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Hint: Fruit If Yoshi eats ten fruit it will make an egg.

For every different color Yoshi there will be a different surprise in the egg. Heres what you get: Green yoshi: mushroom red yoshi: fire flower blue yoshi: flying feather yellow yoshi: super star tobias da hawk Hint: Get Extra Lives in World 2 Easily Once you unlock the Top Secret Area in World 2, go in there and get Yoshi. Exit, and then re-enter. Hit the block that you used to get Yoshi again, but now a 1-Up will come out of the egg instead. Repeat this trick as many times as you want to get more 1-Ups. Tobias Hint: Secret Area in World 2 Get a cape, and then enter the ghost house in the second world. Fly all the way up above the starting point, and go through the hole in the ceiling. Continue on to a door and exit through it. You will unlock a secret area where you can get lots of power-ups. ioioi210 Hint: Colored Yoshis You can get different colored Yoshis by going to star road. Each color has a diffrent power which will work once you eat a koopa shell. The colors and powers are: Blue: Once yoshi eats a shell he will get wings. Red: Once yoshi eats a shell and spits it out it will make fire. yellow: Once yoshi eats a shell he can make sand clouds. Ricky from Philly Hint: Easy 11 Lives In the first level of the Forest of Illusions, navigate through the level, past the halfway point. Soon thereafter, you will see a box scrolling through random power-ups. Hit the box to grab a Super Star, and then run forward through the numerous red-shelled turtle enemy and those behind him. If you manage to kill them all before the Super Star runs out, you will get a maximum of eleven extra lives! Unlock Princess Coins

Once you collect all of the Dragon Coins in the entire game, they will turn into Princess Coins.

Super Mario World Hints & Cheats Earn Point Stars (Mario Brothers) For each 150,000 points you get in Mario Brothers, a star will appear at the top of Mario Brothers at the game selection screen (where you pick between Super Mario World and Mario Brothers). You can get up to 5 stars maximum. Unlockable How to Unlock Get 150, 000 points in Mario Brothers, and a star at the game selection screen will appear above Mario Brothers (5 stars maximum)

Earn Point Stars at game selection screen (Mario Brothers)

Unlock Different Colored Yoshis Unlockable How to Unlock Go to Star World 2, find the Baby Yoshi, and feed him 5 enemies.

Blue Yoshi

Yellow Yoshi

Go to Star World 3 or Star World 5, find the Baby Yoshi, and feed him 5 enemies.

Red Yoshi

Go to Star World 1 or Star World 4, find the Baby Yoshi, and feed him 5 enemies.

New Look to Yoshi's Island After filling a ceratin Requirement you give a new look to yoshi's island which is called EXTRA. The shells will look like bubbleheads of Mario, the Pirahnas will have pumpking heads and you can access any stage by pressing SELECT and pressing A on the stage you wish to go to.

Unlockable EXTRA Super Mario World Secrets Extra Levels From Star Road

How to Unlock Find all goals in every level

If you find and complete the alternate (key) exits in all Star Road levels, you will unlock a set of special levels accessible from the mountain in the middle of the main Star Road map. Re-Do Fortresses and Castles Once you beat the game you will be able to re-do Fortresses and Castles. Yoshi Coins to Princess Coins To change all the Yoshi Coins to Princess Coins, collect all five Yoshi Coins from each level. After you collect them all, watch the in-game movie to see the coins change. Hear the Original Mario Bros. music. Go to the special levels (place with Tubular, Groovy, etc.) Still on the world map, leave the game alone for a few minutres and you'll hear the music change. New Intro Beat the game (defeat Bowser) and the intro changes from the usual 'find the princess is missing, play scary music' to a sequence where you see the princess riding on a Yoshi with another Yoshi carrying a picnic basket. High Score Records Once you complete the Special World, you will be able to save your high scores in the Special World levels. Instant Warp Once you've cleared all 96 Goals, you will then be able to warp to any point on the map via the Status Screen. On the Map Screen, press Select to access the Status Screen. You will now see a little white arrow to the left of each course name. Choose a course and press A. Mario (or Luigi) will be automatically warped to that part of the world map. This will save lots of time trudging from one part of the map to the next. Enjoy! Make Super Famicom logo appear in Special Worlds

Complete the special worlds (The world with SPECIAL written across the top) and the Super Famicom logo will appear across the top of the Special World Map. You will have to press L and make the screen scroll up to see the logo. Decorative Stars For every one-million points you get in Super Mario World mode, a star will appear on the main menu screen next to the ''top score'' display. NOTE: The maximum amount of stars you can get is 5. Easy Lives Play through the games and as quickly as you can get to the Star Worlds. Now go to Star World 4 and get the yoshi now either complete the mission with Yoshi. Now Go back to that level with yoshi and go back to the egg and get the 1-up and then press START and go back and do then level again to get more lives. Repeat As Needed Extra life at finish When your time has twice the same digit repeated at the end and it's the same as the tens of your stars total you'll get a extra life for free!!! Example: With 39 stars, beat the stage with your time ending in 33. Super Mario World Glitches

Get stuck in walls

In a few levels, there will be sets of rotating blocks blocking your path. (Example: Vanilla Dome 2 or Star World 1)Make sure you have a feather equipped. Use your cape to roate the blocks, then stand in right in front of the blocks while they are rotating. Usually the blocks will just push you back into open when they stop moving. However, sometimes the blocks will push you the opposite direction- into the wall. This usually works only in Vanilla Dome 2, but it allows you to walk down the slope of the wall underneath enemies. However, if you are surround by layer after layer of bricks (Star Road 1), you will be pushed into the other blocks, usually resulting in you losing a life.