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by Lillian DeWaters .

Psalm 119:104 Through thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way. Proverbs 4:5 Get wisdom, get understanding: forget it not; neither decline from the words of my mouth. Proverbs 4:7 Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. Proverbs 16:16 How much better is it to get wisdom than gold! and to get understanding is rather to be chosen than silver!


Lesson No. 1 YOUR POWER AND GLORY . When one has the actual knowledge of himself, that is, when he knows his life and being to be God, the one and only Selfhood, and this Self to be one and indivisible, impossible of separation into multiple personalities, then he is ready to learn how to live in this world midst what seems to be trials and tribulations, and walk undismayed, free, and immune. Remember this, of his personal efforts no one here on this earth can think himself into the kingdom of Heaven, redeem himself from what seems the necessity to make demonstrations, nor rise above the false assumption that he is imperfect, insecure, and incomplete. Not until one discards everything that has to do with personal efforts, personal getting, going, or demonstrating, in fact everything that has to do with becoming, shall he be able to understand with Jesus: I Am; I have; it is done; all power is given unto Me. Many still need to see that there is no such thing as personality, nor ever can be. Nor can one be or ever become an individualized God. Furthermore, one needs to see that he is never limited by time, person, place, or thing. Let one turn absolutely and completely away from all belief that he is other than the perfect Life now; that he is other than the one immaculate body now; other than the one all-knowing, all-existing, all-supplying Mind now. If one finds himself unable to fulfil this divine requirement, then of necessity he needs to be born again. Just how can this be accomplished? Only through the Immaculate Conception. For instance, do you still make note of a certain day and place where you were born into this world of human parents? That two human beings gave you life, and you are a product of humanity? All such false assumption must be laid aside, for unless this is done, you are bound to continue to consider yourself a human being, under the laws of human birth, age, and death. Now Jesus life presented the Immaculate Conception, and each must follow him, and each must eventually conceive himself spiritually, immaculately, that is, conceive himself to be Spirit, never having been born, never having had existence apart from Spirit, immaculate, timeless, unconditioned, Self-luminous and Self-complete. You must be born of the Spirit before you can actually see and claim yourself to be Spirit! Without this rebirth, or letting go of the false human concept to accept the Real and the True, you will unwittingly be attempting to poultice the Immaculate Conception over the human and material, and such attempts to gain the light of Truth will prove inconsistent and futile.

See and think only from the standpoint that Spirit is our only Substance and Identity; never have we had another. The one immaculate body is ours here and now; the perfect universe of Spirit is within us, before and about us. Verily what has been called a material world shall be known to be the city of God. Ones body which has appeared to be physical and material shall be found to be immaculate, free from spot or blemish, the very activity of perfect Life itself. There is nothing but Spirit! Our whole mind, body, world of affairs are Spirit. Supply, income, abundance are Spirit. Happiness, companionship, joy, peace are Spirit. Through the Immaculate Conception we see the whole body to be Spirit; its actions and functions to be Spirit. Spirit is ever-triumphant in insight, awareness, action, power, and glory. Every second, God our true Mind, is transmitting to us an experience which is beautiful, glorious, pure, good, wholesome, and complete; potent, invincible, supreme. Nevertheless, we are not only to identify ourselves with God as our very Self, but we are also commanded to know that there is none else! Right here is where the difficulty seems to be, and where one begins the deplorable practice to make a demonstration over what appears to be grief, loss, sickness, suffering, or limitation of any kind, even though considering them only "false beliefs. What must be seen is this: there is no evil in a false belief! Since false belief cannot originate in God, then it cannot be at all . Thus it cannot be associated in any way with inharmony or imperfection of any kind. If a belief is of God it cannot create evil or any kind; and if it is not of God it cannot create evil of any kind it cannot be, nor continue to seem to be. Surely there is no imperfection in God, nor can there be any imperfection outside of God, since the great eternal fact is that God is all, and besides Him there is none else!

Can you see that a belief cannot harm you if it comes from the One-Mind, and furthermore that a belief cannot harm you if it assumes to come from something other than the One-Mind?? Therefore, if false belief cannot proceed from God, and God is the all and only of Being, then there remains no origin, no cause, no source, or means of existence for false belief of any kind. Is this not so? Certainly, within Gods world there is no place for evil whatsoever, and what is of more importance to see is that there is no space or place for evil outside of Gods world. Plainly, then, there is no place for evil, either in Truth or in falsity. A false belief cannot affect the Truth, the true Mind, true world, or true body, nor can it have existence in or of itself outside the Infinite, since it is absolutely certain that there is and can be no outside to Infinity. Since what is called grief, sorrow, or suffering of any kind, cannot come from God, nor from anything outside of God, they cannot be, nor can they continue to seem to be. The One-Mind said that a fountain cannot send forth both bitter water and sweet, and pronounced all things good and perfect. Furthermore, this OneMind said, "Besides Me there is none else. Thus we are compelled to see that what one needs is to get rid of his belief in a false belief!! (This he does through divine reason, insight, and understanding.) There is no delay, nor any belief of delay in your acceptance of this profound, potent, and powerful understanding which shall make you free indeed, in your mind, and in your body, and in your experience and affairs, in the ever-present now. "I am come not to destroy, but to fulfil. Could Jesus attempt to destroy anything existing in the world of God? Could Jesus attempt to destroy anything existing outside the world of God? Thus he came to fulfil the eternal Word that "Without Him was not anything made that was made. The Truth cannot change, nor be changed, and this Truth means that your mind, your body, and your world are perfect, immaculate, free, flawless, and triumphant, even at this identical moment. All action, substance, power, cause, and effect come from the one perfect Mind or Consciousness, and from no where else. Never will you be redeemed or spiritualized by trying in any way to redeem or spiritualize yourself. What is your redemption? To release yourself from all idea that you are human, material, personal, and identify yourself with God, the one Mind, one Life, one Body, one World. From this true and real position and viewpoint you will be able to see and understand (1) that which IS, and (2) that which is not.

Never accept the belief that the Infinite has done all the thinking, but rather know that you are the Infinite, and you are to do such thinking which is based upon divine knowledge, insight, and understanding. It is the will of God, the grace and love of God, our own Being, that we see and know how to be free, happy, and successful in this very world, and at this very time; that we remain in this world, and be kept free from evil. (John 17.15) The Way is one of Vision, Awareness, and Understanding that all Truth is in me, and that "there is no Truth in him. (John 8:44) That problems seem to appear, cease to be as important as that "From the gloom his brightness streameth;" that is, the Truth shall stand revealed and experienced, here and now, that no trouble of any kind can enter our mind, our body, our world, or our affairs for the fact remains that there is no place for evil anywhere, either in falsity or in Truth. Verily, each must be this understanding unto himself, not as an individual, but as the indivisible One. Never accept the notion that as you believe yourself to be well, prosperous, or happy, you will become so. There is no such thing as becoming! As a personality you do not control yourself for good or bad. You are the Self, and no other, and in you is the full and complete knowledge and experience of Reality and Truth, and nothing else. Real activity of thought is based upon Truth, and is Truth, even that which is now and eternally, never upon anything which one attempts to bring to pass; and moreover upon the fact that there is no belief of lack or loss of any good in the totality of Being. None will continue the attempt to "make demonstrations" after he discovers his power and glory, his changeless and eternal Being, his immaculate body and world, free from matter, laws, false beliefs, illusions, or delusions to hurt or to harm in all My holy Mountain; for the heart, soul, and being is full of the knowledge of the glory of the Self, as the waters cover the sea. Yea, we can then exclaim with our Beloved, "I Am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I Am alive for evermore." "Alleluia; Salvation, and glory, and honour, and power, unto the Lord our God. (Revelation 1:18; 19:1)

Lesson No. 2 THERE IS NONE ELSE "Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord; though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. This eternal Promise shall be fulfilled in you, and in me; and it applies to sickness, to limitation, and to vicissitudes of any kind and every kind. That God is all, and that there is no evil at all, must and shall be the proven fact to each and every one. Today it is apparent that healing through metaphysical or spiritual means is protracted, not easily obtained in fact, often seemingly impossible. The reason is that we are entering a new era where, as Jesus said, "There shall no sign be given. All of us have experienced "signs and wonders" in our body, world, and affairs, and now something of greater importance is being demanded of us. Surely you can see that if healing became easier, more and more certain, then we would be absolutely satisfied with healing, and so would never know or experience the great and eternal fact that we are now perfect, without any need of healing whatsoever. Healing seems to be failing people everywhere. It is very disturbing to them because they cannot understand how this could be. Many say, "Years ago, healing was simple and certain. Now I read and study, and am more faithful than ever, yet without perfect results. Yes, it verily seems so. Others say, "I accept this great Truth that I am the Self, yet the trouble, expense, or limitation continues. The reason for this is that greater understa nding is now demanded of us not to heal diseases, loss, grief, and so on, but to see their utter impossibility to be or to seem to be, to exist or seem to exist. It is necessary that we abolish any and every error or discord with and by the awareness and knowledge of its non-existence. There is a distinction between light or revelation and that which we know as understanding. Light precedes understanding; that is, understanding is founded upon light or insight. Revelation or light can come, and it can bring healing instantaneously. It delivers joy, peace, glory, but not the power which comes with understanding. Jesus said that we shall know the Truth, thus these lessons are to deliver the knowledge which shall set us free.

Many have found that they cannot obtain light or revelation at will. Often the light will dawn when they are not even seeking it, yet when in dire need or necessity, and their whole desire is for light, it does not come. This teaches us that our need or requirement is understanding of what is so, and what is not so, such understanding which shall be at hand, and applicable on the instant. Light, or direct illumination and revelation, deals only with that which Is, that is, with Reality and Truth Perfection. Understanding deals also with that which seems to be and is not; it is the twoedged sword, which is "the sword of Spirit, the Word of God. Light brings deliverance instantaneously, as a flash. Understanding is based upon divine Reason, or Insight, which perceives the non-existence of evil, no matter in what appearance, thus proving that no evil is present; God is all. To illustrate: You will recall that in my book, The Great Answer, I related my experience with Japanese beetles. When these insects first attacked my linden tree, I began knowing that as they were of God, or life, they could not harm the tree, which was also of God, or life; that is, life cannot prey upon or destroy life. Nevertheless, with all my clear and certain "knowing," the beetles continued to eat up the leaves. After several days, suddenly a new idea dawned upon me. A question arose within me, one I had never thought of before. It was this could there be such a thing as life in appearance, but not in reality? That is, could it be possible that these beetles had no life in them at all, and that they were not of God? The more I considered this assumption, the more certain it became to me that I might be right. It was certainly a startling and arresting idea, as I had always believed all life to be in and of God. Then I began to formulate my treatment so as to cover both sides of the question. I have told you that Light considers only one side, that which Is; but understanding uses the two-edged sword and sees both sides. I remembered, too, the various mention of pestilences in the Bible, and how the prophets destroyed them; also that Paul had thrown the viper into the fire.

Thus, I now gave my treatment as follows "If these beetles are of God, they cannot harm the tree; and if they are not of God they cannot harm the tree. Can you see this to be the exact fact? Can you see that there cannot be anything outside of God, for the reason that God is all, thus that they could not harm within God nor outside of God? I had now covered the subject. With light only, I had seen that they could not harm if they were in and of God. And I had stopped right there. But when understanding opened to me I went further than this, and based my reason upon the fact that there is none else. Then the "miracle" took place. Lo, the next day, their eating days were over they fell upon the ground, to eat no more. Now just what did I prove? I proved that they were not of God, and that there was no life in them. Furthermore, and of even greater importance, I proved that there was no evil present. It requires real insight to discern this. There never was any evil there at all, for the reason that the whole thing was spectrality, based upon the false assumption that there is something besides God. I disproved this assumption. The perception of their non-existence was their abolition. Evil, error, matter, delusion, illusion, are not vulnerable as things; they are vulnerable only as belief. Understanding sees that there is no evil in falsity, and there is no evil in false belief. Good is all there is none else. What seems a condition of lack, grief, or suffering of any kind, should never be thought of as a condition, but only as a false supposition or belief. Then one should begin to question as to the origin of this belief, as follows: Where could it come from? What could make it or cause it to appear? Could it come from God? Could it come from anything within God? The answer will always be No. Inherently one knows of a certainty that discord or inharmony of any kind does not come from God. Then let one inquire, does it come from something outside of God? Is there anything outside of the Infinite One? Again he must answer No, since he is fully aware that there is no outside to God. Through this manner of inquiry, one is bound to come face to face with the genuine fact and truth, namely, regardless what the name of the trouble, it CANNOT come from God; nor from anything other than God. Therefore, it has no source, origin, substance, presence, or existence. Our perception and understanding of these sublime realities forces the perception and acknowledgement of the non-existence of the trouble, and this proves to be its abolition.

Only when one inquires of himself, "Where does the false belief come from?" does he discover that there is no origin or cause for it whatsoever, either in Truth or in falsity; therefore, there is no evil in a false belief, there is no such thing as evil! Verily, the perception and understanding of the non-existence of evil in false beliefs, based upon inquiry of the Self, proves the ever-present and at-hand deliverance from beliefs of expense, suffering, or discord of any kind. The Self is able to do all things, and as you inquire of the Self, your perfect answer is right at hand. Identified with the Self, you can say, I am the Able-todo-all-things; I know the Way, I understand the Way, there is nothing and no one to oppose me; there is no belief of anything more than God in heaven above, in the earth beneath, or in the waters under the earth. The eternal Word is, and remains: I am God, and besides Me, there is none else. Inquiry as to the origin, nature, substance, and existence of discord or limitation of any kind, leads to light and understanding, then the false appearance vanishes. You see, if one is not aware of what is so, and what is not so, he will unwittingly attempt to remove conditions through treatment. Limitation never comes from the one Mind, which is illimitable, all sufficient, and all sufficing. Nor can it come from any other mind, called mortal, human, subconscious, et cetera, since the one Mind is the all and only Mind in existence. The subject should then be dropped as one continues to identify himself with the Self from which he never has departed nor been separated. He then can say, "Infinite Light fills me now; Infinite Understanding fills me now; Infinite goodness, prosperity, wholeness, health, harmony, joy, and peace fill me now. Infinite wholeness is all; there is nothing to oppose it, contradict it, nor interfere with it. Infinite Light and infinite Understanding are mine, here and now, always and without interruption, for I am the Truth; I am the Light of the world; I am the Power and Glory. Behold, I am the Real, the Perfect, the Absolute, and Eternal.


Lesson No. 3 GREATER WORKS SHALL HE DO "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go to the Father. (John 14:12) What work do you suppose, could be greater than the healing of suffering of any and every kind? It would be this to understand how to remain without any need or necessity of healing whatsoever; to be, and to remain, everconscious of wholeness, completeness, happiness, prosperity, and peace as the All and Only existence. Our mounting vision must now rest upon the changeless, perfect Self, body , and universe, the Self-existent, Self-supreme, Self-contained and Self-effulgent the All-in-all. The Self is never deceived, nor is it subject to deception of any kind. What is the Truth? The Self is the Truth. You, the Self, are the Truth, and you know the Truth this very instant; any belief other than this, you can disprove. Is there any false or human mind in you, the Truth, or true Self? Absolutely No. Is there any such mind outside of you, the Self? No, there cannot be and is not any mind outside the One Mind, which is the Self; no mind either to think or to be, since the One Mind is the All and Only Mind or Thinker there is. The One Mind cannot think or believe in anything other than perfection, harmony, and completeness always, and it knows that there is no cause, creator, source, or origin outside Itself. You have no other mind, there is no other mind, nor can anyone have any other mind, such as a personal or independent mind. There is no independence separate from God. Therefore there are no separate beings, no separate or independent lives or minds whatsoever. A false belief is really no belief at all. What is called a false belief should never be associated with evil in any way, for there is no evil in it there is nothing in it. For instance, the false belief, or assumption, that two and two are five, has nothing in it, no reality or substance or existence. Can you see this to be so? Too often a thing is reasoned out to be "just a false belief," nevertheless it is looked upon as evil, and thought to have power and presence. It must be seen that a false belief, or falsity of any kind, is not evil that which is nothing is nothing.


Evil cannot and does not exist in Mind, thought, or body, since all these are in and of Spirit, God, and cannot exist anywhere else. Evil cannot exist as illusion, delusion, dream, spectrality, matter, deception, cause, effect, or false belief, for the reason that such as these are utterly without substance, truth, power, or presence, thus non-existent. What then constitutes a "demonstration," or what is there to demonstrate over? Surely one cannot demonstrate of any condition, nor over a dream, deception, or false belief! The need is for one to become aware of the Truth, aware that he is the Self, and that there is nothing in or of him that can be anything else! Never seek out new methods whereby to heal disease, griefs, or limitations. Seek only for fuller understanding whereby to disprove their existence, and their continuance in appearance, based upon the awareness and understanding that evil cannot come from God, nor from anything else! "They shall be as nothing, and as a thing of naught. (Is 41:12) Truth, Reality, Perfection of Mind, thought, and body, are present, intact, at hand, here and now; and besides this Omnipresence there is nothing else. Therefore, Infinite Understanding fills us now. This very Self, yourself and myself, is discovered to be the God-Self, All-knowing, All-sufficing, All-acting, Supreme, and Absolute. The body of the Self, which is one with the Self, that is, the body and the Self are One, is present, intact, perfect, here and now. This is our body, and we have never had another. There is therefore no other material or human body to heal, or to be delivered from sickness or suffering of any kind. The one body, the Self-body, without birth, age, or change, is the only body we have; we have no other. We have no other now. Infinite Perfection fills me now. We must and shall prove this to be the fact, and disprove any and all contrary beliefs. (Read Romans 8:38, 39) Our feet now stand upon the perfect, spiritual universe. This is the eternal, everlasting fact, for there is no other world at all. If this were not the fact, then God would not be the perfect, ever-harmonious, everjoyous and peaceful All. The one and only world, as it stands today, is spotless, without the semblance of war, sin, sickness, or death. "As it was in the beginning, it is now, and ever shall be " Lo, I Am here; I never left, nor have I come; I Am ever-present, the Changeless and Eternal, the I Am All. The Truth is all there is. The Truth is omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence. There can be nothing else.


There is nothing to oppose the omnipresence of Truth, as here and now, and allexistence; nothing to contradict nor deny it. Nor is there any evil in a false assumption. Can you see this to be so? There is nothing in it at all, neither truth nor falsity. There is no falsity in a dream, for the reason that there is nothing in a dream: a dream is without truth, and also without falsity. The same insight applies to an illusion of any kind. Illusion cannot penetrate into reality, which is present, here and now, nor can it continue to seem to be in sight or appearance after it is perceived and understood that it has no truth in it, nor any falsity in it. There is none besides Me: I know not any. There is but one state of Being, that is Perfection. There is, and can be, no other state whatsoever. Perfection is the only state of Being there is for you, for me, for all. In spite of ignorance, false beliefs, foolish imaginations, this state of perfect Being is present everywhere, at all times, and in all things. When through Divine Wisdom, it is seen that there is no such thing as evil, either in falsity or in truth, in unreality or reality, then one is able to comprehend the deep significance in the sublime statement of King David, "Even the night shall be light about me the night shineth as the day; the darkness and the light are both alike to thee. (Ps 139:12) We cannot afford to leave the tares and the wheat separated leave the tares as unrealities, illusions, false beliefs, dreams. The step of separating the nay from the yea is one of the first in vision, but finally we must come to the moment which Jesus called "the time of harvest" when, after separating the tares from the wheat, the nay from the yea, the night from the light, the false from the true, there stands before us the irresistible vista of Oneness and Allness, Inseparableness and Indivisibility then we lose sight of the "tares" altogether. Lo, now the valley blossoms as the rose, the lion and the lamb play together in peace and safety "Is there a God besides Me? Yea, there is no God; I know not any. The rivers shall not overflow thee, neither shall the flames kindle upon thee. The blind shall see, the deaf shall hear, the lame shall walk, the crooked shall be straight, the darkness shall be light; "Before Me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after Me.


In the infinite invisible One-All there is nothing to be separated. There is no separation of my life from God, since my life is God. There is no separation of my being from God, since my being is God. There is no doubt about the unchangeableness of my perfection since my perfection is God. My being, my life, my state of perfection is God, now and always, intact, Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnipresence. Quite a number of those who have my late books, The Great Answer and Who Am I? have written me that although they see and accept the beauty, verity, and absoluteness of the truth herein set forth, still the results in their experience are not as perfect as they would like. Therefore for such as these I have written this lesson. When one grasps clearly and convincingly the unreality and nothingness of thoughts and things as explained in this lesson, immediately he loses fear and concern, and he is freed through understanding. The Self will never fail you, for the Self is everinspirational, ever-irresistible, all-knowing and supreme. Always turn within to the Self, your own God-Being, for instruction, guidance, and light. The Truth is not an abstract principle: the Truth is an Entity, a Being, which is our very own, our Being right where we stand. Let us stand still in this Being! The light will dawn; the way will open; the understanding will take place neither too little, nor too late. Ever I am the Self Self-contained, Selfrevealing, always at hand. NOTE: Many have written to me asking about the desirability of reading my earlier writings at this time. It is a fact that all my books, both former and later ones, are selling now in larger numbers than ever before; and even those who read this lesson, and have my latest writings, will find helpful light and understanding in rereading the earlier ones. The idea "perfect man" can easily be changed now to mean "perfect Self, God-Being. For instance, in connection with these Lessons, I suggest the restudy of my books In His Name and The Seamless Robe. After studying this Lesson, you are bound to see things in these two books in a clearer and more helpful way than ever before.


Lesson No. 4 IN THE LIGHT Having seen with light and understanding that illustrations and reflections have no substance in them, no action, power, or presence whatsoever, therefore that they are void of harm of any kind, what then is the step beyond, that is, where does such understanding lead? I wonder how many who read these lines have followed through to the next illuminating and tremendous discovery? With ones first perception, he deals with illusions as pictures because it is the simplest and easiest mode of procedure whereby to behold their absolute nothingness. When one sees clearly, and for the first time, the nothingness of an illusion, both in truth and in falsity, he is set free, at least for the present. If he is not free permanently, it is only that he must open his vision wider, and gain fuller understanding. The next step would be to consider that which is responsible for the thing called illusion, even though it is nothing, and so can do nothing. The motion picture is most valuable here as a concrete illustration of our own life and its experiences. One can see easily enough that the pictures on a screen have no life in them, no action, really no presence whatsoever, and that the only thing actually before him is the white screen. Penetrating further into the value of things, he may now think, "Suppose I dont wish these pictures to appear on the screen at all, suppose I wish to clear the screen of pictures entirely, what then?" In this case he must ask himself, "What is putting these pictures on the screen before me," for he knows that they cannot put themselves there. He feels, rightly enough, that if he could get at the thing which is casting the pictures, he would then have things under his control. Is this not so? He soon discovers that back of the pictures are the films, that is, the pictures are in the films before they reach the screen. Let us now turn our attention to ourselves, and to our experience, to see just how to apply this illustration. Ask yourself, first of all, what does the "white screen" represent? You see, the pictures, though nothing in or of themselves, are cast upon the screen, so that instead of seeing this before one, he sees the pictures. Now what does the "screen" illustrate to you in your own life? Please answer to yourself before reading further.


Your answer should be: the pure and perfect body; the pure and perfect world. Apparently, one looks out upon the perfect world (and there is no other) and sees instead pictures of war, grief, sorrow, tribulations of every kind. He may look at the perfect body, and instead see pictures of age, sickness, or incompleteness of one kind or another. Having discerned the meaning of the "white screen" to be the perfect body and world, what then is the meaning of the "films"? You probably have no hesitancy in answering that they illustrate thoughts. Indeed, it is supposed in a very large way today that according to ones thoughts, so are his conditions and affairs. Today multitudes are busy with mental-physics the changing of thoughts, removing one thought (film) to make use of another. They do not hear the voice of the Christ saying "I shall profess unto them, I never knew you. The practice of thought-changing never does or ever can truly satisfy anyone. For a time it may seem to prosper and flourish, but inevitably there comes the time when no manner of thought-manipulation will bring success or satisfaction when all such thinking shall be found futile and of no avail. Then one shall question, "What is it that is greater than thought?" Turning back to the motion picture illustration, let us see what it is that is greater than the films, which, as it were, stands back of them? Of course, it is the machine or projector which contains the films which are flashed upon the screen. Now, then, by what name does one call the "machine" which creates the thoughts of war, grief, sorrow, sickness, fear, etc., which one may see about him today? He knows at once that it must be mind. Surely, there can be no thinking without mind. Therefore, why give attention to thoughts, why not attend to mind only, since it is mind which is responsible for all the pictures of trouble and sorrow today. As soon as one sees that illusions (discordant pictures) come from delusions, (wrong thinking) and that all such thought must inevitably spring from mind, since mind is all that can think, then he is approaching near to a great discovery, for he says to himself, "Impure thoughts must necessarily come from impure mind, for surely they cannot come from Divine Mind.


As he begins to trace the wrong thoughts, the impure and false thoughts, back to some mind which would be their source and origin, the very place where they are made, he comes to a sudden halt he cannot proceed he cannot carry himself to that place where he can point and say, "Here, at this place, is the evil mind from which all wrong thinking, all delusion, and ignorance proceed. No, he cannot do this, for as he leads such thinking back to its source, or starting place, which he knows must be mind, he makes the great discovery: He discerns that no mind stands back of them at all! And, he exclaims, "There is no mind back of them whatsoever. It seems now that he stands alone, yes, in the holy place where all that he can see, and take cognizance of, is the One Great Mind which is God, and which is "of purer eyes than to behold evil, and canst not look on iniquity. (Hab 1:13) One never knows how long he remains in this secret place, but when he walks out again, it is as though this whole vision has changed and cleared. He is free he has penetrated into Reality he has discovered that God Almighty is the only Mind there Is, or even can be, and this mind creates good and good only. Of a certainty, the understanding is now present that there is no human or mortal mind from which wrong thinking proceeds. There are not two gods, neither can there be two minds, one in opposition to the other; one sending out purity and goodness, and the other, impurities and imperfections. NO! It cannot be!! The "mind" which has been called the mortal mind, or the human mind, which is thought to be responsible for all wrong thinking, and also for all the false and discordant pictures in the whole world, does not exist anywhere, either in truth or in falsity, in reality or in unreality. Were this not the fact, there would not be one great good and perfect Mind, one and only Creator, one only Thinker there is, sending good, and nothing else, even as "no fountain can yield both salt water and fresh. Discovering through insight and illumination that there is no mind at all from which delusions and illusions can come, he sees that as with the removal of the machine or projector, the films are gone also, as well as all the pictures, so now in his own experience, lo, as soon as he discovers that there is no mortal, human, or personal mind whatsoever, which can be a source of impure and imperfect thinking, and its results, he is in a place of absolute peace and rest, harmony and happiness, for the wrong thoughts and their pictures have vanished.


Therefore, you need spend no time with delusions, illusions, fear, wrong thinking, but rather ask yourself, "How many Gods are there? How many minds?" Never has there been a source or creator for "evil," thus, never has there been evil!! Good has always filled the entire universe, since God, good, is All-inclusive and there is none else. Could the sun send forth darkness as well as light? Or could there be another sun in opposition to the real one, another sun which produces darkness? We understand the utter impossibility of such an arrangement. Even so, and in the same way, all belief in some big mortal mind or some little individual human minds must be exploded. There can be no other mind or minds in opposition or contradistinction to the one infinite God-Mind! Consider One Mind and One Mind only. Thus, delusions and illusions, wrong thinking and discordant picturing cannot exist, nor seem to have existence, anymore than a film could be flashed on the moving picture screen if the projector were taken away. Reason all imperfect thinking and imperfect manifesting out of existence. If they have no place in God, why should you allow them place in you? Free yourself through understanding that all your efforts to deal with your thoughts are now ended. You are in the Light. You see and think with the Divine Mind, which brings "all things to your remembrance.


Lesson No. 5 ONLY ONE MIND How many times one has said that there is but one Mind, yet let himself believe in other individual minds! If there is but one God, or Mind, then this Mind is the only Thinker. Is this not so? How then could one assume to make correction in his thinking? Could any correction be made in mind if Mind is God? Certainly not. That which stands between one and his acceptance of the one Mind is the belief in the multiplicity of persons or personalities, each with a mind of his own, each with individual thinking. Only as one beholds and understands the fact and absoluteness of the one Mind which is God, will he be able to cancel his belief in other personal minds, other personal thinkers. Nor can anyone do this of himself, that is, as one of many individual thinkers. "Except the Father draw him," it is an utter impossibility. Only God, the one Mind, is convinced of the truth that I am the only Mind there is, and there is not, and cannot be another. How vain and useless for a personality, a personal mind, to attempt to instruct or teach another personality, another personal mind! A great moment it is for anyone when, for the first time, he sees that since God is the Only Mind, then God is the only Thinker! Yes, the one Mind, which is the one Selfhood, and without this Mind there is nothing thought that is thought. Never did God create other minds. One Mind is sufficient for the whole of the Book of Life, the whole of heaven above, of earth beneath, and of the waters under the earth. How utterly foolish, vain, and contemptible for anyone to weave thoughts out of what he pleases to call his own mind, hoping by so doing to control his experience! "Except the Lord build the house" (think the thoughts) "they labour in vain that build it" (all thinking of the assumptive personal mind proves vanity).


Jesus discerned and announced that by his own thoughts, as an individual, he could do nothing. Said he, "If I bear witness of myself my witness is not true. He knew that of himself as a separate or independent thinker nothing could be accomplished. Thus he said, "The Father in me, he doeth the work" He thinketh the thoughts. This one perfect, indivisible, and universal God-Mind is present as each one of us, ever-operative, divine, and eternal; and when one discovers this everlasting reality, he will willingly and gladly renounce claim to any individual mind or individual thinking. This one Selfhood, which is Mind, thinks only in terms of Truth and Reality, of Perfection and Completeness immeasurable, immaculate, irresistible, irreversible, ever-established and at hand. It beholds nothing but the brightness of Its own glory, majesty, and power. Then what mind is it that thinks or believes in incompleteness, impossibility, and imperfection? No mind at all. To see this as the great and inflexible fact of Being is surely to partake of the living Truth or actual understanding of Being. First of all, one must get himself, that is, that which seems to be a self or mind of his own, out of the way. It is imperative that the surrender of the sense of a separate self be made, even as Jesus himself exemplified. This exactment must be fulfilled. Secondly, one should let his whole aim and desire be to be Godtaught to accept only the one Mind, so that this Mind will instruct and teach him, and bring all things to his remembrance. Only then will his thinking satisfy him, nourish and glorify, bless and enrich him. As the author of any book of drama stands back of every single character in the book, and is the one and only mind doing the thinking therein, so with true discernment, one sees that there is but one Mind thinking, and one Mind expressing Itself throughout the entire Book of Life. Verily, the only thing which is helping anyone on earth today is the thinking of this one Mind. What one calls his own thinking has not a single thing to do with his real life and living. Everything which seems to be, yet is not of this one Selfhood and Its expression, shall be proven utterly vain, and totally inexistent. There are various synonyms for God, and one can of course accept and make use of whichever words suit him best at the moment. God is the only Selfhood or All, thus the One and only Self, Creator, Source, Mind, Life, Substance, Principle, Being, I Am. Now whichever term brings you the greatest good, it is yours to take and use. Within this Self, this Mind, or Thinker, is the entire creation and full expression of Being, which from first to last is wholly mental or spiritual.

It is indeed this one Thinker which is upholding and maintaining your wholeness and perfection this very instant, keeping it faultless, immutable, eternal, and preserving the world pure as crystal, without spot or blemish. Therefore, dear friend, give up all responsibility to do, to think, or to recreate anything of your own personal thinking. With your awareness of the one Mind as impersonal and universal, you will find your thinking to be happy and satisfying, supplying you with guidance in all directions and ways. This Mind is the source of all action, movement, law, enforcement, cause and effect. Nothing can change, reverse, or interfere with Its perpetual and everharmonious thinking, acting, and being. The notion of other minds, other thinkers, is preposterous, and without truth or reality whatsoever. Separate minds were never created by the one Creator, and "All things were made by Him, and without Him was not anything made that was made. This one Self of all is never deluded, never discordant, never at a loss for illumination or understanding. This Self never slumbers nor sleePs. Ever it is absolute, invariable, immovable, immeasurable, and complete. Throughout all eternity ring out the words of the eternal Self I am Omnipotence, I am Omniscience, I am Omnipresence, at every point the same; yesterday, today, and forever. I am the only Law and Lawmaker; I am the only Thinker and thought; I am Purity without need of any removal of impurity, Perfection without need of any attainment or gain. Ever I am Self-illuminating and Selfknown. There is never a single instant when I am not complete, perfect, irresistible, absolute, all. If the surrender of a personal sense of self is to be made, who is to make it? Who is it that is required to give up the false belief in personality or individual mind, and just how is it to be accomplished? This seems a hard question to answer at first, nor is there any answer to it except from the standpoint of Truth. Of course, the divine Mind cannot make any such surrender, nor is there another mind to do so. Although such "surrender" is required, of yourself you can never accomplish it; in fact, the more effort one makes in this direction, regardless how sincere, the more he will need to carry on the effort, for it will have no end. Let us take some concrete example, such as darkness.


Suppose that you are required to set aside or remove darkness out of a room. Never can this be done while you attempt in any way to give your time and effort in removing it, or indeed by giving it any attention whatsoever. Your only need is to turn to the light, is it not? As you bring in a light, your desire to do away with the darkness has been fulfilled. Now in the same way, the necessity to be released from a false sense of individual thinking and believing, the surrender of the sense of a separate self, can take place, but never while one labours to do this. He must turn his attention entirely away from all such effort, and face the light of Truth; he must turn to the one and only Mind, and identify himself with It. When one accepts the divine Mind as his very own, understanding that he has never actually been identified with any other, he will accomplish the "surrender"; for the sense of a personal self will b e blotted out thus the requirement for surrender or renunciation is fulfilled. Can light explain whence cometh or goeth darkness? No more can the one infinite Mind see other than Itself, Its own majesty, glory, power, and presence. False sense, wrong thinking, personal believing, all these are swallowed up in true identification, and in no other way. What you cannot do or accomplish "of yourself," you can do and you can accomplish as the perfect Self, the perfect Mind. "With men (personalities) this is impossible With God all things are possible. Understanding and true identification are one, and go hand in hand. In the final analysis, there is no bondage, and no liberation. The Self or Absolute is alone real, and is One and Universal. As we identify with this, and abide in the primal state of pure Being, realizing that there is no existence apart from it, the sense of personality is lost, and That which alone is, remains resplendent. Steadfast abidance in the Self will surely deliver to us the understanding which we crave. There was never a time when perfect Being, Mind, the Self, was unknown, unrealized, or unilluminated to itself. Why then waste precious time and labour in endless and vain repetition, denial, or efforts to destroy or attain, to surrender or achieve? Never identify yourself with an individual mind, with wrong thinking, or with a physical body. Identify with and meditate upon only your primal, real state of being, your absolute identity with the one Self or Mind, and no other.


Lesson No. 6 THE SPIRITUAL BODY The pure Self is the only Reality, the only Being. Really there is no existence apart from this Selfhood. The Self of Perfection is alone real it is the All, and it is the Only. It comprises all there is of Mind, thinking, and expressing. The sense of duality, that is, the belief that there is Spirit, Mind, Life, which is God, and which is All-in-all, yet that there is also a personal human mind and personal human thinking, as well as personal physical body, is swallowed up in the viewpoint that God is All, and All is God. By seeing and understanding that God is the One and only Mind, hence the only Thinker, and this God is the only Selfhood, without beginning or end, without birth, time, age, or death, the belief in personality, materiality, and physicality is lost sight of, even as light dispels darkness. Accepting no such entity as an individual mind, nor any personal thinking, since the God-Mind is the One and Only, the truth about the body is then perceived and understood, which is that it is not under the supervision or control of any person or persons, or of any individual mind or group of minds whatsoever. The belief that a single body is controlled by a single mind, as well as the atrocious belief that a single body can also be affected by other minds, must be utterly renounced and laid aside. God, the one and only Mind and Thinker is seen to be the only Mind and thinking there is. It is pagan idolatry to believe or worship otherwise. "Give unto the Lord the glory due unto his name: Bring an offering, and come before Him: Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness. (Read I Chron 16:836) What "offering" shall we bring? What, indeed, but the confession that "I of mine own self can do nothing. God, the one and only Being, thinking, and expression, is all there is in heaven above, in the earth beneath, and in the water under the earth. Therefore freedom, harmony, peace, and blessedness are omnipresent, universal, active, permanent, undefiled, and undefilable, both now and forever. From first to last the body of Mind is wholly mental, that is, the body is idea, and not materiality. Properly, the word mental belongs to Mind, and to Mind only. Please note this carefully. The word mental means spiritual, that which applies to Mind or Spirit. Body, of course, is a compound idea, including many ideas. An idea can never be material, structural; never objective, but ever in and of Mind or Spirit.

No thought or effort should ever be given toward spiritualizing a body of materiality, or a body that is supposed to be an objectification of some personal human mind or thinking! What is darkness to the light, or "What is the chaff to the wheat?" (Jer. 23:28) Do not I fill heaven and earth? Saith the Lord. As a human or personal mind and its thinking is wholly without truth or reality, so likewise is a human, material, or personal body. Body is ever and wholly in Mind as the true mental concept of Itself; it is One, and it is Universal. The dimension which is called Christ-Consciousness, Reality, Heaven, is unrelated to time, to day and night, yet it is all time; it has nothing whatever to do with materiality, or the external world of appearance, yet it can be experienced by us in regard to body, thing, thought, or circumstance. For some time Peter had been with his great friend and teacher, Jesus, directly under his guidance, love, and friendship, when suddenly one day Peter looked into Reality, and instead of seeing the usual form of Jesus as a human being standing before him, breathlessly he exclaimed, "Thou art the Christ," the Presence of the Living Truth! The apostle Paul also had a similar experience, impressing it upon us when he wrote, "Christ in you Christ is all. Surely our hearts deepest love and purest faith and trust are in Christ, or God, as our own Reality, to be known and experienced by us in the here and now. The Infinite can never be known through human logic or reason. There must be the ecstatic or spiritual approach which is above the limits of the thought, the body, or the world. Only here does one see that the meaning of life is Perfection. External objects present us only with appearances until we are able to go back of them to their original, and here see them as they really are. "If any man be in Christ, (sees and experiences in the realm of the real) he is a new creature. Indeed, this alone is the eternal day. The realm of the Real is the realm of "Divine Love. Love is the realization of the One as the all, and the all as the One. Yes, Love is surely the Way love for the Perfect; love for Reality and Truth; love for God, for Christ, for Self as the One, the eternal Whole, present in all true being. Thus it is absolutely certain that Life is not a mystery or problem to be solved, but a Reality to be experienced. In the light of Reality, ones whole world will seem to be changed, radiant with truth and beauty, and everything will be joyous with new freedom. Therefore to attempt to directly change the external is indeed vanity.


This subject will be expanded, that of Christ or Christ- Consciousness Cosmic Consciousness. Nothing could be closer to us than this, and more necessary. It brings us a deep and true concept and understanding of Life, Truth, Love, Heaven, Reality. February 5th, 1944 NOTE: I trust that each reader of these Lessons will do his or her part in generously circulating the booklet, "Our Victory," not only "over there" but right here as well. I also hope that you will all want to have the lesson on Cosmic Consciousness.


Lesson No. 7 THE ETERNAL WAY How true it is that people, bodies, things of this world, or that of the external, all fail us. Thoughts too, no matter how dynamic and high-sounding, if based upon the intellect, or so-called personal mind, alas, are less than nothing; yes, even as futile as the things of the external. Therefore, be ye not conformed to this world of things and thoughts, of personalities and intellects, but be ye transformed by finding and experiencing the Kingdom of Heaven to be in that dimension of Consciousness known as the "within"; thus to be here and now as that which you seek. Hear again the words of the Living Light: "The care of this world and the deceitfulness of riches (in personalities, things, and thoughts) choke the Word (of Reality and Truth) My Kingdom (of Heavenly Consciousness) is not of this world Ye (in your belief of all things to be external to you ) are of this world; I (knowing Reality, Heaven, to be within me) am not of this world. Reality is not to be created by us, nor is it determined by any of our thoughts, feelings, or actions. Where then shall our hope rest or where shall we find that which is Dependable, Absolute, and eternally Certain? Only in that dimension which transcends this world of things and thoughts the realm of the timeless, the immeasurable, and unconditioned, verily That which is Christ Consciousness, Heaven; That which is Reality Itself. To place health and wholeness in bodies, happiness in individuals, success in things, and understanding in thought and reason, yea, to look to "this world" for That which is wholly apart from it, is vanity indeed: for it keeps one in perpetual search, strive, struggle, effort, and argument. When we turn from this world to That of Truth and Reality, we experience intuition and revelation, and we know the answers without effort or strain of any kind. All questions relating to cause and effect, whether dealing with the world of the external things or the world of internal thoughts, originate in illusion. All questions are swallowed up in the light of Reality the Eternal Way.


That mind influences body or that body influences mind seems apparent only outside the Realm of Truth. Laying aside questions based upon illusion, and looking wholly toward Reality, Heaven, Christ-Light, we find it to be right with us, at hand. Yea, so close is it to us that even our looking towards it brings us nearer the glorious experience thereof. Our willingness to "lay down" our life, as in or of the way of conflict with things or thoughts, externals or intellects, automatically opens to us another Realm, that of Intuition, Illumination, and Revelation, which brings us into the immediate presence of the Real, the True, and the Eternal. Illumination or Revelation is the flash of direct Knowledge, then the finite no longer exists to one; materiality or things of the external have vanished. "Come unto me (Christ Reality), all ye that labour and are heavy laden (because you deal with things and thoughts), and I will give you rest (herein you will experience Reality). It has been written that "The intellect is but a skeleton, but to many the rattling of its bones is as sweet a language as the voice of intuition. Indeed, it does seem that many today cannot discriminate between personal thoughts of the intellect, or so-called human mind, and those of the divine Mind, or Christ Consciousness. On the other hand, it is certain that many others are expanding rapidly in spiritual awareness, and are leaving mental physics behind them, reaching out eagerly towards the Absolute Truth, that which alone satisfies and fulfils. The world of Reality cannot be known in any way other than by experience. It is well to remember this. For instance, just recently I sat down with pencil and paper in hand to formulate some important ideas on a certain subject. There seemed a sense of hesitancy in me as though I felt that the subject required some particular thought on my part. Scarcely had I started to write the first word when suddenly a burst of words poured over me, and very rapidly I wrote them down. When I had finished the sentences it was as if the whole of Truth had been revealed to me in about twenty-five words. Their potency and light were so tremendous as to almost overwhelm me. Not another word did I need to know. Everything was contained within those few sentences. I had not in any way sought for this particular illumination, that is, it seemed to come to me entirely of itself, and so seemed all the more marvellous and entrancing. The experience was certainly one of joy, ecstasy, and peace.


And the theme? Perfection is our Being, and our Being is Perfection! Always in illumination of this kind, one loses all sense of himself in every way as a person, and enters into the experience as though he were really that One himself. One may have exerted great effort in his attempts to overcome some peculiar or undesirable trait, emotion, or habit, and still be altogether unsuccessful. Yet when he gives his deepest and purest love to that which is the Infinite One, laying his "all" here, suddenly and effortlessly he can be set free of his burden, whether it represents the physical, the mental, or the emotional. We do not reach revelation or illumination by greater and greater effort, as it might seem. Rather it is as if instead of continuing on with the mental arguments, the struggle and labour of thought, suddenly one completely stops everything and turns himself wholly to That which is All; That which is above, underneath, around, and within him as the All-there-is. How instantly then one can lose all contact with time, conditions, people, thoughts, things! A new world stands before us, and we are entranced, drinking thirstily of its love, beauty, and wonder; rapturously devouring its certain answer of light, truth, and glory. Reality, the World of the Real, contains for us fullness to satisfy our every need or desire. The One is Its own explanation, Its own fulfilment, Its own realization. Revelation, realization, is clear, definite, certain; it is immediate knowledge of Reality. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God," the realm of the Real; for here is where all Perfection abides. This is the "labourless way in which one may leave undesirable earthly conditions. This way is a state of Consciousness wherein such conditions cannot exist. (Science of Ascension) By the way, you are to disregard throughout the book any reference made to "individual consciousness," as it is clear now that Consciousness is One, and this One is free to all. Healing is never really accomplished through any form of healing, though it may appear otherwise by those who consider the objective world to be the real. Reality is not divided into Creator and creation, but is ever one complete Infinitude of Being. Reality is Wholeness, Harmony, Peace, Love. Reality is Christ, I Am. No words can describe it, for Reality is indescribable and immeasurable. It is the All of Being; there is nothing else to live for.


As the truth of mathematics underlies and encompasses all there is of mathematics, so it is with life. The Truth of life is all there is of Life. Wholeness and harmony are its realities, ever-present and intact. Do not try to prove them, but just experience them. Anything which seems to be, yet is not aligned with wholeness and harmony, can be found without substance or presence. No withered arms, deaf ears, or sinful hearts could deceive Jesus. He knew what belonged to the real Being, and he disproved all else. Knowing his Being to be the Christ, sovereignty was his. Even the winds and the waves held no alarm for him who knew all things to be in and of the realm of the Real. Indeed, he found it as simple to walk on water as on land. We, too, are to depend upon our Being as the Christ, the I Am, the Reality which includes all. Herein is revelation. To Christ, effort, labour, argument, are unknown. Here is Omniscience, Omnipotence, and Omnipresence Infinity, illimitable Perfection. Our thought, vision, and action are spontaneous and labourless only as we function in revelation, light, and inspiration. When one imagines himself to be man, with a separate mind, will, and choice of his own, naturally he is limited in all directions. In separation one is never free, never whole, never complete. How great a mystery is life so long as one regards himself to be dependent upon his own personal thinking! The inequality, injustice, incompleteness are seen everywhere. Withdraw from all such illusion to contemplate Reality which is in and of Christ Consciousness. When we see things as they really are, we find that never have we been the creature called man, nor the mentality called mind, nor the body called matter. Only as we experience Reality do we come to know things as they are, and find the actuality of ourself to be the Way, the Truth, and the Life. In the light of Reality, our whole world seems changed, and appears radiant with love and beauty; all has an entirely new meaning. Verily, in Christ Consciousness shall all be made alive.


Lesson No. 8 THE ETERNAL DAY To enter or experience Reality we do not withdraw from one world to another, for it is certain that there is but one world. How we view such world, or what our experience of it is, depends upon our realization and awareness of Reality as the only world there is. We not only transcend the illusion of any objective world, and of an objective time and place, but we also transcend the illusion that we are a separate self. Of course, this is the particular subject or theme of my two latest books, however it must be clear that knowledge, no matter how perfect, can never equal or take the place of the actual experience thereof. One actually knows only according to his experiences in Reality. When we speak of ones spirituality we refer to his willingness, readiness, and ability to turn from things as they seem in the objective, and earnestly and wholeheartedly grasp and take hold of things as they are in Reality, or the World of the Real, where the notion of a world external or objective to oneself is not present. In Real experience there is no sense of distinction at all, that is, no thought of a world either external or within; no concept of things either as spiritual or material. There is no concept whatever of sin, good and evil, of opposites, or duality. All such distinction is meaningless. The things which we now see about us as solids, related to time and place, when we see them in Reality, appear in another way altogether. Moreover no one can tell or give true explanation on this subject except those who have had the actual experience of Reality, and even then it is not possible for anyone to do justice to his experience. The future is now, as well as the past and present are now. The one time is all there is, incapable of division or separateness. I have been asked about the advisability of purchasing things now which are only intended for future use. When one is spiritually governed, and the urge comes to buy something now, even though it seems to him that he does not need it at the present moment, but only in the future, it is wisdom to follow his spiritual inspiration. Past and future are but names we give to an experience of Reality which is unchanging and unchangeable, every moment being the same. When one has the true sense of time, we will naturally act accordingly.

Similarly, it is often said, "I know that I am whole now, if I can only manifest it. Knowledge and manifestation are one and the same. Cause an d effect, thinking, and manifesting, these terms are used only in the plane of the objective, having no meaning in Reality, which is ever I Am. If one would let go all thought of the external, the objective, or manifestation, and grasp even in a small degree the meaning or substance of the word Reality, he would enter a new experience where such terms as those dependent upon time do not exist. In the next lesson we will take up more along this viewpoint. Truth or Reality cannot be investigated as though it were in and of the things existing or appearing external to us. Reality is not the world of things, thoughts, minds, or personalities. Nor is Reality ever determined by anyones thoughts or feelings. "Whom have I in heaven but thee? And there is none upon earth that I desire besides thee. (Ps. 73:25) All is Mind, and there is no physicality or materiality whatsoever. Spirit, Mind, cannot create matter or materiality anymore than light could create darkness. The subject of Mind never gets out of Mind, and body is the subject of Minds thinking. Thus, body is purely mental invulnerable, indestructible, and immune. Do not try to correct your thinking! Ask yourself, " With what mind am I thinking? The impulse to heal or to be healed must also go. There is but one idea of body in Mind, and this idea is omnipresent. Nothing can be added to it, nor taken from it. It is pure, it is perfect, and it is subject to Mind alone. Verily it is like Mind in every way. It is infinite, pure, perfect, and altogether good. Therefore, spend no time in the attempt to heal a physical body spiritually! Neither by any kind of thought-processes. In the Self, there is no element of darkness, ignorance, or evil whatsoever; no erring supposition or suggestion of any kind. Thus, none to be expressed. As God, Mind, or Spirit, cannot be mortal nor personal, but ever immortal and ever-present as One, thus body can never be material or personal, but ever mental the subject of Minds thinking. There are no individual minds, and no individual thinkers; no individual or personal bodies. There is one Self-God- Spirit-Being, which is ever-present and universal as Mary, John, Martha, David, and so on, endlessly. This one LifeBeing-God includes and comprises all that has existence. This God is All, and All is this God.

There is no doubt or darkness in God, no fear, lack, insufficiency of any kind. Ever there is understanding, illumination, love, purity, and perfection in God, and nothing less. This Selfhood is the only Thinker, thinking and expressing. This Self is One and Universal infinite and ever-present. Understanding, wholeness, harmony, peace, perfection, are not in or of Mary or John as separate minds or persons, but ever in and of God as all there is of Mary or John. No sickness, destruction, deception, or discord of any kind exists in God, and God is all there is of you, of me, and of anyone. Is this not so? God is Perfection, and Perfection is God. God is your Perfection, and your Perfection is God. (I suggest that you read again my little book, "God is All.) "He that hath seen me, (Jesus) hath seen the Father I (Jesus) am come in my Fathers name I (Jesus) and my Father are one I (Jesus) do nothing of myself; but as my Father hath taught me, I speak these things. Thus, we are perfect because God, our own and only Selfhood is Perfection; and because God is all there is of us! "As for God, His way is perfect He maketh my way perfect. "You must be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect. (Mt. 4:48 - Moffatts Tr.)


Lesson No. 9 WHAT IS CHRIST? Let us now behold Reality as the One and Only, and function in this Realm of the Real as the All-in-all. This should now and henceforth constitute our entire understanding, our whole universe, our only existence, besides which there is none else. Only in this way can "steps" be swallowed up in Victory, and "paths" entirely vanish. Established here in the Realm of the Real as all there is in and of existence anywhere, we take the word "Christ," for instance, and now find in it the real and true meaning. We see that it relates to the Perfect Only, and is The Perfect State of Being known as spiritual or Divine Consciousness. For example, when "the heaven was opened" to Jesus, and the Spirit of God "descended like a dove upon him," this was his experience in Cosmic Consciousness. Again, at the scene of the transfiguration, Jesus was so completely swallowed up in Christ that the disciples saw the glory which was his Reality, in the plane of the Real. "And Jesus was transfigured before them; and his face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as the light. This state was that of Christ, the Light of your world and mine. Christ is identical with God-Consciousness, in which human existence is completely transcended. Here there is no human or material plane whatsoever to be considered; no sin, sickness, ignorance, or death. Every time Jesus spoke of the "Kingdom of Heaven," he was alluding to this Realm of the Real, this Christ Consciousness. When he said, "I am the door; by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out and find pasture," he was speaking from the standpoint of Christ, and no other. Jesus exemplified for us all, the going "in and out" of Spiritual Consciousness, until finally he was completely in Christ, and no longer visible to those existing as outside the Kingdom. Verily, whenever Jesus alluded to himself as the Way, the Life, or the Light, he was speaking from the Realm of the Real, from the Kingdom of Heaven; he was in Christ that is, he was speaking as Christ Consciousness. He was the One and no other. When he promised that He would be with us always, it was the same. Christ, or Spiritual Consciousness, is ever ours to enter into, to know, to understand, and to experience. This is indeed the Christ which is our "hope of glory"; and without this Christ Consciousness we can do nothing. "Without Me (Christ illumination, Divine Revelation), ye can do nothing.


Over and over again Jesus stressed that of himself he could not attain, he could do nothing I came not of myselfI speak not of myselfI do not the works of myself"I can of mine own self do nothing. Thus we can be positively certain that one cannot function in Christ until he himself be willing to make this same confession, willing and ready to lay down his life as a personality or individual, even as Jesus. In no other way can anyone truly understand Christ, and be able to say with Him, "I and my Father are One. If any man be in Christ Consciousness, he experiences Oneness and Allness. Only through Christ Consciousness, which is that of our Self as the Whole, does revelation come to us with its sweetness, its love and understanding, its light and illumination, its peace and rest. This is of course the plane of Spirit, or Reality, actually the Kingdom of God. Nor can one enter into this lifted and lighted experience so long as he remains in the belief that he has an individual mind or consciousness, with a choice and a will of his own. Logic, argument, comparison, labour of thought, ideas of healing, all pertain to that plane which Jesus called "the world," saying, "The world cannot receive the Spirit of Truth, because it seeth Him not, neither knoweth Him. Those who are willing to be released from the world personality and its accompanying ideas of self, mind, body, and world are now ready to let Jesus be swallowed up in Christ, thence to follow him into the Kingdom of heaven, and the Realm of the Real, where all mental labour, argument, demonstration, cease. Many years ago it was written that we should "get out of man into God. Such experience however is not a matter of personal achievement, evolution, or demonstration of any kind; nor does it depend upon personal goodness, honesty, or any manner of thought or behaviour. How far away from us is the Realm of the Real, the perfect Self? As close as breathing, and as near as the now and here. Yet one can enter into and experience it only through Christ Spiritual revelation, Divine Consciousness, as the Way. Moreover, "No man can come to me, except the Father draw him except a man be born of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God A man can receive nothing, except it be given him from heaven. Plainly enough then, no one can enter into the experience of Heaven, Perfection, Reality, except the Spiritual illumination or Christ-Consciousness reveals the Truth to him. In this way only can one be released from the so-called relative or material position.

"I, if I be lifted up! Lift up your heads! Lift up your voice! Lift up your heart! Be ye lifted up!" Over and over again we read that Jesus raised his eyes to heaven he looked up and away from the personal and relative to the realm of the One as All. He saw Life as a Reality to be experienced in all its harmony, peace, and glory, and knew it to remain a mystery or problem only to those who consider each to be an individual, with a will and choice of ones own; with a mind and a body belonging to him personally, over which he is to exercise dominion and control. Verily, verily, none can experience Divine Revelation, Cosmic Consciousness, whilst he remains in the darkened sense of himself as an individual thinker, a being other than God, the infinite One and Whole. All of oneself as a personal independent thinker or individual must die; every desire, wish, or will of such self must of necessity be as naught, that "Christ (Divine Consciousness) be formed in you. (Gal 4:19) Right here it could be said that many pages in my book, "The Christ Within," will still be found helpful reading.) No one of himself as a personal mind or being can ever learn what Christ is, what Revelation is, what Cosmic Consciousness is. Lo, even the requirement that one lay down his life cannot be accomplished of oneself! First of all, one must receive the calling, hear the Voice, and open the Door. Ever "the Father seeketh;" ever "I (Christ), stand at the door and knock. Therefore, whosoever will, let him take and let him receive. Simultaneously then he will begin to fulfil the requirement to lay down the personal ego, or relinquish the illusion that he has an individual mind, life, and consciousness of his own. Only to the extent that he discontinue with human or mental ways and means, and with beliefs in puffed up mastership, leadership, or personalities plus, does he become receptive to the Light and Truth. How true and certain it is that none can ever really learn what Reality is, what Heaven is, except by opening the door to Christ, or direct divine illumination. In no other way can one be without sin, without sickness, and without limitations of any kind. And to this Heavenly Kingdom, only the spiritually minded are "drawn," "called," and "chosen.


Just what does it mean to be spiritually minded, and upon what does such a state depend? Spirituality has to do with things of intuition and revelation. Of necessity one must have a fitness to believe in such things in order to receive them. This fitness is provided through his purity and meekness, the laying down of his life as a person or individual. Said Jesus, I lay down my life as a person, and I take it up as the One "Many are called, but few are chosen. Few are ready to pay the price of Glory. To the extent that one responds to the "call" is he able to be released from the personal sense of life, people, and things, to behold himself to be That, without becoming, and to be "there," without going. The demand is, deny thyself. Through Christ, divine Consciousness, one is able to reject the illusion of personality and individualism. None can ever slip into the Realm of the Real except through Christ, direct inspiration, and light. Then His will becomes our will; His light, our illumination and glory. As the light of the sun swallows up all lesser lights, so Christ, the Light of the World, swallows up all the vain efforts, arguments, and struggles of anyone to become That which he already is in and of the Whole. To declare oneself to be the One, to be Truth, and Life, without having experienced the truth of this statement through some degree of direct illumination, is to accept and convey the audacious impression that the human is Divine, and the person, the Perfect. Therefore the Eternal challenge of the Christ, "Except a man be born of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God No more can ye bear fruit except ye abide in me No man can come unto me, except it were given him of my Father In Christ shall al l be made alive. Never attempt to place Perfection in the plane of the material, nor in the human, nor the mental. Perfection is only in that Realm which is The Kingdom of God, Divine Consciousness, Christ.


Lesson No. 10 HEALING We now take up the subject of healing from the standpoint of Christ awareness. To understand how to help ourselves and others out of darkness, we must transcend the plane of the relative, or finite reasoning, sufficiently to enter into Spirit, or Spiritual Consciousness, which alone is God. Christ awareness has nothing to do with healing person or thing, neither a finite mind nor body, but instead conducts one into the Realm of Spiritual Consciousness where healing is swallowed up in Wholeness, discord in Harmony, and fear and ignorance in divine Love, Light, and Understanding. When one reaches the point where mental and metaphysical methods have failed him, and have been found wanting, and he is now willing to turn his heart to Truth, he is ready to enter into the Realm of Perfection where, in its radiance, there can be no darkness whatsoever. Inasmuch as Christ, Spiritual Consciousness, has nothing to do with the healing of minds, consciousnesses, bodies, false beliefs, delusions, diseases, or discords of any kind, in order then to enter into Christ one is required to lay down or relinquish all that has to do with healing practices of any kind and every kind. He is to utterly and absolutely surrender every thought and thing which has to do with healing. Even the desire to be healed should be relinquished, as well as book knowledge, declarations of Truth, affirmations, and denials; in fact, everything that has to do with ways and means of healing must finally be given up that one may be ready to receive that Kingdom of Perfection and Glory which has been "prepared from the foundation of the world. (Mt. 25:34) Remember this, none is truly ready for the Christ light, or Spiritual Consciousness, until willing to surrender whatever has to do with personality and finite reasoning. Everything has its price, and the surrender of the personal is the price of admittance into the Realm of the Real where one is "made alive in Christ. To repeat, Reality of Being cannot be experienced or known in the plane of the finite, regardless how "advanced" ones thinking may become, nor need one move out of this world into another. The One and Only Way to Reality is Christ; that is, not until one himself enters into Spiritual Consciousness can he ever actually know and experience Reality and what it includes. The same as that the insect while in the caterpillar position cannot experience flying.

Only when he enters into the butterfly state does he come naturally into possession of his wings. From the position of a personal being, with mind and body of his own, never can one get out of man into Christ. Yet, when he is ready to leave this position, and with Love alone, and from the depths of his heart, turns to That which is "above," quite simply he finds himself partaking of the Realm of Reality where he is taught of God. In other words, the Realm of the Real cannot be known or experienced until one is ready to leave all for Christ Consciousness. "It is the Spirit that quickeneth. Never can one function in the Realm of the Real until he enters this Realm, and it is then only that he can ever really understand Christs words, "My yoke is easy, and my burden is light. To the extent therefore that one experiences Spiritual Consciousness does he know and speak the truth of Being, and possess Spiritual light and glory. From the relative plane, one sees a consciousness to be corrected, discords to be handled, errors to be denied, material laws to be overthrown, and disease to be healed. However, it is not a matter of bringing Truth into the physical or material, as it seems, but rather are we required to leave such plane of thinking altogether, to enter into the real and true realm of Spirit, where one is able to comprehend Spiritual things spiritually. Only here can one understand the simple and profound statement that God is all. Only here can he see how it is that I am the Truth; I and my Father are One. From the relative viewpoint it is as useless to attempt to understand things of the Spirit as to try to behold the light of day while remaining shut up in a cave. "God is Spirit; and they that worship him must worship him in Spirit and in truth. Therefore, to know God one must be in Spiritual Consciousness. Be still Be still. Take all attention from the physical and from the mental, from people, things, thoughts, treatments, prayers, desires; from books, teachings, body, conditions, world. Now, with Love and from the depths of your heart, turn to God, infinite Being. "Feel after Him," and He, Spiritual Consciousness, will do the rest. One will know when he has entered into this Secret Place of the most High by his envelopment in a soft, gentle peace, and in a rest that is ineffably sweet and altogether passing understanding. Light will completely flood his being. Exalting thoughts, beautiful words may come.


Such an experience as this may be brief or prolonged. Of course there is no limit of time in the experience itself, as it is taking place in Spirit where time is unknown. In Thee, Christ, the real and true Realm of Being, one completely loses himself as the personal, and is swallowed up in the Infinite One. He knows only the Peace and Love of Heaven. The desire for healing is consumed in the exaltation of vibrant health and wholeness. We shall all need to keep entering this Realm of the Perfect more and more until, finally, we shall be able to make this our permanent abode. Verily, only in Christ Consciousness shall one be able to lose all sense of personality, and what it includes, for here we are "saved by grace," by virtue of the fact that no sin is here. After such an experience as this, life takes on a new meaning. One has been born again! Unforgettable, indeed, the sweetness and glory of such moments. If tears come, then let them. Never be ashamed of tears, often they accomplish what nothing else has been able to do toward ones preparation for or appreciation of the Perfect. How painful, and often heartbreaking, is the constant and prolonged search for Truth. Often such looking and seeking but takes one farther away from it. Let one be still, that Truth may seek and find him! "The Father ever seeketh!" The Secret Place is always prepared! Yet the heart alone heareth the Voice, and findeth the Way. Definitely, it is the "Father" that doeth the works Spiritual Consciousness is the all of Reality; it is our life and our being; it is our Kingdom and our Heaven; it is our peace and our rest; it is our power and our glory. Ones willingness and readiness to give up all desire, search, effort, strugg le, argument; in fact, to surrender and lay aside all that pertains to healing, opens the door to the Light, where one knows Life to be a Reality to be experienced, not a problem to be solved. Here in Spiritual Illumination, he finds his possession of the abundance of all things. He sees that not only is he one with Truth and Life, but that he and Truth and Life are One. He IS the One He IS the Light He IS the Truth everlasting. Using the methods of treatment, prayer, or mental treatment of one kind or another, many today are trying to pray or think themselves into the Kingdom where they shall find the abundance of all good things. It cannot be done. The Way is Christ direct spiritual awareness and illumination; and "He that climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.


Nothing can satisfy the great and growing hunger for Light and Truth today, the need for perfect health, harmony, peace, and abundance, but Spiritual Consciousness. Christ does not mean a man or person. Jesus entered into this state, and thus his disciples called him Christ, Lord, Master. Once, when he was questioned directly as to the coming of the Christ, the reply was, "I am He. Again, pressed by the insistence of Phillip as to the identity and whereabouts of the "Father," the amazing answer was, "He that hath seen me hath seen the Father. Abandoning oneself to God, Reality, the "healing" will follow without thought, struggle, or effort of any kind. When Jesus was pressed by conditions or circumstances about him, he went alone into timeless and spaceless Consciousness. Here is all the power and light and wisdom there is. God, in His fullness, is at every point of Being the same. Wherever we are, turning ourselves to the One Consciousness, in which we know our full perfection lies, we are in contact with the whole of Life, Truth, and Love. The entire presence of the Infinite is everywhere equally, it being one and undividable. This we know and understand only through our actual experience of it. Thus in the experience of Reality we are no longer ourselves, but That which is the Whole, not our realization as a person, but as the One.


Lesson No. 11 THE KINGDOM OF GOD "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you. (Mt. 6:33) The Kingdom is Divine Consciousness, often alluded to as Cosmic Consciousness, which means that of the Whole as One, and the One as the Whole. No sin is here, nor war, no separation of any kind. Verily, here alone is Heaven. How shall we find this Kingdom? Through direct, divine illumination, the actual experience of it, and in no other way. Only as we are in this Consciousness, and this Consciousness is in us, shall we behold Reality, and experience the "things" of the Kingdom. Here alone is perfect peace, where joys never cease. Jesus illustrated this Kingdom Consciousness as "leaven," as the "pearl of great price," as a glorious City where "There should be time no longer," and where Consciousness supplies all light, without need of the sun or moon. In the experience of Cosmic Consciousness, no limits of time, space, place, exist. Here there is no waiting, watching, treating, praying, and no separation whatsoever. In this Realm of the Real, we do not persist as individuals, nor do we merge into the Whole. A unit is not union. Multitudes of separate beings cannot combine to make the One. For instance, a symphony is not a collection of notes grouped together, but is a whole, which is in each note, and each note in the whole. In the experience of Reality, all exist in That which is motivating all, and which is all. For example, consider the simple tree. Even from the plane of the relative, how easily it is seen that a tree operates as a unit. Not a single leaf, twig, branch can act or live independent of the tree as a whole; and the life and substance of the tree, in its fullness, is at every point the same. Not only is every leaf in the whole, but the tree as a whole is in every leaf. There is nothing that a leaf can do of itself; if it becomes separated it dies. Nor would a leaf say, I am one with the tree, but rather, I and the tree are one. All problems are rooted in the illusion that we are separate beings, and not the whole. Therefore they can never be solved from the plane of finite reasoning, no matter how "scientific" the application; nor can mental reasoning, no matter how intriguing, transport one into the experience of the Real. Realization proceeds from the heart alone. It is original, it is supreme. Here we are That which we know.

There is but one thing which gives us peace and joy, it is the realization in actual experience of Reality itself. The personal sense is always asking questions and looking for answers, always wanting proof by way of healing. Alas, the way is just the reverse, even as we have been told to be born again, we must find the Kingdom in an entirely different way altogether. Moreover, only as one is willing to release himself form the personal consideration of self, body, world, and affairs, can he give his heart to Spirit in full abandonment. When one ceases to search and strive, when he stops everything which has to do with addition or subtracting from his personality, and in the stillness of his heart abandons himself to the Eternal, he will know the meaning promised in the statement, "I am found of them that sought me not. (Is 65:1) All those who yield their heart to God, obeying Spirit within rather than personality without, are finding constant help in the flashes of light and illumination which continually guide and direct them. "The natural man (he who lives in the sense that he is a part, but not the Whole), receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God. Ways and means of being healed, and being regenerated and spiritualized, are rooted in the delusion of separate personality, which can be transcended and lost sight of only as one himself forsakes the plane of the relative, and enters that of Reality. Here we are That which we know. It is not as though we merged into another Being, but rather we find ourselves to be That. Only in this Spiritual Consciousness can one truly lay claim to identification with the One, and with Spiritual Assurance say, "I am the Light; I and my Father are one. Only in and as the Truth do we learn and know the Truth, a knowledge which cometh not from books. Identification with the One is known only in the actual experience thereof. The abundance of good is never within individualities, thus the great difficulty in attempting to make "demonstrations" of prosperity and abundance from such a basis. All things that the Father hath are mine only as I am in the Father, or Divine Consciousness. Only here do we possess all things, and only here is Heaven. As the perfection of a leaf is not in the leaf itself, but in the tree, so our abundance of all good is not in any of us as separate thinkers and doers, but only in us to the extent that we surrender personal sense and spiritually identify ourselves with the whole.


"Him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out. (John 6:37) Those who leave all for Christ shall surely enter into the Cosmic Sense of Being. We have such illustrations in the lives of Paul at his conversion and Peter while in prison. All experiences in Reality deliver the facts of timeless, spaceless Being; of exaltation, power, light, and inexpressible and immeasurable Realism. Let us live for Spirit, for the Whole. Let us keep loving Spiritual Consciousness, The Kingdom of God, more than all else. Let no sacrifice of self be too great a demand upon us. This Kingdom Consciousness is verily our Life and Being, our only heaven, our happiness, our wealth of every peace and joy. From no other place, and in no other way, can we obtain rest and glory but from living in, and experiencing as our very own, that Consciousness which is God, or Spirit. Here joys never cease, and here alone do we have a Knowledge that cometh not by mental learning. Praise, O praise ye the Lord! "That they may enter in through the gates into the City!"


Lesson No. 12 IN CHRIST JESUS "I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. (Phil 3:14) Those who have already been "born again" or are even now in the "process" of such transformation, read such words as these with renewed light and understanding. Lesson Four should have aroused all its readers to the larger and fuller meaning of "Jesus" and "Christ" for such understanding is the only Way and Door to Eternal Life; to un-interrupted peace, harmony, and happiness, and the fullness of every good. In no other way can one come into the true and real understanding of Jesus and of Christ, except through direct, divine illumination, such as experienced in Cosmic Consciousness. Here we see and know of a certainty that Jesus was divinely sent into the world to show us through actual portrayal how to get out of man into God; how to awaken from sleep; how to leave the world for heaven; in fact, how to have the actual experience of our true Self and Being in the here and now. By degrees he rose into Spiritual Light and understanding, and this he signified by his identification with the son of man the Son of God Christ, Lord, and finally with the Father. The Christ (the term Christ), should therefore not be coupled exclusively with Jesus. For in the larger sense it pertains to that state of Being into which all must enter in order to be liberated from belief in the dream of a material existence. Christ is the state of Actuality, or the actual experience of ourselves in our real and true state the state of Spiritual awareness of Perfection, Heaven. Jesus entered into this state, or estate, gradually, and so do we all. The state of Christ, our Perfection, is always existent, and is never in a becoming position. Ever it is in tact, at hand, prepared, and present. Always the possibility that we receive the knowledge and experience of our Perfection is ever present "I (Christ) am with you always. The same as when he sleeps in his room, yet in his dream believes himself to be elsewhere. While he sleeps, his room remains unchanged, and his waking is ever a possibility. Where he is, is the only Reality; where he appears to be, outside his room, is wholly illusory and fictitious. Himself awake, and in his room, illustrates Christ, where he appears to be; outside his room, illustrates personality, or personal sense, the dream that one is material, human, or an individual mind and consciousness.


One idea set forth today is that Spirit is to be materialized and matter is to be spiritualized. Such theory is wholly erroneous, and not to be found in the Word of God. Plainly it is written, "The flesh profits nothing flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of Heaven the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh, and these are contrary the one to the other that which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is Spirit. Spirit does not materialize anything, for Spirit is Spiritual Consciousness alone. "Flesh" pertains to sleep, which is not to be spiritualized, but, to the contrary, is to be transcended, or is to be cancelled in Christ Consciousness our awakening to our God-Being. Repent, ye, repent, is the signal to the "high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Lay down the life of the person or personal sense, for this is the "sleep" which seems to separate us from the One and all. In the belief of separateness, or personality, one attempts to overcome, to demonstrate, or to master conditions. But, alas, all such effort is from the standpoint of the sleeper, thus doomed to failure. Not until one is ready to enter into the Realm of the Real through Christ consciousness alone, can he finally comprehend the illumined statement, "For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the Heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts. No relationship whatsoever exists between Reality and illusion; between Christ and the dream of personality or human intellect. Get out of man into God; out of the sleeping, into the waking state; out of personal sense into awareness of the One, which is I Am. This cannot be done physically, mentally, nor with personal methods nor means of any kind. When the prodigal discovered that he was finished and through with personal striving and seeking, having gained nothing therein or thereof, and with his whole heart yearned for the Real, the True, and the Eternal, which he remembered was even now prepared and ready for him, suddenly he felt the Christ, or Presence, with him. This Light enveloped him, and he knew that Life is not a problem to be solved, but a Reality to be experienced in the here and the now. Christ is "invisible" only to them asleep in the belief of personality. To those who are awake, Christ is the Great Reality, verily, their Life Itself "When Christ, who is our Life, shall appear (shall be made known to us), then shall we also appear with Him in Glory. (Then we shall experience the wholeness and Glory thereof). (Col 3:4)


So long as one endeavours through mental ways and means to bring the perfect manifestation "into visibility," or in any way connects his perfect health and life with his body, he is still thinking from the position of the sleeper, he has not yet had enough of the dream. All thought and talk about demonstrating, expressing, manifesting, et cetera, is of the personal, earthy. Take no consideration as how to overcome, master, or solve problems of any kind, nor attempt by any mental ways to bring the good into manifestation. Only as you find yourself to be the perfect Life now, are you entitled to its perfect experience, and all that this includes. You will find the tenth chapter of John most instructive and absolute on this point. Seek not to apply, utilize, or practice the Truth. When you have had enough of all such devices and are ready to give them up, then turn your heart to the Real, which is ever present, in tact, and your very own; the dove of Peace will rest upon you, and you will find the fullness of all good to be that which you eternally are, and ever have been in Reality. Matter is not to be spiritualized, nor is Spirit ever to be materialized. "They which are the children of the flesh, these are not the children of God. (Rom 9:8) The children of the flesh are those who are still asleep to the knowledge of their real identity, and true experience in and as the One Life and Being. They have not yet "Risen with the Christ. There is no way to come into the knowledge of the Christ Truth except through Christ Consciousness. "He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, (Cosmic Consciousness), has both the Father (Consciousness) and the Son (SelfConsciousness or actual experience in the Realm of the Real). (2 John 9th verse) Wholeness, redemption, deliverance, power, and glory, are only found and understood in Christ, or divine Illumination. Verily, "In Christ shall all be made alive. "Without Me (Christ) ye can do nothing. Jesus, without Christ, illustrates the personal or human intellect. Only as Jesus renounced personal sense through direct Divine Illumination did he think, live, and act in and of Spirit, God, the Father. At first he taught the multitudes how to pray; he healed them, fed them, wept over their lack of faith and understanding in the absolute, the Real and the True as here and now. He denounced sinners, liars, hypocrites. Finally he withdrew almost completely from the multitude to remain with his immediate disciples.


Rising higher and higher in Spiritual Light and awareness, as Christ he declared, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life I and my Father are One. When we behold Christ to be the Revelation to us of our true Identity as GodBeing, Christ then becomes the universal Way to Perfect Life and the immediate experience thereof. Thus it is not "Lo, here is Christ, or there in this mountain or that", but only in throwing off all appendages, mental methods, and devices of the intellect, and entering into Reality through Christ, or Spiritual awareness, does one function in his true self and Being. Until one actually experiences Reality, he cannot know that he is sinless, perfect, and eternal. Through Spirit, or Spiritual Consciousness alone, can one experience the Realm of the Real. The sun does not leave the heavens to come into our room, our garden, the fields, and highways. It is the Light of the sun which comes down to lighten the whole world. Without the light of the sun the whole world would be barren, and we, ourselves would be in total darkness. In the same way, Christ is the Light of the Father, God, ever declaring, "I am the light of the world (the universe of Mind) I am the Bread (Divine Understanding), which came down from heaven, (the Realm of Reality) If a man eat of this Bread, he shall live forever I (Divine Revelation), taketh away the sins of the world (personal sense). "He that believeth on the Son of God (direct Divine Illumination), hath the witness (actual experience of Reality), in himself he that hath the Son hath Life; and he that hath not the Son of God, hath not Life. (1st John 5:10,12) Spiritual Consciousness, Christ, Divine Revelation, Self-Consciousness, or Cosmic Consciousness, all mean the same our conscious awareness of Reality as a definite experience, wherein we are That which is the One, and That which is All.


Lesson No. 13 THE HOLY TRINITY The only way that we can contact the sun is through its rays, the light and heat of the sun, and similarly, the only way we can know God, the Father, is through Christ, the Light and Illumination of God, our Being. As the sunlight does not concern itself with darkness or know anything of it, so divine Illumination is not concerned with delusion, dreams, or problems, but only with Reality, The Finished Kingdom, the eternal Verity that I Am That I Am I Am all, and beside me there is none else. Among those that are born of women (those in personality), there has not risen greater than John the Baptist: notwithstanding, he that is least in the kingdom of heaven (he that has the least Cosmic Sense, or effortless Illumination), is greater than he. (Mt. 11:11) The next verse continues, "The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence and the violent taketh it by force. How certain is it to this day that Heaven, Reality, Perfection, can never be experienced through any mental effort whatever, no matter how strenuous: for all effort and struggle are of the assumptive personality, never of Christ, or Cosmic Consciousness. In the Light of Spiritual Understanding, the whole of this Chapter in Matthew is clear as crystal. "Thou hast hid these things from the wise and the prudent (intellect), and revealed them unto babes (those who come to God through the simple way of the heart)Neither knoweth any man the Father, save the Son, and to whosoever the Son will reveal him. We shall enter into the actual experience of our Reality and True Being only through Christ, Divine Illumination Here alone the yoke is easy, and the burden is light. Never does the Cosmic Sense appeal to "the wise and the prudent," "those always trying to educate and develop their individual mind and consciousness, but only to "the meek and the lowly in heart. "It is given unto you (who have come by way of the heart, and so have easily and naturally entered into Revelation and Illumination), to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven (to see and understand Spiritual things, spiritually); but to them (who refuse to accept the Christ Way to be that of Spiritual Consciousness alone) it is not given. (Mt.13:11) "Blessed are your eyes, for they see, and your ears, for they hear.


Even prayer cannot attain to Spiritual Light and Understanding. "Not everyone that sayeth unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven." "We are not sufficient of ourselves (as personalities) to think anything of ourselves: but our sufficiency is of God (God known is our own Self and Being). Only in Christ Light is the "veil done away," and all mysteries vanish. Oh! The priceless Glory of Divine Light and direct Spiritual Illumination! Through our own Being as God, the One and Whole, we behold and experience the assurance that I Am the Truth, the Life, and the Way I Am th e Perfect One, the Christ, or shining Light, and I Am the Experience therein and thereof. Mental affirmations and denials, mental prayers and statements, are all of the assumptive intellect, or personal sense, and in the end they are bound to prove futile. Moreover, they prevent ones awakening to the actuality that the things he seeks to attain by mental effort are all ever-present and intact in his real state. The "I" is the Trinity Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. The "I" is God, the Father, the one indivisible and inseparable Whole; Being, Consciousness. The "I" is Christ, Spiritual Awareness or Illumination, Revelation, Cosmic Consciousness. The "I" is the Holy Ghost, our conscious experience in Perfection, Harmony, Heaven. Thus, the "I" or "I Am" is one and includes all. When again reading the book "Who Am I", more understanding and consequently more of the Perfect experience will be yours, for I believe that now it will be clearer and more fully understood than before. Furthermore, none can ever actually comprehend the "I" from the position of the intellect. Nor will any mental declarations of the facts of Being deliver the Spiritual sense, which alone brings the experience of Reality and Perfection. Although the Finished Kingdom is prepared, is established, and present as the Kingdom of Heaven within us, still it cannot be experienced except as one lays down the false assumptive position of individual being, mind, or consciousness, and opens his heart to let in the Truth of Being. Right here it will be most enlightening for you to know just how it is that there is no individual consciousness, despite the fact that individualism seems all around us, and that Jesus teaching applies to the individual; that is, he spoke to people as though they were each an individual consciousness. All his teaching is conditional. Over and over again he says, "Except if when unless whosoever will. He speaks to the few who receive, and of the many who do not receive. In his parables he constantly tells of the Kingdom of Heaven within, yet that each must enter therein. He demanded that each be born again. Of course this could never apply to the One Consciousness.

Now, how can it be that Jesus taught, "I and the Father are one" yet ever appealed to people as individuals, to be converted or redeemed? Nothing but Cosmic Consciousness can ever furnish the answer to this complex question. No amount of mental reasoning can ever supply it, nor ever indeed understand the answer. How is it that there is but One Mind or Consciousness, hence no individual consciousness, yet apparently all of us are individuals who must "lay down" his or her life? How can we all be one under these conditions? The answer to this question will surely clear up much mystification. If you wish to give it your consideration, and so arrive at some answer in yourself, it would be well to do this before reading further along on this page. It is well to know absolutely that there is nothing true but Truth. Anything that appears to be, yet is not of the Truth, is false assumption, without any real entity, substance, or reality whatsoever. In the night dream, many things appear to happen which are not taking place in reality at all, and only when one awakens does he realize this to be so. In the same way, only when one awakens to Reality, or is born again, can he ever realize oneness and allness. The Illumined have ever called the position of unawareness in terms such as these the Adam dream the finite mortal human reasoning intellect false belief. Here there can never be Divine Revelation. There is but One Mind, in which there is no individual consciousness at all, can be known and understood in Christ alone! The only state in which Mind can be seen to be one and one only which admits to no individual consciousness whatsoever, is in the Cosmic Sense called Cosmic Consciousness. Thus it was that Paul, while in this Light, declared, "Ye are all one in Christ. Yes, when we "put on Christ, or enter into the Realm of the Real, which is Spiritual Consciousness alone, we are one, but never until then Those who have not yet entered this exalted state and perfect state of divine awareness, shall ever appear to be individuals, separated from the Kingdom. Nor can the Absolute Instruction, or Cosmic Reality ever be comprehended by them while in this position, since it takes the One Mind to see, know, and experience it. When Jesus said that he and the Father were one, he was not speaking from the standpoint of Jesus, the individual, but from that of Christ, Divine Consciousness "In Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.


In the false belief of separation from heaven, perfect Being, one ever seems to be a person with a mind, life, and consciousness of his own; and it is here in this position that tribulations, problems, war, sin, and death appear. Nor can it be otherwise, since they are all rooted in the illusion of a separate sense of self. Hence the illumined teaching, "My kingdom is not of this world Be not conformed to this world in the world ye shall have tribulation When Christ (Direct Divine Illumination), who is our Life (our real substance and understanding), shall appear (take place in us), then shall ye also appear with him in glory (then we shall know and experience the "I" which is the Light of the world, the "I" which is God, and which is Heaven). It is Christ, the Illumined Sense of Being, which alone absolves us from the personal sense of life and whatever it includes. This Christ is ever with us as the Way, the Truth, and the Life; indeed, it is Christ, the Cosmic Sense of Being, which alone is our Saviour, our Liberator, and Redeemer from the dream of a material existence. Here alone, we become aware of the blessed Peace and Freedom of the Infinite. In the Realm of the Real, there is no separate self, and consequently no individual mentality; no separate human beings, no free will, no sickness, death, or re-incarnation. In the Realm of Reality, there is no separate self, and consequently no individual mentality. Illusion is no more. We are That. We know that we are That which is one and which is all. We experience Spirit or Spiritual Consciousness alone the very God Being which is the Divine Trinity, which is consciousness, awareness, experience. Entering Reality we transcend individualism and our experience is that of the Whole.


Lesson 14 THE LIVING LIGHT "I have power to lay down my life (in the world, or as man), and I have power to take it up again (in Christ, as God Being). If I be lifted up into the Christ Reality, I am no longer under the law of the many, but under the law of grace; that is, my own Being reveals to me my Perfection without beginning or end. This "grace" is surely the high calling of God in Divine Revelation. Outside this Revelation, or without this Living Light, there is constant turmoil, limitation, suffering, and misunderstanding. Here none can find perfection, completeness, or satisfaction. As a human being none can solve the problem of human existence; none can bring an end to war, disease, sorrow, separation, from this standpoint: for the problem itself is based upon the illusion of a selfhood which is separate and apart from God, the One and Only, the divine, and the universal. Therefore we must all enter into a new birth and a seeing of all things from the divine faculty which is called Cosmic Consciousness. This Consciousness alone can comprehend the Truth of Being, in which life can be experienced as it truly is. It is in this Cosmic Sense that we can function as God and not as man. The freedom of this Sense is supreme, even as Paul states in Galatians 5: "Christ hath made us free if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law Ye have been called into liberty. Of course, we may have this Cosmic Sense, or Living Light, to a greater or lesser degree. Nevertheless, it is here and here alone, that we are of One Mind and One Consciousness. We know within ourselves when the Voice speaketh to us, saying, "I have chosen you out of the world. Our entrance into Spiritual Consciousness is our entrance into Heaven, into life without death, and into joys which are eternal. It has been preached to the world that happiness is within us wealth, joy, peace are within us. Many would like this to be so but have been unable to prove it, despite their great endeavours. Such promises are not true from the relative sense, that is, Perfection and Completeness are not within anyone as a separate thinking person or individuality, but only within us as the Christ. The Living Light reveals it to us reveals to us the great Truth and fact that actually we are not and never have been man, the separate self, but always we have been, and are even now, the one Consciousness, Life, Truth, and Being.


Oh, how greatly the world about us needs to hear and heed this divine and Living Light, and how futile and unavailing are all efforts, made from the plane of the finite. Thus it was that Jesus declared "Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathers her chickens under her wings, and ye would not! ...behold, your house is left unto you desolate. The Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, the Peace and the Abundance of our Reality, are not within the ability of anyone to know or to experience as man, separate from and other than God. Heaven, Nirvana, can never be created by man It is found in Christ alone. Our happiness is within ourself, and we are a law unto ourself only if and when we turn from the finite to the Infinite as our very own Being, and through Spiritual Consciousness see, accept, and experience That which we eternally are, established forever, and from which we have actually never been separated. It is here in this lighted state that the blessed promises are all fulfilled in us here our "soul" is restored; here our peace passeth understanding, and our joy no man taketh from us. All that we have been unable to do "in the world," we can now have and enjoy in the Realm of the Real. Many wonderful letters are already arriving, telling me of the new Peace, Light, and Glory; for instance in the following quotations: "I find no words to describe how I feel, no walls, no materiality, as if I walked on air, without movement I know that I have been born againThese lessons have the Understanding, and the Baptism of the Holy Ghost also, the language and the instruction of the coming of the New Age" "Your latest writings have revealed more of the Light and Truth to me than has come as a student, follower, or aspirant in the last thirty years" "The words you write are not just words but Living Waters as said by the Living Christ, I let go and everything was revealed to me by the Living Christ I let go and everything was revealed to me by my True Self I dont have to master anything, for the Christ is the Master of All. Thus to help ourself or another, we must think from the established fact of the one Consciousness. It is only from this Cosmic State that we can say we are Whole, we are Perfect, we are free, we are changeless, complete Being.


We know that of this Kingdom "there shall be no end. In this One Consciousness we have victory; we have Wholeness; we have Inspiration and Delight. We deal with Truth as the Living Eternal Reality of us all; and we clearly understand that in Christ, the True Revelation of our Life and Being, there is no bond or free, no young or old, no race or colour. Though appearing as many, we are one in Christ when we let go the false for the True, the sleep for the waking state, the finite for the Infinite. I Am the Light of the World I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life I Am the Resurrection I and the Father are One. Who is this I? You are this I, and I am this I; and this we know and love, and experience as we are born anew, and in Cosmic Consciousness know, that God is One. And God is all in whom there is no darkness at all.


Lesson No.15 THE KINGDOM OF THE HEART There is but one way to have all things, and this way is to enter into the Kingdom of the Heart, for all things are here and here alone. Where is the abiding place of Christ, the Light of the world? It is in the Kingdom of the Heart. That which is called the "mind" or intellect typifies the flesh which profiteth nothing. The "Heart" typifies the seat of Divine Mind or Consciousness. Force, aggressiveness, lust, labour, and strife, as well as all effort toward demonstration or adjustment through mental ways and means, pertain only to the assumptive personal mind or intellect; while Spiritual receptivity, love, humility, simplicity, and meekness are all associated with the Heart. You, in your Heart, in your true Mind and Consciousness, are in need of nothing to be added to you or to be subtracted from you. Here, you are Perfect Here, you are the Everlasting and the Imperishable. Ever the personal mind profiteth nothing: for what shall it profit a man if he trains and cultivates his personal thinking so as to achieve a desired health or a wealth-consciousness, if by so doing he loses his own soul? Or what is worth getting this way in exchange for ones soul? In no uncertain language Jesus gave the answer "Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee: then whose shall those things be which thou hast provided?" (Lk 20:12) Moreover this very thing which today one calls "my mind," Jesus called "a liar, and the father of it. (John 8:43-44) Lo, the time has come, and it is now here, when we must accept the challenge "I will demand of thee, and answer thou Me. (Job 38:3) Remember, "Every one of us shall give account of himself to God," Every one must confess whether or not he is identifying himself with a personal mind of his own, and attempting with its thinking to uplift, renovate, spiritualize, enrich, and transform it! Verily, verily, those who identify themselves with a mind of their own, which needs their constant attention, and thereunto have set themselves the task to so correct and transform it as thereby to arrive at Perfection, should hearken well to the price that is to be exacted of them "Verily, I say unto thee, Thou shall by no means come out till thou hast paid the uttermost farthing. (Matt. 5:26)


Who by taking thought can comprehend that there is but one Mind, one Life, and one Consciousness only? Who by taking thought can enter into the Secret Place of the Most High, and hear the still, small Voice of Spirit? Who by taking thought can receive divine Revelation, and be baptized with Divine Light and Glory? Never can "mind" accept Perfection to be here and now and alone. Only the Heart can see and hear and know and understand that there is but one Mind "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. When the mind is laid aside, and the heart is willing and ready to go all the way, regardless of principalities and powers, then ones thinking will be of the Kingdom of the Heart, that of the Divine Mind. Listen! No relationship whatever exists between what one calls "my mind" and the Divine Mind or Consciousness. No amount of cultivation, spiritualization, or correction of "mind" and its "thinking" will ever transform or translate it into the pure, flawless, and perfect Mind, and its omniactive, pure, and perfect thinking "For what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial? Wherefore, come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing (be no longer identified with a personal mind and thinking); and I will receive you. (II Cor 6:14-18) Any practice to purify ones personal mind by attempting to rule out its wrong thinking by its right thinking not only causes one to enter into bondage and slavery, but such a practice is contrary to the Word of God, as follows: "Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord; and thou shall love thy God with all thine Heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might. Any practice to purify ones thinking admits that he is not identified with the one Divine Mind, but with another. You have no mind of your own to instruct, neither should you attempt to bring it back from its wanderings, again and again, to place it upon the Truth. Alas, all such endeavours are made upon that road which Jesus said is "wide" and "broad," which "leadeth to destruction; and many there be which go in thereat. "Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs and thistles? A good tree (the one Mind) cannot bring forth evil fruit (wrong thinking), neither can a corrupt tree (personal mind), bring forth good fruit (right thinking). Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit shall be hewn down, and cast into the fire, (finally everyone must relinquish all belief in the possession of a personal consciousness). (Matt 7:13-19)


Imprisoned in personal mind, or intellectualism, one ever labours and toils with sweat and tears; he walks in darkness, sleeps in darkness, brings forth out of darkness. It is the "far country" in which he moves farther and farther from his real Mind and true and perfect Being. It is "mind" that is "ever learning and never coming to a knowledge of the Truth. It is "mind" which is ever in quest of something, one thing or another, since never able to receive through direct, divine Illumination. Ever it chooses this practice, and that practice, of getting and learning, rather than to lay down and give up all such seeking as hopeless, and in full obedience to the Divine will, turn oneself wholly to the "hidden man of the Heart," here to partake of the Priceless Glory of Divine Light. Sooner or later everyone must make the great confession "I can of mine own self (mind) do nothing. The final understanding that the personal mind or mentality is not to be transformed or trained in any way, but is to be laid aside forever, must finally come to each of us. Not the spiritualization of mind, but its crucifixion, leads to our resurrection in Christ, where automatically "We have the mind of Christ. (I Cor 2:16) Yes, stripped of the veil or covering called the personal mind, and giving the heart our full and complete attention, lo, the perfect Mind of Christ, which is the Divine Mind, is our very own! Giving up all belief in and all attention to the personal or human mind and thinking, and turning to the heart completely, we find that it takes care of everything. Here we are identified with the Divine will and the Divine Love. It was St. Augustine who, turning completely from the human mind and human thinking, and facing the One with his heart alone, prayed "I ask nothing of Thee I do not ask even Thy love I want only divine Illumination. With the Heart, it is always easy for us to feel the One, love the One, adore and delight in the One. Easy, too, to have all faith, trust, and confidence. The reason today why there are so many reports of failures, frustrations, unsuccessful treatments, is because in the field of philosophy, psychology, and metaphysics, more and more thought and attention are given to the human and personal mind, and less and less thought and attention is directed to the Heart. "For God who hath commanded the light to shine out of darkness hath shined in our hearts." "That Christ may dwell in your hearts." "Commune with your own hearts, and be still." "Keep the heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life." "I will praise Thee, O Lord, with my whole heart." "And I will give them a heart to know Me, that I Am the Lord for they shall return to Me with their whole heart." "Let not your heart be troubled.


Over and over again the Bible urges: Turn your heart to Me; since it is the heart alone which can see and experience the Light of the Eternal. Does not even this reading about the heart cause your heart to "burn" within you? The Perfect, the Divine, and the Spiritual are all connected with the heart; as well as revelation, illumination, and Cosmic Consciousness. The Secret Place of the Most High is indeed in the Kingdom of the Heart; not of course in a physical meaning, but with clear spiritual perception and interpretation. Jesus sought out the simple hearts whereunto to plant his teaching; he knew how hardly shall they who are rich in human intellectualism enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. It was in the Heart that the Virgin Mary pondered the deep things of Life. It was from the Heart that Peter said those ever marvellous words, "Thou art the Christ!" It was from the Heart also that finally the doubting Thomas exclaimed, "My Lord and my God!" "The Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance (mind), but the Lord looketh on the heart. It is the pure in heart who see God, for here alone can glow the Cosmic glory.


Lesson No. 16 THE ETERNAL TRUTH Many seem to believe that "Truth" is some kind of a mental remedy or a method of thinking to put into practical, everyday use whereby to control or govern human experience; that is, Truth is to be applied to peoples thoughts to heal diseases or remove discords and limitations from human experience. To nearly all, life is full of problems to be solved in one way or another. Many are perfectly satisfied just to be able to "demonstrate" health and harmony, and bring some semblance of abundance into an experience which they consider temporal and transitory. There are some however, who desire more than this. They have discovered that Life is not a problem to be solved through any form of demonstration, but is a Reality to be known and experienced. Moreover, they know that there is but one World, the World of Truth and Reality. Problems are rooted in the illusion of an external world, as well as in the belief that each makes or creates his experience of affairs according to his individual beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. People are often heard to say that the harder they try to think Truth, and the more diligent and earnest their efforts and endeavours to "demonstrate" over conditions, the worse they seem to be. Indeed, as soon as one attempts to "apply Truth" to his mind or thoughts, to his condition and affairs, he departs from the actuality that Truth cannot be applied! To what could Truth be applied when Truth is ALL? Said the great Master, " the maid is not dead neither hath this man sinned nor his parents. Yet today instead of such a viewpoint, we hear such words as these, "I have a cold I have a headache I have had such and such a condition for many years. Let me ask you a simple and straightforward question. Does any such thing exist anywhere? Has anything of the kind ever been in existence anywhere? Did you ever have such a thing or could ever have it? Such direct question as this is arresting. It stops the clamour for healing. Ask yourself these questions, or similar ones, and answer them! Do not answer as many do, "Of course, I know that such things do not exist in Reality. Is there more than Reality? Would you say that four and four are nine cannot exist in reality, but can exist in unreality? Surely you can see such utter impossibility.


That which is true is Truth, and is all that exists, all that there is of anything. Thus, the things which are in and of Truth, or the True World, are all that have existence. Nothing can not be and be at the same time. Thus we may well pause to question ourselves regarding the appearance of any certain thing. We often hear the expression used, "I must do my mental work. Can any mental work change the Changeless? Or can it destroy that which has no existence either in Truth or in falsity? The teaching how to do ones mental work is merely a mild form of hypnotism. It must be a simple revelation, unmixed with toil, struggle, effort, or argument. The true world of Being and of things is already established. Life is therefore a Reality to be experienced. "Forever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven. This was the vision of King David as expressed in his Psalms 119:89. It takes spiritual vision, faith, and inspiration to be able to turn from the external world to the True World of Reality, the World in which there is no suggestion of materiality whatsoever, no personality, no limits of time or space. If you will read again my book, " The Science of Ascension," written in 1929, you will find some helpful and enlightening instruction on the subject of Reality and the True World. The cry today is for something that will "bring results;" end the world of conflict, put money into purses, health into bodies, and happiness into personal affairs. Alas, alas, all such longing proceeds from the grossly mistaken beliefs that each is a separate being, and all live together in a world which is external. From such false premise one automatically excludes himself from seeing and experiencing the True World in which Wholeness, Peace, Harmony, and Happiness forever abide. Positively the idea that there is an external world is erroneous. Be released therefore from such a theory! Logic or intellectual technique, do not lead to Truth, nor to the True World. Only intuition and revelation open to us the realm of true Understanding and what it includes.


Throughout the whole of the New Testament, we read of a realm or dimension of Consciousness called, "the Within" for instance, "the Kingdom within, God within, Spirit within, the Father within, the Holy Ghost within, Christ within, I in you. It is certain that Reality can be known and experienced only by a complete reversal of viewpoint, that is, by an absolute turning from the external and a turning to that dimension of Consciousness which is termed the "within. Here alone one finds the only world there is, the World of Life, Truth, and Love, in which all things exist as they truly are. For want of a better term the word "within" is used, for it serves to abruptly and definitely detach one from contemplating, considering, or giving attention to external things. Really, there is no within or without to that which is ALL. Therefore, Reality is not a place to which we must look or go, but is a state or dimension of Consciousness in which we shall experience all things as they really and truly are, without materiality whatsoever. Let us now consider something which will illustrate this to you, and give you a clear idea of just what is meant by the "external world" and the "within," or World of Reality. Suppose you try to think now of some simple familiar things which are generally known and used everywhere in this world, nevertheless are not of this visible world at all. Think of something which can be used daily by everyone, which can be seen, though not touched. Can you think of any things which nearly the whole world makes use of daily in an infinite variety of ways, yet such things as these cannot be touched by hands, and have no existence whatsoever externally, or materialistically? Right now, as you read these very words, you are viewing one such illustration of things which are in and of the dimension called the "within. I refer to the twenty-six letters of the alphabet! These letters which you see are tangible, each distinct from the rest, yet all existent in the whole. They can be seen, known, understood, and experienced without limit, yet they are without weight, measurement, or materialism, and moreover they depend upon nothing in the external; in fact, they are in the world, yet not of it.


These letters also have form, yet you cannot reach out your hands to pick them up or to handle them; you cannot buy or sell them, borrow or obtain them from anyone. These letters are absolutely free to you and to everyone, infinite, and ever at hand. Not a single letter could be lost, injured, or destroyed. Of course, another similar illustration would be the mathematical numbers. These, too, cannot be located in the external world, nothing about them is material, and to have them, one is obliged to contact another dimension altogether. The special question now is this: Just where do we "go" to obtain the letters or numbers? It is absolutely certain that we make no gesture whatever toward the external world, and that it takes no time at all for us to have and use as many of these as we please. It is wonderful when we consider it this way, isnt it? It is this very state or dimension of Consciousness which has been called "the within. Of course, it is Mind, it is Consciousness, it is the Realm of the Real World or universe. And, verily not only here is where we find the letters of the alphabet, and the mathematical numbers, but here also is where our health and wholeness abide, our happiness, wealth, and harmony; in fact, and even of greater importance than all the rest, here is where we ourselves exist, our body, world, and entire real and true experience. Surely we shall make this tremendous discovery. Then, and then only, shall we have entered the realm of the Real which has ever been called the "within. Then, and then only, shall we have experienced Reality. The world of Reality, or Realm of the Real and True, indeed contains all that exists Wholeness, Harmony, Beauty, Rhythm, Peace, and Happiness. These are already and eternally established, not to be recreated, but to be known and experienced. No more can they be changed or conditioned by thoughts or feelings than can the numbers or the alphabet. Never, never can we know Reality, until we experience it in the Realm called the "within. In the state or dimension of the "Real" is everything "that was made. Here is where life is, together with its hearing and its seeing, its perfect action and form, its illumination, revelation and glory. At this precise instant we are free to enter into this realm; it is directly where we stand. It is only necessary that we be willing to turn from all thoughts and things to the external, and placing our hearts deepest faith and truest love in God and Reality to be right at hand, just where we are, lo, we know it is so.


Lesson No. 17 THE GREATEST COMMANDMENT What is the first and greatest commandment? It is this: Thou shall have no mind or consciousness but me! And the second, and all the rest of the commandments are like unto it, namely, Thou shall not bow down thyself to accept or serve another mind called the personal mind or consciousness: for this is the "graven image" which thou shalt not claim nor accept, as it leadeth unto sin, corruption and death. Spiritual prophecy is now being fulfilled, as follows, "An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign (of healing); and there shall no (such) sign be given it. "Except those days be shortened, there shall no flesh be saved: but for the elects sake those days shall be shortened. The generally accepted form of belief today is that through the evolution (cultivation, spiritualization, or regeneration), of the personal mind or consciousness, it will become Divine, or will be transformed into the Divine Mind. This falsity is so great as to deceive nearly the whole world. Those of us who have awakened to the enormity of such belief and practice should do everything we can to explode so great a delusion. It is this very "mind of ones own" that is symbolized in the Bible under various descriptions and by many names, such as the false popular god Baal, Satan, devil, carnal mind, the flesh, serpent which deceiveth the whole world, red dragon. Today many, buffeted and battered by believing in and practicing the sophistry of the intellect, report that they are utterly at sea, being faithful in their efforts to heal themselves after this fashion, yet without the promised results. Why not face the facts? Such teaching and practicing as this virtually denies that Heaven, Christ, Perfection, are already established and present with us, and are to be found, known, and experienced in the here and now. Never, O never, can the false become the True; nor the imperfect, the Perfect. No more relationship or possibility of unity exists between the assumptive personal minds and the One Divine Mind than between Dives and Lazarus. Read this parable in Luke 16:20-31, and make your own decision. Ever the personal mind or consciousness, regardless how it labours and tries, shall remain outside the Kingdom, doomed to oblivion. Moreover, all attempt to obtain the Divine Mind by way of the personal mind or thinking is but an endeavour to serve two masters, which practice Jesus pointedly exposed and rebuked, "No man can serve two masters that which is highly esteemed before men (the personal mind or consciousness), is an abomination in the sight of God. (Lk 16:13-15)

This self-same consciousness or intellect Jesus denounced as a "murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. (John 8:44) What seems strange today is that many interpret this scripture as alluding to some other mind which they call "the mortal mind. Apparently they believe in three minds; that is, one, which they call the Divine Mind; another, which they allude to as their own mind or consciousness; and still a third, which they think and talk very much about, and call "the mortal mind. Emphatically and unmistakably this thing which today is called the personal or individual mind or consciousness is the very thing that Jesus called a lie and a liar; and as soon as teachers and students wake up to this startling reality, they will cease thinking and talking about some other "mortal mind" as the "culprit;" and moreover will stop trying to change the thinking of their "own mind or individual consciousness," which Jesus stated to be "the father" of all lies. The subtle, insidious, and pernicious teaching ever advocating to put right thoughts into ones own consciousness will not be accepted by those who are awake to the Spiritual interpretation of the first commandment, Thou shall have no mind or consciousness but me! Obviously the "me" means the One Divine Consciousness or Mind which is God, and which needs no cultivation or change, but is ever perfect and complete. The fatal mistake is the belief that by improving ones thinking (naturally of his own personal mind), he will thereby gain possession of the One Divine Mind. Whereas, the true instruction is that one should by no means serve the "graven image," or personal mind, in any way or manner, but instead should "cast it into the fire" of oblivion, confessing to its utter unreality and nothingness, simultaneously turning ones Heart wholly to the One true and perfect Mind or Consciousness and here taking possession of it as ones very own. It should be clear and certain to you that in no way of "patching old garments (minds)" or "filling old bottles (consciousnesses) with new wine (right ideas)" can one come into possession of the One Divine Mind, but only by laying aside the false and unreal and thinking with and as this Mind. The erroneous idea that one is entitled to this Mind only through "reflection" or "manifestation," should be cancelled absolutely and entirely, as it is not the teaching of Christ.


The supreme and freeing fact is that this Divine Mind is ours, and we have never had another! Nor can one truly lay claim to this Mind, and no other, unless and until through divine Illumination, or his Heart bearing witness, he has been shown that he is the One Life, Mind, Being, now, and has never left it, nor been separated from it. When one turns from all principalities, powers, and rulers of this world, and with his whole Heart looks to God, the Perfect, it is certain that he will receive the blessed revelation and assurance that "I and my Father are one. Moreover it will then be clear that only in Christ are we all one; that is, only those of us are "one in Christ" (Gal 3:28) who have received and accepted the Christ teaching, light, and illumination, and have released ourselves from any other. Paul finally came to the place where he willingly and gladly laid down his great intellectual learning to do "the will of God from the heart. (Eph 6:5-6) Ever the Divine Mind will think and act in us, and we in it, if and when we turn to it with all our heart, forsaking all faith, belief, and trust in any other. The above should answer perfectly the question which many are asking today, "How can I enter into the Christ Consciousness?" "That ye may comprehend the breadth, and length, and depth, and height (Cosmic Consciousness); and know the love of God; that ye might be filled with the fullness of God. (Eph 3:17 19) It is written truly, "Ye are bought with a price. The price is one, and it is a just and fair one it is the same for all Jesus paid the price of glory for us with his life in the flesh, and in turn we pay the price of glory with our life in personal sense "One is our Master, even Christ. "Not with eyeservice (of the mind), as menpleasers (personalities); but as servants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart. (Eph 6:6) "Trust in the Lord (the one and only Mind) with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own (personal) understanding. (Prov 3:5) "My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed: I will sing and give praise. (Ps 57:7) As one begins to consider the Heart as the way to spiritual Revelation, having turned absolutely away from all mechanics applying to the assumptive personal mind, he soon experiences a rest and a peace unknown to him before. He also notices the absence of the desire to seek and strive, to apply and demonstrate the Truth. A sense of quiet and stillness seems to envelop one, which is an altogether happy and joyous feeling. With this rest comes also the feeling of gratitude, praise, and love.


Moreover, one notes with joy unspeakable that the troublesome wrong thoughts are now a thing of the past. His thinking is altogether different. Little or no attention is given to it at all now, indeed often one seems to be altogether without thought of any kind just a lovely, quiet rest and stillness, untroubled, unlaboured, soft, and peaceful, like the bestowal upon one of some great luxury or some unexpected, wonderful gift. Walking with the Heart is walking in the Light, in the experience of Life as a Reality, where the thoughts or problems are absent; like a cloudless sky where only the cobalt blue greets ones vision; or like the hum of bees, the warbling of birds, the sound of childrens laughter, without a single discordant note of any kind. Often one feels a sudden swift rush of joy and gladness, as though he, too, were part of this great Wonder and Glory, this one infinite Whole. Truly, as soon as one detaches himself from the belief in a personal consciousness of his own, abandoning himself completely to the Infinite Divine, and no other, he finds that he is the "new creature" which he has often read about. He sees now that he can no longer attempt to apply the Truth, for to what would one apply it? It is simply that one abides in this Consciousness, and herein and hereupon places his full and complete confidence, faith, trust, love, and worship. "Everyone that is of the Truth (giveth himself wholly to the One) heareth My voice. (John 18:37) "He that entereth not by the door (Heart), into the sheepfold (One Mind), but climbeth up some other way, (personal consciousness), the same is a thief and a robber My sheep (those possessing the One Mind alone), hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow Me And I give unto them eternal Life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of My hand And other sheep I have, which are n ot of this fold; them also I must bring, and they shall hear My voice; and there shall be One fold and One Shepherd I Am the Good Shepherd: the good Shepherd giveth his life for the sheep I and my Father are one. (John 10th chapter)


Lesson No. 18 OMNIACTIVE MIND The Way is I Am, and therefore the one way of salvation is to be the I Am that is the Way. Revelation of the allness of God eliminates the sense of anything opposite. Mind, Consciousness, God, is the Whole of Being, thus includes the whole of Revelation; Revelation is therefore whole, perfect, complete, and indivisible. Since Revelation is in Being, and therefore is Being, perfect and complete, then there is nothing partial or intermittent about it; it is omniactive and ever-present; it is effortless and natural. It is present where I Am. Effortless, omniactive Mind! Perpetual, whole Revelation, indivisible, complete, perfect! Timeless, ageless, unrestricted, illimitable, immaculate, everlasting Life, Truth, Being! And the way to it? Be that I Am that is the Way. As the one and only Mind, all things are mine the power to have and enjoy, to outline and create, the power to walk in green pastures, and rest beside still waters, to be free, happy, satisfied. An experience came to me this past week which was like this, that is, happy, glad, and satisfying. It came about very suddenly and unexpectedly too. I was on a little shopping trip in town and was making what I thought to be my last purchase, and spending my last dollar for it; for in paying the bill I discovered that I had no money left but a few cents. I had searched through my bag as well at the time to produce even that necessary amount. Walking toward my car, I remembered that I had wanted a few things at the dime store, but recalled that I had no money. Anyhow, I stopped at the curb by the side of my car and made another thorough search, even in corners and crevices, but there was no money to be found anywhere, so I got into the car. Sitting alone, and quiet for a moment, suddenly some thoughts began, small, still thoughts, and O so soft, like the moving thistledown "What a wonderful day Ive had, going into stores here and there, asking for things that they said at first they didnt have; then looking again they had found them. Each one saying that it wasnt in stock now, yet upon my request, looking again, and then finding it, generally adding, "It is the last one we have. What a wonderful day it has been!


The thoughts continued right on: "Now, why couldnt I just open my bag, look once more, and lo, there would be a dollar bill, for this is all I need to finish up everything and go home. There was a moment when even the air about me seemed vibrant and electrified, and I was so still as to be scarcely breathing. Then without another thought, I snapped the bag wide open there, right on top, lying flat, and opened to their full size, were two one dollar bills, one overlapping the other. I was jubilant, and it all seemed so perfectly natural. The fact that I had two dollars, instead of the one only, made me over-joyous Then when I had made the purchases which I had itemized on my list, I knew the reason only a few pennies remained from the two dollars! Mind is allknowing, all-revealing, all-sufficing. True experience is not a matter of changing thoughts, or beliefs, or minds, but instead one of identification; that is, knowing true Being, as it is, and yourself as this Being; knowing revelation as it is, expression as it is, result as it is: omniactive, whole, perfect, and indivisible. As the light is not some thing which is the expression of the sun, but is the sun, and the sun and the light are one entity, in the same way, expression, manifestation, identity, is not some thing that is the expression of Life and Consciousness. "I and my Father are one He that hath seen me, hath seen the Father. Inspiration, light, is spiritual activity, the omniaction of Spirit, Mind, God. It is without labour, effortless, having nothing to do with mental practice or human beliefs. Illumination, light, revelation, are in and of God, Consciousness, the same as light and heat are in and of the sun. There is but one Mind that can know anything, and this Knowledge is omnipresent as discernment, idea, or illumination. Identification is I Am This I Am. Any reasoning based upon the supposition of human birth, growth, demonstration, et cetera, leads from a false basis, a false premise, and so must be laid entirely aside in order to be the I Am that is the Way. One cannot be a law of perfection unto himself as man, for his law would necessarily be according to his human belief, his training, judgment, and individual thinking. One can only be a law of God unto himself as the one and only Mind, the perfect Good. In conscious possession of this Mind, and as this Mind, one can walk in freedom, light, and happiness. Ones preparation thereunto may be slow or fast, according to his readiness to "leave all to follow Christ;" that is, to give up faith and belief in his own personality, lay down his life that he may take it up again as that Life which is one, indivisible, and everlasting.


I can do nothing of myself, as someone besides the indivisible and perfect One. As this Life, I am eternal, everlasting, needing no help from the human thought or mental practice of any kind. As Mind, I know but one kind of thinking, and really this is the only thinking there is. I know this Mind, thinking, and result to be One. This awareness of the oneness and allness of Being has its natural and harmonious expression in identities right in the here and now. Being, action, embodiment, all One, and infinite All. All that really exists is in and of the one I Am. Here, Life is disclosed to be a Reality to be experienced, not a problem to be solved. Here, identified with this one and only Reality, this Being, action, embodiment, this God, Christ, Heaven, we see, we know, we think, feel, act, and experience all through the Priceless Glory of the Divine Light. "Then shall thy light break forth as the morning, and thine health shall spring forth speedily: and thy righteousness shall go before thee; and the glory of the Lord shall be thy rereward (rearward). (Is 58:8) (


Lesson No. 19 I AM THAT I AM How does God describe Himself in His own words, as related in the Bible, Exodus 3:14: God describes Himself as I AM THAT I AM, and as I AM. Further on we read, "Is there a God besides Me? Yea, there is no God; I know not any. Isaiah, 44:8. How few these words, yet how all -inclusive, allsatisfying and absolute. Nor could they be more dynamic, nor more descriptive of Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience. Dear Friend, if at any time you think "Truth" to be too wordy, too complicated, too many ideas or, on the other hand, to be too vague, too distant or too uncertain, then think on these words from on High, "I AM THAT I AM Besides Me there is none else. Think on these words for they contain the full and complete meaning of life, living, and existence. They describe the Living God. With what words did Jesus relate himself to the Christ? In a few simple words as follows, "I that speak unto thee am He. (John 4:26) No other answer could be more explicit, more certain or absolute than this. How did Jesus relate himself to the Father? In these words, "I and my Father are one. (John 10:30) Just six small words, yet how few in all the ages have comprehended them. Those who desire simple Truth, dynamic Truth, absolute Truth, practical Truth, can take these words I and my Father are one and eat them, "Eat my flesh;" drink them, "Drink my blood;" live with them, "Abide in Me;" believe in them, "Believe in Me;" be satisfied with them, "The water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water, springing up into everlasting life. (John 4:14) Again and again it is being asked today, "How can I make Truth practical? How can I practice it? How can I heal with it? How can I put it to use? How can I make it work for me? Earnest, anxious, honest questions. Nevertheless, any answer which sets forth or provides any way as a means to this end would be imperfect, insecure, and in the end would prove useless and futile. Truth cannot be practiced upon untruth. Reality cannot be applied to unreality. That which is cannot be mixed with that which is not. In seeing and accepting I AM THAT I AM, and besides Me there is none else, one is unable to point out anything in this I-Am-All which needs healing, or see any place where Truth needs to be applied. The statement is so final, so allinclusive, so absolute, as to preclude all thought or desire to heal any person or thing; it leaves no question unanswered.

Yea, the above statement of Reality is ever a challenge to us concerning all matters of concern within or about us. "And God saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was very good. (Genesis 1:31) "All things were made by Him, and without Him was not anything made that was made. (John 1:3) Can you find any room for imperfection in Perfection, or for I am not in I Am, or for something else in There is none besides me? Verily Truth cannot be practiced from the standpoint of applying it as a means to an end: for the end is the same as the beginning, the object the same as the subject, the effect the same as the cause. They are one. As one learns the meaning of I am the way, he will have the only practice of Truth there is or ever can be. Could the true fact that the earth is round be practiced upon a flat earth? Think it over, and find out why not. "Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free. The I Am is the Way, which can be practiced only from the standpoint I Am. "Awake thou that sleepest" be released from all notion to "demonstrate the Truth;" for how can you demonstrate the presence of that which is ever-present, or overcome the thing which is not here? I Am That is the answer to all that one seeks. I Am That, is the way to fulfilment of every desire, ambition, or aim. I Am That, silences every argument or question relative to demonstration, application, or practice of Truth today. Whom seekest thou? What went ye out for to see? What hearest thou? Is there more than Me? Yea, I know not any. Reverse yourself Be born again. Know that I am God, and be still Let God, and let go. There is none else, I Am All. Jesus did not teach metaphysics, nor was he a master metaphysician. Of himself he declared, I Am the Truth I Am the Life I Am the Way. He taught no methods of healing disease or limitation of any kind. He gave no direction as to ones thinking, except this, "Take ye no thought. Alas, how little this admonition is obeyed today! Never did he intimate himself to be a healer of sickness or of discords of any kind. Plainly he stated, "For this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the Truth. Whom say ye that I Am? A healer of diseases? A Master-mind to teach you how to have a perfect human existence? "If ye believe not that I am He, ye shall die in your sins. (John 8:24) "I Am the Truth I Am the Light I and my Father are one.


Do words such as these indicate a human life, human being, human existence, or materiality of any kind? "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in Heaven is perfect. Does this demand pertain to any one or any thing as human? Can the human ever be perfect? Can the human ever be healed? Can the human ever be brought into a harmonious state of existence? Now hear the answer: "The flesh profiteth nothing Flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. Whence cometh a "human" being, a "human" life, a "human" existence? Does not I-Am-All, Imade-everything, I-Am-Spirit, preclude anyone or anything as human or physical, in heaven above, in the earth beneath, or in the waters under the earth? Never can human or finite existence be added to Infinite Spirit. The perfect Truth is the simple Truth. The perfect Truth is the only Truth. Spirit is all Spiritual existence is all. What does one gain even if he succeeds to some degree in making his so-called human existence more harmonious if in the end he hears the words I never knew you; I know only Spirit; I know only I Am to be the Way; I know Divine Life, Divine Existence to be all. Is existence something besides the Truth, something other than Spirit, something more than was established from the beginning? Yea, there is none besides me! "Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus. What Mind is this? It is the Mind which is I Am That I Am. There cannot be more than I am all, for "I" fill heaven and earth. Why then call one thing Mind, another, thought, and still another, expression, manifestation, or body? Can you tell where Mind stops and thinking begins? Or where thinking stops and expression begins? Are you identifying yourself with expression, but not with Mind? Or with Spiritual idea, but not with Spirit? Do you identify yourself with man, but not with God? A hand cannot say, "I am hand, but not body, nor can a leaf say, I am leaf, but not tree. A single ray of light cannot be other than the sun. Behold Mind, thinking, expression, are one, not three! Do the words, "I am He," suggest the speaker to be a human being or the Divine? Do the words, "I and my Father are one," suggest the Father and Son to be different? Shall we regard Jesus to be one identity, human, and Christ another, the divine? And the Father still another, Deity?


When the words were spoken I Am the Truth" did Jesus speak these as a man or as God, the Perfect One? You who read this, do you consider yourself to be within or outside of Infinity? Can you be a piece of it, or a part, if the Infinite is indivisible? Is the drop of a water in the ocean, but not the ocean in the drop? The Son in the Father, but not the Father in the Son? Are you in the Infinite, but not the Infinite in you? Such questions as these will cause you to see the answers clearly and correctly. Every single one of us is entitled to all the air there is, and to the sunlight without limit, likewise to infinite Harmony, Wholeness, Peace, since the Perfect Infinite one is our Being, our Mind, and thinking, our identity, universe, and expression: but this belongs to us in a spiritual existence only. The word "Divine" pertains to Spirit, that which is unmixed, pure, perfect, and present without beginning or end. The word "human" denotes the exact opposite. Never, O never is there room for these two in being or in existence! Spiritual existence is the one and only existence there is or ever can be! Therefore, to believe that the best we can expect of Truth today is that we make use of it so as to enjoy a more harmonious and prosperous human existence is preposterous, and virtually antichrist. All methods to spiritualize human minds, human bodies, thoughts, or existence, or to materialize Spirit, are rooted in ignorance and darkness, and not in the living God who ever declares, I am Spirit and besides me there is none else. "Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. The word "earth" in this sentence means the here and now. Let the Heavenly existence be known to us as in the here and now, rather than place it in a far away future. Heaven and earth do not denote two states of existence, but the prayer presupposes that Divine Revelation will make known to us that Heaven is the perfect existence in the here and now. When this is seen we shall not hear about spiritualizing a human existence, nor materializing Spirit. The fish which Jesus multiplied did not come out of the water, nor the bread from an oven, nor was the coin made by a mans hands. What Mind thinks is Mind, and its identities are also Spirit, Mind. Thus the words spiritualize and materialize have no place in The Living God.


Lesson No. 20 DIVINE REVELATION As the heart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after Thee, O God. My soul thirsteth for God, for the Living God. (Ps 42:1-2) "Now we have received the Spirit which is of God; that we might know the things which are freely given to us of God. (I Cor 2:12) "They shall all be taught of God. (John 6:45) Just how shall such divine teaching be accomplished today? The answer is, through Divine Revelation alone. Q. What is the meaning of "Revelation?" A. The immediate consciousness, or awareness, of the Real. Revelation is the Voice of our own real Being, "the quickening Spirit," effortless as the shining sun, resplendent as imperishable glory. It is under the blaze of divine Revelation that one shouts, "Whereas I was blind, now I see. I was uncertain, but now I know; lame, sick, sad, but now I can walk, and am whole and glad. Revelation is our ONLY Teacher, Deliverer, Awakening, and Awakener, verily the Light of our world. Only in this glorious Light is our righteousness revealed to us, our perfection, power, and glory, even as it is written, "For then shalt thou lift up thy face without spot; yea, thou shalt be steadfast, and shall not fear: because thou shalt forget thy misery, and remember it as waters that pass away. And thine age shall be clearer than the noonday; thou shalt shine forth, thou shalt be as the morning none shall make thee afraid. (Job 11: 15- 19) Through Divine Revelation, Moses found the Red Sea to be safe and harmless, David feared not the bear, the lion, or the Philistine; and Jesus, from out his perfect Being could say, "I Am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending. Revelation silences every doubt and fear, raising us from glory to glory, and delivering the perfect answer without effort, thought, or labour. No joy can equal it, nor any pen describe it. Revelation discloses Being to be ONE, and undividable. Perhaps one has been entertaining the notion that God can be divided up into three sections, as it were: 1, Mind; 2, thinking; 3, expression or body.


Revelation blots out any such imperfect reasoning, disclosing these three to be one, with no sense of time, place, or interlude between; all perfect in one. One may also have believed that he be image, expression, form, but not Spirit, Mind; or that he is Mind, but not expression, identity, form. Whenever we experience Divine Revelation, all sense of division, separation, ceases, all thought of healing anything departs, and our thinking is as clear as crystal, effortless, spontaneous, free. Everything becomes Spirit to us, even our body is found to be within us as an object in Mind. Here Mind, thought, body, are found to be one, and this one to be Spirit. Now at one time we may have associated Revelation with the Christ exclusively, as Light and Truth coming to us. Again, we may have identified it wholly with the Holy Ghost, as Divine Comforter, teaching us all things, and making everything known to us. We may also have connected the Revelation with God, the Father, only. Whenever Revelation sufficiently lifts the veil for us, we see the All-Being as one, incapable of divisions into beings or dispensations. Only when we see the three to be one shall we cease to identify with any particularly, even as it is written, "There are three that bear record in Heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost; and these three are one. (1 John 5:7) It is clear now that thought does not create body, nor Mind, thought. Subject and object, beginning, middle, and end are One Being, One Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnipresence. No suggestion of healing minds, diseases, thoughts, or bodies ever enters into Revelation, nor is there any effort to take away this or bring out that. Revelation deals with Spirit, and with Spirit alone. Only through divine Revelation are we "born again," or "begotten of the Father," very God of very God. Revelation is the word of God which is "quick and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword "Ye are come unto Mount Sion, and unto the city of the Living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels. (Hebrews 12:22) How shall one experience Revelation? Turn from all kinds of mental practices, all ways of applying Truth, all aim to bring the Spiritual into the human experience: "for the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God. Revelation is "hid from the wise and prudent" and given to "the pure in heart. Ye are not flesh, man, but Spirit, God, if so be that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you. "Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord? Or who shall stand in his holy place? He that hath clean hands and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully. (Ps 24:3 -4) The pure in heart are those who love spiritual things above all else, and who live in obedience to Spirit. They shall experience Reality.

Actually we know little or nothing of Truth, Reality, until it is revealed to us "not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord. With the advent of Jesus, the calendar soon took on a new meaning, but with the Revelation of Self to be Spirit, one complete and indivisible Whole, "Time shall be no longer. Where the Father is, there also are both the Son and the Holy Ghost; and where the Holy Ghost is, there also are both Son and Father. Where Spirit, Mind, is there also is spiritual thinking and embodiment. Soul, activity, form, are that one which is Spirit, God; and God is all-embracing, all-inclusive, and without centre or circumference. Amen! A form, or identity of Life, is no less than Life itself, since Life cannot be seen without form. Where Life is there is form, and where form of Life is there is Life. The "invisible" and "visible" is one, and not apart as two, by all who have received the illumination that Spirit, Life, God, expression, identity, form, is one unit, one all. Amen and amen. Blessed are the meek, the humble, those who obey God rather than man. As we know ourself to be Spirit, then it is natural for us to experience spiritual light and revelation. In this way only do we worship in Spirit and in Truth. No one speaking as a man can say, "I am Spirit, God;" nor can he comprehend his body to be a form of Spirit until he himself identifies with Spirit. As a man living in a human existence, it is written, "We are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousness are as filthy rags; and we all as an unclean thing, and all do fade as a leaf. (Isaiah 64:6) Revelation alone shows the desert to bloom as the rose, the parched ground to be a pool, the lion and the lamb to lie down together, and Creator and creation to be one, the Living God. Jesus gave only one definition of God: he said, "God is Spirit. Just what is Spirit? Revelation alone can give the answer: Spirit is Divine Substance a substance which is wholly pure, immutable, immaculate, undefilable, and everlasting; furthermore this substance is forever infinite. Matter is thought to be a substance, also, but it is not, for it denotes something which begins and ends, which is impure, impermanent, subject to time, place, mutability, destruction, death. The Substance which is Spirit, could no more be matter than God could be devil. Since God, Spirit, is all, then everyone and everything there truly is, is in and of Spirit, and nothing else. Everyone who has experienced Revelation or Illumination, at such moments knows life and body to be one and to be wholly spiritual; knows body to be tangible and real, but not some objective thing at the end of thought.

Regardless how much of Truth one claims to have brought into a "human existence," he will still need to "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. The "Father" is Spirit and Spirit Alone. So long as one remains stubbornly inflexible in the belief that he himself is a man, either as a consciousness or an image, he is not open to the Divine Revelation that Consciousness is not a man, but Spirit, God; and until he identifies with this Spirit, and with Spiritual existence alone, he will ever continue to serve two masters, and be double-minded in everything. Detaching ourself from all belief in human existence, and identifying ourself with Spirit alone as all the Life, Mind, thought, and existence there is truly our all and only Substance, we shall ascend into the house of the Lord, here to be taught of God. Salvation is not through labour or effort of any kind, but is direct Divine Illumination from out of our own Being as Spirit. The Substance immaculate Spirit is our life, our mind, thinking, acting, identity, and expression; verily it is our perfect everything, right in the Here and Now. Remember, we are to worship in Spirit and in Truth, " comparing spiritual things with spiritual. (I Cor 2:13) Insofar as we are able, daily we are to depart from every thought and thing, every instruction which would cause our vision to deflect from Spirit as the one and only Substance; we are to love, serve, and obey infinite Spirit as our whole Being, our whole existence. Take away from your thought of body all notion that it is an external or objective thing to be controlled by thinking. Seen spiritually it is wholly an image in Mind! Think now of some other forms which are tangible, distinct from one another, present at all times and in all places, yet known, seen and understood to be purely images in Mind, not for one moment imagined to be objective. I refer to such forms as the letters of the alphabet, musical notes, or mathematical numbers. How easy to see that never could any of these forms be crippled with arthritis, destroyed by a sword, diseased, or impaired in any way. Seen through the eyes of Spirit, our body becomes this very same way to us, and all sense of it as ever being otherwise completely vanishes; we know Spirit and body, Soul and form to be one entity, and one existence. As numbers and letters are freely seen and used by us as wholly mental images, even so shall we regard our body.


by Lillian DeWaters



Lesson 21 THE RIGHT WAY The story of the fishing trip, as related in the Bible, is very illuminating when spiritually understood. We find Jesus telling his disciples to "Launch out into the deep" (Luke 5:4), meaning that we are to come unto the infinite. It is significant to hear their first words to Jesus, "We have toiled all the night and have taken nothing. How many of us, too, have had such a trying and bewildering experience, perhaps toiling both night and day with words and thoughts, with books and teachings, yet getting nothing, nor knowing why. We read in John 21, 5th and 6th verses that Jesus said unto them, "Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find and now they were not able to draw it for the multitude of fishes. Reader, can you tell just what would be the "right side of the ship," that you may cast here also? When they followed Jesus command, lo, everything was there that they sought, and in overwhelming abundance. Taken literally this account has no value to it at all, for the right side surely could not have been just the other side of the ship! It has but one meaning the right side is the right way! By looking into the infinite we shall see ourself as we are, and identifying with this Substance, Spirit, we are scarcely able to contain the wonder and glory of its infinite and all-satisfying realities. What a difference it makes if one toils with the various mental practices, struggles with conflicting thought and effort, or if he deals confidently and exclusively with pure Spirit? Everything he needs is now at his command, since he himself is this Spirit, Self-existent, Self-contained and Self-sustaining. He knows each of us to be complete in ourself, each entitled to all, and all at our command, for infinite Spirit is one indivisible Substance. Since we are in and of the Infinite, we are and have all that the Infinite includes. This Divine Light and Understanding is "the right side," this, alone, the right way. Only as Spirit, can we claim the right to all things and be secure, our body safe from danger. Think, if it were possible to add materiality to the alphabet, how fatal would be the result. Every letter would then be subject to accident, loss, decay, and extinction. Think also how terrible it would be if Spirit could ever be materialized! Immediately it would be subject to dissolution and annihilation.

Truly, matter cannot be added to Spirit, nor weight and size to its spiritual ideas. Absolutely, we are Spirit now, and ever shall be, and this living Reality awaits the experience of us all. On the other hand, ones body as matter is never more or less than a corpse at any time. Believing ones form of Life to be material or human subjects him to the darkness of false supposition, and in this sleep he dreams of phantoms and fantasies. Neither fire nor water can reach the letters composing the alphabet, nor sword or pain. In exactly the same way, we can regard our body and its every part, that is, to be purely mental, in and of Spirit, absolutely safe and secure from all accidents, disease, and death. Therefore, instead of attempting to heal thoughts, bodies, or diseases, give your attention wholly to the understanding that I Am Spirit, inclusive of my body, my universe, and my existence in full. This is indeed the body not made with hands, eternal in Spirit. As the veil lifts, the glorious vision is this, Spirit is all and All is Spirit! Spirit is the Substance with which we think, Spirit is the Substance which we see. Nor need we affirm any truth when once we see this clearly and understandingly; nor deny anything which we know has no existence anywhere, or at all. Why should one continue to struggle in darkness, with inconsistencies and confusions, when the joy and glory of knowing that we are Spirit awaits us all? How simple and easy to accept immeasurable and immaculate Spirit to be all of us, and we to be wholly this. When we are lighted with the Light of our own Being, we know we are Selfexistent and Self-contained. Beauty, music, song, colour, rhythm, and harmony are all characteristics of Spirit, and so are spiritually mental and eternal, thus ever at hand, ever our very own. There is no space where Spirit is not, since Spirit is infinite and has no opposite. Spirit is not fifty percent Spirit, and the rest of it some other substance, nor is Spirit ninety-nine percent Spirit; but Spirit is the infinite All-in-all, besides which there is no one or any thing else. At every point of Being, Spirit is the same, ever free, flawless, and absolute. Only here on this right side, in this true and perfect understanding, can we find that which shall satisfy us, enrich, and glorify us everlastingly. "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. No effort is needed. All that is required is Spiritual Revelation and Illumination, which comes through spiritual readiness, and a fasting from intellectualism, personalities, and wrong teaching.

Consecrating ourself to Spirit, and to spiritual realities, we shall be obeying the words of Christ, "Launch out into the deep! Cast the net on the right side!" Then, through love of the Perfect, for the Perfect, and by the Perfect, we shall know and experience Spirit to be Omniscience, Omnipresence, and Omnipotence, verily, the One, the All and the Only. Here we see nothing to change or to be changed; to heal or to be healed. My Peace I give unto you; My Peace which is of Spirit. Where I am, there you may be also. Those who accept Me as I Am have life everlasting, and none is able to pluck them out of my Fathers hand, out of the Realm of Spirit. Dear friends, we are destined and predestined to know the Truth of our own Being, and to know it in the right way. Not for one instant have we ever really been other than I Am, each is ever perfect and complete in himself, and in every way; and this is the Reality which is ours to experience in the Here and Now, since we ourself are the Infinite One, Spirit, The Living God.


Lesson No. 22 CELESTIAL HEIGHTS Spirit is the Substance of all living things, Spirit is Life itself. It is Spirit which is Divine Mind and thinking, Spirit which is Divine Love and loving, Spirit which composes, comprises, and includes all real life and existence. When life is found to be Spirit, thus seen to be incorruptible and everlasting, it becomes this to us. When love is found to be Spirit, to be ever pure and unchangeable, it becomes this to us. When Mind and thinking are found to be in and of Spirit, they become our only mind and thinking, and we are kept in constant and uninterrupted happiness, harmony, and peace. Today a great deal of thought and time are given in advancing the idea that the Divine and the human are to be united or unified, and that the ever Perfect and the ever imperfect are to merge into one, the Divine so brought into a human existence that they will coalesce. Nothing could be further from the Truth! Strenuous and active today the effort to mix or combine Spiritual realities with material beliefs, instead of attending to the Christ words: repent, turn away, be still. So persistent the effort to combine the Spiritual with the material, the idea is even advanced that the human is but another name for the Divine. Most apropos, these summing up words of Jesus, "If the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!" If incorrect teaching regarding ones identity, life, body, and existence be accepted as the genuine and true fact of Being, how pitiful and deplorable the results! If the Truth of ones identity has not yet been revea led to him from the Father within, or Spirit Itself, of course he is not capable of right judgment relative to existence. He does not understand that the Perfect, the Complete, and Absolute is one-all, Self-existent and ever at hand, and any supposition other than this is false, and never to be accepted. The word human pertains to a kind of being and existence which is other than the one Creator and one creation; it concerns itself with the impure, imperfect, and incomplete, with darkness, sleep, dream, and unreality.


The parable of the Prodigal son presents this situation perfectly, and gives its answer and solution. It can be seen that he did not succeed in bringing the things of the Fathers house into the far country, there to live in peace and harmony, but that finally he was compelled to take leave of it entirely, in order to have and experience the things of the Kingdom. Not human betterment, human development, nor human advancement are required, as it seems, that the millennium appear in our midst, but quite to the reverse, for the great necessity is a spiritual awakening, that one may enter into the Kingdom of Spirit which has been prepared and established since the foundation of the world. The notion to bring the Pure into the impure, the Spiritual into the material, may at first appear to one as a ladder leading him to better conditions and things; but should he remain here it will prove a veritable ditch instead, a place where he will toil and labour without end, and finally shall utterly fail. Our life, mind, body, and existence which are established in Spirit are already perfect, already complete, already present, and our only need is spiritual awakening to this sublime fact and actuality, so that we identify with the Spirit and the Divine alone. When we do this, automatically we shall come into possession of fulfilment, the fullness of every good and perfect thing. Corruption, limitation, disease, and death appear only because people and nations have not received the Divine Revelation that Spirit is the only substance, the only Consciousness, Life, Body, and Existence there is or ever can be. Only Divine Revelation or illumination is able to show one the Celestial Heights, the Kingdom of Spirit, where none gains peace, health, harmony, or happiness through any kind of physical or metaphysical effort or practice whatsoever, but all concern themselves with the fact of the Divine and Spiritual existence to be the one and only, present and at hand in the Here and Now. The price of admittance to this Kingdom of present joys and fulfilment is paid as one departs from creeds and ritualism, incorrect teaching and personal teachers, in fact, it is paid in full when he leaves all outward forms of worship and servitude to accept the Light and Truth to be present within himself, yes, even to be himself. Here in his own Being as Spirit, Life, God, he finds that fullness and fulfilment for which he has searched everywhere. Leaving all other gods that we may identify with and take possession of the one Infinite Substance, which is Spirit, to be our only Self, life, consciousness, body, and experience, we have truly entered into the Kingdom of Spirit which has been prepared for us since the "beginning.

Metaphysics as a mental practice of treating disease is but a palliative, never can it deliver Divine health, Divine wholeness, Divine happiness and peace. Regardless how long one remains in the false belief that Metaphysics is the True Way, he will hunger and thirst for direct light and revelation, which is given only to those who look above systems, churches, people, and methods to the Almighty God closer and nearer than all else. Since our substance is Spirit, not matter, then it is impossible for anyone to know himself, and be set free from imperfections and limitations until this supreme and paramount fact is revealed to him. Nor can such Divine Revelation take place until one is willing to leave the imperfect for the Perfect, the intellect for the heart, the ways and means of the personal for identification with that "I" which is the all-inclusive and perfect Self. Never can Truth be known except through divine Revelation. Revelation is indeed the Truth which sets us free, even as is promised, "And ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth (spiritual awakening, or Divine Revelation) shall make you free. Only Revelation is the fulfilment of all our desires and questionings. Revelation or divine illumination comes to those who are spiritually prepared for it, whose thoughts are not intellectual, but spiritual, whose heart is ever open to fuller knowledge of the Real, the Perfect, and the Everlasting. Revelation or illumination is Spiritual knowing, immediate understanding, and freedom. Today it is imperative that we turn away from all palliative remedies called physical or metaphysical to perceive that which is supreme, not because it is higher, or even the highest, not because it is above and beyond all else, but because it is the all and the only of Life and existence, and ever has been. When sufficient Truth is revealed to you, you will cease attempting to purify your mind, thought, body, or world, and once and for all you will put an end to what has been called "doing ones mental work. No amount of meditation or mental work will ever deliver to you your perfect Mind, body, and existence. Permanent deliverance from impurities, imperfections, and limitations shall follow as one lets go all claim to any kind of a mind, life, body, or existence of his own, and accepts the one infinite Substance, which is Divine Life, consciousness, body, and existence, to include all there is of him, and he to be This, and none else.


Personal demonstration, personal healing and regeneration shall cease to be practiced when, like Jesus, we accept the Father within, or the Divine Revelation of spirit, to be our All-sufficiency, the one and only Way to our perfect Self, body, and existence. The Spiritual awakening already in our midst shall supersede or transcend all mental practices and systems, everything that has to do with mental labour, mental warfare, mental demonstration, in their attempts to heal human minds and bodies, and to spiritualize a so-called human existence. Labour, strife, effort, work, are all included in the "six days," or six thousand years wherein "thou shall labour, and do thy work:" but inevitably the seventh day appears, "wherein thou shall not do any work. This seventh day is when we cease thinking from the basis that we are mankind or personal individuals supposed to overcome evil and demonstrate our good here in a human existence, and let ourselves be illumined from within, and from the within receive the Truth and Light that there is but one "I," one Substance-LifeIntelligence-Existence, which is at hand, perfect and complete, without need of demonstration or attainment, and which is our true and only Being and existence. Acting from this basis, we shall end the six days, or period of work, work, work, and find the everlasting Peace and Joy to be at hand, and in the Here and Now. "He that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. Who is "Me?" Not an outside God, nor an outside Divine Mind, nor Jesus as some supernatural being. Although it was Jesus who spoke these words, he did not refer to himself as a man, a teacher, or healer, but he spoke as Divine Being, Divine Life, Divine Selfhood. Therefore, whosoever believeth in this "Me" to be his own Selfhood, life, body, and existence, though he were enshrouded in darkness and sin, yet shall he leave these as a dream, and waken in the Kingdom of Spirit, where "I" am God, and besides Me there is none else. "I am the real and living Way; no one comes to the Father except by means of Me. If you knew Me ye would know my Father too. You know Him now and have seen Him He who has seen Me has seen the Father It is the Father who remains ever in Me, who is performing His own deeds He who believes in Me will do the very deeds I do. (Moffatt Trans. John 14:6-10)


Lesson No. 23 FREEDOM IN SPIRIT Depart from all forms of treatment which deal with the overcoming or healing of disease, for what kind of a body is it that could be sick? Certainly not a body identified with Spirit, the Divine Mind. All healing of disease is based upon the supposition of body to be matter or materiality. Since Spirit, God, is all, there is therefore no matter, hence no material body to be healed. To identify oneself and body with Spirit would automatically free one from sin, sickness and death, and this and this alone is the Christ Way. Revelation is Self-realization, and as this opens to us we are delivered from the dream of materiality and its attending forms of discords and limitations. This is the perfect Way. All Revelation needs to make Truth known to us is an honest, earnest heart which worships God first, and before all else, which is ever ready to leave all and follow Me. Since there is but one God, there is but one Substance of which all consists. Spirit is the substance of our Self or Soul, our Mind, body, and existence. Spiritual existence is the only one that we should believe in or accept, and spiritual body the only body or form. One cannot enter into a perfect existence by placing the spiritual Mind into a human mentality or everlasting life into a mortal material body. First of all one is compelled to receive the Truth from Divine Revelation, then he is taught of God that he is Divine Substance, divine Mind, divine Truth, Life, and Love, and that his body and universe exists as one with himself, in fact they are himself, for himself is all. A material body has no more existence than had the flat earth, and every thought or effort based upon the supposition that it requires work, labour, or treatment of one kind or another to overcome evil, or to heal disease in a human mind or body, denotes fishing on the wrong side of the ship, where in the end nothing is gained. Verily, if you are at all you are Spirit, immutable and immaculate Substance, and your body and your world are Spirit also. Each one of us as a distinct identity is the one Entity which is Self-complete, Self-existent, and Self-contained.


Since Spirit is all, there is therefore no matter, hence there is no material body to be healed or that can be healed. Only in the light shall we see light. To look into pure Substance and know this to be the one and only substance there is, is to be identified with the one Mind or Consciousness, and to be the Selfrevealing Light. When Spirit, which is our only Mind, Life, and Being, shall appear to us through Divine Revelation, then shall we know that we are Spirit, and never have been otherwise. In the Spiritual realm, or Kingdom of Spirit, there is no loss, no grief, or discord. Nothing to be denied, nothing to be demonstrated, nothing to be healed. We are told that the former things of matter and minds, treatments and healing methods shall pass away as one identifies himself with the one Way, which is the Truth and the Life everlasting. The Kingdom of Spirit is complete in Harmony, Happiness, and Wholeness. Do you say that you have never found your freedom through Mind and thinking? Then look to Spirit, the substance of Mind and thinking, and you will be released from the dream that you are something other than the perfect and incorruptible One. Spirit can and will free you, for you belong to Spirit, you are Spirit, and you now come unto your own. Many who have not responded to "right thinking" will accept Spirit with open arms. Now they can think from the heart, instead of from the intellect. Now they will be freed from holding thoughts, doing mental work, making demonstrations, et cetera. How simple and easy to see that Spirit cannot be sick or in pain, afflicted nor disabled. Ever Spirit is immune, changeless, and absolute. Identifying ourself with Spirit, we shall find that all labour with thought is over, all means of demonstration at an end, for as light makes darkness impossible, in the same way the Light that we are Spirit shall prove our sufficiency indeed. Spirit does not enter into arguments, nor teach any denials or affirmations. No effort, or struggle, no mental work, no church attendance is required. I, Spirit, am the Way, a Perfection without work or labour, a revelation to you that you and I are one, and that there is none else. This is being taught of God. Identifying with Spirit, the Substance of oneself and his neighbour alike, we shall be so happily concerned with Light and Love that there will be no room for darkness in us. Nor is the Self or Soul one thing and the body another. Spirit and body are one, and this one is Spirit. Spirit is ever willing and ready to give of Its light and Its glory, and we need to be as willing to take and to receive.


Therefore, instead of making use of meditations, mental practices, or Mindhealing, all of which pertains to an imperfect mind and body which needs changing, correcting, or healing, place your whole attention upon Spirit, the incorruptible Mind and body which is ever at hand, and your very own, in need of no healing whatsoever, for into it no discord, pain, or sickness could ever enter. No effort of thought at all is required to know this, your very Being leaps to agree. The path of Knowledge starts with the Facts of Being, and ends with them. One fact is that Perfection of Being, Mind, Body, and Existence can never be achieved or experienced through any kind of healing or demonstration whatsoever. It is not a matter of creating it, but of identifying with it as eternally Self-existent. When this is seen, then the deplorable practice of taking thought will begin to lessen, and shall finally cease. What slavery to watch ones thoughts. What an assignment and bondage! Then add to this a form of teaching which accepts "evil" to be some entity, and we find many spending time and effort to "overthrow evil. One might as well battle with darkness. Light! Vision! Wisdom! What Spirit has not already done, no recitals of affirmations or denials can accomplish; and Spirit is eternally the one and only Substance, the one and only Consciousness, body, universe, and existence there is or ever can be, since Spirit, God, is in all, over all, and All. The Self is spirit, which is Wisdom, Intelligence, Power, Love, and Glory. Step out of the tomb of darkness, and see yourself and your neighbour to be Spirit, for the One-Substance is the all and only of infinitude. It makes a great deal of difference whether one fishes on the wrong or on the right side of the ship. Those who are ready to leave the labour and toil, the way called healing, demonstrating, or applying the Truth to human minds, bodies, or conditions, representing the wrong side of Life and existence, should now give their hearts attention to the fact that the Spirit which is in them and the Spirit which is in their neighbour is the Spirit which was in Christ Jesus, the selfsame One. No personality can be added to it, no perfection can be subtracted from it. When we see everyone in this true light we are then seeing and loving our neighbour as he is in Spirit: whole, sinless, pure, and perfect. There is no possible way to do this except to see the perfect Substance, Spirit, to be the only Life, Mind, Being there is, and to be there, and no one and nothing else to be present.


The light of day does not require also the help of artificial lights whereby to keep away the darkness, it is self-complete and all sufficient, and where it is no darkness can be. In the same way when we see Spirit to be the all and only, the invisible Being, Life, Truth, and Love, we are in no need of human helps such as mental practice of any sort, in fact, "If God be for us, who can be against us?" If the infinite indivisible One be all to us then indeed we are glad and happy to rest here and to have no other thought. Seeing perfect Being to be all there is of our neighbour, it is simple and easy to know that Spirit cannot suffer or be in darkness, cannot be fearful, ignorant, nor in sin. Spirit is ever pure, whole, perfect, and complete. Identified with our true Being, we shall not need to attain to any divine qualities, nor ever attempt to demonstrate them, for we shall find them to inhere in us, and be natural to us. Identified with Love, we shall be loving, generous, kind, and considerate; and we shall see nothing to forgive or to be forgiven. Seeing the one Substance to be infinite Love, all-embracing, perfect, and complete, we shall love to be this One, and no other. The one perfect Being, which we eternally are, cannot possibly feel grief, affliction, or tribulation. Never can Spirit be contaminated or defiled, and this Truth which we perceive and know for ourselves is the same Truth we see and know for our neighbour, for he and I are one, the one which is Spirit, God. In this way we are fulfilling the command to love our neighbour as ourself. Such glory as this can never come about through any kind of thinking, but only by being released from it, and allowing the heart to find its own source of light to be Spirit, the all-knowing Intelligence which supplies its own light, love, understanding, and revelation. The heart which looks above all else has found the only Source of knowledge there is, and is freed from any dependence upon dogma, manual, or organization. Only Revelation can set one free from bondage and show him how to cast his net on the right side by looking directly to Spirit, and cutting loose from everything pertaining to mental practice of labour and strife. In Spiritual Revelation there is no strife or labour perfect Creator and perfect Creation is our all.


Lesson No. 24 THE BODY OF SPIRIT The idea of trying to control, overcome, or to demonstrate over conditions, thoughts, or false beliefs must be superseded by the desire to see and to accept Spirit, perfect Being, to be the All and Only of existence. Such words as demonstration or healing have no place in Spiritual perception, the Kingdom of Spirit. Nor is one to watch for a change in thought, mind, or condition. We desire a thinking which is not the result of a change anywhere, but is the spontaneous activity of that Intelligence which is Spirit, God. Illumination comes when our Soul or Spirit recognizes itself as God, and can say, I and God are one. Then the effort to apply Truth to human minds or bodies ceases. Although the adjectives human, mortal, and material are applied to life, mind, and being, never are they used in connection with Spirit. Spirit is not a word of degree, no one associates planes or states with it. Thus the final understanding that we are Spirit blots out all other viewpoints, bringing an end to mental treatment, to everything concerned with change, healing, or demonstration. When one sees Spirit-Life, Spirit-Being, Spirit-Body to be all, he will never dream of giving a "treatment" to himself or to his neighbour. Metaphysics, psychology, and psychiatry all concern themselves with mental cause and mental cure. They are all destined to collapse and fall. The purely Spiritual viewpoint comes as a Spiritual awakening, delivering wholeness, harmony, peace, and blessedness through Spiritual revelation and illuminating, the spiritual awareness of Truth and Reality to be the only Presence, Power, and Actuality there is. Until one is ready to break away from the triad of matter, mind, and personality, he is not fit for the Kingdom of Spirit. With the knowledge that "I" am Spirit, the body and universe will be seen from a new viewpoint. In Spirit, all remedies whether physical or metaphysical are done away "When that which is Perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away. (I Cor 13:10) Not temporary healing, but permanent Wholeness is found in the Christ-awareness "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. The Perfect has no need for healing, the Self is ever ablaze with light, love, and happiness, and there is no night of darkness there.


The question is asked, "Is this body which I scrub and feed the spiritual body?" The answer is NO. "Spirit hath not flesh and bones as you see me have. (Luke 24:39) The theory that the spiritual body and the material body are one and the same, that is, that the material body is the perfect spiritual body seen imperfectly, is false. Accept it not. We can best understand the answer to this question through an illustration, such as our sleep and dream. In our dreams we appear not to have the body of our waking state, nor to identity with it, but to have some other body altogether. For instance, suppose one is dreaming that he is swimming in the ocean, would you say that the body which is in the water is but a false viewpoint of the body on the bed? Of course not. The body on the bed and the one in the ocean are not one and identical, for the fact is clear that the one appearing in the dream, with which the sleeper is identified, has no substance or reality whatsoever, nor is the body which is on the bed there in the water. In order for one to see and be identified with the body on the bed he must awaken from sleep, then the body of his dream vanishes. Asleep to ones actual Self and body to be Spirit, pure Substance, he appears to have a body of material flesh and bones which can be afflicted with pain and disease. In the various systems of physical and metaphysical healing the aim is to remove disease from a human or material body, or a material mind. In the great Spiritual awakening taking place today, we shall be required to cease giving attention to the healing or correction of mind or body, and instead identify with the Mind and body of Spirit, which has never been flesh and bones, and which cannot be subject to imperfection. Waking to this supernal Truth and Reality we no longer apply mental treatments to any person or thing, but understand that there is no matter, mind, or personality; Spirit is the only Being, Intelligence, and body there is. The body which one sees as materiality, subject to pain, sickness, and death, is not the body of Spirit, or the spiritual body, nor is it the spiritual body seen imperfectly.


Where you, Spirit, are, there also is your spiritual body, perfect and intact. Waking to the knowledge that we are Spirit, God, the one perfect Mind and Being, the dream of matter ends. Therefore, regardless how many diseases one could heal in or of a material body, he would still be required to identify himself with the body of Spirit into which no discord could enter. It should now be plain that healing or demonstration is not the Way to Wholeness. Let one decide whether he has a material body to be healed of pain and sickness or the body of Spirit which is pure and perfect, needing no healing, since no discord has entered it. Identifying with the imperfect, the assumptive, and unreal, one then looks for healing, whereas identification with the Actual, the Real, and the True, he experiences the realities of the Kingdom of Spirit. There are no situations, minds, bodies, or conditions to "treat. There is no person to address in this treatment. There is no outline to follow, no stated time to consider. What we know to be true of our Self we are to know to be true of our neighbour also. We are to see Spirit to be the only Being, Mind, body, and existence "here" or "there," Spirit to be all, and all to be Spirit. Where does one need to go to see this? No where the place whereon one stands is holy ground. It is generally accepted that one must die in order to enter Heaven, the Universe of Spirit. In a sense this is true, but not in the way it is meant. We are to die to the belief that there is matter, mind, and personality, and awake to the Truth of Being, the Truth that revelation and illumination will come to one when his Soul or Spirit cognizes itself to be God. "The Spirit and the bride (Inspiration) say, Come. (Rev 22:17)


Lesson No. 25 AS IT IS In the field of mental practice today, multitudes are discovering to their dismay that their beliefs about Truth which they have practiced faithfully, and depending upon absolutely, now no longer support them. There is great consternation and confusion today because the healing works are not taking place as in times past: for the going out of the old outgrown order and the coming in of the Great Spiritual Awakening is simultaneous. The Bible prophesy pertaining to human history is ever in constant fulfilment, and shall be until the end of human existence "One jot or tittle shall in no wise pass from the law till all be fulfilled. (Matt 5:18) As the day of mental treatment, which flourished for a time, draws to a close, multitudes unillumined through Self-revelation, and trusting their way blindly to personalities, ritualism, and organization, are like the "foolish virgins" who had "lamps" but no "oil. Listen to and heed the stirring and vital words of Truth pertaining to these times, "The hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. (John 4:23,24) This is the Hour of Spirit, when all search for Reality comes to an end as one finds his fulfilment in the following announcement of Christ, "The Kingdom of God cometh not with observation (ways and means of the objective or subjective). Neither shall they say, Lo here! Or lo there! for, behold the kingdom of God is within you. (Lk 17:20, 21) Only when we shall find and experience the Kingdom of Heaven within us shall we have found our safety and immunity, the fulfilment of all our desires, our glory, peace, our constant delight. Healing practices are woefully failing everywhere, because it must become known that human existence can never be spiritualized. "My kingdom is not of this world. (John 18:36) "The world (of objective appearance ) passeth away. (I John 2:17) Imperfect teaching must give way to the perfect Spiritual Idea, and "None can stay His hand, or say unto Him, What doest thou?" (Dan 4:35) The hour is here now when those ready to accept Christs words will find the Kingdom of Heaven to be right within us, and learning what this means shall go forward into great light and glory.

When the day arrived in history that the use of kerosene oil was to give place to lighting through electricity, many prolonged their acceptance of it, even as before that day many of the slaves, set free, preferred to remain in slavery. Though our "demonstrations" in the past have brought us great increase in good, and we are grateful beyond measure for each and every one, still we are ever divinely compelled to come up higher until the goal is reached. Whenever a new order comes into view, the old must pass away; and the time is here for healing to be based upon an entirely new platform, that is, we are to strike out in a different dimension altogether, we are to find our wholeness and perfection, our eternal Life, our perfect Mind, Soul, and body in Spirit, exactly the way that Jesus did, within oneself. The idea that we are a man or creature, a body or an image of something or someone else is not the Christ-Truth. The idea that each as an individual consciousness, is to create his own good, be the arbiter of his own fate, is also not the Truth; as well as the idea that each has a mind, will, and body of his own which is to be redeemed, changed, or purified. The increased struggle to apply the Truth, to do something with the Truth, to practice Truth upon dull minds and thoughts so as to affect sick bodies and affairs comes to a sudden end: for the reason that Truth is what we are, and not what anyone intends to make himself. Truth is to be known and realized as It is, in all Its pristine purity and glory, and never to be practiced, used, or applied to that which in Truth has no existence whatever. Loud and insistent today, the cry for better healing, for permanent results, greater might to overcome greater needs. "Mens hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming of the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. (Lk 21:26) Yes, hearts fail because the thing they trusted in no longer supports them, since it is imperfect and incomplete in itself. "He that shall endure to the end (knowing and understanding Reality as It is) shall be saved. Those who willingly and gladly accept the advancing Light of divine Revelation shall remain safe and secure, dwelling as they do in the Kingdom of the Real where there is no personality to limit them. (Mt. 24:13)


Permanent release from ills, discords, and confusion comes as one turns to the Kingdom of Spirit to see things as they actually are, and have ever been since the "beginning. Instead of greater effort needed in changing consciousness, thoughts, or bodies, all of such mental practice should be dismissed and banished as one finds his peace, happiness, and security, his health, wholeness, and harmony, together with his knowledge of all things, in that Realm of the Real where they have always existed, the Kingdom of God within us. None of the realities of Life can be known or seen so long as one concerns himself with the practice of Truth over error, right thoughts over wrong ones, the spiritualization of this or that, and so the colossal illusion that one must defend himself from some secret, aggressive entity called "evil" and its various allies. "Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God. (John 3:5) Many will find obedience to this command as difficult today as it was in Jesus time. To be born of the Spirit means to drop everything that pertains to ways and means of correcting, adjusting, changing, spiritualizing, purifying, or healing, any consciousness, mind, thought, or thing; to believe in nothing but Perfection, which is to be seen and known in the Spiritual world as the all and only of existence! Nor can one ever know what this Perfection is until he has the actual experience of it in Self-revelation. Arise from the dead! Come out of the tomb! Sell what thou hast! Perfection already and always exists for those who will come into its Presence. Truth is not known through any systems of ideas which have to do with getting or changing, practicing or applying. Truth is Reality now. None can escape the Spiritual requisite. Spirit is the Mind which is never in any states or stages of consciousness. Spirit is Consciousness. Spirit is life eternal without any sickness, sin, or death. The labourless way of Spirit is the only one Jesus knew or taught. Perfection exists for all who will leave all other ways to come into its Presence. Christ represents Light, Illumination, Revelation within oneself. Here alone can we see and know things as they are in Reality. We do not see things as objects, but as Spiritual ideas and identities. A Spiritual idea is a thing which exists as it is, without any objective appearance of materiality. Only in illumination can we see spiritually, as it takes Spirit to see Spirit. Here we are no longer the self we seem to be, but That which is all things. In That, and as the One, we know all things. We are That to which we prayed We are That which has been the only One forever.

Only when one sees the futility of all efforts to "apply the Truth" and is willing to forget everything pertaining to mental practice, and roll it up as a scroll, shall awareness come to him from the within, that Perfection is the established fact, and all that he is asked to do is to believe in it, love it, trust it, behold it with spiritual vision, and lo, he will be lifted up into light and glory where he will escape the fear and desolation of these times, the uprooting and overturning of everything which would obstruct the entrance of the pure Spiritual and Perfect. Let him that is willing and ready, Come. Let him that is athirst for the living Truth, Come. Come at this moments notice, and pause not to take anything from your house of dead ideas. "Let the dead bury the dead. Come thou, and follow Christ. It may seem as a literal dying to give up beliefs fostered in ignorance and accepted for many years to be the actual Truth, such as this belief that the divine Mind acts upon a human mind, then through this it reaches an objective material appearance the following after certain leaders, books, teachings; and the various systems of warfare with evil. All these things must go, and we must depart from them forever, in order to fulfil the responsibility to do the "greater works" which Jesus promised. Foolishly it has been thought that this would be the healing of more diseases, and instantaneously, the greater skill in uncovering hidden causes, the swifter reconditioning of minds and consciousnesses. It means none of these things, but the reverse, in fact, it means to break loose from the very notion of healing anyone or anything or any disease, and to enter into that place which is Spirit, the finished Kingdom, Heaven and here see That which is all things in unchanging unity. View creation as it is in the Spiritual world, and you will never attempt to give mental treatments or bring about healings. Accept Spirit, and you will see the Reality Itself which is all things. This is the "greater work" entrance into Reality through Spiritual light. Divine revelation owes nothing to human speculations. Our thoughts and feelings, our actions or ignorance do not condition our Reality. Thank God for this! Being is not conditioned by any beliefs or practices whatsoever. Just as you are you can come into your Perfection if you will turn from personality, from thought and thing, in fact from the whole objective world, to face Heaven as a living reality within you.


Lesson No. 26 THE CHRIST LIGHT The time for thinkers came and has passed, "and the time has come already when the real worshippers will worship the Father in Spirit and in Reality; for these are the worshippers that the Father desires. God is Spirit, and his worshippers must worship Him in Spirit and in Reality. (John 4:23, 24 Moffatt) Through various ways of worship, finally we come to the Door; yet here everything must be left on the outside in order that we can now experience the within as All-sufficiency in Itself. All on the outside we know to be temporal, but the things of the within to be eternal. (2 Cor 4:18) None can take the things of the outside into that of the Within. His formula, church, textbook, teacher, friend, relative, all must remain without. ONE comes alone. Yes, the price is high, but O the glory of the reward! To be free from worry, fear, suffering, disease, inharmony, and unhappiness is surely worth any price. Yes, we enter alone there is no other way I, Spirit, am the Way. The world which we contact within is the only one there is. Here creation is not expression, but is Life itself. We find God, Reality, to have been with us all the time, yes, even our own Being. To Jesus, Spirit was all, nothing else mattered. His Father was Spirit; his life was Spirit; he was Spirit. Only in following this Christ-Light shall our hunger and thirst cease; and as we worship here in Spirit, we find "the world, the flesh, and the devil" to have no meaning. Until one has had some taste of Reality, his understanding of Life is necessarily intellectual or theoretical. None is known to have entered into the experience of the purely Spiritual unless he is Spiritually minded. (Roman 8:6) The reason why the world knows so little about Spirit and Reality is because it has experienced so little of it. It has been content to change things about in a body and mind and to enjoy what little it can in a human existence. If we would experience Revelation then we must part with all that keeps us from it. The greater our love and devotion for the Perfect as already established, the more frequent will be the times lived in Illumination. One can have as many changes in consciousness as he will, but none of them will bring him direct divine Illumination, because Truth is to be known through Truth, and not through change of any kind.


When the gracious invitation went out to many to come to the great supper, saying, "Come, for all things are now ready," then all began to make excuses, and in todays language it might be like this: "I must first do my mental work go into the silence attend to certain religious duties consult my book or teacher. Read Luke 14:16-27, read also about the required "wedding garment" in Matthew 22;1-14. When the call comes, no one need pause to please or fight for his particular church or prayer book, since "There shall not be left one stone upon another that shall not be thrown down. (Matt. 24:1,2) The Christ-Way is destined to be the One and Only. Christ Light and Revelation is its own church, its own royal power and glory, its own light and understanding, its own peace, joy, and happiness. In profuse and dramatic parables, Jesus pointed out that Heaven exists as the eternal and established fact, and that it is even now as close to us as our own Being. He pointed out that there was no way to it only to leave all for it, and without any labour or effort, but in Spiritual love alone, he would find himself worthy of it eternally. Moreover he pointed out that the way of Spirit is always simple and easy, without work or strife "He that is not with Me is aga inst Me; and he that gathereth not with Me scattereth abroad. (Mt 12:30) Greater demands are made upon us all the time. In the Light of the Real we can now see that what is termed evolution of mind or consciousness, which seems to take place subjectively and objectively, is but our realization of That which we eternally are in the realm of the Real. Here all is finished without cause, effect, or result. In the Real we are even now all that we shall ever become. We come into the Spiritual revelation gradually, or by degrees, and it is this constant revealing of the Perfect which seems as an endless chain of cause and effect, while in the world of the Real, we know all events to be the unchanging Reality. We know that here perfect body exists now, as well as perfect Mind, Soul, Life, and Being. Here we are all that is, since All is in each, and everywhere everything is the Eternal One. Those who think the "one body" to be the objective appearance they wish healed had better discover their mistake right now. The real and true exists with no need of healing or changing whatever! Nor is the illusion in the appearance. For instance, if one is looking at a rope, and in the dusk mistakes it for a snake, the illusion would certainly not be in the snake! The illusion would be in the way one interpreted the rope; the rope of course would remain the same all the time.

The whole of the Bible tells that the darkness, veil, or covering is the way that we misinterpret and misunderstand the Perfect, the complete, and ever-present Kingdom of God within. In the illustration, the rope and the snake have no connection, no relationship. All that is necessary is to see the rope as it is. The objective material appearance of the body is never the fact, nor is it real in itself, yet it will continue until we see Reality as it is. It is written that Jesus healed all manner of diseases and even raised the dead, but it is not written that he took away the material appearance of the body from anyone. Evidently the people went about as before, were sick again and died. Our body as it is, can be seen to Spiritual sense only, and is as real and tangible to Spirit as the present appearance is tangible to the human sense. The objective appearance need not be denied or denounced. When changes in appearance come about through changes in thought, the healing often is transitory, but when healing takes place because of inner illumination, wherein one sees Reality as it is, then the healing is permanent, and spiritual peace, love, and harmony are known and understood. Many letters are written me recently from the readers of these lessons, testifying to their great freedom, happiness, harmony, and understanding. It is written, "They that are in the flesh cannot please God. (Roman 8:8) This refers to those who believe in the external material appearance as the one and the only. Again we read, "Though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God. (Job 19:26) Many people today love to quote this verse, for to them it means that God actually exists right in every objective cell of their material appearance. It means no such thing! The rope does not exist in the appearance of the serpent, but in the rope only. Yet while one stands in this illusion, it is possible for the illusion to vanish, and before him will be the rope itself. So here where one appears to be absent from the Kingdom and busily at work mentally to bring it to him, it is possible for the illusion to leave him through an experience in illumination or revelation, and lo, the material appearance of body has utterly vanished to him, and though living apparently in this world, he will see and experience the body as it is in Spirit.


"And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us. (John 1:14) The reality of the Real was objectified materially before us in this world yet it was never of this world, nor of materiality, anymore than we are; it was always of Reality and Truth, and so are we. Jesus proved all ways of the flesh to be futile, and less than nothing. To him there was nothing true but Truth Itself, there was nothing real but Reality Itself, and there was no way to Life but to be That which is Life Eternal. It is the appearance of materiality which is not the real, and of course it is this which is put into the grave. The body in its perfect spiritual reality remains with one forever, since, in Spirit, he and his body are one. Follow the advice, "Willing to be absent from the (false sense of) body and present with the Lord (the purely Spiritual sense of body only). (2 Cor 5:8) Inasmuch as ones objective appearance changes with his changed beliefs, it has come to be accepted quite generally that the body is but ones expression of consciousness, and so the only way to experience a perfect body would be to advance toward it through development and changes in consciousness. This is a colossal illusion! Let me assure you that your perfect spiritual body will never arrive through any changes whatsoever. It if does not NOW exist, it is certain that it will never exist at all. One bit of Spiritual illumination would free you entirely from the belief that you have now or ever had had a material, mortal body! Accept your body as it is in Spirit, and you will receive the healing which you so long for; and beside this you will then know that never have you had a material body, regardless of any and all appearances; and that the perfect body you have in the Kingdom of Heaven within you is the only body there is or ever can be. We are to see the Self, body, and universe as they are in the Spiritual world of Reality Heaven seeing this with clear, spiritual vision, the illusion leaves us, and when we look again at the objective, we find all trace of sickness gone, not because we have changed consciousness, but because we have experienced Reality! The more complete our Illumination, the more instantaneous the healing. This is the Christ-healing, the raising of ones vision to the eternal Reality, here to see, know, and experience the Perfect as it is in the Kingdom within.


Lesson No. 27 THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL Jesus Christ does not represent the objective world of things, bodies, and personalities, where sins and diseases are healed externally, nor does he represent the subjective world of thoughts and beliefs, where sins and diseases are healed mentally. Jesus Christ represents one world only, The Kingdom of Spirit one Being only, Truth and Life itself. He stands for Perfection which needs no change to make it so, and to which ways, states, and stages have no meaning. He referred to direct divine Illumination as "The Father Within;" this alone was his light, power and understanding. He taught that he was the Truth itself, and that we were to keep his sayings, and follow him. You will not find the word "consciousness" mentioned even one time in the entire Bible, and never the word "mind" used in reference to God, but you will find hundreds of references under the words "Spirit" and "spiritual. "Spirit" is the last synonym of the word God to come into universal recognition and attention, and receive its proper interpretation, and all other terms of lesser meaning shall give place to it. When the hour has struck, so shall it be. Only by entering the Realm of Spirit shall we ever experience release from sin, sickness, and death, for here they have no meaning. When Spirit takes its rightful place among us then the Day of full Glory draweth nigh. Those trained for nearly a life time in ways which deal in constant struggle with evil in one form or another, in pagan worship of personalities and religious ritualism, and in dire neglect to identify with Truth and Life as Jesus did, and so live in constant Revelation of life within themselves, will find it difficult to walk away from all this with one great stride; while to others, who have no outside God, but only the One within, it will be simple indeed, for their all-absorbing love for the Reality and Truth will make it so. Spirit is the Key-note today. It returns to the time of Jesus when he announced his preaching of "The Gospel of the Kingdom," and described it as Heaven within Oneself. In the book of Revelation, we read again about the "The Everlasting Gospel" which is to be preached "unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people. (Rev 14:6) This Gospel shall concern itself with the fact that Heaven is at hand for those who are "born of Spirit" we shall witness the going out of the old world of appearances, and our entrance into the Spiritual World of Reality, wherein nothing exists or ever has existed but Perfection and Truth.

Spirit suggests the "fourth dimension" because it is boundless and immeasurable, the unconditioned Absolute. Here alone is Freedom, here alone is Peace and Happiness, eternally. Each must decide for himself whether or not he is ready for it. Certain it is that we can know of Spirit and its realities supernal only through divine Illumination and Revelation of the Kingdom within. Spirit is Life and Being as they really are, without any ways to them, since we ourselves can know our Reality only through experiences in Illumination, where we come face to face with our eternal Freedom, since ever Truth and oneself are ONE. The Self is the Being of Truth and Reality. The body is the body of Truth and Reality. The universe is the universe of Truth and Reality. When it is said that one comes alone, it does not mean that we can not receive help and healing from another who is in this Christ-Light, for we can, and anything we can find that is written from this realm of Reality will continue to bless and help us. Yet there always comes the moment when we come alone, the same as that we each do our own eating, breathing, and drinking. No one needs fear or dread it, because it is the most wonderful moment of our experience, and all have found it so. It is love, deep and all-absorbing which makes the way swift and easy, a love which finds divine peace and glory in making any sacrifice of self necessary. Healings will continue, and will be more certain, sure, and permanent when found through recognition and acceptance of perfection as the established fact of Being, body, and world, forever and eternally. Here we shall find our abundance also, and no fear, worry, or doubt need concern us. As we accept the Realm of the Perfect to be the Kingdom of Heaven within us, then we find our abundance of good without any labour of thought or effort. It is automatic and simultaneous. We are to walk in the Spirit, live and love in the Spirit, act, feel, and worship in the Spirit. Only here shall we ever know "the deep things of God. You may recall that about two years ago, in one of my lessons, I mentioned the experience of having a very painful finger because a rose thorn had lodged in it deeply. That night when the pain was very severe, suddenly a question presented itself to me like this: Do I believe that I have a material finger into which a thorn has entered and so needs to be removed, or do I have a finger which is spiritual and perfect in the Real world, into which no thorn could ever enter, and so needs no removal at all?


Immediately I saw Reality as it is, and the pain stopped that instant soon there was no swelling or discoloration, and no thorn in the objectively appearing finger. It was then that there came to me another Illumination, something which I had wanted to know for many years and which perhaps many of my readers have asked also, which is this: Why is it that when we experience a healing, even through divine Light, it means only that the trouble, whatever it is, is gone, but the material appearance of the body persists the same as ever? When shall we be set free from the appearance called matter or materiality, and manifest in that body which Jesus did when he vanished from view? I found my answer in John 17:15, "I pray not that Thou shouldest take them out of the world (of material appearance), but that Thou shouldest keep them from the evil (sin, suffering, disease, and troubles of all kind). Jesus was able to identify himself wholly and completely with Spirit, then the objective appearance of materiality vanished entirely; it needed no burial, for it had never been anything in itself. Jesus promised that we shall follow him "afterwards" (John 13:36), and of that hour of our complete deliverance from that which is termed "matter" "knoweth no man, no, not even the angels of heaven, but my Father only. (Mt 24:36) In the meantime we shall come into a Light and Understanding which shall be so pure and transparent that we shall be happy, free, and joyous as never before, perfect in wholeness and harmony, and in the gladness of everlasting Glory.


Lesson No. 28 FROM THE UNREAL TO THE REAL "The slight trouble of the passing hour results in a solid glory, past all comparison for those of us whose eyes are on the unseen, not on seen; for the seen is transient, the unseen Eternal. (2 Cor 4:18) Moffatt-translation. Only by acting in the Realm of the Real can we experience the living Truth, that is, the world of the Real cannot be known through mental thought or practice, but by a Spiritual Activity called Intuition or Revelation. This is an activity which is not thinking, but BEING. The idea that we are to climb to Heaven, as up a stairway of ever ascending greatness is false. At any instant it is possible to enter the experience of allharmonious and ever-abiding BEING when we look not at thoughts which are seen in logic, but at things which are seen in Reality. The Bible is a Book which may be read and interpreted from one of three different viewpoints that of the historical or literal, the metaphysical or mental, or the purely Inspirational, which leads one gently but firmly and surely from the unreal and transient to the Real and Eternal. In the same sense, a house may be seen as a material structure, a mental idea, or the way it is in its Reality. To those who cannot see beyond, the first two views are helpful up to a certain point, yet, if one would attain to activity in Reality and Truth, he must depart from them both. Instead of increasing in reason which concerns itself ever with relativity, such as good and evil, large and small, right and wrong, yesterday and tomorrow, we advance into that Spiritual understanding which does not argue, nor attempt to answer questions originating in illusion, but rather does it state Truth as it is in its Reality, automatically disclosing the absurdity of all such questions. When one escapes from himself as a separate, thinking individual, he will spontaneously find himself to be in and of the One-All which contains within Itself the beauty, rhythm, and harmony of the Triune LIFE-TRUTH-LOVE. As taught in the East, the perfect world, Heaven (Nirvana) is reached by our departure from evolution into that activity wherein there is no separate "I," but a Unity which includes and is the one Infinite-All. In the Western world we see on every side the aim to individualize the One into the many, to unite and harmonize the human and the Divine, the seen and the Unseen, the unreal and the Real.

Our achievement of universal peace, harmony, and wholeness does not lie in attainment of personal demonstration, nor in the overcoming of discords and limitations by any human or mental means whatsoever, but by a moving out of such evolution altogether! A religion of means or ideas has been helpful ways to the Way, but it should never be mistaken for the Way Itself, since this is altogether different and foreign to any ways preceding it. For instance, progress in lighting did not arrive by making better candles, but by a dropping of them for another light altogether; nor could any state of doing or thinking promote the use and speed of the horse and buggy into that of an automobile. Yet, today, people hope to so improve their human thinking as to unite two worlds, heaven and earth, into one, all-satisfying Reality! There are not two worlds, as it seems, one good and the other good and evil; one where there is no war and the other where a world-war is raging. The intellect cannot behold or comprehend the Real world to be the one and Only, because it deals with things and thoughts as objective and subjective realities. The growing use of the word "idea," for instance, may take one away from objects as structural, yet leave him in a world of only his own ideas. The discerning Jesus did not allow his body to become a mere idea to His disciples, but showed It to them in all its pristine glory and light, a living and vital Presence. (Mt. 17:2) What we need today is to experience the actual activity of Life in its multiplicity of things and creations. When we see that we are entitled to such glories, we shall have them. Some years ago while driving my car down a steep hill entering the City, a problem presented itself to me which no manner of thinking or doing of myself could possibly solve. Nothing short of my experience in the Real World could save me. A little girl about four years old, unseen by me, had suddenly emerged from behind a car parked at the left of me and was running directly toward my moving car, and even before I could realize a thing, she was disappearing before the left hind wheel.


At that very instant, I felt myself, as a personality, being set aside, brushed away as something or someone wholly incompetent and useless, and I was aware of the conscious entrance of Another Being, as it were, filling my arms with living, pulsating power and strength, seizing the steering wheel and with lightning-like rapidity moving the wheels first one way, and then the other, yet all the while keeping the car at the same rate of speed and in the same general direction. I knew this Being to see all, know all, and to control all. I realized the things connected with the incident, were now being acted upon by That of another dimension altogether, and now has become the only world to me. Then, lo, the little tot was seen to emerge into view, having passed before both wheels safely, speed to the sidewalk and out of sight. I saw people standing still on both sides of the street who had apparently been viewing the "miracle. Overcome with joy and relief, I brought my car to a stop at the curb, while two men with faces shining with light and intensity of feeling, approached me. They could scarcely speak they were so overcome with emotion, but they managed to tell me that they had seen one wheel just about to crush the little one, yet it didnt, and the same thing appeared again with the other wheel, and they could not account for it, saying, "never have we seen such skill in driving. There are not two worlds, one of Spirit and the other of matter, one of the Absolute and the other of the relative. There is but one world, Heaven, which from the position of a separate thinking being, seems to be composed of multiple human beings in trouble and distress. Here, in the illusion of separation from the One-All, one deals with multiplicity as Unity. It was so with my experience as related above, wherein all things work together under One Head or Power without the relative idea of time, place or thing. When we consider a tree, for instance, we do not lose sight of its leaves, but include our awareness of the leaves in our realization of the tree as a whole. A leaf as a leaf cannot realize itself to be the tree, but as the tree, it can.


The same applies to us. We must lose sight and awareness of ourselves in order to find ourselves to be contained within the All. A ray of light going forth from the sun is one with all other rays only at its centre. As a single consciousness, we are surrounded by multiple other single consciousnesses, but moving out of this perspective and penetrating into the Centre of our Being (The Father within), we behold Life in its Divine Unity and Allness. Only here, from this awareness, can we see the All to be the One, and the One to be the All. As a separate ray, image, thinker, or consciousness, we cannot realize or be active in the One-All, since outside of this, we are ever subject to illusion. Only in and as That which includes All beings can we ever experience redemption from human intellect and reason, and from their objective problems. That which is an ever present, actual and abiding reality in my real Being as the One-All, becomes to me a future acquisition through personal development, as long as I consider myself a separate individuality or being. As a man or individual, rising to the heights of perfect Being, never can I arrive or become That which in my Reality I Am. At some time or event in my socalled evolution or personal development I must awake from the illusion, turn my back upon regeneration, evolution, and reincarnation, and face myself as I am at the Centre of my Being. Never can the intellect, bound within its own illusion, find its way out. The way out is by another way altogether the spiritual Way of Intuition and Revelation. If, and when, one is willing to lay down his inflated ego called reason and intellect, spontaneously he makes himself ready for the true light "which lighteth every man that cometh into the world. (John 1:9) The Christ, Illumination, which is Divine, belongs in and to everyone in and as the Infinite One-All. Life cannot be proven. Life is not reasonable or logical, nor can Life be placed into systems of thought and practice. Life is a Living Reality to be known through living, vital Illumination the Christ and to be experienced in the Here and Now. Light does not solve nor yet dissolve problems, nor does it answer the multitude of questions pertaining to a world of evil, sin, sickness, and death. It leads away from all solutions into the realm of Reality where such problems have no meaning, and where we actually exist as That which is one complete All, beside which there is none else.


Strange as may seem to reason, one must advance into Glory through meekness and humility. This is the place where many come to a standstill today, seeing the Glory of the Resurrection, yet unwilling to undergo the crucifixion the confession of the Prodigal. Jesus laid great store upon repentance as the door opening to "grace. Those who love their own True Being more than all else, and are meek and lowly in heart, find it easy to say to others who in the past they have looked upon as other personalities, "I am sorry;" or "forgive me," but the position is this way and no other. The way out of delusion is neither through a denial or through self-glorification, but through Love alone, and this same Love is the activity culminating in the Divine Light or Illumination and Revelation, that the One is All, and All is One.


Lesson No. 29 THE REAL WORLD Knowledge of the Real World is not gained by way of any thinking, but is a knowing by Being, and is called the Christ, Revelation, or Illumination. Regardless of our seeming separation into manifold beings in another world, we may contact the Real world now, if we will but turn from shadows to place our Love, Faith and Trust and Belief in that world which, in Reality, can never be contained in a system. Without Illumination, the World of Reality is an utter impossibility. Truth is not a science. Science deals with cause and effect, with reason, logic, and argument; it is the shadow of the living Truth but never can it show us how to depart from the personal unreal to the Eternal Real. Plotinus, a Greek philosopher states, "Science implies discursive reason, and discursive reason manifoldness. To attain utter Unity we must rise above science. You can only apprehend the Infinite by a faculty superior to reason, by entering a state in which you are your finite self no longer. Like can only apprehend like when thus you cease to be finite, you become One with the Infinite. The Absolute plants us where our roots have ever been, in the Real World, as the identical Being we have been praying to, and the very Reality we have been walking towards as though a great way off. The mind of the personal, bound in its own illusions, always demands answers to its questions. How can I be healed of this or that or demonstrate my perfection? The Voice of the Eternal cannot answer illusion by illusion, nor satisfy intellectual yearnings by the knowledge of the Absolute, anymore than one can communicate with another who is asleep. Reality can only be transmitted to those who can hear it, those willing to turn from shadows to another world, to that world which is already perfect and complete, and here see ourselves and others, as well as all creatures and things, as they really are, and ever have been.


Our departure has its price too, which is that of repentance and forgiveness. This is presented in detail in Lesson No. 11. Those who would grab the Real without such preparation must necessarily retrace their steps, as the Way is the same for all. The first words of the Prodigal Son, when ready to depart from illusion, were these: "I have sinned. (Lk 15:18) and Jesus in His giving up of the "ghost," or his complete letting go of the personal, exclaimed with infinite Love, "Forgive them. (Luke 23:24) The Absolute Way does not sanction the bringing of Perfection into multiple personal minds or beings or into their assumptive imperfect bodies, nor the acquiring of peace and harmony in some other world. Outside of Spiritual Revelation, all sin and desire is to "apply Truth to individual problems such as my deafness, my painful joints, my grief, my son, my rights, and so on. All such efforts point to another being, another body, and another world beside the One. Thus it is not a healing of conditions in personalities which is needed, nor yet a moving from another world into the Real, but an overcoming in our selves of the illusion of separateness and otherness; for so long as one is lost in such illusion, he will continue to want his body healed, his thoughts controlled and his world changed. This basic illusion can be blotted out only by ones activity in the acceptance of Unity. When Jesus was confronted with problems concerning separate beings in another world, "He raised His eyes to Heaven. "He looked up" meaning that he did not treat nor pray over sick minds or bodies, but looked into the Real World, to see things as they really are; then He gave thanks for them and from this state of realization announced, "Thou art made whole. "Arise and walk. Reader, fix your gaze now upon the Real world, and see it governed and controlled as One All, even as described in the book of I Chron. 29:11-13. Looking into this world, Heaven, we cannot see war, sin, sickness, nor any discord, thus see no necessity to heal them. Therefore, those today who suffer in grief because of loved ones in war, will first of all need to conquer illusion in themselves, the illusion of separate beings in another world, and this they do by placing their loved ones in the One and Only world there is, which in truth they have never left. It is easy to see them here as safe, secure, happy, free. Refuse to consider them otherwise, or in any other world. As you do this, you are bound to find conviction rising from within yourself that it is so.


The same way applies to other problems also. Stop treating yourself or conditions, such as pains or aches or troubles of any kind; take your vision, your thoughts, and your emotions from the pictured illusion, and look into the One and Only world, Heaven. Immediately you will become aware of things and beings as they are Here; nor will it be possible for you to see need of any healing, change, or adjustment whatever. Worship this Reality, Love it above all else. Cleave to it with all your heart, and the illusion of separateness will leave you and with it will go the problem. A bird may keep its eyes so fastened upon a snake as to be charmed by its gaze, and thus forget its natural way of escape through flying. If for the briefest fraction of a second he will but remove his eyes from the snake, spontaneously he will remember his wings and be set free. The illumined have all left the same report for us that is, if we will but take our eyes, thoughts, and emotions entirely away from the pictured trouble, whatever it may be, to obey the Divine Edict, Look unto Me, Behold Me, and our heart responds with Love, very soon, often instantaneously, we shall find complete peace and satisfaction, and the illusion has vanished. Our peace and harmony cannot be found or experienced as a separate personality in another world other than the One. It is the Truth we see and accept in the Real World which shall restore our souls, and set us free. As we become active in the world of Reality, we shall escape the illusion of a personal self and its never ending personal problems, and shall have that immunity which is born of our experience in the Real World. Anything we feel we lack or need, we shall find in ourselves in our Reality, in the world of the Real. Never shall we find satisfaction in any performances in the world of individuality. The Eternal-All is past, present, and future as One Ever-Abiding Reality. This is our Being, to take, to have, to love, and to experience always, in the Here and Now. There can be no darkness or illusion where the Infinite Light shines in its own Glory. Always when we attend ourselves to the perfect and the Real, the disharmony or problem vanishes. Falsity or illusion, therefore, is dissipated by the light o f ones own Realization and Illumination. It may be that some who have already accepted their identity with and as the One, may not yet be fully satisfied with their present experience. Happily, there is eternal revealing. It may be asked what awareness or apprehension could possibly be more expansive than to identify oneself with the completeness and perfection of the One? The Answer comes only through the The Voice of the Eternal, inner illumination.

As no illustration can be considered either small or great in itself, I will relate the experience which gave me the Answer to the above question, which light will shed itself upon all those who will receive it. To find a parking place for ones car on a very busy street may sound inconsequential compa red to locating a suitable home for oneself today in an already overcrowded city, but the Answer to both problems is the same. Up to a certain, I have always been able to locate a place for my car quickly, regardless of any relative conditions, knowing who I am. But then came an occasion as follows: I was about to drive into an open space when the car just preceding me backed into it. This happened three different times in succession, and all within a few minutes, so that I knew that I must find the answer. The First thing that came to me was this; the driver in each case had as much right to that particular place as I had. Then a light flashed to me that explained everything. I saw that in this case I must not be content to see Reality for myself alone, but that I must include all, the whole world, in my vision. I saw clearly that all were already within the All, and so of course, there was room for all. A parking place was then immediately available to me. Although ones vision and identification of oneself with and as the One is a mighty and most glorious one, there must inevitably arise an occasion when we shall be required to include the whole world in our concept of Perfection, and in doing so, we shall find our own needs gloriously supplied. Suppose, for instance, in looking for an apartment, that one discovers too few places and too many seekers, and finds others to have advantages over him. Then, instead of knowing for himself that he is in and of the One Being, who has all, let him expand his vision to behold and include Infinity. Let him see room for all in the All, and the all already in the All; in fact, let one see that it takes all to have and to be the all. The same awareness may be taken for other activities as well. Seeing perfection, satisfaction, peace, and plenty for the whole world as the One-All, one shall most naturally enjoy the experience of having these for himself. Unity is not a combination of separate people or things, since every so called nation, race, country, or individual, that is of God, is included in the Real world in that world which we know to be the One-All.

There is sight for all, health and wholeness for all, harmony and joy for all, because Infinity already includes all. With this vision and awareness, born of Illumination, one loses all sense of responsibility, and simply and naturally functions in his real Being. Therefore, taking perfection of the whole world into our awareness is the realization which will blot out the illusion of a "world war," and of every thing connected with it. Surely this must be the vision for the Elect today as predicted in Matthew 24:22.


Lesson No. 30 SPIRITUAL ACTIVITY Everything that is of value to us in our appearing-world has its roots or actual existence in the Real world, even to objects about us. I recall a very interesting incident along this line of perception. A woman had sent for an upholsterer to call for a chair to be covered. A few days later he returned saying that due to a fire in his building much of his stock was destroyed including her chair. Positive as he was of this fact, also his willingness to pay the full value for the chair, she was equally as positive that her chair had not been burned at all, and that he would find it to be so. She dismissed the matter with utmost calmness and assurance, for in her heart she knew all such objects to have their existence in the Universe of the One-Mind, Eternal Substance, Spirit (or whatever word relative to Reality one chooses to use as most valuable to him). She continued knowing the reality and changelessness of the chair in the Real world, where it remained unharmed. Later the man returned explaining with amazement that he had located it in another part of his building altogether, where it had remained safe and untouched by the fire. This is a hint to all that we should not consider things and objects about us as perishable matter, but come to know all things in their true significance and meaning. All of us have no doubt had certain articles of clothing, which we liked and enjoyed very much, remain practically impossible to wear out. What one believes to be a world of unreality (matter) is not so at all! The Realm or World of the Real, which is the only world which there actually is, contains things and objects which are perfect in themselves as contained within the One-All. What appears before me, for instance, is my particular version of the One World, that is, I see my own interpretation of it, and if my interpretation is incorrect, the unreality, or illusion, is not in the appearance seen before me, nor even in my misinterpretation of the Real, but in the fact that I accept such appearance to be reality itself.


In such a case, what we see is not Reality, but only shadows of it. The Real World remains necessarily the same for us all, but our interpretation of it varies, and what we see before us depends upon our awareness and understanding of things as they really are. We may also carry this idea into our interpretation of the body and its various parts. I have known the lame to walk, and many healings apparently to take place in the objective appearing body, through ones realization of some particular organ or part of the body as it is and ever remains in the world of Reality. This Way is very well put forth in 2 Cor 5:8, "We are willing, rather, to be absent from the body (as it appears objectively), and to be present with the Lord (see the body as it is in Reality in the Spiritual World. Be no longer confused by such metaphysical terms as matter, the material senses, material beliefs, mortal mind, etc. Simply dismiss them altogether. Furthermore, lose all sense of a responsibility to heal yourself or another, to make a demonstration, or to prove or apply the Truth. Concern yourself only with realities which you will see as you look into the Real World, Heaven; and teach those who ask for your help to do the same. We need not attempt to analyze the perfect body, but there are some definite facts about it which we should know without shadow of doubt. We can be certain that it is perfect in itself, in and of One Creator, God, Being, World, or Eternal Reality. Holding our vision and our awareness here, to the Established and Only, our thoughts and feelings will follow naturally, and we shall lose the illusion of imperfection or incompleteness in another body. This will appear as a healing, yet nothing has changed anywhere; we have discovered the seeming appearance of imperfection to have had no existence whatever in the World of Being. (John 1:3) The One consciousness in the Real World is that of us all. Here we have no separate minds or wills, for the Mind of God, the One-All, lives, expresses, and abides within us as a Unity. Considering oneself like a single ray of light for instance, he sees all others as also separate rays, because he has lost the sense of Unity or Oneness; thus here is where problems arise and where it is impossible to solve them.


The One perfect consciousness is sole Creator and Creation as the scriptures teach. Creation is not a thought, act, or emanation of Being, but is Being. Creation is Reality, and Reality is Creation, one and the same. Spiritual ideas or forms, as they are in their Reality in the Real World, need no healing for they are as perfect as God, "from everlasting to everlasting. They are neither matter nor composed of matter; they can never be subject to pain, weakness, time or discord, for these things have no meaning in the One- World. In GodRealization we know that flesh, as it is in Reality, cannot be diseased, nor blood impure. This lesson, as well as the previous ones should throw added light (if needed) upon the following references from my latest book, Who Am I. "How can any one believing that he is another being, in another place, ever find himself where he IS? As in light there is and can be no darkness whatever, so in "ME" there is and can be nothing physical, nothing human, nothing mortal, or imperishable whatever. Look to the perfect Self as your very own. When the ignorance whereby the false identification is made, disappears, only the Self is. When one sees and accepts his true identity, then the false and unreal will utterly vanish. Only the Infinite will ever completely satisfy anyone. Nothing will ever cause illusion to vanish except for us to function in our true state. An interesting letter just arrived saying, "Lesson No. 11 surely clicks for me. There seems a reluctance in claiming our wonderful identity, which is perhaps a sacrilegious "hangover" in our consciousness. There is a worthiness which is not a worthiness as we think of it from the human angle, but from the abolishment of the human altogether.


Lesson No. 31 PERFECTION ONLY The next subject to consider from the Mountain-Top is that called The Holy Ghost. Now the word "Holy" means Pure; and "Ghost," Light or illumination, really, Spirit. The Holy Ghost is Spiritual Light, pure Spiritual understanding which consumes and envelopes us as the living fire, leaving with us the blessing of love, understanding, and power. Here it is not a physical nor mental experience, but a purely Spiritual one, where Divine understanding reigns, and there is no other consciousness. The Holy Ghost is "The Spirit of Truth," which could only be known and experienced after Jesus ascension, since in his presence the disciples depended wholly upon him as a person or personality, (and multitudes still do this to this day). Read John 16:7. Finally one must come to see that the Self of Jesus is the Self of each. Indeed, he made this very plain when he said, The disciple is not above his master; but every one that is perfect shall be as his master. (Lk 6:40) Everyone beholding and accepting his perfect Selfhood to be the same as that of Jesus, shall not only be as the Master, Jesus, but shall be a law or Master unto himself. Knowing that many still have questions they would like to see answered, I will now ask questions, and give the answers. I suggest however that as you read the question, you pause, and write down your answer on another paper, then compare it with the answer given. In this way you will receive much more light and help than by merely reading the given answer. So now let us begin, as follows: "How shall I regard God, and how am I related to or identified with God?" Answer: God is the "I" of me, my Self or Being, and my Self or Being is God. When I say the word "Self," I mean this to include my Life, Mind, Consciousness, Thought, Body, and World. Of course, I allude only to the Real and True, understanding "there is none else. Question: "What is the meaning of the word Father?" Answer: The Perfect State of Being, the state of seeing and knowing Perfection Only. This perfect State is ever in us and we in it. Although Jesus always recognized the perfect state of Being to be present and intact, in his experience he led up to it by degrees.

For instance, did Jesus call himself the son of man? Yes. Why did he do this? Answer: First, to establish oneness with us. Second, having been made in the likeness of men, necessarily this was his first viewpoint; yet quickly he advanced in Spiritual wisdom and understanding to take the next step higher, namely, to call himself the Son of God. Remember, these were not physical steps, but degrees in vision and understanding, and he took each and every one for our benefit. During this time, he spoke of "the Father" as some inner Presence to whom he looked and prayed for light and help. Here he called himself Christ (John 4:26), he called himself Master and Lord. (13:13) It was toward the end of his ministry that he began to identify himself with the Father and as "the Father. Then plainly and deliberately he began to point to himself as the Father, saying, "Henceforth ye know him, and have seen himhe that has seen me hath seen the Father. (John 14:7, 9) Verily The Father is the Perfect State of Being, the state of seeing and knowing Perfection Only. Here, on the Mountain-Top, Jesus exemplified, personified, and exhibited this State, speaking as perfect Being "Before Abraham was, I Am I Am the Way I Am the Truth I Am the Life. (John 8:58. 14:6) "All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. (Mt. 28:18) Here he spoke as God, and from the Father state, or Perfection Only, as the one and only Standard or platform of Being. Now then if you will read the references, as given in the Bible Concordance to Jesus own words, under the subjects son of man; Son, Son of God, the Father; you should be able to differentiate and understand these steps perfectly. Furthermore, you should now see why it is that, to this day, many persist in speaking and writing about Jesus as the son of man. Obviously this is where their vision is, and they do not see beyond it. The same may be said of those who think or preach of Jesus as the Son of God they, too, do not see beyond. Only they who see beyond these preliminary steps in vision can truly behold Jesus to be God, to be the Father, to be the I-Am-Truth, and to be the portrayal of our own perfect Self and Being our perfect body, world, and experience. From the belief that one is the son of man, he accepts that "I am material. From the position that one is the son of God, he accepts that "I am what I think. From the highest viewpoint one sees beyond all this to recognize and accept, "I Am That I Am.


Until Jesus identified himself with the Highest viewpoint, or that of Reality, he spoke of others as hypocrites, liars, deceivers, goats, swine, etc. He also spoke of separation, punishment, destruction. Have we not also experienced this same viewpoint of understanding? How different his expressions from the Mountain-Top, or perfect State of vision and understanding! Here he challenged, "Who convinceth me of sin? What is that to thee? Follow thou me Where I am, there ye may be alsothe Spirit of Truth will guide you into all Truth I in them, and Thou in me, that they may be made perfect in One. Question: "What is our relationship to Jesus Christ?" Answer: We are intrinsically the very same Being, Life, Truth, Self. This is perceived, however, by degrees, and accepted and experienced accordingly. Question: "What is the difference or distinction between Jesus and Christ?" Positively, there is none. Those who speak otherwise are they who have not themselves taken the full steps in vision and understanding nor have they reached the Mountain-Top. Here, also, there is no such thing as "at-one-ment," for there is only Oneness. Nor is there "union with Jesus," for in Oneness there is unity, not union. "I am the vine, ye are the branches" I, Jesus, am the First to manifest Perfection to sight and sense, and ye are to follow me. "Feed my lambs," does not mean that one is to remain a "lamb" forever, nor to remain on the steps and teach from this viewpoint. No! "Feed my sheep," he said, and reiterated. One cannot feed "sheep" or teach from the Mountain-Top until he himself has reached this viewpoint. Confusion appears if one continues to remain a "lamb" instead of advancing to the step beyond, or if after seeing and accepting the higher Viewpoint, one falls back again to the "lamb" position. (Read John 21:15-17) Never accept or believe that one is to become good, pure, or perfect. With Jesus, see I Am! Not I shall be, but ever I Am! Perfection is not to be placed in a past state or in a future one, but in the Now and Here.


Lesson No. 32 PURE REALITY From the "steps" there appears to be growth, advancement, and continual progress in ones life and affairs; but from the Mountain-Top all this ceases, for here Perfection is established from Eternity; thought and ideas change not nor fluctuate, and consciousness continually functions to Perfection as the All and Only. Here we do not seek out new ways to demonstrate over material conditions, nor new ideas to bring forth material health, wealth, and happiness. We seek only to more fully know the Truth, which is, that we are the Truth, thus automatically to enter into the expression, manifestation, or evidence which not only is one with the Self, but actually is the Self. The Self is the world, and the world is the Self. The Self is All. God is your perfect being, and your perfect being is God. God is your life, and your life is God. God is your Identity, and your Identity is God. God is all there is of you, and all there is of you is God. There is the eternal Fact of being; this is what is known and seen on the Mountain-Top. Here is where Jesus said, "I have overcome the world," meaning that he had now entirely withdrawn himself from the belief in a material world, a world of mankind, of sickness, sin, and death. Such a world no longer appeared to him, nor did he appear to such a world, and so it was reported that he "ascended. Verily the "ghost" which each must finally give up is the belief that the Self is man, that the Self is human, mortal, or material, which involves the belief that one is born, that one can be sick, ignorant, in war, limitation, and death. On the steps such appearances are dealt with in various ways. Metaphysically, one seeks to overcome evil with good, to change consciousness so as to create a better picture, to hold to a right thought or idea, to transcend discordant conditions by accepting the oneness of God and man, to demonstrate a healthy body and harmonious surroundings through constructive thinking, or by following a certain regime of living sanctioned by "man" as good. Yet not one of these ideas belongs in Pure Reality, but all pertain to the false assumptive position of imperfection which finally must be given up in its entirety, that one may function to his genuine Identity which is I Am.


Picture-changing through so-called scientific prayer is not the Christ-Teaching. Neither are practices which constitute "living the Truth" of any actual value whatsoever. Nothing that one can think or practice in the false assumptive belief can ever re-turn him to the True and the Real; for the fact is, the "I" is never man, and is never in any state but the One and the Only. Not until the false belief that the Self is man is exploded, repudiated, and abandoned by the individual, and he perceives and accepts his Self and Being to be God and not man, shall he be released form the false assumptive position, and from all that it includes. Yea, our "Victory" has nothing to do with personal behaviour, prayer, demonstration, or the overcoming of evil in anyway, but our Victory is our awareness of and identification with Pure Reality I Am the Truth I Am God-Being I Am He. Then it is seen that the evidence of wellbeing is not to be looked for in materiality, but in the real Self, Mind, body, and universe. Look not to material appearances for evidence of Spiritual Perfection, nor as proof of your understanding of Reality! Only when you disclaim all material evidence shall the world of Pure Reality stand intact, before you. The truth of being can be learned in two ways from one who knows it or from Selfrevelation. Both ways will speak the same language I Am the Truth. Evidence of Reality is not external, but is ever established and in expression in the Spiritual world, which is the Self. Never expect material appearances to be changed into Spiritual realities. The metaphysical notion to deal with thought is responsible for the growing idea that "thought can change the world. No! Indeed, NO! Thought can do nothing in the world of "man" but change pictures, all of which are destined to be blotted out and returned dust to dust nothing. The true world cannot be created, evolved, manufactured, nor brought to pass by any human thought, effort, or action! Why? Because of the Fact that the True world already exists, and is now in manifestation. The only way to see and consciously experience the perfect world is to believe in it, and be released from all belief in a material world controlled by man. No amount of remoulding will ever transform a human being into the radiant Self; nor shall any amount of prayer, meditation, or treatment restore the Peace which Jesus saw as present and at hand. What then shall you do to experience the perfect body and perfect world which is yours eternally? Believe in them and disclaim and disown any others.


For instance, one time while pruning rose buses, a large thorn became deeply imbedded in one of my fingers, so that to appearances the finger was greatly swollen and discoloured, and pained exceedingly. A neighbour upon seeing it exclaimed, "You will need to have that thorn removed before you can expect any change in that finger. It soon came to me intuitively that if I believed my finger to be material, into which a thorn was imbedded, then I would need to have it taken out; but in disproof of this, if I could see my finger to be spiritual, into which no thorn ever entered, then I had no responsibility to remove it. Then and there I accepted with great joy my spiritual finger, and how I did love it!! Peace and gladness enveloped me, and the next day there was found no trace of any thorn whatsoever, and the finger was entirely normal. This perfectly illustrates that we are to disdain, disown, and disassociate ourselves with (from) a material body, and take glad and mighty possession of our Spiritual body, free from all evil whatsoever. The same idea applies to the world. Leave the world as Jesus did. Let go all identification with it as material, infested by war, sin, and troubles of every kind. The Perfect World already exists, and you are to see that this is so and take possession of it; herein is no war, no sadness, or sorrow of any kind. Verily the true world is here also, without birth, age, or materiality the true Mind is here, without false beliefs of any kind. What is needed is this Know the Truth, get the spiritual sense of Being, and let go the material. Who am I? I am Pure Reality. I am God- Being, God-Mind, and God-Consciousness I Am That I Am. We do not need a restoration of Jesus peace, but a recognition of Jesus Reality as evidence of our own perfect Selfhood, body, and world. How could Jesus have "saved the world," for apparently it is in the same sin, sorrow, and suffering now as ever? In just one way within himself as the I Am he saw the truth about the world, that is, he saw the One world as the Only world, perfect from Eternity. Did Jesus "overcome" any false or evil world? No. In Himself he overcame all belief in such a world, and knew no world but the Kingdom of Reality, which is Perfection, always. From the steps much is being written and said about our necessity to "see the best in others," but I say unto you that even this rule will never satisfy you nor deliver you to peace and harmony, since even the best of human efforts shall prove inadequate and worthless.


The question is not, "What are you seeing and thinking about others, but Who are you? and with what mind are you thinking? Until you see that you are the perfect Self, never having been another, the very best of your human thoughts and endeavours shall utterly fail and perish. Once you take your true identity as the God-Self, the perfect mind, you will need no training or ennobling of the human mind, for to you there will be no "others," as the Self sees the Self only. This is automatic and natural, effortless, and without thought. Judge yourself first, and before you practice judgment of another! From what mind are you judging, and from what viewpoint do you see? If thou seest man, personality, then thou art man, and if thou seest God, the perfect Self, thou art God, the perfect Self. Verily, "I" judge no man! "I" see my world perfect! "Why even of yourselves judge ye not what is right? I tell thee thou shall not depart thence until thou hast paid the very last mite. (Lk 12:57-59) The time comes when everything believed in from the steps shall prove vain, useless, and futile for no amount of mindculture or right-behaviour is sufficient to save anyone. I say unto you, thou art made whole! There is but One Being, thou art That! There is but One mind and One body, thou art That! And there is but One world, thou art That. He that believest not this eternal Truth of Being is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of his own Self and Being. Listen! Never can you think true thoughts except as the true and perfect Being. Never can you let go the sense of anothers personality until you have let go the sense of your own. Whenever you sense other than peace, love, and harmony in another, ask yourself Who am I? Such false impressions come to you only because you have not identified yourself with the one "I. As a person, never can you see beyond your own limited, imperfect viewpoint. Only when you see and believe, I am He, not personality, I am God, not man, shall you find yourself, overcome the world, and "Sit down in the Kingdom of God. (Lk 13:29) Yea, thou shall love the Lord, Thyself, first of all; then and then only are you able to see another as Thyself. Whenever an imperfect sense of yourself or of another comes to you, challenge this report by asking yourself, "Who am I?" Then, without any other means or effort, the false sense will subside and soon entirely vanish. Spirit is all, and all is Spirit. Once you see and accept this to be so, you will think, love, and live in a new way; you will begin to withdraw from false appearances, and in answer to the question, Who am I? there will continually come the blessed Answer I am Perfect Being, I am He, I Am That I Am.


Lesson No. 33 THOU SHALT FOLLOW ME AFTERWARDS What is the greatest thing in the world? Please write down your answer before reading further. The real answer is Myself. To me, the greatest thing is my own Self. Why? Because my Self is all there is of me without me there would be nothing for me to know, see, feel, or experience. Is this not so? Therefore, love is not first, nor life, nor consciousness, for as Jesus said, "I" am First "I" am the Beginning of all: and without me there would be nothing. Verily, to me "I" am all, and no world exists outside of me. If I wish a greater peace, a fuller sense of wholeness, harmony, and happiness, then I must seek out myself, and here abide. I must find myself to be my entire world, my entire existence. I must be able to answer the question, Who am I? and give the same answer as Jesus gave I am the Light of the world, and I and the Father are one I am the First. Is life God or man? Life is God. Is Being God or man? Being is God. Is Consciousness God or man? Consciousness is God. Is expression God or man? Expression of God is God. Then man is not life nor Being nor consciousness nor expression. God is all, and all is God. There is nothing besides. "Whoever shall confess me before men, him will I confess also but whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny. (Mt. 10:32, 33) So long as one denies his actuality and entity to be God, he is denied its experience. When one sees and confesses his genuine Being to be God, and not man, he is consciously aware of it. Surely this is self-evident and self-convincing. The mind that believed in a flat earth did not exist. There was no such mind at all. There is no creator of ignorance, darkness, mortality. Said Jesus, "I have overcome the world. Ultimately, each one of us must make this same acknowledgment and confession I have overcome all belief in a mind separate and apart from God; I have withdrawn from all belief in a consciousness and in a world other than the Perfect, the One, and the Only. "Have faith in God" have faith in the Perfect as already and eternally established, intact, here and now. "As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be. That which is, is forever existent, and that which is not is forever nonexistent.


Believest thou this? What then is there to you besides the perfect Self, the perfect body, and the perfect world? Answer thou Me! Is God one being and you another? Is God one life and you another? Is God in one world and you in another? Is God seeing anything besides Completeness, Perfection, Wholeness, Immortality, and Abundance? Withdraw your attention from untruth, turn to Me, believe in Me only, love Me, have faith in Me there is none else. Withdraw more and more from all identification with the false assumptive state called "man," for he continually testifies to war, labour, strife, limitation, incompleteness, mortality, death. Who is "I" and who is "Me?" You, yourself. You are none other than the One who is All, and who is indivisible. I, myself, am "I," and I, myself, am "Me. Nor could it be otherwise. The metaphysical field which teaches and upholds, "constructive thinking," directly opposes Jesus divine Instruction, "Take ye no thought. In fact, Jesus never used the word "mind" once in such connection. You see, the more one educates himself as man to think or act correctly or spiritually, the farther he wanders in belief from his own perfect Selfhood, in and from which all true thinking inheres and proceeds. Moreover, to study and follow the direction of the apostles will never be sufficient to bring one to Jesus understanding that I myself am the Way, the Truth, and the Light. The apostles, even though taught by Jesus, nevertheless wrote from the human viewpoint about the Divine, while Jesus speaks from the Divine, and as the Divine. When it becomes more universally known and understood that Jesus, the Christ, is the Only one to follow, then shall freedom, peace, and unlimited good and abundance be experienced in the here and the now. There is no man-self to bless or to be blessed; no imperfect-self to be healed, perfected, purified, or uplifted. There is but One Self of you, which is the GodSelf, (since God is all), and this Self is to be recognized, received, and confessed. No amount of labour or human endeavour could change a flat earth into the round one; all that was needed to enjoy the blessings of the round earth was knowledge that Being is not man at all; all the time Being is God, good, perfection, peace, harmony, and glory.


As you are obedient to the voice of Spirit, and withdraw from taking thought, and from the belief that you are a being other than God, you will receive the blessing, for to confess yourself to be in and of the perfect Whole, the I Am that I Am, is to simultaneously and automatically receive the experience thereof. Therefore repeat Jesus sayings as your own. How different they are, and how surpassingly helpful compared to those of "man!" Here are a few of Jesus sayings. I Am I Am He I Am the Resurrection I Am the Way I and the Father are one. Ones very desire, aim, and consent to now leave the thoughts of man for the thoughts of Jesus, who represents our own true and perfect Selfhood, will surely and immediately bring untold blessings. "If thou canst believe, (in your own being as eternally established in perfection and glory) all things are possible to him that believeth. (Mk 9:23) Therefore believe only in the great truth which Jesus taught I Am He. Jesus could not save us as a person, and should never be considered as a personality. Jesus is the way Universally. He did not save us from the false belief that we are man each must accept this Truth as his very own, for each is a distinct identity. Verily, hear his beloved words, "They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. We are not of man, even as Jesus was not of man. A false belief is lost sight of, and vanishes, in the acceptance of the true and the real, thus Jesus said, The Truth shall make you freewhen you accept it. Whosoever will, let him come Whosoever will, let him take "Whosoever shall drink of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life. (John 4:14) "Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest. (John 4:35) "Whither I go, thou canst not follow me now; but thou shalt follow me afterwards. (Jn 13:36) Jesus did not go to any other place, but into a higher state of consciousness which knows and experiences I Am the first and the last. It was expedient that Jesus vanish to us, otherwise too much attention would be given him as a personality; even to this day this mistake is being made continually. Said he, "I go to prepare a place for you I will come again. (John 14:2,3)


In other words, his "going" prepared the opportunity that we each find ourself to be the very same as he. While he was here in person, dependence was placed upon him; and to this very day when one looks to or sees the perfect self as belonging to "Jesus" or "Christ" only, he fails to see that each of us, as a distinct identity, is the identical Self, or I Am. Thou shalt follow me afterwards ultimately we must follow in his steps, depending not upon him, but upon our own Self, the very same as he depended upon himself for we are all one. There is one Entity, God, I That I Am, and in this One are infinite identities, distinct and diversified in characteristics, form, etc. These distinct identities, known as Jesus, Mary, John, and so on, are nevertheless the same Substance, Spirit, Mind, and Being, the same as the air which now fills the various rooms in your house, though distinct in each room, yet cannot be separated nor divided, for the air is indivisible. Now as Jesus was distinct, yet identified himself and the Father as one and not two, and claimed all power as belonging unto him, so finally we must all do likewise. That is, finally we must give up looking to the "divine Mind" as some other besides ourself; and give up thinking of the identity Jesus as different from ourself; in order to find oneself to be the selfsame Being as I Am. This is what Jesus saw must come to pass, and this is why he said that he would leave the world, yet come again in order to make it possible that each should come to know himself as the "I" and the "I" as himself. Each must finally come to look upon the Self of Jesus, Mary, John, and so on, not as so many personalities, but as distinct identities in and of the ONE infinite Being, or I Am that I Am. "I will come again and receive you unto myself. (Jn 14:3) When? Whenever you are ready to receive "Me" as yourself! Do you see what it meant? Finally we must withdraw from all sense of separateness or personality in order for us, in our world, to see the One as All, and All as On e besides which there is none else. Then, or "At that day, ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you. (Jn 14:20) How could we ever follow Jesus to this Knowledge and Experience unless we come to see our own identity to be the very same as his, and then look to ourself as the Way, the Truth, and the Life, the same as he looked to himself as the Way, the Truth, and the Life? Lo, "I" am with you always "I" will never leave you Occupy till "I" come "I" will receive you unto "My" Self "I" am the First and the Last.


Lesson No. 34 MY FATHER IS GREATER THAN ALL It is imperative that we come into a comprehensive understanding of God as the one Entity or Father of the universe, including all identities; and that we have a clear perception of ourself as both Identity and Entity, both Son and Father. To view Reality in an abstract, analytical, or mathematical manner will never completely satisfy anyone, nor deliver the full experience of joy, peace, harmony, and the limitless abundance of good. There must come the vision which prompts and promotes ineffable love in our hearts, which compels our faith, our trust, and our deepest affection for Spirit and spiritual things. One cannot "arrive" without limitless, spiritual Love: for this alone brings the richness and fullness of divine light, inspiration, and understanding. Jesus teaching was all based upon the one great Principle which he called the Father, and his relation thereto. None of the disciples but John seemed to grasp his deep meaning. Only when we apprehend his teaching as a whole shall we be able to say with him, The Son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father do: for what things soever he doeth, these doeth the Son likewise all things are delivered to me of my Father he that hath seen me hath seen the Father My Father is greater than I My Father is greater than all. The familiar illustration of an author and his book is best suited to explain the relation of Father and Son, God and expression, the one I Am That I Am, and His infinite identities. An authors story book, including his characters, their distinct characteristics and abilities, etc., all proceed from and abide in him, the author. He gives his characters his mind, life, being. They are nothing in and of themselves, but are His expression. Now, we are all identities in the Mind of God; He is our Author, Father, Life, and Being. We express Him, and we are He, for there is nothing of us of ourselves; we are His life, mind, substance, and being. Thus, I, an identity called Lillian, am in Him, and He, the only Entity, is in me. The Father and I are One. The Father is greater than I, yes, greater even than the identity called Jesus; in fact, My Father is greater than all.


God is the infinitude of Being, the All-inclusive, Self-existent One, including the universe and all identities. God, infinite creative Consciousness, is the Author of all, one indivisible Whole, and we as distinct identities exist in Him thus we are He, and none else. Nevertheless a single identity is not equal with the Father, Infinitude, even as Jesus stated, for in such a case the Author would be circumscribed or contained in his identity. We each have access to the wholeness and allness of the Father, infinite Selfhood, which is perfection, beauty, harmony, peace, understanding, and glory; and we can say, All things that the father hath are mine. It should be clearly understood why Jesus said, in one breath, He that hath seen me hath seen the Father, and yet in another, The Father is greater than I. Each identity in the Book of Life can say, I am nothing, but the Author, I express Him, He is all of me, I am the brightness of His glory; yet He is greater that I, for He is All-inclusive, He is in all, over all, and He is all. The whole of every identity, such as John or Mary, is God, the Author, perfect spiritual Consciousness, and none else, yet as an identity he is not the totality of Being Even so Father; for so it seemed good in thy sight. As identities, we did not create ourselves, nor any other identity, nor the universe. All co-exists in the one infinite Spirit, which is divine Consciousness, expressing good and good only. Out of His boundless Love and infinite Perfection, Harmony, and Glory, this perfect Consciousness gives us all that we need or could possibly desire, and we have intimate access to all that Consciousness is. The light, the good which we give to other identities does not proceed from us as identities, for all action is in and of the one indivisible Mind, free to all alike. If I honour myself, my honour is nothing; it is my Father that honours me Before Abraham was, I Am As the Father knoweth me, even so know I the Father. The illustration of an author and his book characters throws the perfect light upon this oneness. When the relation of Son and Father, Identity and Entity is truly understood, one can say, "I am He," and not entertain any vain or personal sense of its meaning; he will have the sense of meekness as well as might. Verily, the Fountain-Head is the one eternal Consciousness, within each of us. We draw upon it, and it sustains us, and provides us with all good. Jesus left us that we might come into this same understanding, and not lean upon him, nor look to him as a personal God. Yet to this day countless ones are doing this very thing centring God, the Father, yea the infinite Consciousness, in the identity Jesus!!


Truly the Infinite cannot be circumscribed in any single identity, any more than anyone could contain all the air that is. We may each have all the air we need, and all have all the air they need, still the air shall remain infinite and unconfined. So with Consciousness. It cannot enter into nor be absorbed by any identity, yet all are free to use this Mind, and are this Mind or Consciousness, and none else. The Master perfectly knew and said, I Am the Truth As my Father hath taught me, I speak these things. The One I Am writes the Book of Life, as is the life, mind, and being of everyone and everything in it. Can Mind be seen except in its actions, forms, and expressions? No. Even so, infinite divine Spirit, God, is seen in all creation, all beauty, colour, outline, form, loveliness exists in and proceeds from Consciousness which is God and are nothing else. Every single bird, flower, animal, and all identities as you and I, live in and are this life which is Spirit. A blade of grass, speaking from its true position can say, "When you see me, you see the Father, perfect creative Consciousness. Thus it is written of Jesus that he expressed the fullness of the Godhead bodily. He was the perfect portrayal of the character who knew himself to be the Author, the Son, knowing he as also the Father; the expression of God in full realization of Principle and its identity to be one, inseparable and indivisible. He knew the Father, Spirit, God, to be individually all, and universally one. Hear, O Israel; the lord our God is one Lord and his name one. One Mind, one Spirit, one Consciousness of all one I That I Am. Therefore one cannot be at all unless in and of the infinite One. Even as "expressions" you are God, for only God expresses! Is this not so? The vanity, the shameful arrogance to assume another mind, limited, impure, imperfect, incomplete, and then seek to educate and spiritualize it to be the Divine! The Kingdom of Heaven is the only actual state of existence there is nor can there be another. The Trinity of Being is Self-existent unity, one Infinitude known as Father, Creative divine Consciousness, boundless Principle, Life; Son, distinct identity, known as John or Mary, existing in and governed by the Father, indivisible spiritual Mind; never personal or existing independently; Holy Ghost, the revelation of Being coming from Author or Father to character or Son, that Father and Son are One and not two, that the Son or identity can say understandingly, I Am the Truth I Am the Life I and the Father are One.


How plainly Jesus stated it, yet how paradoxical it sounds unless one is spiritually illuminated. Great multitudes stand today at the place where they claim to be the expressions of God, but not God; ideas in Mind, but not Mind. Could the air, for instance, be divided into air and its expression? Neither can you be an expression of anything and not be that thing! If you are an idea in Mind then you are Mind. Cease belief in personality, and moreover in human minds; then the one Mind will think and speak in you, and you will think and speak as this Mind, and no other. There is no mind of the identity, there is only the Mind of the Father. There are no separate minds with free will None can create his own good. The divine Mind writes nothing in the Book of Life but the true and the real. The Author of all sees nothing to save, nothing to change, nothing to achieve, obtain or improve. When we see an identity as deriving everything from God, perfect Consciousness, then we can truly see that no evil can enter into that identity, nor can any harm come nigh him. The creative Mind is not only in all identities but is all identities. Thus as evil is unknown to God, it is likewise unknown to all that is contained within Him. Therefore, there is no dream or dreamer, no false belief or false believer, no false sense of mortality. To seek to create ones own heaven is vanity indeed. The thirst for peace, harmony, wholeness, harmony, and bliss can be quenched in but one way, I am in the Father and the Father is in me. Consciousness is in every form the same, and outside every form the same; and all forms are spiritual and perfect. Spirit cannot drown, nor be shot, nor become sick, limited or incomplete. Nor is Spirit ever in a dream or false state and Spirit is all, since God is Spirit and God is all. I Am can say of all identities, I am they, and they are I. There is no tree-consciousness, animal, or man consciousness; there is but God-consciousness, in every form the same; and all forms are spiritual. Thus there is no evil in God or in His creation. Each identity called Mary, John, etc., has the same infinite power, light, and understanding as the Author or divine Selfhood, for all that the Father hath is minewhen you see me as I Am, you both know Him and have seen Him And moreover, all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you.


Lesson No. 35 WHAT THE ABSOLUTE MESSAGE IS Absolute Truth can be known and understood in one way alone for what it is. The word "Absolute" means this: perfect, total, all. The Absolute is Truth Itself the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. The Absolute Message is the Voice of Truth, the Word of Truth, the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory of Truth which is the Eternal Mind. As this Mind we know the Truth; as this Mind we are the Truth. As this Mind we have eternal existence and know the Truth. The Absolute speaks as follows: "God is Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in Spirit and in Truth. (Jn 4:24) Note unforgettably: the imperative word "must. Therefore it must be fulfilled. To know the Truth we must think as Spiritual Mind. In no other way can Truth be known. To think as Spiritual Mind we must be pure in heart, for it is written: "Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve. (Mat. 4:10) - Meaning just this: you shall love and adore the One Spiritual Mind as your very own Mind, your very own Life and Being, and utterly abandon the use of the following words: mind and thinking, five corporeal senses, matter, material sense, human consciousness, human concepts, cause, effect, result, appearance, illusion, unreality, nothingness, translate, transmute, develop, apply, control, cultivate, individualize, psychoanalyze, evangelize, impersonalize, error, mortal mind, mental power, mental treatment, evolution, warfare, destruction. The above words and their facsimiles pertain to a mind and to an existence other than that of Spirit and Truth: whereas there is none. Words betray just where one stands, and whom he serves even as it is written: "By thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned. (Mt. 12:37) Worshipping spiritually we shall not believe in nor discuss any other mind or any other existence than the eternal spiritual one! The Absolute Message pertains to the one Mind and the One existence alone. It is the message of Spirit and Truth.


The Spiritual command is that we must worship God in Spirit and in Truth! What is Spirit? Spirit is Spiritual Mind or Consciousness. Spirit is Spiritual Perception. Spirit is Spiritual Existence. What is Truth? Truth is One Knowledge, One Time, One Place, One Formation, One Existence without a second. The Mind which is Spirit and Truth knows there is nothing true but Truth; nothing real but Truth; nothing existing but Truth. It knows there is no human mind, no human thought, no human existence. Spiritual Mind knows there are no concepts, no formations but those existing in Its Infinite Spiritual Selfhood. Spirit is All! Truth is Absolute! There is nothing before It nothing beyond It nothing against It nothing contrary to It nothing in contradistinction to It nothing beside It. To Infinite Spirit and Truth, Itself is all there is, Itself is all it knows, all it sees, all it feels, and all it makes known. "There is one God: and there is none other than He. (Mk 12:32) There is One Mind, and there is none other than this infinite Divine Mind and Its infinite Divine formation. To this Mind there is not anything to be changed, transmuted, translated, handled or healed! To this Mind there is no personality, human mind, error, or mental state! To this Mind there is no universal illusion, mesmerism, hypnotism, or mortal mind! Spiritual Divine Mind does not see other minds, other beings, other formations in need of treatment. It sees no illusion or appearance to be dispelled, no good and evil to be impersonalized, nor any thoughts or pictures to be changed. It does not know of a mortal mind to make any claim or of an error to argue its point. It does not see anything to be lessened or intensified, to fade out or to be brought to light, to appear to view, or to disappear from it. To spiritual Mind, all is Spirit. To spiritual mind, all is Truth. To spiritual Mind, all is spiritual formation and spiritual existence. This Mind sees its infinite spiritual Selfhood to be the One, the Alone, and the All. God is not something God is All! If we would obey God, and worship in Spirit and in Truth, then we must accept the Allness of God. We must accept God to be Totality, Universality, Infinitude All: and we must not accept any other mind, power, formation, or existence than this Infinite One. The Mind which is God, knows what is it also knows there is none else beside what is. This Infinite Spiritual Mind knows, sees, feels, and has cognition of all there is in Its Infinite Perfect Selfhood.


It also knows that there is no mind to think, to see, to feel, or to be cognizant of anything. It knows there is no time when Truth is not present, manifest, experienced. In the Allness of God there is not anything physical nor anything material not anything mortal or mental. God is not the source of anything. God is not a cause or an effect. God is all! Our Existence is Spiritual Mind. Our Existence is Spirit and Truth. As this Mind we know there is no humanhood no mental influence no material mindedness no traditional beliefs no Adam-race no personalities or human beings no error that has existed down the centuries no centuries to elapse before Truth will be universally known and expressed. Spiritual Mind and spiritual existence is all there is! In the Universality of this Mind there is no place for a material existence, a human or a mortal existence, or for a mental state. There is no place for a material sense of a material body, for a mortal mind, or a mortal body, and there is no place for a mental practice. Functioning as Spiritual Mind, our vision is single, our thoughts are pure thoughts natural, spontaneous, harmonious, and altogether satisfying. Our thoughts need no watching, controlling, or reversing. To Infinite Spirit and Truth, Itself is all there is; Itself is all it knows, all it sees, all it feels, and all it makes known. God does not manifest as personal minds and personal beings. God does not build better bodies according to better mental pictures. God does not see through a lie, nor reverse a lie. God does not need to develop, attain, translate, overcome, or destroy anything in His Infinite Illimitable Self and Kingdom where He is totally, Universality all. God does not see the need of anyone to be healed or redeemed. God is our only Mind and Being. What a confusion of vision, to claim on the one hand the Allness of Perfect Spiritual Mind and Its Perfect Spiritual Manifestation, and on the other hand, to discuss how to deal with falsities, human concepts, mental pictures, and a mortal mind! It is an absolute impossibility for anyone to see, to handle, or to heal something which God knows nothing about. God the One and Only Mind is "of purer eyes than to behold evil and canst not look on iniquity. (Hab 1:13)


This One God and One Mind is continually proclaiming: Without Me there was not anything made that was made. Before Me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after Me. Is there a God beside me? Yea, there is no God: I know not any! To the One Mind which is all the Mind there is now or ever can be there is not a thing true but Truth; there is not a thing real but Truth; there is not a thing existing but Truth. If there is but One God and One Mind which is ever seeing and knowing Its own Infinitude to be all there is then what mind is seeing and thinking that there is a necessity to heal, to attain, or to overcome something? What mind is discussing appearance, falsity, and discord? If God is the One Infinite Perfect Mind including all Formation or Manifestation then where is a place for appearances and dream pictures? If the Divine Mind does not see or know of a false sense, pain, and distress, where is the mind which reports them? Let the mind with which you have identified yourself answer. There is one state of Being alone the state of Perfection, and Immortality without a cause, without a beginning or end. This One Absolute State of Being is the "Fathers House" of many mansions Infinite Mind and Its Infinite Illumination and Revelation; the Self-luminous, Self-revealing One, ever proclaiming Itself to be All, beside which there is none else. Our existence as this One Infinite Indivisible Mind is Eternal for this Mind includes all that exists. There has never been any other existence. There is no existence such as that of another mind. As this God-Mind we do not discuss what we know does not exist. We know that any discussion based on another mind and another existence, is not Truth, hence, there is no Truth in it. Spirit and Truth is the only existence there is no existence of matter or mortality, of a human or a mortal mind; there is no existence of a false thought or thing, of an unreality, an error, an illusion, or a lie. Not anything else beside Truth can have existence! Dear Friend, the Way to Spirit and Truth, to Perfection and Spiritual Existence is not by purification of mind and thinking. The Way is by purity of heart. Any purification of mind and thinking is an absolute impossibility, since in Truth there is no such mind! Purity requires a love of the heart for God great enough to be ready and willing to give up all belief that one has a mind of his own. Then, spontaneously he thinks as Divine Mind the only Mind there ever can be.


When one does not come to God by purity of heart, but persists in believing that he has a mind of his own, and so must watch his own thinking, he deceiveth himself, even as it is written: "If a man think himself to be something (a mind and thinking of his own), when he is nothing (when he has no such a mind), he deceiveth himself (he is not thinking as the True Mind). (Gal 6:3) Those of us who have set our hearts upon the God-Mind, the One and Only Mind there is or can be, we are the True Worshippers. We know the Absolute Truth. Light must be seen by Light; in no other way can light be seen. Likewise, Truth must be known by the True Mind; in no other way can the Truth be known. It is imperative that the Way to Truth be the Way of One without a second; the Way of Truth without error; the Way of Reality without unreality; the Way of the One God alone. Then as this One, we can proclaim, "I am the Truth! I am the True Mind! I know no other Mind and no other existence than that of Spirit and Truth! I serve no other! I discuss no other! I love and worship the One alone!" To this Mind, personal minds, personal thinking and personal beings are blotted out they are unknown. This Mind of Infinitude and Universality, this Mind of Omnipotence and Omnipresence declares: I, the True and Living God, Am All. There is no mind to think falsely. I Am the All of all. They who believe they have a mind of their own and must stand guard over this mind since its thinking is the source of their health, harmony, and success, Jesus likened to a foolish man who built his house upon the sand. (Mt. 7:26) This house fell. Finally, personal mind and personal thinking will prove of no avail, since it is not of God, and therefore has no Truth in it. We who understand how to think as the Divine Mind by setting our love upon this Mind, and by rejecting another mind Jesus likened to the wise, who build their understanding upon a rock. Dear friend, if you can see that no other mind but the Divine Mind can possibly know the Truth, then you are seeing and you are thinking as this very Mind, right here and now. Our understanding is the "House" which is founded upon the Rock which cannot fail, and cannot fall. This rock is Truth Itself. Only as the Perfect Divine Mind can we ever see that there is no other mind believing in itself. Only as the Perfect Divine Mind can we ever know that there is no other mind believing in its own existence. None can see as this Mind until he is pure enough in heart to believe in this Mind alone! This is indeed the laying down of that which is nothing, to see, to accept, and to be that which is all.

Only when we are thinking as the Divine Mind do we know there is no other mind. Only when we are thinking as the Divine Mind do we know there is no disease, sin or discord; no demonstration, translation, or destruction in God or in Gods entire Universe. Thinking as this Mind, we know there is no human need! We know there has never been a human existence! There has never been a mortal existence! There has never been a mental state or thing! Spiritual existence has always been the One the Alone the All there is and ever shall be! The reason why there seems to one to be another mind and its thinking when there isnt any is because he had not accepted Spiritual Mind to be the Only Mind there is. When we believe in the Divine Mind alone, and give up all belief in any other mind, we are thinking then and there as Divine Mind; we perceive Spiritual realities; we know Heavenly things. Thinking as this Mind, we know there has never been a human existence. We know there is no such thing in the Entirety of God. Our Divine Mind is Truth Itself. Our Divine Mind knows and reveals Truth. It knows that beside Itself there is no other mind to think, to see, or to be conscious. It knows there could never be a mind beside Itself, which is Infinity, Entirety, and Totality. This Divine Mind and Its Formations is a Unit. Thinking as this Mind we are Spiritual Consciousness which is Purity. God does not manifest Himself as a personal "you" and "me. There is no way for God to manifest but as the Perfect Self and Perfect Formation. There is no way to be "Me" but to believe in Me alone and to believe in no other mind called human, mortal, or mental. If identified as another personal mind, one will need to repent of it, and to forsake it, if he would see and BE the Divine Mind alone. The Answer to every need is prepared, ready, and at hand. Accepting no other mind than the Infinite Divine Mind, we can have no other mind but the One no other sense, no other thought, no other belief. Thinking as this Mind, you will not seek healing by using healing thoughts; you will not treat anyone or anything. Our Divine Mind remains conscious and aware of Itself always, and always remains aware and conscious that there is none else.


While one persists in reading, in thinking and in talking about mind and thinking, a mortal mind and its arguments, healing and diseases, lifting human consciousness, evangelizing humanhood, or penetrating appearances, the Allness of God and His Perfection is not perceived: for God knows nothing of any such things! All the books and all the discussions in the whole wide world can never bring the things of Spirit, God, into a human existence. It is an utter impossibility. The paramount question today should be this: How shall I be able to think as the Divine Mind, and so be happy, harmonious, whole, and complete? The Answer is this: Close the door and keep it closed to personal mind and thinking! Open your heart wide to God with an all-absorbing spiritual love! You shall have Spiritual Perception. You shall be the Wholeness you crave. The Angels of God will bear witness with you that Now are we the Mind of God!


Lesson No. 36 TRUTH IS THE ONLY EXISTENCE Since God looketh upon the heart, and since only the heart can be pure, then the way to God is by the heart which has yielded itself to the Purity, and to singleness of vision and expression. The desire of the pure in heart is to know what Divine Mind knows; and to know as the Divine Mind Itself, we are they whom Jesus referred to as the True Worshippers. As the Divine Mind, we love everything that belongs to Truth. We love the Inspirations and Revelations of our Perfect Selfhood. We love to feel Its everpresence, Its endless Peace and Harmony. Our Perfect Mind includes all the wonderful things we love to possess. Believing in the Eternal Mind alone, seeing and thinking as this very Mind, it is simply and natural for us to know that there is no other mind beside this One. Our Divine Mind does not see something else beside Itself, and then attempt to heal or to destroy it. Divine Mind, being the Infinitude of Existence, sees Itself and Its Infinite Formation or Manifestation as all there is. Since the words demonstrate, utilize, apply, translate, and similar terms, all point to something beside God, then as the True Worshippers we must no longer use these words. That we may have an illustration which will throw new light on the subject of demonstration and healing, let us consider "the flat earth," and the round earth. Here we gain a clear insight into what constitutes Reality and Truth; and why we should not make use of words such as the following: error, falsity, false belief, lie. Did the flat earth have appearance? Did it exist in ignorance or in unreality? Was the flat earth an illusion, error, or a lie? Just where, how, and in whom did the flat earth have existence? The flat earth did not have an appearance. It was not false, unreal, or a lie. It did not exist as a false belief or an illusion. The flat earth had no existence at all. It was never seen nor experienced by anyone. No one ever lived upon it. It could not be corrected, healed, or destroyed. There was no flat earth! Having existence, there was no cause for it; nor was there any cure for it. Having no existence, nothing could be done about it.


There is now and always has been but one earth. It is spherical. The restrictions and limitations of the flat earth could never be reached or overcome, surmounted or destroyed because there was no flat earth. Human existence is comparable to the flat earth. There has never been a human existence, anymore than there was a flat earth. Human existence is therefore not a false existence, nor is it unreal; it does not exist as a false belief or an illusion. Human existence is not present at all. It has never been seen or experienced by anyone. No one has ever lived in it. There is no cause for a human existence, nor is there any cure for it. Having no existence, its restrictions and limitations can never be reached or overcome, surmounted, or destroyed; nor can its problems be translated, handled, or healed. Existence is not human nor material! Existence is Spiritual and Perfect! Spiritual existence is without a beginning or an end! God is Spirit! Spiritual existence is the only world there is! It is present right here and now! The Truth about anything is all there is about that thing. There is not something else existing as a falsity or a lie. Note this carefully: since falsity has no existence in Truth, falsity has no existence at all! Never attempt to impersonalize error or falsity. Any such notion is as ridiculous and worthless as would be an effort to impersonalize a flat earth! Not a single thing can be done to falsity, unreality, and a lie because they have no existence! There is not the existence of the Real, and then beside this, the existence of the unreal. There is not the True, and something else present which is untrue or false. Truth is the only existence there is or can ever be! If a thing is not true or of the Truth, then it has no existence anywhere or at all. Since existence is Spiritual, not human, then nothing can be done to a human state, a human being, a human mind, or a human condition. God is not human. God is not mortal. God is not mental. Existence is what God, Spirit, is existence is Spiritual! If a thought or a thing has no existence in Truth, it has no true existence; and hence no existence at all. Once you see this, and admit it to be the fact, you will understand how utterly foolish and superfluous to treat, to handle, to fear or to attempt to heal a thing which you know does not exist in Truth.


Columbus did not instruct his people that if only they would believe in the round earth they could go right on living on the flat earth more comfortably and with greater success. No! The earth having been proven to be spherical, automatically they were convinced that they had never lived upon a flat earth! At once, they began knowing the Truth about the round earth. At once they knew they lived in the round earth, and had been living in it all the time. The Instruction which teaches that if only we will believe there is a Spiritual Existence, we can then continue living in a human existence more harmoniously and successfully is not true Instruction. The Absolute Instruction, rejecting altogether such doctrine, declares and expounds Spiritual Existence to be one and alone; besides which there is nothing else which can or does exist. While God remains God, while God remains Spirit, there is not now and can never be a human existence there is and shall remain Spiritual Existence alone which includes spiritual formation, manifestation, or expression. Human existence is neither a true existence nor a false existence. There is no human existence at all! It had no beginning, and it will have no end, anymore than had the flat earth. Therefore, a human existence cannot be traced to Adam, a sleep or mist, a mortal mind. Know the Truth, and live in it! This is the clarion call of the True Mind to all who have ears to hear and eyes to see and to all who have a heart to feel and a love to perceive and understand Spiritual things. The logic that there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so, is utterly void of Truth. Inasmuch as no one has a mind of his own, such a statement is a denial of the Eternal Fact that our God is One God, and our God is one Mind; there is none beside Him. Thinking did not make the earth round; thinking did not make the earth flat. Thinking did not make Existence Spiritual; thinking did not make existence human. Untruth cannot be created! Eternal Truth is all!


Lesson No. 37 I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD It has been taught by some, that the paths taken by countless creeds, doctrines, and systems of thought are like many streams of water tributaries to the same ocean; that is, all paths point in the same direction, and all ultimately reach the same goal heaven. Another illustration is set forth as follows: the way of seeing Reality may be likened to the way a picture may be viewed by many different people. The picture is one and the same, yet the reports of it vary, due to the various angles from which it is seen. The picture remains the same, though the ways to see it are multiple. In reply to such illustrations as these, the words of Paul are appropriate: "The wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. They who advance such theories as these are the very ones embarked on hypothetical paths en route from one world to another; seeing from various perspectives. Many paths, many views, testify to many minds; whereas there is One God, One Mind, and One Way! All minds on these paths are double-visioned, doublefaced, double-tongued. They talk about the Allness of God, yet they are constantly at work to dispel, to heal, or to destroy the things they see, and do not want to have; and to create the things they do not see, and wish to bring to pass. They consider the existence of two worlds; they discuss "Truth" and "error" in the same breath. Many have a lifetime in trying to raise human consciousness contact with God by way of personal mind gain victory over an illusion triumph over mortal sense cast out error and overcome a mortal mind. It is significant that never yet have we heard of anyone, on any of these paths, announcing his arrival at the goal. "There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. Proverbs 16:25. "I Am the Way. John 14:6. From beginning to end, everything in our scriptures assures us that there is but One way to Spiritual Reality. This Way is to behold and to accept Reality, Heaven, by the One Divine Mind. All who see the truth this way will see it alike. Let us turn again to the simile of the "one earth.

Through Spiritual vision, Columbus knew that the very earth on which he lived was spherical, not flat. There were not two earths no path led from one to the other the flat earth was not the round earth seen imperfectly every conceivable thought relating to the flat earth was worthless and void of truth. The discovery of the earth to be round, proved that there was no flat earth. The round earth was accepted and lived in as the only earth. It was while I was comparing the "earth" with "existence" that suddenly I questioned: "What about those thousands of years when the earth was believed to be flat?" The Answer was sudden also as follows: "There were no such years!" Then I knew that to Divine Mind there is no calendar time. Again, I questioned: "But what about all those people who believed in the flat earth?" Again, the instant Answer: "There were no such people!" I saw of a certainty that if one has not the Divine Mind, he has nothing. Bible verses came into memory "The flesh (personal mind) profiteth nothing. (John 6:63) "Behold, they are all vanity; their works are nothing; their molten images are wind and confusion. (Isaiah 41:29) Truth is often breathtaking in its absoluteness. The Word of Truth is, yea, yea; nay, nay. It decrees I Am. It also decrees there is nothing else beside what I Am. Those going from here to some place else, are going no where. There are no such paths no such minds having such beliefs no such people no such times. All ways and paths concerned with mind and mental practice are as naught. There are no such minds, no such paths, no such people because God is the Only Mind there is now or ever has been. The One Mind has never ceased to be Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience. Who dare any otherwise? The Absolute Message presents the true and only Way to Spiritual Existence a Way which has nothing to do with thought-taking processes, with man, personalities, demonstration, or destruction. This Way is the one which Jesus called the Narrow Way. (Mt. 7:14) It is single-visioned, single-minded, single-tongued. Here we understand Spirit, by Spirit; Mind, by Mind. Here we discover that we have never been asleep, to be awakened; we have never been in a human world, to be transported to the Spiritual; we have never had a mind of our own; there has never been a universal mortal mind.

The wondrous Light we have is The Christ. We know there is no personal mind doing its mental work; no mind, cultivating, attaining, or destroying anything. There is no false mind, no mortal, or human mind; there is no one thinking with a mind of his own; no one with a will of his own. Illumined by the One Mind, we know it to be the only Mind there is The Mind of God. Divine Mind is not arraigned before mortal mind. God erected no firmament between Truth and error. Body is not the servant of mind or of Soul. No one can function as a mortal. No mind can silence the clamour of its mortal thinking. No mind can turn away from its false beliefs. No mind can give a mental treatment. Power is not in a man. Light is not in a mind. A man and a mind are naught. Power belongeth unto God. Light is the Illumination of the One Divine Mind. This Mind outlines no methods to be used, no formulas to be employed. The outlines and formulas of another mind are naught, even as the mind is naught. God is one entirety. There is no merging, contacting, at-one-ment or becoming in the Infinite Indivisible One. Neither Light, Power, nor Understanding can be generated by thought-action. There is no subconscious mind, no personal consciousness, no aggressive mental suggestion; and there is no mind needing to defend itself against another mind. God is not mocked! When we no longer believe that we are a man or a personal mind, and when we identify ourselves as the One Divine Mind, alone, then this God-Mind, which was in Christ Jesus, is also in us. Let him who still talks to others about man, mind, and thinking, and still discusses methods and thought-taking processes, give heed to Jesus solemn warning, in Mark 9:42. Jesus taught One God, One Mind, One Way. "With men (personal minds) this is impossible. Who is seeing and reporting the necessity for complete and final destruction of error? Not God, who declares, "There is none beside me. Not Jesus, who declared, "I came not to destroy. To see need of warfare and destruction which God does not see one must be identifying himself with another mind, thus believing in another power and another world beside The Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient One.


Lesson No. 38 BAPTISM OF THE HOLY GHOST Having pointed out the many paths taken by man, the "many" as representative of "the broad way leading to destruction," and also having pointed out the One Way taken by the "few" who obey the One Mind, as representative of "the Narrow Way" leading to Life, there still remains the most crucial point to be considered, namely: How can one leave the broad way for the Narrow Way? How can we think as the Divine Mind, live in Spiritual Existence, and be partakers of Heavenly things right here and now? The Answer to this momentous question begins with the following words: "Ye must be born again. (John 3:7) Until this Word is Spiritually heard, and Spiritually obeyed, further enlightenment cannot be understood. A man or personal mind is absolutely blind to Spiritual Truth, and impotent to see Spiritual Reality; he can neither obey, understand, nor please God. "Ye cannot serve God and mammon. (Mt. 6:24) We cannot accept Spirit and Spiritual Revelation to be the Way, and also accept personal mind and thinking. Spiritual command requires a Spiritual Perception to fulfil it. Since a personal mind has no existence in Truth, and therefore can do nothing, then the first Spiritual step toward obedience is for one to turn from man to Mind, and from human thinking to reach into his heart for Light. Here he will receive his first faint inkling of Spiritual Consciousness. Then he must begin the purification of the Heart, since it is the pure in heart who see God. Vanity, rebellion, unforgiveness, deceit, and stubbornness become as nothing, when in meekness and humility one desires only to love and to please God. He will be rewarded by the sweet whisperings of Spirit and the soft shining of the Light upon his Way. He will pass from Vision to Vision, and from Light to more Effulgent Light. Jesus not only taught the Way in detail, in his various parables, but more wonderful still, he himself was the fulfilment of this Way. The metaphor of the Cross, the Resurrection, and the Ascension is complete verification of this fact. The "Cross" symbolizes the pivotal prerequisite the losing of ones life to find it. (Lk 17:33) It prefigures a departure from the broad way to the Narrow Way to be no simple, ordinary undertaking. Said Jesus: "For this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness to the Truth. (John 18:37) In every detail his life shows his fulfilment of the Way.


It must be the same with us. Our Resurrection shall be our departure from man, mind, and thinking, leading from Glory to Glory, to the Ascension the sublime Revelation that there has never been a human state, a human mind, a human existence. Spirit and Truth has always been the only existence. The Perfect Self has never been other than the Perfect Self. Always the One is All; always Spirit is Spirit; besides which nothing else has ever been or can ever be. Concern yourself with Truth Alone, not with people, not with thoughts, not with discussions. Let your love for God, for Reality and Truth, be pure and holy. You will then be at peace with yourself, and in your humility and purity, your thinking will be spontaneous, natural, and perfect, like your breathing. Fulfilling Gods requirements of you, thinking as the One Mind, you will be "like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not. (Isa. 58:11) "O Thou Eternal One, what Majesty is Thine oer all the world! For who is God save the Eternal? On Thee, Eternal One, I set my heart. Thou, only Thou, art God. The Eternal shepherds me, I lack for nothing. He guides me by true paths. Mine eyes are ever upon the Eternal, for He will clear me from perplexities. Make the Eternal your delight, and He will give you all your hearts desire. Happy is everyone who lives His life. Whoever is walking in the dark, without a ray of light, let him have confidence in the Eternal, and lean upon his God. The Eternals hand is not too short to save; the Eternals ear is not too dull to hear! It is your own iniquities that interfere between God and you. He will refresh you in dry places, and renew your strength, till you are like a watered garden, like an oasis with a steadfast spring. The Eternal shines out upon you, His splendour on you shines. (Quotations from Moffatt - Translation Chapters Psalms and Isaiah) The Holy Ghost and Its Baptism is the Spirit of Inspiration, the Spirit of Divine Revelation, which gives us Understanding and great Joy. To receive this greatest of Spiritual Gifts, we must first have taken the Spiritual steps (not human footsteps) as divinely set forth. Every promise in the Bible is conditional, subject to our Spiritual obedience to its command. How small the price exacted, that the gates of Heaven be open to us! There is no devil in all Gods Perfect World no hell, no deceiver, and no deception! Everything in Gods Allness is filled with the Perfection, and the Completeness, and the glory of God Himself!


Whatever the conflict, it is in us, until we give up the belief in two minds, two powers, and two worlds. Then the conflict ends. We are not in the flesh a human, mortal mind and body if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in us if we are thinking as the Divine Mind Itself. Spiritual realities are not discoverable by human logic. (Study I Cor. 2:9-16) None can be "born again" by thinking, but only by an absorbing love for God Spirit and Truth and by an unconditional surrender to Him, our Eternal Being. If one would know whether God is conscious of him then just let him seek to please God, and lo, his answer will be plain. Questions are asked: How can I overcome fear? How can I find a home or experience health and harmony? How can I realize Truth? The answer is that as a personal mind attempting to overcome or to heal something, nothing can be accomplished. You need not attempt to heal a single thing; it is quite useless, inasmuch as Gods Perfection fills the Universe. Nor need you attempt to prove anything. Rather, it is God proving you! You must not see anything to be healed, nor consider healing anyone or anything. You must not consider anything to be dispelled or overcome. On the many paths, not only is falsity reported as being seen, as well as illusion and error, but one sets to work to master them by one way or another. Falsity has no existence at all even if one believes in it, he cannot make falsity exist. Existence is in Truth; and Truth never stops existing. You must know that Divine Mind cannot feel pain, sickness, lack, or want. You must know also that there is no other mind to be conscious of anything. This is the Truth to be known! In this knowing is our freedom. As the Divine Mind Itself, the Only Mind there is, you can and you shall know it: for of you it is written, "Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free. (John 8:32) This does not mean that sickness and lack shall be healed for how could that which has no existence be healed? It means that you, by thinking as the One Mind, shall be free of false beliefs. By virtue of the Eternal Fact, you are the Divine Mind; and you shall know this truth as The Divine Mind Itself! You have nothing to do with fear, discord, or limitation: for if there is no other than the One Divine Mind then surely there can be none of these! Do not consider body to be other than Mind or Consciousness Unborn, Changeless, Perfect, Eternal.


As the One Divine Mind, you are to see that none of Gods Identities are in want, lack, or distress; that not only does every Identity have the one Mind, but he is the Divine Mind, expressing Itself perfectly. The Rhythm, Order, Harmony, and Perfection of Infinite Mind and its Infinite Identities as a Unit, is as certain as Mind Itself. As the sun is the completeness of all its rays, and the rays are the fulfilment of the sun, even so, Infinite Perfect Mind is the completeness of all of us as Its Identities, and we are Mind fulfilling Itself. We are not only Identities, we are Mind, and we are the Fulfilment of this Mind. Identities are distinct, one from another, yet all are One Mind. We know the Truth about "John" the same as we do for ourselves. John is Perfect Divine Mind, and John is perfectly expressing this Mind nor can it be otherwise. He has no mind, no thoughts, and no beliefs of his own. He is nothing of himself. He is the fulfilment of the One Mind. There is no other mind. All is Infinite Mind and Its infinite Identities fulfilling Itself. Besides this One, there is none else. Power, Wisdom, Glory, and all things, are ours but only as we have lost all belief in mind, and in mindprocesses, and are identifying ourselves, and all there is, as Infinite Divine Mind Alone. As this Mind, we have no doctrines, methods, practices, or creeds. We know the Truth! Truth is our sufficiency! In this we are free! Furthermore, we shall know the Truth about our world. The Universe of the One Mind is the Perfect Universe the only World. We are not in the world of man, because there is nothing human, nothing mortal, nothing mental in The Infinitude of Almighty God. There is One World, and its name is One The Universe of Spirit and Truth. See this World, believe in this World, love this World. It is the Eternal Kingdom. "None shall injure, none shall kill, anywhere on my Sacred Hill: for the land shall be full of the Knowledge of the Eternal as the ocean-bed is full of water. A stainless highroad shall appear, its name "The Sacred Way. No unclean shall treat it but on it the redeemed shall walk, those whom the Eternal has set free. They come home to Sion singing, crowed with an unending Joy. Their name shall be "The Sacred People," "The Redeemed of the Eternal. The Eternal Reigns!" "All that I have heard of my Father, I have made known unto you. (John 15:15) Lillian DeWaters


Lillian DeWaters

Spirit, God, is one infinite, indivisible, pure and perfect Selfhood; and there can be no personal self, being, mind or body. Spirit is our Life, our Life is Spirit. Spirit is our Mind or Consciousness. Mind or Consciousness is our Spirit. Spirit is our Body, our Body is Spirit. Spirit is our only Self, I or ME boundless, immeasurable, timeless, spaceless, incorporeal. There is no mortal, human or material being, mind, self or body. Spirit is our only Self, I or ME boundless, immeasurable, timeless, spaceless, incorporeal. There is no mortal, human or material being, mind, self or body. There is but "ME" I AM the One who is real and present. When this new revelation is seen and accepted, there will be no more sickness, sorrow, disease, pain or death. As the belief and teaching that we are mortals, humans or mankind is done away with, there will be no misbelief, misconception, erring teaching or wrong thinking. Seeing that the One Self, "I" or "ME" reigns alone, and that there can be no other identity whether as mind, consciousness or body each one should reject and discard the beliefs and teaching which identify oneself as man, humanity or mankind; for within this very identification lies the subjection to suffering, disease and limitation. Our deliverance, therefore, is not from suffering, worry, fear or old age, but that one ceases to believe or accept that he is a mortal or human being, and that his body is material or physical. The healing of disease will never be the termination of disease, nor can the healing of suffering bring an end to suffering; nor will the denial of matter do more than continue to keep one in the belief that he is a mortal, and that his body is material, thus prolonging his association with sickness, lack and suffering. This new revelation is bound to come universally. The time is here, not only for us to know the unadulterated Truth, but for us to speak it out loud. Spirit is our only Self, Spirit is our only Body, Spirit is our only World complete, perfect, present. Spirit is the only "I" or "Me.


Because of this deeply profound revelation that Spirit alone is all, and that nothing else is present here and now but Spirit, God, the ONE there must come an end to the belief and teaching that we are mortals, humans, humanhood or humanity. Perceiving that one's Self or I Am exists alone, one should forthwith renounce and relinquish all belief and teaching which keep him subject to mortality and suffering by identifying him with another self, mind and body not the One. In the Light of our pure, boundless, unrestricted love for Truth and Reality, and in the certainty of our pure vision and perfect knowledge that there is one Self, one Consciousness, and one world only, we know and we declare that there was never a deflection of being, 'nor a creation of mortals. We know that we are not a mortal! We know that we are not a human mind! We know we are not a material body! We know that we do not live in a human existence! Truth exists alone. The one I Am, the one Selfhood, is Principle, Power, Life and Being. Let no one continue to believe that he can find out what Truth is by reversing error or by denying material senses. Knowing by Spirit within, that Truth IS, one simultaneously knows there are no material senses. Identified as the One Mind only, one has no consciousness of, or belief in, error. The fact should be evident, that only one's belief that he is separate from or other than the one Self, Being and Mind, causes him to believe in mortal beings, material senses and error; and thus allows him to be subject to problems, vicissitudes, limitation and sorrow. As soon as one sees and accepts the revelation that God, Spirit is the whole of him, and the whole of all, and that he is not separated from God, nor from Spirit, he will then know naught of material testimony, mortal belief or human existence. His only remedy for sin, sickness, suffering and limitation will be his own perfect knowledge and awareness that Spirit is his own eternal Selfhood, present here and now as the totality of his life, being, world and existence. No error or evil made a mortal man. No human concept ever existed. Sin did not create a sinner, nor was sin self-created. Self-created matter, self- destructive evil or self-constituted falsity never existed or seemed to exist; nor will error or evil be self-destroyed. All such theories and beliefs have as their only basis the fabulous religious doctrine of original sin and separation.

As long as one infinite God remains one infinite Selfhood, Mind and Universe, there is no material creation, no mortal being, no human mind and no corporeal body. Reader, fear not to examine carefully what you read, and what teaching you accept; have this thought in mind: does it identify you with perfection, purity, wholeness, harmony, peace, serenity and happiness right here and now or does it relate you to problems, labour, struggle, suffering and limitation by identifying you as humanity, humanhood or mankind, with a mortal, human body, living in a human existence? Fear not to question the books you read even the Bible. Why not? Let a book stand or fall upon its own statements, whether as true or fabulous. Whatever statement is based upon Spirit, God, as our only Life, Mind, Being, Principle, Power, Consciousness, Universe and Manifestation unconditioned, pure, perfect, invariable and eternal is Truth. Whatever statement identifies us with another self, mind, world and body, which are mortal, material or human is fabulous. There cannot be the existence of an infinite perfect ONE, and besides this, an existence of another finite, sinful second. The teachings which tend to prolong our identification with problems, lack, warfare, sickness, confusion and misunderstanding, by placing before us the belief that we are not living in the spiritual world now, that our body is not spiritual now, and that our mind is not filled with a constant stream of light and illumination these teachings must be dropped and for gotten. There is a supreme Truth and Reality which is the Self, Being and Awareness of the whole world It is Spirit. Spirit is the real and true, existing alone. Spirit, the one Selfhood or I Am, remains absolute, as our only Self, Being, Body and World present right here and now. In this absolute truth and perfect knowledge that Spirit is ALL without beginning, change or end there is no place for contradiction, contradistinction, opposition or a suppositious second. All the while, God Is All remaining One and Absolute. Surrendering belief in duality, personality and mortality, as well as the belief that our body is human and material, we find that we are not different or other than the One who is real, perfect and present. There can be neither self, mind, form or world apart from that which is the eternal, present Self.


Let everyone cast aside as useless and unavailing the teaching of separation, development, translation or reinstatement, if he should be free from sickness, grief, lack and tribulation. Emergence from matter into Spirit is impossible. Matter has never existed. None can bridge a distance between us and God no distance exists. None can make a journey to God God is within our own heart. No future time or other place can ever be God is infinite, timeless, spaceless; ever-present. Question your Self. Take for instance these questions: Is there one mind only? Besides the mind of God is there a human or a mortal mind? Is God the only Power or is there also another power called evil, error or mortal mind? Face questions squarely, and answer them with a yes or No. Until you surrender your belief in two minds, two bodies and two worlds, you cannot experience the joy and glory of Self-Light and Self-Awareness, for none but the One infinite, divine Mind has knowledge of Itself. There is not anything but the Infinite, indivisible One. The one Life is our life, the one Mind is our mind, the one Existence is our existence. It is impossible for anyone or anything to exist except as the One who exists alone. Everything in and of this one All is the one All Itself. No one or thing has being, mind or existence of himself, herself, itself. Not only is our life, mind and being God, but the whole of us is God, the Self, the I Am. In no other way could it be truly said that God is All. Know your Self, and you will be Self-luminous. See your Self, and you will see God. Surrender belief in another self, another mind, another body and world beside the immutable, immaculate, present One, and Self-revelation and illumination is immediate and direct. You are then free in spirit, in mind, in body. If you accept the mistaken belief that mind and body are human or material, you are unaware of the Truth that mind and body have always been Spirit. Accepting Spirit as the only presence here and now, struggle, labour and warfare are abolished. No fear is attached to the turning to and acceptance of this enlightened standpoint. Every interpretation, doctrine or practice, which would connect or associate us with degenerate beings humanity, humanhood or mortals will be swallowed up in the luminous light and perfect knowledge that the Infinite I AM remains unseparated and alone, and I AM this I AM.


If you watch your thinking with the idea to correct, purify or control it, you are then and there identifying yourself with a mind that does not exist. There is no mind beside the spiritual or divine Mind, and there is no self but the one infinite Selfhood. If you would know the Truth, and experience the real Self here and now, you must stop believing in or teaching the practice of correction, development or translation of human minds or mortal beings. Such labour and effort is spent in vain. To be aware of the Truth one must be the Truth, and to know what is real and true, one must know as the one Consciousness. Accept the one Mind only aware that there is no other then your thinking will delight and inspire you. Detach yourself from systems and methods that prevent you from knowing that there is but the one Self, mind and thinking. Discard all practices which would identify you as a mortal or human being, with mind, thought and will of your own; and which keep you in bondage to the fabulous belief that you are separated from Perfection. The Truth is that one Self, one Mind, one Consciousness or Awareness exists alone; we ARE this One. Truth cannot be revealed unless you detach yourself from beliefs and teachings pertaining to you as other than Spirit. Once you face God, and turn your heart to God alone shutting out all thought of another world of people and things you are in immediate Light, which reveals to you whatever it is you should know. Since the one Being is your life and self, and since you can be no other, there must be therefore the renunciation of your belief in any other Infinite God is our own infinite, perfect Life, Mind and Being. This Selfhood excludes any other self or existence. Omniscience excludes the presence of any other mind. Omnipotence excludes the presence of any other power. The infinite, perfect ONE knows Itself to be the infinite All-in-All. The answer to the world's problems is not to be found in the healing of diseases or in the overcoming of wars. The deep significance of this hour is that we turn our hearts from all else to God direct for light, vision, revelation. No treatment or demonstration will prove sufficient for this crucial hour. Light only can reveal the way. Old beliefs and teaching shall here and now utterly pass away. Behold, "I" make all things NEW!


This new Light goes far beneath the surface. It reaches the very depths of the heart. Here it discovers the deeply rooted belief and teaching that we are mortals or human beings with material bodies, living in a human existence. None of this is true. All of it must be demolished, abolished and pass away. The basic belief and basic teaching of all religions is that we are now separate from God; that God is Spirit, but that we are mortals of humanity. Light reveals that we are not humans or mortals; that there is no mortal to be regenerated, no body in need of healing, and no world that can be destroyed. Light reveals that we were never separated from God! Spirit could not be present in a mortal self, a human mind, a material body, world or existence. Spirit, the one I AM, the "I" or Identity for all, is here now, always the same invariable, unchangeable, absolute. To Spirit, all is Itself, all is Spirit. The new Light of today reveals that we are not a race of humanity, we are not human minds or human bodies. Every time one claims that he must put off or put on another mind, every time he thinks he is a mortal, and that this body is human or material, and this world is an illusion, he is claiming an existence which does not exist. Apart from Spirit, God, there is no existence. Beside "ME" there is no other, there was no other, there will be no other. Nothing in or of God is human, mortal, material, unreal or illusory. God is the entire, the totality. To be at all, we must be this ONE. God is whole the Whole. God is the whole of Life, Being, World and Existence. In this Whole there is no separation; no suffering; no warfare, no destruction; no death. In this Whole there is light, vision, revelation constant and unending. They who turn their hearts to God, fully and completely surrendering and abolishing all teachings of today which hold the world in the belief that we are separate from or other than Spirit, God, the One will know of God that Spirit and spiritual Existence alone is present. They will live in their own pure and perfect Awareness or Consciousness that Spirit is all and that we can be nothing but Spirit. The end of the world means the bringing to an end the diabolical belief that we are mortals, humanity or mankind. It shall be that we will see this very Self, this very Body, and this very World as the Real and True verily, the kingdom of Heaven Itself. Here, there is no sickness, no war, no sorrow, no death; for the former belief of sin and separation shall have been obliterated by the glorious, luminous Light and Revelation that the I AM remains Total and Alone; that "I" am the only One there is none but "ME.



THERE is a Way Strait and Narrow leading to Eternal Life, to Wholeness, Peace and Blessedness. There is a way wide and broad leading to frustration, continuous problems, tribulations, death. Each must make the decision for himself which way he shall take. "Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat, because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way which leadeth unto Life, and few there be that find it. Matthew 7:13. When one practices the Truth, he is living in a human state. One does not practice light when he sits in light. Human existence can never be healed of its human ills, its fears and tribulations nor can anyone demonstrate over death. One leaves the human state by a living way the Way of Life Itself. "In Adam human existence all die, even so in Christ Spiritual Vision and Spiritual Revelation shall all be made alive. 1 Cor. 15:22 In the Broad way, one identifies himself with everything human even with human existence. He associates himself with human birth, human life, human sin, human belief, human reasoning, human will, human doctrines, human freedom, human footsteps, human fears, human health, wealth and happiness, human needs, human systems of healing, human thinking and he identities himself as a human being another besides the One. In the Broad way, one practices the Truth he applies It to mind, to thinking, to conditions, to states and things in a human existence. His thoughts are about healing, about regeneration, achievement, attainment, demonstration, treatment. Never does he identify himself as the Real Itself, as the Truth Itself, but as someone practicing It, proving It, using It. He does not identify himself as Perfect Divine Mind, but as an imperfect personal mind to be transmuted into the Divine. He does not consider himself to be in the Spiritual Existence now, but to be en route to It.

In the Broad way, one follows leaders, teachers, masters. He is never the Light and Truth unto himself. His desire is to serve man, heal man, save the world. Altruistic ideas but never can man save man or personality save personality. Even Jesus did not heal the world nor can anyone else do so. Each must take and receive for himself. Each must be saved by the Christ-Light alone. Identified with human existence, one is ever in need of something. Never can he be immune from sin, sickness, limitation or death. He may desire honesty, purity, perfection but he cannot fulfil his desire while living as a human being in a human existence. He will need to leave the unreal and untrue for the Real and the True, if he is ever to find himself in THE STRAIT AND NARROW WAY. The Real way is narrow, because it admits none of the systems, methods and speculations of the Wide way. Human footsteps, human means, human mind and thinking are left Outside . The Narrow Way is one of Spiritual Inspiration, Spiritual Illumination, Spiritual Revelation. It is one of changeless Peace, Happiness and Abundance unconditioned Wholeness and Bliss. It is the Real Itself Life, Love, Truth, the Perfect Self Itself. The great blindness today like a terrible tragedy is that one travels along the Wide way not discerning that never will it take him to the Narrow Way of Reality and Truth. Though he demonstrates over this, applies the Truth to that, or rises to lofty heights in his own estimation of works and demonstrations, he is ignorant of and unfamiliar with the imperial and authoritative words of Christ: "Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. Matthew 7:22,23 It is not a question of time of years spent in study and application years of fight and struggle. Any instant, one may come to the Narrow Way which concerns his Heart and Soul alone. The Narrow Way is the Heart Way the Wide way is the mind and thinking way.


Remember this: You may train your mind and its thinking, you may heal your ills, and make existence more comfortable for yourself but you shall still remain on the steps as a human being in a human state, you shall still be imperfect, impure, insecure, outside of Heaven until you identify yourself with Heaven, with the Spiritual and the Perfect as the only real Existence there is. The Broad way never leads to the Narrow Way, nor can it ever become the Narrow Way. No amount of progress, learning, spiritualization, practice, healing, can ever transmute one into a Spiritual being in the Spiritual World. He must reorientate himself! He must be born again! He must plant his feet in the Spiritual World now as the ONLY world or existence there is the World of the Father, the Realm of the Real, the True, the Absolute and the Eternal! None can see the Narrow Way without LOVE Love that gives oneself wholly and completely to God, the Perfect One as his only Mind, his only Life, his only Being, Body and Existence. The Heart alone can fulfil this requirement of purity. One's need is never that of healing. His only need is INSPIRATION, ILLUMINATION, REVELATION through himself, in himself, by himself. To this, none is entitled while he keeps his nose on the grindstone of metaphysical therapeutics. Illumination does not come by ways of the mental, but by LOVE OF THE HEART love for the Pure and the Perfect great enough to be all-transcendent and pure enough to say: I do not want the wide way, but the Narrow Way, I want only the Real, the True and the Divine the Life, Self, Being, Body, World of Spiritual Existence. The vital question is not "How shall I apply the Truth to this or that discord?" The vital question is "How shall I be able to live in Spiritual Existence now, where I shall be free of the need of healing?" The vital question is not how to obtain health and happiness in human existence, but how to find oneself in Spiritual Existence where Satisfaction and Abundance abound. How can one find himself in Spiritual Existence? He must SEE the Way, he must TAKE the Way, he must BE the Way unto himself. This is the meaning of the saying: "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. John 14:6 Identifying oneself with a human mind, one cannot be inspired or illumined. If he craves Inspiration and Illumination then let him reorientate himself. Let him identify himself as Spiritual Being now and let him drop all identification with the human and the mental.

"Draw nigh unto Me. Your need is Me Pure Consciousness. I Am your Perfect Everything ... I Am all you need ... I Am your Real Self, your Saviour and your God. Refuse to believe that you are human - that you have a mind of your own which must be elevated, raised or evangelized. Refuse such beliefs altogether they all belong in the Wide way. Refuse to battle with some other power. To do so is to identify yourself that much longer with human existence. Be what you really are the One Eternal Being; live in the only place there is the Spiritual Existence; identify yourself wholly with the Strait and Narrow Way the Real and Eternal. Do this, and you shall know and experience Divine illumination. The mind has its eye on results to be accomplished, demonstrations to be made, healings to take place, statements to be held in thought, work to be done, and battles to be fought. The Heart has its eye on GOD Perfect Being, Perfect Manifestation, Perfect Universe. The Heart knows God to be one's only Life, Mind, Being, Manifestation for ever one's very Self here and now. The Absolute Way says Never can you get out of a human existence through mental ways, methods and systems; and so long as you remain in this Wide way, you will continue to be subject to failure and disappointment for Reality does not mix with human existence! Truth is not for use, for demonstration or for practice as though there were something beside It! Truth is our Perfection and our Fulfilment always to be loved, worshipped and accepted as our very Own. The day of attempting to work, use or apply the Truth, came and has now passed. Come up higher! When you are called, answer that you may be chosen. "My Spirit shall not always strive with man. Genesis 6:3. The only way out of the human state with its beliefs in the healing of sin and sickness is to perceive with the Heart that one is not in such a state, and never has been. The Heart can see that human existence is not a real state of Being but an assumptive state only and one remains here until he wakens, or identifies himself with Spiritual Existence, and Spiritual Being, alone. This is what is meant by being born again.

The Way of the Absolute places all those who desire it, in the Narrow Way now where they lay claim to Spiritual Being, Spiritual Body and Spiritual Universe and cease all other beliefs. Here they spontaneously come into possession of "all things that the Father hath. John 16:15. The mental way is the hard way, the way of bleeding footsteps, the way of great tribulation, the way of endless toil, of falling and rising, and falling again. Christ never taught mental science, mental healing, mental achievement. One of the greatest things to learn is that the mental way is not the Way. The Christ Way is the Real Way the Absolute. It directs attention to the Heart. "Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. Proverbs 4:23. The Heart is where Love is and it requires Love of the Heart to see and to know God Reality Truth. Only Love can take the Narrow Way. Said Christ: "Thou shalt LOVE the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. And the second is like unto it, namely this, Thou shalt LOVE thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these. Mark 12:30,31 Why fight longer and harder? Why bear any longer "the heat and burden of the day?" Matthew 20:12. What will labour and toil bring you? Nothing. The cry of the Heart is this: "Lord, I believe; help Thou mine unbelief. Matthew 9:34 If you have aches and pains, and want them removed, then remove yourself from false identification with human mind, human thoughts, human will, human body and human existence! Move into Spiritual Existence where such words have no meaning. In one way alone can you move from the human Broad way into the Spiritual Narrow Way it is the same way you take when you leave the foreign country of your dream for the room where you sleep. This way is called AWAKENING. "Awake thou that sleepest. Ephesians 5:14 In the state of duality believing oneself sick in body and mind; and in need of healing in body and mind he cannot grasp Ultimate things; thus he attempts to apply the Truth of the Narrow Way to the imperfections of the Broad way the way which Christ denounced, saying that it leads to destruction.


To rise out of the imperfect teaching that one may be set free from sin and sickness he must accept the Spiritual Revelation that we identify ourselves with the Spiritual and Absolute now giving no thought whatever to the healing of any human being, human thinking or human body. It is the Truth that we shall KNOW not the false which we shall heal! This requires purity of Heart, and a love for the Real that is strong enough to yield oneself completely, obediently and fully to It. "Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and Him only shalt thou serve. Matt. 4:10. If one wants to get rid of a shadow on the floor, let him remove the thing that is casting the shadow. No amount of scrubbing will affect it. Forms of sickness, sorrow, limitation, are shadows which can be cancelled only by the reorientation of oneself his abandonment of false identification with human mind, human body, human man and human existence and his identification of himself as Spiritual Being in Spiritual Existence. This identification releases him from the false belief or dream, and spontaneously he expresses the natural Harmony of Being. "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness Reality and Truth and all these things shall be added unto you." Matthew 6:33. People ask "Do you mean for me to see my mind filled with right thoughts? Do you mean for me to see perfection in this body which I feed, bathe and dress?" The answer to both questions is NO. Look to nothing that has the appearance of imperfection and duality look away from it. Look where Jesus looked when he "lifted up his eyes. John 11:14. Only with Spiritual Vision can one see Reality. Where did Jesus place his attention when "he looked up to heaven"? Luke 6:41. Where shall we look to see the Perfect only? Consciousness. Pure Consciousness is Heaven. We shall look into Pure

We shall see the Real by the Real, and know the Divine by the Divine. Find God in yourself as Pure Consciousness then away go both the dream and the dreamer. All the mind-training in the world will never fit one to look into Spiritual Consciousness or to see the Real by Spiritual Consciousness. This cannot be done until the heart is pure enough to see spiritually. In order for it to be pure, it must be humble; and in order for it to be humble, it must be unadulterated by beliefs in human minds and human existence beliefs in subconscious mind and mortal mind.

All are alike equipped to behold spiritually but how many are willing to leave the ways of thought in order to see with the Heart? Jesus said that many go in at the Wide gate, and few there be that find the Narrow Way. Changing wrong thoughts into right thoughts, hateful thoughts into loving thoughts, sick thoughts into healthy thoughts, may prove elevating and beneficial for a time but never will it take one out of human existence where tribulation is without end. Thus he shall continue to experience frustration, suffering and fear so long as his false identification lasts. "Look unto Me!" Isaiah 45:20. Does this Me refer to personal mind or body? WHO is this ME? It is your Perfect Immaculate Self, Mind and Being which is unrelated to what you call your human self, human mind and human being. It is your Perfect, Immaculate Body which is unrelated to the one you feed, bathe and dress. What will stop false beliefs, wrong thoughts, sinful actions? Your identification as Divine Mind, Divine Life, Divine Being none else. Where is Light which will swallow up darkness? Where is Wholeness, Harmony and Blessedness which one craves? They are within us within our power to see, accept, believe, take, love and be as the All-in-All. "Physician, heal thyself!" Luke 4:23. Free yourself by the Christ-Light True Identification leaving the false for the True, the Broad way for the Way that is Narrow and Strait. The time is now at hand when we shall experience the mighty Truth in the Promise: "He that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. And whosoever liveth and believeth in Me shall never die. John 11:25,26. Sin brings suffering, sorrow and death. One would consider it sinful to steal from another but does he consider it a sin to be sick and in need of healing? to be in want? to be unhappy or grieved? Generally No. Rather does he set about to find someone or something to take away his suffering or limitation in a physical or mental way. Let one look to himself and let him consider his own state of false belief. Let him know that when he believes falsely, he is living in disobedience to his own Being God accepting sinful thoughts about the Self, about Body and World instead of turning from these beliefs to Reality Itself the Universe of Pure Consciousness. What is sin but acceptance of false beliefs and false identification? ONLY THROUGH TRUE BELIEF AND TRUE IDENTIFICATION CAN SIN BE REMOVED.

True belief and True Identification is Christ the Light of the World. One speaks of "bones stiff and joints fixed. How is lie to lose s uch belief? He is not to treat mind, body, thoughts or disease, nor to apply Reality to unreality. He is to know such false belief to be a sin against his Pure and Perfect Selfhood. Let him ask himself if he wants to be sinful. From his Heart, he will hear the right answer. When one is willing to confess his sin, and turn from it, and when his love for the Perfect is Pure and Strong enough, it can absorb the false belief then and there. When we love the Real and the True as our very Own, then our Light is great and mighty enough to completely fill us so that there is no darkness in us. This is the Way of the Absolute. Reader, shall you be one to take this Way? It is a sin to believe that Life can be sick, weak, discordant. Said the Christ: "If I had not come and spoken unto them, they had not had sin, but now they have no cloak for their sin. John 15:22. If the Message of the Absolute had not come transcending that of Metaphysics we would have continued reconditioning minds and thoughts serving other gods not finding the One God to be within us always. Without the Revelation that we are Truth Itself not students of It that we are Life Itself, not expressions of It one would still be looking to another God, obeying personalities not seeing that everyone must have Revelation for himself in fact, this is his ONLY way to Life Everlasting. There is no excuse, now, for anyone. If he remains longer on the Broad way which leads to destruction instead of identifying himself spontaneously with the Way which leads unto Life he is denying his own Selfhood. "If we deny Him, he will also deny us. 2 Timothy 2:12. If one refuses to identify himself with his Real Being, and Real Existence after he has been shown the great necessity that he do so he shall be denied the Freedom, Joy and Glory of Spiritual Life and Blessedness. No one can breathe for another, eat or drink for another. Likewise, each shall need to make his own departure from false identification and false beliefs each shall need to confess his sin and spontaneously identify himself as the Divine Alone, the Perfect Alone, the Self which is the All and the Alone of everyone.

Changing from one form of mental treatment to another, while still remaining in the belief that one is an individual consciousness, living in a human existence, is like changing horses in midstream. The One-Way is to get out of the imperfect belief into the Perfect Understanding, out of the false into the True, out of mortal beliefs into Everlasting Life Itself out of man into God. In the mental way, one can declare that he is a perfect and spiritual Idea but he cannot know that he is Life Itself. This Immaculate Concept comes to him only when he loves the Real and the Absolute more than all else. There is no mental way to the Real. The only way to the Real is by the Heart's acceptance of the Real and the Perfect as his ONLY Existence and his abandonment of all other beliefs. The only Way to the Real is by being the Real. The only Way to see, hear and feel Reality, in the Spiritual World, is to LOVE and ACCEPT this Reality as our very Own. Regardless what your "problem" seems to be, it exists in your belief that you are a man, a personality or an individual living in a human existence. No one should expect or hope to live in a human existence and enjoy the fullness and completeness of Spiritual Existence. It is an utter impossibility. All efforts to apply the Truth are based upon the assumptive state of human existence. The sooner that one discovers that never can he express the Truth from the state of the untrue, or manifest the Real from the state of the unreal, the sooner will he be ready to accept the Message of the Absolute - in its Beauty, Purity and Reality. How shall I pay my legitimate debts? How shall I solve this or heal that? There is but one Answer to all such queries. It is this: Abandon the belief that you are a man, living in human existence. Stop all identification with the human. Live in Spiritual Existence, be Spiritual Being. Think as Divine Mind now! Love as Divine Love now! Abide in and as the Perfect now! Not until the prodigal left the far country did he find himself in the Father's house and not until WE depart from the human by a New and Living Way the Way of True Identification do we find ourselves in Spiritual Existence, where "the former things are passed away." Revelation 21:4 Therefore, the efforts to demonstrate to apply to utilize to handle to overcome to heal must be relegated to the past if one would have and enjoy the Abundance, Wholeness, Harmony and Effulgence of the Real, the True and the Divine.


The Absolute Way is the Christ Way. It is I AM it is not I-will-be when I heal or when I overcome. The words I AM signify the present tense. Be alone with your own Being God long enough for you to consider this vitally momentous question: henceforth, which way shall I take the Broad or the Narrow? Henceforth, with whom shall I identify myself with the imperfect or the Perfect? The human or the Divine? The student or the Truth? The idea or Divine Mind? The reflection or the Original? The individual of the One? Man or God? Seek nothing in a human existence. Live and abide in the Spiritual. Here you have everything ... you find everything. Here you are not in need of a human companion, a material home or physical harmony. You have Spiritual companions, Spiritual home, Spiritual Harmony, Spiritual Joy, Peace and Abundance. When you accept this Way, when you love and abide in this Way you are in the Christ Way, the New and Living Way, the Absolute Way. Finally, all needs shall be cancelled, and shall be absorbed, in one Way alone the reorientation of oneself from the false belief that he lives in a human existence, to the Spiritual Realization that he lives in Spiritual Existence; and from the false belief that he is another beside the One, to the Spiritual Realization that he is the One Alone.


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