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Disclaimer: I understand that if I want a policy that reflects the latest legislation and is appropriate to my organisation, I will seek

specialist legal advice. Policies, job descriptions and person specifications are intended for guidance only and do not act as a substitute for professional advice. I understand that if my organisation decides to rely on a document obtained from the NCVO's HRBank, it does so at its own risk. JOB PROFILE DEPARTMENT: JOB TITLE: Finance and Administration Head of Finance & Administration

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MAIN PURPOSE OF JOB To ensure that the finances of the [organisation] (including the [organisations] trading subsidiaries) are managed efficiently and properly, in accordance with high standards of good practice in the charity sector, and that its numerous financial obligations in the UK and overseas are met efficiently. To ensure the good governance of the [organisation] and its trading companies, including compliance with complex legal agreements. To provide authoritative advice to the Chief Executive, to the Trustees of the [organisation], and Directors of its trading companies on financial, constitutional and legal issues. To ensure that good quality office facilities, services and financial advice are available to the staff of the [organisation]. To contribute to the wider strategic direction and management of the [organisation] as a member of the [organisations] senior executive team. POSITION IN ORGANISATION Accountable to the Chief Executive. Within that framework, is expected to pursue direct contacts with Trustees and Directors on financial, administrative and governance issues. Responsible for managing Assistant Accountant, and two administrative posts covering Reception, office management, use of [organisations]facilities and other administrative tasks. Administrative and clerical support is available. SCOPE OF JOB To advise the Chief Executive and the Trustees Finance and General Purposes Committee (F&GP) on all aspects of financial management, legal, office management and related issues and seek formal decisions from them where appropriate. To take the lead in planning forward agendas of the F&GP, and oversee the production of accurate minutes Contribute to the strategic thinking and management of the [organisation]in order to maximise the benefits to the charitable causes which the [organisation]exists to serve and observe high standards of good charity practice in all aspects of the [organisations] finance and administration. Contribute similarly to the strategic thinking and management of the trading companies in pursuing their international commercial licensing programme. Within the framework of the above, to: oversee all the accounting and auditing procedures of the [organisation]

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actively manage the cashflow requirements of the Group, including liaison with the [organisations] investment managers oversee the management of the [organisations]investments within criteria laid down by Trustees prepare the annual accounts of the [organisation] and its trading subsidiaries in accordance with statutory and Charities Acts requirements, and in line with an agreed timetable ensure the audit of the financial statements can be undertaken efficiently and expeditiously ensure the timely and efficient operation of the [organisations] payroll and pensions system ensure the smooth and proper administration of all the [organisations] financial transactions take the lead in further developing budgeting and cost control disciplines take the lead in the mapping, monitoring and management of risk oversee the efficient management of the [organisations] offices and property, including insurance and security and being lead contact point for the landlord take the lead in contacts with external agencies engaged by the [organisation] on financial or office service matters including investment advisers, investment managers, bankers, auditors, legal and tax advisers and security staff oversee the work of the Assistant Accountant and of two administrative staff responsible for Reception, handling of mail, office management and use of office facilities by outside organisations liaise closely and positively with other colleagues in Grants, Communications and Commercial Licensing teams represent the [organisation] as appropriate in external fora such as the XXX and to make insights from the [organisations] experience available to wider charitable and professional circles and to individual beneficiary organisations in line with the [organisations] policy priorities. keep abreast of significant developments in external circumstances, professional and charity practice as they might affect the work of the [organisation]



Place of work: Salary: Hours of work: Notice period: Holidays: Pensions: The salary range for this position is XXX. Movement up the range is at the discretion of the Chief Executive. Salary ranges are reviewed annually. The standard office hours are 35 hours per week, worked between 9am and 5.30pm. 3 months 25 days per annum plus 8 statutory bank holidays Contributory pension arrangements are available.

PERSON SPECIFICATION - HEAD OF FINANCE & ADMINISTRATION ___________________________________________________________________________ 1. CCAB qualified, with substantial practical experience at a senior level of accountancy, and financial management systems, including the preparation of financial statements in accordance with recognised accounting standards. 2. Thorough understanding of the distinctive requirements of charity fundraising, including causerelated marketing, charitable grant-giving and stewardship of investments and other charitable assets. 3. Proven ability to cope at very senior level with the financial management of an organisation with a complex legal structure, an intellectually demanding and changeable workload and high public profile. 4. Understanding and practical experience of tackling the tax, VAT and other financial aspects of exploiting and policing intellectual property rights. 5. Wide and varied experience of successfully managing the relationship with professional advisers or outside contractors, e.g. for financial and legal advice, auditing, security, insurance, etc. 6. Demonstrable ability to handle challenging situations calmly and maturely, and thrive on challenging intellectual demands. 7. Ability to give effective management support and motivation to a small finance/ administration team and to work well in a small team colleagues. This requires a secure, sensitive and flexible approach with an understanding of the charity sector ethos, including willingness sometimes to muck in with mundane, shared tasks as necessary. 8. Interpersonal and communication skills (written and verbal) sufficient to present complex issues lucidly to Trustees and other staff, achieve smooth and well-informed decision-making and articulate the [organisations] requirements without risk of misunderstanding. 9. IT literate with experience of computerised accounting systems (including Sage). 10. Senior management experience of responsibility for insurances, security and office management. 11. Personal commitment to the broad values championed by the [organisation], including equal opportunities, in internal and external dimensions of the [organisations] work. 12. Alertness to the potential media interest in all aspects of the [organisations] work.