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Projek LAN Sekolah 22 November 2010


Investee Company of MAVCAP SAP National Implementation Partner An associated company of HeiTech Padu Bhd

Training Agenda
8.45 9.00 9.00 10.00 Introduction & Project Overview Introduction to Project Components Network topology IP Scheme (Static vs Dynamic) & DNS Introduction to VLAN dan L3 Switch Basic L3 Core switch configuration Break Basic L2 Access Switch configuration Basic Wireless Access Point configuration Introduction to SSID and Wireless security key Lunch UPS Functionality and connecting switches Hand-on practical: Core Switch & Wireless AP configuration Basic Troubleshooting tips Break Fault reporting guide & Help desk contact End

10.15 10.45 10.45 12.00

12.00 1.00 1.00 1.30 1.30 3.00 3.00 3.30 3.30 4.00 4.00

Projek LAN sekolah melibatkan kerja-kerja naik-taraf rangkaian kawasan setempat (LAN) dengan mengunakan methodology structured cabling terkini: UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) Category 6 Fiber Optic singlemode / multimode. Structured cabling melibatkan pendawaian vertical cabling, horizontal cabling termination

Peralatan-peralatan network seperti layer 3 core switch, layer 2 access switch, wireless access point, equipment rack dan router (GITNs Schoolnet Router) Vertical cabling / Backbone adalah pengkabelan yang menyambungkan core switch ke access switch. Horizontal cabling adalah pengkabelan daripada access switch ke terminal / socket face plate. Copper Termination menggunakan RJ45 plug dan Cat6 Modular Keystone jack. Optical Fiber Termination menggunakan SC Type Fiber Connector Singlemode (SM) atau Multimode (MM). SC-LC fiber patch cord digunakan untuk menyambungkan fiber panel ke switch melalui SFP port dan SFP/ mini-GBIC (1GB)

Project Components
Product Optical Fiber Cabling UTP Cabling Core Switch Access Switch Access Point Wallmount Rack Network Equipment Rack UPS Description LITECH 6-Core Singlemode (SM) Outdoor fiber optic LITECH UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) CAT 6 SMC L3 CORE SWITCH Model: SMC4626, 24-Port 10/100/1000BASE-T c/w 4 Combo SFP ports SMC L2 ACCESS SWITCH Model: SMC8024L2, 24-Port 10/100/1000BASE-T ports c/w 4Combo SFP ports SMC WIRELESS ACCESS POINT Model: SMC2555W-AG 12U x 600mm (19') width x 500mm, Height: 595mm 33U, 800mm x 800mm Height: 1612mm RIGHT POWER UPS Model: SCR1000M10 1.0 KVA, 2U Rackmount UPS

School Network Topology

Introduction to TCP/IP
LAN Local Area Network, a data com system allowing a number of independent devices to communicate directly with each other TCP/IP is a protocol for communication between computers Static IP addressing Dynamic IP addressing DNS server

IP address Static
Open Network Connections Click Properties. This opens the Local Area Connection Properties window In the General tab, click Use the following IP address, and enter: IP address - The static IP address assigned to this computer Subnet mask - Subnet mask used by the router Default gateway - IP address of router's default gateway Use the following DNS server addresses,

IP address - Dynamic
In the General Tab, click Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS Server address automatically


Windows HyperTerminal

Connect serial line console cable (RS232) Create connection using com port Enter port settings as shown

Core Switch Configuration - CLI

System Configuration Dialog

ES4626> enable ES4626# setup Continue with configuration dialog? [y/n]: y Enter selection for language [0] English or [1] Chinese Enter selection [1] Config interface-Vlan1

Configure IP Address for VLAN 1

Enter selection [0] Config interface-vlan1 IP address Type IP address and enter: Type subnet mask and enter: Enter selection number [2] to exit and [4] to exit setup after saving

System Management Command

ES4626# config ES4626(config)# password 8 admin To enable web management ES4626(config)# ip http server ES4626(config)# username admin password 0 admin ES4626(config)# exit ES4626# write To save configurations

Switch Management WEB UI

Type username and password to enter switch management Enter VLAN configuration to Create VLAN ID

Assign Ports to VLAN

L3 Interface IP Configuration

Add: Layer 3 interface for all VLAN ID Add: Port configuration / VLAN interface configuration / L3 interface IP address mode Select VLAN ID 10: enter school IP address 10.xxx.xxx.3 and

Factory Default Settings

DHCP Server Management

Enable DHCP Server Create Pool name Enter IP Address Pool, Gateway and DNS Server

Access Switch Configuration

Using HyperTerminal, enter Login Console Enter system password: > smcadmin To enter configuration, type : > system Type to enable web management: system> snmp enable To return, type : system> up To configure IP address, type : > ip IP> ip setup To enable dynamic ip settings, type : IP> dhcp enable To exit configuration settings: IP> exit

Switch Management - Web UI

Open browser (Internet Explorer is recommended) and type address: Enter system password: smcadmin

Access Switch LAN Settings

To change IP static address or DHCP, select LAN Settings from menu bar

Wireless Access Point

Wireless Access Point

Wireless A/P - Web Management

Connect wireless AP via UTP cable. Note: Reset IP settings by switching power off and on. PC and wireless AP must be in the same network. Open browser and type factory default IP address If APs LAN IP setting is fixed, enter the assigned IP address (eg. 10.xxx.xxx.201) Enter system username: > admin Enter system password: > smcadmin

Wireless A/P Advance Setup

Select Advance Setup

TCP/IP Settings

Radio Settings
To select AP channel select from menu: SLOT 1 / Radio G / Radio Settings Select radio channel 1 ch, 6 ch or 11 ch only and disable Auto Channel Select. Click <apply> after each modifications to save settings.

Wireless Security - SSID

To enter SSID, select from menu: SLOT 1 / Radio G / Security Enable VAP 0 and enter SSID (eg. SMC AP-1) and click <apply>. To enable WEP wireless security key, click <more> Enable Encryption and click <apply>. Select <Open System> and click <Shared Key Setup> Select <64 Bit> and enter Key: 0987654321 and click <apply>

WEP Secured Wireless Key

64 Bit Security Key

Access Point WDS setting

Troubleshooting Tips
No internet connectivity Check LAN connection Check connection to router and DNS server Check PC IP settings IP received from DHCP server Wrong IP address Wrong gateway IP Wrong DNS server IP Ping Core Switch (10.xxx.xxx.3) Ping Schoolnet Router (10.xxx.xxx.1) Ping Schoolnet DNS ( Look into TCP/IP properties if IP, Gateway IP and DNS server information is correct

Check core switch is not connected to the network router via PORT-1 (configured for mgmt IP: Look into core switch / DHCP server configuration settings

Troubleshooting Tips
No LAN connectivity / Limited Swap station cord / fix to another port connectivity on faceplate or try with another PC. Check UTP station cord connection Make sure using CAT 6 station cord. at faceplace & PC (NIC) Port corresponding to fiber backbone Check backbone connection at switch must be lighted No IP conflict IP is assigned by DHCP server/core No network looping switch. Restart core switch and/or access switch. Bandwidth congestion Look at the lights on switch blinking rapidly or abnormally (due to Junk Broadcast and/or looping) Identify problem segment by isolation. (eg. Uplink to switch and/or patch cord to PC is unplugged, network is functioning normal).

Warranty Coverage
Manufacturers defect warranty for all parts and equipment is 24-months (2-Years). The following conditions NOT covered under warranty: Conditions Natural Disaster Description Flood Fire Breakout Land Slide Pest Lightning Theft or Break in Negligence Equipment is tampered Power Surge

Self Destruction

Help Desk & Fault Reporting Guide

When there is Network and/or Device failure perform 1-st level troubleshooting to identify type of problem/fault (Network/Device/Service). Sometimes, no internet service could be temporary due to SchoolNet DNS server is down, SchoolNet router hangs (restart router), etc. If problem is persistent, report fault.

Email: helpdesk.moe@vantage-intl.com Zone 1 Office Tel: (04) 588 1261

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