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All posters in colourful designs.

00 Work Safety Posters

Topics in Set 1 include:

general safe work and the 'duty of care' the importance of teamwork avoiding common hazards in the workplace essential phone number lists knife safety avoiding heat and burn injuries fire safety safe driving and use of company vehicles

Topics in Set 2 include:

safe use of machinery safe use of electrical and gas equipment safety in the office safety in hot spaces safety with sharps and needles (especially important in bars and nightclubs) safety with biological waste (eg in toilets) safety with broken glass safe lifting and manual handling

Topics in Set 3 include:

use of gloves and protective clothing avoiding noise and hearing problems safe use of chemicals safety with slippery floors avoiding problems from armed robbery avoiding problems from violence avoiding problems with drunk or drug-affected customers

Topics in Set 4 include:

anti-smoking messages

avoiding safety problems caused by tiredness

All posters in colourful designs. managing stress important messages about alcohol and drug-abuse in the workplace (including the availability of treatment) issues about personal care company policies to oppose bullying and harassment in the workplace.

380 Food Safety Posters

Topics in Set 1 include:

importance of staff hygiene importance of hand washing importance of glove use understanding food recalls holding time and safe temperatures what is HACCP? importance of sanitising

Topics in Set 2 include:

correct use of thermometers safe temperatures for food storage correct cooling and thawing of food correct handling of food transport issues correct storage of frozen food correct display of cold food correct handling of self-service food correct handling of packaged food

Topics in Set 3 include:

correct purchasing procedures correct cold storage of food managing issues with allergies correct preparation of food correct dry storage of food proper record keeping for food safety correct handling of customer complaints

Topics in Set 4 include: food safety and hygiene in the bar correct cleaning procedures correct storage of dry food correct display of hot food correct display and safety of take-away food general safety precautions with cooking correct handling of pest control correct maintenance procedures Format for all poster files is Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format for Windows or Macintosh.