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Teeming rookeries of chinstrap, gentoo and Adlie penguins pristine, surreal landscapes of icebergs drifting through the sea the craggy faades of creeping glaciers There are so many reasons to travel to Antarcticaand still more reasons to experience its wonders with OAT. When you join OAT on Antarcticas White Wilderness youll board a specialized 90-passenger expedition ship in a small group of just 32 travelers. With an expert OAT Trip Leader and our Expedition Team by your side, youll make the most of every opportunity to discover wildlife like albatrosses, petrels, crabeater seals and whales to experience this wilderness of snow, ice, and water from eye-level aboard Zodiac inflatable boat and much, much more. For our journey, weve assembled a dream team of some of the worlds most qualified expertstake a look at the facing page to read more. Their collective knowledge and experience in polar exploration will enhance our understanding of this iconic region weve traveled so far to see. Our Expedition Team will include an expedition leader, a marine biologist, a glaciologist, a polar historian, an ornithologist or naturalist, and Zodiac drivers who will skillfully navigate the icestrewn waters, finding the best vantage points from which we can view wildlife and the best places for our wet landings. Of course, since well be traveling during the austral summer, well be seeing the White Continent at its very best, enjoying optimal access for landings. I know youve received material from us in the past about this unique Small Ship Adventure, and our Its Included sidebar on the brochure inside will remind you just how comprehensive this voyage is. And you can earn Travel Credits when you refer friends to OAT and increase your value even more. For now, I hope youll enjoy reading the impressions of some of our travelers (LEFT), and join us in 2008 on this inimitable journey. Best regards,

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Antarcticas White Wilderness 2008

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Magdalena Zoroza Regional General Manager, Argentina Overseas Adventure Travel P .S. Of course, I couldnt dream of allowing you to travel to this part of the world without encouraging your to stretch the value of your vacation further by adding our affordable extensions. Discover Uruguay & Argentinas Pampas Country before your main adventure, and the mighty Iguassu Falls, in Argentina and Brazil afterwards.

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Discover Anarcticas White Wilderness in an OAT small group aboard the privately chartered, 90-passenger, M/S Andrea

Overseas Adventure Travel Adventure, Value & Discovery on the Road Less Traveled
Adventure, Value & Discovery on the Road Less Traveled

Meet the Expedition Team

Weve assembled an exceptional team that includes geologists, glaciologists, naturalists, marine biologists, and polar historians. Throughout our cruise, well gather in the lounge with each of them to hear insightful lectures developed to enhance our understanding of this remote corner of the world, and we encourage you to ask them all the questions that come to mind as we explore. Past lecture topics have probed Antarcticas history as a destination for explorers, wildlife of Antarctica, Antarcticas ecology, and the difference between ice formed on land versus the sea. No matter what the topic, were sure to further our understanding of our Antarctic experience when members of our Expedition Team share with us their expertise. Here are just a few of the specialists you can trust with your Antarctic adventure:
Captain Ivan Karavka, Ice Captain
A highly experienced shipmaster, Captain Karavka has commanded vessels of all shapes and sizes including icebreakers, passenger ships, cargo and container vessels. As captain of a Russian icebreaker, Ivan had considerable experience navigating in both Antarctic and Arctic waters. He loves sailing the M/S Andrea along the Antarctic Peninsula, one of his favorite places on earth. When not onboard a ship, Ivan lives in Murmansk, Russia, at the edge of the Arctic Ocean.

Heres what your fellow travelers are saying about Antarcticas White Wilderness
The whole experience was otherworldly! The overwhelming majesty the pristine beauty and solitude the day when we left Paulette Island and the Zodiac wove in and out of the many penguin- and seal-laden small icebergs sheer ecstasy.

Stefan Kindberg, Expedition Leader

Stefan returns to the M/S Andrea as Expedition Leader for the 2007-2008 Antarctica season. He served as the first Expedition Leader for the M/S Andrea during the inaugural 2003-2004 season, and has many years of experience as both an Expedition Leader and team member in Antarctica, the Arctic, Amazon River, British Isles and other areas of the world visited by expedition ships. Stefan is a native of Sweden, but now makes his home in New Jersey.

Dr. Richard Cameron, Glaciology

Richard is an adjunct professor at Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri. In the International Geophysical Year of 1957-58, he served as chief glaciologist at Wilkes Station, on the coast of East Antarctica. Richard later became the program manager for glaciology at the Division of Polar Programs of the National Science Foundation. He has conducted a number of study tour programs for Webster University during the last few years, including Glacier Studies in Austria in 1999, Physical Geography of the Netherlands in 2000 and 2001, and Fire and Ice (glaciology and volcanology) in the Pacific Northwest in 2001.

Antarctica was beyond my expectations. The lecturers and Zodiac drivers did a fantastic job in acquainting us with our surroundings and adjusting our excursions according to the weather. Im so glad we were able to cruise aboard the Zodiacs.

Dr. Gustavo Lovrich, Marine Biology

Gustavo was born in Buenos Aires. Currently, he is a scientific researcher with the National Research Council of Argentina, professor at the Universidad de la Patagonia, and one of the referents of the biological connections of the marine fauna between the sub-Antarctic and Antarctic ecosystems. Gustavo participated as a scientific member of cruises on the icebreakers Irizar and Polarstern in 1987 and 2002, respectively. He is the co-editor of the book The MagellanAntarctic Connection: Links and Frontiers at High Latitudes, coauthor of the book The Sea (So Much Water Was Needed to Dissolve So Much Salt), and author of several scientific articles. Gustavo was a lecturer on board the M/S Andrea during the 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 Antarctic seasons.

Damien Sanders, Polar History

Damien is a British national, but now lives in Dinan, Brittany, France. Damien taught in secondary schools and outdoor education for 17 years. He has been a leader on expeditions taking young people to Alaska and British Columbia. In December 2005, Damien gave up full-time teaching to pursue what most interested him working in polar regions, studying and teaching maritime history and underwater archaeology, and completing a number of writing projects. He has worked on M/S Andrea cruises since the 2004-2005 season. He first came to Antarctica in 1979 with the British Antarctic Survey as a diving officer, and has experienced three Antarctic summers and two winters on bases at Signy Island in the South Orkneys, and at Grytviken, South Georgia.

We were fortunate to have good weather and more than enough landings. The best activity was the Zodiac ride among the icebergs, through the bergy bits, growlers and slush. The whale sightings made it even nicer!

Seeing glaciers and whales was breathtaking. Traveling to the end of the earth and knowing Im one of very few people to get to do this brought tears to my eyes. This was my top trip so far!

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