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A good practical training report should contain the followings:

Explain which company you interned with, where the facility was located, and the main emphasis of your learning experience. For example, "I mainly worked on network hardware and software installation." "I primarily designed and implemented real-time software to control the production line." (Your internship experience may have included more than one area of training.)

Discussion of Projects
Discuss in detail the areas of responsibility you had to deal with during your internship. Although this is an overview of your internship experience, include some practical training details about the projects you worked on. Discuss the significance of your efforts relative the companys operations. Also, organize the discussion of different projects under new subheadings. For example, 1. Database Software Project 2. Network Installation 3. Etc. . . .

Summary and Conclusions

Summarize your work and learning experience. Explain how the internship either reinforced or changed your career goals. Discuss any new perspectives you obtained because of this experience. Elaborate on the benefits you realized from the internship.


Title page Acknowledgements Summary Table of content Introduction/terms of reference/scope Findings Conclusions Recommendations References/bibliography Appendices

Most practical training reports will not need such a detailed breakdown but it is often helpful for writers to keep the scheme in mind in arranging the information, even if they know they will not use the headings in full. These sections form the framework of the report, but in preparing the material, the writer will normally start with the Findings, because that is where most material is quickly identified. It is, of course, perfectly reasonable for the writer to start the actual writing of the report within this section; there is no special virtue in beginning at the beginning; and it may be much easier to start with purely factual material in the middle. Certainly the summary will be written last.

Hints of a good report

A good report is little, precise and informative Its layout and format are well organized and both text and diagrams are easy to read and relate Diagrams-tables and graphs- are well presented and clearly labeled Headings to indicate the content of each section are present Every report must be totally adapted to the needs of its reader Laws should be generally applied but broken if necessary

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