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Selecting the right employee is crucial for any organization.

Organizations may use two or more techniques for this process. Some of these techniques are, interviews, tests, background check, reference, check and more. Implementing these techniques the right way is extremely important, if not employers may face high rates of employee turnover.

Introduction The process of selecting employees is critical, and is something every organization goes thru. This process can be time consuming and cost a lot of money. Therefore, organizations must be careful with their selection. Selecting the right employee will be beneficial to the organization long-term and as a result, the productivity and the overall environment of the workplace will benefit. With employee selection involves many procedures, laws, and regulations that must be followed. During the process of selection, employers should keep in mind that the employees would be a reflection of the company. Thus, when selecting employees, employers must follow proper guidelines and steps so that they will only have to do that once. When this is done, employers can diminish employees that would not work efficiently and effectively. Employers use several of techniques for selection of employment. Some of these techniques are background investigations, interviews, tests, and much more. These techniques are use to make sure that applicant is telling the truth by the information they provided. Interviewing There are many ways to conduct an effective interview. An interview is one of the most vital parts of the hiring process. Asselin, (2006) discuss valuable factors that employers need to take into consideration in this process. First, interviewers should familiarize themselves with the job description. The interviewer should already have an idea about the applicant's background

based on the resume or application that was submitted. It is important for the interviewer to create a guide based on the job description. The guide will ensure that all applicants are asked the same questions. An example of that can be behavioral. According to Asselin, (2006) This technique is based on the premise that past behavior is a good indicator of how the candidate will perform in the future. The interviewer may want to avoid questions such as age, gender, marital status, ethnic origin, sexual preference, mental or physical handicaps, disability, pregnancy, or veteran status. After the interview, employers can now review everything and make a selection. Background checks and negligent hiring Negligent hiring is something that employers may go thru if they do not perform proper background checks. Negligent hiring occur when the employer hiries a person that have criminal record an didnt conduct a background check. When this employee does something that wouldd affect the customers and the company, the company would be at fault. A primary basis to conduct a background check is because of the potential for employer liability if someone is injured as a result of workplace violence or other tortious conduct (Lahr & Schloss, 2008). proper background investigation may include, internet searches, criminal investigation, reference check, vehicle record, and credit check. Some people might claim that employers invaded their privacy, thus, conducting background checks requires the knowledge and signature of the potential employee Social media and selection Social media is becoming more relevant with employee selection. Many employers indicate that checking a potential employees social media account may reveal some characteristics and traits on how the employee will perform. However, a law has been propped

that would make this illegal. According to Pike, in Congress, both the House and Senate introduced the Password Protection Act of 2012. the argument for this law is that since people post personal issues, such as religion, politics, marital status, and others that is already illegal for employers to ask, it is contradictory if an employer is allowed to see someone social media accounts. Potential employees need to be careful of the things they post on facebook or they can set their page to private. Selecting employees based on managerial style Traditional or participative managerial styles may differ in how they select employees. Managers uses personality inventory test on employees to see their reaction and interpretation to certain situations for how they would be successful in the workplace. the use of personality inventories was once thought to be little use in selection, however, that has shown to be not the case today because it is being use more and more (Ash & Stevens, 2001). A study done to pinpoint if management styles dictated how they select employees. The five-personality dimensions are agreeableness, extraversion, and openness to experience, conscientiousness, and neuroticism. A total of 302 people participated. The results of the study showed that there is a positive correlation between the relationship of a participative management style and agreeableness and openness to experience of the person's personality. Emotional intelligence test and selecting along with personality, cognitive, and other test, emotional test is one test that is widely use by employers. In recent years, researchers have found that emotional intelligence competencies are predictors of superior job performance. Two test are used to measure emotional intelligence which are the Multifactor Emotional Intelligence Scale (MEIS) The Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT) and The Multifactor Emotional Intelligence Scale

(MEIS). some standardized general aptitude and intelligence tests have been found to disproportionately disqualify applicants of a particular class (typically race or gender). Employers want to make sure that these test avoid question that is discriminatory so the result will not show an adverse impact among specific groups. Using this test, employers want to ensure that the test given is reliable and valid. Beauty and selection its not a secret that there are some industry that would rather select a person based on the beauty and physical appearance. The are few federal law that prohibit discrimination, however selecting someone base on appearance is not necessarily unlawful. In some situation the bona
fide occupational qualification ("BFOQ'')

is applied. This applies to actors, actresses, an any

other When advertising agencies use appearance to select employees they should make sure that the criterias apply to everyone to not create an adverse impact to exclude certain groups. Recommendations sometimes human resource managers or anyone involved in the process of selecting employees dont receive any proper interviewing training skills. it should be part and a human resource managers continuing education to learn new techniques, and guidelines considered important in the selection process. Some human resource managers can really benefit from interviewer training and more than half favor interview training. A study showed that out of 122 people eighty advocated in their organization to make sure that people conducting interviews have training and the rest said they never they have not try to do anything to implement interview training (Camp et all, 2011). In this economy managers can save money and time with their selection process by using current employees to refer potential employees. The employer can benefits significantly from

this. Since the current employer knows the capability, knowledge, and skills of the person they are referring, there is a high chance that the potential employee will fit into the organization. Creating a competitive edge is always something organization do to be on top. One way organizations can to this is by hiring someone outside the industry. Sometime all an organizations need to spruce things up is someone with fresh ideas. Organization are so comfortable with hiring someone with the same educations, experience, values, and norms, that they often overlook someone who is highly innovated. When employers select people outside thier the industry, it can impact furture sucesss, and harbor growth for the entire organization(). Selecting employees with mixed experiences and backgroungs can help with some of the challenges that buiseness face daily(). No organization aims on having high rates of employee turnover. Employer can save time and money by hiring the right employee. Although some employers may need people right away for a position, the process must not be rushed. Selecting the right person for the job may increase productivity and reduce the amount of time spent on training. Conclusion an organization is not always going to make the right decisions or choices, however some of these wrong choices or decision can be avoided with the right techniques and process. selection involves a process of gathering information about a candidate to decide whether or not a person would fit for a certain position. It is crucial for organization to choose and implement the right techniques for the selection process.