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IBM Corporate Culture IBM Strength: the world's largest IT company Ranked No. 20 in 2005, turnover of 96.

2 billion U.S. dollars Ranked No. 29 in 2006, turnover of 91.1 billion U.S. dollars Ranked No. 42 in 2007, turnover 91.4 billion U.S. dollars Impression: ?IBM, the International Bussiness Machine Corporation, International Business Machines Corporation. Now has more than 20 million employees worldwide, operations in 150 countries and regions. In 2004, IBM China Company was the "Fortune" magazine named the Chinese version of "the most admired company" and ranked the first. In 2005,2006, IBM twice by the Chinese Association of Social Work Committee of Corporate Citizenship granted "good corporate citizen," title of honor. IBM China Tour: 1934 IBM Corporation for a Beijing Union Medical College Hospital installed the first commercial processor; In nearly 30 years after breaking off contact, IBM along with China's reform and opening up to China again; Shenyang Blower Works in 1979 after the founding of the People's Republic installed the first IBM computer medium; The late 80s, IBM in Beijing, Shanghai established the office; In Beijing in 1992, IBM announced the creation of IBM China Company Limited; Also in 1993, IBM China Co., Ltd. established in Guangzhou and Shanghai Branch; Established in China in 1995, IBM China Research Center, IBM is one of the world's eight major research centers, the existing more than 200 Chinese computer experts; 1999 was the first in China, set up a software development center, the existing 2,000 Chinese software engineers specializing in integration middleware, database, Linux and other areas of product development; ... ... So far, IBM offices in China and further extended to Harbin, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Xi'an, Wuhan, Fuzhou, Chongqing, Changsha, Kunming, Urumqi, Jinan, Tianjin, Zhengzhou, Hefei, Nanchang, Nanning , Ningbo, Shijiazhuang and other 24 cities, further expansion of business coverage in China. Along with IBM in China, IBM China's growing staff, currently has more than 8500 people. In addition, IBM has also set up nine joint ventures and wholly-owned, were responsible for manufacturing, software development, service and rental operations. IBM Events IBM was founded in the United States in 1914, is the world's largest

multinational information industry; 1969 Apollo spacecraft carrying three astronauts, responsible for human mission to the moon for the first time; 1981, the space shuttle Columbia has successfully flew up into the sky. These two historic space flight are embodied IBM unparalleled wisdom; IBM in 1950, out of its history the most important step, it produces a change in people's way of life of the computer; April 1964, IBM design, construction, marketing and maintenance of the 360 system, which is the world's first real-purpose mainframe computer, which laid the foundation in the computer industry, IBM's leading position. ... ... 1991 to 1993, IBM began to loss the year 1993, a loss of up to 80 billion U.S. dollars; Gerstner took office in 1993, the new IBM began; ... ... Culture: IBM is service. Watson philosophy: l, must respect the individual; 2, to give customers the best service possible; 3, must pursue excellent performance. Two-way communication (TwoWayCommunication) IBM at least four institutionalized channels to give you the opportunity to provide representations: The first channel is the interviews with senior management (ExecutiveInterview); The second channel is the staff opinion survey (EmployeeOpinionSurvey); Third channel is outspoken (Speakup); Fourth channel is the complainant (Opendoor), IBM called "open door" policy. If the wage issue to resign, IBM will not let your worries do not express the opportunity, Human Resources will be very sorry to keep you and talk to you heart. The remuneration policy has three main points: 1, attention to security and job security of workers needed psychological needs; 2, compensation must have a strong stimulating and encouraging; 3, the staff of the particular award must be icing on the cake. IBM high-performance pay culture: IBM has a mouthful in the words: pay for granted! IBM's wage level in foreign invested enterprises are not the highest, not lowest, but IBM has a staff convinced by all rules of the game: Good pay is inevitable. IBM's salary is confidential back to back, there is no upper and lower wages, wage gains are not fixed, the situation is not a pay cut. If you feel that wages can not meet your requirements, that only leave. IBM's personal performance evaluation plan to examine three aspects of employees from the work situation: First Win, winning; The second is the Executive, the Executive;

Finally, Team, team spirit. IBM's wages and benefits projects: Basic salary - is the fundamental value of staff, performance and contribution to the identity; Comprehensive subsidies - the basic needs of life for staff cash support; Chinese New Year bonus - paid before the Lunar New Year, so that the staff had a prosperous New Year; Leave allowances - reimbursement for staff costs during the leave; Variable bonuses - when the company completed the effectiveness of objectives established to issue, to encourage employee contributions; Sales Incentive - Sales and technical support staff in the sales mission reward; Awards - Staff due to work or when the outstanding contribution award; Housing Assistance Programs - Company promoted a certain amount of employees into personal accounts, to fund staff to purchase a house so that employees can in the shortest possible time, with their ability to solve housing problems; Medical Insurance Plan - staff costs of medical care and annual physical examination by the company to resolve; Pension plan - to participate actively in co-ordination of social pension scheme to provide old age security for employees; Other insurance - including life insurance, personal accident insurance, travel accident insurance and many other projects concerned with the safety of employees at all times; Leave system - to encourage staff to spare time to fully rest on a statutory holiday, there are paid annual leave, home leave, marriage leave, bereavement leave, etc.; Staff Club - the company organizing collective activities for staff to enhance teamwork, improve morale, create a family atmosphere, including entertainment, sports events, large parties, mass tourism. The requirements for talent development: Strive to do everything to respect all people, wearing clean, the city really straightforward, frank and fair, with a positive attitude to keep optimistic. In addition, most importantly, loyalty; Work with pride, there is a sense of superiority out, domineering, self-righteous and arrogant self-confidence; disclose such confidence is out of enthusiasm and optimism, that feeling will not only infect other people, they make contacts with people produces a trust; People first, respect yourself and everyone, so people can realize that work is something personal one; in practice, respect for the work is self-respect, this is a basic approach to their work. Because the work done by one person, the performance of his attitude towards life, a lifetime career, is his ambition of that ideal location. Meaning of innovation extends to the six levels of "product innovation", "service innovation", "Business Process Innovation", "business model innovation", "management and cultural creativity" and "policy and social innovation."

IBM Human Resources Management: IBM to staff the most important asset for the enterprise; "respect for the individual" by the company as the highest creed. Focus on "respect for the staff" to assist weight; right man in right job, develop their potential; personnel training, technology upgrading "principle. Emphasized that "the composition of outstanding talent groups are dedicated to success in this." The value of each employee to realize their own life course, condensed into an endless supply of powerful driving force for enterprise development. Famous list: He has sent unmistakably signal a change in IBM's: different to wearing a blue shirt. Gerstner's favorite maxim: see turtle bar, it is head out to advance. " Simply put, the customer first, IBM second, the third of the business. IBM can no longer rely on light shoes and a smile to the development of the. A disintegration of the IBM, can provide customers with integrated services they seek only to unify the company, face to face with a client in order to be competitive, which is IBM's a unique resource. So, he decisively rejected the dismemberment plan Akers, decided to maintain the integrity of IBM. In 1994, his employees say: "I want you to know that the wind we would head towards the past. I can not predict exactly what will happen when the exciting changes, but I believe the wind will change direction. " "Customer needs, is IBM's needs," Gerstner's legendary renovation project left people with a lot of inspiration: the transformation of large enterprises, must head to toe, from the brain to the heart; all of the manufacturing sector will become a service industry; their pursuit of their own history of glory, as to embrace the eyes will "pay you money" customers. Demand - This is IBM's objective: not to patent it as their own, but more businesses to accept and promote it, so for all the basic principles of business success. This has the full confidence of the judge is one of IBM to stay ahead of the tips: always see through the future, forward-looking concept of corporate strategy. But no matter how new ideas to promote and preaching, ultimately need to be recognized by customers. IBM provided not only a product machines, including equipment, employees other than their own suggestions and advice; the same training, IBM is not only a product of a salesman, but difficult to train users of the solution. Today, a simple invention to create value or success is not enough, the number of patents is important, but more important is that these inventions can be quickly applied to a variety of new products and services, and facilitate the business the pace of development in priority areas. I am the future of the business, whether you are famous, or are preparing to find

another way out, but I ask that now you have to work for my dedication. CEO: Thomas J. Watson, Thomas? John? Watson, IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) founder. 17 February 1874 was born in New York, graduated from Elmira Business School; Into the United States in 1896, "National Cash Register Company" as a salesman; 1914 into the Computing Tabulating Recording Company (CTR) office manager of the company; In 1924 the company changed Computing Tabulating Recording (CTR) for the IBM, a founder of IBM; Died 1956. Thomas J. Watson Jr, little Thomas? John? Watson, IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) is a pioneer. Born 1914, Dayton, Ohio; He graduated from Brown University in 1937; After graduation, IBM, World War II (1942) to the U.S. Air Force; 1946, to return to IBM; 1949, served as executive vice president of IBM; IBM in 1952 as president; May 1950, the appointment of McDowell as laboratories, and a lot of him around the world of electronic technology, talent recruitment; The early 50s, Remington - Rand Univac computer to a sell Washington Bureau of Statistics, caused a sensation; December 1952 IBM developed the first stored program computer, the computer is in the normal sense, it is called the IBM 701; Handle the transfer of power to the small Watson May 1956, served as chairman of IBM; In 1965, hundreds of factory delivered 360 computers; Resigned as chairman of the board in 1971 due to illness; December 31, 1993, small Watson complications from a stroke, died aged 79. Gerstner, Louis V. Gerstner, Jr., Former IBM chairman and chief executive officer. Born in New York, Long Island, Harvard MBA. April 1, 1993, Fool's Day. Gerstner took over IBM from Aix handle power, as chairman and CEO.