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Samsung entitles this manual Total Communication Design Guideline.

Devised as a result of developing the Samsung Line, this presents Samsungs identity in graphic design and its efficient Image Variation according to characteristics of media, products, and regions. The departments of the Samsung or its affiliates are to use this manual for maintaining the identity of Samsung Communication Design.


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cf.) Samsungisplanningtoconstructthe GlobalCommunication NetworkChannelbysharingtheGuidelineandImageData relatedtothismanualontheinternet,samsungsp.com. (scheduledonJune. 02)


-Color -Format -ColorStandard -IncorrectUses

b .SamsungLine

-PrimaryUsage -SecondaryUsage


a.ImageApplication b .Catalog/Leaflet
-TheDrawingMethod ofOvalCurve -BasicLayout -Format

-TheDrawingMethod ofOvalCurve -BasicLayout -Format

-TheDrawingMethod ofOvalCurve -BasicLayout

-TheDrawingMethod ofOvalCurve -BasicLayout -Format


Global Guideline - a Wordmark

The wordmark is the most important identifier which represents SAMSUNG, i.e. it is the visual property of who we are and what we do. Therefore the shape, color and letter type should not be changed randomly. The color of the wordmark should be expressed in a way of consistent form on various media (printing, signs, etc.), and its accurate color, color value and hue should be maintained.


Spot Color : Pantone 286C

4 Color process : C100% + M80%

RGB rule : G20 + B160


Global Guideline - a Wordmark

ClearSpace=LogotypeheightX 2
Observe strictly the clear space in order to enhance the visual effectiveness of the symbol mark. Any factor should not intrude into the specified clear space.





- Color Standard : Samsung Blue. In case of inevitable circumstances, a positive or a negative image can be used. - The color value of background / Use 50% of color value as a standard.

Black & White Media - equal to less than 50% value black : positive image(Black) - equal to more than 50% value black : negative image(White)

Color Media - equal to less than 50% value black : positive image(Black) - equal to more than 50% value black : negative image(White)

Global Guideline - a Wordmark

(Theexamplesontheright illustrateincorrectcoloruse.)

Do not use the different color for wordmark logotype and the background color. These colors should be the same.

Do not use a wordmark color of similar value and hue as the background color. The lack of contrast impairs visibility.

Do not use more than one color for the background.

Do not use a black wordmark on a colored background. Black is exclusively for use on white background.

Do not use a negative image of a wordmark on a bright background.

Do not use a blue wordmark on a dark background. The lack of contrast impairs visibility.

(Donotprintthewordmark insecondarySamsungcolors.)
Do not use colors for wordmarks other than the approved options.

(Donotchangetheshape ofthewordmark.)
Do not change the angle of the oval. Do not change the shape of the oval. Do not change the typeface of the logotype inside the wordmark.

Do not place the wordmark on a heavily textured background.

Do not reverse the color of the oval and logotype. (e.g. do not use Samsung Blue on the logotype)

Do not express the wordmark as an outline.

Do not distort the wordmark.

Do not blur the wordmark.

(Donotusethewordmarkin asentenceorphrase.)

Do not use the wordmark inside a sentence or phrase.

Do not use the wordmark inside a headline.


Global Guideline - b SAMSUNG Line

The Samsung line is a form, created by applying the curve of the wordmark in accordance with characteristics of media.

Criteriafor usingtheline

As the main characteristics of the Oval, the red portion of the line illustrated below should always be presented even when the oval curve is expressed in various forms.

Center Point

Samsung Wordmark 0 Rotate angle

Oval Curve Main Part

Samsung Wordmark 9.5 Rotate angle

Oval Curve Main Part Samsung Wordmark 47 Rotate angle Oval Curve Main Part

Global Guideline - b SAMSUNG Line

Derived from the brand logo, the SAMSUNG Line is to be used as a graphic motive, conveying the brand image to users through constructing its identity among media.


The SAMSUNG Line presents the associational effect of the brand logo to consumers as SAMSUNGs unique visual motive by applying the curve of the wordmark, which symbolizes SAMSUNG, on each medium. In global market, the oval is the only visual property, presented as a consistent form of Samsung, with exception of its brand name (Samsung). This is the reason why we should actively apply the Oval image to our graphic media design. Samsungs visual identity is provided to consumers by applying the Curve of the Samsung Wordmark. When applying an image inside the Curve, it is essential to consider the characteristics of each product or region in order to create the most efficient variation of design.

Why Oval


CriteriaforApplying theOvalCurve

The most important factor is the visual distinction, resulted from the different tone between inside and outside of the Oval Curve. - The sub factors (narrow lines or band) can be expressed on the curve to enhance the design, as long as they observe the rules shown above.

Global Guideline - a SAMSUNG Line

(Examplesofincorrect coloruse)
Inthisexample,shapeofthe ovalcurveisnotdistinguishabledue tothesimilarityofcolorvalueand hue(betweeninsideandoutsideofthe ovalcurve).

Colorinside theovalcurve

Coloroutside theovalcurve

(Examplesofincorrect ovalcurveuse)
Thisexampleshowsacomplicated designcausedbyexcessiveuseof subfactors.(narrowband)

Excessiveuseof subfactors

Global Guideline - a SAMSUNG Line

(Examplesofincorrect ovalcurveuse)
Inthisexample,thesingleor contrastingcolorofsub factors(narrowband)causes distractionorunwanteddivision.

Donotapply singlecolor

Donotapply contrastingcolor


Global Guideline - a SAMSUNG Line


(Exampleofincorrect ovalcurveuse)
Inthisexample,theshapeofthe ovalcurveistoocomplicateand indistinguishableduetotoo manysubfactors.(narrowline)


Global Guideline - c Type Styles

SAMSUNGs designated typefaces are Universe for English, Gothic for Korean. Universe should always be used in upper and lower case, using flush left, ragged right format. Universe Condensed 47 Light and 57 Regular are suitable choices for body text. They are also appropriate for headlines and captions. Universe 67 Bold is a suitable choice when the volume of text is small and emphasis is needed. It is also effective for headlines or sub headings. Garamond has been selected as the designated type for secondary usage because of its classic style, intimacy and soft image. Garamond can be used in sales sentences (or in soft sentences for explanation.)



National LetterUsage


Global Guideline - d Color System

Samsungs color system is developed for each business unit to project its best image and characteristics in the most efficient way. The color system, devised for unifying the visual images of each business unit or sales environment, is to promote the internal unity and to foster consistent identity externally.

White Black C100, M80

Color System
Brand Logo Color

C30, Y100

C30, Y100

M50, Y100

M60, Y100

C70, Y70

C100, M50

C20, M100, Y60

C100, M50

C100, M50

Note) The given color system offers a standard for individual business unit. (When another color use is necessary for a product or a region, you are required to consult with the Design HQ staff in advance.)