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HP Z820 Workstation

Welcome to product training on the HP Z820 Workstation. The primary objective of this course is to provide you with the technical detail that will help you understand and be able to communicate valuable information to your customers. You will also learn about the features and technologies that make the HP Z820 Workstation an exciting addition to the HP Workstation Portfolio. We will begin by introducing this new workstation and continue by providing some detail about the technology, features, and competitive messaging. The course will close with a brief check of what you have learned. The HP Z820 Workstation features the latest workstation technology and is replacing the HP Z800 Workstation. To gain the greatest value from this training, you will want to pay close attention to the information on the slides. We will avoid being redundant by just repeating that information in the dialogue. In the future, we will be adding links to important websites including competitive information and tear downs, new features that are being implemented at a later date, chassis feature videos and presentations, white papers, and more detailed presentations on architecture and performance metrics.

1. About

this course

This training is designed to help you with the information you will need to discuss and present key features of the HP Z820 Workstation. You should be able to describe the key differentiators, identify the target users for the HP Z820, state the business benefits of the HP Z820 Workstation, and recognize where each HP Workstation is positioned when you have completed the training.

This course is designed for those HP and Partner sales resources who are not current on their training of how to sell the HP family of personal workstations or who are interested in more detailed technical training on the HP Z820 Workstation. The course is designed to take approximately 30 to 45 minutes to complete. You will be able to leverage the information in this training course to increase your sales, retire your quota, and increase your commissions.

2. HP

Z series Workstations

The HP Z820 Workstation is a powerful and high performing workstation that is highly expandable and features dual-socket technology, as well as support for dual high-end and ultra 3D graphics. This is a replacement for the Z800 in the portfolio of workstations and is packed with the latest technology and more expandability than its predecessor. You will be able to leverage the HP Z820 to provide your customers with superior performance and expandability.

3. The

new HP Z820 Workstation

The HP Z820 Workstation delivers impressive performance to your customer, driven by the latest Intel eight-core Xeon processors, support for three, 3rd- generation, PCI Express x16 graphics, and very expandable I/O. This powerhouse workstation has been engineered to meet your customers demanding computational and visualization needs. The needs presented by compute-intensive environments will be met with high levels of high speed memory, expandable storage, and I/O expandability. Your customers will be impressed with the HP Z820 Workstation, especially those in graphics-intensive industries like 3D animation, medical imaging, and oil and gas exploration.

4. Why

HP Z820 Workstation?
Before we look at the features and values of the HP Z820 Workstation, we want to take a few minutes to review the market drivers and customer requirements that this product is engineered to answer. The market for this class of workstation is performance in both computational and visualization along with expandability and I/O performance. Customers further define these market drivers with more specific features that they consider to make up the market drivers. You can confidently present the HP portfolio ofworkstations to your customer knowing that they are all engineered with these drivers in mind.

5. HP

Z820 Personal Workstation

The HP Z820 Personal Workstation is designed to deliver power and performance that will help your customer up their game in meeting their market demands. As we examine the features and competitive messaging, you will find that you deliver the maximum power per cubic centimeter to your customer with this business tool. You will also be providing a product that supports collaboration tools that help teams work together without the cost of travel to deliver economies above the value of the workstation. The HP Z820 Personal Workstation has also been designed with the power to support the next generation graphics. In addition, your customer will also be able to install 256GB of DDR3 ECC memory and enjoy the security of RAID5 hard drives that can store up to 7.5 TB of data. This workstation has been designed from the inside to outside to provide a powerful, expandable, and energy efficient workstation in an aesthetically appealing and easy-to-service package. Of course, all this innovation and performance would be of no value if the system was not reliable. Your customer will be investing in a solution that has undergone the same rigorous component testing and quality assurance testing that HP subjects all our products to. In addition, they will be investing in a solution designed for long lifecycles and that is certified to support applications that have been jointly engineered and certified with our partners. Add HP worldwide service, support, and HP Total Care options, and your customer can be confident in their solution delivering the value they expect.

6. HP

Z820 revolutionary workstation

The HP Z820 Workstation is classified as a high-performance product that is loaded with valuable features that will excite your customers. Some key features that you want to discuss with your customer are provided here. The HP Z820 is delivered in a standard minitower form factor that is engineered to provide maximum power in a sleek and appealing design. The processor, memory, and storage available on the HP Z820 Workstation add up to performance that will provide increased productivity for your customer. Eight displays supported by the up to two NVDIA graphics cards will provide superior visualization, and the bays and slots will deliver configuration flexibility. Your customers will also be pleased with the energy efficient features of this workstation. All of this adds up to a workstation that is innovative, reliable, and delivers on performance to meet the demands of your customer.

7. HP

Z820 target markets

Almost all business presents opportunities for HP workstations. The target markets shown here represent markets that are specifically suited to the HP Z820 Workstation, however, you will find some of these functions represented in other markets. Many companies that are in manufacturing have engineers that will need the power and graphical capabilities of an HP Z820 along with the Product Development/Architectural Engineering Construction markets. Digital Media and Entertainment is a growing market with a host of opportunities that will be well suited for the HP Z820 as is the medical market. Both the upstream and downstream sectors of the oil and gas market will provide you with opportunities, and the Original Equipment Manufacturer market is always looking for more powerful and expandable workstations. You can offer them one of the most expandable workstations on the market today.

As always, it is best to gain a good understanding of how your customer plans to employ their technology and design your recommendation around their need. Be careful not to discount anyone from being a workstation

prospect. If they need power and flexibility, then they are likely a good prospect. Lets take a closer look at each of these markets.

8. Product

As we examine each of the target markets we will review the benefits for that segment. Be sure to review the advantages and benefits pointed out on the slide. The first market segment we want to consider is the entry Product Development/Architecture Engineering and Construction group of customers. Since their primary work involves complex graphics, they will find a choice of professional graphics processors and the depth of ISV relationships valuable. They will also be pleased with the performance features like large processing power and large

volumes of memory. Other features you will want to focus on are acoustical footprint, choice of power supplies, the available display real estate, the ease of service, and the availability of HP Performance Advisor. These are all features they expect on a workstation-class product.

DCC/ DME is very similar to the entry Product Development/AEC market. In addition to the key features that they both find valuable, the DME user will appreciate the color critical display. Color integrity is a critical part of the work they do. For these graphics-intense markets, you have a need for a powerful and expandable workstation, and you have a great solution in the HP Z820 Workstation.

Many of the diagnostic tools in the medical industry have been computerized. The days of getting an xray and carrying a sheet that was produced with the image is fast becoming a thing of the past. X-rays, CAT scans, PET scans, along with the many other image producing medical diagnostic tools, are now digitized. In many cases they can now produce high-quality 3D images. The medical staff needs a system that can deliver a high-resolution presentation of these images. Because of these needs, they will focus on having a choice of professional graphics and a product the is certified to run their

specific application. A quiet acoustical footprint will also be in demand and sufficient display real estate to render the complex images in a size and color clarity that helps them make a quality diagnosis. Here again, the HP Z820 Workstation provides an answer to all these needs.

11. OIL

and GAS

The oil and gas industry will have a variety of needs that can be met by the HP Z820 Workstation. The upstream segment where exploration takes place and where highquality graphical images are needed, and the downstream segment that could involve working with large databases and financial models are both great prospects for the HP Z820. To win their business you will have to deliver a solution that offers professional graphics, large memory footprint, strong ISV relationships, expandable, high-performance I/O, choice of performance and reliability features, a focus on low acoustical footprint, choice of power supplies, and large screen real estate with dual display capability.

12. OEM
Many OEM customers will benefit from the advanced architecture of the HP Z820 as they work to integrate it into their solution. They will want a platform that can deliver long and stable product lifecycles. Because they will be creating a solution for many of the markets we have already discussed, they will also be looking for the workstation to provide many of those same features and benefits.

13. HP

Z820 value proposition

A critical part of the sales process is being able to create a value proposition that resonates with your customer. We have provided some key points you will want to include in your value proposition. The first thing you need to do is understand what is important to your customer. If efficient expandability is not important, then dont stress that in your value proposition. A value proposition might go something like this:

We have designed this powerful workstation to meet the needs of users that demand high-performing and expandable technology. Part of providing that performance is delivering ultra high professional graphics capability in a solution that offers an option of a Windows or Linux environment. The HP Z820 Workstation will provide performance, reliability, and expandability to meet your needs today and tomorrow. Remember, this is a simple example of how to use this information. Your value proposition should reflect your customers needs.

14. Intel

vPro Technology

The HP Z820 Workstation also features Intel vPro Technology to deliver platform-level security and manageability. All of your customers are challenged with protecting their workstations and securing the data that resides on the drives. The 2nd-generation Intel Core vPro processor family with the hardwarebased security and manageability of Intel vPro Technology simplifies and accelerates these critical IT functions. Intel vPro Technology is a set of security and manageability capabilities built into the 2nd-generation Intel Core vPro processor family, Intel chipsets, and network adapters.You can provide this valuable solution with the HP Z820 Workstation.

15. Optional

liquid cooling

HP optional liquid cooling reduces the cost of keeping the system cool, reduces fan noise, and extends the life of the components. This technology is available on the HP Z820 Workstation. By replacing the air-cooled heat sinks, we have been able to reduce the fan noise to provide a quiet system for your customers.

16. PCIe

Gen 2 slots

Another architectural feature of the HP Z820 Workstation is the expanded number of PCIe slots. Two of the x16 slots are available to support dual graphics cards or your customer can choose to use them to support other PCIe cards that require that configuration. It is important to understand how your customer plans to use their new workstation to help you configure it properly.

17. Memory
The HP Z820 Workstation is also designed to support the faster and more secure DDR3 ECC memory. It is important to note that the actual performance of the memory will be dependent on the processor. If the processor will only run at the slower 1066 speed, then even though you have installed the faster DDR3 memory designed to run at 1333, it will only run at 1066. Also, there may be some memory access restrictions based on configurations. Be sure all the factors are considered when helping your customer populate the memory in their workstation.

18. HP

Z820 key features

Everything that we call key features begins with the design of the HP Z820 Workstation. We have taken great care with the new industrial design to provide an aesthetically attractive unit that is also highly functional, reliable, and easy to maintain. We have taken care to provide an attractive and durable chassis with tool-less access, front and rear handles, and an improved internal layout. Your customers will be well pleased with this updated design.

They will also be investing in a workstation with outstanding computing performance driven by the latest Intel multi-core processor technology, high volumes of memory, faster disk drives, and the latest graphics processors. All of this is further supported HP Performance Advisor that will help your customer ensure they are maximizing the performance of their HP Z820 Workstation.. You will want to be sure to talk about these valuable features when presenting the HP Z820 Workstation to your customer.

19. HP

Z820 key features

We talked about the dual PCI Express x16 Generation 3 slots that can be used for graphics cards. These will provide your customer with greater visualization and support for multiple displays. Larger amounts of memory always add up to increased response time and improved performance. Delivering 256 gigabytes of high speed memory will move customers productivity to the next level.

Workstations generally run applications that require large volumes of data storage and that feature performance metrics that can retrieve that data and deliver it quickly. Eight SAS and six SATA ports provide the ability to deliver data storage technology that will support the performance your customer needs.

20. HP

Z820 key features

Your customer will not be limited with the number of USB devices they can incorporate into the HP Z820 Workstation. It includes 12 USB ports, including 3 internal ports to provide configuration flexibility.

We already talked about the two PCIe x16 gen 3 slots that can be used for graphics. Your customer can also take advantage of the additional and varied PCI and PCIe slots to expand their workstation.You can also proudly talk about the fact that the HP Z820 Workstation provides 90% efficient power supplies and meets the Energy Star requirements. In other words, you are delivering computing power that has been engineered to use electrical power efficiently.

21. Key


The HP Z820 Workstation delivers performance that meets the needs of the most advanced users, and provides your customers with industry-leading administrative and support solutions. It is key that you remember that: Choice is driven by your customers application software and planned use of the personal workstation

The HP Z820 Workstation provides your customer with previously unrealized power and performance in a workstation that is packed with new features HP has worked closely with our partners to engineer a workstation solution that takes advantage of the next generation architecture HP innovation, performance, and reliability make the HP Z820 Workstation a very competitive choice, and

The HP Z820 Workstation offers expandability in memory, disk capacity, and the ability to display the data on multiple monitors

22. Summary
You should now be prepared to discuss and present key features of the HP Z820 Workstation. You should also be able to describe the key differentiators, identify the target users for the HP Z820, state the business benefits of the HP Z820 Workstation, and recognize where each HP workstation is positioned when you have completed the training.

Now, we would like you to take a few minutes to review what you have learned.