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Rabbis Message Service Schedule

Temple Emanu-El
News Bulletin
Ira L. Korinow, D.D., Rabbi Nancy J. LaFleur, Temple Administrator
Mindy Harris, Cantorial Soloist Debra Levasseur, Religious School Director
Affliated with the Union for Reform
Judaism & the Synagogue Council of
Massachusetts. A benefciary of the
Merrimack Valley Jewish Federation.

He who loves Torah
is never satiated.
Midrash Rabbah
Vol. LXXI No. 5 Iyar Sivan 5773 :vu ) - May 2013
Friday, May 3
Candle Lighting 7:28 pm
Tot Shabbat 6:00 pm
Saturday, May 4 Parashat Behar-Bechukotai
Shabbat Morning Service 9:30 am
Bar Mitzvah of Andrew Eisen
Son of Amy & Edward Eisen
Shabbat Shiur 12 noon
Friday, May 10
Candle Lighting 7:36 pm
Saturday, May 11 Parashat Bamidbar
Shabbat Morning Service 9:30 am
Shabbat Shiur 12 noon
Friday, May 17
Candle Lighting 7:43 pm
Confrmation Service 7:00 pm
Saturday, May 18 Parashat Nasso
Shabbat Morning Service 9:30 am
Bar Mitzvah of Ethan Gofstein
Son of Rona & Mark Gofstein
Shabbat Shiur 12 noon
Friday, May 24
Candle Lighting 7:50 pm
Saturday, May 25 Parashat Beha-alotcha
Shabbat Morning Service 9:30 am
Israel Chavurah 12 noon
Friday, May 31
Candle Lighting 7:57 pm
Membership Recognition and Installation Service 7:00 pm
May, June & July birthday blessings will be given
Saturday, June 1 Parashat Shelach
Shabbat Morning Service 9:30 am
Shabbat Shiur 12 noon
Dear Chaverim,
Each academic year ends with the
Confrmation Service. The Confr-
mation of the 9th grade students
is the highlight and raison dtre
of the service. But what exactly is
Confrmation was begun by the
early leaders of Reform Judaism
in the 19th century. In fact, Re-
form Judaism in its genesis had abolished Bar Mitzvah
because it was for boys only. The early reformers created
Confrmation as a way to bring an egalitarian life-cycle
event into the Jewish cycle of life which would recog-
nize the entrance into adulthood of both young men and
young women.
They saw how the Jewish calendar fts so well into the
academic calendar of the year as observed by most aca-
demic institutions. Simchat Torah, the day on which we
consecrate our new students into Jewish education oc-
curs in the Fall, anytime from late September to the mid-
dle of October. Shavuot, which celebrates our receiving
the Torah at Mount Sinai and falls in the late spring, was
the natural time to mark this new life-cycle event called
Confrmation is not meant to be the end of Jewish edu-
cation but rather an important milestone. I think of Con-
frmation as the time on which our young people confrm
what they had affrmed a couple of years earlier at their
Bar/Bat Mitzvah, i.e. that they are ready to continue to
live a life of Jewish values and rituals; a life which is guid-
ed by the mitzvot, the commandments and the teachings
of the Torah. Just as our ancestors willingly received the
Torah at Mount Sinai, the Confrmands are willingly ac-
Shavuot Service Schedule
Wednesday, May 15
Shavuot Morning Service 9:30 am
Thursday, May 16
Shavuot Morning Service (includes Yizkor) 9:30 am
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Community News
SPeedy recovery
Bonnie Coltin
Mazal Tov
Barbara and Robert Berman on the birth of their granddaugh-
ter, Abigail Rebecca Hanson. Proud parents are Rachel and
John Hanson
Jacqueline Berman on the marriage of her daughter,
Simmie to Andrew Leach
Ronnie Cohen, on her granddaughter, Meredith Baker, daugh-
ter of Dr. Christopher and Robin Baker, graduating with
honors from University of Cincinnati Medical School,
Meredith will be a resident at the Beth Israel Hospital in
general surgery
Sandra Kassin Deardorff & Andy Deardorff on their son Alex
receiving his commission in Military Intelligence from the U.S.
Army and on his graduation from Fordham with a Bachelors
in Middle Eastern Studies and Political Science
Rita & Jonathan Harris, on the marriage of their son,
Alexander to Johanna Schweitzer
Shirley Holber on her special birthday
Ann & Michael Jacobson, on their son, Ramie
graduating from University of Pennsylvania with a double
major in Communications and Italian
Jane Rosenston on her special birthday
Barbra Forman Salladay & John Salladay on their
daughter, Laurel graduating from Ithaca College, Laurel will
be continuing her studies at Ithaca College towards her
Doctorate in Physical Therapy
Susan Hantman, on the death of her father,
Phillip Chapman
oNeg/KidduSh SPoNSorS
April 5 Members and Parents of Grade 7
April 12 Parents of HEFTY
April 13 Michele Howard, in memory of her father,
Michael Rosenbaum
April 27 Janet Kopel
Rabbis Message continued from page 1
cepting this important responsibility to perpetuate Juda-
ism and Jewish living in the future.
So where does Bat Mitzvah come from? The early re-
formers did not think of making Bar Mitzvah egalitarian
and hence they began Confrmation for that reason. Bat
Mitzvah was actually begun in the Conservative move-
ment when Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan, a Conservative Rab-
bi who began the Reconstructionist Movement, called
his daughter, Judith, to the Torah at the age of 12 back
in 1922. Bat Mitzvah was gradually adopted frst by the
Conservative Movement in the middle of the 20th cen-
tury, followed by the Reform Movement (which had re-
introduced Bar Mitzvah in the early 1900s) adopting the
practice as well.
Today, Confrmation, marking a milestone in Jewish edu-
cation, is a common practice in Reform, Conservative,
Reconstructionist and even some Orthodox synagogues.
The ritual of Bat Mitzvah for girls is commonly practiced
by all the movements as well. However, what the girl
does for her Bat Mitzvah differs between the Orthodox
and the non-Orthodox movements.
At Temple Emanu-El, the custom of recognizing a mem-
ber who has contributed tirelessly to our congregation as
Volunteer of the Year has been a practice here for over
a couple of decades. I am pleased to announce that this
years Volunteer of the Year is Sharyn Russell. A geri-
atric social worker by profession, Sharyn helped begin
the Temple Emanu-El Chesed Committee several years
ago. Through her commitment to having our congrega-
tion truly be a welcoming one to all, she has guided the
Chesed Committee to be a vital resource for those in
need. Providing rides to those no longer able to drive,
creating and delivering packages of holiday goodies to
the homebound members of Temple Emanu-El and pro-
viding resource materials for lifes challenges through the
display of helpful Lifelight pamphlets inside the Brindis
Entrance on 10th Avenue are just some of the important
activities in which the Chesed Committee has been en-
gaged and by which it has communicated that we are a
caring community.
Please join us for the 72nd Annual Confrmation Service
on Friday, May 17th at 7:00 pm when we wish a hearty
Mazal Tov to the 9 members of the 2013 Confrmation
Class and again on Friday, May 31st at 7:00 pm for our
Annual Membership Recognition Service when we say
Yasher Koach in honoring Sharyn Russell as our Volun-
teer of the Year.
Rabbi Ira
Todah Rabah! Thank You to:
An anonymous donation towards the Accompanist for
the Yom Ha Shoah Service
Nancy Rubenstein, on her donation toward the Yom Ha
Shoah Accompanist
Annual Meeting
Sunday, May 5, 2013, 9:30 am
Election of Offcers
Board Reports addressed at this meeting:
Rabbi Religious School Director
President Reports read from Temple
Administrator Committee Chairs
This is your chance to come and listen to everything that is hap-
pening at Temple, and to offer your comments as to what we did
correctly and what we need to improve.
Voice your opinion and vote on new offcers
and Board Members
A light breakfast will be served
May is an exciting month here at
Temple Emanu-El with much to
On May 5th, 9:30am we will hold
our Annual Meeting to elect new
Board Members and review the
year. It is very important that as
many Members as possible at-
On May 17th, we will have our Confrmation Service. We
will also wish our High School students the best of luck
as they graduate and head off to new future studies and
new adventures. This service also rewards our Religious
School students for their hard work all year: they will re-
ceive their Religious School Awards. I encourage every-
one to attend this very important service to honor our
On May 31st, we will have our Installation of offcers and
Volunteer of the Year Service where we will award this
years recipient: Sharyn russell, chesed committee
chair. Sharyn has tirelessly led this new and very active
Committee which explores ways in which we may pro-
vide comfort and support to each other in times of need,
as we face life cycle events. A few of the services they
provide are: helping to organize food and minyans for
Shiva, rides to Temple events/services and holiday food
deliveries to the home-bound. Please join me as we in-
stall our New Board Members and celebrate with Sharyn
the success of her committee.
As always, please feel free to contact me with any ques-
Best regards,
Lynn Dreyfuss Martin
President's Message
Temple Emanu-El Picnic
For all Ages at:
Camp Tel Noar
(Route 121 in Hampstead, NH)
Sunday, June 9, 2013
12:00 4:00 pm
The Temple will provide:
Hot dogs and hamburgers
What can you bring?:
Salads, Drinks, Pareve (non-dairy) Desserts
And for fun, bring:
Bathing Suits, (there will be a camp bunk open in
which to change), Blankets, Beach Chairs, Boats,
Canoes, Kayaks, Sports Equipment
Please RSVP by June 3, 2013
to Nancy (978-373-3861)
or e-mail: Nancy@TempleEmanu-El.org
Sponsored by the Membership Committee
of Temple Emanu-El
chesed committee announces the launch of Lotsa Helping Hands
As announced during the High Holiday services, there are times when there is a need for help in our Temple com-
Temple Emanu-El through its Chesed Committee is launching a new program called Lotsa Helping Hands that will
enable all of us to lend a helping hand.
Even beyond helping others with serious needs, there are many times to communicate, to ask for and give help in
ordinary community relations. Be part of a group that can occasionally offer help at a special minyan or lend a hand
with a special project.
An important letter from the Rabbi will be coming soon on how to help and how to log into LotsaHelpingHands
through our Temple website. All that we ask is that you sign in (no obligation is incurred on signing in) and become
part of our caring Temple community.
For more information regarding Lotsa Helping Hands, please contact:
Chesed Committee member Fred Feldman, fredfeldman@comcast.net or 603-580-5779. Or Chesed Committee
Chair, Sharyn Russell, SRuss1010@aol.com.
If you have a Chesed need or interesting project with which you want help, please let Rabbi Korinow know at rab-
Our last Hefty event was at the Jew-
ish Film Festival in Concord, New Hamp-
shire. We learned about the Jewish inuences in
the show, The Simpsons. It was a sold out movie and
very fun. Last months Creative Service was based on our
theme, Jews in Entertainment. HEFTY ran a wonderful
Shabbat evening service. I would like to personally thank
all of HEFTY for their participation in the service.
Our next event is a trip to Wasabi Restaurant, a hiba-
chi grill in Salem, NH. We will be meeting at Wasabi at
6:30pm on May 11th. Lastly, our closing event is the
end-of-year barbeque. We traditionally end the year with
a time to cement all of the friendships we have made
over the year. This is also when the 2013-2014 Executive
Board is voted in by the membership. After the barbeque
is the Old Board/New Board meeting. Information and
tips that have been learned are passed on to their re-
spective successors. Hope that most Heftyites are able
to attend the fnal 2 events for the year.
Ben Shalek
HEFTY Programming
& Communications
What a wonderful time we had at
the 2013 Spring Basket Auction!
The room looked beautiful, bas-
kets and silent auction items were
set and ready to go and the food
was delicious. I am happy to an-
nounce we raised $2500 for our
family education programs for you
and your children. A special thank
you to our committee co-chairs
Marie Katzen and Lisa Desberg who worked so hard to
make this event a success. Thank you also to our MC
and Auctioneer extraordinaire, Rabbi Korinow who, with
his charmingly persuasive techniques made sure we
raised as much as possible for each basket. Thanks to
Alan Katzen and Eric Tracy for manning the registration
table, selling tickets for the 50-50 rafe (congratulations
to Jackie Berman our rafe winner) and for coordinating
and collecting the money for the items purchased. Thank
you to all who donated and purchased baskets and silent
auction items to beneft the Adeline B. Watnick Religious
School Childrens Fund. Thank you to Emilys Bakery in
Haverhill (Building 19 Plaza) who donated the very deli-
cious cheesecake deserts. When you go to Emilys for
your challah or other baked goods, please let them know
you are from Temple Emanu-El. If you havent been to
Emilys its worth the trip.
May is here and that means the end of this religious
school year. Wasnt it just yesterday when classes be-
gan? As I write this article we are looking forward to our
frst Lag BOmer celebration with outdoor games (weath-
er permitting) and a picnic snack. Each participant will
receive a medal for participation. This should be fun for
Please join us for the very beautiful and moving Confr-
mation Service on May 17, 7:00pm. This service will also
include graduation for our 12th graders and Religious
School Awards will be presented.
I look forward to seeing you at Confrmation.
Morah Devorah
Religious School
Sisterhood Cooks Mitchs Place
and Community Meals
Our wonderful cooks for Mitchs Place for the
month of April were:
rita harris, claire Koffman, zach Koffman,
and amy Sherr
Thank you all for this wonderful mitzvah we continue
to need volunteers and anyone able to help is greatly
Marilyn Goldberg
Sisterhood Gift Shop
giftshop hours:
Sundays from 11am 12 noon
or by appointment
NeW Programs,
NeW opportunities
Chesed Committee
In todays world, many of us seem to be pressured by
time having enough time for work, for family, for friends,
for ourselves. It has been my greatest pleasure to work
with Chesed volunteers who also fnd time for others
time to bake hamantashen, time to deliver a holiday food
package, time to make a friendly phone call, time to put
a few extra items in your food cart to deliver to some-
one experiencing a medical crisis, or time to help set up
a home for a shiva meal. Most of these mitzvot can be
done in less than an hour.
I do hope that all of you will consider offering to lend
a helping hand when you have the opportunity to sign
up for LotsaHelpingHands over the coming months. Fred
Feldman is making it painless and simple to sign on, and
learn how you too can make a difference to someone by
volunteering even an hour once in a while. The gift is in
the giving.
Sharyn Russell
Temple emanu-el in haverhill, Ma
J o i n u s o n :
Welcome New Members
Larry & Sherry Cann
Looking for a new tax deduction? Got an old
clunker you want off your hands? Want to help
the Temple?
Did you know that you can donate your car to
the Temple? It is quick and easy. They will even
come and get it, so you do not have to bring it
anywhere. Its a win-win situation for everyone!
Heres why:
You dont have to worry about selling your car
and having the buyer invoke the Lemon Law
The car does not even have to be running
They will come to your house and take it right
out of your driveway
You get a tax deduction for the full amount of
selling the car
You make a donation to the Temple that
doesnt cost you any of your own money
You get an IRS form 1098 listing the Temple
as the recipient, that you use for your tax de-
What could be easier? You get rid of a car that
you dont want anyway, and the Temple gets a
If you are interested, call the Temple to help you
through the process. Or, better yet, call me, and I
will personally help you make the donation.
Kevin Miller, (603) 893-5421
uPdaTe: The Temple just received their rst
check for over $1700 on only 1 car donation!!!
Collecting Labels
to support Religious School
The PTO is collecting labels in order to purchase
special educational materials for your children.
Check your cans and boxes and please drop the
labels off at the Temple offce or Religious School
Thanks for
your support!
The Temple is recycling phones
and print cartridges. Please drop
them off at the Temple offce or
Religious School offce.
Thank you for recycling
Fu ndr ai s i ng at Te mpl e Ema nu-El
Scrip Comes to Temple Emanu-El!
Shop with Scrip is an easy way to support Temple Emanu-El. Sim-
ply purchase gift cards (or scrip) for places where you plan to
shop, and use those cards instead of cash or credit. The Temple
purchases the gift cards at a discount and sells them at full face
value; you use them at full face value at your favorite retailers. The
beauty is that you put your regular shopping dollars to work. You
earn money for the Temple without spending a single additional
penny. Keep cards for Shaws, Kohls, Starbucks, Target, CVS,
Dunkin Donuts and many other retailers in your pocket to use just
like cash. Scrip can be used for all your household purchases:
groceries, clothes, household supplies, gasoline, entertainment,
dining, and gifts, to name just a few.
Our frst three orders, though small, were quite successful. As we
increase our participation, this has the potential to be a great fund-
raiser for the Temple.
Now that we have several
orders behind us and are
more familiar with the process, we are moving to a regular sched-
ule. Orders will be collected and submitted on the 10th of each
month (or the next business day if the Temple offce is closed). For
inclusion in our next order, forms and payments should be submit-
ted to the offce no later than May 10, 2013.
Our Scrip vendor is continually adding new retailers. Well use this
space, as well as reminder emails, to let you know when new gift
cards are available.
Order forms and additional information are available on the wall
outside the Temple offce, in the library, and on our website at
www.TempleEmanu-El.org/fundraising. You may also order scrip
online at www.shopwithscrip.com.
If you have any questions, please contact Paula Breger at:
978.373.8846 or library@TempleEmanu-El.org.
amazon.com fundraiser
Did you know that the Temple earns a percentage of
every purchase made at amazon.com?
how To order:
1. Visit www.templeemanu-el.org
(dont forget the dash!)
2. Click on Fundraising tab and scroll down to:
3. Order online as usual
If you would like help, please ask Paula
in HaSifriyah for assistance.
Claire Ayala Breger-Belsky Alyssa Jaime Helman
Wise Huston Chabot Chlo Jean Isabelle-Alper
Shaina Nicole Gilks Evan Hans Larsen
Noam Seth Hantman Emilee Ryann Nathan
Zachariah Abraham Bouchard Shalek
Temple Emanu-El
cordially invites you to attend
The Seventy Second Annual Confrmation
Friday, May 17, 2013 7:00 P.M.
Service includes High School Graduation:
Religious School Awards will be given
A Festive Oneg will follow in the Winer Auditorium
Isabel Frances Allen
Maxwell Mateo Kofman

Annual Membership Recognition
and Installation Service
Friday, May 31, 2013 7:00 pm
Volunteer of the Year
Sharyn Russell
and Members of Elijahs Table, Tzadikim and Amoodim
for their generous contribution to Temple Emanu-El
Installation of new Ofcers and Members of the Board of Directors
June, July & August birthday blessings will be given
A Festive Oneg Shabbat Will Follow the Service
Adult Education
While the history of Jewish communities in Europe is well known to many American
Jews, there are many Jewish communities in the world that are little known to us.
The Adult Education Committee invites you to attend a program on The Jews of Cuba.
Laurie Tishler Mindlin, Director of the Merrimack Valley Jewish Federation went on a
Mission to Jewish Cuba along with 25 other Directors of small Jewish Federations from
across the US this past February. She returned flled with enthusiasm after observing
and enjoying the Jewish communitys history and resurgence of Jewish life. They visited
the sites of Jewish Havana and met with a host of committed Jewish leaders who are
reviving and rebuilding Kehillot after 40 years of anti-religion communist rule. They
learned about their challenges and opportunities, what the American Jewish commu-
nity has done to help out, and how we, in the Merrimack Valley, might be a part of their
future. They were changed by this experience and would like to share it with you.
This is a real opportunity to learn
about Jewish history and experi-
ence outside the diaspora that
were familiar with.
As always, a breakfast will be
served at 9:30 am and the pro-
gram will start at 10 am.
Please RSVP to Nancy 978-373-
3861 or Nancy@TempleEmanu-el.
org for planning purposes although
drop-ins are always welcome.
Sunday, May 19 9:30am
Born Again: The Jews of Cuba
Night Words Airing May1
Haverhill Public TV, Channel 22 will air Night
Words A Midrash on the Holocaust, on
Wednesday, May 1, 8pm
The play was presented by Temple Emanu-El
as a special Yom HaShoah Commemoration
at Cascia Hall on the campus of Merrimack
A Mitzvah a Day Keeps the Frown at Bay!
Have you done a Mi tzvah today?
Israel Chavurah
The Discussion Continues
Saturday,May 25
at 12 noon
The Israel Chavurah meets once a month
on Saturday as that weeks Shabbat Shiur
(Bible Study Class). Each session begins with
a kiddush/luncheon following the Shabbat
morning service. Join with other members
of the community to help develop a bet-
ter understanding of the issues concerning
Israel and the Middle East.
Save the following dates, too:
Saturdays, June 15 & July 27, 2013
May Shabbat Services
Tot Shabbat
Friday, May 3 6:00 pm
Confrmation Service
Friday, May 17 6:00 pm
Membership Recognition
and Installation Service
May, June & July birthday blessings will be given
Friday, May 31 7:00 pm
BookNotes &
As I announced recently, we in HaSifriyah are in the midst
of plans to upgrade our cataloguing and circulation sys-
tem. our current library software is obsolete and no
longer supported by the developer, thereby placing
our data at risk in the event of a hardware crash. our
hope is to obtain donations of approximately $1500
to allow us to purchase new software and a new
computer. One of my priorities for the new cataloguing
software is to fnd a package that will allow members of
Temple Emanu-El to search our database online. If you
are able to assist us by making a donation for this up-
grade, please contact Nancy in the offce.
Our book group met once again last month to discuss
Once We Were Brothers, by Richard Balson. Part legal
thriller, part historical fction, Once We Were Brothers
travels from Nazi-occupied Poland to present-day Chi-
cago, exploring themes of identity, family and betrayal.
Thanks to everyone who participated! Well be taking a
break for the summer and will meet again on Sunday,
September 29th. Watch your email for an announcement
of the title to be discussed.
recent acquisitions in haSifriyah include:
The Bands Visit (DVD)
Lebanon (DVD)
The Forgotten Refugees (DVD)
I Have Never Forgotten You (DVD)
My Dictionary: Hebrew-English Illustrated Dictionary
for Children
Yiddish with Dick and Jane, by Ellis Weiner
and Barbara Davilman
As always, Id like to thank everyone for continuing to
support our fundraising efforts through the Amazon.com
Associates Program. All funds are used to acquire books,
magazines, music, videos and supplies for the library.
This is a year-round program, so please keep the link
handy or access it from the website:
and tell your friends and family.
Paula Breger, Librarian
Do you like to sing?
Join the Temple Emanu-El Choir
All adults and teens over the age of 13
are invited to participate.
For more information, or to sign up, please contact:
Mindy Harris
310-663-0054 or
The choir participates in the High
Holy Day Services and other ser-
vices throughout the year.
Upcoming Events
Honor your Mother and your Father
The Torah tells us that we must always honor our parents. Our Jewish tradition extends that law to say that we
must honor all our loved ones, and remember them in death. There is no better way to remember and honor the
memory of your departed family members than to have a Memorial Yahrzeit Plaque on the wall of the Temple
You have seen the plaques on the wall of the sanctuary. Each week, the plaques belonging to our beloved
departed, whose Yahrzeit, or anniversary of death, is that week, are lighted. This is to recognize the anniversary
of that person, and to give us an opportunity to lovingly honor the memory of that person, at least once every
year. Also, three times per year, on Yizkor, all the plaques are lit to remember all the loved ones of our Temple.
The plaque contains the name of the deceased, both in English and Hebrew, as well as the date of the persons
death. The plaques are available whenever the sanctuary is open, so someone can always see the name and
remember the loving memories of the departed family member. This is a loving way to remember a parent, spouse
or child.
The cost of a memorial Yahrzeit plaque is a one-time cost of $250. This cost includes the engraving of the
plaque, placing it on the wall, in alphabetical order, and having it lit on Yahrzeit and Yizkor to perpetuity. To
purchase a plaque, contact Nancy or the Rabbi at the Temple, (978) 373-3861.
Jewish Film Festival
Sunday, May 5, 2013
3:30 7:15 pm
Osgood Landing 1580 Osgood Street
North Andover (South Entrance)
The other Son
In Hebrew, French and Arabic
with English subtitles.
hava Nagila (The Movie)
Fascinating! A fun and fanciful frolic.
Call 978-688-0466 for information
Purchase tickets at www.mvjf.org
General Admission $18
A co-ed day camp for children ages 4-16
Captains Pond, Salem, NH
For more information, visit www.camphadar.org or
questions call the Camp office at 978-688-0466
Quality Jewish Day Camping
for an Affordable Price!
Camp Begins Monday, June 24, 2013
New for 2013

Tuition Discounts up to 15% off, Dedicated
Bus from NH for ALL 8 weeks of Camp,
Israeli Dancing (Artist-in-residence), Jewish
Story-Telling (Artist-in-Residence)
iSaBelle r. & BurToN J. alTer
Betsy Kehoe, in loving memory of
her mother, Isabelle Alter on her
Brody FaMily FuNd
Pearl Shyavitz, in loving memory of
her mother and father, Beatrice &
Abraham Gerber on their yahrzeit
coWaN FaMily coNTiNuiTy
Larry & Janet Cowan, in loving
memory of his uncle, Malcolm
Brown and in loving memory of
Morris Burakoff
raBBiS diScreTioNary FuNd
Stephanie Brooks, in honor of Hannah
Heifetzs 89th birthday
Fred Feldman, in memory of his
parents, Frieda and Mendel
Feldman, Holocaust survivors
Sumner Kalman, wishing the Rabbi
and Gail a chag sameach
Lee Greenberg, in appreciation of the
Rabbis services at the funeral for
his brother-in-law, Norman Bushner
Hedva and David Shikes, in memory
of their parents, Rivka & Abraham
Rose and Selma & Melvin Shikes,
on their yahrzeits
david & leNa FiShBeiN FuNd
Sandy Channen, in loving memory of
her brother, Jerry Fishbein on his
yahrzeit and in loving memory of
Bernie Siller
eva & BeNJaMiN grad FuNd
Lucille Traister, in loving memory
of her mother, Eva Grad on her
JeWiSh coNTiNuiTy
In loving memory of Morris Burakoff
Corinne Wyard and her sons, Michael
& Adam Josephson
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Weinfeld
Joan & Jim Krasnoo
Lillian Birnbaum
Geoffrey Lewis
Mitch & Judy Kroner, in honor of Rita
& Jonathan Harris on the birth of
their grandson, Emerson Bourne
Shirley & Samuel Yanku, in loving
memory of Mariam Weisberg
alMa & george KliNeTSKy
FaMily FuNd
Alma Klinetsky, in honor of Shirley &
Samuel Yanku on the birth of their
great grandson, Matthew Jacob
Weintraub and wishing a speedy
recovery to Bonnie Coltin
raBBi ira l. KoriNoW chariTy
Stephanie Brooks, in honor of Hannah
Heifetz on her birthday
Marilyn Berlin, in appreciation of
CHESED delivering Purim goodies
Gwen & Steven Larsen
Robert Levine
Mchiret Chametz:
Stuart Mandell
Nora & Douglas Cannon
Jay Roaf
David & Pauline Fisher
Amy & Michael Sherr
Sandra Kassin Deardorff & Andrew
Ruth Kletnick
Gerda Kalman, in loving memory of
those remembered at Yiskor
Beverly Sidel, in loving memory of
her husband, Norman Sidel on his
yahrzeit and in loving memory of
her father, Edward Gilman on his
MaNdell FaMily FuNd
Stuart Mandell, in loving memory of
his father-in-law, Benjamin Vinecour
on his yahrzeit
PaSSover FuNdraiSer
Brian & Anita Adler
Allen Alper & Cheryl Isabelle-Alper
Melvin & Adele Ash
Norman Axler & Dr. Joan Gitlin
David & Dorothy Baker
Theodore & Ellie Baratt
David Belsky & Paula Breger
Robert Bender & Sandra Venner
Laura Bendetson
Margery Bendetson
Joel & Barbara Berg
Robert & Barbara Berman
Jacqueline Berman
Genia Brindis
Michael & Kimberly Callan
Douglas & Nora Cannon
Richard & Irene Chalek
Sandra Channen
Sheldon Cohen
Joyce Cohen
Ronnie Cohen
Larry & Janet Cowan
Ron Herskowitz & Fran Eisenman
Evelyn Feinman
Fred & Rhoda Feldman
Jeffrey & Laura Flieder
Bette Freedson (Amidon)
Steven & Cindy Gilks
Charlotte Gofstein
Russell Goldbaum
Ethel Goralnick
Neal & Amy Gordon
Vivian Gordon
David Gordon
Bessie Grad
Lee Greenberg
Norma Halpern
Barry & Susan Hantman
Howard & Caren Hantman
Benjamin & Elaine Hartman
Hannah Heifetz
William & Patricia Herman
Jeffrey & Debra Hirsch
Shirley Holber
Joe Hull & Elizabeth Rose
German & Arlene Iosif
Laurie Jacobs
Michael & Ann Jacobson
Gerda Kalman
Jesse & Siri Wilbur Kamien
Stacy Karlin-Smith
Mitchell Kary & Sharon Kennedy Kary
Marc Klein
Jay & Claire Koffman
Janet Kopel
Mitchell & Judith Kroner
Andrew Lee & Heather Gadon Lee
Mindy Lichtman
Stuart Mandell
Lynn Martin
Merrill & Gloria Mezikofsky
Kevin & Eunice Miller
Judd & Martina Nathan
Norton & Karen Newborn
Robert Portney & Stacey Channing
Thomas & Andre Rosebach
Esther Rosen
Richard Rosengard
Irwin & Jane Rosenston
Nancy Rubinstein
Sharyn Russell
Stephen Sall
Joel & Sara Schwindt
PASSOVER FUNDRAISER continued on page 12
PaSSover FuNdraiSer
Brian & Essie Shuman
Susan Shwom
Scott & Diane Szycher
Carole Taut
Lucille Traister
Gary & Shirley Treff
Dorothy Tye
John Wessler & Fredi Anne Hurwitz
Marilyn Winer
Donald Chabot & Wendy Wise
Samuel & Shirley Yanku
Mitch & Trudy Zakin
Buddy & Robin Zaremba
Howie Zidel
MuSic FuNd
Carole Taut, in appreciation of the
choir during the Yom Ha Shoah
JeroMe & SelMa roSeNgard
Howard Ross, in loving memory of his
brother & Sister-in-Law, Jerome &
Selma D. Rosengard
adeliNe B. WaTNicK religiouS
School childreNS FuNd
Gwen & Steven Larsen, in loving
memory of Elaine Mandell, mother
of member, Debra Levasseur and in
honor of the Religious School Staff
Heather Gadon Lee & Andrew Lee
& family in loving memory of her
grandparents, Rose & Morris Shultz
on their yahrzeit
BerTha & Paul WilNer FuNd
Bessie Grad, in loving memory of her
sister, Ann Biberman on her yahrzeit
WiNdoWS To The FuTure
caPiTal caMPaigN
Carole Taut, in honor of Rhoda & Fred
Feldman on the Adult Ed Yom Ha
Shoah Program, Night Words
iSadore & roSe WiSe FuNd
Joseph Wise, in loving memory of his
grandfather, Isadore Wise on his
yahrzeit and in loving memory of his
father, Harry Wise on his yahrzeit
yahrzeiT FuNd
Joel Hervitz, in loving memory of
his mother, Miriam Hervitz on her
Mildred Freedman, in loving memory
of her husband, Herman Freedman
on his yahrzeit
Pauline Fisher, in loving memory of her
mother, Ella Garber on her yahrzeit
Anne Freedman, in loving memory of
her brother, Sidney Klickstein on his
Ronald Weiss, in loving memory of his
grandmother, Rose Douglas on her
Wendy Boswell, in loving memory of
her grandmother, Eva Gorevitz on
her yahrzeit
Karen Endler, in loving memory of
her father, Nathan Berman on his
Fred Coltin, in loving memory of his
father, Edwin Coltin on his yahrzeit
Ellyn Eder Murphy, in loving memory
of her grandmother, Bernice
Sternberger on her yahrzeit
Rhonda Spencer, in loving memory
of her father, Moses Beden on his
Arthur Bloom, in loving memory of
his father, Benjamin Bloom on his
Marc Klein, in loving memory of his
mother, Miriam Klein on her yahrzeit
Merton Greenstein, in loving memory
of his father, Philip Greenstein on
his yahrzeit
Ira Korinow, in loving memory of his
father, Maurice Korinow on his
Lillian Zeller, in loving memory of her
brother, Michael Swartz on his
Have You Remembered Temple Emanu-El?
A bequest to Temple Emanu-El is an excellent way of fulfll-
ing the mitzvah of securing a future for our community.
When preparing your will or when making changes, please
remember the Temple. Your gift will provide for you and
your loved ones a lasting way of supporting Jewish life in
the greater Haverhill area.
For the sake of Jewish continuity,
remember Temple Emanu-El!
Hospital Visits
Rabbi Korinow visits the Merrimack Valley Hospital in
Haverhill weekly or as needed.
The Rabbi wants to visit any member who is in a hospital. If
you know that a member of Temple Emanu-El is hospital-
ized in any hospital, please call the Rabbi to let him know.
day care/Pre-School Space
available at Temple emanu-el
Approximately 2250 sq. ft
For more details call the Temple offce
at 978-373-3861
Move right in!
Trusts, Wills and Bequests
If you are interested in discussing gift and
naming opportunities, please call
Larry Cowan at:
(978) 372-1451 (offce) or
(978) 685-4535 (home)
or speak directly with Rabbi Korinow through
the Temple offce. Thank you!
May 4
24th of iyar
Linton Bauling
Anne Bendetson
Frances Boyle
Eli Caplan
Gus Cohen
Nathan Field
Sara Bella Frankel
Sadie Garfnkel
Abraham Goldberg
Sophie Gordon
Sadie Gorodetsky
Ralph Max Grodberg
Vera Gronner
Fannie Harsfald
Dora Hartman
Miriam Hervitz
Minnie Hodes
Ralph L. Isaacs
Edward Kaplan
Miriam Klein
Louis Kremer
David Labzofsky
Shirley Larks
Harold Mandell
Alfred Milden
Ethel Myers
Isaac Pollack
George S. Ralby
Egon Schwartz
Hansa Segal
Harry Shafmaster
Katie Sherman
Lillian Silverman
Lillian Spack
Louis Swartz
Ida Tenenbaum
Benjamin Vinecour
Milton Zidle
May 11
2nd of Sivan
Edward Bass
Dora Bayer
Moses Beden
Benjamin Bloom
Bernard Brindis
Elliot Casten
Norman N. Cohen
Maurice Freedman
Sarolya Friedman
Alexander Gofstein
Frank Goldman
Gertrude Goralnick
Beatrice Gordon
Dr. Jacob Greenstein
Jack Grossman
Louis Jacobowitz
Freida Kaufman
Sadye Kirshenbaum
Morris Klinetsky
Ida Lunenfeld
Morris Ralby
Edward Sandler
Angelique Schutt
Mollie Scolnick
Florence Segal
Selma Shikes
Richard Tornick
Harry Waks
May 17 & 18
9th of Sivan
Moses Alman
Jennie Bell
Joseph Blotner
Lena Blustein
Goldie Brownstein
Max Cheinstein
Philip Cohen
Freda Cohen
Merle Cowan
Shirley Darling
Bessie Floyd
Max Friedman
Beatrice Gerber
Edward Gilman
Louis Gordett
Jack Gorodetsky
Hannah Hartman
Judith Kaplan
Mina Leshin
Sheldon Merker
Julius Pamis
Bessie Rakofsky
Curt Alan Rattner
Ida Rickless
Harry L. Ritter
Sidney Robbins
Mildred Salovitch
Frances Segal
Phyllis Sheldon
Norman Sidel
Pauline Snyder
Harry S Snyder
Mildred Steinberg
Hyman Stolzberg
Michael Swartz
Joseph Tammann
Frederick Tornick
Lotte Treitel
Louis Vigman
Samuel Winer
May 25
16th of Sivan
Abraham Apteker
Lena Bakerman
William Berman
Julia Berman Cohen
Jesse Bier
Clara Cohen
Jeanette Cooperstein
Fanny Densen
Frieda Feldman
Martin Fogel
Fannie Fox
Abraham Gerber
Bernard Goldberg
Celia Goldstein
Rebecca Goodman
Lawrence Gotlieb
William Greenbaum
Myron Gurard
Lillian Hall
Hyman Kabachnick
Louis Kaufman
Faye Leiberman
Gertrude Loew
Jerome Rosengard
Lillian Rubin
Jacob Sideman
Abraham Silverman
Rachel Stolzberg
Mollie Stolzberg
Moses Streisfeld
Edward Treshinsky
Elizabeth Waks
Celia Zembler
May 31 & June 1
23rd of Sivan
Dora Alter
Maida Bailie
Samuel Baker
Shirlee Bell
Elmer Berman
Samuel Bernstein
Anne Biberman
Anne Birnbach
Jacob Boorstein
Ziporah Bourkett
Harry Brown
Frieda Buckman
Harry Cohen
Wolffe Cohen
James Edelstein
Sophie Fleet
Dora Genson
Max Glazer
Gertrude Goldberg
Eva Gottesman
Eva Grad
David Greene
Philip Greenstein
Fannie Levine
Bessie Karelitz
Maurice Korinow
Bertha Kremer
Harry Lunenfeld
James Rabinovitz
Charlotte M. Ralby
Elizabeth Robin
Albert Saron
Freida Sheldon
Sarah Shrensker
David Shuffer
Levi Stolzberg
Efm Weisberg
Harry Wise
Isadore Wise
The following names at yahrzeit will be read on Shabbat
If you are interested in talking about a potential gift to the Campaign as well as payment options,
please call me at my ofce (978) 372-1451 or at home (978) 685-4535.
Thank you! Larry Cowan, Chair
Windows to the Future Campaign
RAM Printing Inc.
Cowan Insurance Agency, Inc.
Service by People, Not Voice Mail
Specializing in
Business & Personal Insurance
Phone: (978) 372-1451
359 Main Street E-mail: cowanins@tiac.net
Haverhill, MA 01830 Fax: (978) 521-4669

If your ad were here,
it would be advertising
your business right now.
Contact the ofce at
nancy@templeemanu-el.org for details
462 Boxford Rd.
Bradford, MA 01835
Phone: 978-374-1081
C.M. Bailey & Sons
Plumbing & Heating
Please patronize those who advertise in our bulletin

Let Us Host Your Next Special Event!
We host a variety of special events here at the
Wyndhambirthday parties, bridal showers, baby
showers, bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, anniversaries,
and much more!
Call Jaymi Amaral at 978-725-4403 for info

123 Old River Road, Andover, MA 01810

Birthday parties, bridal & baby showers, weddings,
bar/bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, and much more!
Jaymi Amaral 123 Old River Road
978-725-4403 Andover, MA 01810
et Us Host Your Next Special
Event at the Wyndham!

If your ad were here,
it would be advertising
your business right now.
Contact the ofce at
nancy@templeemanu-el.org for details
Members of the executive committee
Lynn Martin President 603-382-8771
David Belsky 1st V.P. 978-363-8846
Larry Jacobs 2nd V.P. 603-458-1884
Judd Nathan Secretary 603-362-6293
Larry Cowan Treasurer 978-685-4535
Kevin Miller Assistant Treasurer 603-893-5421
Loren Goldstein Past President 603-373-7494
Stuart Mandell Life President 978-372-3514
Temple committees
Adult Ed Rhoda/Fred Feldman 603-580-5779
Budget Larry Jacobs 603-458-1884
Brotherhood Jay Koffman 978-521-5148
Chesed Sharyn Russell 978-372-5777
Communications Director Fred Feldman 603-580-5779
Dues Larry Jacobs 603-458-1884
Fundraising TBD
HaSifriyah (Library) Paula Breger 978-363-8846
House Loren Goldstein 978-373-7494
Membership Outreach Eric Jacobs 603-329-4441
Religious Practice Kevin Miller 603-893-5421
Religious School Rita Harris 978-352-6842
Renovations Kevin Miller 603-893-5421
Security David Belsky 978-363-8846
Sisterhood TBD
Social TBD
Social Action TBD
Trusts/Wills/Bequests Larry Cowan 978-372-1451
Windows to the Future Larry Cowan 978-372-1451
Youth Trudy Zakin 978-475-8170
Members of the Board of directors
Jackie Berman 2014 978-521-0903
Nora Cannon 2013 978-352-6334
Sandy Channen 2015 978-374-0813
Fred Feldman 2014 603-580-5779
Rhoda Feldman 2014 603-580-5779
Eric Jacobs 2013 603-329-4441
Jesse Kamien 2013 603-898-6630
Jay Koffman 2013 978-521-5148
Mark Messinger 2015 978-374-0700
Eunice Miller 2015 603-893-5421
Harriet Peick 2014 978-689-4517
Barbra Forman Salladay 2014 603-329-5359
Paul Shalek 2014 603-382-5487
Vincent Van Der Linden 2015 978-609-8044
Pat Whitman (zl) 2015 603-362-4258
Doug Zimon 2015 603-382-5329
Temple administration
Rabbi Ira Korinow, rabbik@templeemanu-el.org
Debbi Levasseur, Religious School Director, Debbi@templeemanu-el.org
Nancy J. LaFleur, Temple Administrator, nancy@templeemanu-el.org
Mindy Harris, Cantorial Soloist, mindyharris@templeemanu-el.org
Kim Giannopoulous, Bookkeeper, kim@templeemanu-el.org
Cheryl Hill, Religious School Administrative Assistant,
Temple emanu-el
514 Main Street, Haverhill, MA 01830 E-mail: nancy@templeemanu-el.org
Phone: 978-373-3861 Fax: 978-373-7995 www.TempleEmanu-El.org
Got a Trashy Question?
For an answer or FREE price quote!
Visit us at www.DumpsterDepot.com
LOCAL: 603-222-9066
Waste Recycling Services Waste Recycling Services
May 2013 Iyar / Sivan 5773
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 21st of Iyar
Religious School
Choir 7:00pm
2 22nd of Iyar 3 23rd of Iyar
Tot Shabbat
4 24th of Iyar
Parashat Behar-
Shabbat Morning
Service 9:30am
Bar Mitzvah of
Andrew Eisen
Shabbat Shiur
5 25th of Iyar
Last Day of
Religious School
HEFTY 1:00pm
Annual Mtg
6 26th of Iyar
High School
7 27th of Iyar 8 28th of Iyar
Last Day of
Religious School
Chesed Mtg 7:00pm
Choir 7:00pm
9 29th of Iyar 10 1st of Sivan
Rosh Chodesh Sivan
11 2nd of Sivan
Parashat Bamidbar
Shabbat Morning
Service 9:30am
Shabbat Shiur
12 3rd of Sivan 13 4th of Sivan
Last Day of
High School
Religious School
Committee Mtg
14 5th of Sivan
Erev Shavuot
15 6th of Sivan
Shavuot Day 1
Service 9:30am
Ofce Closed
Choir 7:00pm
16 7th of Sivan
Shavuot Day 2
Service 9:30am
(includes Yizkor)
Ofce Closed
17 8th of Sivan
18 9th of Sivan
Parashat Nasso
Shabbat Morning
Service 9:30am
Bar Mitzvah of Ethan
Shabbat Shiur
19 10th of Sivan
Adult Ed
4:00pm Offsite
20 11th of Sivan 21 12th of Sivan 22 13th of Sivan 23 14th of Sivan 24 15th of Sivan 25 16th of Sivan
Parashat Beha-
Shabbat Morning
Service 9:30am
Israel Chavurah
26 17th of Sivan 27 18th of Sivan
Memorial Day
Ofce Closed
28 19th of Sivan 29 20th of Sivan 30 21st of Sivan 31 22nd of Sivan
Recognition and
Installation Service
The Jewish advocate is offering a FREE
6-month subscription to NeW temple members.
Call 617-367-9100 ext. 120
all temple members can receive a free, ongoing
subscription to The Jewish Journal. Call 978-745-4111 x121
or email business1@jewishjournal.org.
Temple Emanu-El
514 Main Street
Haverhill, MA 01830
Tzadikim Elijahs Table Amoodim
When you become a member of either Tzadikim, Elijahs Table or Amoodim, you are doing an act of loving kindness by helping one
of the families in our community who cannot afford to pay full dues.
Tzadikim 5773:
Members who contribute $475 over the $1900 Family Membership Full Dues or $238 over the $950 Single Membership Full Dues.
Anonymous Ronnie Cohen Alma Klinetsky
Laura Bendetson Marilyn & Mike Goldberg Howard Paul
Margery Bendetson Caren & Howard Hantman Gina & Robert Vega
Elijahs Table 5773:
Members who contribute $950 over the $1900 Family Membership Full Dues or $475 over the $950 Single Membership Full Dues.
Janet & Larry Cowan Patricia & Bill Herman Essie & Brian Shuman
Anonymous Janet Kopel David Watnick
Amoodim 5773:
Members who contribute $1900 over the $1900 Family Membership Full Dues or $950 over the $950 Single Membership Full Dues.
Stuart Mandell Mattie & David Paul Stephen Sall
Leona Paul Nancy Paul