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Paraprofessional Assignment Part 1 Mrs. W.

comes in every morning at 8:10, before our students come into the classroom from breakfast. She looks at the schedule for the day and goes to first hour weight room gym for a couple of our students. Then she goes back to the junior high and either goes to library job, CBI, or cooks with our students. Third hour she goes to Ag class with two of our students. Then she gets a break and her lunchtime. After lunch she takes one of our students to work, then possibly a CBI outing. She also supervises when the students work on their domestic skills. Then she takes all of our students to their PE class. Each day varies a little bit in the schedule. At the beginning of the day a new schedule is typed and printed out for her. She then follows that schedule. If there are any additional changes they are expressed to Mrs. W at the beginning of the day or as soon as the change has been decided. Mrs. W instructs in the behavior plans. She records the students undesired behaviors. She also is given as much discipline power in taking privileges away. She does however make sure to consult my cooperative teacher when there is anything she is unsure of. She also instructs in domestic skills and a job at the high school I am not there during that time and therefore have not seen what exactly this entails. She supervises the students when they are doing something independently. She also assists the students in different recreational activities, such as using the computer. Mrs. W also keeps the students on task when at the library job or any other task where the students become distracted, or off task.

In the morning there is time for collaboration between my cooperative teacher and Mrs. W. Mrs. W talks about what happened at the end of the day, the previous day. My cooperating teacher is not with a certain group of students have lunch and therefore the only information she gets about the second half of the day comes from Mrs. W. They have a conversation about the behaviors from the students that were causing other issues and well as discussing different ideas of how to correct and or change the situation to make things work more smoothly. Mrs. W is an important part of the running of the classroom. I can tell that her authority in the classroom is below that of my cooperating teacher, but she holds almost as much authority. She functions as my cooperating teacher when there is a substitute. If I was not there she would be able to run the day completely alone. She works with the students one on one and is invested in their lives.