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Question Who has principle responsibility for terroist acts? What does the GAO stand for?

What does WMD stand for? WMD ACT had what result? What was GAO's assesment on the preparedness of United States against acts of terrorism? How many days after 9/11 did it take for DHS to be part of executive office in white house? DHS PDD 5 is What did PP5 create? According to the Patriot Actcan suspected terrorist be held in USA indefienitly? What is the national commision on terrorist attack also known as? Post Katrina management reform act created what new posistion in FEMA? What does PDD 62 do? Did the GAO recommend creating office of homeland security? Emergency Managemen in the past has been focused on terrorism? In the mid 1990s following the Nunn-Lugar-Domenici Bill FEMA failed too.. Which event first raised awareness of terrorism? First local disaster that federal government became involed in occurred in 1803 was. 3 main goals of 9/11 comission were Whar is Vipps? What is emergency awareness preperedness and mitigation? At what level does emergency awareness preparedness and mitigation occur? What is fatwa What is the Nunn-Lugar-Domenici bill? What is the bill that establised the Department of Homeland Security? What are the Agencies within the Department of Homeland security? How many titles are are in the Patriot Act? Who was the first secretary of DHS? Where is Osama Bin Laden From?

Answer FBI General Accountability Office Addressed response to to attack not prevention

9 Days NIMS Nope 9/11 comission

Established new leadership positions.

Created a new systematic approach to combatting terrorism. Nope Nope Take lead role as agency to take care of terrorism.

New Hampshire town devastated by fire Volunteers In Police Service

At the communiting level. Bin Laden issued a Fatwa to put a hit on someone Provided funding/training for 1st responders(Terrorist attacks)

Tom Ridge

Did Osama Bin Laden ever get his citizenship revoked? Which agencies are responsible for the air space? Which flights were hijacked on 9/11? How many hijackers were there total? Did the GAO recommend creating office of homeland security? Did the Nunn-Lugar-Domenici legislation occur before or after 9/11? What is the mission of the U.S. Secret Service? Did the U.S. Secret Service change when incorporated to DHS? Did Homeland Security Act of 2002 affect all Agencies? The Posse Comitatus Act did what? What does the Coast Guard do? What is the Coast Guard responsible? What is the DHS Inspector General? Who is the DHS secretary? What is the office in legislative affairs under the DHS secretary? What does the ATF fall under? What is the Federal Response Plan? What is the timeline of the Federal Response Plan? What is the office of National Preparedness? What did the Office of National Preparedness focus on? Who was the first FEMA director? How did John Macy handle natural disasters? Where did FEMA director Louis Guiddrida place priority? Why was James Lee Witt a special FEMA director? 1992 WTC Bombing and 1995 Oklahoma Bombing led to the ____________ Legislation. Nunn-Lugar Domenici did what? What did PDD 63 do? When did president Bush sign the HAS act? Which posistions are on the bottom of DHS organizational chart? What is a takfiri How many hijackers on each flight What does HSPD 5 create? What is NIMS? Whats it stand for?


American 11, American 77, United 93, United 175 19 hijackers total

Safeguard financial stuff and protect national leaders, visitors etc. Yes-True

Law prevents armed forces participating in law enforcement activities against civilians in Protection of natural resources, drug interdiction, maritime safety
natural resources, drug interdiction, maritime safety DHS looks for waste, fraud and abuse. Through audits, etc. Liason to congress, white house, outside Feds(People nat. sec roles) Department of Justice Replaced FDR coordinated resources etc. for disaster Created 2001. Focus on terrorism Terrorrism John Macy Handle disaster like civil defense Preparedness for nuclear attack He had Emergency Management Experiance199 Nunn-Lugar Resulted in provision for greater funding ->Training/Equipment for First Responders Protect infrastructure-reduce exposure to theats. Nov. 22 2002 Follower of Bin Laden Got the pilot and the what____ Creates common language for all responders

National Incident Management System

Which agency is respnsible for reacting to terrorism? Does emergency management focus on terrorism? Fema director Cafreda suffered from as org..

Office of National Preparedness No

problems, disparate leadership and conflicts with its partners

World Trade Center Bombing and OK city bombing

Know which event raised our preparedness for terrorism?