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Research Paper: Political Revolutions

Directions: Write a well-organized research paper that includes an

introduction, several paragraphs, and a conclusion. Use evidence from at
least four sources in your paper. Support your response with relevant facts,
examples, and details. Include additional outside information.

Historical Context:

Throughout history, people have come together to change how they

are governed or ruled. Whether they fought against their Imperial
powers or with factions inside of their country, their collective effort
revolutionized history. Five of these instances are the Dominican,
Chinese, Russian, Haitian and Iranian Revolutions.

Task: Using the information from your research sources and your
knowledge of global history, write a research paper in which

- Describe the historical period during your revolution

- Describe the contributing causes to the revolution
- Discuss the short and long-term effects of the revolution


In your research paper, be sure to

-Develop all aspects of the tasks
-Incorporate information from at least four sources
-Incorporate relevant outside information
-Support the theme with relevant facts, examples and details
-Use a logical and clear plan of organization, including an
introduction and a conclusion that are beyond a restatement of
the theme
Writing Project Rubric: Revolutions Research Paper
Category Advanced Intermediate Beginner
(3) (2) (1)
The paper uses at The information is The information
least 4 sources that summarized or is copied directly
are reliable and paraphrased in the from the sources.
cited properly. paper, however there OR There is no
Resources The information is are less than 4 sources cited. OR
summarized or reliable sources cited
The sources are
paraphrased in the and used in the paper.
only from books
paper. or only from the
The writing The writing has ideas The writing
demonstrates well- and evidence taken demonstrates only
developed ideas from the content, but a minimal
Content and and uses evidence may be lacking in understanding of
Comprehension to support those clarity, support or the content or
ideas based on comprehensible does not base its
relevant content. output. support on
The writing is The writing has There is no
organized into paragraph structure, paragraph
distinct paragraphs but does not focus on structure and no
Organization that focus on key key ideas. Minimal transitions
ideas, using transitions are present between ideas or
transitions in the writing. evidence.
appropriate to the
The writing uses There are several There are many
sentences that are run-ons or run-ons or
English appropriate to the fragmented sentences fragmented
Language student’s level. in the writing. The sentences in the
Development The grammar is grammar uses only writing. The
presentable and it simple forms and grammar is
uses accurate some vocab is unpresentable and
vocab. inaccurate. vocab is often
Capital letters and Capital letters and There is no
punctuation are punctuation are demonstration of
Writing used at the sometimes used, or capital letters or
Conventions beginning and end the spelling is only punctuation. The
of sentences. The accurate in high spelling is
spelling is often frequency words. phonetic or
accurate. invented.