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Submitted by Pushpendra Kumar

Under the Guidance of

xxxx (Faculty coordinator with designation)



I hereby declare that the project work entitled (AUTOMATED TRAINING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) is an authentic record of my own work carried out at CETPA INFOTECH PVT. LTD. (NOIDA) as Requirements of Industry Internship project for the award of degree of MCA. from ..,

Pushpendra kumar, under the guidance of Mr. ANIL SINGH and .. during .

Name Registration no: .

Date: .

Certified that the above statement made by the student is correct to the best of our knowledge and belief.

LECTURER Faculty Coordinator


AUTOMATED TRAINING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is used to maintain the database of all the trainees which are pursuing, completed and interested in doing training program from CETPA INFOTECH. These are engineering students, corporate professionals, other employees etc. The registration process of course is consuming lots of time and man efforts. Managing details of such large number of students data using manual system is very difficult. Also managing payment details needs to be computerized for better maintenance and performance. Placement services, students enrolled for these services and managing record of visiting college, placed students etc also becomes unmanageable manually as it consumes lots of time and for small task it takes more number of people to handle the task. Also to produce any management information details report is very difficult, these reports are very necessary for management of organization for their decision making. Thus there is need of system which can be used resolve all the above mentioned problems for the organization and hence improve performance and efficiency. Also reduces the cost and man effort in organization. The system provides following information: Information of all course programs to be conducted at different branches of company to the students. Detailed information of all course contents, trainer profile etc to the students. Platform to provide a complete registration process for the course programs. o There should be facility on the web site from where student can fill the registration form. After filling form a registration slip should be generated that will be send to student to their email id also. Student need to send this slip to AUTOMATED TRAINING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM office along with their DD. After receiving the registration slip and Demand Draft of student should be confirm from web site admin. The confirmation slip should be automatically sent to students on their email ID. That they need to show on the time of course. To manage the placement services of the organization. o For placement many companies used to come in organization. Facility to add these companies, set the test date of these companies, profile of students enrolled for the companies. Admin should be able to set, update and view details of these. Provide platform from where trainees register themselves for placement activity conducted at company campus. Trainees should have facility to upload their resume, update their profile, photo and choose the companies they wish to appear for the placement test.

Bulk email sending facility to send emails to students for giving some information, updates on course programs and to be in contact of the registered students. Web application should have admin facility that can be accessed to only authorized users with different role and responsibility. Admin should have facility for o Confirmation of students after receiving their DD. o Facility to send confirmation slip on the email ID of student. o Facility to manage/ monitor details the payments made by students. o Facility to provide different MIS reports based on different criteria. o Facility to add, update and delete course program o Facility to add, update the workshop schedules o Facility to manage placement services. o Facility to add, update students of course programs. o Facility to view student profile.

DFD - Data Flow Diagrams:No. Essential/ Desirable RS1 The system should Essential have a login RS2 The system should Essential have help screens Requirement Description of the Requirement A login box should appear when the system is invoked. Help about the various features of the system should be provided in sufficient detail in a Q&A format. This feature will improve the robustness of the application Remarks The logins are assigned by the mail-admin The campaign policy should also be part of the help.

RS3 The system should Desirable lock the login id if wrong password is entered 3 times in a row RS4 The system should Essential have formulas on the client side

Since the application is going to be used only by the employees, this feature is not essential. However, if time is there, this will be implemented. These features will Formulae can be changed not make easily since it is an unnecessary calls to intranet application back end and will reduce the network


A data flow diagram (DFD) is a design tool to represent the flow of data through an information system. A DFD also helps management organize and prioritize data handling procedures and staffing requirements.

Automated Training Management System DFD

The problem requires the services of product in supporting the company training, placement and development department functions, so that it increases the performance and scalability of the existing system. The project is categorized in following modules: Registration Module. Placement services management Query Management. Trainee information Management Admin Module to manage and support all the above modules

The overall objective of the team was to ensure use of integrated best practices; leverages scarce and expensive technical resources (people) across the enterprise promote operational excellence and provide best services to the police station. With mature global delivery model, was able to put together an onsite-offshore team, which provided end-to-end standardized and automate scripting services to colleges in which it provide information to all the trainees, staff members and also to the alumnus Some functions are:

1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8)

Date by list of students that are enrolled for training programs in specific branch. Training course wise list of enrolled students in specific branch Branch wise list of registered students. Registration status report for any training program. List of all students enrolled in a specific training program Payment details report for each student Payment details report for training program Report of working status of the employee of the company.


Team is basically consisting of six members and two mentors that guide us throughout the project from time to time. And I played the role of member of the team.

Modules involved in the project

Registration Management Module.

Placement services Management Query Management. Trainee information Management Admin Module to manage and support all the above modules

Module 1: Registration Management Module

This module is used to automate the registration process. There are two ways by which students can register themselves for course programs. By submitting registration form online. By direct Registration at company office. For submitting registration form online following points need to develop in system. Provide Course program information on the web site Student can fill registration form online. After filling the form this information should be saved and a unique registration number should be generated. Student should get registration done acknowledgement by a registration slip that will have the registration number Facilities to send this registration slip to students email id for further reference. Then the student needs to send the registration slip along with their registration fee demand draft to college office. After receiving the demand draft there should be facility to confirm the student for the course. For direct Registration at COMPANY office The system should have facility to enter details of direct registration also in the system. For this a course user can computerized all these students record to the system. This is necessary for generating the correct analysis reports that need information of all enrolled students etc. Also the details of students in the system are also necessary for all further communication.

Module 2: Placement services management

COMPANY used to provide placement to its students. They conduct placement test, students can enrolled for these test and see their results on website. This module will be responsible for all admin task related task related to placement activities Admin Part From admin part will have facility for following To add, update the list of companies To update the result of company test To view the list of enrolled students for the placement test To view profile of any enrolled student

Module 3: Query Management

Using this module trainees can enquiry about different courses, their duration, cost, location and different events which are going to be organized by company in coming days. Trainees can also register themselves and after registration they will receive an email on their email id which contains a user name and password by which they can login to access their account details. And they can also perform the following tasks: To add, update the profile of trainees Facility to upload resume Facility to upload photograph Facility to change password Using this module admin department of Company can update the details of all of their employees. From here employee admin can do the following task Add new employee Update employee details Upload photo of employee If employee is not associated with the organization facility to make him/her status as inactive. Generate all employee details report Other Staff related facilities such as Leave, Library, Search student etc

Module 4: Admin Module to manage and support all the above modules
Tasks that will be handled by admin are To add new course programs To update the existing course programs details To update details of registered students

To confirm a student registration To modify batch date To add, modify fee payment details of students To send confirmation or registration slip on demand to the students To manage employee status of organization


Hardware Requirements PC with 5 GB hard-disk (for installation) 1GB RAM (minimum)

Software Requirements
Windows 7/SP 2 MS-SQL server 2008 Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

Technology: .Net Front End: C#.net

Architecture: 3 tier Web Technology: ASP.Net, AJAX Back End: SQL Server Markup Language: HTML, XML Scripting Language: JavaScript