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Targets after : A.

Bases of segmentation used in this product MARKET SEGMENTATION After so many research that we have done and after so many considerations that we have put in, we have agreed to select demographic segmentation, psychographic segmentation and geographic segmentation as our market segmentation. Demographic segmentation, it includes age, occupation, gender, education, income, social class, and religion. We are looking and stress more on kids and teenagers group as our potential buyer. As everyone knows, MARIGOLD Peel Fresh Cempedak is categorized as one of the pastry product which almost entire food in pastry product loves by kids and teenagers. Psychographic segmentation, it includes personal taste, status, preferences, ego, hobbies, political attitude, sensitivity and loyal value to product. We choose to be more emphasis on individual taste. MARIGOLD Peel Fresh Cempedak is mostly loved by all kinds of ages. It tastes so good that people just cannot resist of its temptation. Geographic segmentation is done based on geographic factor that can influence the societys lifestyles such as climate, nations, states, countries and neighbourhood. As for our company, we distribute our product to wholesalers and retailers. South region is our prime aim for starts. In addition, MARIGOLD Peel Fresh Cempedak in south region received quite a decent feedback which attracts us to start our business there. B.Target market TARGET MARKET Target market is defined as the group of customer that has need and wants that can be satisfied by the business through the supply of goods and services. Business need to focus their marketing activities toward certain group of customer chosen based on the business ability to satisfy the needs and wants. It focuses on all level of ages. As our concern, we determine the target market based on several segmentations. The main target segment of MARIGOLD Peel Fresh is consumers who are more health conscious and are looking for a convenient alternative to fresh fruits, ranging from ages17 to 60 years and above. However, for the proposed print advertisement, the target audience will mainly be the consumer segments that Juice Bars are targeting, which is the younger segments of working adults aged 24 to 40 and students aged 16 to 23, who are either more health conscious or just prefer drinking juice. These consumers value convenience and are generally more receptive towards advertisements that are more creative and interesting.

Years Strategies 2011 -Drive health messages through fun PR campaigns/events 2012 -Change new company logo -Position to produce good quality daily products to gain trusted from stakeholders group -Developing corporate social responsibility (CSR) 2013 -Building relationship with teenagers through creativity and entertainment campaign -Evaluation and Review Strategy is described as the overall concept, approach or general plan by (Cutlip et al,2000). The table above showed that three years differences of PR strategy for MM Company in order to achieve the goal as mentioned before this.

C.Positioning In 2004, 3 new variants were re-launched, which are Vitagen Less-Sugar, Vitagen Collagen and Vitagen Collagen Less-Sugar, to meet the increasing needs of healthy consumers. Vitagen Less Sugar is formulated for consumers who are healthy conscious and are concerned about their sugar intake, while Vitagen Collagen is formulated for consumers who are seeking for functional beverage that could prevent aging. Market share : 44.3% Strengths : Long established market Added with Collagen Product ranges : Original, Less Sugar, Collagen, Collagen Less Sugar Price : RM3.90 RM6.20 Unit : 5 bottles (125ml) in a pack Positioning : Vitagen is the first cultured milk product introduced in Malaysia market, targeted at health conscious people

Advertising campaigns : High School Musical TVC Intestine Bacteria Buster TVC

VITAGEN is a fermented milk drink made by fermenting good quality skim milk with probiotic cultures. Every bottle of VITAGEN is packed with billions of the world-class probiotic cultures, Lactobacillus acidophilus imported from world-renowned biotechnology laboratory of Chr. Hansen in Denmark.

VITAGEN is produced by cultivating these live probiotic cultures in wholesome milk and blended with real fruit juice. All these goodness aid digestions and boost your body's immune system thus keeping one's intestinal system in balance for a healthy body. Every business has different types of challenges that need to be endured to reach the goals that have designated. One of them is competition, competition is essential to improve the performance of a business with the competition, we will strive to reach the target market itself. Competition also led to a business is increasing or decreasing because of the advantages and disadvantages of dropping and raising the business. The competitors for marigold is yeos, nestle and dutch lady. The strength and weakness are shown below: Yeos Strength: Yeos have many strengthness such as a protein powerhouse as it has one of the highest protein contents among plants, more cheaply and easily produced than animal proteins. Yeos also rich in calcium, iron, zinc, lecithin, many B vitamins and fiber. It also contains an anti carcinogen called is flavones. Weakness: Each product has their own disadvantages Some of them that can be identified are non-durable and do not have the materials identified that customer would feel skeptical to drink it. Other than that, the prices of yeos are also not fixed. Nestle Strength: Nestle is a once of popular product, nestle provides a facilities to customer and customer could understand about that product easier. Nestle alo give us many type of vitamin that can make us become fresh and healthier.