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RENTAL AGREEMENT This Rental Agreement made and executed at Bangalore on FIRST DAY of APRIL, TWO THOUSAND TWELVE

(01/04/2012) by and between: Mr. <Name Of owner>, residing at <Address of owner>. Hereinafter referred to as the OWNER OF THE ONE PART. AND Mr. <Name and address of tenant> Hereinafter referred to as the TENANT OF the OTHER PART. The terms OWNER and TENANT shall mean and include their respective heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives, successors, and assigns of their part as parties wherever context admits it and includes the same.

Whereas, the OWNER is the sole and absolute owner of the residential property which is more fully described in the schedule hereunder and at the enjoyment of the owner. Whereas the TENANT for want of residential purpose approached the owner to let out the same on a monthly rental basis and, the owner has agreed to let out the said premises under the following terms and conditions. NOW THIS TENANCY AGREEMENT WITNESSETH AS FOLLOWS: 1. The TENANT has paid this day a sum of Rs. <Advance Amount>/-(Rupees <Advance amount in words> only) being advance by cash on which is the receipt of the same is herewith acknowledged by the owner. 2. The Tenant shall pay a monthly rent of Rs <Rent amount>/-(Rupees <Rent amount in words> only) on or before 5th of every English calendar month. 3. The term of this agreement of rent commenced from < Date of agreement start> this agreement, it will remain in force a period of 11 months. 4. During the term the Security deposit amount will not carry any interest and this amount fully refundable to TENANT by OWNER while termination of this agreement or rent after deducting arrears of dues of TENANT such as electricity Bill, damages, rent & etc., thereon, to which both the parties in due course of the term TENANT shall pay thereon to the concerned authority as and when it falls due. In addition to that TENANT himself incurred normal wear and tear maintenance charges out of his own cost and risk. 5. TENANT is liable to hand over intact, good tenantable condition house property to OWNER at the time of termination of this agreement of rent. 6. TENANT shall pay the Electricity Charges to the concerned authorities and keep the bills in tact. 7. The TENANT shall not sub-let or under let or part with the possession of the schedule premises with any other third part without the consent of the owner. 8. TENANT is liable to allow the OWNER or his representatives to inspect the house premises. 9. Either the parties shall give 1 months prior notice at the time of vacating the premises. 10. The TENANT shall pay to the owner an enhanced rent of Rs 5% for every year over and above the then existing rental the end of the lease period if the lease were to be continued by fresh deed for over 11 months. 11. The TENANT shall paint the schedule premises, or such charges will be deducted from the security deposit amount. If any damages occurred due to the negligence of the TENANT, such damages will be borne by the TENANT OR such charges will be deducted from the security deposit amount. SCHEDULE The premises bearing <Address of house>. consisting of Two Bed rooms, Hall Kitchen, one Bathroom & toilet with Electricity and water facilities. In witness whereof this agreement of rent signed by parties, on the day, month and year above mentioned. OWNER 1. TENANT 1. WITNESSES:1. <FullName> <Signature> 2. <FullName> <Signature> 3. <FullName> <Signature>