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English Speech

Do you like to watch movies? What is your favourite movie? Which movie do you think best represents Australian culture? In my opinion the classical Australian film Red dog is a suitable choice for an inflight movie. The film Red dog is a film that all Australians can relate to. Red dog is a very emotional movie displaying both sad and happy emotions. Set in 1971 and the vast and dry region of Dampier, Western Australia. Red dog is a feel good film about a communities love for a stray dog. This film outlines the harshness and warmth of the out backs climate. The characters displayed in the film are portrayed as typical outback Australians, rough, tough working men, true blue Auzzies. Many of these characters represent the multicultural Australia such as Vinny from Italy or John from America. Red dog has many Australian related values and attitudes such as mateship, loyalty and being tolerant of others. Not only this but the language choices throughout the film as well they are all typical Australian terms such as when jack calls red dog a cheeky bastard or strewth or even poor little bugger, these are all just typical outback slang that is exclusive to Australia. This film has many assets and values Australians like, and many can relate to. The feel good film red dog is about a communitys love for a dog and the memories they have had with him as shown in the quote from jocko he said that red dog was like us men and women who understand. The main character Red dog encounters a number of issues in his adventures with the help from his master john but they always end up solving them. The clothing choices in red dog represent Australias culture wearing clothing such as singlets, board shorts and caps these are just typical Australian apparel suiting the harsh hot climate. The characters in red dog all are rough, tough miners with classical Auzzie attitudes but are all loveable characters. All of these attributes all true blue Australians can relate to. Red dog is edited so it is told in a series of flashbacks so they run together despite several years passing through events. The camera angles, framing, lighting and a variety of editing styles all contribute to a visual representation of Australian society and culture and the visual effects outline the aged appearance. They use old home movie scenes which highlight the bond between john and red dog and the memories they had building tension towards the end of the movie. They use a wide range of old songs which were big hits back in the 1970s such as Evie, Eagle Rock and Shadow Boxer which also contributes to the aged appearance of the film and also ties in with the rough, tough outback attitude.

As a more valid representation of Australians and their culture, I believe Red Dog to be a suitable choice because it displays strong qualities of Australias people, history and culture such as mateship, loyalty, multiculturalism, having a good sense of fun, acceptance and above all having pride in your country. All of these are perhaps not typical of our life, but we understand the Australian value and culture. This is why I believe this film to be a suitable choice.