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ISSUE 13 MAY 2013


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The much-hyped Trinity War begins this July and ends in August consisting of three Justice League titles including the main Justice League, Justice League America, and Justice League Dark. Many fans were expecting a separate series instead of the current issues of the New 52. Trinity War #1 would definitely sell more issues than Justice League #22 but DC Comics seems to respect the readers by keeping it low key and pushing up the demand for the current titles. July solicitations erupt with DC annuals exploring the relationships between the characters or expand on the main series. The Flash Annual #2 presents the first meeting between the Flash and Green Lantern while The Batman Annual #2 expands on the Batman: Zero Year story. Both Batman: Zero Year and Superman Unchained get Directors Cut specials revealing the stunning pencil art of Greg Capullo and Jim Lee as well as scripts by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV.

The two-month event will climax with an undisclosed September event celebrating the beginning of the third anniversary of the New 52. The Trinity War involves the Secret Society of Super-Villains and rumors abound the September issues will involve villains taking over the main titles. Instead of Flash #25, the series will celebrate the current villain running through their arc with a special issue: The Reverse Flash #1. The company-wide release will replace the ongoing series for one month with new #1 issues of the villains which include Relic, Crime Syndicate of America, Bane, the Cyborg Superman, Reverse Flash and the Jokers daughter.

Highlights from other July DC Comics include: Count Vertigo makes his New 52 debut in Green Arrow #22 New Genesis comes alive in Wonder Woman #22 War rings as the heroes take on Steppenwolf in Earth 2 #14 Artist Kenneth Rocafort returns in Superman #22 Batman and Superman travel to Earth 2 in Batman/Superman #2 Batman: Zero Year reveals Bruce Waynes past in Batman #22 Calvin Rose takes on Bane in Talon #10 Grant Morrison closes out his run with Batman, Incorporated #13 Jeff Parker brings the collected digital editions in Batman 66 #1


After Aprils Superior Spider-Man #9, Peter Parker no longer exists as Doc Ock wiped him completely from his mind. This setup brings Spider-Man 2099 into Superior Spider-Man in September. During C2E2, writer Dan Slott indicated with all the time travel stories in the Marvel Universe including Age of Ultron, All-New X-Men, and Spider-Man 2099 are all intentional. Rumor has it since Doc Ock destroyed Peter, the timeline has change resulting in Spider-Man 2099 to return to the present to set things right.

In July Marvel releases the aftermath of the Age of Ultron event with Avengers A.I which unites the artificial intelligence of the Marvel Universe in one book and Guardians of the Galaxy which features Neil Gaimans Angela. Marvel also releases a classified Age of Ultron #10 U.C with the word Hunger in purple. Many believe this is the coming of Galactus however in 2003 writer Jim Starlin wrote a Thanos series involving a character called the Hunger. The Hunger consumed countless realities so it seems to reason the classified writer to Age of Ultron #10 U.C is Jim Stalin. Highlights from other July Marvel comics include: - The Prelude to Infinity hits the Avengers and New Avengers - The Grim Reaper, Daken, Banshee, and the Sentry return as Four Horsemen - Superior Spider-Man takes on Shadowland - Two new series Superior Foes and Superior Spider-Man Team-Up - Mark Millar continues his finale for the Kick-Ass Trilogy


Image Comics collects a series of trades as Top Cows The Darkness hits the series finale before launching Darkness Falls. Writer Ron Marz is set to return to the Witchblade series shortly after Darkness Falls event. During C2E2 Kurtis J. Wiebe of Peter Panzerfaust brings another comic this September called Rat Queens. Peter Panzerfaust is being adapted as both a motion comic and live action TV series.

Meanwhile various writers continue with their creator-owned series including J. Michael Straxzynskis Ten Grand, Robert Kirkmans The Walking Dead, Erik Larsens Savage Dragon, Kurtis J. Wiebes Peter Panzerfaust, Nick Spencers Moring Glories and Bedlam, Jonathan Hickmans The Manhattan Projects and East of West, Greg Ruckas Lazarus, and Matt Fractions Satellite Sam.


Dark Horse Comics is focusing as much as possible on Darth Vader now. Disney has shut down LucasArts and cancelled the Clone Wars on the Cartoon Network to get ready for the next trilogy of movies set after Return of the Jedi. During the C2E2 Expo Editor-inChief Scott Allie announced Star Wars will remain at Dark Horse for now. Whether it will move to Marvel Comics later is yet to be announced.

Dark Horse is building the brand by relaunching the Star Wars comic under Brian Wood which is set after A New Hope. They are also working on the original story The Star Wars which is George Lucass rough draft screenplay before it became the epic it is now. Other news from C2E2 Expo includes the return of Mike Mignolas Hellboy and Geof Darrows Shaolin Cowboy.


IDW Publishing is continuing with their franchise of comics which includes The X-Files, Judge Dredd, The Rocketeer, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, Star Trek, G.I Joe, Transformers, My Little Pony, Doctor Who, Mars Attacks, The Crow, and Popeye.

During the C2E2 Joe Hills Locke & Key is concluding with two 48-page issues of Locke & Key: Alpha following Locke & Key: Omega. X-Files continues with Season 10 while the Star Trek series picks up after the events of Star Trek: Into Darkness. Writer and artist John Byrne continues with Doomsday .1 and Joe Hill continues with Thumbprint.


In July the Harbinger Wars comes to a close as a four-way battle with the H.A.R.D Corps, Bloodshot, Toyo Harada, Peter, and the Renegades concludes. Meanwhile after Planet Death, Aric returns to Earth to face the Eternal Warrior. Archer & Armstrong explores the origin of the Boon while Shadowman battles the disciples of Master Darque.

Valiant Entertainment is bringing back Quantum and Woody with new writers and artists. Whether or not it will bring the same humor as the first remains to be seen. I would be much more comfortable if Nick Spencer was writing the series than James Asmus. The variant cover comes with a talking goat.

THE PHANTOM STRANGER VOLUME 1: A STRANGER AMONG US TPB The Judas coins are attached to his skin and is sentenced to walk the Earth until is debt is paid by the Council of Wizards. The Phantom Stranger helps Gotham Police Detective Jim Corrigan find his missing fiance. The Spectre is born as Jim dies and the Phantom Stranger loses a piece of silver for the deed. Afterwards he helps a woman named Rachel (Raven) return to her father Trigon where he loses another piece of silver. Later the Phantom Stranger heads home to his family. Pandora asks the Phantom Stranger for help finding the strongest of hearts to open the box. She has unleashed evil upon mankind and wishes to return it back. The Phantom Stranger refuses to help her. Afterwards the eldest son of Trigon Belial visits the Phantom Stranger to give him a warning. Terrence Thirteen calls for help against the Haunted Highwayman as the Phantom Stranger brings the original Terrence Thirteen to defeat him. SERIES HIGHLIGHTS - The Phantom Stranger is abducted by the Justice League Dark to the House of Mystery - Constantine warns the Phantom Stranger that he is making enemies the Trinity War approaches - Constantine has the one coin to relieve the Phantom Stranger of his curse - Philip Stark returns home only to find his family missing and Pandora with the Spectre - The Phantom Stranger answers concerning his missing family leads to the Question - The Phantom Stranger encounters the Sons of Trigon using Deadman to probe their minds - The Phantom Stranger loses another coin around his neck by dealing with Jack Ryder - The Phantom Stranger is stabbed by Doctor Thirteen as the Question watches This hardcover collects The Phantom Stranger #0-7 RECOMMENDED 4 OUT OF 5

SUPERBOY #19 [2011] When Superboy was first introduced in 1993, he was a clone of Superman and the scientist who created him. After Geoff Johns took the Teen Titans book, Superboy was the clone of both Superman and Lex Luthor. Now the cover points that Superboy is the clone of Superman and Lois Lane. In the 30th Century a war between the humans and the Metas erupted. Harvest had one son called Venn who was kidnapped and killed. After time travel was possible the Harvest wanted to go back to the beginning and destroy the first generation of Metas before they multiplied. Jon Lane Kent the son of Superman and Lois Lane was born but went into a coma state so the hybrid genes can come together. Harvest kidnapped him and forged him as his own son ridding the Metas as a sense of responsibility. Then Jon Lane Kent went into another coma and the Harvest cloned him to find a cure revealing Superboy is the clone of Jon Lane Kent. RECOMMENDED 4 OUT OF 5 BATMAN AND RED ROBIN #19 [2011] Following the death of Damian Wayne, the first in-continuity of Carrie Kelly from Frank Millers The Dark Knight Returns from 1986. Bruce meets Carrie for the first time as a secret Damian kept from him. The issue deals with Denial as Batman tries to bring his son back using Frankenstein before Red Robin stops him. The next issue follows the Red Hood as Batman deals with Rage. RECOMMENDED 4 OUT OF 5 BATMAN #19 [2011] This months WTF cover features Bruce Wayne pointing a gun Jim Gordon. This is one of the best openings in comics in a long time as it shows Bruce pointing a gun to a hostage and robs a bank before shooting Gordon in the chest. Gordon mentions Zero Year for the first time in comics. The series opens up as it shows Clayface behind it all. The back-up features a Batman/Superman team-up to stop an interdimensional being. RECOMMENDED 4 OUT OF 5

TALON VOLUME 1: SCOURGE OF THE OWLS HARDCOVER Calvin Rose has escaped from the Court of the Owls however they are trying to get him back. He refused to follow one of their orders to execute a woman and her child. Calvin returns to Gotham after seven long years after hearing the Court of Owls were defeated by Batman during the Night of the Owls. After facing a Talon, Calvin meets Sebastian Clark who wants to eliminate the Court of Owls once and for all. Calvin manages to destroy a hotel containing the wealth of the Court of Owls as well as facing a Talon. The Court has decided to wake up a talon from the Tomb of the Unworthy to defeat Calvin. The Talon is Felix Harmon the Gotham Butcher of the 1860s. The secrets of the Court of Owls are slowly revealed throughout the series as it gets closer to crossing over with the main Batman titles. SERIES HIGHLIGHTS - Calvin heads to New York City to make sure Casey and Sarah are safe - Casey runs and organization to save people from other criminal organizations - Casey helps Calvin drain the Courts financial resources however a Talon stops him - Calvin faces off against the Gotham Butcher who follows him back to Caseys base - Calvin and Casey escape however the Gotham Butcher lives to fight another day - Batman is aware of a civil war between the Court of Owls and a Talon - Calvin helps destroy Sarahs fathers legacy and taking it away from the Owls - CEO John Wycliffe of Sarahs fathers company is also the Grandmaster of the Owls - Calvin discovers Sebastian Clark is a former Grandmaster who recruited him years ago - Sebastian hires Bane who subdues and breaks Calvin's neck This hardcover collects Talon #0-7 RECOMMENDED 4 OUT OF 5

SUPERMAN: HEL ON EARTH HARDCOVER After Hel nearly destroyed the Earth in order to save Krypton, Superman is called before the Senate to explain the events. Later Cat Grant asks Clark to join her on an internet site as people are jumping off the roof of a club thanks to Hector Hammond. Meanwhile the Highfather tells his son Orion that Superman is a threat to Earth. This hardcover collects Superman #0 Superman #13-19 RECOMMENDED 4 OUT OF 5

THE FLASH VOLUME 3: GORILLA WARFARE HARDCOVER The Rogues and the Flash team up to stop the army from Gorilla City led by King Grodd. 15 years ago Solovar arrived at the Central City Zoo. In the present Patty discovers the Flash is Barry as Solovar prevents him from being impaled by King Grodd. Barry gets possible scenarios to defeat Grodd and decides he must turn himself over to him. The Flash surrenders to Grodd and takes him into the Speed Force where Iris is trapped. The gorillas retreat to Gorilla City due to the absence of their leader King Grodd, who is in the Speed Force with the Flash. Grodd is defeated and Flash returns his friends home. One week later Dr. Elias prepares something special for the Flash and one month later the Reverse Flash is born. SERIES HIGHLIGHTS - The Trickster is arrested for murder and the Flash tries to prove his innocence - The Flash looses his powers leading to next months Dial H #11 - The Outlanders are breaking the Trickster out of Iron Heights Prison - Barry Allen uses Rogues weapons to stop the breakout This hardcover collects The Flash #0 The Flash #13-19 RECOMMENDED 4 OUT OF 5


ALL-NEW X-MEN: HERE TO STAY PREMIERE HARDCOVER After the Beast brought back the original X-Men, Jean Grey decided to keep Xaviers dream alive and fight for the future. Mystique has a conversation with the young Scott Summers while Kitty Pryde leads the original X-Men. Both Angels protect the Avengers Tower from Hydra before the Avengers arrive on the scene. Afterwards, Warren tries to flee with the Hank McCoys Time Cube however he is stopped by Jean Grey who uses her powers to influence Warren. SERIES HIGHLIGHTS - The original X-Men fail a Sentinel program in the Danger Room - Jean discovers Scott met with Mystique - Mystique who is disguised as Maria Hill breaks into the Raft with Sabretooth - Mystique and Sabretooth break Lady Mastermind out of the Raft - The Uncanny X-Men arrive at the school to recruit mutants - The Brotherhood steals 18 million and several students leave to join the Uncanny X-Men This hardcover collects All-New X-Men #6-10 RECOMMENDED 4 OUT OF 5


SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN TEAM-UP: THE SUPERIORITY COMPLEX TPB Following the events of Amazing Spider-Man #700, Doctor Octopus inhibits the body and mind of Peter Parker and becomes the Superior Spider-Man. A giant spider is causing havoc in New York City which draws the attention of both Superior Spider-Man and the X-Men. The giant spider has three different strains of DNA which Spider-Man stops. Doc Ock deals with Wolverine who believes has insulted him. They discover when the spider reverted back to a human form that her genetics was manipulated and believe to be Mr. Sinister. However it is revealed the Jackal is behind the latest disturbance by using Mr. Sinisters equipment. The Superior Spider-Man meets the new FF who took over for the Fantastic Four: AntMan, She-Hulk, Medusa, and Miss Thing. The new FF has asked Spider-Man to baby sit while they return from the micro-verse. The Time Variance Authority sends Deaths Head to eliminate the Future Foundation. Spider-Man stops the chaos and steals Sandman out of the Baxter Buildings Vault, while Deaths Head is now in the 616 Marvel Universe. Electro who was last seen during Ends of the Earth is back on Earth and teams up with A.I.M to kill Thor who sent him to space in the first place. Thor buys time as Spider-Man uses A.I.M tech to find a way to stop Electro. After Electro is defeated, Spider-Man collects him along with Sandman in Doc Ocks secret lab. Finally SpiderMan teams-up with Sleepwalker to defeat the Fearworm. AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #15 POINT ONE HIGHLIGHTS - Believing Peter Parker to be inferior, the new Spider-Man becomes Superior This paperback collects Avenging Spider-Man #15.1 Avenging Spider-Man #16-19 RECOMMENDED 4 OUT OF 5


UNCANNY X-MEN: REVOLUTION HARDCOVER Magneto reveals to SHIELD that Cyclops is losing control of his powers after the Phoenix Force took hold of him. Cyclops takes his new students to Australia and Magneto warns SHIELD where they will be. Upon arriving in Australia, Cyclops and his X-Men deal with Captain America and the Avengers. After a brief talk, the Avengers place Cyclops under arrest however he tells them to go to hell. The Avengers are placed in a time bubble as the X-Men escape. Later they discover Magneto was the one who warned the Avengers the X-Men was going to Australia. SERIES HIGHLIGHTS - Cyclops heads over to the Jean Grey School to recruit - Cyclops manages to recruit the Stepford Sisters and the original Angel - Illyana becomes her evil self the Darkchilde and brings the X-Men to limbo This hardcover collects Uncanny X-Men (2013) #1-5 RECOMMENDED 4 OUT OF 5


ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN: VENOM WAR PREMIERE HARDCOVER Venom mistakenly believes Jefferson Davis is the new Spider-Man and attacks him. Miles Morales shows up and Venom escapes however Jefferson is seriously wounded and Miles feels responsible. Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy arrive to help Miles understand where the Venom creature came from. Detective Maria Hill also arrives and asks for help to stop the creature however she is turned away. The Venom creature arrives at the hospital where Jefferson is being treated. Miles heads to the hospital as Spider-Man at the request of Maria Hill. Spider-Man ultimately defeats Venom however lost his mother. Later Miles declares No More. ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #16.1 Betty Brant has some suspicions that the Prowler and the new Spider-Man are related. She finds the spider that bit Miles and heads to Roxxon Industries and confronts Dr. Marcus. Betty asks J. Jonah Jameson to run the story that the new Spider-Man is the Prowlers brother Aaron Davis. However he refuses and she walks out ready to sell the story to another media outlet. Betty is heads back to her apartment where she is impaled by Venom. This hardcover collects Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (2011) #16.1 Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (2011) #19-22 RECOMMENDED 4 OUT OF 5

THE SECRET SERVICE PREMIERE HARDCOVER A group of terrorists are stealing stars from famous sci-fi productions including Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Star Trek. Mark Hamill has already died after a failed rescue attempt. Now another agent Jack London is being sent in however first he must send his nephew Gary to a spy school. Gary begins his training while his uncle Jack is caught red-handed by the Chinese. Gary gets training however falls back to his old habits so Jack takes him. He dumps his nephew in South America stripped and robbed with only 24hours to touch English soil. Gary gets back home with the FBI most wanted fugitive. After Gary graduates, he heads home to find his mother beaten and bruised. Gary decides to teach her boyfriend a lesson of respect. Both Jack and Gary investigate Doctor James Arnold who is responsible for the disappearances of the celebrities. Jack seduces Arnolds girlfriend who reveals he is planning on killing 5 billion people the following night with cell phones. Uncle Jack is killed by one of Doctor Arnolds henchmen who has been following them. Gary assembles the new recruits to stop James Arnold from killing 5 billion people. After the raid into his compound, Gary discovers the machine cannot be stopped so his recruits reprogrammed it so people will start killing giving the world 15 minutes of World Peace. After Jack is buried, Gary reads his last Will-and-Testament before receiving a message that there is trouble in Moscow. This hardcover collects Secret Service #1-6 RECOMMENDED 4 OUT OF 5


BEDLAM TRADE PAPERBACK 10 years ago Madder Red terrorized the city of Bedlam before being committed and currently goes by the name Fillmore Press. The citys hero the First stopped him in the past however new murders are being committed. Now Detective Ramira Acevedo is trying to solve the new murders and Fillmore wants to help without revealing he was once Madder Red. To get her attention, Fillmore admits to a crime he didnt commit and finds the connection between the victims. Ramira becomes frustrated and calls on the First to step in. However she discovers after the death of a priest who was connected to the church who allowed another priest to abused boys 8 years ago it is not Fillmore. The latest victims are people at a hospital recovery room where the assailant opened fire. Both Ramira and Fillmore visit a priest in jail who abused boys. He slips Ramira a micky while he talks to the priest. Fillmore discovers the assailant is called Eric and the priest discovers he is talking to Madder Red. Eric is stop however the priest admits there are other Angels of Death. RECOMMENDED 4 OUT OF 5


STAR TREK: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS TPB The Enterprise crew investigates the planet Phaedus IV that has technology beyond their current capabilities. The crew crash lands on the planet and is surrounded by the alien inhabitants who were given technology by Captain Robert April the former Captain of the Enterprise. Captain Kirk discovers Captain Robert April broke the Prime Directive and helped the inhabitants of the planet Phaedus IV. Kirks crew is captured by the inhabitants below and Spock sneaks out to rescue them. Meanwhile in space the Enterprise encounters a smuggler called Mudd. Until Star Trek: Into the Darkness premieres then this series has very little to do except introduce the Klingons and its upcoming war with the Federation. SERIES HIGHLIGHTS - Spock rescues the crew and Lieutenant Uhura lands with Mudd on the planet - Kirk, April, and the rest of the crew return back to the Enterprise - The Klingons have been supplying arms to the inhabitants of Phaedus - The Klingons are spreading their influence via a proxy war - April takes over the Enterprise and begins to wage war on the surface - April offers the Enterprise to the Klingon Empire so he can become governor of Phaedus IV - Scotty turns the Enterprise off as a Klingon ship is ready to board the Enterprise - Spock and Kirk retake the bridge and warps away from the Klingon Bird of Prey This paperback collects Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #1-4 RECOMMENDED 4 OUT OF 5


ARCHER & ARMSTRONG VOLUME 2: WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR TPB Archer & Armstrong stopped the Sect from activating the Boon however the Geomancer died during the battle. The Eternal Warrior believes Archer is responsible for the death of the Geomancer. Archer & Armstrong searches for the new Geomancer as the Eternal Warrior follows close behind. Kay McHenry the new Geomancer stumbles on the One Percent who forms an alliance with the Null lead by her former boss Elliot Zorn. They attempt to drown her however Archer and Armstrong along with the Eternal Warrior show up and stop the One Percent as Kay discovers her destiny. SERIES HIGHLIGHTS - The Null has been using mathematicians to serve them to discover the Null-World Equation - Archer asks Kay to read him and she discovers he is the Rising Spirit - Zorn has called the Immortal Enemy to deal with the Eternal Warrior - Mary-Maria Archer asks the One Percent to bankroll her expedition to find another Boon - The Last Enemy has taken the mind of Archer and he attacks his comrades - The Geomancer overrides the universe so the Last Enemy cannot destroy the universe - Archer frees himself from the last enemy and regains his body - There is a connection between Project Rising Spirit and the Boon This paperback collects Archer & Armstrong #5-9 RECOMMENDED 4 OUT OF 5

Iron Man 3 is a mash-up between Warren Ellis Extremis and Matt Fractions The Five Nightmares story arcs which are both available in trade format. Following the events of Avengers, Tony battles post traumatic stress disorder as the Mandarin launches his attack. Iron Man 3 begins with Tony Stark speaking of the events that occurred throughout the movie and how it all began. We do not realize who he is talking to until after the final credits roll. The first Iron Man film teased about the Ten Rings which secretly referenced the Mandarin. However it is not until now that we are truly introduced to the Mandarin who is a terrorist bent on destroying the world and played by Sir Ben Kingsley. The organization of A.I.M is also introduced who has teamed up with the Mandarin. Marvel has given us a much different take on the Mandarin than in the comics. Instead of being a lead character, he is a tool used by A.I.M to control both sides of the conflict. The special effects and superb performances within the film did not help with a poorly executed story. The character of Aldrich Killian played by Guy Pearce begins with a weak character suffering from a physical condition then develops into a stronger one. A true villain will always remain stronger than the hero in order to raise the threat level. Meanwhile the Mandarin began as a threat then was reduced to a method actor. Iron Man 3 would have been well served if the villains were major threats to begin with rather than comic relief characters. Overall the movie is riding on the success of the previous Iron Man films and the Avengers. It will do extremely well after Star Trek: Into Darkness premieres 2 weeks later. The movie is much better than Iron Man 2 however falls short of the first one. NEEDS IMPROVEMENT 3 OUT OF 5



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