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Corporate History

TOCOM stands for Tokyo Commodity Exchange, and it was established in February 1951. The principal business of TOCOM is to open and operate commodity markets that deal in futures of commodities like rubber, oil. It functions in accordance with the Commodities Exchange Act.

1951 February Tokyo Textile Exchange founded in Nihonbashi Horidomecho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 1952 December Tokyo Rubber Exchange founded 1999 July Oil market launched, gasoline and kerosene listed 2001 September Crude oil listed 2003 January 2nd generation electronic trading platform introduced September Gas oil listed (listing discontinued in February, 2006) December Complete liberalization of brokerage commissions Auction trading floor abolished 2005 May Revised Commodity Exchange Act enforced Japan Commodity Clearing House Co., Ltd. commenced operations 2006 July Daily publication of TOCOM Index started December Demutualized from non-profit membership organization to for-profit stock company 2009 May Introduced third generation trading system Extended trading hours until 11 p.m.(as for rubber until 7 p.m.) 2010 March Started providing Nikkei-TOCOM Commodity Index market, launched Nikkei-TOCOM Commodioty Index futures (listing discontinued in October, 2012) April Established Emissions Trading Exchange Preparatory Corporation Inc. in collaboration with Tokyo Stock Exchange Group, Inc. May Re-opened Gas Oil futures market September Extended trading hours until 4:00 am (Rubber excluded) Introduced Customer Direct Access October Chukyo Gasoline and Chukyo Kerosene launched Japan Commodity Clearing House Co., Ltd. becoming TOCOM's subsidiary

2011 January 2012 May

SPAN margin introduced at Japan Commodity Clearing House Co., Ltd. Japan Commodity Clearing House Co., Ltd. moved to TOCOM's building

(Commodity Markets, Listed Products, etc.)

1. The Commodity Markets, the Listed Products, the Listed Commodity Indexes, and the Transaction types that the Exchange provides shall be the following Commodity Markets Rubber Market Oil Market Chukyo-oil Market Aluminum Market Nikkei-TOCOM Listed Products Rubber Oil Chukyo-oil Aluminum Nikkei-TOCOM Transaction Types Physically Delivered Futures Transaction Physically Delivered Futures Transaction Cash-settled Futures Transaction Physically Delivered Futures Transaction Physically Delivered Futures Transaction Commodity Index Index Futures Transaction

File Format for Tick Data

Data format CSV file. Update Data is updated every business day after end of night session. File name TOCOMprice_yyyymmdd.csv (yyyymmdd: Trade Date) Data field (in and after January 2003) Item a. Date b.Trading method Description YYYYMMDD: Trade Date Type ="11":Physically Delivered Futures Transaction ="12":Cash-settled Futures Transaction ="21":Call Options Transaction ="22":Put Options Transaction Product Code ="11" :GOLD ="12" :SILVER ="13" :PLATINUM ="14" :PALLADIUM ="16" :GOLD MINI

c. Commodity

d. Contract Month e. Strike Price f. Execution Time g. Execution Price h. Execution Volume i. SCO

="17" :PLATINUM MINI ="21" :ALUMINUM ="31" :GASOLINE ="32" :KEROSENE ="33" :CRUDE OIL ="34" :GAS OIL ="37" :CHUKYO GASOLINE ="38" :CHUKYO KEROSENE ="81" :RUBBER ="100" :Nikkei-TOCOM Commodity Index (Contract-Day Futures) ="102" :Nikkei-TOCOM Commodity Index (Contract-Month Futures) YYYYMM Only Options. HHMMSS Price Volume of execution 1: SCO execution

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