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Archdiocesan Value Education Centre AVEC Mumbai

Building a New Humanity through 12 Diamond Values

Prayer Service on CROWN - Value of Leadership and Purposefulness Quote: The Price of Greatness is Responsibility - Winston Churchill Theme: True Leaders dont create followers they create more leaders! Logo: The purpose of life is a life of purpose - Robert Byrne Ritual: Lessons from Geese on Leadership & Collaboration. Scripture: we are God's handiwork created in Christ Jesus to do good works (Eph.2:10) Prayer song: Choices for Life - http://youtu.be/zRZHKNHoRfc Instruction: Preferably hold the prayer service in the class room with prior preparation,active involvement / participation of all the students after the lesson on CROWN. Have a devotional / classical music played to create a prayerful atmosphere. Introduction: (Keep a Candle / Lamp lighted throughout the prayer service.) Leader: Let us take an attentive posture and be relaxed breathing in Gods presence. (silent pause..) We are on a journey of building a new humanity through 12 diamond values. The theme of this prayer service is CROWN quality in a Diamond. Crown is the portion of a diamond between its girdle and its table. The Crown of Light is an entirely unique round diamond cut that maximizes the diamond's highest potential. More scintillating light returns to the eye with this cut, through the crown of a diamond resulting in a spectacular light show for all who see this diamond. Crown represents Leadership and Purposefulness in life. Let us join the choir in the prayer song. Prayer song: Choices for Life - http://youtu.be/zRZHKNHoRfc OR God will make a way - http://youtu.be/aRXt5OjIe5E Reader 1: Life is a gift which offers us the privilege, opportunity and responsibility to give something back by being better and becoming more. For we are God's handiwork created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared in advance for us to do says St. Paul. The truth is each of us is created for a noble purpose and given a gift from His great variety to serve one another (I Peter 4:10). We increase our ability, stability and liability by the energy we bring in to make this world a better place. The Price of Greatness is Responsibility says Winston Churchill. Leadership is about taking responsibility to make this world a better place in raising the bar to inspire creativity, display integrity to transform vision into a common goal. (brief pause.) Geese teach us a valuable lesson on Leadership & Collaboration on how to animate group to accomplish more with fewer resources. Let us be attentive to the narration to apply insights. Ritual: Lessons from Geese on Leadership & Collaboration (3 readers Reader 2, Narrators 1 and 2 N1 and N2 will practice narration earlier.)

Reader 2: Migratory birds in V flight teach the importance of team collaboration inspiring us that we do need each other for the human race to exist and accomplish incredible deeds as all of us have a role to play in society and the world at large. Scientists have found that Geese flying in V format collaborate, taking turns to reduce air drag to cover 70% more distance expending the same energy than if the birds flew singly. V format enables to keep track of every bird to commune and coordinate. Each bird gets the opportunity to be in the lead position as well as enjoy the middle position to benefit mutually. Even birds have great leadership qualities. Reader 2: 1. Leadership is about helping others and not just oneself. (Narrator1) N1: Fact: When geese travel in V- formation, the lead birds primary role is to help reduce air drag so that the flock can fly far distances without using more energy and not just to guide the other birds as to which direction to fly. (Narrator2) N2: Lesson: Applying the above, the role of leadership is to use ones abilities to help all succeed to reach the shared goal and not just to get others to simply follow the leader. Reader 2: 2. Importance of Delegation as everyone has the ability to lead N1: Fact: In a V format, each bird takes turn in leading the formation. For the geese it is a matter of which bird has the ability in that moment to offer the support needed by the rest of the flock, for them to reach their destiny and not a question of their position. N2: Lesson: Leadership is not a formal title as managing director but a drive with passion. We need to respect and defend each other's ability / aptitude / capacity / competence/ expertise/ potential / resource as we are interdependent. Reader 2: 3. Importance of Synergy in community leadership. N1: Fact: Geese constantly shift and change, taking turns to fly in the lead position to give other birds a chance to rest and even the workload to speed up efficiency and provide group synergy. N2: Lesson: It pays to take turns sharing the hard tasks in a team where all are trained to perform multiple tasks in a collaborative leadership to benefit synergy and ensure no one wears out. Reader 2: 4. Importance of Encouragement N1: Fact: Geese honk to encourage mutually to keep up their speed and to communicate. N2: Lesson: We should always communicate with one another offering encouragement. Reader 2: 5. Importance of Empathy and Understanding N1: Fact: When a goose gets injured or sick two geese drop out to stay with their fallen comrade until it is able to fly or dies. Later, they launch out (reverse V format) to catch up with the flock. N2: Lesson: If we have as much sense as geese, we will foster a sense of community and focus on a shared goal, standing by each other at all times as a single team in collaboration. Reader 3: The geese teach us that staying in formation provides bonding, thrust and synergy. Collaborative leadership with a shared goal achieves more as individual talent is multiplied. Leadership is a task of knowing oneself and believing that persons are priceless. Leaders are self starters in articulating vision, mission and purpose. They build bonds of mutual trust in a team, maximize opportunities to be creative on what can be done to power the team to become best at what they do or who they are to reach beyond. True Leaders create more leaders! Leadership and Learning happens daily through student leadership opportunities as class / team / house captains; community service volunteers - cleanliness, traffic, literacy, discipline drive; cocurricular activities - creative arts, mathematics, environment clubs; performing arts dance, music, dramatics, singing, debates, athletic etc., In promoting leadership students learn skills to set goals, delegate, listen, follow instructions, utilize resources, prioritize tasks and mentor to achieve results. Sense self worth is an asset to face tough challenges of life with resilience.

Reader 4: Role Models are persons who others imitate, emulate or look to for guidance. They not only talk the talk but walk the talk where actions are lived in statements. Every great leader has had a role model that helped them visualize themselves in the future to realize their dreams and goals. Kia Scherr, American resident who lost her husband and daughter at Taj Mahal Hotel terror attack (26/11) 2008, stunned the world when she forgave the terrorists being inspired by Jesus Christ on the Cross who prayed Father forgive them they know not what they do. From then on through the Global Peace Initiative One Life Alliance, she spreads the message of love, peace and forgiveness. Forgiveness does not change ones past but liberates to empower the future. Widow Gladys Staines models forgiveness without hatred or bitterness, when her husband Graham Staines and 2 minor sons were burnt alive to death in Orissa on 22 January 1999. Azim Premji is the first Indian to sign the Giving Pledge, dedicating a majority of his wealth Rs. 12,300 crore to philanthropy especially the cause of education, being a model philanthropist. Pope Francis a world figure with precise moral compass is a model of humility. In nominating himself Francis, pope has set St. Francis of Assisi as the role model in simplicity, humility and love of creation. May be Pope Francis can help us all look at the world a little differently and be an inspiration to help us all be a little kinder and understanding to those in need. Reflective Time: (allot at least 15 minutes) Leader: The purpose of life is a life of purpose says Robert Byrne. Without God, life has no purpose, and without purpose, life has no meaning.(Rick Warren) God is always more interested in why we do something (our attitude) than in what we do (our achievements). The purpose of life is to make some difference and without God life makes no sense. Gods goal for our life is abundant life with greater vision, to enrich the world We ask few self-centered questions: (reflective pauses after each question) Why did God make me? What are my talents/gifts? ... What do I want to be? What on Earth am I here for? What is the purpose of my life?... What are my goals / ambitions /dreams for my future? (Give time to discover and find purpose of my life / talent and daily action plan for my life. Write down vision/ goal of my life; share mutually and in the class) A vision is a call to be something more. What I am is Gods gift to me; what I do with myself is my gift to God. Let us pray the Our Father to grant us the grace to make the best of our life. Prayer: (Altogether) Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name; Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen. .. Requirements for the Prayer Service: (30 minutes) A Teacher and 2/3 students will take full responsibility for prior preparation: 1. Arrange and organize the prayer service, with prior preparation for the requirements. 2. Prepare & Display the Ritual, Theme, Quote & the Logo (assign different students). 3. The choir will take responsibility to learn and teach the song prior to the prayer service. 5. Assign 4 or 5 readers to responsibly render their role with reflective pauses; 6. Practice the ritual to let the prayer service flow without flaw with devotion. 7. Give sufficient time for the prayer process to flow - minimum 30 minutes Prayer song 1 Purpose driven life - http://youtu.be/gyKoPKMPmYw Many days have come and gone / many years seem to have been wasted Round and round like an aimless journey / Seems like weve been here before

What on earth am I here for? Come my friend, stop for a while / Life must be more than just existing Round and round like a carousel ride / shall we end where we began? Tell me so Ill understand REFRAIN: Let us begin to live this life / Let us together seek its purpose Life is not a pointless venture / Eternity is for sure Open up and receive this truth within your heart: That God was smiling at your birth / and has a purpose for your life Come my friend, stop for a while / Life must be more than just existing Round and round like a carousel ride / shall we end where we began? Tell me so Ill understand. Repeat REFRAIN: I know the plans Ive laid for you / Plans for goodness says the Lord We were made to last forever / and heaven is our home. Repeat REFRAIN: Finale: Let us begin to live this life / Let us together seek its purpose Life is not a pointless venture / Eternity is for sure Open up and receive this truth within your heart: That God was smiling at your birth / Yes, God was smiling at your birth Begin to live this life with purpose / a purpose driven life Prayer Song 2: God will make a way - http://youtu.be/aRXt5OjIe5E CROWN: Value of Leadership and Purposefulness. To develop effective Leadership styles. To promote tomorrows Leaders today. To create clarity of vision and develop purpose in ones life. School Environment: Establishing Student Councils Effective TeacherStudent Teams See the big picture Role of Educator: Discover Leadership potential Nurture seeds of leadership today Visionary Leader Rationale: Lead your life or someone else will lead it for you. Be the master of your own destiny. Think big to live big. Evaluation: Courage to stand out and Lead effectively Ability to handle Decision Making Sense of leading ones life with Purpose ........... Objective: