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I have used notepad as a source of information for specific reasons. sadly some
people do not own microsoft word or office, therefore I am using a free and very
light text editor to teach you guys these lessons.
There may be typo's within these tutorial's and if you have any questions or com
ment's about what kind of issues you are facing, feel free to FB message me.
The following tutorial will not increase the speed of your internet but will inc
rease the speed of your computer
Font: Arial
Font style: Regular
Size: 14
Script: Western
(make sure to full screen as well)
Let's Begin!
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Windows Optimizing Guide by Paul L.
Estimated time: 35-71 minutes
Difficulty: medium
Move your mouse over to the windows start orb and click on it... Locate the "com
puter" tab and right click it, and then hit properties... on the left hand side
their will be a link that is named "advanced system settings"... Click on it and
a new window should pop up. under the performence section hit the link that say
s "settings" then hit "adjust for best performence"...(DO NOT HIT APPLY YET)
Go into the check box list and check all of the following:
(1) Use visual styles on windows & buttons
(2) Enable desktop composition
(3) Enable Aero's theme (or something like that)
(This should allow your computer to use less RAM when browsing the internet as w
ell as gaming)
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------STEP 2:
Move your mouse over to the battery icon on the lower right hand side of your sc
reen... click on it and then on the bottom of the new window, click on the link
that says "more power options" when the new window has poped up click on the arr
ow that is pointed down and then find the power option which is called "high per
(This method allow's your computer to use more energy in order to increase the s
peed of your cpu)

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------STEP 3:
Hover your mouse over to the start menu and click on it... Type the following te
xt in the search box "msconfig"... their shoud be a little icon that has a compu
ter with a checkmark inside the screen... Click it and a new window should pop u
p... go to the tab labled "start up" & click "disable all"
If you are still on the msconfig, go to the tab that says "services" Disable the
following services.
Background intelligence center
Computer Browser
Encrypting File System
Function Discovery Provider Host
Function Discover Resource Publication
Windows Font Cache Service
Peer Networking identity manager
Peer Networking Grouping
Program compatibility assistant
Peer name resolution protocol
Remote desktop configuration
Remote desktop services
Distributed Link tracking client
Diagnostic service host
WinHTTP WebProxy Auto Discovery service
Apply and hit restart later (do not worry, after we have optimized our pc we wil
l restart, but this isn't necessary right now
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------STEP 5:
Go to Start menu and click on it. Then go to the tab "computer" right click on i
t, and then hit "properties" On the left hand side click "advanced system settin
gs" and under the performence tab click settings... Click on the "advanced" tab
and click the button "change"... uncheck "Automatically change paging file size
for all drivers" then check the circle named "Custom size" On the bottom it shou
ld show a recommended size... Input that recommended size into the custom size b
(this allows you to use more of your hardrive memory as virtual RAM) (RAM: rando
m access memory)
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------STEP 6:
Go to control panel, then click on user accounts, then click on change user acco
unt control center, then level it so it say's "Never Notify"

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------STEP 7:
Go to "start" then type in the following words "services.msc" Locate the serivce
called "Windows Search" click on it so that it is highlighted and then hit the
link that say's "stop" (this will stop the service) Right click on "windows sear
ch" then hit properties. A new window will pop up and from their choose the drop
down menu next to the word's "startup Type" then choose the "disabled" option
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------STEP 8:
This step is very simple...
All you have to do is create folders and put every single icon or application in
side those folders you created...
You can make different folders for each type of software
(I.E. gaming, video editing, work, documents, etc)
(This allows the computer to use less ram when booting up the computer) (therefo
re enhancing both start up and processing speed)
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------STEP 9:
Simple & easy yet again...
Go to your control panel, then click the link called "change desktop background"
(this is under the appearance & personalization tab)...
Their is a scroll down menu. click the option that says solid colors. Click on w
hat ever color you would like... (I Prefer black just cause it's proffesional)
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------STEP 10:
Go to the start tab and type in the following text "msconfig"... Locate the "boo
t" tab and then hit the button that say's "advanced options..." uncheck the box
that say's "number of processors"... once you have unchecked it, click on the bi
ggest number. (in your case it may be either 1, 2, 3, 4, or higher) (remember cl
ick on the highest number)
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------STEP 11:

Type in the search box "windows update" their should be a blue color like icon.
click on it and it will navigate you to a new window. depending on how much you
update your pc, you may need to click on the link that says "check for windows u
pdate" their will be a high chance of windows updates... install them and reboot
... (finally rebooting XD)
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------STEP 12:
Download & install the following online softwares (or so called 3rd party applic
1. ccleaner (It has 2 letter c)
2. Glary Utilities
3. advanced system care
reboot your computer & enjoy!
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Additional Information:
This tutorial was only suppose to given out to one of my best friend but eventua
lly came into the public use. Some of the step's were not listed in this tutoria
l because of the ownership of different computer model's & it's Predecessor's .
the tutorial's not listed above are sadly the ones which will majorly affect you
r pc so that it will run on optimal performence. As you can see I cannot come to
everyones house & see what kind of graphics card they have or what kind of proc
essor they own so that leaves it up to the basics. If you have any questions, yo
u can easly message me in facebook. If you are wondering why I posted this, it i
s because I want to help the world become a better place with lot's of people be
ginning to acknowledge the power of digital devices. (as well as help people fix
their computer's) (please share this with your friends if you are reading this
and please LMS if you have fixed slow issues. Thanks