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Energy n climate full time foundation in vaccines for poorest 2 billion the eneregy is most of the ppl climate

changes can lead to redcution in rain and hence reduction in the supply of food grains price of energy also matter in us and advance the price of energy thats why ppl have appliance making it cheaper ( increase in the temperature) negative consequence though the degree of negative consequence innovating to zero increass 26 billion of C02. 5 Tons for everyone in world rapdidly rising to rapdily falling to zero CO2 = P * S * E * C P =pp , S = services per person, E = energy per service C02 per unit energy P = + S = + ( getting service ) rich billion can reduce poor ppl using E can reduce through innovation sme can 90% , fertilizer and airplane is difficult C = emission can brought down however conventional way of generating wont help we want energy miracles miracle is impossible miracle is microprocesor, computer it is not through some factory but tru efforts gimmicky solutions wont help much need miracle which have unbelievable scale and reliabilty left geothermal ,tidal they can contribution carbon capture, nuclear, wind , solar photovoltaic, solar thermal can't leave any all are daunting but need to workout burning the liquid collecting the CO2 in the akaline soil 60-80% could be reache d but getting to 100 % tricky would where to dispose the CO2 long term and who would gaurtnee Nuclear Cost in regulated country is high and safety is concern fuel dosnt get i nto weapon clubbed the 3 known as renewable resources disadvantage Density of the energy plant is low, sun doesn't shine each day depend

back , cost , transmission ( country ) , storage problem batteries can store only 10 minutes of world's electricity needs mirace battery we need lots of cos working on it the ppl driving this companies need to be very patient many ppl in TED group are part of those pursuit bill grose has several cos, esouler , soul thermal Vinod khosale investing Nuclear industry we can ideas since these sources had been overlooked 1000 Promising Ideas Terrapower instead of burning 1% U235 the idea is to burn US238 ppl were not abl e to stimulate these but thanks to supercomputer this could be tested with right materials approach this looks like it would work 99% , todays waste could be used Paducah KY: Enough spent uranium to power the US for 200 years there r 100's of such ideas 80% reduction the developed needs to switch their energy generation Companies need the innovation lot of great books authors of these book created a proper framework we need broad backing one wish ( one with 0% innovation) life of those 2 bilion ppl request to the ppl for funding market incentives to reuce C02 Entreprenuerial opporunity Rational regulatory framework dialogue