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Installation plan

Customer item no.: Order dated: Order no.: Quantity: 1 RPH S6 040-281D Heavy Duty Centrifugal Pump to API 610 11th edition

Number: ES 1976658 Item no.:100 Date: 11/09/2012 Page: 5 / 6

Version no.: 1

36.85 5.51 DN2 25.83 1.26 5.51 1.65

23.78 6.3


DN1 8.07 31M

6.42 11.02 Raised Lip


0.67 Alignment bolts 13.39 3.35 8.27 5.91 24.21 24.21 72.64 84.45 93.9 24.21 26.97 30.31 39.37


Drawing is not to scale Motor Motor manufacturer Motor size Motor power Number of poles Speed of rotation Position of terminal box Baseplate Design Size Material Leakage drain baseplate (8B) Foundation bolts

Dimensions in in Connections Suction flange according ASME B 16.5 / NPS 2 / CL to(DN1) 150 / RF Discharge flange according ASME B 16.5 / NPS 1 / CL to(DN2) 150 / RF Flanged openings are provided with metal closures at least 5 mm thick, with elastomer gaskets and at least four full-diameter bolts Coupling Coupling manufacturer Coupling type Coupling size Spacer Weight net Pump Baseplate Coupling Coupling guard Motor Total

WEG/ equal 160L 25 HP 2 2955 rpm 0/360 (top) Viewed from the drive

Welded steel according to API 610 2 Steel ST 2 NPT, Drain channel M20x250 (Not in scope of supply)

Crane/equal Metastream TSK/equal 13 5.51 in

Connect pipes without stress or strain!

430 lbm 1080 lbm 8 lbm 9 lbm 185 lbm 1712 lbm (approx) For auxiliary connections see separate drawing.


Date Project Name Client Ref No. KSB Ref No.

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10/2/2012 Suban Condensate Storage Tank Q/KSB-P/12091258


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RPH Heavy-duty OH2 process pump to ISO 13709 / API 610



Waste Water


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Oil and gas, petrochemical and power plants Further information: www.ksb.com/products

RPH Heavy-duty OH2 process pump to ISO 13709 / API 610

4 1 5

3 7 6
1316.025/01-10 / 02/09 / Subject to technical modification without prior notice / KSB Aktiengesellschaft 2009

Low maintenance costs



 High flexibility

 Customized balancing system depending on the duty

point markedly reduces axial forces, and increases bearing life.  Double volute (DN 80 and above) reduces radial thrust and prevents shaft deflection, considerably reducing the loads on bearings and mechanical seal.

 The pump flanges are available for all common pipelines because they are built to all standards up to PN 100/ASME Class 600. .5 6

 Long service life and reliability of bearings


 Heavy-duty 40 angular contact thrust bearing

exceeding the API requirements.



Long service life of the mechanical seal

 Lubrication per oil bath, oil mist or oil purge.

 Maximum shaft diameter as allowed per API 610 for low shaft deflection and reduced vibrations. .3

 No cooling water circuit required

Reduced operating costs

 With more than 70 hydraulics, always the best selection to API for a better efficiency.

 When fluid temperature and ambient temperature are high, the steel bearing bracket with integrated cooling fins and the optional fan impeller protect the unit from overheating. 7

Easy to service

 Mechanical seals as per ISO 24109/API 682 in cartridge design for easy installation and removal.
Materials: S1, S5, S6, S8, C6, A8, D1, D2 and special materials Technical data: Pump size: Max. flow rate: Max. head: Max. discharge pressure: Max. fluid temperature: Max. speed:

DN 25 - 400 4,800 m /h / 21,134 US gpm 285 m / 935 ft 51 bar / 740 psi -70C to+ 450C / -94F to+ 842F 3,500 min-1