request for an ambulance. (MA) 6:15 p.m., report of a controlled burn. (DI) 7:24 p.m., caller with questions regarding an old case. (OC) 8 p.m., 911 call, Union county non emergency. (OC) 10:30 p.m., caller reporting a possible missing person. (OC) 10:36 p.m., caller with information for dispatcher. (MA) Sunday, April 14 9:52 a.m., caller reporting a controlled burn. (CO) 11:33 a.m., caller reporting losing a wallet. (MA) 12:06 p.m., 911 call. (CO) 4:04 p.m., vehicle lockout. (CO) 6:18 p.m., 911 call. (OC) 6:33 p.m., caller returning call to ofcer. (OC) 6:42 p.m., caller wanting to talk to ofcer about his stuff. (CO) 8:25 p.m., caller reporting cows out. (MA) Monday, April 15 12:04 a.m., caller reporting a prowler. (MA) 4:59 a.m., call for dispatch. (OC) 7:19 a.m., call for chief deputy. (RE) 7:54 a.m., call for dispatch. (CO) 7:56 a.m., call for jail. (OC) 8:21 a.m., call for chief deputy. (MA) 8:39 a.m., call for sheriff. (OC) 8:54 a.m., caller setting up visitation with inmate. (KE) 9 a.m., call for sheriff. (MA) 9:07 a.m., caller setting up vistation with inmate. (OC) 9:34 a.m., numerous calls about a semi across the road. (MA) 9:34 a.m., caller reporting vandalism. (MA) 9:35 a.m., 911 test. (RE) 9:46 a.m., call for inmate. (OC) 9:49 a.m., call for dispatch. (OC) 10:29 a.m., call about someones driving. (MA) 10:43 a.m., caller needing re department. (MA) 10:54 a.m., call for dispatch. (OC) 11:30 a.m., caller with questions about phone cards. (OC) 11:43 a.m., call for jail. (OC) 12:30 p.m., caller reporting he will be working in Ringgold county. (OC) 12:41 p.m., caller advising they had located some stolen items. (CO) 1:44 p.m., caller reported they were leaving Ringgold county. (OC) 3:17 p.m., caller reporting child abuse. (CO) 10:18 p.m., neighbor dispute over dogs. (KE) Tuesday, April 16 5:14 a.m., caller reporting anhydrous smell in Taylor county. (OC) 9:32 a.m., call for sheriff. (CO) 11:50 a.m., report of an accident. (MA) 2:10 p.m., caller with information regarding 911 address. (CO) 3:02 p.m., call for sheriff. (OC) 4:04 p.m., caller with message for inmate. (OC) 5:11 p.m., 911 call. (MA) 8:48 p.m., domestic call. (MA) 10:35 p.m., call for ofcer regarding domestic situation. (MA) 10:44 p.m., caller with questions regarding inmates mail. (MA) Wednesday, April 17 1:28 a.m., caller inquiring about inmate. (MA) 4:32 a.m., numerous reports of power outages. (CO) 5:16 a.m., call for jail about brother. (OC) 5:28 a.m., chief deputy checking in. (MA) 7:05 a.m., report of cows out. (CO) 7:47 a.m., ofcer checking in. (MA) 7:48 a.m., sheriff checking in. (CO) 8:09 a.m., caller needing clerk of courts number. (MA) 8:23 a.m., call for sheriff. (OC) 8:43 a.m., request for an ambulance. (CO) 9 a.m., call for sheriff. (OC) 9:16 a.m., report of water over 210th Street. (CO) 9:33 a.m., 911 call, false alarm. (CO) 9:36 a.m., call for sheriff. (OC) 9:55 a.m., call for jail. (OC) 10:11 a.m., 911 call, false alarm. (CO) 11:34 a.m., call about ooding. (CO) 11:40 a.m., report of a car alarm going off. (MA) 11:54 a.m., caller with information on protective order. (MA) 12:54 p.m., caller advising parks are closed due to ooding. (CO) 1:30 p.m., caller with weigh station information. (OC) 1:44 p.m., caller with information about inmate. (CO) 1:47 p.m., caller with information about inmate. (OC) 9:39 p.m., caller reporting a missing person ...... then reporting person found. (MA) Thursday, April 18 1:33 a.m., National Weather Service call. (OC) 2:57 a.m., caller reporting a suspicious vehicle. (CO) 5:06 a.m., caller with road questions. (CO) 8:31 a.m., report of a house re in Kellerton. (KE) 9:45 a.m., call for civil desk. (OC) 9:57 a.m., re chief checking in. (KE) COURTHOUSE NEWS Ringgold County Courthouse hours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. unless noted otherwise. Ringgold county now has a website at www.ringgoldcounty. us. Assessor: Neil Morgan, 464-

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MARRIAGES Daniel Todd Auman of Kansas City, MO and Kirby Dean McCullough of Kansas City, MO. Married April 16, 2013. Date marriage led April 16, 2013. DISSOLUTIONS SIMPLE MISDEMEANOR AND TRAFFIC CONVICTIONS March 11-18, 2013 Samuel Jay Schilb, Birmingham, $222.00, speeding 11-15 m.p.h. over the speed limit. Janie Dawn Stark, Kellerton, $127.50, seat belt violation. Adam John Brummer, Indianola, $100.50, speeding 1-5 m.p.h. over the speed limit. Katey Lynn Jerome, Corning, $119.00, speeding 6-10 m.p.h. over the speed limit. John Henry Barber, Benton, $127.50, seat belt violation. Bessie Lee Cooke, Diagonal, $87.00, failure to display registration plate. FROM RINGGOLD COUNTY MAGISTRATE COURT FROM RINGGOLD COUNTY DISTRICT COURT April 15 - Trial information was led in district court charging Gary Leroy Joynes of Mount Ayr with conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance/marijuana. Bond set previously at $5,000 continues and a preliminary hearing cancelled. Joynes was ordered to appear for arraignment on Monday, May 6, 2013 at the Ringgold county courthouse. RINGGOLD COUNTY SHERIFFS OFFICE RINGGOLD COUNTY SHERIFFS LOG

(Call Origination Code: MA = Mount Ayr; KE = Kellerton; EL = Ellston; TI = Tingley; DI = Diagonal; DE = Delphos; MO = Maloy; BE = Beaconseld; BO = Benton; SC = Shannon City; BL = Blockton; RE = Redding; SV = Sun Valley; CO = In County; OC = Out of County; OS = Out of State)

April 11-18, 2013 Thursday, April 11 9:29 a.m., call for jail. (OC) 9:38 a.m., call for clerk of court. (OC) 10:15 a.m., call for sheriff. (OC) 10:28 a.m., call for chief deputy. (MA) 11:18 a.m., call for dispatch. (MA) 12:05 p.m., call for ofcer. (EL) 1:06 p.m., call for ofcer. (MA) 2:20 p.m., jail call. (OC) 2:27 p.m., caller with information for inmate. (BO) 2:27 p.m., caller with questions for chief deputy. (BL) 5:14 p.m., caller reporting a phone scam. (MA) 5:34 p.m., caller reporting cows out. (TI) 9:16 p.m., caller with questions. (TI) Friday, April 12 9:05 a.m., call for sheriff. (OC) 9:24 a.m., call for jail. (OC) 9:42 a.m., caller with message for ofcer. (OC) 9:47 a.m., 911 test. (DI) 10:23 a.m., 911 test. (MA) 10:34 a.m., vehicle lockout. (MA) 11:05 a.m., call for ofcer. (CO) 11:08 a.m., call about property. (OC) 11:12 a.m., call for jail. (OC) 11:31 a.m., dog call. (MA) 11:39 a.m., call for chief deputy. (MA) 11:51 a.m., call for chief deputy. (OC) 12 p.m., report of a power out-

3233. Auditor: Amanda Waske, 464-3239. Board of Supervisors: David Inloes, chairman, Royce Dredge and Kraig Pennington, members, 464-3244. Supervisors meetings are open to the public and are held in the supervisors conference room located on the second oor between the clerk of court and auditors ofce. On days the board is not scheduled to be in ofce, please direct all inquiries to the auditors ofce. To schedule a meeting time with the supervisors, contact the auditors ofce. Regular board meetings are held on Mondays with ofcial public notice of the meeting agendas posted at the Ringgold county courthouse, Mount Ayr RecordNews, Sun Valley Lake and Diagonal city hall the day before. Clerk of Court (a state ofce): Jackie Saville, 464-3234; fax: 464-2478. Ofce hours: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 8 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8 a.m. noon and 1 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. The clerks ofce handles alimony and child support payments, probates, civil and criminal lings, magistrates court and records and services of adoptions, conservatorships, court proceedings, divorces, estates, grand jury, guardianships, judgments, juvenile proceedings, mechanics liens, mental health admissions, petit jury, surety company certicates, state hospital, trafc violations, trust funds, trusteeships. Certied copies can be made of above listed records. Court records are also available at www.iowacourts.gov. County Conservation Board: Kate Zimmerman, phone: 464-2787, email: rangerkate@iowatelecom.net. Please contact for information on rules and regulations, parks, trail ways, camping, shelter reservations, environmental education and more. Parks are open March 15 - November 15. Walk-in trafc is allowed year round. County Weed Commissioner: Brenda Adams, 641-344-9629. Development and Tourism: Karen Bender, Coordinator, 4643704. If anyone has any calendar events, please contact the development ofce at 641-464-3704. E-911 Service Board: Merle Walter, 307 N. Webster St., Mount Ayr, 464-3311. Emergency Management Agency: Teresa Jackson, Coordinator, 109 W. Madison St., Suite 105, cell: 641-202-9671; phone: 464-3344; fax: 464-0663, email: tjackson@iowatelecom.net. Hours: Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The tornado sirens in Mount Ayr will be tested the rst Tuesday of each month unless there is severe weather.

Engineer: Zach Gunsolley, P.E., 464-3232. 707 South Henderson Drive. Ofce hours: Monday Friday, 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. General Relief: Gary Smith, 109 W. Madison St., 464-2397. Mondays and Thursdays, 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.; Tuesdays, 7:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.; Closed Wednesdays and Fridays. In case of emergency 641-464-2397 or 641-202-1199. Recorder: Karen Schaefer, 464-3231. Passport applications are taken daily from 8 a.m. - 11 a.m. and noon - 4 p.m. Certied vital records can be obtained from 8 a.m. - noon and 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. The recorders ofce serves as a passport agent. Items needed to apply are: certied copy of birth certicate, drivers license or state issued ID, two-inch square passport photos and passport application (both available at recorders ofce) and fees. Allow four to six weeks from date of application to receive passport book or card from the passport agency. Expedited service is available for an additional fee. Individuals with recent name changes can get their passport book/card updated without a fee within one year of issue. Forms may be obtained at the recorders ofce. For additional information call the recorders ofce or go to www.travel.state.gov/passport. Avoid a $5 penalty by renewing boat registrations by April 30, 2013. Sanitarian: Ringgold County Public Health Agency, 464-0691. Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Public Health Agency: 119 S. Fillmore, 464-0691. Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Sheriff: Mike Sobotka, Emergency Only 911, Non-Emergency (Available 24/7) 464-3921 or 4642911. New location at the Ringgold County Law Enforcement Center, 801 West South Street. Hours are 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Road Conditions - dial 511 or online at www.IowaRoadConditions. org. Treasurer: Debbie Cannon, 464-3230. Applications for 2013 Iowa Property Tax Credit for Elderly and Disabled Taypayers must be submitted by the ling date of May 1, 2013. Applications may be picked up in the ofce or downloaded at www.iowatreasurers.org. Property taxes can be paid online at www.iowatreasurers.org with Visa, Master Card and Discover credit cards or e-checks. Payments made in the ofce may be with cash, checks or with a Master Card, Visa or Discover credit or debit card. All documents conveying real estate need to have the name and address of the person to whom the property tax statement is to be mailed. Please check renewal notices and tax statements for the correct information. If the infor-

RCPH, city partner on way nding walking, biking signs

Ringgold County Public Health (RCPH) is proud to announce the fruits of a successful partnership with the City of Mount Ayr. New way nding signs were placed on a walking and biking route from the Mount Ayr elementary school to Judge Lewis Park. They have motivational messages along with distances to the next destination at various spots along the route. For instance the signs on the corner of Jefferson and Lincoln, the Family Resource Center intersection, read: 1 mile to Judge Lewis Park: 20 minutes via walking, 6 minutes via bike, along with a message for kids and parents about health benets of walking and biking. The signs were designed to encourage more walking and biking but have a nice side effect of marking a safe route for children to use when traveling from the school to the park. The route runs along Jefferson Street and then turns through the business district and downtown before heading west on Madison towards the park. National Bike and Walk to School Week is in early May so a few organizations have joined forces and are already planning a local event on May 8, meeting at the park at 7:30 a.m. that morning. They will travel along the route that the signs mark to highlight it. Parents and grandparents are encouraged to consider joining their children, grandchildren or a neighborhood child for a walk or bike ride that morning. If you live in rural Ringgold county park your vehicle at the park and join from there. Diagonal will be holding their Bike and Walk to School event on May 9 starting from their city park also. Mount Ayr City Superintendent Brent Wise believes the signs are a perfect addition to the community. Wise noted I have seen many people walking and riding bikes around town. I believe the walking/bike route is a great way to spend family time. The added perk is making exercise easier for people. I was able to spend time with Chris from RCPH touring the route to determine sign placement. It was a pleasure partnering with RCPH on this project and the signs are now in place thanks to Cody Jay. The signs were purchased with funds awarded to Mount Ayr through a Healthy Iowans Grant earmarked for promoting physical activity. Southern Iowa Council of Governments (SICOG) administered the grant and funds were directed by a steering committee of local volunteers. Ringgold County Public Health (RCPH) continues their work on a Community Transformation Grant to reduce the impact of chronic diseases. If you would like more information on walking, biking, active living or healthy eating call Ringgold County Public Health at 641-464-0691 or visit us on the web at www.rcph.net and www. facebook.com/rstop.

mation is wrong, contact the treasurers ofce. Motorists can now renew motor vehicle registrations online at www.iowatreasurers.org if a renewal notice is received through the United States Postal Service that contains a personal identication number (PIN). Please be aware that the PIN can only be used one time. Contact the treasurers ofce for more information. Those with March birth dates are reminded to register their motor vehicles by April 30, 2013. Bring in the renewal statement received in the mail so renewals can be quickly processed. Drivers License Ofce: Lo-

cated in the Treasurers Ofce. Drivers licenses may be renewed any time during the period of 30 calendar days before and up to 60 calendar days after the drivers birth date. The drivers license station hours are Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Phone 464-3230 with questions. Veterans Affairs: Gary Smith, 109 W. Madison St., 464-2397. Mondays and Thursdays, 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.; Tuesdays, 7:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.; Closed Wednesdays and Fridays. In case of emergency 641-464-2397 or 641-202-1199.

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More on hospital board meeting

A newsletter on health has been started for interested community members. It is presently emailed, and anyone is invited to add their email to the list if they would like to receive the newsletter. Old business Correspondence continues with Davida in regard to dialysis care, and interest is still expressed for purchase of the old hospital building. Staff appointments Initial appointment to the staff was approved for Dr. Jerry Phipps, and a reappointment was approved for Dr. Mark Belz, nephrologist.

Friday and Saturday July 19 and 20
For more information or to volunteer, contact: SMOKIN IN THE AYR Ron Schafer 641-464-0659
AYR DAYS Allison Carr-Anderson, Co-Chair 712-303-7452 Brandy Anderson, Co-Chair 641-223-0890

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Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.


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Social Community Calendar

NOTICE - If you would like your organizations meeting dates to appear in the calendar, please contact Record-News staff at 464-2440. Wednesday, April 24 Mount Ayr Preservation meeting at the Mount Ayr Inn at 4:30 p.m. Thursday, April 25 Diagonal Community school early childhood round-up from 8 a.m. to 12 noon. Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at 8 p.m. at the Neighborhood Center, Mount Ayr. Saturday, April 27 Card shower for Larry Campbells 75th birthday. Cards and correspondence may be sent to him at Mount Ayr Health Care Center, P.O. Box 547, Mount Ayr, IA 50854. New York Times best-selling author Tracey Garvis Graves will be at the Ellston community library from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Diagonal Lions community appreciation at the Diagonal city park at 6 p.m. Monday, April 29 Thin Within support group will meet at 5 p.m. at the Lighthouse. Sowing in Tears Support Group will meet at 7 p.m. at the Lighthouse Church, two miles west of Mount Ayr. Jam session at the Mount Ayr American Legion building from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 1 $1 sack day every day at the Ringgold County Neighborhood Center. The Mount Ayr Public Library board will meet at 5:15 p.m. at the library. Thursday, May 2 Card shower for Dorothy Mains 90th birthday. Cards and correspondence may be sent to her at Mount Ayr Health Care, P.O. Box 547, Mount Ayr, IA 50854. Ringgold County Master Gardeners will meet at the Iowa State Extension ofce at 5 p.m. Southwest Iowa Shutterbugs will meet at the Creston Pizza Ranch. Chatter and food begins at 6 p.m. Regular meeting begins at 7 p.m. Sons of the American Legion will meet at 6:30 p.m. at the Mount Ayr Legion hall. Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at 8 p.m. at the Neighborhood Center, Mount Ayr. Friday, May 3 Hamburger Feed Fund-Raiser at the Mount Ayr Assembly of God Church at 1605 W. South Street from 5 to 7 p.m. Saturday, May 4 Open closet at the Mount Ayr Assembly of God from 8 to 11 a.m. Sunday, May 5 Open house for Lavon Burchett Thomas 100th birthday at the Mount Ayr First Christian Church from 2 to 4 p.m. If unable to attend, cards and correspondence may be sent to her at 3709 SE 23rd Street, Des Moines, IA 50320. Monday, May 6 Thin Within support group will meet at 5 p.m. at the Lighthouse. Mount Ayr City Council will meet at 6 p.m. at Mount Ayr City Hall. Jam session at the Mount Ayr American Legion building from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Mount Ayr Order of the Eastern Star will meet at 7:30 p.m. at the Masonic Temple, Mount Ayr. Sowing in Tears Support Group will meet at 7 p.m. at the Lighthouse Church, two miles west of Mount Ayr. Tuesday, May 7 Calico Quilters will meet from 9:30 a.m. to 12 noon at the Senior Citizens Activity Center, Mount Ayr. Mount Ayr Chamber of Commerce will meet at 5:30 p.m. at Jamies Coffee Mill & Deli for dinner during the meeting. Faith Lodge #179 A.F. & A.M. meets at 8 p.m. at the Masonic Temple, Mount Ayr. Wednesday, May 8 $1 sack day every day at the Ringgold County Neighborhood Center. Public is invited to attend a support group, Touching Our Grief, sponsored by HCI Care Services (formerly Hospice of Central Iowa) from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. at the Extension ofce. For more information, contact Kathy Rinehart, 464-2088. Ringgold Outdoor Alliance monthly meeting at 6:30 p.m. at Iowa Roadhouse.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Library Leangs Extension News & Notes

Judy Hensley

Mary Kathryn Gepner

April 22 - By denition, a marathon is a 260-mile foot race with its origins in ancient Greece. In 490 BC, the Persian King Darius I, or the Great, which he preferred, invaded Greece. Angry at the city state of Athens for their support of a revolt by Greek cities in Asia Minor then under the control of the Persian empire. So furious was Darius that he instructed a slave to remind him daily of Athenian perdy by saying, Master, remember the Athenians, in case he should forget. In 490 BC, the Persians with a force of perhaps 25,000 men landed on the Plain of Marathon approximately 26 miles north of Athens. The Athenian commander Miltiades had a force of 10,000 hoplites or foot soldiers. Greatly outnumbered, Miltiades did the only thing he could do, he attacked. The Greek historian Herodotus records that at the end of the days battle 6,400 Persians had fallen to 192 Athenians. It was a great victory and legend says that Pheidippides, the fastest runner in the Greek army, was dispatched to bring the news to the Athenians waiting on the acropolis, the high hill around which Greek cities were built. The myth was Pheidippides run from Marathon to Athens with the word, We were victorious!, whereupon he died of exhaustion. When the modern Olympics began in 1896, a marathon competition to make the connection with the ancient Greeks, was a part of the games. In 1897 the Boston marathon, inspired by the success of the rst modern day marathon competition in the 1896 Summer Olympics, was begun. Today the Boston Marathon is the worlds oldest annual marathon. One of the six World Marathon Majors, it is always held on Patriots Day, the third Monday of April. Originally a local event, its fame and status have attracted runners from all over the world. In keeping with ancient Greek tradition, it was a free event and the only prize awarded for winning the race was a wreath woven from olive branches. In the 1980s corporate-sponsored cash prizes were awarded when professional athletes refused to run the race without cash rewards. Until 1972, women were not allowed to enter the Boston Marathon. Today the event attracts some 500,000 spectators each year. In 1897, 18 participants entered the race. The event now attracts an average of about 20,000 registered participants each year. New to the library: In large print Christian ction: Chasing The Sun, book one, Touching The Sky, book two and Taming The Wind by Tracie Paterson in her Land of the Lone Star series. These books were donated by Judy Linn. Also in large print Christian ction: A Place to Belong by Lauraine Snelling, book three in her Wild West Wind series.

Thomas to celebrate 100th birthday

The family and friends of Lavon Burchett Thomas are hosting an open house to celebrate her 100th birthday on Sunday, May 5, from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Mount Ayr Christian Church. No gifts please. Those unable to attend may send cards and correspondence to Lavon at 3709 SE 23rd Street, Des Moines, IA 50320. She was born in rural Ringgold county on May 1, 1913, grew up in Kellerton, farmed south of Mount Ayr with her husband, Donald, and then moved to town where she lived for 31 years. She currently lives in Des Moines with her daughter.

Lavon Thomas - Then

Lavon Thomas - Now

Yard and Garden: Radishes

Rachel Burton (public relations director for AMVC), Casey White (assistant farm manager at the Creston AMVC facility), MATURA volunteer Dan Weber (farm manager) and Joe Clemens (farm manager at AMVC Mount Ayr facility) deliver ground pork to the Mount Ayr food bank.

MATURA and AMVC team up

MATURA in Union and Ringgold counties and AMVC have teamed up to support families in need, as both organizations see the need to support Iowa communities and providing nutritious pork is one way to help. AMVCs contribution on April 10 was a processed hog packaged into ground pork for Ringgold and Union counties MATURA facilities. Ground pork can be substituted for hamburger in most recipes. MATURA Action Corporation is one of the 18 community action agencies that collectively serve all 99 counties of Iowa. MATURA uses federal, state, county and local funds, along with donations to provide programs and services that strive to eliminate the causes and conditions of poverty. MATURAs mission is to improve the lives of families and individuals in the community, assisting in achieving self-sufciency, the strengthening of families, and improving quality of life. Through dedication and teamwork, along with advisory boards and staff volunteers, MATURA Action Corporation is committed to step up to the daily challenges to strengthen not only individuals and families, but the community at large. They offer 16 programs and services to the regions low-income children, families, and individuals. These programs include Head Start, maternal program, WIC (Women, Infant, and Children Program), jobs programs and more. If you are interested in donating, especially in summer time, when the need is at its highest, or for more information, please visit the MATURA website at www. maturacommunityaction.com. AMVC hopes to be able to donate more in the future, especially in times of need when MATURAs supply of meat is at its lowest. Dan Weber, the manager at the Mount Ayr and Creston locations, said, It is rewarding to work for a company that gives back to our communities. AMVC, a full service management, employee, veterinary, and nutritional company, produces nearly 450,000 market hogs every year. AMVC not only helps swine producers maintain high animal welfare standards, but also offers veterinary expertise, nutritional assistance and employee management. With swine facilities located all over the state of Iowa and throughout the United States, AMVCs ability to have an impact on local communities is endless. They recognize the need to support local communities and those in need; a great way for AMVC to contribute is through the donation of pork. With two of AMVCs facilities located near Mount Ayr and Creston, the decision to donate in that area was an easy one. To learn more about AMVC or to explore employment opportunities in the Mount Ayr and Creston areas please visit their website at www.amvcms.com or visit them on Facebook AMVC.

Radish is a cool-season, fastmaturing, easy-to-grow vegetable. Garden radishes can be grown wherever there is sun and moist, fertile soil, even on the smallest city lot. Gardeners with questions about growing radishes and other cool-season vegetables should contact the horticulturists with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach at hortline@iastate. edu or 515-294-3108. What are some good radish varieties for the home garden? Suggested radish varieties (cultivars) for home gardens include: Champion scarlet red, globeshaped, white esh, 20 to 25 days. Cherriette cherry red, globeshaped, white esh, 20 days. Cherry Belle bright cherry red, round to globe-shaped, white esh, 24 days. Easter Egg II blend of red, purple, and white radishes, round, 28 days. Ping Pong pure white, round, white esh, 30 days. Red Satin bright red, round, white esh, 23 days. Sparkler bright red top with white tip, round, white esh, 25 days. White Icicle snow white, slender tapered 4 to 6 inches long, white esh, 28 to 30 days. When can radishes be planted in Iowa? Radishes can be planted as soon as the ground can be worked properly in spring. This is often late March in southern Iowa and midApril in northern counties. Successive plantings can be made every seven to 10 days through May. Radish plants ower and their roots become pungent with the onset of hot weather. Several plantings can also be made in late summer (late

August to late September) for a fall crop. Sow radish seeds one-half inch deep in rows that are 12 inches apart. When the seedlings emerge, thin the planting so remaining plants are two inches apart. When should radishes be harvested? Radishes can be harvested three to ve weeks after planting. Periodically check their development by pulling one or two plants as they approach maturity. Harvest radishes when roots reach useable size (about one inch in diameter). Radishes can be stored in the refrigerator for two to three weeks. Prior to storage, cut off the foliage to within one-half inch of the roots. Radishes get pithy and hot when harvested too late. My radishes produce lush foliage, but dont develop good-sized roots. Why? Excessive nitrogen, the rapid onset of hot weather or overcrowding may produce plants that are all tops (lush foliage, little or no root development). Misshapen roots and hot, pithy radishes are other problems that may be encountered when growing radishes. Overcrowding produces small, misshapen roots. Hot, pithy radishes may be result of hot weather or harvesting too late.

Weekend art show, sale at NWMS

The Clay Club and Art Association at Northwest Missouri State University present their annual Spring Art Show and Pottery Sale, April 26-27, in the Fire Arts Building, located south of the Olive DeLuce Fine Arts Building at West Third and Munn Avenue in Maryville. Hours for the event are 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Friday, April 26, and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, April 27. Artwork may be purchased by cash or check. A line of customers often forms before the show opens, so patrons are encouraged to come early. Mount Ayr Record-News


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Names in Club Notes the News

Chapter CK P.E.O. Twenty members of Chapter CK P.E.O. met Monday, April 15 at 7 p.m. at the Mount Ayr Community high school library for a scholarship tea. Guests of honor were the top 10 students of the 2013 graduating class. Members and guests introduced themselves and the seniors shared their plans for their future education. Maggie Jennett read her speech contest entry Lulu and the Brontosaurus by Judith Viorst which earned her all state speech honors. The chapter presented each senior with a key chain and a book mark. The scholarship committee announced the two winners of the $150 scholarships are Kylie Wilson and Maggie Jennett. The scholarships are based on grade point, extra curricular activities and community service. Darla Sobotka gave two readings Dont We All and It Only Seems Like Yesterday to conclude the program. Refreshments were served by the committee. The next meeting will be Monday, May 20 at 7 p.m. at the Senior Citizens Activity Center. The guest speaker will be Ranger Kate Zimmerman.

Greater Regional Medical Center - Auxiliary recently awarded ve $1,000 scholarships to area student pursuing health care careers. One Mount Ayr student received a scholarship, Molly Budach,who will attend Southwestern Community College in Creston, to study Nursing. Greater Regional Medical Center Auxiliary annual membership dues and other fund-raisers support the funding of these scholarships. Any student in the surrounding communities that pursue a career in a health care eld is eligible to apply. Please call 641 782-3553 for further information about the scholarship program or other Auxiliary-supported services.

Mount Ayr student receives GRMC scholarship

Tuesday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Evenings and Saturday appointments available. Specializing in color, perms, cutting, styling and waxing.

104 E. Adams, Mount Ayr

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Main to celebrate 90th birthday
Dorothy Main of Mount Ayr will celebrate her 90th birthday on May 2. Her family is hosting a card shower in her honor to celebrate this milestone. Cards and correspondence may be sent to her at Mount Ayr Health Care Center, P.O. Box 547, Mount Ayr, IA 50854. Try Record-News Color Photo Copy Service!


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Happy 80th Birthday HUGH TERWILLIGER

April 29, 2013

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

County Columns
Mount Ayr Meal Site

Mount Ayr Record-News

and Harold Brown were present making everyones day better with more of their special music. The site even had a visitor Monday. Neil and Irma Johnston enjoyed having Gene Huntsman of North Carolina stop in to visit and enjoy dinner with them and other friends at the meal site. Tuesday found a good number of band members on hand to entertain. They included accompanist Carmene James, plus Vern Brown, Pauline Murphy, Bonnie Manders, Rose James, Doris Overholser, Mary Jane Narigon, Evelyn Sickels and Dick and Virginia Walden. Both days everyone hated to have the music quit to have diner. Marge Werner had a joke to give everyone their laugh for the day. More guests visited Tuesday. Bob and Connie Eason were proud to have Alan and Tammy Parmer as their guests. Congratulations were extended to the Parmers, who observed their 34th wedding anniversary April 14. Happy birthday wishes were extended to Evelyn Sickels, who observed her birthday April 15. Also, happy birthday wishes are extended to Peggy Wagenknecht, who observed her birthday Friday, April 19. Marge Perry was welcomed back Tuesday after a long absence due to health issues. Everyone hopes to see more of her now. did the music for the dance. Laura Davison went as the guest of Graydon Vanderught. Several from the community went to watch the students during the walk in time. Some who attended that were Melanie and Hannah Jackson, Maddie Mobley and Donna and Megan Warin. Amber Davison, Paige Lynch, Hannah Jackson, Gracie and Emma Mobley and Wyatt Jackson are students who were part of the 5-12 Merrill Perry Band Concert Monday night at the high school. Their parents and grandparents were there to hear the bands. Lafe and Holden Dukes were guests of Craig and Kathi Braby Friday night and Saturday. Holden was able to go turkey hunting for the rst time. Saturday Amy and Gracie Mobley attended a party in Lenox. Megan Warin had a middle school track meet in Mount Ayr last week. Both the boys and girls track teams won the meet. Joyce Weehler and Joan Jackson enjoyed lunch in Bedford with friends Thursday. The Davison family helped Richard and Carole Davison celebrate their wedding anniversary with lunch Sunday at Ramsey Supper Club. Family who were able to attend were Robert, Julie, Laura and Amber Davison of Maloy, David and Diana Pedersen and Joyce Davison of Maryville, MO, Jim and Brenda Jorgensen of Norwalk and Darla, Rod and Jori Davison of Cosby, MO. The Maloy Shamrock 4-H club met in Benton for their regular meeting Sunday afternoon. Laura Davison and Maddie Mobley went to Des Moines for the ITED award day Friday. Emma Mobley spent the weekend with Kylee Smith in Des Moines.

April 22 - Well, the site has made it through one week without a cook. Bernard and Vicki have done a ne job. Several people have stepped up to volunteer to help, like Joyce Smith, Louise Frost, Darlene Morgan and Shirley Ingram. Wednesday was a rainy, dreary day so Joyce told a joke to liven things up a bit. All were happy to welcome snowbirds Pete and Larita Lesan back Friday. They enjoyed the winter in Arizona. Also Chet Munyon and Wanda Adams returned recently from Arizona and have been at the meal site. Guests at the meal site Friday were Tammy and Alan Parmer of Las Vegas, NV. They were there visiting Bob and Connie Eason, who were also present. Life is the art of drawing but without an eraser. -- John W. Gaulner

Senior Citizen

Activity Center

April 22 - Monday, April 22, saw seven people taking advantage of the AARP Safe Driving Course offered at the Activity Center to improve their driving skills in a number of ways and some were reducing their insurance costs by taking the class. The Center hopes to offer this service again in about three years for those whose insurance dictates it for reduction. Maybe they will have some new participants then. Senator Harkins aide will be visiting the Activity Center on April 23 right before bingo to learn what they do at the Activity Center and talk with those in attendance. Snack and game night is coming up on Sunday, April 28, from 5 to 8 p.m. There is always a good time had at these Sunday evening events and lots of good snacks brought by the attendees. If you are needing some company on this Sunday evening, be sure to think of them for your entertainment. The pizza and bingo party set for April 30 has been cancelled due to a corporate meeting scheduled for the presenters, Care Initiatives. They have rescheduled for May so keep that in mind and watch out for the May date for the pizza and bingo party. April 30 at 10 a.m. is the time that they will have diabetic educator Cari Seddon there sharing information and wise choices on managing/preventing diabetes. Be sure to join in for this short program she has put together for the Center. Wednesday, May 1, at 1 p.m. Carrie Ross from the LifeServe Blood Center will be talking to those at the Center so make plans

to come see what LifeServe does for the community with their blood drives. The rst nursing home and assisted living visit of the season begins on Monday, May 6, at 9:30 a.m. They invite anyone throughout the community to come visit with local residents at this time for coffee and a snack. Residents of these facilities enjoy coming to the Activity Center for something a little different and those at the Center enjoy having them. They usually have something to discuss, whether it is something in the past, something in the present or something of general interest. If you would be willing to come and share with the residents at the Activity Center, please let Janet or Sharon know by calling the Center and they will get you on the schedule. Those at the Center have always had a bake sale around Easter but this year they are going to be having a bake sale at the Activity Center combined with the garage sale and are going to do it on Friday, May 10, for the bake sale and host the garage sale on Friday and Saturday, May 10 and 11. If you have anything around your home that you are not using and do not want to store again, consider donating it to the Activity Center for its garage sale. This is one of the major fund-raisers of the year and they enjoy seeing everyone come in from the community and seek out treasures. The Center will take donations for the garage sale starting now and will take donations for the bake sale on Thursday afternoon, May 9, and Friday morning. The bake sale will start at 7:30 a.m. so those heading to work or out to coffee can pick up some goodies. This being right before Mothers Day, there is an opportunity to pick up a dessert for that special occasion also. The garage sale is in conjunction with a county-wide garage sale at the same time making it even more fun to travel around the community to take advantage of the bargains. The Center has over 30 people signed up for the Weston Day Trip on Friday, May 24, but they still have room for more. If you are interested, stop by or call the Activity Center and talk to Sharon.

Gepner. Mary Swank, Karla Larson and Jarred, Mary Gepner and Kay and Don Hove attended the potluck dinner at the Methodist church Sunday. Wallace and Patty Sobotka attended Lucy Rickers 80th birthday party Sunday. Mary Gepner and Kay Hove attended Lucy Rickers 80th birthday party at the Mount Ayr Golf and Country Club Sunday afternoon. They also shopped in Creston.


Lil Rinehart, Cindy Snethen and Bobbi Bainum went to funeral services for Dick Baker Saturday at the Assembly of God church in Grant City, MO. Linda Hoseld attended a bridal shower for Brittany Drake Sunday afternoon at the Christian church in Mount Ayr. The Redding community is cordially invited to a supper given by the Redding UMC Saturday evening, April 27, at 6 p.m. at the Frontier Hall.

Hickory Grove

Rose James 464-2630

April 22 - Saturday night Kayla and Tyler Hanawalt were at the home of their grandparents, Charlie and Vickie Jeanes. The next day the Jeaneses were in Eagleville, MO enjoying Sunday dinner with Jesse and Lindsey Maize and Wyatt. Sunday evening Josh and Lizzie Hanawalt and family were in Milo celebrating Joshs birthday including supper with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hanawalt. Friday evening Walt and Beverly McGinnis visited with Robert Rush at the Wroth County Convalescent Center in Grant City, MO. Gene Motsinger was a Friday evening visitor with Darrell Holden and Brad Holden. Saturday afternoon Genes visitors were Billie Adli and Molly. Later in the day Gene dove to Benton and visited with Bill and Norma Stringham. Ronnie and JoKaye Shields and R.C. and Sheryol Rush enjoyed super together in Bethany, MO Thursday night and again Saturday night in Mount Ayr. Sunday Ronnie and JoKaye hosted a birthday dinner for their daughter, Cricket Waske. Attending were Rod Shields, Nate Nichols, Josh Waske, Amanda Larsen, Joe and Amanda Waske and Riley, Pete and Amy Shields, Brett Shields, Melissa Shennum, Brennon Shields, Brynlea and Aubrey, and Margaret Rhodes. Ella Waske was a visitor in the afternoon. Susie Catanzareti and Rose James were in Saint Joseph, MO Saturday attending the funeral service of pat Washburn. In the afternoon they visited with their aunt/ sister-in-law, Darline Adkins.



Bobbi Bainum 767-5211

April 22 - Charles and Becky Abarr went to the prom walk-in Saturday evening at the Mount Ayr high school. Jasper Abarr and his date, Jasmine Spurrier, arrived at the prom in Dave Hunts old re truck. Mary and Morris Carpenter went to Des Moines for Morris eye surgery checkup Monday and also visited with Pat VerHuel in Altoona who is recuperating from having knee replacement surgery. Lori, Jacob, Jeremy and Justina Wimer visited Sunday morning with Helen Combs. Jacob and Jeremy were conrmed at church Sunday. Billy and Patty Wimer attended church Sunday. Gladys Jones worked at the Mission Possible thrift store Tuesday. She took Helen Harris to her doctors appointment Thursday in Albany, MO. Friday Gladys went to the Bible study at the Christian church and had lunch at the Eatery with Helen Harris, Alice Miller, Linda Phipps, Bev Cadle, Sherry Bolinger of Cleareld and Lu Scoeld of Lenox. Gladys went to the funeral service for Dick Baker Saturday and helped serve the funeral dinner to the family and friends. Annabel Walkup called on Gladys Sunday afternoon. Peggy and Jerry Overholser had a birthday supper for Jeff Overholser Sunday evening. Guests were Jeff and Brandi Overholser and family, Lesa and John Darrah and family and Brenda and Sheldon Comer and family. Berta Quick visited Bess Pickering in Grant City, MO Sunday. Lawrence Jefferson of Gallatin was a Saturday lunch guest at Berta and Kennys. Gladys Jones and Wanda Hoseld were visitors at Betty and J.W. Robertsons Saturday. Dorothy Sleep and Judy OGrady of Bedford were Saturday afternoon visitors at Annabel Walkups. Sunday brunch guests at Annabels were Mike Walkup of Winterset and John David Walk-

Mary Kay Loutzenhiser 641-788-2450

April 22 - Toni Schlapia of Adel came to visit Dean and Marietta Cobb Monday, April 15. Family and friends helped Drake Maxson celebrate his birthday. Jennifer, Roger and Baker Peters had dinner with Sherry Skinner Sunday. Judy King, Kristie and Gabrielle Searl and Connie King went to Des Moines Sunday for a baby shower for Linda McClannahans granddaughter. Sarah Marcum was home a couple of days to celebrate her birthday. Edith Campbell has moved to Des Moines. Remember Smile, your designed to.

Down Redding Way


Mary Troyer
April 22 - The weather is more spring-like this Monday morning with warmer temperature and sunshine. The ve-inch rain of last week was good to ll the ponds. It was also a gully washer. Born to Jacob and Mattie Plank was a daughter on April 16 named Miriam. She was welcomed by three sisters and three brothers. Daniel Detweilers of Princeton, MO were with maternal parents, Eli Yoders, Thursday evening. They took home a dairy cow. The Roy Bontrager family are all astir these days making preparations for the upcoming wedding Wednesday, April 24, of daughter Ruby and Levi Mast. Middle Fork had their last day of school last week with a closing program, picnic and the lookedforward-to softball game.

Joan Jackson 785-2210

Mary Swank 785-2205

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April 22 - Matt Swank, Katy McGary and Leann were weekend guests of Mike and Malinda Swank and boys. Saturday dinner guests of Joan and Don Stringham were Mike, Malinda, Shane and Mitchel Swank, Matt Swank, Mary Kathryn McGary and Leann. Mary Jane Garrett visited several times during the week with Joan and Don Stringham. Mary and Junior Swank, Mike and Malinda Swank and Mitchel and friend, Matt Swank, Katy McGary and Leann and Don and Julia Stephens were among those who attended the before-prom promenade at the Mount Ayr Community high school. Shane Swank and Caitlin Giles were among the seniors attending the prom. All ate supper together at Rumors. Mary Gepner was a Saturday supper guest of Mike and Nancy

April 22 - Amazing how quickly even every day regular routines can change. Tingley experienced this last week. First time in all its 39 years, the site closed due to a lightning strike that hit the furnace, leaving the building without heat and also caused some lighting issues. They still have problems at this time that havent been resolved. John Overholtzer and John Allen have tried their best to solve the problem but dont come up with the answer. So there was no meal site at Tingley last Friday. The week began Monday, like any other typical Monday. Virginia Walden, Peggy Skarda, Dave Patch

122 W. Madison, Mount Ayr, Iowa

Mount Ayr Record-News

April 22 - Prom activities were in full swing Saturday night. It was a fun and exciting time for everyone involved. Wyatt Jackson
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Friday and Saturday Evenings, April 26 and 27, 7 p.m. Sunday Matinee, April 28, 2 p.m.
Starring Dwayne Johnson, Bruce Willis and Channing Tatum. The G.I. Joes are not only fighting their mortal enemy, Cobra; they are forced to contend with threats from within the govern ment that jeopardize very existence. Friday their - Sunday



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Mount Ayr Record-News

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Senior Spotlights
laugh at practically anything. She loves life and feels that there is no better thing to do than have fun with it. Madis advice to underclassmen is to always nd the good and be the good in any situation. Next year Madi plans to attend the University of Iowa and major in journalism and mass communication and minor in special education. older sister Amber, who is the most inuential person in Aprils life. She helped raise me when I was little and has always been supportive of me. She has always been there for me and has been an outstanding role model, April said.

Maggie Jennett

Madison Hoseld

BY MAGGIE JENNETT Madison Maureen Hoseld is the daughter of Randy and Stephanie Hoseld of Mount Ayr. She has two older siblings, Tyler (23) and Chelsey (22). Throughout high school, Madi has been involved in student council, drama, band, wrestling cheerleading, volleyball, track and drill team for four years. She has been on color guard for three, youth group for ve, 4-H for nine and SADD, TSA, FCA, FCCLA, tech squad, PSA and softball, all for two. Madison has held the following honors throughout high school: All Iowa Honor Dance Team (three years), two-time State Pom Champions, Academic All Conference track and volleyball, Best Actress Spring Play 2012, Best Supporting Actress Fall Play 2011, Second Team All Conference for volleyball, school record holder in distance medley and shuttle hurdle, Student of the Month (October 2010 and February 2013), 2012 Homecoming Queen, volleyball captain and wrestling cheerleading captain. Madis favorite foods are blueberry bagels and prime rib. She loves the movies Dirty Dancing and Remember the Titans and loves to watch the television shows The Ofce and American Idol. Her favorite types of music are R&B and country. She loves to wear skinny jeans and athletic shorts, and her favorite car is a Malibu. Madis favorite memories are cheering at the 1A State Wrestling Heavyweight Finals match and being back-to-back state pom champions. When asked who the most inuential people are in her life, Madi replied My whole family is such a blessing; they are truly my best friends. She says they have always been there for her and that she couldnt ask for better parents or siblings. Even though we are not always the perfect family, at the end of the day, I know theyre the ones who will always love me and never have given up and never will give up on me, says Madison. The best advice she has ever received is from two of her aunts. From her Aunt Wanda, be good to the Lord and he will bless you with many good things. And from her Aunt Linda, strive for value in the world, not success. Madison Maureen Hoseld is a very fun-loving young woman. She is always looking for something fun and loves to be happy. Madi is easily amused and will

Madison Baker April Shields

BY MAGGIE JENNETT April Dawn Shields is the daughter of Dave and Kim Shields of Mount Ayr. April has two sisters, Amber Fooken (28) and Alicia Shields (26). During high school, April has been involved in marching band, concert band, jazz band and drill team for four years. She has been in color guard and FFA for three years. April has also participated in football cheerleading, basketball cheerleading and National Honor Society for two years and student council for one. Outside of school activities, April has been involved in 4-H and Iowa Junior Beef Breeds Association, both for nine years. Because of her involvement, Miss Shields has received multiple awards and honors. Some of those honors include State Pom Champions (2012 and 2013), Pride of Iowa Honor Band (2013), MACHS Academic Letter (2010), Simpson Jazz Festival Soloist Award (2013), MACHS Excellence Award (2011 and 2012), and FFA Fifth Place Farm Management Team (2012). Aprils favorite food is mac n cheese, which she will enjoy while watching her favorite movie (Rock of Ages) or her favorite television show (Dance Moms). Her own car is by far her favorite, while Def Leppard is her favorite music. Aprils favorite type of clothing would be Buckle jeans, which are all folded and organized accordingly. Organized is one word that would denitely describe April Shields. There is hardly ever a day in my life that isnt planned from start to nish, says April. When asked what her favorite high school memory was, April told us that her rst drill team performance is by far the most memorable. This relates to the best advice April had ever received. This advice was from her mom, and it was to just go out there and dance like its the last time you ever will. Dance how I know you can. April plans to attend Iowa State University and major in agriculture. Another member of Aprils family attended Iowa State, her

BY CASSIDY MCATEE Madison Arianna Rina Baker is a senior at Mount Ayr high school. She is the daughter of Melissa and Gary Baker. She has one brother and one sister. Her sister Amarillo is twelve years old, and her brother Michael is 36. Madison was involved in golf for one year and also received Student of the Month. Madison has many favorites such as pizza and watching the TV show Greys Anatomy. Madisons favorite type of car is a Mustang, and her favorite movie is Grease. She also loves American Eagle clothing and music by Ed Sheeran. Madison plans to take classes at DMACC and then go to a major school for art education. Madison feels she wouldnt have gotten this far without the inuence of her family because they have always supported her. Madison described herself in one word - Artistic. She likes to paint and draw a lot. She feels that inspiration is key to creating a wonderful piece of art. Madison was told to not hold back on her dreams and she lives by that.

BY MADISON HOSFIELD Maggie Lynn Jennett is the daughter of Steve and Chantelle Jennett of Blockton. She has one brother and one sister - Mitchell who is 13 and Lindsey who is nine. Maggie has been very active in extra-curricular activities and organizations during high school. She has been involved in drill team, volleyball, track, wrestling cheerleading, marching band, concert band, drama, FFA and class ofcer all for four years. She has also taken part in color guard for two years, football cheerleading for one year, jazz band for three years, FCA for two years, TSA for two years, speech for three years, student council for two years, NHS for two years, softball for one year and FCCLA for one year. While being so active, Maggie has also earned many high honors through her scholarship and activities. She was named Student of the Month her freshman, junior and senior years and was also named onto the A Honor Roll all four years of high school. She has been awarded the Distinguished Academic Award in band, drill team, volleyball and track. Jennett was inducted into the National Honor Society her junior year and has been an active leader in it for two years now. She was selected to be on the All-Iowa Honor Dance

Team three years of high school and her drill team was named State Pom Champions two years back to back. Maggie took part in the Senior All-Star Volleyball Tournament this year, participated in state cheerleading her sophomore year and earned the prestigious honor of being selected to participate at AllState Speech her senior year. She was also named captain of her volleyball team, drill team and wrestling cheer squad her senior year and qualied to run at state track her junior year in the 4x800 meter relay. Maggies favorite food is pizza and she loves the TV shows Castle and NCIS. Her favorite car is her own and her favorite movies are Pitch Perfect, Footloose and The Proposal. She loves all kinds of music, and her favorite kind of clothing is jeans. Throughout high school, Jennett says her most memorable moment would be winning two state championships for pom at state drill team her junior and senior years. It had never been done in Mount Ayrs history. To make history like that, and be a part of that team, is something I will never forget, says Maggie. When asked who the most inuential people in her life are, she replied her parents. They have always been there for her and always support her in whatever she does. I know I can talk to them about anything and that they will always help me. They push me to do the right thing and to be a better person, replied Maggie. Compassionate was the word Maggie chose when asked to describe herself in one word. She is always there for her friends and family when they need her and never hesitates to help them out. I am always understanding and very positive about everything and everyone, says the loving senior. Dare to dream is the best advice Maggie has ever received in her lifetime. Her grandma always writes this on her cards and has always encouraged her to go after her dreams and let nothing hold her back.

The only thing standing in my way is me, Maggies advisor of a grandmother once told her. After graduation, her future plans are to attend Iowa State University to major in journalism and mass communications with a minor in theatre.

Logan Wimer

BY EMILY FOX Logan Rae Wimer is a senior at Mount Ayr Community high school this year. She is the daughter of Brian and Wendy Wimer, and her brother is 14-year-old Clay Wimer. Her parents are the most inuential people in her life. They are her biggest fans and always support her in everything she does. She cant thank them enough for always coming to her many different activities. They always made her want to do her best in everything that she pursued. Logan has been involved in many activities during her four years of high school. These activities include volleyball, basketball, FFA, Iowa High School Rodeo, County Council, drama, FCCLA, TSA and SADD for four years; Sparks and student council for three years; golf and track for

two years, and softball and band for one year. Being in all these activities she has received many honors. These include FFA Reporters Book Gold Medal, Academic Excellence Grades 9, 10, 11, Distinguished Academic Award for Iowa State Drill Team grades 10 and 11, rst place team member at State Drill Team grades 11 and 12, and National Final Rodeo Qualier in 10th grade. Her most memorable moment from high school was being a part of the two-time state champion pom team. State drill team is her favorite part of the year and is one of the things that she will miss the most when she graduates. Logans favorite television show is Pretty Little Liars, and her favorite movies are Bridesmaids and The Notebook. Her favorite food is the food that is served at Casa de Oro, and she listens to pretty much any type of music. Her favorite clothing that she has are her yoga pants, and her favorite car is a red Dodge Neon. If she had to describe herself in one word it would be happy. This is because she always tries to make the best out of every situation. She has spent most of her four years of high school smiling, because it goes by fast, and she wants to enjoy every minute of it. The best advice that Logan received during her many years at Mount Ayr school is to be who you are and do what you do. This was said by her basketball coach, Thad Streit. After Logan graduates, she plans to attend the University of Missouri in Columbia and double major in animal science and zoology. Need a gift idea?

Mount Ayr Record-News

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Saturday, April 27
11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. New York Times Best-Selling Iowa Author

Mount Ayr Alumni Reunion

Saturday, May 25, 2013
High School Commons - Doors open at 5 p.m. Reservations $15 - Dinner served at 6 p.m. Make reservations prior to Wednesday, May 22 by calling Sherry Norris - 641-344-1860. Make checks payable to Mount Ayr Alumni Association.


will talk about and autogrpah her wildly successful novel On The Island Join Tracey at the Ellston Community Library
Free to the Public Everyone Welcome
Sponsored by the Ellston Community Library.


MENU Orange Chicken OR Stir Fry ACTIVITIES Senior Trip 6:45 A.M. HS Softball Pitchers and Catchers (HS Gym) 11:30 A.M. HELP Pod Meeting

MENU Macaroni and Cheese OR Spaghetti ACTIVITIES Raiderette Relays 1 P.M. G Golf at Lady Mohawk Classic (Honey Creek)

MENU Cookout High School Hamburger or Bologna Sandwich ACTIVITIES Large Group Band and Vocal Contest Student Council Cookout 6:45 A.M. HS Softball Pitchers and Catchers (HS Gym) 4 P.M. MS Track at Corning 5 P.M. B Track at Bedford Invitational

M AY 2013
11 a.m.

MENU Chicken Nuggets OR Maid-Rites ACTIVITIES Softball Practice Starts 6:45 A.M. HS Softball Pitchers and Catchers (HS Gym) 5 P.M. B Track at Nodaway Valley Relays (Greenfield) 5 P.M. G Track at Martensdale-St. Marys Relays

MENU Chicken and Noodles and Potatoes OR Burrito ACTIVITIES 7 P.M. 7-12 Vocal Concert MENU Barbecue Sandiwch OR Beef Stroganoff

MENU Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup OR Lasagna ACTIVITIES Seminar FFA Meeting Boys District Track at Nodaway Valley Girls District Track at Van Meter

MENU Taco OR Fajita Chicken ACTIVITIES 6:45 A.M. HS Softball Pitchers and Catchers (HS Gym) 10 A.M. Boys Sectional Golf at Lamoni 4 P.M. MS Track at East Union

ACTIVITIES High School Rodeo Marshalltown, Iowa

Watch for

for our

ACTIVITIES 6:45 A.M. HS Softball Pitchers and Catchers (HS Gym) 2 P.M. Think Iowa First (HS Gym)

Call Us For your Dont Forget We Now Have for and

ACTIVITIES High School Rodeo Marshalltown, Iowa

MENU Barbecue Sandiwch OR Chicken Quesadilla ACTIVITIES 6:45 A.M. HS Softball Pitchers and Catchers (HS Gym) 10 A.M. Girls District Golf

MENU Beef and Noodles and Potatoes OR Ham Balls ACTIVITIES Seniors Grandparents Day 9 A.M. Senior Awards 7 P.M. Athletic Awards

MENU Ribs OR Goulash ACTIVITIES 6:45 A.M. HS Softball Pitchers and Catchers (HS Gym) 6:45 P.M. Baccalaureate United Baptist-Presbyterian Church

MENU Turkey Sandwich OR Potatoes and Ham ACTIVITIES State Track Meet

MENU Chili and Hot Dog OR Baked Potatoe Bar (HS Only) ACTIVITIES State Track Meet 10 A.M. Boys District Golf at Crestwood Hills (Anita)

ACTIVITIES State Track Meet

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201 W Adams Creston HOURS: Tuesday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Saturday, 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
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6 P.M. Board of Directors

ACTIVITIES 3 P.M. Commencement

MENU Ham Sandwich OR Chicken Nuggets ACTIVITIES 10 A.M. Girls Golf Regional 7 P.M. Preschool Graducation

MENU Pork Fritter OR Chicken Salad Sandwich ACTIVITIES 6 P.M. SB/BB at Villisca (Varsity) MENU Orange Chicken OR Stir Fry

MENU Chicken Patty OR Beef Stew


MENU Cookout Elementary Shrimp OR Beanie Weenies ACTIVITIES Boys State Golf

ACTIVITIES Boys State Golf

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ACTIVITIES 3 P.M. Free Athletic Physicals at Mount Ayr Medical Clinic

ACTIVITIES BB at Murray Tournament

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MENU Cooks Choice

ACTIVITIES Early Out 2:05/2:10 P.M. LAST DAY OF SCHOOL Girls State Golf

ACTIVITIES 10 A.M. MS SB/BB at East Union 6 P.M. SB/BB (H) Bedford

ACTIVITIES 6 P.M. SB/BB (H) Southeast Warren HS Rodeo Carson, Iowa UPCOMING HIGH SCHOOL RODEO ACTIVITIES IN JUNE Saturday and Sunday, June 1 and 2 - Carson, Iowa Thursday, Friday and Saturday, June 6, 7 and 8 State Finals in Waterloo, Iowa

SPRING HOURS: Tuesday - Saturday, 9 a.m.- 6 p.m.; Sunday, Noon - 4 p.m. GREENHOUSE: Annuals Perennials Vegetables Houseplants Shrubs Trees Birding LANDSCAPING: Design Walls Ponds Patios STATUARY LARGE SELECTION OF: Memorial Stones Angels Animals Birdbaths Planters Benches And More

6 P.M. SB/BB at Corning

p.m Resour . with ce F Jason S orester ever

TREE C A SEMINA RE R Friday, April 2 6 5

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Mount Ayr Record-News

2013 prom brings a night full of fun

The Mount Ayr Community high school prom was held Saturday, April 20, and from all accounts, the night was an overwhelming success. MACHS juniors decorated the gym in the theme of A Walk In The Park, centered around a peaceful New Yorks Central Park setting. The walk-in began at 5:30 p.m. with the gym packed with family and friends eager to sneak a peek at the students dressed up in their nest dresses and suits. The students then enjoyed a formal meal and dance at the high school, after which they boarded chartered busses for an all-nighter of laser tag, arcade games, mini-golf and hours of fun. PHOTOS BY SHAUN KNIEP, MADISON HOSFIELD AND RECORD-NEWS.

FOR SALE: 148 acres located in Ringgold County

Located on hard-surface road just north of Mount Ayr. 110 acres tillable with average CSR of 50. Excellent site for new construction with views over farm and Loch Ayr Lake.

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Upcoming Real Estate, Household, Collectibles and Auto

Stutzman Auction Center
Consignment Auction Every Tuesday - 5 p.m.
303 N. Taylor Street, Mount Ayr Ph. 641-464-5151 Consigned for the Tuesday, April 30 Sale: COINS: 1858 Flying Eagle 1-cent piece, double stamped penny, 1921s, 1921d, 1891cc Morgan silver dollars, Ramada token, 1960 Canadian pennies, 2012 Walking Liberty Troy ounce fine silver, 1946 Iowa State Hood silver half dollar 1922s hand painted Peace silver dollar, 2000d ms63 quarter, 1979s ms69 quarter, 2005s pr65, 1994s pr69 dime, several Wheathead pennies, Navajo ring, Troy pound .999 pure silver bar. OTHER ITEMS: Antique military swords, post offic desk from old Blockton Post Office, large collection of vintage Sports Illustrated magazines, telegraph key, oak chest of drawers, large primitive dining table 100 years old, twin beds, sofas, chairs. COLLECTIBLES: Coca Cola, electric train, die-cast cars from Outlaw Sprint Racing featuring Randy Smith from Mount Ayr, other NASCAR items.
REAL ESTATE DESCRIPTION: 1-story frame built in 1890 with full finished attic, 2 bedrooms upstairs and 1 bedroom on main floor, 766-sq. ft. on main floor and 1st addition of 276-sq. ft., 160-sq. ft. enclosed porch, 265-sq. ft. open porch, 212-sq. ft. open porch, forced air gas heat, no central air, 1 bath, 240-sq. ft. detached single-car garage, gable roof with asphalt shingles. LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Lots 9 and 10, Block 9, original plat, Tingley, Ringgold County, Iowa. TAXES: $130 per year and prorated to date of possession. TERMS ON REAL ESTATE: 20% down on sale day and enter into a contract to purchase, with the balance due at closing in approximately 30 days. Earnest money held in a trust account at Kenyon and Nielsen Law Office, Creston, Iowa. Skip Kenyon, attorney at law, will handle all the closing transactions. Property sells in as is, where is condition with no warranties expressed or implied.

Sale starts at noon. Real estate sells at 1 p.m. LOCATED: 208 W. Main Street Tingley, Iowa

Sunday, May 5

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Sports Raiders second at Red Oak Tiger Relays

The Mount Ayr Raiders came in second at the Red Oak Tiger Relays on a very cool windy night, in coach Brad Elliotts words. Elliott saw his team off to a nice start again as Braydee Poore took rst in the high jump with his leap of 65 to improve on his 2012 meet record. Elliott was pleased with the nights performances as things heated up with the 4x800, shuttle hurdle and 4x400 relays taking rst place. The 4x400 team of Kyle Dolecheck, Jack Jones, Erik Freed, and Jacob Sobotka clocked their seasonbest time of 3:34.11. The 4x800 team of Dolecheck, Freed, Heath Evans and Noah Larsen posted a time of 8:46.88 for their rst place nish. Other notable performances came in the 100M dash with Cody Stackhouse in a dead heat tie for third place, added coach Elliott, and Jacob Sobotka running a great time of 23.1 to nish second in the 200M dash. Stackhouse scored his personal best time in the 100M with 11:31. Other rst place nishes included Braydee Poore in the 110M hurdles, Shane Swank in the 400M hurdles and the team of Zach Lemon, Zane Sickels, Jacob Taylor and Trevor Anderson in the shuttle hurdle relay. We experimented with a few events tonight which may have hurt us a little down the stretch in the nal team scores, said Elliott. However, we gained some valuable experience where we needed it. Team Pts Shenandoah 114 Mount Ayr 110 Clarinda 82 Red Oak 68 Tri Center 48 Bedford 44 Riverside 35 Corning 24 Villisca 19 Essex 7 Individual Statistics * denotes personal best 100M Dash 3rd - Stackhouse - 11.37* 5th - Grant Staats - 11.41* JV 100M Dash 1st - Zane Sickels - 12.42 5th - Ethan McGill - 12.82 16th - Logan Arends - 13.89 200 M Dash 2nd - Sobotka - 23.13* 9th - Staats - 24.67 JV200M Dash 3rd - Nick Wurster - 25.67 6th - McGill - 27.18 400M Dash 7th - Jones - 55.25 11th - Lemon - 57.69 JV 400M Dash 7th - Jacob Taylor - 1:00.47

Mount Ayr Record-News

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Middle school girls, boys capture rst at Rebel Raider Relays

The Mount Ayr middle school girls and boys track teams took rst-place honors at their own Rebel Raider Relays last week. Rebel Raiderettes The Mount Ayr girls out-distanced second-place Clarke by 30 points. It was a chilly night, said coach Sally Young, but the girls ran very well. Along with winning rst place as a team, the girls scored rst place medals in three running events and two eld events. Team Pts Mount Ayr 126 Clarke 96.33 Corning 91 Wayne 60.33 Lenox 55 Bedford 50 East Union 40 Central Decatur 35.33 Diagonal 2 Individual events 100M Dash 2nd - Bailey Anderson -13.9 5th - Cheyenne Haveman14.73 200M Dash 1st - B. Anderson - 29.35 9th - Cheyenne Haveman 35.77 400M Dash 1st - Macy Larsen - 1:09.76 7th - Haveman - 1:16.80 800M Run 4th - Larsen - 3:06.34 5th - Caylie Hickman - 3:11.31 1500M Run 10th - Addie Ebersole - 7:35.36 11 t h - S a r a Wi n e m i l l e r 7:59.23 100M Hurdles 2nd - Alyssa Johnson - 17.37 7th - Haylea England - 22.39 200M Hurdles 2nd - Johnson - 35.00 3rd - Megan Warin - 35.53 4x100 Relay 5th - Molly Anderson, England, Amarillo Reyes, Chania Vos 1:04.42 4x200 Relay 2nd - Cassie Brand, Hope Fletchall, Breanne Haley, Vos - 2:19.77 4x400 Relay 6th - B. Anderson, Fletchall, Blair Glendenning, Warin - 5:30.58 4x800 Relay 6th - Addy Flammang, Mady Henson, MaiLynn Taylor, Brand 14:52.56 800 Sprint Medley 5th - Glendenning, Haley, Larsen, Vos - 2:22.01 1600 Sprint Medley 1st - Fletchall, Warin, HIckman, Reyes - 5:38.05 Shuttle Hurdle 3rd- England, Glendenning, Kirsten Young, Johnson - 1:26.58 High Jump 3rd - Warin - 4-4 4th - Anderson - 4-2 Long jump 6th - Havemen - 12-01 7th - Vos - 11-10 Shot Put 1st - K. Shields - 26-09 4th - T. Shields - 25-06 17th - Abbey Schafer - 17-2.5 Discus 1st - T. Shields - 63-08 4th -Birkenholz - 55-01 10th - Winemiller - 49-06 Rebel Raiders The middle school boys track team edged Corning for rst place and set a new record in the 100M shuttle hurdle relay at the Rebel Raider Relays. The team of Triston Ackley, Mitchell Jennett, Cal Daughton and Marcus Daughton set the new shuttle hurdle relay record with a time of 1:14.04. The old record of 1:14.12 was set in 2012. Kade Kelso of Central Decatur also set a new meet record with a time of 17.31 in the 100M hurdles, beating the old record of 18.55 set in 2012. Team Pts Mount Ayr 106 Corning 104 Central Decatur 95 Clarke 81 Wayne 47 Bedford 42 Lenox 42 East Union 41 Individual events 100 M Dash 1st- Baylee Love - 12.63 7th - Craven Martin - 14.50 200M Dash 5th - Mitchel Swank - 29.27 6th - Martin - 30.79 400M Dash 8th - Jacob Garrett - 1:13.37 Brevin Deskin - DQ 800M Run 8th - Jeb South - 2:52.95 Devin Russo - DQ 1600M Run Bradley Wurster - DQ Logan Eaton - DQ 100M Hurdles 8th - C. Daughton -20.22 10th - Lucas Wurster - 21.12 200M Hurdles 1st - Cal Daughton - 30.04 8th - L. Wurster - 37.23 4x100 Relay 1st - Ackley, John Young, Zach Murphy, Love - 54.63 4x200 Relay 1st - Jennett, Bradley Phelps, Will Young, Love - 1:54.55

At last weeks Rebel Raider Relays, this team of Cal Daughton, Triston Ackley, Mitchell Jennett and Marcus Daughton set the new shuttle hurdle relay record with a time of 1:14.04. The old record of 1:14.12 was set in 2012. 800M Dash DQ - Larsen - 2:04* 11th - Wyatt Jackson - 2:37 JV800M Dash 7th - Quinten Chumbley 2:49.9 9th - Arends - 2:56.68 110M Hurdles 1st - Poore - 15.81 1600 M Run 5th - Evans - 5:13.91 9th - Chumbley - 6:10.24 3200M Run 7th - Jackson - 12:13.22 8 t h - Tr e v o r A n d e r s o n 12:32.52 400M Hurdles 1st - Swank - 59.78 6th - Dawson Knapp - 1:10.28 4x100 Relay 2nd - Staats, Sobotka, Freed, Poore - 45.25 4x200M Relay 2nd - Dolecheck, Swank, Freed, Sobotka - 1:36.48 4x400 Relay 1st - Dolecheck, Jones, Freed, Sobotka - 3:34.11* JV4x400 Relay 1st - Swank, Larsen, Lemon, Evans - 3:50.69 4x800 Relay 1st - Dolecheck, Freed, Evans, Larsen - 8:46.88 Shuttle Hurdle 1st - Staats, Swank, Sickels, Lemon - 1:07.93 1600 Medley 6th - Lemon, Sickels, Taylor, Anderson - 4:23.81 High Jump 1st - Braydee Poore - 6-05 10th - Jacob Taylor - 5-0 Long Jump 3rd - Cody Stackhouse - 18-01 5th - Braydee Poore - 17-07 JV Long Jump 1st - Nick Wurster - 17-04 5th - Jack Jones - 16-10 Shot Put 6th - Joe Ricker - 37-06.5 8th - Lincoln Lutrick - 3408.75 Discus 3rd - Joe Ricker - 112-05 12th - Lincoln Lutrick - 93-01 Drake this week Unofcial Drake Relays qualiers for the Raiders are Braydee Poore in the high jump and the 4x100 team of Grant Staats, Jacob Sobotka, Erik Freed and Cody Stackhouse. The relays will be held April 25-28 on the campus of Drake University in Des Moines. High jump competition begins April 25 (today) at 3 p.m. The prelims in the 4x100 relay will Friday at 6 p.m. with the nals set for 3:15 p.m. Saturday.

4x400 Relay 5th - Jennett, L. Wurster, W. Young, Jacob VanBuskirk 4:52.21 4x800 Relay 2nd - Brent Bounds,Van Buskirk, L. Wurster, Phelps - 10:58.36 800 Sprint Medley 3rd - Murphy, Phelps, J. Young, W. Young - 2:04.81 1600 Sprint Medley 1st - MA - Ackley, C. Daughton, J. Young, M. Swank - 4:37.00 Shuttle Hurdles 1st - Ackley, Jennett, C. Daughton, M. Daughton - 1:14.04 High Jump 2nd - Ackley - 48 5th - Bounds - 48 Long Jump 2nd - Love - 14 10 7th - M. Swank - 13 3.5 Shot Put 2nd - Logan Kelley - 35 10.5 14th - Heath Andresen - 24 7 Discus 5th - Andresen - 80 2 8th - Kelley - 75 10 Mount Ayr Sports Calendar April 25-May 2

Apr 25 MS Trk Corning 4:00 POI conference meet G Trk Osceola 5:00 Drake Relays begin Apr 26 Golf Lenox 4:00 G Trk Bedford 5:00 Apr 29 MS Trk Bedford 4:00 B Golf East UnionTBA POI Meet G Golf Home TBA POI Meet Apr 30 Golf Lamoni 4:00 B/G Trk Truro 4:00 POI Meet May 2 G Golf Honey Crk. 1:00 G Trk Home 5:00 Raiderette Relays Diagonal Sports Calendar April 25 - May 2 Apr 23 G Trk Twin Cedars Apr 29 MS Trk Bedford Apr 30 G Trk Lamoni Conference Meet May 2 MS Trk Twin Cedars4:00 Conference Meet G Trk Mount Ayr 5:00 Counter Subscriptions for those who cant wait until Thursday to read the Mount Ayr Record-News. Save money too.

Caitlin Giles lofts a chip onto the ninth green in recent golf action. Giles again captured medalist honors in last weeks home meet against Wayne, Southeast Warren, Martensdale-St. Marys and East Union.

Raider golfers edged by East Union, Giles medalist for girls

The Mount Ayr girls and boys golf teams competed against four other teams in a meet at Mount Ayr April 16. Other teams competing included Wayne, Southeast Warren, Martensdale-St. Marys and East Union. Raiderette Caitlin Giles was medalist with a 46, and Holly Karr, was runner-up with a 54. Wayne was the only girls team to have a full roster to post a team score. They shot a total of 251. On the boys side, Jake Rickers 44 tied with Waynes Brock Draper, but in a card-off, Draper was named

medalist. East Union took the meet victory for the boys shooting a 190. Mount Ayr came in second with a 192, followed by Martensdales 193 and Waynes 195. Southeast Warren had only three boys golng and did not post a team score.

SWCC names bowling coach, to offer coaching authorization classes

anatomy and physiology, physical development, theory of coaching and coaching ethics, and care and prevention of athletic injuries. Upon successful participation, students will be issued a certicate of completion which is necessary to make application to the State of Iowa for coaching authorization. Iowa law requires a person to have a coaching endorsement or authorization if a person is directing the team or play and/or prescribing who should play and at what position or who needs to work on certain skills. Coaches are considered individuals who are

employed by a school district under the provisions of an extracurricular athletic contract or employed by a non-public school in a position responsible for an extracurricular athletic activity. Volunteer coaches are also required to hold a coaching endorsement or authorization. The cost of the course is $440. Pre-registration and pre-payment is required by May 1. For additional information or to register for the course, please call (641) 782-1441 or (641) 782-1449 or print the brochure and registration form at www.swcciowa.edu/adulted under the general interest link.

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Doug Davidson

Davidson brings much experience

Doug Davidson of Orient has been named Southwestern Community Colleges rst-ever head bowling coach, and the SWCC bowling program is slated to begin with the fall 2013 semester. Davidson, who owned and operated a bowling center in Creston for 22 years, will begin recruiting for the Spartans new athletic program immediately. Davidson was a member of the Iowa Bowling Proprietors Association and served in the roles of president and secretary for District 9. He was an Iowa Bowling Proprietor Board member for 10 years. Davidson was instrumental in starting the rst junior bowling traveling tournament in south central Iowa. He holds a coaching certicate for the Young American Bowling Association. The college will eld a mens and a womens bowling team. There are currently eight colleges in Iowa with competitive bowling teams, only one other being a community college.

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Classes begin May 6

Southwestern Community College Continuing Education will be offering Coaching Authorization beginning May 6. The 55-hour series will meet in the evenings through May 30 and consists of the following topics:

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Play Posse stresses health

PLAY POSSE, Inc. is a local 501c3 nonprot being established by Chris Doster. PLAY stands for People Living Active Year-round. PLAY POSSE offers 10-12 tness classes a week out of Dosters garage which has been converted into a makeshift gym. The garage is affectionately known as Mist CrossFit or The MC since most of the workouts are what is known as a CrossFit WOD (workout of the day). Their body is the only gym they need for most of the workouts, Doster said. Many of the workouts consist of bodyweight exercises such as pushups, situps, burpees, squats, lunges, etc. All workouts can be scaled to any tness level. The age range of participants is from 12 years old to 60 years old and classes remain full even three months after they started. They will be moving into a bigger facility when the right location is found. PLAY POSSE, Inc. also organizes family friendly community tness events such as triathlons, mud runs and events like the bicycle WOD the group pictured was preparing for. The event encouraged participants to wear clothing from their high school days while they completed the 1.5 mile bike ride, 20 burpees (a cross between a pushup and a jumping jack), 20 situps, 60 jump rope workout. They did this round as many times as possible for 28 minutes. As usual, people left sweaty and with a smile on their face. Many of the participants in Dosters tness classes have boasted weight loss, increases strength and a new vigor for life. The draw seems to be that the classmates form a bond and now they do tness events outside of the classes. For example a group of 10-15 PLAY POSSE members went up to Des Moines to run the the Glow Run this weekend. Dosters vision is to get southwest Iowa excited about being healthy and help people nd fun ways to do that. An emphasis is put on events that the whole family can enjoy.


Mount Ayr Record-News

Snapshots of History


Despite the chilly temperatures, members of the PLAY POSSE get ready to take off on their 1.5 mile bike ride Saturday morning. The event encouraged participants to wear clothing from their high school days while they completed the 1.5 mile bike ride, 20 burpees (a cross between a pushup and a jumping jack), 20 situps and a 60 jump rope workout. They did this round as many times as possible for 28 minutes.

Cleareld continues dissolution discussions

The Cleareld Community school board of directors met in regular session Tuesday, April 16. Dissolution report Superintendent Joe Drake reported on the meetings of the dissolution commission. The commission has mailed a preference form to property owners and residents of the Cleareld district that asks land owners which school district they would like their land to be a part of with the choices of (contingent districts) Bedford, Diagonal, Lenox or Mount Ayr. The survey also asks those with children to indicate which school district they would like their children to attend. Those are being returned and members of the commission are marking a district map according to the preferences of land owners and parents of the district. In addition, statements have been requested from the Bedford, Diagonal, Lenox and Mount Ayr districts stating that they are willing to accept contiguous property and any recommended conditions. Questions were raised in regard to student transportation. If property owners prefer their land be in one district, would the buses of another district be allowed to pick up students wanting to attend one of the other districts that we now have sharing agreements with? Mr. Drake shared a possible statement of intent that could be signed by other districts that would allow buses to enter the new district. The statement of intent would be non-binding to future boards and there would be no guarantee of future agreements. Early start date The regular meeting recessed at 7 p.m. for a public hearing in regard to the early start date waiver. No one spoke against the waiver, and board president Chris Knox declared the hearing closed and the regular meeting resumed. Following the hearing, the board approved submission of the early start date waiver. Principal report The report given by principal Jackie Hopkins included several items about student and staff activities. Hopkins has been working on an application for Quad Counties 4Kids Funds to help support the early childhood program. Principal Hopkins also reported ITBS results. Next meeting The next regular meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, May 14 at 6 p.m.

New laptops for Cleareld schools

EMC Insurance Companies, in cooperation with Cunning Insurance Co., Inc, delivered three laptops to the Cleareld elementary school as part of an effort to combine learning and technology. The goal of the initiative is to give students a competitive edge in todays tech-savvy world. By integrating technology into classroom activities, students are better prepared to use technology in the real world, said Jim Fontanini, Des Moines branch manager and resident vice president of EMC Insurance Companies. Its important to keep students interested in learning, and by using the latest technology, we can keep their attention and help them learn more. EMC partnered with Cunning Insurance Co., Inc., to select Cleareld elementary school, one of 12 schools in the state that will receive computer equipment from EMC. School districts selected have a high number of students receiving free or reduced lunch, according to data from the Iowa Department of Education.

On April 27 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. the Ringgold County Sheriffs Ofce will have its rst annual drop off to prevent pill abuse. The public is encouraged to drop off related items to decrease theft by ridding their homes of potentially dangerous expired, unused, and unwanted prescription drugs. Bring your medications for disposal to the Mount Ayr Shopko. The service is free and anonymous, no questions asked. This years event is sponsored by the Ringgold County Sheriffs Ofce and Ringgold County SAFE. Last September, Americans turned in 244 tons of prescription drugs at over 5,200 sites operated by the DEA and its thousands of state and local law enforcement partners. In its ve previous Take Back events, DEA and its partners took in over two million pounds over a thousand tonsof pills. This initiative addresses a vital public safety and public health issue. Medicines that languish in home cabinets are highly susceptible to diversion, misuse, and abuse. Rates of prescription drug abuse in the U.S. are alarmingly high, as are the number of accidental poisonings and overdoses due to these drugs. Studies show that a majority of abused prescription drugs are obtained from family and friends, including from the home medicine cabinet. In addition, Americans are now advised that their usual methods for disposing of unused medicinesushing them down the toilet or throwing them in the trashboth pose potential safety and health hazards. Four days after the rst event, Congress passed the Secure and Responsible Drug Disposal Act of 2010, which amends the Con-

Sheriff to hold drug drop off day April 27 at Shopko

Mount Ayrs German House hotel about 1895. BY MIKE AVITT Newman. J. S. Shepherd bought leigh, M. L. Imus, H. C. Beard and I came across some informa- the Journal in November 1885 af- Randolph Beall. W. E. Burleigh tion about this picture while read- ter having published the Corydon would buy the Tingley Vindicator ing old newspapers, and Ill share Democrat for two years. George in 1904 and publish it for 35 years. with you what I found. This photo would continue the paper after his H. C. Beard would later publish was already at the Depot Museum fathers retirement. the Twice-A-Week Press, and Ranwhen I joined in 2001. H. H. Tedford, J. S. Spurrier, H. dolph would publish the Ringgold I got the location of the German J. Reger, G. H. Talley, and N. R. County Bulletin. House from our Sanborn maps, McClanahan attended for the RingOur 1919 Sanborn map no lonwhich are dated 1893, 1898, 1907 gold Record. The Ringgold Record ger shows the Commercial Hotel and 1919. The German House hotel would merge with the Twice-A- and the German was then called sat just north of where the Neigh- Week News in 1907 to form the Harts Rooming House. I have borhood Center is today, right next Mount Ayr Record-News. heard the old German House buildto the alley. The 1893 map gives Representing the Twice-A- ing lasted into the 1950s and was the name as the ONeal House. Week News were Miss Sue Neely, last known as Lambs Hotel. I believe this is J. W. ONeal be- Miss Margaret Imus, W. E. Burcause Mr. ONeal is credited with having built the Commercial Hotel in 1895. The Commercial Hotel was located about two lots north of the German House. In 1898 and 1907, the hotel is called the German House. John WATERWAYS HAY and PASTURES German and his wife Abigail came BIRD and DEER HABITAT to rural Ringgold county in 1867 and moved to Mount Ayr in 1879. CRP MCM PRESCRIBED BURNING I dont know when they took pos Seed Drilling Mulching Chemical burndown session of the hotel, but I know it Seeders to loan or rent, 5-ft. to 30-ft. was known as the German House in 1896. No till custom drilling 20 Tree Sheering I found a series of newspaper I need tillage subcontractors Mowing articles about the hotel in March 13-ft. roto tillers and cultimulcher of 1897. The Twice-A-Week News reports re broke out in the hotel New Sign Up Starts Monday, May 20. on February 27, 1897. The northCall for enrollment tips that most land owners dont know about. east portion of the hotel was badly damaged, and G. S. Warner was hired to do the repairs. The work Free Consultation on Seed Mixes went quickly and the hotel reand Easy Seeder Calibrations opened on March 23. To celebrate the reopening, Mr. and Mrs. German invited Mount Ayrs three newspapers for dinner. The Mount Ayr Journal was represented by publisher James Sherman Shepherd, his son George and Georges companion, Miss Edith


trolled Substances Act to allow an ultimate user of controlled substance medications to dispose of them by delivering them to entities authorized by the Attorney General to accept them. The Act also allows the Attorney General to authorize long term care facilities to dispose of their residents controlled substances in certain instances. DEA is drafting regulations to implement the act. Until new regulations are in place, local law enforcement agencies like Ringgold County Sheriffs Ofce and the DEA will continue to hold prescription drug take-back events every year.

Mount Ayr Record-News Cleareld elementary teacher Diane Bolinger shows students one of the new laptop computers provided by EMC Insurance and Cunning Insurance Co, Inc.


Call 641-464-2440 today.

Iowa travel guide now available

The latest edition of the Iowa Travel Guide is now available. An online version of the guide is available on the website traveliowa.com. People may also pick one up at any Iowa Welcome Center.
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County hazard mitigation to meet Tuesday

Chick Days Are Still Going Strong

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The nal meeting of the Ringgold County Hazard Mitigation planning team will be held Tuesday, April 30 beginning at 6 p.m. in the assembly room at the county courthouse. Following a short 15-minute presentation about how the community and FEMA will use the plan and how to keep the plan up to date, persons will be able to offer comments on the draft plan and appendices that will be made available for viewing that evening. The comment session will last until 7:30 p.m.

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Mount Ayr Record-News

Thursday, April 25, 2013

County Columns
Kathryn Still and Jan Holmes 783-2123

April 22 - This writer believes they had plenty of rain this past week. She heard reports of over ve inches north of Kellerton. It is nice to have the ponds all full again. The grass is really getting green. She sees several people have mowed their lawns already. There was another SIPR supper Saturday evening. Come and join them the third Saturday of each month for the breakfast for supper meals and visit with friends and neighbors. Sunday Linda Foland, Vicki Jackson, Melba Taylor and Sandy Campbell drove to Grand Island, NE for Ann Hinrichs funeral services. Ann was Oleta (Higday) Lanphiears daughter who passed away during surgery due to complications. Ann was 70. She leaves her husband, Marlin, and daughter, Sara, of Grand Island. Sympathy is extended to the family. Judy and Kaye Doolittle were visitors of Rod and Debbie Holmes Sunday. Jan Holmes and Kathryn Still were Mount Ayr shoppers Tuesday. They were Osceola shoppers Thursday. Friday morning the sisters were surprised by a visit from Kathryns grandson, Jordan Still, his sons, Zander and Jaxtyn, and Savanna Watson. Saturday Kathryn went to Mount Ayr to see her grandchildren, Jacob and Taylor Still, in their prom nery and got to see her grandson, Calob Still, Amanda, Alexis and Chase of Columbia, MO and Cassie Still of Des Moines at the home of Doug and Gina Still. Hallie Still was celebrating her 13th birthday. Sunday the sisters went to Pizza Hut for lunch after church. Jan and Kathryn have been working on senior scrapbooks for Taylor and Jacob.

Os, Dorothy Wetzel the large picture frame and Lorane Leonard and Helen the small picture frame. After exercise Wednesday morning they all guessed stutter words and compound words off the erasable board. They guessed them before this writer could even get the blanks on the board. Tim Maxa came for church Wednesday afternoon. Patty played the piano and Tim played his guitar. Thursday was animal cracker day so everyone enjoyed munching on animal crackers as they all reminisced about World War II events. Bill Livingston and Roger Mick entertained Thursday afternoon. It was so good to listen to their music and all hope they make a return performance. While the residents were listening to them, the staff had an in-service in the dining room. Donuts and coffee were served Friday morning for the monthly coffee. Residents, along with the staff, enjoyed them. The school students came to read to the residents Friday afternoon and, when they left, Amy had a resident council meeting with some of the residents. Harriet Garrett enjoyed spending the weekend at her home with her family. All are glad to have Varel Dodge back after a stay in the hospital. Visitors have been Travis and Allison Knox with Gladys Gose; Kerry Saville, Liz Kilgore and Kathy Valenzuela with Clara Kilgore; Annette Dougherty with Dick Dougherty; Jack Taylor with Lorabel Taylor; Galen and Marcia Nickell and Melissa, Lydia, Isaiah and Julia Miller with Dorothy Wetzel; Bob and Shirley McMath with Evelyn Stevenson, Carol Ann Kinder and Dick Dougherty; Tom and Janice Maxell with Pauline Young, and Rick and Marvin Garrett with Harriet Garrett.

Clearview Home
Activities Staff

Clearview Home
Jeani Swartwood
April 22 - Administrative Professionals Day is this week. Those at Clearview appreciate Susie Nelson and Alma Swanson for everything they do for the residents and staff. They seem to be the sounding board for everyone. Have a great day, girls! Everyone would like to welcome Carol Ann Kinder and Richard Dougherty to Clearview. Carol Ann came from her home in Eagle Grove, MO and Richard is from Lenox. Carol Ann grew up and lived in Cleareld most of her life and daughter Angie Cole is on staff at Clearview. Richard was a truck driver and farmer. Welcome, Carol and Richard. Monday morning Christina got residents out for exercise while Jeani was in care plans. Scott Marcum was the Bible study leader Monday afternoon. They all enjoyed cookies and coffee and lots of visiting after the lesson. Darlene Gilbert and her helpers nally got the jigsaw puzzle of Lucy and Ethel put together and they got the mod podge on it and framed. It looks really nice and a good conversation piece in Darlenes room. She is already starting on another one. Elaine Fargo played the piano Monday afternoon for anyone who wanted to listen. All enjoyed coming out for trivia Tuesday morning. They discussed what happened on that day years ago and all were interested in Clara Kilgore telling about working at the Pentagon. Bingo was Tuesday afternoon with Helen Lyddon, Clara Kilgore and Evelyn Stevenson winning regular bingo, Helen winning down the Bs &


April 22 The ponds are full, grass is green and the ower beds will need to dry out before planting. Maybe after all the rain, spring will arrive fashionably late. Better late, than never is a good slogan for spring this year. The month of April will nish strong. The volunteer dinner was last night (Wednesday). Several were in attendance to be recognized at the dinner. High school students, boys and girls, will be there Friday for a prom parade. Even members of Clearviews staff will be participating. If any student wants to participate, send a note to school for permission by Friday morning. Sommer will be in Saturday morning to play a game with the residents. Liz will host In the Kitchen with Liz Monday afternoon. Assisting will be Sommer and Pattie. Condolences go out to Cleola Geists family on her recent death. Cleola was lled with life and so much to share. She will be missed by the staff and residents. Thoughts and prayers go out to Jane Brown and her family, as her mother, Helen Stickler, passed away over the weekend. Helen was special to many. She had so many stories to share and was always ready to visit. She will be remembered always. Monday Pattie read to the residents in the morning. In the afternoon Kathi took a trip to Indiana for country school. Sommer assisted with the class and looked up special events and places of interest in Indiana online. Liz and Pattie prepared pigs in a blanket for coffee club Tuesday morning. Sommer delivered mail and invited residents out to attend coffee club and music. Carmene James was in to play the piano for music in the morning. Peggy Wagenknecht helped Pattie lead the singing. Pattie called bingo and Sommer passed prizes. Winners were Lois Anne Sobotka, Vera Daughton, Anita Hayworth, Joan

Hill, Doyle Murphy, Shorty Umbarger, Henry Peterson, Anna Linkey, Jack Padgitt and Gerata Scott. Wednesday Kathi, Sommer and Pattie were busy with hand care in the morning. Kathi went to the special care unit to polish and le nails, too. Chris Conklin was in for church in the afternoon. He played the guitar for residents. Sommer popped popcorn, butter and kettle, while residents enjoyed some old episodes of Dallas (1978) on the TV. Sommer started Thursday off with reading the Mount Ayr Record-News and Diagonal Progress. This was followed by card games. Liz played pitch with Shorty Umbarger, Vera Daughton and Berniece Hoffman. Sommer and Kathi played trash with Helen Banks, Joan Hill, Permelia Fletchall, Rose Hunt, Marilyn Richards, Anita Hayworth and Anna Linkey. Mary Kathryn was in for a program about libraries as it was National Library Week. Friday morning Sommer and Liz opened the general store. Several were waiting to purchase specialty items from the store. In the afternoon Mrs. Janet Augie brought in her second grade students to play bingo with the residents. Class members were Linsie Barnes, Jacob Novak, Alexis Darrah (Berniece Hoffmans granddaughter), Trenton Swank, Kacee Klommhaus, Makenna Jones, Becca Dolecheck, Jill Kniep, Josie Vanderught, Karlie Larson, Collin McAlexander, Kade Dugan, Wyatt McLead, Drew Ehlen, Seth Pinard, Eva Sobotka and Hunter Berger. Sommer called bingo and Liz passed prizes with the help of Kelly Kern. Winners were Permelia Fletchall, Hunter Berger, Helen Banks, Iris Osborn, Lois Anne Sobotka, Kade Dugan, Linsie Barnes and Doyle Murphy. Volunteers helping were Nina Fricke, Kelly Kern and Bessie Parker. Saturday evening after supper members of the OK Corral were in to sing for the residents. The dining room was packed with residents, estate tenants and guests. They sang gospel hymns. Group members were Larry White, Kathleen Myer, Judy Gale, Frank Gale, Tiffany Gale, Rodney and Debbie Bastow, Alan Ibbotson, Jimmy Norman and Jim Morris. Sunday Tony Oshel was in to lead Sunday school. He is a member of the United Baptist-Presbyterian Church. Clearview is glad to have him volunteer. Elders of the UBPC were in to provide a communion program. Visitors last week were Carol May with Virginia Weaver; Lyla Miller and Sue Rahn with Ray Miller; Ruth Saville and Estelle Hall with Rose Hunt; Joyce England with Lois Anne Sobotka; Robyn Morgan and kids and Cassie and Marlene Osborn and Lilly with Laura Osborn; Linda Konnath with Roxie Trullinger; Shirley Erickson with Don Strange; Gene Huntsman with Shorty Swanson and Roxie Trullinger; Kay Sickels with Vera Daughton; Phillip and Sally Drake with Minnie Breckenridge; Rick Scott with Gerata Scott; Shirley Erickson and Norma Lee Jones with Pat Weddle; Grace Warin with Marilyn Richards; Janis Taylor, Bill and Jenna Taylor and Mike

and Jean Ann Taylor with Anna Linkey; Vickie Mericle with Larry Hull; Peggy Wagenknecht with Pat Weddle and Norma Smith; Betty Cole with Donnie Johnston and Pat Weddle; Judy Mercer with Helen Banks and Jack Padgitt; Jim and Arlene Pearce with Enda Scott; Richard ODell and Pat Straight with Hazelee Saxton; Sue Richards and Turk Allen with Twilla Lininger and Lois Anne Sobotka; Quita Koeller with Twilla Lininger; Brenda Comer with Vera Carson; Dorothy Barber with Doyle Murphy; Joyce Smith with Irene Spencer and Pat Weddle; Valeria Longstrant with Shirley Karr; Dave and Kim Shields, Alicia Shields, Brian, Amber, Trey and Kenleigh Fooken, April Shields and Hagan Willis with Forrest and Carmeta Shields, and Judy Pottorff with Pauline Wood and Twilla Lininger.

Coffee With The Girls

be moved. Its new location will be north of the Lions loading station, up that way, and it will seat 2,000 or so. The Cleareld Lions are going to be recognized this year there too, because it is the 50th year of the shuttle bus service. The Lions are going to be the grand marshals of the Iowa State Fair parade -- which is a biggie -- plus other things going on to honor them. Coming up in Cleareld is the alumni banquet May 25. Linda has got three reservations already. The rst one was Clint Brown and he made one for his sister, Kathy, Saturday. Then Sunday evening Sandy Bailey called to make one for herself. Linda didnt even have a signup sheet ready but she does now. Kathy Flam called about a month ago wondering about it. It is her 50th year and her class is doing the program this year. To make your reservations, call Linda Bell, 641-336-2895. She is now ready to go. Closing this week with Ive learned that when someone tells you its the principle of the thing and not the money, its usually the money. From the coffee table, Linda B.

Ellston library receives REC grant, hosts author

Thanks to a $500 grant from the Southern Iowa Rural Electric Cooperative (REC), the Ellston Community Library is expanding its selection of large print books, audio books, and family movies. While the three-year old community library has several thousand booksincluding ction, non-ction, autobiography, biography, and religious, the requests for large print and audio books have increased. Because we are a volunteer organization which relies on donations to keep us open, having dollars to spend on specialty media is a luxury, says Nan Derscheid, president of the Northeast Ringgold County Alliance (NERA). The library has a group of volunteers who are going to plan how to most effectively utilize the dollars and divide them between family movies, audio books and large

print books. Im sure patrons will see an increase in these venues over the next few weeks, adds Derscheid. Summer is the perfect time to offer more movies for families and children, and for audio books which are such great diversions during long road trips. The library and the community owe the REC a big thank you for granting us this opportunity. In other library news, Tracey Garvis Graves, author of On the Island will make a presentation and autograph books on Saturday, April 27 at the Ellston Community Library from 11 a.m. 12:30 p.m. This novel, about two individuals stranded on an island struggling to survive, gained national recognition and became a runaway bestseller before it was ever published in book form.

News from Cleareld Linda Bell

April 22 - Linda Bell has been working at the school for the last ve weeks. This is her last week. Shes been working for Marie Cameron, who is the head cook. She had knee replacement and has made good recovery and is ready to come back to work next Monday. Linda has had fun lling in for her but is ready to turn it all back over to Marie. The u bug has been roaming around the school this week. Two days there were three preschool kids who had to go home. It hits so fast and they had it coming out both ends. It was just a 24-hour bug, though. They were back to school the next day. The area had heavy rains Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday morning when Linda Bell got to school, the custodian was vacuuming up water off the gym oor. It had run in under the wall. The kids couldnt go outside for recess because it was still raining and the gym wasnt ready, so the teachers had recess wherever they could. It sure is amazing how fast they can go from drought to ood in a couple of days. The Platte River was bank full. The ponds are full and there are ood watches out all over southeast Iowa. The Lions met Thursday evening and had a huge crowd, 75 or so. Gary Slater and his assistant, Tony, were down as the guest speakers. Gary had a job last year also that required a lot of traveling. He visited about every state fair in the U.S. and also traveled to Africa and visited a country that was close to the one where Jim Blessman does his work. Gary said it will change you to see such poverty. Also they told of the grandstand lineup and new changes on the grounds. The one big change is the Budweiser stage -- which was a tent by the main entrance -- will

Cleareld to hold public hearing on dissolution plan

The Cleareld Dissolution Commission hold a public meeting Monday, April 29 to get Cleareld patron input on the tentative dissolution plan. The meeting will take place from 6-7 p.m. in the school lunch room. If patrons have comments, questions or concerns about the dissolution process, they can share them with the Dissolution Commission. School boards from Bedford, Diagonal, Lenox and Mount Ayr are encouraged to send representatives to this meeting.

More Farming and Your Freedom

Continued from page 2

____________________________ sure business, labor and agriculture have a chance to be part of the bill process. For his part, Lunemann pointed out that half of the cows in the U.S. are milked by immigrant labor. In addition to providing support for year-round workers for milking of cows, the new bill provides for limited legal agricultural guest workers in the rst year of the program, some 112,000. The current program, H-2A provides for only seasonal guest workers, not year-round. Bottom line, Looker reported, the H-2A program would continue as the new bill is phased in, and about one million workers in agriculture now operating without documentation would be given a path to citizenship. Lunemann, meanwhile, said he thinks 112,000 guest workers would be rather a small number. Ill see ya!

Ringgold County Conservation is hosting a digital scavenger hunt for all Ringgold County Conservation Board Areas. This event will last one month, April 15 to May 15. Participants can use their camera or phone to take pictures of items on the scavenger hunt list. This is a new, fun way to get out and see local natural areas and use modern technology. Items on the scavenger hunt list include animal tracks (not from a dog), brush pile, wildower (no garden owers), shelter house, pinecone, squirrel nest, hole in a tree, insect, walnut, cabin, prairie grass, pond, oak leaf, bird, caboose and bark. When participants have nished the hunt, they should bring their cameras to the Ringgold County Conservation Board Ofce so staff can verify their photos. Rules for the hunt are as follows: 1. Individuals/teams must pick up a scavenger hunt list from the Ringgold County Conservation Board during open hours or download one from the website at http:// www.mycountyparks.com/County/Ringgold.aspx 2. All pictures must be taken on Ringgold County Conservation Board areas. 3. Pictures must be taken from April 15 May 15. No photos will be accepted after 4 p.m. on May 15. 4. You must take an actual picture of the item not an image of the item. 5. Do not remove or disturb items on the list. 6. Stay on trails as best as possible.

RCCB scavenger hunt through May 15

7. Pictures must be on one camera or cell phone. 8. You or members of your team may be in the photo(s) with the found item(s). 9. Photos must be brought into the RCCB to be veried by RCCB staff. 10. One entry per individual/ team. Photos may only be used for one entry. 11. Individuals/teams who take photos of every item on the list will be entered into a drawing to win a two-night camping pass to Hickory Grove Park in Story county, a mycountyparks cup and RCCB lanyard. The winners will be drawn Wednesday, May 15 and notied via phone or email. Participants need not be present to win. 12. Ringgold County Conservation reserves the right to use any or all photos for promotional materials or on social media. Please call RCCB at 641-4642787 for questions or for more information.

Northwest alumni to meet Friday

The Southern Iowa Chapter of Northwest Missouri State University Alumni and Friends will hold the annual anniversary social on Friday, April, 26. The event will be at the Crestmoor Golf Club, 1801 Townline Road in Creston. The evening will start at 6:30 p.m. with a social and registration. A dutch treat buffet meal will start about 7 p.m. After the meal there will be a short program. BUY - SELL - TRADE- TELL in the Mount Ayr Record-News Classi eds!

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7 Costly Mistakes if
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Hurt at Work

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mount Ayr Record-News


Yard and Garden:

Lawn Care tips offered
Proper mowing practices play a vital role in helping to maintain a healthy, sustainable home lawn. Lawn mowing is only one question horticulturists with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach answer about lawn care and how to have a lawn with the desired characteristics. Homeowners and gardeners with lawn questions should contact horticulturists at Hortline by emailing hortline@iastate.edu or calling 515-294-3108. How often should I fertilize my lawn? In Iowa, Kentucky bluegrass lawns can be fertilized in spring (April or May), mid-September, and late October/early November. The number of fertilizer applications is largely determined by an individuals desires or expectations for their lawn. Three applications of fertilizer (the rst in spring, the second in mid-September and a third in late October/early November) would be appropriate for individuals who want a vigorous, dark green lawn. A single application of fertilizer in late October/early November would be sufcient for individuals who prefer minimal fertilization. A moderate fertilization plan consists of an application of fertilizer in midSeptember and a second application in late October/early November. Each application of fertilizer should consist of one pound of actual nitrogen per 1,000 square feet. When mowing the lawn, what is the proper mowing height? Kentucky bluegrass lawns should be mowed at a height of two and one-half to three inches in the spring and fall months. Mow bluegrass lawns at a height of three to three and one-half inches in June, July and August. A higher mowing height in summer helps to cool the crowns of the turfgrass plants, encourages deeper rooting and provides more leaf area for photosynthesis during the stressful summer months. Mowing below the recommended range may scalp the turf and cause the turfgrass to deteriorate. Extremely low mowing heights decrease the total leaf surface area, carbohydrate reserves and root growth, creating a situation where the turfgrass plants are unable to produce enough food to meet their needs. This makes the plants more susceptible to drought, high temperature and wear injury. In addition, the bare areas created by a decrease in turfgrass density increase the likelihood of weed problems. Mowing too high can also create problems. Mowing above the recommended range reduces tillering and causes matting of the grass. Reduced tillering results in fewer and coarser plants, while matted grass creates a micro-environment that encourages disease development. When should I apply a preemergence herbicide to my lawn to control crabgrass? The keys to successful control of crabgrass in lawns are correct timing of the preemergence herbicide application and proper application of the material. Preemergence herbicides must be applied before the crabgrass seeds germinate. If the material is applied too early, crabgrass seeds that germinate late in the season will not be controlled. If applied too late, some crabgrass seeds will have already germinated. Preemergence herbicides should normally be applied in early to mid-April in southern Iowa, mid-April to May 1 in central Iowa and late April to early May in northern areas of the state. Weather often varies considerable from year to year in Iowa. Accordingly, gardeners should make adjustments in the timing of the preemergence herbicide application. If the weather in March and April is cooler than normal (such as in 2013), apply the preemergence herbicide late in the recommended time period. Apply the herbicide early in the recommended time period if Iowa is experiencing a warm early spring. If youre still uncertain as to when to apply the preemergence herbicide, Mother Nature provides some helpful (colorful) clues. Preemergence herbicides should be applied when the forsythia blossoms start dropping or when redbud trees begin to bloom. Crabgrass seed germination typically begins after these events. To insure the herbicide is applied properly, carefully read and follow the label directions on the package. Also, make sure the spreader has been correctly calibrated and is working properly. Should I apply lime to my lawn? In Iowa, home gardeners should apply lime to lawns only when recommended by a soil test. A soil test will indicate the current soil pH and, if necessary, the amount of lime to apply to the area. The soil pH is important because it inuences the availability of essential nutrients. The pH scale runs from 0 to 14. Any pH below 7.0 is acidic and any pH above 7.0 is alkaline. A pH of 7.0 indicates a neutral soil. The optimum pH range for lawns is between 6.0 and 7.5. Lime is applied to acidic soils with a pH below 6.0 to raise the pH into the optimum range. However, an application of lime to an alkaline soil can raise the soil pH to excessively high levels, reducing the availability of plant nutrients and leading to poor plant growth. There is no need to apply lime to most lawns in Iowa as few have a soil pH below 6.0. Applying lime to lawns with a soil pH above 7.0 may actually be detrimental.

Local PAT program helps with parenting

April was rst declared Child Abuse Prevention Month by presidential proclamation in 1983. Since then, April has been a time to acknowledge the importance of families and communities working together to prevent child abuse. In Child Maltreatment 2011 it was reported that in FFY 2011 in the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, an estimated 676,596 children were victims of child abuse; and 1,545 children died as a result of abuse or neglect. The majority of child abuse cases stemmed from situations and conditions that can be preventable when community programs and systems are engaged and supportive. Ringgold county is a good example of a county that cares and supports children and families. Generally, child abuse/maltreatment is often correlated with areas that have a high poverty rate. In 2010 Ringgold county had the highest rate of children living in poverty of the 99 counties with a rate of 29.5 percent (Kids Count, 2010). However, Ringgold county ranked 87th of the 99 counties in the state of Iowa for child abuse. A body of research has identied factors known to prevent and reduce child abuse and neglect. These factorsincluding parental resilience, nurturing and attachment, social connections, knowledge about parenting and child development, social and emotional competence of children, and concrete supports for parents. Locally Ringgold County Public Health Parents as Teachers (PAT) emphasizes these six protective factors as key elements to support and enhance child and family well-being. PAT supports families in an effort to not only ensure all children develop to their fullest potential, but to support parents in their parenting journey. Part of this journey includes preventing child maltreatment and promoting well-being of families. Parents as Teachers works with a network of agencies in the area to help strengthen families. Juggling demands of home, work and other responsibilities leave many parents feeling like they never have enough time for their children. There is no perfect parent. Most parents are not aware of normal developmental milestones and behaviors. Coping with everyday stress can be difcult and affect the ability to deal with children in productive ways. Personal experiences can change the way people parent as well. Sometimes a parent just needs someone to listen, give advice, or some support. Families whose basic needs are not met (food, transportation, housing, clothing) nd it difcult to devote time to the safety and well-being of their children. Alcohol or drug use, nancial difculties, and domestic violence exposure isolates many parents. Parenting can be challenging when children do not or cannot respond in a positive way to the nurturing and affection from those who love them. All of these stressors can cause parents to react in a negative way to the relationship with their children and put children at an increased risk for maltreatment. Participation in PAT services can help. During a home visit, parent educators assist parents in learning that even the smallest acts of kindness-a hug, kiss or smile-will give their child a sense of security and attachment. Children are screened on a regular basis to ensure that they are developing at a normal rate. Milestones are reviewed with parents and if a delay is found we work together to see what the best plan is for your family. Parents are connected with resources they need to provide a safe and healthy home environment for their family. PAT help parents identify their own needs and together set goals to improve the well-being of the family. Parents as Teachers is offered through Ringgold County Public Health Agency. The services are free to all qualifying Ringgold County residents with children up to three years old. Contact Robin McDonnell, RN at 641-464-0691 for more information. CLASSIFIEDS WORK FOR YOU with the Mount Ayr Record-News Classi eds

Chandra Poores class has been getting some exercise by riding bicycles around Mount Ayr. The signs marking the route from the school to Judge Lewis Park help guide their route. Pictured are Billy Geer (student), Christi Shields, Brittani Bogan (student), Amanda Overholser , Jessica Fricke (student), Chandra Poore, Melody Davis (student). This activity is possible due to a collaboration of multiple funding sources. The three wheeled bikes were purchased with Special Education Funds, the other bikes were purchased through Sites for Learning, the helmets were made possible with a HELP Pod Grant and the signage was part of a City of Mount Ayr Healthy Iowans Grant designed to promote physical activity. Poore says We love the signs. You will see us using them often.

Signs help mark a healthy route

Ringgold teams nish challenge

Ten teams from Ringgold county recorded 3696 hours of physical activity in the Live Healthy Iowa (LHI) 10 Week Wellness Challenge that concluded in April. Participation in LHI programs has steadily increase in recent years as Ringgold County Public Health (RCPH) continues their work through a Community Transformation Grant (CTG) to engage the entire county in activities to benet personal health. These efforts focus on stemming the tide of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. Getting regular physical activity is known to reduce the risk of these and many other poor health outcomes. There were teams from Diagonal and Mount Ayr schools, Ringgold County Hospital, Ringgold county ofces, local churches, and teams with friends and family looking to get healthy together. CTG Administrator Vicki Sickels hatched the idea last fall to form a group specic to Ringgold County for LHI programs. When asked about the increased participation in LHI programs Sickels says It has proven to help spur friendly competition amongst the teams as members can check the leaderboard every time they log physical activity minutes and/or weight loss. A Diagonal school team won the weight loss category with an average of 2.33 percent body weight loss per team member. A family and friends team called the Walking Warriors won the physical activity category with an average

Foundation director visits Washington D.C.

Diane Bear, executive director of the South Central Iowa Community Foundation (SCICF) recently attended Foundations on the Hill in Washington D.C. to meet with Iowa legislators to discuss issues relating to foundations. The purpose of Foundations on the Hill is to inform and educate Congress about philanthropy; create visibility for foundations and philanthropy on Capitol Hill; advocate on issues affecting foundations; and encourage Congress to view foundations as resources on key public policy issues. Members of the Iowa Council of Foundations delegation (ICoF) met with Iowas members of Congress (or their representatives), including Senator Tom Harkin, Senator Charles Grassley, Representative Bruce Braley, Representative Tom Latham, Representative Steve King and Representative Dave Loebsack. During these meetings, the Iowa delegation worked to build relationships with federal lawmakers and their staff. They emphasized the work of philanthropy in Iowa and provided information about foundation giving in each district and across the state. They also discussed the need to simplify the private foundation excise tax; establish permanence to the IRA charitable rollover; and to protect the charitable deduction. SCICF serves the counties of

of over 100 hours per team member. Another team, Play Posse, recorded the most overall physical activity minutes with 763 hours. LHI offers several physical activity challenges each year. A team can be entered in the Ringgold county group by using the code LHIRINGGOLD when registering. The latest LHI program started April 22 and is called Strut Your Pup. It is centered around walking your dog. More info can be found at www.livehealthyiowa.org Ringgold County Public Health (RCPH) continues their work on a Community Transformation Grant to reduce the impact of chronic diseases. If you would like more information on walking, biking, active living or healthy eating call Ringgold County Public Health at 641-464-0691 or visit us on the web at www.rcph.net and www. facebook.com/rstop.

Clarke, Decatur, Lucas, Ringgold and Union, and also has three afliate counties: Adams, Appanoose and Wayne.

Join us as we celebrate National Dance Week

Iowa Flood Center reminds Iowans about web tool

Area solid waste audit is released by state

Auditor of State David A. Vaudt today released an audit report on the Wayne-Ringgold-Decatur County Solid Waste Management Commission. The Commission had total receipts of $772,079 during the year ended June 30, 2012, a 7 percent decrease from the prior year. The receipts included member assessments of $191,745, landll gate receipts of $538,107 and interest on investments of $23,998. Disbursements for the year totaled $509,307, a 12 percent increase over the prior year, and included $186,944 for salaries and benets, $58,977 for loan repayments and $44,476 for engineering services. The decrease in receipts is primarily due to a decrease in total tonnage for the current year. The increase in disbursements is primarily due to the purchase of equipment in the current year. A copy of the audit report is available for review at the WayneRinggold-Decatur County Solid Waste Management Commission, in the ofce of Auditor of State and on the Auditor of States website at http://auditor.iowa.gov/ reports/1214-2328-B00F.pdf.

Unemployment rate in Iowa drops to 4.9 percent

Iowas seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for March dropped to 4.9 percent from 5.0 percent in February, and was substantially below the year ago rate of 5.4 percent. The estimate of unemployed persons for March decreased slightly to 80,700 from 82,300 in February. The comparable gure for March 2012 was 88,500. Iowas total employment has been gradually increasing over the past six months, reaching 1,562,200 in March.

With the recent heavy rains the Iowa Flood Center (IFC) at the University of Iowa reminds Iowans about an online tool, the Iowa Flood Information System (IFIS), which provides information about community-specic ood conditions including current stream and river levels at nearly 275 U.S. Geological Survey and IFC gauges across the state. To access IFIS, visit is.iowaoodcenter.org. From this page, users may launch IFIS or view a brief tutorial on how to use the system. Developed by the Iowa Flood Center, the IFIS is a user-friendly online application that uses a Google Maps-interface. IFIS displays up-to-the-minute and community-specic information about rainfall, stream levels, and more. including: The Iowa Flood Center is part of IIHRHydroscience & Engineering, a research institute based at the University of Iowas College of Engineering. oods.


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Mount Ayr Record-News

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Church Notes
Mount Ayr Larger Parish United Methodist Churches Pastor Skip Rushing Redding 9:00 a.m., Worship. 10:00 a.m., Sunday School. Middle Fork 9:00 a.m., Sunday School, all ages. 10:00 a.m., Worship. Mount Ayr 10:00 a.m., Sunday School. 10:30 - 11:00 a.m., Refreshments and Fellowship. 11:00 a.m., Worship. St. Josephs Catholic Church 100 N. Polk, Mount Ayr Fr. Bashir Abdelsamad, Pastor Saturdays, mass at 5:30 p.m. St. Patricks Catholic Church Grand River Fr. Bashir Abdelsamad, Pastor Sunday mass, 8:00 a.m. United Church of Diagonal Pastor Ed Shields 9:30 a.m., Church. 10:30 a.m., Sunday school. Tingley First Christian Church Al Rusk, Pastor 10:00 a.m., Church school. Margaret Hull, Superintendent. 11:00 a.m., Worship. First Lutheran Church Mount Ayr - LCMS Vacancy Pastor: Rev. Jonathan Watt Sunday, April 28: 11:00 a.m., Worship. Free Methodist Church Charles Weiman, Pastor 10:00 a.m., Sunday school. 11:00 a.m., Worship service. 7:00 p.m., Evening worship. Wednesday, Family Night Prayer meeting; F.M.Y., C.L.C., 7 p.m. Kellerton Assembly of God Church Pastor Barton Shields 9:30 a.m., Sunday School. 10:30 a.m., Worship service. 6:00 p.m., Sunday evening worship. Wednesday, 7:00 p.m., Adult Bible study. Blockton Christian Church Scott Marcum, Pastor 9:30 a.m., Bible School. 10:45 a.m., Worship. Second and fourth Sundays of each month, Youth Groups. First Wednesday of each month, Church Night. Tent Chapel Church of Christ Richard Reinhardt, Minister (3 miles south of Blockton, Iowa) Bible study, 10:00 a.m. Morning worship, 11:00 a.m. Watch In Search of the Lords Way - 7 a.m., Sunday on Ch. 17; KDSM Dish 259, 6:30 a.m. or Direct TV 364, 6:30 a.m. Sundays, 6:30 p.m., evening services. Wednesdays, 7:00 p.m., Bible study. Regular Baptist Church Mount Ayr 464-3293 (Church) Pastor Seth Denney 9:45 a.m., Sunday School. 11:00 a.m., Morning worship service. Nursery available. 6:30 p.m., Evening service. Wednesday, 6:30-8 p.m., AWANA; 7 p.m., Midweek Bible study and prayer. 7 p.m., Youth service. Hickory Grove Advent Christian Church Sherry Wiley, supply pastor 11:00 a.m., Worship service. Mount Ayr Assembly of God Pastor Doug Rohrer (515-783-7712) See our facebook page 8:15 - 8:45 a.m., Prayer 9:00 a.m., Sunday school for all ages. 10:00 a.m., Fellowship. 10:30 a.m., Worship service. Nursery available. Childrens church. 5:00 p.m. Men of Valor Saturday, March 2: 8 - 11 a.m., Open Closet. Thursdays: Revolution Youth - 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesdays: Kids Club - 5-7 p.m. Kellerton United Methodist Church Rev. Robin Thomas, Pastor 9:30 a.m., Sunday School 10:30 a.m., Worship. Beaconseld United Methodist Church Rev. Robin Thomas, Pastor Sunday, 9:00 a.m., Morning Worship. No Sunday School. United Baptist-Presbyterian Church 2343 State Highway 169 Mount Ayr Michael Maddy, Pastor (641-464-2127) www.ubpchurch.com Sunday, April 28: 9:00 a.m., Sunday school. 10:00 a.m., Church service . Greeter, Dean Blades; Call to worship, Deb Larson; Musician, Nancy Sackett; Childrens sermon, Nancy Sackett; Message: Mike Maddy; Snacks, Mary Shields/Judy Cunning. Monday, April 29: 5:00 p.m., Stretch exercises-UBP Church. Tuesday, April 30: 7:00 a.m., Mens breakfast-UBP Church. Wednesday, May 1: 5:00 p.m., Stretch exercise-UBP Church. 5:30 p.m., Choir practice-UBP Church. Director Judy Cunning. 6:30 p.m., Bible study at Mount Ayr Health Care. Platte Center Presbyterian Church Delores Dench, Pastor 9:15 a.m., Sunday school. 10:00 a.m., Fellowship. 10:30 a.m., Worship. First Christian Church Pastor Chris Conklin Sunday, April 28: 9:00 a.m., Sunday school. 10:00 a.m., Church. Thursday Prayer group at 9:30 a.m. Bank of Christ Outreach and Hope Center 2nd & Ringgold, Kellerton 10:00 a.m., Sunday school for children and adults. 11:00 a.m., Church service with Kathy Johnston speaking. Wishard Chapel Community Church Pastor Bill Armstrong 9:30 a.m., Sunday school. 10:30 a.m., Worship. Women of Wishard (WOW): Every rst Wednesday at 7 p.m. Ellston United Methodist Church Rev. Robin Thomas, Pastor Sunday, April 28: 9:00 a.m., Church services. 10:00 a.m., Sunday school and Bible study. 10:30 a.m., Breakfast with freewill offering for Imagine No Malaria. United Methodist Women: Every second Monday at 1:30 p.m. United Methodist Men: First/third Saturdays at 7:30 a.m. Youth Group: First/third Wednesdays, 6:30 p.m. Second Sunday - potluck; fourth Sunday - fellowship time. Website: ellstonumc.org Tingley United Methodist Church Rev. Robin Thomas, Pastor 9:30 a.m., Sunday school. 10:30 a.m., Worship. United Methodist Women: Every Third Wednesday. Youth Group: Second and Fourth Sundays, 5 p.m., at Ellston. The Lighthouse Non-Denominational Fellowship Doug Greene, Pastor Darin Dolecheck, Youth Pastor (west 2 miles on Hwy. 2) 9:45 a.m., Sunday School. 10:30 a.m., Worship. 6:30 p.m., Evening Worship. Mondays, 5 p.m., Thin Within Support Group; 7 p.m., Sowing in Tears Support Group. Wednesdays, 6 - 8 p.m., Crew Kids Club; 8 - 9 p.m., SOC Youth Meeting. Saturday Night Service, 7 p.m., Bible Study and Prayer led by Darla Dolecheck. Sermons available online at: lighthouseonline.org. Area Bible Fellowship Church 204 North Van Buren, Cleareld Pastor Ron Christian 10:00 a.m., Worship service. 11:15 a.m., Sunday school. Wednesday: 6:30 p.m., AWANA. Website: www.areabiblefellowship.org Trinity Christian Church Terry Roberts, Minister 446-8654 (Hwy. 2 West, Decatur) 8:15 a.m. and 10:45 a.m., Sunday morning worship services. 9:30 a.m., Sunday School, all ages. Wednesday: 7 p.m., Youth/Small group Bible study. Nursery available. The Community of Christ Tony and Sandy Crandell, Co-pastors Sunday, April 28: 9:50 a.m., Sunday school. 11:00 a.m., Worship service with Julia Ashby speaking. Mount Ayr Restoration Branch Sherman Phipps, Presiding Elder Alan Smith, Assistant Sunday, April 28: Welcomers: Sherman Phipps family. 9:45 a.m., Family Worship, Jim Barber family. 10:00 a.m., Classes. 11:00 a.m., Worship. Michael Jordison, presiding; Cloyce Coffman, speaking; Pat Bolingbroke, pianist; Steven Smith, special music. Custodians: Ed Anderson. 6:00 p.m., Family fellowship at Rob Rolfe home. Wednesday, May 1: 7:00 p.m., Prayer service at Rob Rolfe home. Gordon Winkler, presiding.

Obituaries Obituaries

Ellston UMC hosting breakfast Sunday, April 28

The Ellston United Methodist Church is joining other Methodist churches around the country in hosting a pancake breakfast to support the Imagine No Malaria campaign this Sunday, April 28. In Africa, a child dies from malaria every 45 seconds. Malaria is a disease of poverty, affecting those who cannot afford treatment or have limited access to health care. The United Methodist Church is working to eliminate death and suffering from malaria by 2015, an ambitious goal for a disease that has killed millions of people. They plan to do this through prevention, treatment, education and communication; working with communities to empower them to be part of the solution; providing the tools to ght malaria. And they need our help. Please join them this Sunday, April 28, at 10:30 a.m. for pancakes, eggs, sausage and fruit. There is no charge but a freewill offering will be collected for Imagine No Malaria. You are welcome to join them for worship services at 9 a.m. and stay for the breakfast. For more information on Imagine No Malaria, see their website at imaginenomalaria.org.

Cleola Geist CLEOLA MARIE GEIST Cleola Marie, third child of Hugh and Gladys Reynolds Burchett, was born on November 9, 1925 and died on April 20, 2013 at the Ringgold County Hospital in Mount Ayr, Iowa. Cleola was raised in the vicinity of Ringgold and Caledonia, Iowa. She graduated from Mount Ayr high school in the year of 1943 and started teaching school in the fall of that year and continued for ve years. On August 26, 1948, she united her life with Carroll Lefty Geist and to this union two sons were born, Cullen Keith and Crae Lynn. Cleola believed in civic duty by serving on many boards: United Methodist Church, Mount Ayr Golf and Country Club, Rose Hill Cemetery, City of Mount Ayr Zoning Appeals and the Republican Party of Iowa at the local, district and state levels. She loved her family and many that she and Lefty called adopted family. She is survived by son Crae Geist and wife Jodie and their children, Sarah and anc Alex Stephens and Kelsey and her boyfriend, Kyle Thelen; Cullens children, Blaine and Adriene, husband Randy Rathbun; daughter-in-law Becky Geist, and nieces and nephews. Preceding her in death were her husband, Lefty; her son, Cullen; parents, Hugh and Gladys Burchett; brother, Bill and wife Inez; sister, Betty and husband Pete Powers, and brother, Keith and wife Winona. A memorial fund has been established to the Mount Ayr Little League Program. Arrangements were by Watson-Armstrong Funeral Home. A celebration of life was held at the United Methodist Church in Mount Ayr on Tuesday, April 23, 2013, with Rev. Skip Rushing ofciating. Memories were by Adriene Rathbun. Musicians included Deb Cannon and Dr. Collus Lawhead. Casket bearers were Steve Fetty, Jim Pedersen, Darrell Dodge, Ted Smith, Ron Rainey and Steve Mitchell. Honorary pallbearers were All Who Shared My Life. Cleola was laid at rest in the Rose Hill Cemetery in Mount Ayr.

Ringgold County Supervisors


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Mount Ayr Record-News

April 15, 2013 The Ringgold County Board of Supervisors met in regular session Monday, April 15, 2013. The meeting was called to order at 9:15 a.m. with the following members present: David Inloes, Royce Dredge and Kraig Pennington. A motion was made by Royce Dredge and seconded by Kraig Pennington to approve the agenda. AYES: Unanimous. NAYS: None. A motion was made by Kraig Pennington and seconded by Royce

Dredge to approve the previous minutes. AYES: Unanimous. NAYS: None. The board reviewed the audit for scal year 2012. Treasurer Debra Cannon met with the board to present a month end treasurers report for March. Jack Reed with Iowa Negotiations Services, LLC presented to the board services provided by the organization. Along with union contract negotiations, additional services include human resources consulting, administrative services, on-site meetings in non-negotiating years and employee handbook evaluation and updates. Reed added that the county could save roughly $2,000 per year if agreeing to use his services. The board liked what the company had to offer over and above union contract negotiations. Engineer Zach Gunsolley met with the board to provide secondary roads updates. Gunsolley reported that the Wishard Chapel graveling project will begin in early May. Pennington would like to see this project start sooner. Gunsolley mentioned it would take one grater operator to assist in this project. Gunsolley will look into starting sooner. Gunsolley mentioned most of the secondary roads crew is working on cold patches. Dredge asked about repairing P68 north of Kellerton off of Highway 2. Gunsolley noted that portion of P68 belongs to the City of Kellerton. Inloes suggested using a maintainer to reshape P68 and double chip seal the gravel patches. Dredge and Pennington both agree to repair the gravel patches on P68 in an effort to salvage the road. Gunsolley mentioned there is a safety concern by Harold Coopers on P68 with regards to potholes and gravel patches. Pennington asked about J55 between Blockton and Redding; there is a large hole by the bridge that is a liability. Gunsolley noted that there is a federal city bridge fund that may be accessed as opposed to using county bridge funds to make these kinds of repairs. Dredge mentioned he received a call from a township trustee regarding a bridge to Ringgold Cemetery. The trustee did not feel this bridge should be a priority over other road issues throughout the county. Gunsolley said this is a six-ton bridge that will be converted to a culvert for less than $6,000 in FY2014. Gunsolley mentioned the Morgan Bridge is on hold while the crew is cold patching. Gunsolley said there is roughly $40,000 left in the salt and sand budget. Therefore, he suggested transferring the balance to the patching budget line. Gunsolley noted the Gary Peterson road adoption project is almost complete. Gunsolley suggested hiring Brenda Adams as a part-time seasonal employee for weed control throughout the summer. The board said Adams does not have time for a position like that with her fulltime duties with the sheriffs ofce. Dredge warned Gunsolley to watch for registered beehives prior to spraying county right-of-way. Brenda Adams suggested Curt Jackson as a part-time weed control employee. Gunsolley will talk to Jackson about this option. Rod Shields has been looking into a new truck tire changer. As an alternative Shields found a cheaper pick-up changer, Gunsolley reported. Gunsolley reported on the road at Sun Valley that has been damaged due to dredging work that was contracted by private landowners at the lake. The contractor will be paying to repair damages done to the road. Gunsolley initially approved this project provided that the contractor provided proper trafc control, protects the county road and provides proof of liability coverage. Dredge wants to know how many patches can be done with a tanker. Gunsolley will look into this. Vicki Sickels and Chris Doster, with Public Health, met with the board to present a policy for the newly-formed Wellness Committee. Sickels and Doster expressed the importance of implementing this committee and the many benets it will provide employees. The board fully supports this group. Sickels and Doster, along with auditor Amanda Waske, requested $1,500 to fund

the program. The funds would come from the Iowa Public Employers Pool. The rst meeting of the committee will be April 24. Pennington will serve on the committee as a representative from the board of supervisors. Deputy recorder Kisha Martin will also serve on the committee. One or two more employees will be sought to serve as well. Inloes suggested hosting events/programs that will include employees family members too. One suggestion Inloes mentioned is to hold a county night in the park. RESOLUTION RC1385 WHEREAS, the Ringgold County Board of Supervisors hereby approves the treasurers monthly report for March. THEREFORE, a motion was made by Royce Dredge and seconded by Kraig Pennington stating such. The vote on the resolution: AYES: Unanimous. NAYS: None. ATTEST: Amanda Waske, auditor. Passed and approved April 15, 2013. RESOLUTION RC1386 WHEREAS, the Ringgold County Board of Supervisors hereby approves to enter into a three-year contract with Iowa Negotiation Services, LLC effective July 1, 2013. THEREFORE, a motion was made by Kraig Pennington and seconded by Royce Dredge stating such. The vote on the resolution: AYES: Unanimous. NAYS: None. ATTEST: Amanda Waske, auditor. Passed and approved April 15, 2013. RESOLUTION RC1387 WHEREAS, the Ringgold County Board of Supervisors hereby approves the claims that will be paid on Wednesday, April 17, 2013. Adams, Brenda, weed commissioner mileage/training, $172.27. Alliant Energy, conservation/Diagonal utilities, $574.51. Banker Leasing Company, public health copier lease/overcharge, $317.37. Carpenter Uniform Co., sheriff uniforms, $76.95. Carter Waters, patching materials, $10,998.60. Chat Mobility, attorney cell phone, $77.36 City of Mount Ayr, public health/ RCSS/sheriff/courthouse services, $448.11. Clarke County Auditor, DHS services FY13 third quarter, $1,564.97. Clarke County Environmental Services, public health FY2013 third quarter expense, $1,606.78. Clearview Homes, jail meals, $7,009.60. Community Grocers Inc., RCSS groceries, $17.72. Computer Man Ken, LLC, RCSS table and key box, $463.70. Country Blossoms, veterans affairs owers for Erickson, $42.80. Culligan, courthouse/public health water, $57.00. Diagonal Progress, RCSS publications, $23.00. Divine Waste Inc., conservation/ public health/RCSS/courthouse/ sheriff trash service, $1,554.00. Dollar General-Charged Sales, RCSS recreation, $160.30. Farm Plan/NAPA, parts/lters/ tools, $197.00. Fastenal, parts, $262.57. GLS Mfg., parts, $270.32. Great Western Bank, sheriff lodging/meals, $549.03. Greenwood, Patrick, Kilgore township brief legal fees, $1,525.82. Hawhee Truck Repair, parts, $984.50. Hotsy Cleaning Systems, parts,

Public Notices

$299.42. Interstate Batteries, batteries, $323.85. Iowa DCI-SOR, sheriff SOR school, $50.00. Iowa DOT, sign post, $1,178.94. J.J. Keller, conservation legal notices, $60.20. Jackson, Teresa, EMA mileage/ expenses, $70.68. Kelly Tire & Exhaust, parts, $47.12. Lawson Products Inc., parts, $742.81. Lowe Oil Company, shop supplies, $461.70. Lynch, Tara A., assessor mileage, $16.74. M&M Sales Co., public health maintenance/overage on copier/ printer, $406.17. Mainstay Systems Inc., sheriff IA system and p.c. maintenance, $570.00. Matthew Hudson Construction, RCSS building, $3,000.00. Meyer Laboratory, courthouse/ jail supplies, $445.90. Morgan, Neil E., assessor employee mileage and subsistence, $183.81. Mosaic, public health March 2013, $411.97. Mount Ayr Farm and Home Inc., parts, $27.52. Mount Ayr Record-News, RCSS publications/sheriff ad and supplies, $173.60. MPH Industries, sheriff radar repair, $122.31. MTE Ofce Center, sheriff/courthouse ofce supplies, $104.66. OKeefe Elevator Company Inc., courthouse elevator maintenance, $255.85. Ofce Machines Co., RCSS ofce supplies, $480.00. OfceMax Contract Inc., sheriff ofce supplies/auditor toner, $361.50. Pakor Inc., recorder passport photo paper, $219.65. Red Oak Welding Supply, welding supplies, $285.35. Reliance Telephone Inc., jail phone cards, $500.00. Ringgold County EMS Association, EMA training certication 10 members, $300.00. Ringgold County Group Home, public health March 2013, $12,260.50. RK Fuels Inc., fuel/gas, $34,518.79. Schafer, Ron, medical examiner fees, $216.00. Schildberg Construction, rock, $23,604.82. Secretary of State, auditor NCOA and NO activity cards, $95.70. Shopko, RCSS recreation/conservation and courthouse ofce supplies, $174.47. Sickels Automotive, conservation lubricants, $49.85. Smith Oil Co., RCSS/conservation fuel, $484.59. Smith, Gary, veterans affairs transportation/contracted hours and general relief contracted hours, $549.88. Snap On Tools Corp., tools, $72.70. Southern Iowa Resources, public health March 2013, $120.00. Southern Iowa Rural Water Association, conservation/Beaconseld water, $85.00. Southwest Builder Supply, RCSS building / survey supplies / signs, $194.74. Southwest Iowa REC, Tingley light, $42.00. Southwestern Community College, public health southwest IA health aide update 2013 - four aides, $100.00. _________________________________
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Thank You

To all my friends, family and former students who helped me celebrate my 95th birthday with a grand shower of cards and notes, thank you! Reading them and reminiscing gave me such pleasure.

Maxine Norris

Thank You

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I want to thank each and every one who has been there to help Faye and me in any way over the past few weeks. I want to thank the Ringgold County Ambulance Crew, Dr. Homedan and all the rest of the Ringgold County Hospital staff for the great care. Thank you to the Ringgold County Ministerial Association for your help. Thank you to my fire department family for your support. You have done, and are doing, so much to help out. Thank you everyone for your thoughts, prayers, visits, cards, flowers and calls. It all helps so much. I really appreciate it.

Bill Stull

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mount Ayr Record-News



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Wishard Chapel

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April 22 - Last Sunday was a special day at Wishard Chapel Community Church and the attendance was once again a packed house. The event was the dedication of Jase Lee Armstrong. Pastor Bills sermon was By Mercy to Grace. Praise Team consisted of Cindy Stephens, Ruth Gregg, Jodie Wurster and Grace Warin. Congratulations to Jared and Chelsea Armstrong on the dedication of their son, Jase Lee Armstrong. Jase is the grandson of Pastor Bill Armstrong and Sandy Armstrong. Several family members attended church to witness the dedication. Bible study recognition will be held during the services on Sunday, May 5. The young adults will be recognized and be congratulated for completing the study. One more week of Bible study for all classes, nine to 12-yearolds, Sunday at 4:30 p.m., teens at 6:15 p.m. and adults, Wednesday at 7 p.m. Several joined together Saturday and cleaned out and made room for the teen class in the basement. All Sunday school classes are now downstairs, making way

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for early worshipers to enter the sanctuary. Monday evening Jim and Carol Anne McCreary, Faith Shinkle, Grace Warin, Jodie Wurster and Barbie and Nial Belzer attended the Merrill Perry band concert and dinner. News came that David Weeda is being nominated to be in the Adams County Speedway Hall of Fame. To vote for David, go to the Adams County Speedway Facebook page and scroll down to Hall of Fame and click on the survey monkey link to vote. If you have trouble, call Carol Anne McCreary for more information. Jim and Carol Anne McCreary visited Tuesday evening with Jim and Arlene Burdette. Barbie Belzer returned home from the Ringgold County Hospital Tuesday and is recovering from surgery.

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Thursday - Saturday, April 25 - 27
Highway 169 south to P-38 and J-55 Lots of dishes, furniture, pressure cookers, tin collection, skates, shoes, boots, (2) M.C. hay mowers, 40-ft. grain auger with motor mount. Something for everyone.


7 a.m. - 6 p.m.

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NEPHROLOGY CLINIC Siva Jagarlapudi, M.D.

Friday, May 17 Wednesday, May 29

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Department of Ringgold County Hospital

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Mount Ayr Record-News

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Public Notices
Ringgold County Supervisors

County Columns
Superintendent Wise was not at the meeting but had submitted a written report for the council packets. City attorney Richard Wilson had been in correspondence with Wise on the matter of Randy Greggs interest in purchasing the undeveloped stretches of Washington and Douglas Streets that border his property, or be granted an easement. Wilson stated it would be his recommendation to avoid granting easements, stating, if it was unlikely those sections of street would ever be developed, due to the surroundings, procedures could begin to vacate and dispose of them, getting them back on the tax rolls. A motion was made by Greene, seconded by Stutzman, to approve the treasurers report. Ayes: Greene, Mathany, Stutzman, Ricker. Nays: None. A motion was made by Stutzman, seconded by Greene, to pay the following bills: Ayes: Greene, Mathany, Stutzman, Ricker. Nays: None. US Bank, federal withholding/ FICA tax, $2,302.67. Treasurer, State of Iowa, sales tax, $2,719.00. Aramark, rugs, $29.89. Ringgold County Supervisors, law enforcement, $12,865.52. Ringgold County Supervisors, jail payment, $5,195.04. Richard Wilson, legal fees, $627.20. Alliant, gas/electric, $3,052.16. Southwest Builder Supply, supplies, $314.74. Smith Oil, fuel, $828.03. Gerolds, clamps, $60.79. Co-op, spade, $23.99. Municipal, meters, $5,414.02. Iowa One Call, notice, $21.60. Ofce Machines, le, $134.79. Windstream, phone/Internet, $401.90. MES, analysis, $779.00. WRD Landll, allocation, $4,228.00. Waste Management, garbage contract, $11,296.28. DM Stamp, plaque, $18.50. Matheson, gases , $51.88. Toyne, valve, $266.93. Feld Fire, equipment, $455.00. Tyler Insurance, insurance, $10,647.00. Schildberg, rock , $1,723.56. Podium Ink, signs, $1,256.00. Red Oak Welding, gases, $112.10. NAPA, parts, $93.36. ACCO, pool lights/repairs, $11,940.50. Justin Kuonen,, sludge removal, $17,490.00. Central Pump, pump/alarm, $4,595.00. United Healthcare, insurance, $4,442.28. Caseys, fuel, $329.41. Oakview, shelter construction, $36,774.50. Secretary of State, notary fee, $30.00. Payroll, 4/05/2013, $3,444.99. Payroll, 4/12/2013, $3,498.51. Gross Claims, $147,464.14 #2 Subdivision, a Subdivision of portions of the Southeast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter (SE 1/ NE 1/4) of section Fifteen (15); and the South thirty (30) Acres of the Southwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter (SW 1/4 NW 1/4) of Section Fourteen (14), Township Seventy (70) North, Range Twenty-eight (28), West of the 5th P.M., Ringgold county, Iowa. Situated in Ringgold county in the state of Iowa A/K/A Lots No. 1093, No. 1094 and No. 1095 in Lakewood Hills #2 Subdivision, a Subdivision of portions of the Southeast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter (SE 1/4 NE 1/4) of Section Fifteen (15); and the South Thirty (30) Acres of the Southwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter (SW 1/4 NW 1/4) of Section Fourteen (14), Township Seventy (70) North, Range Twenty-eight (28), West of the 5th P.M., Ringgold county, Iowa. Street Address: 1094 Stagecoach Road, Ellston, IA 50074. The described property will be offered for sale at public auction for cash only as follows: Sale Date: 05-24-2013. Sale Time: 10:30 a.m. Location of Sale: Lobby of the Law Enforcement Center at 801 West South Street, Mount Ayr, Iowa. THIS SALE IS NOT SUBJECT TO REDEMPTION. Property exemption, certain money or property may be exempt. CONTACT your attorney promptly to review specic provisions of the law and le the appropriate notice, if applicable. Judgment Amount: $137,293.19. Accruing Costs: $6,324.31. Interest: $13,348.84. Attorney: Boecker, Theodore. Phone: 515-222-9400. MIKE E. SOBOTKA Sheriff Date: 04-16-2013 7-2t


_________________________________ Continued from page 12

Stephens Tire and Oil, sheriff tire repair, $20.00. Stivers Ford, parts, $793.34. The Printery, conservation env. ed., $99.31. Treat America, sheriff school meals, $71.40. Truemap Corp., assessor data processing services, $225.00. Upper Limits Teen Center, public health May 2013 rent, $450.00. Wex Bank, sheriff fuel, $4,164.79. Windstream, E911 records management/supervisors, sheriff, public health, veterans affairs, conservation, assessor, attorney, auditor, EMA phone/Internet service, $2,106.42. Windstream Communications, public health phone system maintenance contract, $45.83. Wishard Chapel Church, public health well plugging reimbursement, $400.00. WRD Landll, county fourth quarter, $5,940.00. Ziegler, parts, $3,187.06. Total = $130,041.22 FUNDS TOTAL RECAP General Basic ................ $22,555.13 General Supplemental ....... 1,621.52 MH-DD Services ............ 12,792.47 Rural Basic ...................... $6,112.27 Secondary Road .............. 79,445.39 Case Management ............. 4,631.53 Jail Sales Tax Account ......... 607.50 Emergency Management...... 452.39 Ringgold County K-9 Unit... 524.70 E-911 Surcharge ................... 327.94 Sheriffs Commissary .......... 500.00 Assessor ............................... 470.38 Grand Total = $130,041.22 THEREFORE, a motion was made by Royce Dredge and seconded by Kraig Pennington stating such. The vote on the resolution: AYES: Unanimous. NAYS: None. ATTEST: Amanda Waske, auditor. Passed and approved April 15, 2013. RESOLUTION RC1388 WHEREAS, the Ringgold County Board of Supervisors hereby approves the Wellness Committee policy. THEREFORE, a motion was made by Kraig Pennington and seconded by Royce Dredge stating such. The vote on the resolution: AYES: Unanimous. NAYS: None. ATTEST: Amanda Waske, auditor. Passed and approved April 15, 2013. RESOLUTION RC1388 WHEREAS, the Ringgold County Board of Supervisors hereby approves to use $1,500 of the Iowa Public Employers Pool Fund to fund the Wellness Committee. THEREFORE, a motion was made by Royce Dredge and seconded by Kraig Pennington stating such. The vote on the resolution: AYES: Unanimous. NAYS: None. ATTEST: Amanda Waske, auditor. Passed and approved April 15, 2013. There was no further business. A motion was made by Royce Dredge and seconded by Kraig Pennington to adjourn the meeting at 4:15 p.m. DAVID INLOES Chairman ATTEST: AMANDA WASKE Ringgold County Auditor

Mount Ayr City Council


April 15, 2013 The city council met in regular session on April 15, 2013 with Mayor Solliday calling the meeting to order at 6 p.m. Roll call was taken with the following members present: Greene, Mathany, Stutzman, Ricker. Absent: Cannon. A motion was made by Ricker, seconded by Greene, to approve the agenda. Ayes: Greene, Mathany, Stutzman, Ricker. Nays: None. Mayor Solliday asked if any corrections needed to be made in the minutes. With no corrections being made, a motion was made by Stutzman, seconded by Ricker, to dispense the reading of the minutes previously presented to council members and approve them as presented. Ayes: Greene, Mathany, Stutzman, Ricker. Nays: None. Entry sign committee members Lisa Conklin and Michell Ricker brought a request for city funds to help provide for two additional entry signs. They shared pictures as well as the proposed budget which reected a total expense of $6,200 contingent upon receiving a SCICF grant along with a cost share from the Chamber of Commerce. A motion was made by Ricker, seconded by Stutzman, to give $1,550 towards the cost of two additional entry signs. Roll call vote: Greene, Yes; Mathany, Yes; Stutzman, Yes; Ricker, Yes. SICOGs Andrew Collings, following a meeting with the airport commission, attended to bring information and request council action to proceed with applying for grant funds, which would provide for 85 percent of the cost to create an airport ordinance necessary if the city were to receive state funding in the future for airport improvements. Commission members Dan Cunning and Craig Elliott were present and voiced support towards establishing the ordinance in an effort to not limit future development. Cunning had spoken with Mount Ayr Health Care owner Bob Hinz and assured

that any issue with tall trees could be easily resolved with Hinz support. Collings proposed that SICOG could be engaged to complete the Airport Zoning Ordinance for $15,000 which would include completing and submitting the grant application to the IDOT. A motion was made by Greene, seconded by Ricker, to approve Resolution No. 2013-511, entitled A Resolution To Authorize The Preparation And Submittal Of The Airport Planning And Zoning Grant Application and engage SICOG to complete the ordinance. Roll call vote: Greene, Yes; Mathany, yes; Stutzman, Yes; Ricker, Yes. Mowing bids were opened for three sites advertised: old lake, airport and sewer plant/water towers/ city shed collectively. Bidders included: Tanner Rinehart, Chris Ambrose, Gregg Cannon Mowing and Mark and Joes Mowing Service. Following review, a motion was made by Mathany, seconded by Ricker, to award all three mowing bid sites to the lowest bidder, Mark and Joes Mowing Service. Roll call vote: Greene, Yes; Mathany, Yes; Stutzman, Yes; Ricker, Yes. A motion was made by Ricker, seconded by Greene, to adopt Resolution No. 2013-506 To Provide For A Notice Of Hearing On Proposed Plans, Specications, Form Of Contract And Estimate Of Cost For The 2013 Water System Improvement Project, And The Taking Of Bids Therefore. Roll call vote: Greene, Yes; Mathany, Yes; Stutzman, Yes; Ricker, Yes. A motion was made by Mathany, seconded by Ricker, to approve Request For Payment Under CDBG Contract Number: 11-HSG-040 Report Number 1 in the amount of $38,175 plus $3,000 in local funds. Roll call vote: Greene, Yes; Mathany, Yes; Stutzman, Yes; Ricker, Yes. A motion was made by Mathany, seconded by Stutzman, to adopt Resolution No. 2013-507 Awarding Housing Rehabilitation Contract For Project #3. Roll call vote: Greene, Yes; Mathany, Yes; Stutzman, Yes; Ricker, Yes. A motion was made by Stutzman, seconded by Greene, to adopt Resolution No. 2013-508 Awarding Housing Rehabilitation Contract For Project #5. Roll call vote: Greene, Yes; Mathany, Yes; Stutzman, Yes; Ricker, Yes. A motion was made by Ricker, seconded by Greene, to approve Request For Payment Under CDBG Contract Number: 12-WS-020 Report Number 1 in the amount of $6,750.00. Roll call vote: Greene, Yes; Mathany, Yes; Stutzman, Yes; Ricker, Yes. A motion was made by Greene, seconded by Stutzman, to adopt Resolution No. 2013-509 entitled, City Of Mount Ayr Code Of Conduct. Roll call vote: Greene, Yes; Mathany, Yes; Stutzman, Yes; Ricker, Yes. A motion was made by Stutzman, seconded by Ricker, to adopt Resolution No. 2013-510 entitled, City Of Mount Ayr Procurement Policy. Roll call vote: Greene, Yes; Mathany, Yes; Stutzman, Yes; Ricker, Yes. A motion was made by Mathany, seconded by Stutzman, to approve the City of Mount Ayr Equal Opportunity, Excessive Force, Fair Housing & Residential Anti-displacement & Relocation Assistance Plan policy statements. Roll call vote: Greene, Yes; Mathany, Yes; Stutzman, Yes; Ricker, Yes. Tim Newton of Divine Waste addressed the council, apologized for statements he had made at the previous meeting and expressed once again his desire to take care of the citys residential garbage removal and recycling needs. Attending to speak in support of Divine Waste were citizens Iona Triggs and Vera Moore. Cindy Dugan had written a letter expressing a problem she had experienced with Waste Management and was at the meeting to tell her feelings that she would like the garbage removal services to be handled locally. A motion was made by Mathany, seconded by Stutzman, to approve the renewal application of the American Legion Post #172 for a Class C Liquor License (LC) (Commercial) and Catering Privilege. Roll call vote: Greene, Yes; Mathany, Yes; Stutzman, Yes; Ricker, Yes. Following consideration given to property insurance at the water plant building, a motion was made by Greene, seconded by Stutzman, to keep both property and liability coverage in place at the water plant. Roll call vote: Greene, Yes; Mathany, Yes; Stutzman, Yes; Ricker, Yes. A motion was made by Mathany, seconded by Stutzman, to approve the seasonal park and pool contract for the following: pool manager, Daniel Showalter; swim lesson coordinator, Chandra Poore; lifeguards, Rhett Murphy, Hannah Glendenning, Jesse Ricker, Logan Wimer, Becca Pennington, Kylee Klommhaus, Trevor Shelley, Jordyn Grose, Lew Knapp, Megan Doubleday and Amanda Cannon, and little league coaches, David Greene, Mark Gregg, Bill Schaefer, Beth Larsen, Jill Ehlen, Tyler Hoseld, Matt Henle, Matt West, Radonda Gregg, Thad Streit, Pat McAlexander, Angela Reynolds, Cory Fleharty, Renae Still, Jody and Skip Rushing, David Greene and Jordyn Grose, as recommended by the Mount Ayr Park Board. Roll call vote: Greene, Yes; Mathany, Yes; Stutzman, Yes; Ricker, Yes. A motion was made by Greene, seconded by Ricker, to accept the letter of resignation submitted by employee Ben Graham effective April 19, 2013. Roll call vote: Greene, Yes; Mathany, Yes; Stutzman, Yes; Ricker, Yes. Mayor Solliday appointed Deloris Stutzman and Brent Wise, along with himself, to serve as a committee to review applications, conduct interviews and bring a recommendation to the full council to hire an employee for the crew.

Mount Ayr Health Care Center

Activities Staff
April 22 - What a wonderful weekend! Several residents enjoyed walking and sitting outside on the patio. Evalee White enjoyed not only sitting out but going out with her daughter Saturday. She helped that evening with the breakfast for supper in Kellerton. Maxine Werner was pleased to go to the Tingley Meal Site with her daughter Friday. Danny Gregg enjoyed spending three wonderful days at the Mount Ayr Meal Site this past week. Shirley Brown enjoyed having her sisters join her for lunch last week. Ada Stanley was pleased to have her son, Neil, join her for a couple of meals. Phyllis Sickels was in to eat lunch with her mother, Sylvia Hall, Sunday. Junior Karr enjoyed lunch with Elaine McCampbell. Paul Smith and Marcia Allen came to join Frances Smith for lunch Saturday. Don Bear and Nova Giles took top honors during high rollers last week with several others close behind. Residents also discussed Springtime Happenings over coffee. During that discussion severe weather, gardens, owers and birds were all reviewed. The ladies took a vote on a special salad they wanted served as part of the Mothers Day lunch. Bingo was enjoyed twice this past week with the help of Jim and Judy Green, Harold and Melynda Crawford, Cheri Dessinger and Phyllis Riggs. Winners included Dorothy Sobotka, Kathryn Adams, Annabelle Jones, Marvin Morse, Dick Fuqua, Sylvia Hall, Maxine

Mount Ayr Envelopes

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Werner, Nina Poore, Evalee White, Donna Benegas, Earl Brand, Irene Bohn, Nieda Cunningham, Elaine McCampbell, Catherine Crawford, Kathryn Adams, Betty Ruby and Darlene Minnick. Maxine Werner, Kathryn Adams, Earl Brand, Lorraine King and Elaine McCampbell were blackout winners. The topic of discussion was old cars during mens club the past week as the discussion started way back to before WWII when production of new cars was halted at the end of January 1942 due to the war. They also viewed pictures of classic cars of which they had to guess what model they were. Each fellow shared what type of car they had growing up as well as their favorite to drive. Kenny Driftmier shared several pictures of ice sculptures from the 2013 World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks, AK. Everyone really enjoyed these as they were sent to Kenny from his daughter who lives in Alaska. Residents are still enjoying the birds in the aviary. This past week a bird bash was held where they learned all about the Orange Weaver and the Gouldian Finch. Virginia Albers has been drawing several of the birds in the aviary as she watches them and she shared her drawing with them. Skip Bo, dominoes, word searches, hang man, kick ball, trivia, nail care, shop cart, devotions, Mexican dominoes and high rollers were also enjoyed by several over the past week. Pastor Chris Conklin arrived for Wednesday morning church services. Charlotte Swank was the pianist. Pastor Chris returned that afternoon with the LAMBS, which is a youth group from the church. Together residents, staff members and children took part in a game of Bible trivia to earn stickers. A blast was had by all before their time ended with music. Pastor Chris played his guitar and the children joined in with musical instruments. Residents have certainly enjoyed monthly visits from the LAMBS

this year and will look forward to their return this next fall. Karen Schaefer was in Sunday morning to teach Sunday school, along with Charlotte Swank who played the piano. Welcome visitors over the past week have been Connie Worthington of Des Moines, Scott and Trudy Taylor of Gilbert, Hank Smith and Judy Pottorff with Margaret Fletchall; Teawna Stark and Rhett Murphy with Loreen Reed, Elaine McCampbell and Irene Hogue; Ted Bear with Don Bear; Dale and Lynn Gray of Milan, MO and Larry and Pat Teply with Gerald Gardner; Marcia Allen of Corning, Ken Smith and Paul Smith with Frances Smith, Maxine Kean and Marie Campbell; Judy Doolittle, Jim, Gerri, Taylor and Bryce Phelps of Des Moines, Brad, Terri, Alison and Morgan VanGelder of Creston and Gene, Kathy and David Reed with Loreen Reed; Leola Adams with several; Jeannette Lutrick and Vera Moore with Bev Moore; Marie Still, Tate and Isac Dugan and Helen Pollock of Malvern with Ruth Angus; Carol and Arlene Sobotka and Pam Grace with Dorothy Sobotka; Margaret Florea and Sue and Roger Florea of Hopkins, MO, Phil and Merna King of Bedford and Dan King with Ed and Lorraine King; Peggy Wagenknecht with Dorothy Main; Ethel Campbell with Don Campbell; Lyle Hogue of Hateld, MO and Larry and Arletta Hogue of Ankeny with Irene Hogue; James Ruby, Melanie Ruby, Hadley Rush and Lois Grace with Betty Ruby; Neil Stanley with Ada Stanley; Eldon and Linda Starmer of Creston and Lorrie Haver with Wayne and Irene Bohn; Wayne and Suzanne Brown of Pleasant Hill, Judy Johnson and Irene Merical of Adel with Shirley Brown; Marie Still, Tate and Isac Dugan and Joni Dugan with Bernadine McBride; Lois Triggs and Wilma Schafer with Earl Brand, and Marilyn and Steve Werner and Nancy and Race Kelly of Winterset with Maxine Werner.

MARCH RECEIPTS General ...........................$8,039.93 Judge Lewis Projects........... 905.00 Downtown Renovation .....1,000.00 Industrial Bldg. .................3,463.00. Garbage ...........................12,637.66 Road Use Tax ..................17,752.85 Employee Benet .................888.79 Loch Ayr Lake .................13,640.00 Aquatic Center ................50,000.00 Emergency ...........................139.89 LOST...............................10,390.08 Urban Ext TIF ........................63.60 MA Inn TIF ..................... 11,173.18 FEMA Storm Shelter.......35,722.98 Debt Service ......................3,629.34 Water ...............................38,897.88 Sewer...............................51,176.72 Total = $259,520.90 MARCH EXPENDITURES General ..........................$31,663.81 Industrial Bldg. ......................52.00 Road Use Tax ....................3,062.40 Employee Benet ..............5,451.95 Loch Ayr Lake ...................1,330.00 Aquatic Center ................37,763.44 LOST.................................5,195.04 MA Inn TIF ..................... 11,173.18 FEMA Storm Shelter.......35,722.98 Streetscape ...........................244.00 Water ...............................38,003.61 Water Improvement...........1,460.40 Sewer...............................35,192.13 Garbage ........................... 11,428.48 Total = $217,743.42 A motion was made by Ricker, seconded by Mathany, to adjourn. DONALD B. SOLLIDAY Mayor ATTEST: PAMELLA POORE City Clerk

(By Fund: General $37,182.42, Garbage $15,466.85; RUT $3,052.16; E.B. $4,420.10; Loch Ayr $200.00; Aquatic Center $19,015.97; LOST $5,195.04; FEMA Storm Shelter $17,758.53; Water $14,123.01; Sewer $31,050.06.)

Public Notice
NOTICE OF SHERIFFS LEVY and SALE IN THE IOWA DISTRICT COURT FOR RINGGOLD COUNTY STATE OF IOWA Docket No. (Sale No.) 12-0111(1) Court Case No. EQCV506298 Special Execution CITIMORTGAGE, INC., Plaintiff, vs. BUSBY, BRYCE C. - IN REM, BUSBY, SHANNON - IN REM and PARTIES IN POSSESSION - IN REM, Defendants. As a result of the judgment rendered in the above-referenced court case, an execution was issued by the court to the sheriff of this county. The execution ordered the sale of defendant(s) rights, title and interest in real estate property to satisfy the judgment. The property to be sold is: Lot No. 1093, Lot No. 1094 and Lot No. 1095 in Lakewood Hills

$30 for Ringgold and surrounding counties; $41 for rest of Iowa or Missouri; $44 for the rest of the contiguous United States; $60 for Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico. : $27.50