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JT Logan 4/15/13 Inside Job Questions: 1. How angry are you about the events depicted in the film?

Which events made you angry? Which person offended you most? a. The 2008 economic meltdown could have been prevented in many ways that is what makes me angry. As a result of corruption in Washington and greed on Wall Street, millions of people lost their jobs and trillions of dollars were lost. 2. Who do you think is most to blame for the events depicted in the film? I think one person cant be blamed for everything that caused the financial crisis in our country. I believe that as a result of combination of people from business, government, and other industries having their agenda as the priority, has directly impacted the livelihoods of a majority of Americans. Honestly, the global economy has dramatically been affected. Do you find fault with either political party (Republicans? Democrats?) With the financial services companies? Or with the regulators who stood by their free market beliefs? The investors who took on too much risk? What should they have done differently? Many Americans believe that each political party had their part in this crisis. Honestly, I believe that the true cause for the crisis was greed. Homeowners were given mortgages by bankswhich they couldnt pay back. This may have been prevented if regulations by the Clinton and Bush administrations were created in a bi-partisan fashion. 3. Consider the concept of pooled, or bundled subprime loans. Do you think events would have unfolded differently if the financial institutions that made the subprime loans had kept them instead of selling them? Yes I do believe that this crisis was highly impacted by financial institutions choice to award so many loans to those who didnt qualify. The movie focused on risky subprime mortgages, and how they were masked as AAA rated CDO investments. 4. Do you think anyone should go to jail for their behavior, as depicted in the film? Who? Yes I do think that many should go to jail for causing this crisis. In the film, viewers were told about evidence of how bankers and officials abused their positions and the power of them. Drug abuse, prostitution, money laundering, and fraud were all critical components, which led to this crisis.

5. Do you think VCU and other academic institutions should have a policy regarding conflicts of interest? Yes, a conflict of interest policy protects the university from serious legal issues. What did you think of the professors from Harvard and Columbia? I feel like it was the professors right to do what they did, however, I think the decision to leave a position with Federal Reserve at the time one of the professors left was in poor judgment. How would you feel if Sony Pictures paid me money to show you this film? Would that be okay? Personally, I wouldnt feel anyway about you getting paid to show this film. I would suggest that maybe Sony Pictures should provide resources to professors to make students more aware of how to avoid this crisis again. 6. As you watch the film, make note of the following individuals, and their roles during the financial crisis, as well as the positions they held after the 2008 election. a. Why do you think President Obama appointed these people to these positions? President Obama may have appointed these individuals, because some of them knew exactly how it happened. It may have been a poor decision to bring in an entirely new team to suggest a solution out of this crisis. I think that President Obama made a good play in his choices. b. How would you balance the need for experience against the need for a new perspective? I personally believe that those who were appointed to these positions, was a result of their experience to navigate through the crisis. I think that each individual was willing to work with this new administration to create an efficient solution to guide us to stability. Ben Bernanke Federal Reserve, Chair Former Position: Served in the same position under President George W. Bush William C. Dudley New York Federal Reserve, President Former Position: worked for Goldman Sachs as the Chief Economist Rahm Emanuel Currently the Mayor of Chicago Was appointed by President Obama as his Chief of Staff Former Position: Served on the Board of Directors of Freddie Mac

Timothy Geithner Treasury Secretary Former Position: President of the New York Federal Reserve Gary Gensler Commodity Futures Trading Commission Former Position: Executive at Goldman Sachs Mary Schapiro Securities and Exchange Commission, Director Former Position: CEO of FINRA Larry Summers Chief Economic Advisor Former Position: Treasury Secretary