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Additional Information about Finale 2004 for Windows

Finale 2004 Read Me, July 2003 Copyright 2003, MakeMusic!, Inc. Coda Music Technologies Congratulations on your purchase of Finale 2004 for Windows! IMPORTANT: Read this document before you begin working with Finale 2004 and print a copy of it to keep with your Finale information. This file contains important information about Finale 2004 not included in the User Manual as well as information about converting older files into the new version's format. Please note that Finale 2004 files cannot be opened in previous versions of Finale. This document is organized by each version's changes; those of you already familiar with earlier versions may wish to read only the new information. The Read Me contains the following sections: Running Finale 2004 New features in Finale 2004 Fixes in Finale 2004 You may also visit our web site, for updated information about Finale and information on new releases.

Running Finale 2004

Installing Finale 2004 on WindowsNT/2000/XP If any previous version of Finale has been installed on the machine, Finale 2004 recommends that you restart your computer and log on as System Administrator before installing on WindowsNT/2000/XP systems. This will prevent erroneous font warnings. We recommend that you install Finale, and any other software, when logged in as System Administrator. We recommend that you turn off any programs running in the background, as virus detectors can often prevent Finale from installing necessary files and updating the registry. Rest assured, your Finale CD does not contain any viruses. To turn off all programs running in the background: Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete once to bring up the Close Program dialog box. (In Windows NT, 2000, or XP, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete, then click on Task Manager.) This lists every process that is running on the system. Explorer and Systray are always running, so leave them alone. If you see anything other than those two, click on any one of the others and click End Task. When that goes away, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete again and End Task on another one in the list. (If a program remains on the list after you have tried to End Task on it, click on it, click and hold on End Task for 10 seconds, then release it. If a "This program is not responding..." message appears, click End Task in it). Repeat the process until only Explorer and Systray are left. Some computers may have some other "required" programs - if

Ending Task on a program crashes the computer, try again without Ending Task on that program. Registering Finale 2004 The first time you launch Finale, you will be prompted to register. To register a single copy of Finale, click Register Now! to open the Registration Wizard (or, from the Help Menu, choose Register Finale). Then follow the instructions to register your copy of Finale via the Internet, phone, or mail. If you choose not to register, you will be prompted to do so each time you launch Finale. If you do not register within thirty days, printing and saving are disabled until you choose to register. IMPORTANT! If you are a network administrator installing Finale on a machine monitored by KeyServer DO NOT register Finale for each individual installation. Instead, complete and return the Multi-User Registration form included on the root directory of the Finale CD-ROM. Starting Finale 2004 - DLLs Most applications (including Coda products) require a set of files, the Microsoft redistributables, in order to work successfully on your system. These redistributable files are normally already present on most systems and are not generally included in application setup/install scripts - doing so would add about 1.5 MB to the size of the package, and cause a longer installation process. More importantly, as these files are constantly updated by Microsoft and are operating-system specific, including these files in an application installer could result in incorrect files being added in your system and subsequent problems. In rare cases these files may be missing or out of date on your system. In this case an error will be reported when you start the program. Here are some examples of the errors that could be reported: If the files are missing... 'The dynamic link library MSVCP60.DLL could not be found in the specified path...' or 'The dynamic link library MSVCRT.DLL could not be found in the specified path...' If the files are out of date... 'The OCXTS.EXE file is linked to missing export MFC42.DLL:6880.' We have included a special setup program (dllupdateb.exe) containing just these redistributable files for users who are experiencing these problems. However, these may not be the latest versions of these files, so this is less preferable than searching for a more recent version. Follow the steps below to run the setup program we've included: Run the setup program dllupdateb.exe - found on the CD in the Finale Extras\DLLFILES folder. You may be asked to reboot your computer - in which case it is important that you do so before continuing. The application should now start correctly. User Manual For full documentation on how to run Finale 2004, see the User Manual. To access the User Manual, choose the Help menu, then User Manual, then Table Of Contents. Hypertext Link Issue with Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 Acrobat Reader 6, which is installed with Finale to view the User Manual and the electronic version of the Installation and Tutorials manual does not handle links across documents correctly using the default settings. Specifically, all links across documents display the first page of the destination document. To resolve this

problem, do the following: In Acrobat Reader 6, from the Edit Menu, choose Preferences. On the left side of the Preferences dialog box, choose General. Uncheck Open cross-document links in same window. Click OK. Links should now work properly. Exercise Files After successfully completing a Typical Installation of Finale, the Finale Exercise files (which will take approximately 3MB of space on your hard drive) will be installed. These files are necessary in order to use Finale's Exercise Wizard feature. If any SmartMusic Online components have been previously installed, the Exercises are automatically installed in the "Exercises" folder within the SmartMusic folder on your computer. If no SmartMusic Online components have been previously installed, you will be prompted to choose where the SmartMusic folder should be installed. The Exercises are then installed in that SmartMusic folder (as are any future SmartMusic Online components). For more information on Coda's SmartMusic products, please visit us at Save As Web Page and the Finale Viewer Support for the Finale Viewer browser plug-in has been discontinued in favor of Finale NotePad, which provides a free, reliable, and easy way to view and playback Finale documents downloaded from the Internet. To open a Finale (MUS) file available at Finale Showcase, or another online resource, viewers now need to simply download the file to their local machine and then open it in Finale NotePad. This paradigm shift eliminates a variety of problems associated with some web browsers, and means that all Finale files posted on the Internet will be available for viewing on all machines immediately upon the release of Finale NotePad 2004. Finale NotePad is available for download free of charge at (Note that documents saved in Finale 2004 are only compatible with NotePad 2004 which becomes available shortly after the Finale 2004 release. NotePad 2004 will open files saved in any Finale version 2004 or earlier.) Due to these changes, the save as Web Page feature has been removed from the File Menu in Finale 2004. To post a Finale document now only requires a standard Finale file. We feel that the popularity of Finale NotePad, in addition to its reliable nature and added functionality provides an attractive alternative to the Finale Viewer. To post sheet music on a web site for viewing and/or printing using a web browser, we recommend generating a PDF from Finale. Use Finale 2004s Save As Audio File feature to create a compressed Wave file if you want to distribute playback data of a Finale document over the Internet. Phone Technical Support The phone number area code for Coda Technical Support is (952) 937-9703. FAX# (952) 937-9760. Converting Finale 2003 (and earlier) documents into Finale 2004 documents Finale 2004 has a different file format than earlier versions, and converts older files to the new format when you open them in Finale 2004. You should be aware of the following points: Opening old documents Finale 2004 will open and convert older versions' documents, giving them the default title "UNTITLED.MUS." We recommend saving a newly converted document with a

different name than the original file, keeping the older unconverted file as a backup. If you do want to save the file using the same name, choose Save As from the File menu. Finale displays the original file name, so you can click OK to rewrite over the old file. Running older versions of Finale Finale 2003 (and earlier versions) for Windows or Macintosh cannot open any Finale 2004 file, except Standard MIDI Files. To share Finale files, the Finale application must have the same (or later) version number. Updating Finale preferences settings Finale 2004 can convert your old Finale.INI settings. If you want to use your old settings, copy the Finale.INI file from your old Finale directory into the new Finale 2004 directory.

New Features in Finale 2004

Improved Note Entry.
Enter notes, articulations, and even clef, key and time signature changes in Simple Entry using your computer or MIDI keyboard.

Definable Simple Entry Keyboard Shortcuts. Enhanced Expressions.

Customize a set of Simple Entry commands to your own preferred keystrokes.

The redesigned expression designer allows you to use multiple fonts for the same expression, align expressions with automatic placement options and add a description for each expression.

Sound Font Playback.

Finales included General MIDI Sound Font offers high quality instrument simulation. Now, using this sound font, Finale delivers identical playback from one computer to the next.

Human Playback.

Playback of Finale documents, as well as MIDI files and SmartMusic Accompaniments generated with Finale now simulate a live human performance with automatic interpretation of expressions, articulations, hairpins and other markings. Choose from several playback styles including Baroque, Jazz, and Reggae.

Save as Audio File.

Like the sound of Finales improved playback? You can now save that performance in Wave format to burn to a CD, or as a compressed Wave for transfer over the Internet.

Improved Redraw.

Smoother interface handling. No more residual artifacts, or need for manual redraws.

Smart Hyphens and Word Extensions.

No longer manually add word extensions or adjust hyphens. Finale does it for you.

Smart Page Turn plug-in.

Tell Finale to intelligently edit the layout of an entire part to avoid awkward page turns.

Smart Cue Notes plug-in. Patterson Plug-ins Lite.

Search an entire score for cue note opportunities, and add them automatically

Easily beam over barlines with the new Beam Over Barlines plug-in, or edit all beams in a document with the Improved Patterson Beams plug-in.

Search and replace text with the new Text Search and Replace plug-in. FinaleScript plug-in.
Apply a change or series of changes using many of Finale features and options to a single Finale document, or batch process multiple Finale documents at once.

Drum Groove plug-in.

Choose from dozens of drum groove styles to add to your score along with a percussion map defined for you automatically.

Cross Staff plug-in. New Text Inserts.

Easily move notes across staves with a single keystroke.

Now, insert a copyright symbol, the total number of pages, or the performance time into a text block.

Hidden Text Style.

With this new text style, text blocks can be set to display on the screen and not in the printout.

Create SmartMusic Accompaniments with Performance Markers.

Now, you can use expressions to indicate performance markers such as pauses, rehearsal marks and repeats, for SmartMusic Accompaniments saved from Finale.

Multitibral SmartMusic Accompaniment generation.

Create SmartMusic Accompaniments containing many instruments primed for Sound Font playback in SmartMusic.

Improved scanning recognition with SmartScore Lite 3.0. Import SmartScore 2.0 files.
Take advantage of Musiteks latest scanning technology.

Select Multiple Articulations at Once.

Drag and edit any number of articulations simultaneously.

Regional Clef Change Selection.

Apply a clef change to a highlighted a region of your score.

Cross-layer Accidental Positioning.

Automatically avoid collision of accidentals between layers and align accidentals on intervals of an octave vertically.

Copy Between Layers.

Copy notes in one layer to another, without changing the original notes.

Fixes in Finale 2004

Clef Tool 0* The clef tool is no longer the only tool that can affect a region of music but does not allow a region to be selected (like the time and key signature tools). 1* Moving a mid-measure clef no longer causes notes to change positions on the staff. Expression Tool 2* When creating a new text expression, the description of the font being used is often no longer cut off unnecessarily with ellipsis. 3* Text expressions are no longer duplicated in the Expression Selection dialog box after performing a copy and paste: Ctrl-C Ctrl/Ctrl-V. File Menu 4* If a repeat uses measure 1 as its target, the resulting *.SMP file will play back an extra empty measure on the second pass. Lyrics Tool 5* Word Extensions now wrap across systems. 6* Hyphenated words now continue hyphens across system breaks. 7* If you have syllables with word extensions set to Align and Justify to the Right, the extensions are now same length when there are multiple verses present. 8* Word extensions that extend across a barline are now completely erased when removed. 9* Finale can now add a hyphen at the beginning of a system if a previous syllable is tied. 10* Word Extensions are no longer drawn through lyrics. Mass Edit Tool 11* Copying and pasting a measure containing lyrics no longer copies the entire verse of the lyrics contained in the copied measure. 12* Spacing now avoids collision of accidentals attached to multiple layers. 13* In two layers, intervals between a third and sixth, when each note has an accidental, are now correctly spaced. MIDI Menu 14* The MicNotator Mic Level is no longer reset to the Middle whenever accessing the MicNotator Dialogue Box. 15* Finale is now compatible with MIDI output devices that support matching, or MIDI On/Off signals for notes on the same pitch and channel, but of different durations. Match On/Off option in the

MIDI Setup dialog box. Options Menu 16* "Vertical Spacing Between Accidentals in Document Options Accidentals now reads Vertical Minimum Spacing Between Accidentals (Measured in Steps). Playback 17* When play mode is set to anything but "Non-Scrolling," the click will now sound. 18* Click and Count-off now works with Playback files. Plug-ins Auto-Dynamic Placement

19* 20*

Choosing a layer for placement that doesnt exist will no longer automatically add dynamic markings on other layers.

The default music font is now used instead of Petrucci.

PostScript and EPS 21* Finale's EPS files in Illustrator no longer show the stems to be shifted from the note heads a small amount. 22* EPS files no longer print Transparent (meaning you can see anything underneath them), while using Windows 9x. Selection Tool 23* There is now a contextual menu available for clefs (mid-measure or otherwise). Simple Entry Tool 24* Fill with rests now works if a note in another measure is highlighted. 25* There is now a way in Simple Entry to change a duration of a note once entered in a Tablature staff. 26* When changing notes with durations that do not have beams (quarter notes and longer) to note durations that do have beams (eighths and shorter) the notes now beam together as they do in Speedy Entry. 27* Accidentals on octaves are now kept in the same horizontal plane. 28* The enter-rest function no longer leaves stems with no note heads. Smart Shape Tool 29* The offset for guitar bends attached to fingerings can now be specified in the Smart Shape Placement dialog box. 30* Space around the Accidentals edit field is now disabled when the check box is unchecked in the Smart Slur Options dialog box. Speedy Entry Tool 31* The Keymaps.txt file is now located in the Component Files Folder.