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Alta Reservation

Course Summary
Product Description
Alta Reservation is a system that provides seamless distribution and service between airline sales channels and travel agencies. Alta Reservation offers one platform for all Alta Reservation users.

Processes that Alta Reservation supports

There are 4 main business processes that Alta Reservation supports for airlines: 1. Defining their offering where the Alta Reservation System allows: publish and manage fares 2. Generate demand where the Alta Reservation System allows: managing your sales and distribution via direct and indirect channels 3. Customer handling prior to travel where the Alta Reservation System allows: managing customers, managing booking, managing pricing and the payment process as well as ticketing. 4. Customer handling at airport where the Alta Reservation System allows: managing post-departure.

Alta Reservation historical background

In 1992, while other airlines were managing their reservations in isolation, Amadeus Alta Reservation (known as Amadeus System User at that time) pioneered the concept of seamless reservation and services across all sales channels. This created:
One platform for all Alta Reservation users Seamless distribution service within the airline community

Alta Reservation core Concepts & benefits

Customer Profile Management: creation and management of single customer information repository and creation of customer profiles from their PNRs Benefits: Easy creation of a customer profile from a PNR Booking Management: manage availability, booking creation and servicing Benefits: Advanced carrier preferred display Easy cross-selling with Amadeus hotel, car, insurance and rail content, and integration into the PNR Sharing of same customer records among airlines on Alta platform Faring and Pricing: Alta Reservation provides a fare display and pricing of complex itineraries Benefits: Allow most updated fare databases Highly accurate. Alta Reservation utilizes very complex and precise algorithms to calculate pricing

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Alta Reservation
Ticketing: Alta Reservation issues: paper tickets, e-tickets and prepaid tickets among others. Benefits: Powerful e-ticketing capability, including easy and fast deployment of interlining Sales and Distribution: via direct and indirect channel sales via direct and indirect channel Benefits: Easy integration of solutions for online and offline direct channels Sharing of the same PNR and availability level between airlines on Alta platform and Amadeus travel agencies

Target Customers
Airlines currently using Alta Reservation: about 147 airlines carrying 520 million passengers Implementation pipeline: about 153 airlines carrying 620 million passengers are signed to implement Alta Reservation (United Airlines, Air Europa, KLM and Bravo Air Congo among others)

Competitive Advantage
Implement seamless multi-channel distribution Develop direct distribution Strengthen control over indirect distribution Improve productivity of sales office / call centre agents Provide the same level of customer service as a travel agency Increase revenue per customer (via other airline, hotel, car, insurance, ferries, etc.) Achieve 100% faster e-ticketing (with interlining) Combine sales and service teams seamlessly with partners

Altea Reservation sales offering

Alta Reservation has optional modules to match each airlines needs, consisting of 8 modules (including 5 stand-alone products) 1. Alta Reservation Desktop Call Centre 2. Alta Free Flow Code Share 3. Customer Value Processing 4. Amadeus e-ticketing solutions (stand-alone solution) 5. Amadeus Ticket Changer (stand-alone solution) 6. Amadeus Fare & Pricing engine (stand-alone solution) 7. Amadeus e-Retail Engine (stand-alone solution) 8. Amadeus Flex Pricer (stand-alone solution)

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