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Mark McElroy- Saddleback College

Screen Game Why run screens? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Slow down the rush Compliment the pass game Discourage the blitz Keep defense off balance Big play potential with low risk

When to run screens 1. Early in the season- Show it on film, make defense prepare for it 2. Early in games- defense is more aggressive and arent fatigued yet 3. Vs. aggressive DEs- Have to ID whether or not hes a screamer or a reader Dangerous against 1. 2. 3. 4. Readers Big, fat slow kids Late in game-rushers are already slowed Inside your 40 yard line

Make sure your screens mimic your passing schemes Install progression 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Meetings Indy time RVA Vs. Bags Live vs team

Work QB timing during special teams periods Condition using your screens Bubble Screen History: Stole it from Auburn/Malzahn Practice: Two 5-minute periods per week Technique: PST/WR 50% Carioca- Did use backpedal in H.S. ball

3.5 yards deep, get width quick!

QB- Find #s, leverage and depth to determine advantageous side Use it off inside zone WR Blocking- Stalk, Cross Block, double crack- force CB to be a tackler

TB Screen History: Stole it from Foothill HS Practice: Two 5-minute periods/week Technique: OL- 1.5 count (1001, 1000, go) Release flat down LOS. Get wide base before contacting DBs. TB- Hug PSG, catch 2 yards outside PST QB- Timing: 1.2.3...4,5 In practice, have a coach yell the timing early on

Throwback Screen Two 5 min periods/week 3 count screen PST-Sell pass, open shoulders, throw DE QB- Sprint 5x5 before throwing it Only ran it one way, QB sprint right, throwback left. Can go to multiple guys (TB/TE)

McElroy- Saddleback College

Special Plays Unique/Used Sparingly High Reward/High Risk Big Play potential When? Scoring Position (Inside 45)

Practice During Special Teams Whole-Part-Whole

Sugar Huddle Tempo changer Huddle 2.5 yards from LOS Explode from huddle, quick snap Good w/ compressed formations or unbalanced Use Freeze cadence- check with me, motion, freeze again

Scatter Quick Shift, multiple guys, to unbalanced

Casey Mazzota- HC, Mt. San Jacinto College

Zone, Bounce, Stretch Single back team, always with a TE, never in 10 personnel

Inside Zone
Stretch is their base play, zone is 2nd on the list Bang it or Bend it, never a bounce out play Complimentary play is counter PAP is drop back, boot (away from action) or roll (to action)

Covered/Uncovered blocking rules- Covered guy is a Driver, uncovered is a scooper. Very tight track for TB- Inside leg of the PSG, QB opens at 6-oclock Run to the walk out player

Outside Zone
True stretch play, always ran to the strong side of a 3 man surface Compliment is Power Same PAP

Aim point is 1x1 outside TE, full sprint by the TB, QB has to meet the mesh TE thinks reach regardless of wing Long scoop blocks Covered- Rip and Slip UC- Reach Can fold PSTE & PST vs a 6i

OZ weak. Bang it or bounce it. Outside leg of PST

Casey Mazzota- HC, Mt. San Jacinto College

Power and Counter

1-Back Power
Off Tackle Stretch Compliment Power Pop (PAP) Strong Side only

QB over runs the mesh on purpose, hands off underneath.

Casey Mazotta- HC, Mt. San Jacinto College

Play Action Pass Have a play action for every run you have Change your QBs launch point Quick, intermediate, deep off of dropback, roll, and boot Attack all zones

Presnap: 2-Hi: Think crossers 1-hi: Think NCAA Get greedy vs 1-high

TE- 10 yard Stop Route (Hunt the window) F- Very shallow, heels of DL

2-hi: TE to Post to Shallow 1-Hi: Bench/Curl

Mike Cooper- Clovis High School

Spread Slam- Spread Running Game Heavy H-Back use They allow their H-Back to align anywhere on their no motion plays, he will then motion into position, kids get creative with formations. Utilize the fly sweep Attacks the perimeter Window dressing Stretch the D Edge defender cant fold inside to make tackles

Goal is to put the high school kid in conflict

HB aligns in B-Gap Play is a check from power frontside to counter opposite Vs. Stack teams they take 3 foot splits