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USA. Real Estate Fund 1, Inc.

Bio Daniel F. Peterson

Chairman of the Board / Founder
Mr. Peterson is the Chairman of the Board of USA Real Estate Fund 1, Inc., (USA.) He has applied thirty four years of financing experience and his contacts from Wall Street to create the group of investment funds that contain special features for the safety of the investors. Financial Contracts comprised of US Government Treasuries, Top Rated US and World Insurance and Reinsurance Companies (GIC and Annuity) Contracts will be used to protect invested capital. Financial Experience: Prior to founding USA Real estate Fund 1, Inc. Mr. Peterson spent nine years working on the development of a hotel casino project in Las Vegas and a Conrad International Hotel project in the Coachella Valley region of Southern California. He also has many years of equity based loan experience accompanied by insurance and reinsurance experience. All of this allows Mr. Peterson to bring to USA a very diverse and extensive ability to oversee different areas of the company and has allowed him to make some hiring decisions that provide over 300 years of hands on working experience in all areas necessary to make the company a success. Conrad International Hotel Project 2004-2008: As outlined in the PKF project evaluation and appraisal the completed value of the project was $800,000,000 USD. Mr. Peterson pulled together the following team to work on this project: Gensler Architectural for design TURNER Construction for the construction Buchanan Street partners for the financing Marshall First Bank was to be the lender Conrad International Hotels contracted as the Flag for the project, contract was signed by Dieter Huckestein: Chairman

of the Board of Conrad International Hotels

The project had several parts to the financing: The city of Palm Springs had granted $19+ million dollars in TIF money Hilton had agreed to furnish $35 million in FF&E dollars Marshall First Bank was to furnish the construction funding. The project was to be on Indian leased land and MFB was at that time the largest financer of Indian land based projects.

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USA. Real Estate Fund 1, Inc.

Las Vegas Project 2000-2003: The Casino hotel project in Las Vegas had a construction budget to completion of $900,000,000 USD. The team that was put in place on this project included: Joel Bergman and Associates for design. Mr. Bergman was at the time the top casino design firm in the country. His architectural firm designed The Golden Nugget, The Mirage and Treasure Island while he was Steve Wynns personal architect. Hensel Phelps Construction for build out. Westwood Capital/Blackrock Financial for financing Ralph

Godwin Blackrock Financial

Zurich Financial Services AG contract to provide 800+ million dollars in credit default insurance

Prior Financial experience: President of U.S. Venture Fundings, Inc. which was incorporated in the State of Nevada in 2001 as a name change from Venture Fundings, Inc. which was incorporated in Nevada in 1995. The company had been operating as a sole proprietor in Washington State and Nevada since 1976. The founder and principal moving force behind this company was Daniel F. Peterson. While running this company Mr. Peterson sourced out projects for financing, did the field underwriting and submitted the packages to the lender while working closely with the in house lender underwriting team. A portfolio of some 45 projects with a loan value of just over $1,000,000,000 USD was compiled by Mr. Peterson. He wrapped the portfolio with credit default insurance by Lloyds of London and their affiliates and presented it to various Wall Street firms for sale. Those firms were but not limited to:

Steven Choe Deutsche: Paul Hughson: Jeff Fastoff:

Bank 60 Wall Street Lehman Brothers Global World Real Estate Goldman Sachs

The reinsurance for credit default insurance contained the following companies in a non-facilitative reinsurance pool: Zurich Financial Services AG commitment for insurance was $800 million+, as well as ZURICH RE, SCORE RE, Lincoln RE, General RE, Trans
American RE and Occidental RE. Other Agencies that were involved in this portfolio were: Moodys, Standard and Poors and Fitch Ratings. The context of their involvement was to determine if a CMBS or a REMIC structure was better, which would be easier to reinsure and pass through the credit ratings of the reinsurance pool to provide the credit rating for the new fund.

10914 E. 22nd Spokane Valley, WA 99206 Phone (425) 256-0503 E-Mail

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USA. Real Estate Fund 1, Inc.

Mr. Peterson also has many years of equity based lending experience. His company, Venture Fundings, Inc. worked very closely on projects for funding from what are known as Hard Money Lenders. Again field underwriting the projects and working with in-house underwriters of the lenders. The following are some of the many of these types of loans Mr. Peterson facilitated: Debbie Reynolds Hollywood casino in Las Vegas for $20 million through Pacific Coast Investments in Seattle, WA. Gold Rush Casinos for their Jockey Club Casino property on the strip in Las Vegas for $35 million through Beachside Equities in Huntington Beach, CA. The Desert Inn and Eastern Ave. Office Building in Las Vegas for $6 million funded through Pacific Coast Investments in Seattle, WA.

Insurance and Reinsurance experience: Mr. Peterson invested in ADCO Ltd., a marketing organization for military insurance and other products. That firm was part of the Beneficial Standard Insurance family utilizing their Fidelity Interstate Company. ADCO also had a contractual relationship with the New York firm of Crum and Forester utilizing American Eagle Life. ADCO had a sales force that extended from West Germany to Guam. During this time Mr. Peterson was also an investing partner in ADCO Reinsurance, a re-insurance company that reinsured products for the Fidelity Interstate Life Insurance Company, a subsidiary of the Beneficial Standard Insurance Company. ADCO Reinsurance passed through their risk to Zurich RE, SCORE RE, Lincoln RE, General RE, Trans American RE and Occidental RE. It was Mr. Peterson was selected by ADCO RE to oversee the complete computerization of all operations between Fidelity Interstate, American Eagle and all reinsurers for the operations of ADCO RE. This experience provided vast experience in how, why and when reinsurance companies invested money as well as the requirements necessary to diversify a portfolio to guard against adverse risk selection against the company. Mr. Peterson also became involved with some of the stockbrokers of the Foster & Marshall Brokerage firm in Seattle, WA in small venture capital types of financings, as well as small IPO financings using Regulation D 504505-506 exemptions under the Securities act of 1933 and subsequent revisions. The project types ranged from marketing organizations to strip malls and office buildings.


President, USA Real Estate Fund 1, Inc.

10914 E. 22nd Spokane Valley, WA 99206 Phone (425) 256-0503 E-Mail

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