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I have a sense that our country is improving. I had a vision of God blowing or breathing on this continent as Jesus breathed on His disciples and said, "Receive the Holy Spirit." It wasn't a suggestion, but a command. I saw the nation turning blood red from the east coast to the west coast. It was the redemptive nature of forgiveness being assimilated into the ground...and out of the soil, souls were emerging like soldiers in a battlefield. Dead bones were coming to life. They were dressed for battle in different realms. Some had expensive business suits and others were dressed like doctors, teachers, and mothers, and so forth. They all were given secret messages that they read and then ate. The messages transformed them and equipped them for their mission. Revelation was released over the nation, and inventions and innovations were springing up all over like flowers in the first week of Spring. Pennsylvania was highlighted as if a major breakthrough was rising from there. Instead of 2 towers, 3 towers were being built as a sign of the strength of the economy being supported by a 3-cord strand. I felt a warning that many would look at the political climate to determine the condition of the country, but the signs of revival would not flow from the White House, but to it. Hope would not arise from the polls, but from the people. This was a people movement that swept the globe, turning the planet a deep purple. I saw the Lord blowing freezing cold air over Iran and North Korea. It created impossible conditions for war. He literally froze their war was a political climate change equal to the fall of the iron curtain. Every country that was bent on war was frozen...the climate was suddenly and unpredictably changed. It was weird, but good. I saw that God had already released Daniels into China, and humility and generosity would spring up from the East. God called it a "helps movement". I saw that China would be given the "gift of helps" for the world. God was hugging centuries of brokenness out of China. I heard the words "singing revolution." America I really feel like we are in a good season. But just to be really clear, I dont think that the political climate will determine what God is doing. I dont think that the Lord is leading with politicians right now. I dont mean he never does, I want to be really clear. I do think that there are countries outside of America where the main move of God is coming from the political realm, but I dont think that in the next four years that will be demonstrated. I dont think you can look to a person for the answer. But Im actually saying, I dont think that a person is going to bring this dramatic change that I see happening in our country. I think its a people movement. I think the Lord is doing it all among the people, and I think it will be many people that will rise up and become powerful, and, if you will, famous in this movement. But it probably wont be the people that you vote for. The Lord said dont look to the political climate to determine what Im doing in America in the next four years. So in other words, dont get excited or disappointed by whats happening in the political climate because the Lord has chosen a different venue for this season. Vision of three towers I saw the Lord rise up, and I saw generosity and humility come to our nation. And I saw that generosity, humility and stewardship were going to begin to break the back of poverty and debt. Invention and innovation are going to begin to flow out of America. And the secret is simply this Christ in you! Yes, Christ in you bringing with Him the hope of all the glorious things to come. Col 1:27b JB Phillips 12/2012 page 1