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Nortel 10.04.

016 VPN Client Install and User Guide

Connecting with your SecureID token for the first time Quick Connect for users that have already connected with their SecureID token Saving your username run icon as administrator then click edit the profile Connecting to a domain after you have connected to VPN Exporting connection profiles Self install For users that do not have a CSC imaged PC

Connecting with your SecureID token for the first time

From your desktop double click the CSC VPN Client icon

Enter your shortname, leave the PIN field empty, then enter a token display number from your SecureID token. Now click connect

On the next screen enter a PIN you can remember do not use special characters, click OK You will be asked to re-enter your pin, please do so.

On the final screen which says PIN Accepted wait for token code to change . . .

Click CANCEL on this screen

You have created your PIN you can now connect using the Quick connect instructions below for daily use.

Quick Connect
From your desktop double click the CSC VPN Client icon

Enter your shortname, Secureid PIN and a Token display number from your SecureID token The click connect when you are presented with the security banner click Accept and Close.

To disconnect go to your desktop and double click on the CSC VPN Client icon then click disconnect on the next screen.

Saving your username

To save youre username in the connection profile. First make sure the client is closed. On your desktop Right-click on the CSC VPN Client icon and select Run as Administrator

Now on the left had side click Edit the Profile

On the next screen you may select any profile, then click edit, then enter your username and click save. Note: you cannot save a PIN, once you connect it will be removed.

Click Close once you have completed editing

Connecting to a domain after you have connected to VPN

For this to work youre client should have been installed with the PLAP feature If you are on a CSC imaged PC the feature should be installed If you did a self install you should have selected the PLAP feature during install Step1 login to VPN using the quick connect instructions or the first time user instructions if this is your first time using your secure id token. Step2 Hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete on your keyboard Step3 Click Log Off. Step4 Click Force Log off on the next screen (your VPN connection will stay connected)

Step5 Click Yes to confirm you still want to force log off Step6 Click Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to Log on Step7 Select your Domain and Log on to Windows Your VPN client connection will still be running and you will be authenticated to your Domain.

Exporting connection profiles

The CSC BUN connection profiles are installed with the client If you have added profiles of your own and are rebuilding your PC you will want to back up your profiles Your connection profiles are saved in two locations, simply navigate to the locations and backup the files C:\Users\yourwindowslogin\AppData\Local\Nortel\Nortel VPN Client\NvcProfiles_U.dat C:\ProgramData\Nortel\Nortel VPN Client\NvcProfiles_A.dat To restore the profiles, simply install the client, and drop the two files back in there folders. You may overwrite the existing files that are there.

Self install For users that do NOT have a CSC imaged PC

The CSC SOE image already has the VPN client installed to verify you have it: Click on Start-> All Programs-> CSC VPN Client Or, go to Control Panels -> Programs and Features and Look for CSC VPN Client If you do not see the client installed in either of the above locations download the installer

For your O.S., make sure you select the appropriate bit version. I.e. 64bit or 32 bit. Download the file to your desktop Double click on the Zip file to open it

Next drag the folder to your desktop and it will extract a copy to your desktop

Now close the ZIP file window and open the folder you just dragged to the desktop Next double click Nortel VPN Client.msi

Click Next on the Welcome Screen

Click I accept and Next on the following screen

On the next screen Click on the PLAP feature Select This feature will be installed on local hard Drive.

On the next screen click Install

Finally click Finish.