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The software project is initiated by the client needs. In the beginning, these needs are in the minds of various people in the client organization. The requirement analyst has to identify the requirements by talking to these people and understanding their needs. For such systems, the requirements problem is complicated by the fact that the needs and requirements of the system many not to be known even to the user-they have to be visualized and created. Hence, identifying requirements necessarily involves specifying what some people have in their minds. When inputs from multiple people are to be gathered, as is often the case, these inputs are likely to be inconsistent as well.

2.1.1 Purpose:
This project is aimed at providing an economically feasible security and communication system that will provide very good features that can fulfill the security needs of a small organization. The project will be supposed to implement the storage of products so that a large collection could be maintained with minimum storage space. This project will also be able to provide reports of products sold to the customer and brought to the store.

2.1.2 Scope:
The project could be implemented in an average sized organization. An average company will not be very keen on spending loads of money on ledgers. Where as our project will greatly reduce the costs which is using common and cheap office items like database and desktop application. And also there is no requirement to store books or accounts. The data is directly stored in the database in the hard disk of the PC.

2.1.3 Definitions, Acronyms, Abbreviations

This program is a menu driven program. When we click the main menu the different forms will be enabled. The program consists of the following modules:

Source listing This module is suppose to identify the products by their discription.

Add products This module is suppose to take the inputs from an input device.

Add customers This module is capable of adding customers in the specified formats.

Update and delete products This module will update and delete products.

Update and delete customers This module will be able to update and delete customers

Searching In this module the admin or emplyee can search the customer or products from the database based on criterias

Transactions This module will take up transactions like selling products, buying products from supplier updating cash and updating the bills.Appropriate actions will be taken.

Report Generation This is a client program which will request for reports.

2.1.4 References
The needed requirements for this project has been obtained from the stock by observing manual records and also gathered some of the information by asking questions.

Vb 6.0

2.1.5 Overview
Electronic Shop is a process of storing the products which is capable of maintaining storage of large amount of products. The primary purpose of this application is to implement the above stated functionality. The application should be capable enough to store the products and also perform some updating on the products that is stored. It will be having user friendly GUIs that will guide the user to easily achieve the same. The application shall also have some features like reports displaying in the same window. In addition to this the application also supports feature to search products. It can also search products based on criteria so that the employees will be able to view the same. The application is to be fully developed under vb platform using Visual Basic 6.0


2.2.1 Product Perspective

The product will be developed completely independent and standalone. Each user will have to have an individual copy of the product.

2.2.2 Product Functions

The product functions will include the following areas: The application is capable enough to store different products and also perform some editng on them that is added.It will be having user friendly GUIs that will guide the user to easily achive the same. AdminForm User Form Adding users Adding products Updating users Updating products Searching users and products Report generations

2.2.3 User Characteristics

The user of this product is supposed to be fairly educated about the usage of the computers. He should understand how to store products and he should have knowledge about various products so that they could be saved. A person who has no knowledge of computers will find it difficult to understand the system. But with a little knowledge it will be very easy to handle the project.

2.2.4 General Constraints

Designed to run on Windows 98 and further versions.

2.2.5 Assumption and Dependencies Assumptions:

The code should be free with compilation errors/syntax errors. The product must have an interface which is simple enough to understand.

All necessary hardware and software are available for implementing and use of the tool. The proposed system would be designed, developed and implemented based on the software requirements specifications document. End users should have basic knowledge of computer and we also assure that the users will be given software training documentation and reference material.

2.3 SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS 2.3.1 Functional Requirements

i. ii. iii. The application should be able to handle all the tasks in an efficient manner. The application should be able to provide up-to-date information. The application should be able to handle all the changes made.

2.3.2 External Interface Requirements User Interfaces

The user interface is designed in Visual Basic.Net. The developer will have to study the

designing of the product. The use of the controls and the component from the Add items feature of the Vb 6.0. The user of the product will get very user friendly forms which will be very easy to work with.

2.3.3 Performance Requirements

The system is supposed to be having good memory space and a Bigger Ram above 256 MB preferably. The sound card and graphics card will have to be of good quality and capacity.

2.3.4 Design Constraints Software Constraints:

Operating system Windows XP, 2003 Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 MS Access

Hardware constraints:
Computer: INTEL compatible 256 MB RAM or higher Pentium III A CD Writer / Reader A Color Monitor

2.3.5 Other Requirements