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& (51D New scenarios Expert gaming advice Painting masterclass aa LS RY redeel WD328 APRIL 2007 £4.00 qo FOUNDATION PAINTS eee WHAT THESE AMAZING NEW PAINTS MEAN ran YOUR HOBBY! WARHAMMER moths HARLEQUINS a DEADLY ALIEN WARRIORS The White Dwar: Grombinda! ; itor Cay iy Deputy itr Na hom Sa writers yl Keon Ar Er Sas Tink Designer at Hson,Chisisn Byrne Asian Desiger len sre Flor: Owen Rees Fourmaliss ik ror mes Nine Die Anions, Also Cnatre BBiveies le Coodvin, Ary Howe Kal Hoda, evi obs, Pi kl [Gaderer os, aa ke Domine Sura avn Thor Dats i re ley, ren hs Tim Veet ae Ay Sharma Suir DWARe RePROGRAPHICS Seon Cal Ke ses Toile Alex boy, Fol Damon, David Galler Nuke Krad Rober inl, Pte Boies ond Alen Davies {EHTADEL DESIGN TEAM Tadic Ske Anderson, PD Ants ean Diz arin Fat, {olin Gnse, kes Goon Naas, Mex Hes Tish Mornion, Bran Nes Seb ets TM ery, ice! Pr Seve leh AW METAL TEAM. FB nn Pe Foy, Neil Gro, Ae Langown, Daren thom Kets Roberson’ Anja Westen Sn Kistn los. Tipo Burton jon Cave, Cs fae Fate nichtases, aan Wier an canna {GES WORKSHOP DIRECT SALES Senger orstop counter Beronser oom Facuiis 6 com: Tnaneswoisiapcosk SHE LACK Lpeany lc Bieler tenon, Nona, Nor 20s The Harlequins are amongst the most enigmatic members of the ‘most enigmatic race in the galaxy. They roam from place to place, performing their great masques in Eldar dwellings wherever they may be found, lest the tragedy of The Fall be forgotten and the Eldar succumb to temptation once again. But Harlequins are far more than grim-masked storytellers. They are amongst the most accomplished of all warriors. Their holo- fields make them nigh-impossible to target, while anti-gravtic flip-belts allow them to pperfom stunning feats of acrobatism even in the heat of battle. Their preternatural Eldar reflexes honed by centuries of training, the Harlequins move so fast itis hard for the eye to follow as they slaughter their way across the battlefield in the name of their equivocal god. Not deadly, but no less useful, are the new Foundation Paints, a fantastic addition to the Citadel hobby range that promises to revolutionise painting. These have been designed to give a solid coat of paint straight from the pot, which can be used as a base for Citadel Colour. Whether you want to basecoat 500 Ores or create Golden Demon masterpieces, Foundation Paints help you to get your models painted faster than ever before. all. Grombrindal, The White Dwarf oe RUD a = aa ee YN) 2 ELDAR HARLEQUINS DES TOS We take an in-depth look at how to game with and paint the beautiful new Harlequin miniatures. ea a ‘The Harlequins take on their most ancient and hated ‘enemy ~ the servants of Slaanesh, — Seca via A Relay 21 mea Soa ier. Bry Si corer err ps tee ies e an SUnaroN ALSO IN THIS ISSUE EW RELEASES New pains, new models, new books. 16 Mews A peek at the upcoming Warhammer terrain, 50 CITADEL FOUNDATION PAINT RANGE ‘This paint will change your hobby. 64 GROMBOWYS OATH The Empire come to the aid ofthe Dwaris and the mad miner’ secret i finally unveiled. ‘7 STANDARD BEARER Jervis looks back at the history of Citadel. ‘74. THELORD OF THE INS TACTICR: LORDS OF EVIL Effective leaders for your armies of darkness, 80, WARHAMMER TACTICA: SHOOTING Getting the most out ofthe Shooting phase. 86 PRINTING WORKSHOP Using the new Foundation Paints alongside Gitadel Colour eftectvely. 92 PAINTING MASTERCLASS How to paint the amazing new Master ofthe Ravenwing miniature ‘98 AMY METAL SHOWCASE: HORDES OF EVIL The Ores of Middle-earth 103 CITADEL TOOLBOK Tips on using “Ardcoat and Purity Seal 106 WARHAMMER DOUBLES GRAND TOURNAMENT Showcase ofthe best armies from the 2006 tournament. ‘HY INSTORE THIS EASTER Al the lastest news about what's on in your local store, ‘12 PRONTUNE UK specific news and events ‘20 ORDERING DIRECT Advance orders for Foundation Paints and Black Orcs Cee